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All about notes in PowerPoint Presentations

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Not only is a well-prepared PowerPoint presentation essential, but also a red thread and a fluent presentation. With the help of notes in PowerPoint, this is no longer a problem! In this blog post, we will not only explain how you can add powerpoint notes, but also how you can edit them and make good use of them during a presentation. We will also show you how to print out the notes and how to delete them again.

Inserting and editing notes in PowerPoint

  • First open your presentation.

insert notes

There are two ways you can print out the notes. With the slides or without.

presentation ppt with notes

Print notes with the slides

print notes out with the slides

Print notes without the slides

Using notes during a presentation.

presenter view

If you want to share your PowerPoint on Zoom without showing the audience your notes, there are several options. A very simple and straightforward option would be to simply print out your notes. If you have two monitors, PowerPoint will automatically set up the Presenter View for you. If you do not have a second screen, you only have to go to the three dots at the very bottom left during the presentation, there you can easily display the speaker view under "Speaker view".

Now, turn the tables! - Let your attendees take private notes

With the help of SlideLizard (a cool software for live audience interaction in PowerPoint), your participants can make private notes directly on their own smartphones during the presentation. These notes remain linked to the slides and at the end of the presentation, all participants receive their own notes via email. In addition, your audience can mark the most important slides with a star to make them easier to find again later. Moreover, with SlideLizard you can add live polls & quizzes directly in your PowerPoint. You can try SlideLizard for free today !

presentation ppt with notes

Deleting notes in PowerPoint

Of course, there is also the option of deleting the notes. You can delete them directly on the respective slides or you can delete them all at once. Proceed as follows:

delete the notes

Keyboard shortcuts for notes in PowerPoint

How can I add notes in PowerPoint?

To add notes in PowerPoint, go to "Notes" in the "View" tab or you can also insert notes via the status bar at the bottom right with just one click.

How do I print notes in PowerPoint?

Go to "Print" in the "File" tab. Then select "Notes pages" in the print layout instead of "Full page slides".

How can I use the notes in PowerPoint during my presentation?

In order to see your PowerPoint notes during your presentation, you must check the box "Use Presenter View" in the tab "Slide Show" beforehand. They will then be displayed automatically during your presentation.

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presentation ppt with notes

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presentation ppt with notes

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    Windows 8: Right-click the Windows Start button, click Control Panel > Display > Adjust resolution. In the Multiple displays list, click Extend these displays. Select the monitor on which you want to view your speaker notes, and click Make this my main display.

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    Click File > Print. Under Settings, click the second box (which defaults to say Full Page Slides ), then under Print Layout, click Notes Pages. Notes Pages prints one slide per page, with speaker notes below. The Preview Pane shows you what each layout option looks like.

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    Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to File > Print. In the Layout drop-down box below the Slides text box, pick "Notes Pages." You'll see the preview on the right with the slide at the top of the page and your notes below. You can use the arrows at the bottom to review each page if you like.

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