Life Writing Workshop

Course summary.

A friendly, informative course focusing on how to start writing an autobiography or biography. Includes fundamental story-telling elements, creative exercises and constructive feedback.

This course covers a wide range of topics, beginning with how to get started, then brainstorming topics, analysing autobiographical articles, discussing various forms of life writing and a look at overall structure, editing and possible publication.

  • Session 1: Sharing stories
  • Session 2: Getting started
  • Session 3: Awakening memory
  • Session 4: Story-telling elements
  • Session 5: Research
  • Session 6: Structure and editing

Megan Waters has been teaching creative and autobiographical writing courses for the past 15 years. She is an avid reader, who wrote her first story at age 10 about finding gold at the end of the rainbow. Since then, she has written articles, short fiction, poetry and personal narratives.

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 31st january - 6 classes.

memoir writing courses melbourne

Category: Memoir writing

memoir writing courses melbourne

4 writing books you need

Do you love a new writing book as much as I do? Even after co-writing my own book about writing (‘So You Want To Be A Writer: How To Get Started While You Still Have A Day Job’), I find myself adding new writing books to my shopping cart way

memoir writing courses melbourne

Is your publishing offer legit?

The So You Want To Be A Writer podcast community on Facebook is a wonderful place to be on those days when a writer posts about their first publishing deal. The excitement is palpable and the goodwill is genuine. But I confess my heart occasionally sinks when I see that

memoir writing courses melbourne

How AWC courses helped Luke Rutledge get his book deal for ‘A Man And His Pride’

Luke Rutledge loves his job in communications, but was keen to scratch his creative itch. He had enjoyed writing as a child, but had stopped when life got in the way, before deciding to start again in his late 20s. After completing Novel Writing Essentials at the Australian Writers’ Centre, he started writing the manuscript for what would become A Man and His Pride – his debut novel which is out now with Penguin Random House.

memoir writing courses melbourne

VIDEO: Lee Kofman on her memoir ‘The Writer Laid Bare’

Dr Lee Kofman is a Russian-born Israeli-Australian author, editor, writing teacher and mentor based in Melbourne. Her works include The Writer Laid Bare, Scars, I Will Love Christina, and the memoirs Imperfect and The Dangerous Bride. In the past she had sampled many different occupations, including party organising and university

memoir writing courses melbourne

VIDEO: Patti Miller on ‘True Friends’

Patti Miller was raised on Wiradjuri land in central western NSW and now lives in Sydney. She is the author of True Friends, Writing Your Life; The Last One Who Remembers; Child ; Whatever the Gods Do ; The Memoir Book; the award-winning The Mind of a Thief; Ransacking Paris; Writing True Stories; and The Joy of

memoir writing courses melbourne

3 ​​ways beta readers can improve your manuscript

By Angela Slatter. In your travels as a new writer, you’ve probably heard the term ‘beta reader’ but you might not quite know what that means. So, what’s a beta reader? A beta reader is someone who reads through your completed manuscript and gives their feedback. So, not just someone

memoir writing courses melbourne

How Rebekah Campbell’s 138 dates led to a publishing deal with Allen & Unwin

Courses taken at AWC:  Write Your Novel Writing Picture Books

memoir writing courses melbourne

From newsreader to published author: Nicole Webb publishes debut memoir ‘China Blonde’

Courses taken at AWC: Life Writing Plotting and Planning Fiction Essentials: Characters

memoir writing courses melbourne

4 biggest mistakes to avoid when writing creative non-fiction

Creative non-fiction – whether it’s retelling stories from human history or publishing a compelling memoir – is a genre of writing which is more complex than it may first seem. When combining truth and facts with writing style and techniques, there are plenty of potential obstacles for writers to run

memoir writing courses melbourne

The rise and rise of ‘stealth help’ books

‘Stealth help’: everything you need to know about the new genre that’s snuck up on us. The phrase ‘stealth help’ might not be one you’ve heard of before – but in the literary world, it’s one that’s gaining popularity. It refers to a growing category of books which don’t fit

memoir writing courses melbourne

Share your personal story with the SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition

Aspiring writers from diverse backgrounds are invited to take part in the SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition and enter a memoir piece of 1000-2000 words on the topic of ‘Growing up in diverse Australia’.  What is the SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition? The aim of the competition is to search “for the

memoir writing courses melbourne

Clare Bowditch’s top 3 tips for first-time authors

Clare Bowditch’s ABIA award-winning memoir, Your Own Kind of Girl, goes deep into love, loss and grief. For her first book, Clare drew from her experience as a musician to get through the process of endless re-drafting, as well as using the names of her songs as chapter titles. Clare

memoir writing courses melbourne

Why writing fiction and journalling can be helpful

A guest post by Vanessa McCausland I have a theory that a big part of what makes someone a writer is what writing does for us. It’s an outlet. It’s a balm. For me, writing has always been a place where I can let all my emotions out. I’ve had

memoir writing courses melbourne

COMP CLOSED ‘488 Rules for Life’ by Kitty Flannagan

This week’s giveaway book is 488 Rules for Life – Kitty Flanagan’s way of making the world a more pleasant place to live. Providing you with the antidote to every annoying little thing, these rules are not made to be broken. 488 Rules for Life is not a self-help book,

memoir writing courses melbourne

Cash prize writing competition with a potential trip to France

The First Pages Prize is for emerging writers and winners will receive a cash prize, as well as some developmental editing to complete their projects. The top two winners could even win a trip to France! According to the media release:  Open worldwide, the competition is for writers who are

The First Pages Prize is for emerging writers and winners will receive a cash prize, as well as some developmental editing to complete their projects. The top two winners could even win a trip to France! According to the media release:  Open worldwide, the competition is for writers who are

memoir writing courses melbourne

COMP CLOSED ‘Last Christmas’ by Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

It’s that time of year and this week’s giveaway is Last Christmas – curated by Greg Wise and Emma Thompson. It’s a fascinating collection of personal essays about the meaning of Christmas, written by a unique plethora of voices from the boulevards of Hollywood to the soup kitchens of Covent

memoir writing courses melbourne

12 opportunities for memoir writers

Whether you want to explore a difficult period in your life, remember a thrilling adventure, or share your personal journey, almost everybody has an interesting life story to tell. If you’re keen to try out memoir writing, or if you’ve been working on your life story for some time, there

memoir writing courses melbourne

4 kinds of journalling

This is a guest post by Alyss Thomas The Journal Writer’s Companion Journal writing has been proven to help develop greater purpose, clarity, focus and creative self-expression. In her book, The Journal Writer’s Companion, psychotherapist and lifelong journal writer, Alyss Thomas, explores the many types of journal writing and the

memoir writing courses melbourne

Literary festival in Tasmania’s Huon Valley

What could be more sumptuous than spending a week in Tasmania’s Huon Valley as part of a literary festival? The Terror Australis Readers and Writers Festival is a new biennial literary festival.  This year’s event will be from 31 October to 5 November 2019 and held in the picturesque Huon

memoir writing courses melbourne

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memoir writing courses melbourne

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Kickstart Your Memoir

Have you always wanted to write a memoir, but haven’t been sure where to start? This 8-week course is designed to kickstart your narrative momentum, so that you can really get stuck into the memoir you have been dreaming of writing.

7.00 – 9.00pm Thursdays, 8 June – 17 August 2023

EOFY sale price: $616/ $523.60 alumni Normally $816/ $ 693.60 alumni

memoir writing courses melbourne

Writing your life story can be an incredibly powerful and moving journey for an aspiring writer to go on. We want to make sure you have help along the way, finding a space where you can generate new ideas and map out a plan for getting words on the page.

Working with acclaimed memoirist and widely-respected writing tutor, Dr Lee Kofman, you will look at successful examples of the genre. You’ll learn how to shape life stories into gripping narratives, and yourselves and the people in your lives into compelling characters, with a focus on where to begin – parsing through research, diaries and remembered events, to start forming initial chapters.

Each weekly session will have a different focus, and will include both theory and writing exercises to assist you in developing your skills – both practical and critical – in writing your memoir.

Collaborating with Dr Lee Kofman and your fellow students, you will bring work into the classroom to share and develop within the group.

It’s not all about beginnings: this course will finish with a look towards the future, thinking about practical strategies to keep you going on with your manuscript.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Gained an understanding of the important elements and techniques of memoir writing;
  • Bolstered your abilities and interest in writing nonfiction in a friendly environment;
  • Received constructive feedback on your writing, so that you can measure your improvement.

Your course includes:

  • A complimentary copy of a recent A&U publication
  • On completion of the course, alumni discounts on future Faber Writing Academy courses and books from the Allen & Unwin website.

memoir writing courses melbourne

Dr Lee Kofman is a Russian-born, Israeli-Australian author of three fiction books and two memoirs, including Imperfect (Affirm Press, 2019), which was shortlisted for the Nib Literary Award, and The Dangerous Bride (Melbourne University Press, 2014), co-editor of Rebellious Daughters (Ventura Press, 2016) and editor of Split (Ventura Press, 2019), which was longlisted for the…

Session 1: Thursday 8 June: Finding your story. We’ll learn how to ‘slice’ our complex, multifaceted lives in order to find the focus for our memoir, and how to get started on exploring our theme.

Session 2: Thursday 15 June: Developing writer’s voice. We’ll work on helping you to develop or hone your unique voice, and to finetune it so that it fits the particular story you wish to tell.

Session 3: Thrusday 22 June: Turning yourself and others into compelling characters. You may know yourself and the people in your life well, but how do you make yourself and others known, and interesting, to readers who never met you? This is what we’ll learn here.


Session 4: Thursday 20 July: Shaping your story. This week we’ll learn about some common structures of memoir and various strategies to help you find the shape that fits your story best.

Session 5: Thursday 27 July: Shaping your opening pages. Today’s readers have little patience and a writer’s task is to capture their attention as well as to declare the story’s stakes from the very start of their memoir. We’ll learn strategies about how to do this and you’ll practice writing your own beginnings.

Session 6: Thursday 3 August: ‘Real time’ writing . What is a strong scene? What are the best ways to approach descriptions of action and dialogue, especially considering that our memories are fickle and often only partial? This week we’ll tackle the ethics and craft of writing ‘real time’ in memoir.

Session 7: Thursday 10 August: Vivid writing . One of the paradoxes of writing is that the more specific it is the more universal it is in its appeal. We’ll learn how to be specific in our descriptive prose without being tedious, and how to use specificity to convey the emotional truth of our story and move our readers.

Session 8: Thursday 17 August: Sustainable Work Practices. Writing a memoir can take years. This week we’ll learn strategies that will help you to sustain your motivation, convince your muses to visit more often and to complete your work as efficiently as possible.

“A wealth of information on, and inspiration for, writing memoir. We were guided and supported in our own writing at all times and feedback was individualised and extremely helpful. Highly engaging and inspirational.”

“Outstanding, positive and energetic. Lee is a delightful, engaging and rigorous teacher who makes everything interesting!”

“Lee Kofman is the beating heart of this course. She is an inspirational teacher. After each workshop I found myself excited about writing.”

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Author, mentor, writing teacher and speaker

Upcoming classes

memoir writing courses melbourne

Deepening Your Work Through Revision , 6 hours ONLINE workshop via Queensland Writers’ Centre, 18 November.

Introduction to Narrative Nonfiction, ONLINE workshop for Moreton Bay Library, 20 January.

Creating Compelling Characters , 2 hours workshop, Sunshine library, Melbourne, 24 February 2024. More details to come.

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction , 1.5 hours workshop, Camberwell Library, Melbourne, 26 February 2024. More details to come.

Developing Writer’s Voice , 3 hours workshop, Eltham library, Melbourne, 3rd March 2024. More details to come.

Writing Emotions , 2.5 hours workshop, Geelong library, Victoria, 20 April 2024. More details to come.

Kickstart Your Memoir , 8 weeks ONLINE course via Faber Academy, starts on 2 May 2024.

Narrative Pace in Fiction & Creative Nonfiction , ONLINE 3 hours workshop via Writers SA, 28 July 2024. More details to come.


Write What Makes You Blush – for memoir writers at all levels, via Kill Your Darlings .

Developing Your Voice in Fiction and Nonfiction – for writers at all levels, via Writing NSW .

Mastering Emotional Honesty – for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction at all levels, via Kill Your Darlings .

Introduction to Memoir – a short (and cheap!) webinar via Writers Victoria.

Building Sustainable Writing Practices – for writers at all levels and in all genres, via Kill Your Darlings .

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  • The Writer Laid Bare
  • Rebellious Daughters
  • The Dangerous Bride
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Lifestories Website

Writing Workshops, Events 2024

Patti Miller offers a range of weekly and weekend courses in Sydney, Melbourne and the Blue Mts as well as classes in other locations in Australia and overseas. Any individual or group may contact [email protected] to arrange a course. We will send you an Organiser’s Leaflet with information including fees. Specialised life writing courses for particular interest groups such as Indigenous organisations, senior citizens, women’s centres, environmental groups and refugee centres, can be arranged. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Courses offered include:

Life Writing : an inspiring and practical introduction to autobiographical writing. It looks at accessing memory, voice, evoking detail, scene and structure.

Memoir (Advanced Life Writing, or Masterclass) : a follow-up course, extending and adding to writing skills. It explores issues such as narrative voice and structure, the difficulties of truth telling and pushing the limits of memoir.

Writing the Senses : for both non-fiction and fiction writers. It reveals how to build scene, character and narrative through creating the sight, sound, smell, taste and texture of the world.

Book Events 2024

Writers Festival : Writers at the Woolshed Date: 20th/21st April Location: Wagga Wagga Bookings & Info: Email for Info and bookings 

Last Writing Workshop for 2023

Title: Start to Write Topic: Memoir and creative non-fiction Date/Time: Fri 4th Nov Length: 1 day, 10 am – 4 pm Presented by: Faber Academy Location:  A&U Building, St Leonards, Sydney Bookings & Info: More Info and Enrolments

Writing Workshops 2024

Paris Memoir 2024 now taking bookings and is filling fast.

London October Workshop 2024  not yet available

February – Sydney

Title: Writing True Stories – in person Topic: Memoir and creative non-fiction Date/Time: 2nd Feb – 14th June Length: 18 weeks, Fr 10 am – 1pm Presented by: Faber Academy Location:  A&U Building, St Leonards, Sydney Bookings & Info: More Info and Enrolments

October – Paris 2024

Title: Memoir Writing Topic:  Craft and Issues of Memoir Date/Time: 11th – 25th Oct,  10 am – 1 pm Classes + Afternoon consultations Presented by: Better Read Tours Location: Paris Info: Further info and bookings 

  • What's On
  • Bowery Theatre
  • Visual Arts

Memoir Writing with Amra Pajalic - No charge

LAD 2022 05 Memoir Writing Workshops Amra Pajalić3

A hands on practical workshop where participants will be introduced to the concepts required to write a successful memoir and receive critiques on their extracts from award-winning author and memoirist Amra Pajalic. Participants will write stand-alone chapters to submit for publication in order to develop their literary portfolio. They will also learn how to adapt narrative writing techniques to memoir, and incorporate memoir writing techniques in order to develop a satisfying narrative arc. We are fortunate again to partner with Creative Brimbank and through their Art Spaces Activation Partnership program bring this writing series to our community.

Session 1: All About Memoir

What are the features and expectations of memoir, memoir writing techniques (composites, timeline compression, name changes, dialogue, point of view, tense)

Session 2: Structure

Delve into the structure of chapters, stand-alone pieces and overall narrative arc of a book length memoir.

Session 3 : Writing Process and Publication

Common writing obstacles:

  • researching,
  • protecting yourself and others during the writing process,
  • supports to help you keep writing,
  • finding your brand,

Session 4: Submitting

Process of submitting stand-alone chapters and extracts to develop publication portfolio, submitting completed books to agents and publishers.

Workshops are Thursday, 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd June from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.

You only need to register for Session 1 to attend all 4 sessions.

Numbers limited, bookings essential. Light refreshments included

Amra Pajalic Headshot 2022

About Amra Pajalić Amra Pajalić is an award-winning author, an editor and teacher who draws on her Bosnian cultural heritage to write own voices stories for young people, who like her, are searching to mediate their identity and take pride in their diverse culture. Amra Pajalić won the 2009 Melbourne Prize for Literature's Civic Choice Award for her debut novel The Good Daughter . The anthology she co-edited, Growing up Muslim in Australia (Allen and Unwin, 2014), was shortlisted for the 2015 Children's Book Council of the year awards and her memoir Things Nobody Knows But M e (Transit Lounge, 2019) was shortlisted for the 2020 National Biography Award.

Creative Brimbank Logo BW

Sunshine Library - 301 Hampshire Road, Melbourne, 3020, Sunshine, Victoria, Australia

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Callum Watson Coma 2022

Abstract Archetypes Exhibition by Callum Watson and Liam San Jose

Lee Agius Artwork Image

The Art of Mental Health Strength Cards Exhibition by Lee Agius

AOS 4k crop

Affordances of Space by Damien Laing and Si Leong

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Introduction to Memoir Writing


Start your memoir during Senior’s Month!

Join author Dr Sian Prior for this workshop introducing you to some of the key skills and decisions involved in crafting an engaging memoir. Topics covered include which stories to share (or leave out), writing voice, characterisation of real people, and more.

Bookings required

About the Presenter

Dr Sian Prior is a writer, broadcaster and writing teacher. She has been a presenter on ABC Radio Melbourne, Radio National and ABC Classic, and has taught creative writing at RMIT for over a decade. She also runs short courses and workshops for community groups including Writers Victoria, Vision Australia and local libraries. Sian is the author of two memoirs: 'Shy: a memoir' (2014) and 'Childless: a story of freedom and longing' (2022) which was short-listed for The Age Book of the Year Award.

This Library program/event is being administered by Wyndham City Council using an event booking platform provided by a third party, EventBrite. Any personal information you submit when registering will be stored and processed by EventBrite in accordance with its  Privacy Policy . Please note that EventBrite is a US based organisation, and your data will be held in US servers located outside of Australia. By registering for the program/event, you are agreeing to EventBrite’s  Privacy Policy .

(03) 8734 8999 or [email protected]

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

Wyndham City Council recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first Peoples of Australia. We acknowledge the Bunurong and Wadawurrung Peoples as Traditional Owners of the lands on which Wyndham City operates. The Wadawurrung and Bunurong Peoples have and always will belong to the Werribee Yalook (river), creeks, stars, hills and red clay of this Country. We pay respect to their Ancestors and Elders who always have, and always will, care for Country and community today and for future generations.

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Accessing quality creative writing courses and programs in Melbourne & Victoria

Our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity introductory creative writing program is an inspiring process that will unlock your creativity and dramatically improve the quality of your writing from the very first class.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional writer, a complete beginner or somewhere in between, this course will kick start your creative potential and give you tools and techniques that will bring your writing to life on the page.

You will also gain a practical understanding of how to use character development and classic story structure to create profound and dramatic stories. You will learn to write in a way that makes other people want to read what you have written.

Questions about our online creative writing courses

You may have had the experience of doing a course where you received minimal feedback or found the course processes are simply an online textbook.

At the Writers’ Studio, which was founded in 1992, we have developed our own unique in-house systems that deliver inspiring and powerful online content whilst you work through your course with a group of like-minded writers and your personal online tutor.

You can access the site and course materials and participate in your online group as it suits you 24/7. Read some recent course testimonials below to get a sense of how the course has worked for our online participants.

The 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course is a stand-alone course, and also a prerequisite for our other online courses including our Six-Week Short Story Online courses and our 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online course, for those wanting to write a novel or screenplay.

They say you can’t be taught how to write, but you can learn. We believe the art is in the doing.

Join today with like-minded writers from around Australia and begin your writing journey!

For all course details, costs and the dates of our next upcoming 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online course please click link below:

4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online

For an overview of our Online Course Program please click the link below:

Overview of Online Courses

Course reviews from our writers.

“I have loved every minute of this course, I didn’t want it to end. I loved reading other’s writing, writing feedback and receiving feedback. I feel I have got to know people and their stories, such a treasure chest of stories. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone.” Margaret, August

“One of the greatest characteristics of the course is the amount of support you receive, not just from your instructor but from every other writer taking the course.” Robert, February

“You saw time and time again, the Writers’ Studio lived up to their mission – ” … a team of passionate, experienced and dedicated tutors will guide you through the writing journey every step of the way.” Marie, May

“This course was so well thought out and very carefully planned. It was a really tight module. I was surprised at how quickly our little online community bonded.” Louise, February

“I work as a TV drama scriptwriter and editor for a living … and in the past, I have also run creative writing courses for high school students, so I was curious to see how this course would be structured, and I have to say I was mightily impressed. The way the course built from week to week was excellent. And the design of the “Writers’ Board” where everyone could share and give feedback (with additional insight from the tutor) was brilliant.” Elizabeth, February

“… My fellow writers and I leave feedback on each other’s pieces. I can’t place a value on the experience of receiving feedback on my writing. Giving feedback has changed my writing for the better. I feel like writing is within my reach – I’ve picked up tools that will help me and serve me in my journey.” Lisa, May

“… I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, the freedom, the encouragement and pleasure that comes from “publishing” your work and having supportive, constructive feedback. It has been a great, validating experience …” Nella, August

“This course has been the single best investment in myself I have yet made … For me, this course has delivered 100% on the website’s claim, “If your dream is to write, our courses will get you doing it.” Matt, May

“Amazed at how much I learnt from the constructive reviews that I received with every piece of writing.” Nicole, May

“Who would have thought, it completely changed my life. Now all my previous attempts of writing seem to me childish as   my skills have improved so much.” Anastasia, May

“I learned so many incredibly useful techniques.” Shannon, May

If you have any questions about our courses and programs, you can email using the link below to our contact form:

Contact Us By Email

Or you can phone the Studio between 11.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday on (02) 9386 4994.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Writing Courses in Melbourne

Bring out your inner Hemingway with our smattering of writing courses that cover everything from creative writing to professional writing for businesses. Not able to commit to a long-term course? How about one of our pop-up writing workshops that will give you impactful learning in short time bursts? We’re ready if you are.

Whether you’re keen to learn the basics or expand your professional horizons, we have a wide range of writing classes taught by Melbourne ’s best writers!

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Virtual Writers Group for Young Writers

Creative Writing Club

Modern Calligraphy with Jo (In Person)

Homeschoolers Virtual Writers Group

Discover Horror Writing

Memoir Writing 101

Journalling For Creativity

Creative Writing - Autobiography Vs Memoirs


Blogging for beginners

Brush Lettering with The Letterettes

Content Marketing 101

How I Raised Capital for My Business

SEO Secrets Ooohhh!

Brush Lettering with The Letterettes (May 2018)

The Art of Copywriting & the Power of Words

Calligraphy as a Mindful Practice (Feb 2019)

Individual Songwriting Lessons

Writing Life

A Sunday Crafternoon with Babbling Books

Poetry for every day

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  1. How to Write a Memoir?

    memoir writing courses melbourne

  2. What’s Your Story? A new memoir writing course, starting on 28th April

    memoir writing courses melbourne

  3. Memoir Writing

    memoir writing courses melbourne

  4. Memoir Writing Group

    memoir writing courses melbourne

  5. Screen shot of my memoir course

    memoir writing courses melbourne

  6. Write a Great Memoir: How to Start (and Actually Finish) Your First Draft

    memoir writing courses melbourne


  1. writers NEED to listen to this to be productive😲 #writer #writing #writersofinstagram

  2. Online Writing Courses 12 Week Online Erotica Writing Course

  3. Writing courses

  4. Essay Writing Courses

  5. How Can I Effectively Outline My Memoir? Insights in Episode 11

  6. On Writing a Memoir #mentalhealth #writing


  1. Unleash Your Creativity: How to Write Your Own Story

    Have you ever dreamed of writing your own story? Whether it’s a captivating novel, a heartfelt memoir, or an inspiring self-help book, the power to create and share your own narrative is within your reach.

  2. Empowerment Through Writing: Discover the Benefits of Crafting Your Own Story

    Have you ever felt the desire to write your own story? Whether it’s a memoir, a fictional novel, or even a blog post, writing can be a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth.

  3. What Influenced Maya Angelou to Write?

    According to, author James Baldwin convinced Maya Angelou to write about her life. The result was the 1969 bestselling memoir, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings;” it led to international recognition for Angelou.

  4. Finding the Focus of Your Memoir

    Reminders for Friday Write Club. Home » Workshops and Courses » Finding the Focus of Your Memoir

  5. Life Writing Workshop

    A friendly, informative course focusing on how to start writing an autobiography or biography.

  6. Memoir writing

    ... writing teacher and mentor based in Melbourne. Her works include The Writer Laid Bare, Scars, I Will Love Christina, and the memoirs

  7. Kickstart Your Memoir

    After each workshop I found myself excited about writing.” How to Book. This is a past course. Faber Academy. Courses · Online · Sydney · Melbourne · Brisbane

  8. Upcoming classes

    Write What Makes You Blush – for memoir writers at all levels

  9. Writing Workshops and Events

    Memoir (Advanced Life Writing, or Masterclass): a follow-up course, extending and adding to writing skills. It explores issues such as narrative voice and

  10. Memoir Writing with Amra Pajalic

    Memoir Writing with Amra Pajalic - No charge. LAD 2022 05 Memoir Writing Workshops Amra Pajalić3 ... Amra Pajalić won the 2009 Melbourne Prize for

  11. Creative Writing classes Melbourne and Experience Gifts

    Tap into the inner novelist and explore your creative side with creative writing classes in Melbourne! Learn what it takes to structure a story

  12. Introduction to Memoir Writing

    Start your memoir during Senior's Month! Join author Dr Sian Prior for this workshop introducing you to some of the key skills and decisions

  13. Online Writing Courses In Melbourne & Victoria

    Join an online creative writing course with like-minded writers and own online tutor. Specialising in Short Stories, Novels and Screenplays.

  14. Writing Courses & Classes

    Learn the basics and expand your professional horizons with our wide range of writing classes taught by Melbourne's best writers!.