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This chapter examines some of the literature encompassing the concepts of negative disciplining, positive disciplining and emotional well-being. The importance of ensuring emotional well-being in schools and its relationship to disciplinary practices has also been argued here. This chapter aims to set the foundation for the current research which sets out to identify the prevalence of various disciplinary practices and their relationship to the emotional well-being of children in urban schools of Hyderabad at its core. Relevant studies have been used to investigate this relationship. Many of the studies analysed argue that discipline in the forms of corporal punishment, or for that matter even the memory of its use, and positive disciplining have an influence on children's psychological development, personality development and social skills. However, this chapter further argues that these disciplinary practices also have a bearing on children"s emotional well-being. The last section draws together the reviews and identifies gaps in the literature on the basis of which research questions for this study have been identified. 2.2 Understanding discipline and punishment In the context of formal learning instructional practitioners have adopted behaviourist ideas of reinforcement, punishment and repeated practice to structure learning and behaviour. These practices have become entrenched in our everyday schooling. It is therefore no surprise that we get to see glimpses of disciplinary practices and punishment as routine in mediating learning. This study aims to unpack the prevalence and rationale of disciplinary practices in contemporary context of school experiences. To do this it is paramount to understand the key terms discipline and emotional well-being.

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Journal of Kolkata Society for Asian Studies

Dr. Rikhia Ghoshal

This article deals with the issue of discipline and punishment in schools of Kolkata since the ban on corporal punishment through the RTE Act in 2009, thereby ending an ageold tradition in the processes of education and socialization of children. The article begins with a brief evolutionary overview of the commonly practiced forms of punishment in India and elsewhere. Using a qualitative methodology, the aim of the study is to first describe the current scenario of discipline and punishment in schools since the ban has been implemented and then uncover the perceptions of teachers and students regarding their effectiveness for classroom order/discipline and socialization/moral development of students, which have then been discussed and analysed from a sociological perspective.

review of related literature on discipline

South African Journal of Education

Dzivhonele Sinthumule

Learner discipline is one of the bases of effective teaching and learning. If learners are not well disciplined, schools will not provide the best possible education. Therefore, it is important that good disciplinary measures and procedures be put in place in any school. In this article we investigate how learners in schools are currently being disciplined without violating their human rights. The nature and the causes of learners’ disciplinary problems are fundamental. A qualitative data-collection approach was employed in this research. Purposive non-probability sampling was used to select the participants for the study. Experienced educators from school disciplinary committees, Representative Councils of Learners (RCLs) and the school principals of 4 schools were interviewed. We found that the common causes of learners’ disciplinary problems varied from school to school. Furthermore, effective school management was found to be at the heart of learner discipline and the general ac...

West University of Timisoara Department of Educational Sciences. Bd. V. Parvan 4, Timisoara, Timis 300223, Romania. Tel: +40-256-592111; e-mail: [email protected]; Web site:

Predescu Mihai Florin

IERJ Journal

Paper examines the interrelationship that exists between discipline and school education in Indian context. After Right to Education Act of 2009 lot of discussion and confusion in the area of formal education; policies are being floated that decry any sort of punishment including verbal abuse, scolding etc, meted out to school going children . This thought is primarily influenced by western thoughts on pedagogy. In Asian countries including India, punishment has been long accepted as part of disciplining and bringing the child around and focus on learning. Our ancient education philosophy also eschews unbridled freedom to children in school and home. The role and nature of discipline in modern school education becomes important philosophical question that has repercussions over the cultural perception of children in society at large and family in particular. This paper surfaces few important dimensions of disciplining a child as part of education in the modern Indian schooling context.

Eve Hadshar

Muhammad Shaban

Journal of Theory and Practice in Education

Muhammad Rafi

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences

Ephias Gudyanga

Sanjog Thakuri

Ayesha Ashi


International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics

Harmesh Bains

Anil P Narain

Aiman Farhan

Noncedo Khewu

Journal of Educational, Health and Community Psychology

Nazia Nazar

Danish Awan

tariq mehmood

AARF Publications Journals

Lavanya Raj

Dickson Mtonga

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports

Nahid Fadul

Kerathum Juma

Victor Chimbamu

Reshmi Ramachandran

Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences

Rakesh Gorea , Anurag Arora

IRA International Journal of Education and Multidisciplinary Studies (ISSN 2455-2526)

Dr Mamta Garg

Journal of Education and Practice

Ntombikayise Dlamini

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Mzukisi Howard Kepe

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Dogo Rangsang Research Journal

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Review of Education, Administration and Law

Gohar Sulaiman

Shaheryar Khan

Dr.Amit Phillora

Nomakhaladi Combo

International Education and Research Journal

Journal of International Education Research (JIER)

Usha Rajdev

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review of related literature on discipline

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Literature review – school discipline.

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review of related literature on discipline

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review of related literature on discipline

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review of related literature on discipline

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Review discipline styles

Review Discipline Styles

Each discipline has its own style for writing a literature review; social science lit reviews may look different than those from the biological sciences or engineering. Depending on the discipline, it might not be in a section specifically entitled "literature review."

The best way to become familiar with lit reviews in your field of study is to look at published journal articles and note how they present the information.

Here are a few examples of articles which contain a literature review section of the article. The Sawesi et al. article is a systematic review article . Click on the links at the end of each citation to view the article.

Science examples:

  • Gibau, G. S. (2015). Considering Student Voices: Examining the Experiences of Underrepresented Students in Intervention Programs. CBE Life Sciences Education, 14 (3).
  • León, D., Arzola, N., & Tovar, A. (2015). Statistical analysis of the influence of tooth geometry in the performance of a harmonic drive. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 37 (2), 723-735.

Health Sciences examples:

  • Mosher, C. E., Given, B. A., & Ostroff, J. S. (2015). Barriers to mental health service use among distressed family caregivers of lung cancer patients. European Journal of Cancer Care, 24(1), 50–59.
  • Sawesi, S., Rashrash, M., Phalakornkule, K., Carpenter, J. S., & Jones, J. F. (2016). The Impact of Information Technology on Patient Engagement and Health Behavior Change: A Systematic Review of the Literature. JMIR Medical Informatics, 4 (1), e1.

Arts & Humanities examples:

  • Grüne-Yanoff, T., & Weirich, P. (2010). The philosophy and epistemology of simulation: A review.  Simulation & Gaming ,  41 (1), 20-50.

Social Sciences examples:

  • Han, K. T., Scull, W. R., & Harbour, C. P. (2021). Listening to counternarratives of faculty of color: Studying rural racism in one of most conservative communities in America. The Urban Review, 53 , 470-490.  
  • Latapí Agudelo, M. A., Jóhannsdóttir, L., & Davídsdóttir, B. (2019). A literature review of the history and evolution of corporate social responsibility.  International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility ,  4 (1), 1-23.

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