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  • Best All-Girls High Schools in America 73  of 293
  • Best Catholic High Schools in America 102  of 1,152
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  • Most Diverse Private High Schools in America 689  of 5,162
  • Best Private High Schools in America 746  of 4,990
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  • Best Catholic High Schools in California 33  of 108
  • Best College Prep Private High Schools in California 107  of 413
  • Best Private High Schools in California 128  of 454
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  • Best High Schools for STEM in California 240  of 1,334
  • Best High Schools for Athletes in California 477  of 1,681

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  • Best All-Girls High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area 3  of 9
  • Best Catholic High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area 12  of 26
  • Best College Prep Private High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area 35  of 86
  • Best Private High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area 43  of 99
  • Most Diverse Private High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area 48  of 94
  • Best High Schools for Athletes in San Francisco Bay Area 81  of 277
  • Best High Schools for STEM in San Francisco Bay Area 90  of 258

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  • Best All-Girls High Schools in Santa Clara County 3  of 4
  • Best Catholic High Schools in Santa Clara County 5  of 6
  • Best College Prep Private High Schools in Santa Clara County 14  of 28
  • Most Diverse Private High Schools in Santa Clara County 15  of 32
  • Best Private High Schools in Santa Clara County 15  of 30
  • Best High Schools for Athletes in Santa Clara County 18  of 83
  • Best High Schools for STEM in Santa Clara County 32  of 75

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Presentation High School

Private, Catholic, All-Girls • 9-12 • San Jose, CA

Presentation High School is a private school located in San Jose, CA. The student population of Presentation High School is 755. The school’s minority student enrollment is 54.7% and the student-teacher ratio is 13:1.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Yearly Tuition*

Financial Aid Available

Financial Aid

* Tuition and fees may vary depending on grade, boarding status (if applicable), and may have changed for the current school year. U.S. News and World Report began collecting tuition data in June of 2021 via the school's website.

Most private schools have application deadlines at the beginning of the calendar year. The application process changes from school to school, so contact the admissions office if you have any questions.

Considering Presentation High School?

Application Deadlines

Middle School

Jan. 19, 2023

High School

Location & Contact

2281 Plummer Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

(408) 264-1664

[email protected]

Visit School Website »

AP® Courses Offered

Departments and Programs

Campus Activities

College Enrollment

College enrollment is unavailable for Presentation High School .

Students & Teachers

Student/Teacher Ratio

Average Grade Size

Enrollment by Grade Level

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Minority Enrollment

Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander


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Black or African American

American Indian or Alaska Native

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Faculty & Staff

Classroom Teachers

Faculty with Advanced Degrees

Sports & Athletics

  • Girls basketball
  • Girls cross country
  • Girls field hockey
  • Girls soccer
  • Girls softball
  • Girls swimming and diving
  • Girls tennis
  • Girls track and field
  • Girls volleyball
  • Girls water polo
  • Girls lacrosse

Reviews & Ratings

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Presentation High School

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Photo of Presentation High School - San Jose, CA, US.

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Location & Hours

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2281 Plummer Ave

San Jose, CA 95125

Willow Glen

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Photo of Arielle R.

I gotta say, my high school experience has been nothing short of awesome, and it's all thanks to the incredible teachers at our school. But today, I want to give a special shoutout to the one and only Maestra Del Real, our Spanish teacher. Let me tell you, she's the real deal! I've always been a fan of languages, but learning Spanish with Maestra Del Real has been an absolute game-changer. From day one, you can tell that she's passionate about what she does, and it's infectious. Her enthusiasm for the Spanish language and culture is like a shot of espresso for your brain! What's so amazing about her teaching style is that you're learning something new in every single class, but it's not one of those situations where you feel like you're drowning in homework. Nope, Maestra Del Real has this magical way of making learning entertaining and engaging. I swear, I've never been so excited to go to a Spanish class before! I really think she should be the next AP Spanish Language and Culture teacher for next year. I mean, she's clearly qualified, and her teaching style is perfect for it. She's got this way of breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces, so you actually understand what's going on. Plus, she's always there to help when you have questions, and she genuinely cares about her students' success. So, if you're lucky enough to have Maestra Del Real as your Spanish teacher, consider yourself blessed. She's the kind of teacher who makes you look forward to coming to school, and that's saying something! Kudos to her, and kudos to our awesome high school for having such fantastic educators. High school has been a blast, all thanks to teachers like her!

Business owner information

Photo of Kristina L.

Kristina L.

Business Manager

Sep 22, 2023

Thank you for telling us about your experience here at Pres! We'll be sure to share your feedback with Maestra Del Real! Go Panthers!

Photo of Amanda R.

Presentation High School has proven to be an exceptional institution, fostering not only academic excellence but also a deep appreciation for the art of language. As a student at Presentation, I had the privilege of experiencing the outstanding teaching prowess of the language department, which significantly enhanced my educational journey. Specifically, the English and Spanish departments at Presentation High School have left an indelible mark on my academic experience. In the realm of English education, Ms. Fauria, Ms. Silva, and Mr. Donoho are nothing short of remarkable. Their passion for literature, dedication to their students, and innovative teaching methods transformed the way I approached the subject. Ms. Fauria's insightful discussions and Ms. Silva's writing assignments opened up new horizons in the world of English literature. Mr. Donoho's commitment to nurturing critical thinking skills allowed me to excel in analyzing complex texts. The English department at Presentation High School not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates a lifelong love for literature and language. Turning our attention to the Spanish department, Señora Poppen and Maestra Del Real are standout educators I've had. Their teaching techniques are engaging and effective, making learning Spanish an exciting journey. My sister, currently enrolled in Spanish 4 with Maestra Del Real, raves about her teaching style, dedication, and the positive atmosphere she creates in the classroom. It is my hope (or rather my sister's ) that Maestra Del Real becomes the AP Spanish Language teacher in the near future, as her passion and expertise are truly deserving of such a role. However, it is important to note that, while the Spanish teachers at Presentation High School excel in their teaching methods, there is room for growth in terms of connecting with non-Hispanic students both inside and outside the classroom. Encouraging a greater cultural exchange and understanding would enhance the overall experience for all students.

Oct 2, 2023

Thank you for your feedback about your experiences here at Pres! It is great to hear that your teachers were so impactful. We also appreciate your suggestions for ways that we might improve the overall student experience. Go Panthers!

Photo of Q H.

Presentation High School has been exceptional in our experience. This is my daughter's second year at Pres. We find the course offerings prepare both the liberal arts and STEM focused students adequately, while challenging their intellect. Most of the teachers are passionate at educating the students. Outside of the classroom, students have opportunities to participate at various activities (clubs, community service, sports, robotics, not to mention a wonderful performing arts department!) In addition, I find the (newer) administration very pleasant and easy to work with. (Case in point is the proactive responses here by our new Principal!) They pay attention to concerns raised by the families and remedy the situations quickly and professionally. The negative comments posted here earlier are no longer issues at the school. My child feels very safe at the school and she is thriving in math as well as in all her subjects! She is also enjoying the extracurricular activities that Pres has to offer! Overall, Pres does a great job preparing the students to be well-rounded, intellectual, and confident young adults.

Thank you for sharing your feedback about your daughter's experience here at Pres!

Photo of Bella H.

I am disappointed with Presentation High School. The excessive funding towards prospective students neglects the needs of current students. Dance receives too much attention compared to other arts and robotics, which lack proper funding. Robotics desperately needs more space and a practice field. Moreover, the school's neglect of sports undermines the importance of a well-rounded education. Improvement is needed in funding allocation, support for various programs, and sports development.

Aug 17, 2023

I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with Presentation. I’m happy to share that our robotics program will be moving into a new upgraded space in November, and we've made a number of campus improvements this summer. We are always working to improve the student experience; your feedback is important. Feel free to reach out to me, Kristina Luscher, at any time.

Photo of Kim R.

My daughter attended this school almost 4 years ago and we have only great things to say about our experience. The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is second to none and our daughter graduated with the confidence and passion to succeed in whatever she chooses. She has beautiful memories of her time at Presentation and so do we as an Alumni Family. Go Panthers!

Photo of Ben M.

10/10! Fantastic School! Our daughter had a fantastic experience at Presentation High School across all dimensions. Pres has a unique combination of a small, supportive environment with top-level, highly rigorous academics (on par or exceeding that offered by much larger schools), a broad range of engaging co-curricular activities (e.g., Robotics, PAC, interest and achievement-based clubs, sports, theater, multiple levels of student government, campus ministry, etc.), caring faculty, individualized support, and a student body that feels like a sisterhood. Presentation's motto is "Not Words, but Deeds", and you can see that motto in action every day at the school as the girls are encouraged to dive in and make a difference, both in terms of doing their best in their own lives but also via their faith and service to the community. Turning to outcomes, Pres consistently develops its students into informed, confident, and compassionate leaders. When the girls graduate, they are extremely well-prepared for college and beyond. We could not have asked for a better school for our daughter, who has grown tremendously during her time at Pres and was accepted into multiple UCs and other top colleges. Moreover, she feels the same way and is an enthusiastic supporter of the school and is already sad to be graduating (although of course excited for the exciting journey ahead). Highly recommend.

Photo of Isabel G.

My daughter has been here since freshmen year. She graduates 2023. PRESENTATION has been amazing. Most of the reviews stem from the sexual abuse that happen. Please be aware that they removed that as isnt ration and things are no longer the same. We have had nothing but great teachers a stronger administration, even during Covid the teachers where supportive. This was all brand new for everyone. PRES did a great job the community in PRES is more inclusive. They did a better job the Notredame!

Photo of Ali L.

Brenda Welles. What even to say? Worst teacher my kids have ever had. She has taught three of my children and each one of them is more traumatized than the last. Forget about learning or salvaging your mental health in her class. My daughters are straight A students but Brenda Welles couldn't be bothered to teach them. The amount of disrespect I have gotten from her is unbelievable. My current daughter has a D+ in her class despite never getting below an A in a math class. Get a hint, retire old lady!! My daughter cries every night thinking she isn't good enough because of a grade she receives. My other two daughters now suffer from crippling anxiety because of her class and I'm scared my youngest will too now. I am currently being treated for depression because I feel such pain and sorrow because I let my daughters take a class with a monster. I feel such immense guilt for not speaking out. My daughter, thankfully, is in her senior year so will no longer have to deal with the wrath of a teacher who barely passed 3rd grade. Brenda Welles deserves jail time for the horrific things she did to CHILDREN. SHAME Brenda Welles, shame...

May 15, 2023

We are so sorry to hear about everything you are going through. We take the safety and well-being of our students very seriously. We encourage you to reach out to our Principal, Kristina Luscher, so that she can address your concerns. We will also send you a direct message with how we can help. Thank you.

Photo of Nanci P.

Mrs. Welles, math teacher ruined my daughters chance at Ivy League. I found out 2 weeks before X-mas break that my daughter had a D-. I was frantic and upset that I was not contacted prior to the end of the semester. Doesn't it say somewhere in the Pres-Way that they communicate with the parents?! I saw my daughter every night till 4 am teaching herself on U-tube advanced Calculus. Ms. Welles doesnt teach. She leaves it up to the student to teach themselves, and she sure doesn't reach out to the student or parent when their grade is plummeting. Then when I met with Ms. Welles, she said my daughter didn't reach out to her. My daughter said she was actually afraid of her and she thought she could teach herself. Ms. Wells said my daughter could make up the grade if she does x, y & z over x-break. But, when my daughter was going to do the tasks, again, it was unclear and total confusion for both of us as to what she "didn't do". So, again, it was total chaos and confusion, and I was in the meeting! So, Ms. Welles, said, well, your daughter didn't do what I asked, and she gave my daughter the D. My daughter has straight A's, very high SAT, and this one D ruined her chances for Ivy. She's now at an average university, hoping to switch to Ivy in 2 years. I would like to also say I contacted the Principal, VP, counselors numerous times, but, I was ignored, and oh boy, talk about a good ol boys club. These teachers stick together. What a disappointment for all that money spent. Now, after having said that, I give all other teachers a 5 star, and as far as the over all experience with the other girls at the school, honestly, I wish I would had sent her somewhere else.

Photo of Lynn L.

My daughter graduated from Pres in 2021 and had an awesome experience there. The faculty is solid and students are well prepared for college both socially and academically. The size of the school is ideal because it's large enough so kids will find friends who share similar interests and they will have plenty of opportunities to participate in various activities (service, sports, leadership, STEM, campus ministry, performing arts... you name it and Pres has it!)

6 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Jessicaa S. said "So my 3 year old son has never been in a daycare or preschool he's been at home with no type of routine sleep schedule and with the whole Covid situation he hasn't been around other kids too much. I have been looking around at other…" read more

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Santa Clara Christian School

Santa Clara Christian School

7.7 miles away from Presentation High School

Pat B. said "My son attended pre- school, kindergarten, and all of elementary school at Santa Clara Christian School (SCCS). This review is going to be simple- SCCS is a superb school. Rigorous academics, caring , dedicated teachers, firm…" read more

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Presentation High School

  • Top Ranked CA School
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Enrollment: 550 students
  • Yearly Tuition: $27,250
  • Average class size: 22 students
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 15 / rolling
  • Source: Verified school update
  • Open House - Thu., September 14, 2023 - Tue., December 05, 2023 - get more information!
  • Open House - Sun., November 05, 2023 - get more information!
  • Open House - Wed., December 06, 2023 - get more information!
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  • San Jose teen sells home-baked goods to buy laptops for nonprofit  - 12/05/2021 Presentation High School senior Shrobana Sengupta has raised enough money from sales of her home-baked macarons to buy more than 70 computers for clients of Sunday Friends.
  • Turkey Drive at Presentation High School in San Jose  - 11/23/2021 Community members, students, faculty and staff were asked to donate turkeys to help those in need this Thanksgiving
  • Bay Area teen’s idea lost a science fair, but now it’s saving babies’ lives  - 09/28/2021 Presentation High senior Nishi Dharia started a nonprofit to distribute her infant incubators to poor communities in India

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  • Pres is the right size for high schoolers to engage deeply in learning-to think big, collaborate, and dive into a variety of interests. Small by design, we know each student well, so we can provide access to many choices.
  • We show up for each other every day and encourage participation and healthy debate, creating both a variety of challenging experiences and lasting connections. Accessing all there is to offer and the best of themselves, Pres students discover what's possible.
  • During their time at Pres, students will shine as they develop what they uniquely bring to the world, guided by our culture of service and growth.
  • With a team of educators, mentors, spiritual role models, and coaches, students will grow even more into what makes them unique. One class, game, project, performance, and relationship at a time, students inspire others to follow as they shape the world around them.

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Presentation High School Class of 2023: Graduation Commencement

Presentation High School Class of 2022: Graduation Commencement

Presentation High School turkey drive

This is Why Kaitlyn Chose Presentation High School

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  • Sports shorts: Vision Volleyball camps at Presentation High School - San Jose Mercury News (2016) The tourney, a fundraiser for the Pioneer High School Athletic Booster Club, is limited to 132 players and the entry fee is $185 per player ($165 for members of th ...

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    27 reviews of Presentation High School "This is a great all girls private school. The teachers are very well rounded and helpful.

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    Presentation High School does not rank students. Grading Scale. POINTS. GRADE. GPA. 97+. A+. 4.0. 93-96. A. 4.0. 90-92. A-. 3.7. 87-89. B+. 3.3. 83-86. B. 3.0.

  14. Presentation High School in San Jose, CA

    Presentation High School Enrollment, Ranking, and Statistics ; Enrollment Rank Nationally: 557th out of 7,602 ; Enrollment Rank in California: 57th out of 706