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Wedding Photo Editing Services

The ultimate solution for professional wedding photographers.

Deliver Images Faster, With More Consistency, and With Your Signature Style with Picsera’s wedding photo editing services.

Home / Wedding & Event Photographers

Why Picsera for Wedding Photo Editing Services

A team of professional photo editors that match your style.

Hire Picsera, but stay in control! You’re the art director and you know best what your clients need. Tell us your editing requirements and our team of experts will make it happen.

Less Editing, More Wedding Photography Gigs

Say goodbye to sleepless nights editing wedding images! Instead of spending your time editing, leave it to the experts. Do what you do best and take on more projects to grow your business fast.

Deliver Faster and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Avoid the stress of hiring and keeping an in-house photo editor with your company. Hire us when you need help with some projects to help lift some burden during your hectic schedules. In fact, you can dump all the editing work to us for any future projects.

Elevate Your Brand and Build Credibility

Your images speak volumes about you and your business. Take advantage of what Picsera can do for you. Improve your credibility and easily become one of the trusted professional wedding photographers.

Hire Us Whenever You Need Us

Avoid the stress of hiring and keeping an in-house photo editor with your company. Hire us when you need help with some projects to help lift some burden during your hectic schedules.

Great Rates For Greater Quality

You deserve high-quality wedding photo editing services that won’t break the bank. With Picsera’s fair pricing scheme, you’ll realize the cost of outsourcing is well worth the price. Why should you waste time editing when you can hire us and focus on taking the pictures instead?

Our Wedding Photo Editing Services

Picsera's wedding photo editing service includes culling, color correction, and retouching..

Wedding Photo Editing Services

Culling Service

Our culling service takes the effort out of selecting the best images from a shoot. Specifically, we will:

  • Insert your photographer’s copyright into the image metadata
  • Flag the images to keep and those which are rejected
  • Filter and sort the shoot with our standard event categories: Getting Dressed, Bride and Groom, Guys, Gals, Reception, Ceremony, Formals, Reception, Toasts, Traditional Dances, Cake cutting, Bouquet and Garter, Details and Tables, and Candid.

This service is only availabe to customers who upload images via a Lightroom catalog and smart previews. The Culling service is only available as part of a bundled wedding editing service which includes Color Correction.

Wedding Photo Editing Services

Color Correction Service

Photo Color Correction is an absolute must in order to achieve a consistent look and style in a professional photography workflow. It is also an important step before sending images to get printed. We provide each of our customers with a survey that allows our editors to adjust images according to the photographer’s style preferences or special requirements for a job.

This Basic Color Correction service comes integrated with Lightroom which makes it fast and easy to upload and download your photos. Whether you’re a portrait, wedding, or event photographer shooting in mixed lighting conditions, or just want to achieve consistent skin tones, this is the service for you.


White balance, Temperature, Tint

Black and white points

Highlights and Shadows

Vibrance and Saturation

Clarity and sharpening

Saturation and vibrance

Hue Saturation

Luminance adjustments for individual colors

Photo Retouching Service

Our basic wedding image retouch combines color correction and retouching into one complete package. We’ll color balance the image, fix minor flaws, and enhance facial skin and teeth.

Portrait Retouching Service | Photo Editing | Picsera

Pricing for Wedding Photos Editing Services

*We also offer custom packages and provide quotes based on your exact requirements.

Retouching services are priced separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Outsource Image Editing for Our Wedding Photographs?

We usually see the busiest days for photo editing services during the wedding season, around the start of spring until the end of fall. The weather and ambiance is perfect, so most couples are racing to schedule their weddings during these months. Professional wedding photographers have gigs left and right, and doing post-editing themselves will cost them precious time. Instead of passing up on gigs because they have a full plate of post-editing, they can just outsource the services from a trusted company like Picsera.

Instead of keeping an in-house editor or assistant, you don’t have to stress over another employee on your payroll. Outsource your editing needs only when needed. Pay a fraction of the cost than hiring another employee, plus social benefits. Why Picsera? Because we have a 99.99% satisfactory turnover rate. We also offer great prices for long-term clients that have trusted us for years.

How Much Does It Cost to Edit Wedding Photos?

Rates for wedding photo editing services depend on how many photos you send. For example, we will edit 350 of the 1,000 images you send for $119. Retouching services are charged separately. Check our table of rates above for a better idea about our pricing. Get in touch with us for your specific requirements so we can provide you with a custom quote.

Who Will Edit My Wedding Photos?

We have a talented pool of professional photo editors that we personally handpicked for projects like yours. Our expert photo editors use Adobe Lightroom Classic to create the best wedding images. They have a good eye for color and their techniques can make the pictures match any photography style. Think of Picsera editors as your own personal wedding photography stylist.

How do I Send My Photos to Picsera?

First off, you need to have Lightroom Classic version 10.0 or greater and a DropBox account. Picsera will provide you with our Lightroom Wedding template to make it easier for both the client and the editors. Simply download our template then import your images into our Lightroom catalog. You will need to create smart previews when you import your photos into the catalog. Then upload your Lightroom catalog along with smart previews to your DropBox. 

We make it as easy as possible for you to hand over the materials so you can take it off your plate. Watch this video for a quick how-to guide:

Will I Have The Same Editor From Job to Job?

Customers who prepay for services by purchasing credits will have the same editor from job to job. This is because our editors are usually very busy, planning their calendars ahead of time. Feel free to block their schedules for any of your upcoming events. Please get in touch with us about your specific editing requirements and let’s work hand-in-hand with all your editing needs. We ensure smooth communication with our group of editors so we can produce high-quality images to your liking within the deadline.

We understand that each professional wedding photographer has their own style. After the 2nd or 3rd editing job you have with us, the editor will be able to adapt to your photography style naturally.   If you have special Lightroom presets that you’d like us to use, you can send them to us so we can apply it to all your photographs . If you have any special instructions that you would like us to follow, then schedule a call with one of our customer success managers so we can better understand your requirements.

Do You Provide Free Revisions?

We will happily revise our work free of charge if we determine that our editors did not follow your explicit instructions. We will revert to your original conversation to see how the exchange went and if the requests were clear. We will work until you are satisfied. 

However, if the revision request exceeds the original scope of work, then we will quote you for the additional work you require. We will prioritize this and make sure that we get this delivered to you as soon as we accomplish all your requested revisions.

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Retouching Services

Company facts.

Years In Business

Picsera opened for business in August of 2014 and has been servicing customers ever since.

Jobs Completed

Since 2014, we’ve completed over 30,000 jobs

Successful Completion Rate

99% percent of the jobs completed met customer expectations on the first attempt.

We service a wide range of customers, from commercial photography studios to large, multinational brands in a variety of industries.

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best wedding photo editing service

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Review of 3 Popular Wedding Photo Editing Services

Check the review of efficient wedding photography editing services for busy and amateur photographers.

Wedding photo editing services are usually a team of professional retouchers who know how to make wedding images look interesting and beautiful. Among the services offered, you can order culling, color correction, and portrait photo retouching.

Typically, such services are popular among photographers who have a busy schedule and can’t improve hundreds of images on their own, and average clients who lack knowledge and skills of how to improve their shots and are looking for professional help.

We have addressed numerous companies engaged in this activity and narrowed down the choice to top three platforms that satisfy our demands in terms of quality, pricing plans, special offers and discounts, turnaround time, and customer support.

1. FixThePhoto

wedding photo editing services

Services Provided : Culling and wedding photo editing

Portfolio : The first thing to pay attention to while selecting a trustworthy wedding editing service is the samples of their previous work. Here you can find many beautiful images in the “Example” tab, all arranged in a logical manner and available for zooming in.

Turnaround : We were absolutely amazed at how fast these guys coped with our task, considering that it wasn’t a simple one. We received our photo in 24 hours.

Pricing Policy : The cost of culling starts at $0.05 while for the color correction you need to pay $0.20 per photo. They also accept batch orders.

Packages : Trying to cater to the needs of both rookie and experienced wedding photographers, FixThePhoto company offers 2 kinds of wedding editing packages – Light for $99 and Pro for $159. Choosing the first option, you get professional culling and color correction of up to 700 shots. The second package is more profound including image culling, color correction (700 images), basic photo retouching (20 shots), and high-end retouching (5 photos).

Discounts : FixThePhoto treats their regular clients with generous bonuses from time to time. You can get up to 50% off the price for FixThePhoto Wedding Editing Pack Light and FixThePhoto Wedding Editing Pack Premium .

Placing an Order : The mechanism is very straightforward. Just send your files via Dropbox, Email or WeTransfer 24/7.

Customer Support : The managers of this wedding photo editing service are very friendly and glad to answer any questions you may have. They work around the clock to provide timely help to clients from different parts of the globe.

Overall Impression: FixThePhoto is definitely a good choice for those who need to get wedding photos edited quickly and efficiently. Among the main advantages of this service are responsive managers who work 24/7, excellent pricing, impressive discounts, and an amazing team of professionals. They have many photo editing freebies for beginning retouchers and filmmakers as bokeh overlays , Lightroom HDR presets , Photoshop water textures , cinematic LUTs , or video overlays .

When we first saw our improved photo, we were really impressed because everything looked very beautiful yet realistic. They enhanced the skin tone and took care of the flyaway hairs, so a model looks amazing. The general color correction they made proves that these guys are good at what they are offering. We can’t but mention the turnaround time which is a big advantage for photographers having tight deadlines. Besides, the company not only edits photos but also shares useful tools, so that aspiring shooters can hone their image editing skills without spending a penny.

wedding photo editing services

2. WeEdit.Photos

wedding photo editing services

Services Provided : Wedding photo editing and culling

Portfolio : This wedding photography editing service can be proud of its works and it actually is demonstrating before&after images in the “Portfolio” tab. You can easily find a particular genre, since pictures here are divided into categories.

Turnaround : Being a bit slower than FixThePhoto, retouchers from this company still demonstrated great speed delivering our order in a day and a half.

Pricing Policy : Prices start from $0.20 to $10 per image.

Packages : Wedding shooters can choose between 2 offers – Wedding Light for $99 (includes culling and color correction of max 700 shots) and Wedding Pro for $159 (identical to the cheaper option + basic editing of 20 pictures and advanced editing of 5 photos).

Discounts : Clients can get seasonal discounts (make sure to visit the site occasionally) and reduced prices for bulk orders.

Placing an Order : Very intuitive – registration via email and payment via PayPal.

Customer Support : You can get in touch with this wedding editing service via the chat window at the website or email. They respond very promptly.

Overall Impression : WeEdit.Photos team knows how a qualitative wedding photo should look and they work in accordance with well-established image editing standards. If you are a first-time client of this company, you can ensure they offer top-notch services by examining the photo samples in the “Portfolio” section. There are lots of studio and outdoor photos, wedding, portrait, group, couple, and other shots.

We are absolutely satisfied with color grading and photo retouching they performed. Skin looks healthy and beautiful and the texture hasn’t lost details. They also enhanced hairdo and makeup, without crossing the “naturalness” line. Though these edits require lots of time and patience, they perfectly coped with the task. They sent us back the result rather quickly.

wedding photo editing services

3. Wedding-Retouching

wedding photo editing services

Services Provided : From culling to wedding portrait photo retouching

Portfolio : This wedding photo editing service has been on the market for many years and has collected many successfully edited pictures in the “Gallery” tab and positive reviews from customers. The images look absolutely gorgeous and allow you to understand that these retouchers are absolutely fond of what they are doing. They willingly share their professional secrets and even attach different free tools that you can download and use to learn how to improve your photos.

Turnaround : The declared period is 48 hours but they cope with the task faster.

Pricing Policy : They offer 5 types of image editing to choose from – Culling, Color Correction, Simple, Pro, or Advanced Edit. The prices vary from $0.50 to $10 in accordance with the service you select.

Packages : Similar to the abovementioned wedding photo editing services, this company offers 2 packages – Light and Pro priced $99 and $159 accordingly. The edits included in each package are identical to what FixThePhoto and WeEdit.Photos offer.

Discounts : Returning clients can feel the special care of this service since there often appear seasonal discounts. Just visit the site on a regular basis and you are sure to enjoy some.

Placing an Order : To submit your files, you need to register – via Email, Facebook, or Google account. You can send up to 50MB of photos.

Customer Support : You can easily get in touch with these guys using FB, your email, or just drop a message in the chatbox on the website.

Overall Impression : Wedding-Retouching is popular among seasoned and newbie photographers because of the high level of services offered. The website is nicely designed and easy to navigate allowing you to find the necessary section in a quick way. The bridal portrait we sent to them looks absolutely mesmerizing. They fixed WB, improved colors and saturation, removed harsh shadows, and did their best to turn this shot into an awe-aspiring art piece.

They also worked on facial features without going overboard. All in all, this wedding photography editing service can be trusted if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer than in the case with the first companies.

wedding photo editing services

About the author: Eva Williams is a New York photographer and software journalist for FixThePhoto.com

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best wedding photo editing service

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best wedding photo editing service

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best wedding photo editing service

Photo by A Fist Full of Bolts.

You tell stories,, we craft them..

Custom Editing for Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Made for storytellers, by storytellers

Get your work edited by your own personal editor.

best wedding photo editing service

Three simple steps

How it works.

Send us a smart preview version of your photos from your dashboard .

We will edit your gallery according to your guidelines and applying your presets, just like you'd do.

In 7 days we will send you back the photos edited, and ready to send to your clients.

Your dashboard

Make time for what matters most.

best wedding photo editing service

Simple and honest pricing

  • Custom editing based on your style.
  • Your own personal editor.
  • Cropping and straighten included.
  • Ready to deliver to your clients.

Common Questions

What does photo editing include, how do i send my photos, how long will the editing take, how do i start.

best wedding photo editing service

Try out us for free

Get started today.

best wedding photo editing service

Photo Retouching Services | Professional Photo Editing

Fixthephoto is the most trusted agency in online photo retouching business since 2003. Simply upload photos, write your requirements, and we'll take care of the rest.

Photo Editing Services We Provide:

Portrait photo editing.

  • Color adjustment
  • Skin smoothing
  • Blemishes and stray hair removal
  • Make-up correction
  • Stylized color correction
  • Airbrushing
  • Skin texture retouching
  • Smoothing out wrinkles on the clothes
  • Fixing lighting issues
  • Making body curves slimmer
  • Breast enlargement
  • Cellulite removal
  • Background enhancement
  • Stray hair removal
  • Skin tone enhancement and airbrushing
  • Nose, eyes, cheeks retouching
  • Background editing
  • Color enhancement
  • Unnecessary props removal
  • Body retouching
  • Background removal/replacement
  • Color correction
  • Editing out shadows
  • Ghost Mannequin technique
  • Noise reduction
  • Clipping path
  • Background removal
  • Making the gemstones look shiny
  • Reflection removal
  • Making metal surfaces smoother

Photo Manipulation

  • Photomontage
  • Objects replacement
  • Heads/faces swapping
  • Applying special effects

Real Estate

  • Horizon strengthening
  • Sky replacement
  • Lawn retouching
  • Unwanted objects removal
  • Window cut-out


  • Restoring water-damaged areas
  • Repairing torn parts
  • Deleting stains
  • Face retouching

It’s very easy to start using our online photo editing service! You can do it in just 4 simple steps:

1. Create account and upload your photo/s. 2. Write detailed instructions, attach sample photos. 3. Get your edited photos back. 4. Accept the work or request changes (if necessary).

Be sure that our professional photography retouchers will follow your photo editing guidelines to create a digital masterpiece for your clients.

Photo Retouching Services

Our customers’ feedback about fixthephoto image editing service.

Photo editing services customer feedback

I promised one customer to return his pictures in time, after it I had another client whom I promised the same too. Consequently, that turned out to be a closed circle of broken promises. The best decision was to google an online Photoshop editing service. Soon I realized that the retouching price of $30-50 per one hour was too much. Eventually, I found FixThePhoto. Only $2 per 1 retouched photo. At first, I didn`t believe that was true, because their quality was great. For $10 every customer can order High End photo editing. Usually it takes me from 3 hours to do it. Now I co-work with them on a permanent base.

Photo edit service customer feedback

Usually I don’t leave service reviews but this is an exception. Working in the photography and retouching industry for many years, you realize that it’s difficult to find free time on deep photo editing. Being just a hobby-like beginner, I had to improve my photography speed, skills and style. That requires much time and I didn’t have enough time to devote to mastering Photoshop or Lightroom. Unfortunately, Photoshop still remains sophisticated for me and I spend much time on manipulations. Co-working with the online photo editing service - FixThePhoto is the first professional step in my successful career. I want to express my gratitude to this service for following my style and attention to detail.

Photo editing service customer feedback

Some years before, I was a frequent user of automatic image retouching services. But as soon as I discovered the world of photo industry, I began to understand that this type of cooperation did not suit me at all. So, I referred to freelance photo retouchers but this co-working also did not satisfy me, that was rather slow. Then I addressed FixThePhoto. To make sure of their high-quality, I gave them one testing order with photo correction. Since then I have been successfully working with them for half a year. No hidden problems concerning pricing, no delays. This touch up service can be recommended.

Photo retouch service customer feedback

I have never tried doing retouching on my own, having trusted this procedure to freelancers. But this cooperation brings too many difficulties. Communication is almost impossible and deadlines are, as a rule, broken. At first, I was quite skeptical about FixThePhoto photo editing service but being offered a free trial, I was able to estimate their quality. The results were satisfactory. So, with little fear I sent one paid order. The result overcame my expectations. They have never ignored my deadlines. Their photo retouching prices are friendly that there are no changes concerning my standard package for customers. A great service for amateurs who don’t like making image editing on their own.

Photography retouching services customer feedback

Many years ago I somehow managed to combine the occupation of a photographer and retoucher without any assistance. I tried to do it on a satisfactory level and my customers did not have claims. Once I was asked to provide an unusual digital manipulation. I had to change clothing, backdrop and other little details. I didn`t want to refuse that particular order. Thus, I had to spend several long days in front of my computer trying to learn at least something that would be helpful in Photoshop. But still my result was too weak, awkward and clumsy to be shown to the client. Fortunately, I came across this photo editing service and became totally impressed.

Our Photo Editors Works

Click on the Before and After examples below to see some of our recent retouching work. Professional photographers all around the world trust us and send their photos for post production photography services by our highly skilled Photoshop experts.

Professional Photo Retouching Services Worldwide

Photographers often ask us where is our photo editing company located and is it possible to work if they are not in the USA. We are online photo editing service that means there are no limits and borders and we can work with photographers from any country and speak any language.

USA is our primary business area. We have built successful collaboration with hundreds of professional and beginner photographers from West to East. Main cities are covered: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Seattle, San Diego, and photographers from smaller towns also have highly appreciated our photo retouching services. You can read reviews and testimonials from our USA clients, many of them are posted on our Facebook page by real photographers who have used our photo editing services.

Canada is the second destination and we work with Canadian photographers remotely with great success, as you can see from the testimonial below. We have online support on our website (look at the bottom right corner) we you can chat with English or French speaking manager to ask question or discuss details of your photo retouching order. If you are a Canadian photographer from Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec or Montreal, or live in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta. We can list there all Canadian provinces, but let’s say - no matter where exactly you live in Canada - just try our service to get all benefits of outsourced photo editing workflow.

This country has many talented photographers who are interested in growing their photo business by means of our photo retouching services. Since 2013 China photographers work with the digital artists in various direction – starting from basic color correction and artistic edit. China shooters always pay close attention to the smallest details of the photograph and we prove our quality by making their photos naturally edited by means of image post processing services.

We take much pleasure providing photo retouching services for photographers from Rio de Janeiro, Sгo Paulo, Salvador and other cities in Brazil. Every day we provide professional photo editing services for Brazilian customers who understand what high quality photo art is. If you want you can try any level you like for reasonable rate. We provide only the best service and excellent results.

We are multi languages online photo editing service offering customer support in English, French, German, and Italian. Our website has separate Italian and German versions to meet requirements of European photographers. There are no boundaries in the internet, you can order photo editing services wherever you live. Read testimonials from our happy clients and become of them.

From Sydney to Perth and from Adelaide to Darwin we offer professional photo editing help and support. Don’t hesitate to outsource your pictures to retouch up and get all advantages of professional post-production services. New Zealand photographers are welcome to try our digital photo retouching services, we are always happy to work with different cultures and countries adapting to the client’s style and needs.

Our retouching portfolio consists of pictures made by photographers from Japan. We provide professional photo retouching with personal attitude to each customer which is highly valued by Japanese photo shooters. You can try any image touch up no matter what time is in your town. The great amount of permanent clients are from this country we are proud of having such famous shooters in our client list.

Our experienced masters work with many portrait and wedding photographers from London, Bristol, Liverpool, Lancaster, Wales and other. UK amateur and professional shooters can take advantage of our photo post production services in all genres and of all levels. FixThePhoto team collaborates with many customers from this beautiful country which artists do not stop surprising us with their outstanding portfolios. We are happy to help them with photo editing process.

About FixThePhoto Photo Retouching Service

FixThePhoto has been in business since 2003. Earlier we specialized in portrait photo editing in Photoshop and GIMP and offered only basic image retouching services. Today we provide the widest range of professional online retouching services of the highest level. Our retouchers make any kind of Photoshop work for all photography genres and of any level of complexity.

Our mission is to offer fast, affordable, secure, and high-quality photo retouching help for beginning and professional photographers who can’t or don’t have time to do image editing on their own.

At FixThePhoto we understand that many photographers are just starting out, so we provide specialized photo editing services for everyone. We are constantly developing and trying to make your work easier. You take photos, we edit.

  • 2022 FixThePhoto Photo Editing App We launched our own application, Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch, on iOS and Android which allows anyone to receive individual photo editing, color correction and even photo restoration on the phone in a couple of clicks and get the image done online in minutes. Send your photos, highlight the face/s, choose what changes you want (background correction, face or/and body retouching, colors fixing, adding stickers, change faces, etc.) and get notified as soon as FixThePhoto’s expert edits your picture. Our app makes editing faster, now you can ask for professional retouching anytime you want. You can order all photo editing services our website offers right in your phone.
  • 2020 Reviews Professional Photography Editing Software Gears FixThePhoto starts sharing its skills in professional photo editing services so we are creating articles and video tutorials that will be a helpful hand in professional photographic retouching. They will allow everyone to find some ideas about photo retouching and post-processing. Our YouTube videos will provide training for any level: newbie, intermediate and expert photographers. In those video tutorials you'll learn the ways of using photo editing softwares, tools and working with layers. We'll teach you how to shift your wedding, product, real estate, and portrait photographs to the pro high stage. Our lessons will show methods of photo editing, posing guides, creative ideas as well as plenty of image retouching techniques and useful tips about how to run a successful photography business.
  • 2017 Shop for Digital Photo Retouching Tools Later we open our Shop where customers can download useful free and premium tools to enhance photos in Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One. They are easy-to-use and can be applied by amateurs and experts. These are Lightroom presets, brushes, Capture One styles, Photoshop actions, overlays, textures, brushes. Besides, one can download photography marketing templates, photography logos, pricing templates, invitations that are very useful for promoting photography business. We add new products every day to make photo editing workflow easier and quicker.
  • 2016 Digital Image Retouching Manipulation This year we start to provide our clients with photo manipulation services as well as digital drawing. This kind of professional photo editing services is widely used when photographers can't take this kind of pictures or naturally edit them because it is technically too difficult. We create completely fantastic and surreal photographs, sketches or cartoons realistically and for the affordable price. This online retouching service merges real objects and photos to offer funny or unreal outcomes. Our retouchers work with different file formats. Having got many years of photo editing practice our professional retouchers and digital artists may create a masterpiece from any shot.
  • 2015 Product Photo Retouching Services Clipping Path Photoshop Service After successful launch of Lightroom photo editing service FixThePhoto begins to offer product photo editing services for e-commerce photographers who need professional photo editing help for their projects. They can order clipping-path, color correction, ghost mannequin, and other related Photoshop services. As an international professional picture editing service, we start cooperating with more than 1000 clients from advertising and marketing agencies, online shops as well as with a plenty of professional photographers from all over the world. We assure that with our help they get the professional photo editing services for reliable fees with the fast-delivery time – especially in case of bulk orders. This year we started a blog that features hundreds of articles about photo editing, photography news, photo gear reviews, latest trends, etc. In this blog our photo retouchers and experienced photographers present information about their experience, illustrate their favorite and recent photographs, before and after photo editing samples, etc. The images are accompanied by stories, tips and photography techniques.
  • 2011 Lightroom Photo Editing Services In several years Lightroom starts to gain popularity, so we offer bulk photo editing. Our retouchers start offering Lightroom photo editing services that are oriented on beginning and professional photographers who're specialized in event photography. We provide the following grades of photo retouching services: image culling, color correction, and artistic photo editing. The online photo editing services are carried out by the professional photo editors who consider the clients’ feedback and follow instructions. To save photographers’ money, we offer Lightroom Photography Editing Packages that are useful in high seasons.
  • 2009 Old Photo Retouching Restoration Services This year our retouchers begin to restore old photos or images damaged by time/fire/water. Our clients send us scanned original photographs and then we use Photoshop to edit the old images that can be printed later. No matter what happened with the damaged images, our photo retouchers fix them. Amongst other photo restoration companies at the market, we offer low costs but the top-notch quality and realistic photo retouching technique, fast turnaround time, online order monitoring possibility, and nearly 24/7 customer support.
  • 2003 Portrait Retouching Services FixThePhoto starts editing portrait photos. Our retouchers do basic photo editing of headshots, couple, baby, and family photos. The photographer’s style is followed. For affordable price we do everything a photographer needs for realistic results. Using our image editing service, one can be sure we don’t publish, sell or use his/her photos without permission. The Photoshop service helps photographers to be ahead of their competitors..

Fixthephoto Editing Company Feedback

Join thousands of satisfied customers today! Don't hesitate to leave your personal feedback below.

Photo editing service for wedding and portrait photographer

  • Why choose us
  • Testimonials
  • Album Designing
  • Color Correction
  • Image Retouching
  • Signature edits

Color Correction Services

  • Color | Exposure | Contrast
  • Individual image edits ( No Batch process )
  • Customized Style Your Style. You’re Way
  • Apply your Lightroom preset
  • 2-3 day of Fast Turnaround Time

Album Designing Services

  • We match your design style
  • Unlimited revision
  • Pay if you like
  • Layered PSD provided
  • Customized with all album companies
  • Online album Proofing Via Album Exposure

“Helping photographers do what they do best … shoot amazing pictures” We know the Wedding season flows on one click after the other, and could be a real challenge to keep up editing. Signature Editz has your back. This is only a snapshot of what we offer

50% off on Studio Samples

We are a team of photo editors with a single mission – we believe every wedding photographer deserves the additional discount on studio samples album. We do our best to support photographers with our innovative album designs, simplified ordering process and fast turnaround.

Custom Wedding Album Design Service

One stop solution for all your photography needs.

Are you are looking for trusted Album Designing Service? Signature Editz is a one stop solution for all your photography post production needs.A few examples of our work. For a larger display, We work according to your requirements and are looking forward to your reference Design.Send us your pictures and we shall design creative album layouts unique to your photos.We do not use any readymade templates for designing albums to ensure your albums speak your story.

best wedding photo editing service

View More Design

Custom Wedding Photo Editing Services

A few examples of our work. for a larger display.

Signature Editz color-corrects to match your editing style. Place an order with us, share your style with our team, and let our editors do the rest. And you can even leave our editors feedback about an order or even request a redo.

We edit your photos to match your look

Using Adobe Lightroom version 10 and other we color correction and presence sliders to perfect your photographs and match your look from samples you have provided. We can even apply one of your favorite Lightroom presets such as VSCO or Mastin Labs. All for 10 cents per image. Try Our Service For Free Give us a try and let’s see what we can do for you. Click below to get up to 20 images edited for free.


best wedding photo editing service

“What Our Clients Say”

My clients wedding album are absolutely spectacular.I was looking for a site where the designers would work on layout and was so thrilled with the design and layout of album.I also had easy communication both in the easy online review process and with the designers via email. They took care, for instance, to find details in pictures (bricks, dress beading) to use as page backgrounds that really make the album extra special. SignatureEditz have great professionalism, fantastic design, and the process was simple. Thank you!

Did not have to do anything at all just upload pics and they will if you wish sort them out into a layout which I found was excellent, they take care of all of the headaches of multiple images on pages and sizes, very professionally done and the services of album is 5 star would highly recommend to anyone, needing this service an absolute pleasure to do business with

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Custom Photo Editing Services for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

We offer custom wedding photo editing, portrait photo editing, commercial photo editing services, and retouching services for professional photographers by talented editors. No memberships, contracts, or minimum orders!

We Edit Like You, So You Don’t Have To

Share your editing preferences, and Photographer’s Edit will match your editing style. Outsource your photo editing to our editors so you can focus on building your business, and spend more time with the important people in your life!

family photo with newborn after color correction

Custom Image Editing Services and Photo Retouching Services

Photographer’s Edit offers custom photo editing services that match your editing style, and custom photo retouching services to remove blemishes, unwanted objects, and more! Whether you need your portrait session, wedding, or commercial work edited or retouched, our talented editors will take incredible care of you!

Custom Editing Styles

Just because you’re outsourcing your editing doesn’t mean you have to compromise your editing style! Photographer’s Edit’s editing teams specialize in matching your editing style so that the images you deliver to your clients look like you processed them! Share up to three different editing styles in your account, select from one of them when you place your order, and rest assured that the images you deliver to your clients will represent your brand beautifully.

best wedding photo editing service

Free Editing Styles by Photographer’s Edit

Haven’t quite nailed down your custom editing style? Or maybe you’re looking for a basic edit to be applied to your entire gallery? No problem – we offer five free presets just for you! You can select one of these presets when placing an order!

Original image for editing styles

Imgs by @ashleygerrityphotography

The Bokeh Podcast

Photographer’s Edit produced one of the most popular podcasts in our industry, The Bokeh Podcast! Host Nathan Holritz recorded the last episode in December of 2023, but there are over 600 episodes of content that will help you learn how to build a successful photography business that brings wonderful freedom and flexibility to your personal life!

Evolve Edits

Photo editing services for photographers

Get your edits delivered within one week. No matter your genre of photography or style of editing, we can help you streamline your post-production process.

Evolve's Core Mission:

Save photographers time & money.

Having a team of editors who can maintain quality control and allow you to deliver work to your clients within a week is vital to the growth of your business. With a team like Evolve, you don’t have to compromise the quality of your editing as you grow your business. 

And when it comes to AI editing tools, it’s not an either-or conversation. These are tools that were designed to make editing efficient and while it seems like a more cost-effective solution, your time is not cheap.

Sitting at your computer playing human QC does not bring any revenue into your business, and if you value your time, it costs more than outsourcing. Think about it; is sitting at your computer all night to deliver a wedding the night before it’s due better than booking more shoots, delivering work on time, or spending time with your family?

During busy season, you need a seasoned team you can lean on to catch those details you don’t always see. To offer the best service to your clients year-round, you need a professional editing partner. The power of an editing team that is focused on you thriving allows you to run a successful business.

Partner with our team for 30 days and push your business to new heights.

best wedding photo editing service

Beauty Edit | Image © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

How outsourcing with Evolve works

Create an account.

Set up an account with Evolve to get up & running. Click here to get started!

Get onboarded

Sit back & relax.

After onboarding ends, send work to us with confidence and get back to your life.

Evolve Premier

Unlimited post-production. one monthly fee., photography post-production services.

best wedding photo editing service

Image by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Color Correction

Color correction has different meanings to different photographers. At Evolve, we assess your studio’s style and “brand” during our onboarding process. After your style is established, we save a personalized preset for you. From that preset, we color correct using individualized adjustments of Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Highlights, Shadows and Black Point within Lightroom to promote consistency between images and different parts of the day, with an emphasis on good skin tones.

Blog edits were developed with photographers offering sneak peek edits for IPS sessions and trying to step up their social media game in mind. Where our other services offer a standard 3-5 business day turn-around time; Blog edits can be delivered within 3 business days at no additional cost.

best wedding photo editing service

Image by Four 2 North

best wedding photo editing service

Image by Lux Wedding Studios/Life Media Studios

Noir edits are a spin off of the Premium editing service with a focus on black and white toning. With toning styles ranging from classic black and white toning to stylized sepia and selenium options; we have a toning style to cover all your needs at an economical price point.

Premium Edits

Premium edits have become an essential service for photographers looking for well rounded edits at an economical price point. Premium edits offer skin smoothing, dodging and burning to separate the subject from the background and one of many different styles of toning with the option to add on texture overlays and Basic Beauty Retouching. We offer 6 distinct color toning styles with a simple onboarding process to dial into your toning style preferences.

best wedding photo editing service

Image by Zaki Charles Photography

best wedding photo editing service

Image by Forevermore Films

Hybrid Edits

Hybrid Edits transform your image into a true art piece. They are best used for 1-2 big impact images per order. With skin smoothing, blemish removal, minor distraction removal, a sky swap, straightening, skew fixes, faux HDR, dodging & burning, Premium toning and a texture overlay all included, Hybrid edits are sure to make a big impression with your clients.

Custom Retouching

Blemish removal, distraction clean-up, head swaps, sky replacement, overall beauty edits, multi-image composites, background swaps, or anything else you can dream up, we’ve got you covered! Our retouching services are performed by some of the most talented editors in the world. Contact us to get a custom quote for your project today.

best wedding photo editing service

Photographers all over the world choose evolve to be their post-production partner

best wedding photo editing service

Without Evolve Edits, Salvatore Cincotta Photography does not exist. They are an extension of my team and scale with my business when and how I need them. Their work, is superior to any post-production company out there. This isn’t a bunch of computers with automated editing. This is a team of people that take time to get to know your business and your editing style. I couldn’t do it without them.

– Sal Cincotta Salvatore Cincotta Photography

best wedding photo editing service

Before Evolve, we were spending hours of time culling and would labor over which ones to select for our signature style. Evolve has probably saved us 3-4 hours per session, 8-10 hours per wedding. We are so much more consistent with our clients now, because of the timely reveal, delivery taking over a month is a thing of the past and at the time of booking the session we are also pre-booking the reveal in some situations.

– Stephen Johnson Jeckyl Photo

best wedding photo editing service

Before we used Evolve, our editing style was all over the place. Our wedding style didn’t match our senior style, our editing would change depending on whose work I was admiring at the time, and we just couldn’t lock in a style for our own brand. Using Evolve for every session took our hands out of the cookie jar, so to speak, after the Evolve team worked with us to find an editing style that resonated with us, our brand vision, and our shooting style.

– Chris & Brandy Gronde Gronde Photography

best wedding photo editing service

Outsourcing my editing has allowed me to focus on our client experience, and deliver weddings in an efficient and timely manner. It provides a very consistent look from wedding to wedding so that couples looking our work know what to expect. Gaining access to their expertise and technical knowledge helps us to provide our couples with some amazing portrait images that are beyond their expectations which in turn has helped increased IPS sales.

– Gary & Kim Evans Gary Evans Photography

best wedding photo editing service

Why Choose Evolve?

At Evolve Edits, we want to be your post-production partner. Our team is dedicated to the success of each photographer we work with. We offer a custom process with every order to ensure that each image or design that you receive is true to your studio and their style.

In 2012, Sal Cincotta wanted to create an outsourcing solution for photographers around the world to gain back control of their businesses and their lives by letting go of the mundane task of image post-production. From this vision, Evolve Edits was born and provides custom editing solutions for many photography businesses.

In 2023, long time senior manager Dustin Lucas, purchased the company from Sal Cincotta. Dustin, working closely with our clients, is taking the company into the future by focusing on new and innovative ways to service our growing customer base around the world and their ever evolving needs. The company is growing to focus on faster turn times, specialty edits, social media management, and incorporating AI into their workflow.


Editing Service For Photographers

Your Style | Your Way | You Are Unique

Our editing service for photographers delivers unmatched quality, consistency, personal service and fast turnaround. Including Color Correction, Culling, Retouching & More.

Let's Get Started

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*Limited Time Offer: Receive 1 month of free color correction when signing up with our Unlimited Pro Plan.

Monthly Plans Available: Color Correction | Culling | Cropping & Straightening

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Editing Service for Professional Photographers.

You're Unique! That's why we work with you 1-on-1. Our editing service is custom to each photographer. With simple and affordable pricing our easy to use editing service will save you time behind the screen and more time shooting. We have unmatched turnarounds starting in just 24hrs.

Services & Pricing

Questions? Click Here To Contact Us | Call | Email | LiveChat

Color Correction

You're unique. We support that. We will work 1 on 1 with you to learn your style and keep your editing consistent. We support custom lightroom presets.

Learn More | Pricing

Image Selection

Our team consists of photographers themselves. With a keen eye for detail, we know when to remove those awkward expressions and Out-of-Focus images.

From simple skin retouching to more advanced Photoshop work. We deliver unmatched quality in the industry. Let's simplify your time behind the computer.

Why Choose Our Editing Service?

We are the industry leader with the top professional photographers worldwide trusting us with their images. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will work with you until we achieve that.

Your Style. Your Way.

You've developed your own style. Let's keep it that way. We will work closely with you and get to know how you like your images to look. VSCO, Mastin Labs & Other custom presets.

Fast Turnaround

You can have your images back in as little as 24hrs. We have a turnaround available for all types of photographers and their clients needs. Your clients will be blown away.

Simple & Easy

Our system is developed by photographers for photographers. We know your needs, because we have the same needs ourselves.

Real Customer Service

Unmatched customer service keeps you in the loop. Have questions? We are available via LiveChat, Email and Phone. Give us a call or chat today!

Built by Photographers. For Photographers.

Starting in 2009, we have been a leader in the industry. Focused on the needs of a professional photographer, we've developed an easy and affordable solution to the countless hours spent behind a computer. Now is the time to let us help your business succeed and thrive.


Wedding Photo

Editing services, wedding photo editing service.

We have to provide the best Wedding Photo Editing Services for pro photographers. Photodotedit makes Wedding Post Production Services Easy. It is necessary to edit and process a large number of pictures. These include touch-ups, editing, etc. As your outsourcing partner, we provide you with such services. which suits your needs. We take only 24 for wedding photo editing. Including culling. However, the timeline may extend depending on editing needs. As a post-wedding production company, our services include.

Editing hundreds of wedding images can be a daunting task. Especially if you are just starting out. Or is it a high season right now? You can always refer to photodotedit. Qualified Wedding Photography Editing Services. Contact us if you need fast and professional help.

wedding photo editing post production service ring ceromancy

Wedding Photo Post Production Services We Provide

Photodotedit provides a wide range of services. Which makes life easier for wedding photographers. We only provide high-quality wedding image editing within a short span of 24 hours. Including culling. However, the timeline may expand with specific editing needs. This includes –

RAW Image Conversion Services – We offer simple conversion of large quantities of wedding images from RAW format to JPG, TIFF, or any other specified file format without any editing or image enhancement.

Wedding Photo Editing Services – We cover different levels of editing as part of our digital wedding photo editing services.

  • Rough editing – With an average number of 1500 to 2000 photographs, rough editing of a wedding shoot is a time-consuming process for any photographer. We people in the frame keep in mind the final number requested by the customer. We provide rough editing services to help you select the best pictures based on the mood and the moments captured and the quality of the images.
  • Color correction and enhancement
  • Density correction
  • Noise reduction
  • Image sharpening and adjustments in exposure
  • Balance, Saturation, and Contrast
  • Level editing, dodge, and burn techniques
  • Edit blemishes and backgrounds
  • Monochrome Conversions
  • Sepia Conversions
  • Black & White Conversions
  • Special effects

Digital Album Design Services – We edit and organize photos as part of our album design services. Your digital album design page. Preliminary designs can either be sent to you via FTP. or uploaded to any online viewing site or private photography laboratory on the Internet for approval and comments. We incorporate suggestions and changes. Send the final output as layered Photoshop files.

Professional Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedding photographers work hard to capture great photos of weddings, guests, ceremonies, decorations, etc.. Still, due to a tight schedule and multiple tasks, they cannot do without professional wedding editing assistance. This is where the Photodotedit forum appears. Helps amateur and experienced wedding photographers worldwide with wedding photo editing routines.

Starting from the original culling, and moving toward the editing of an artistic marriage. We can bring tears to your customers’ eyes.

Additional Level – US $1.5 –  $4.00 (per image)

  • hair repair
  • smooth the skin
  • dodge and burn effect
  • sky replacement

wedding photo retouching before and after

Photo Culling Services for Efficient Workflow

Capturing a photo can take even longer than the basic image adjustments you made in Photoshop. When multiple pictures are displayed on your screen. So it can be extremely difficult to determine. Which one you should delete and which one needs further editing? This task becomes even more difficult for the novices. Who can hardly differentiate a good shot from an average shot?

If you also face difficulties in filtering poor-quality images. So it makes sense for us to outsource photo coloring services. With professional equipment and many years of experience, we will easily analyze your photos and define the best.

Culling and choose photo editing before Image

What Photographers Need Photo Culling Services

Photodotit image coloring services are equally popular among beginner photographers. Those who lack knowledge, and professionals, who lack time. Whereas amateurs rely on the expertise of our photography experts. Experienced shooters often address our team. We have a special list of guidelines when selecting winning images.

As far as styles are concerned. Whatever your expertise, you can hardly do anything without photographing it. We receive orders from photographers for products, weddings, portraits, landscapes, travel, jewelry, newborns, and many more. Those who do not want to waste time on hunting and selection. But prefers to spend work time in a more pleasant way.

Culling and choose photo editing before Image 1

Wedding Photo Culling Services in Bulk

Unlike other photographic companies, we do not place any restrictions on the number of photos you can submit. Since we work not only with individual photographers but also with photo studios. We receive many collections of images every day.

If you had a 12-hour photo session and now feel disappointed because of the image to come. So don’t miss your chance to be our customer. Since we have a huge team of experts. So we can handle bulk orders with ease. Selected photos can be delivered according to your time limit.

Lightroom Editing Photo Culling in bulk

Wedding Picture Editing – Bright Colors

If color correction drives you crazy. Or you don’t know how to get the desired color style. So just drop us a message and we will help you with wedding color correction. Our fixers will make the wedding dress pure white and remove a dirty color from the groom’s suit.

Then we will change the colors of the rest of the objects so that the finished wedding photo looks spectacular and realistic. With Wedding Photography Retouching, we can also create color images B&W to highlight emotion rather than the objects in the frame. For Wedding Photo Post Production Services, We provide the best price at this time.

Additional Level – US $2 – $6.00 (per image)

  • physical improvement
  • remove objects

wedding picture editing color correction bright color

Professional Retouching Headshots

Professional Retouching Headshots wedding post production 1

Professional Wedding Photo Editing Pricing

  • We Charge for the Total Photos Quantity
  • We Carefully Select the Best Photos for You
  • We Follow Your Style and Preferences
  • Star Images in LR Catalogue Can Be Chosen By Us
  • Color Correction
  • White Color Regulation
  • Contrast Improving
  • Exposure Regulation
  • Image Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Blurriness Fixing
  • Noise Elimination
  • Following the Photographers’ Vision

Standard Pack

  • Maximum 2100 Images for the Color Correction / Straightening / culling
  • It Takes 3-5 Days to Complete the Order
  • Clear Price Policy
  • Your Gain 50$+
  • Max 3500 Images for the Color Correction / Straightening / culling.
  • Simple Editing Work for 20 Images
  • High-Quality Beauty Editing Work for 5 Images
  • Your Gain 71$+

Hand Crafted Color Correction

Wedding Photo Post Product Service: We professionally adjust all the important components of photo color correction. We pay close attention. Hand color correct every image, one at a time.

  • White Balance
  • Temperature
  • Blacks/Whites
  • Hue Saturation
  • Luminance adjustments for individual colors

Wedding Photography Retouching – Background

When editing wedding photos, there are many such elements. Which we have to increase or remove. Backgrounds are certainly the most complex. As the background in wedding images should serve as beautiful surroundings for a couple. We can blur it. Can remove distracting objects. Can make colors less attractive. Can add matching wedding props. Can fix saturation issues, etc.

Photographers often ask us to replace the starting background with a more suitable alternative. We always discuss wedding photo editing details with our clients. It is very important for us to understand your point of view.

  • background replacement
  • color correction
  • background removal
  • remove distractions
  • add props in the background
  • eliminate harsh shadows

Wedding Photography Retouching – Background

Marriage is the most beautiful moment in a couple’s life. Many people are happy to ask a professional photographer to record every beautiful photo on this day. This book is a professional wedding photography guide, including previous preparation, photography equipment, photography planning, communication. Photography actual combat, post-processing and other processes. We have to provide lots of photography post production services like background removal, clipping path, product editing and much more. We provide Best Wedding Photo Post Product Service.

More Than Basic Correction

Our photo editing services don’t just stop at basic color correction. We learn all the factors that make up your style. Hand-enhance each image to suit that style. Your style is our guide. We don’t stop until the pictures match.

More Sharing Options

Once you have the images ready to go. So you can share them with your bridesmaid via Extra, our complimentary gallery hosting platform. You can use Fotoskribe, our content creation and blogging company, to write and publish valuable copy that aligns with your images. Get those beautiful images in front of your customers and their friends and family!

Professional Wedding Retouching Services | Custom Wedding Post Production Services

Outsourced Images provides professional wedding photo retouching services and custom wedding post-production services to wedding photographers around the world. We are a unique photo editing company. Which provides high-end image retouching services at a reasonable cost. Our wedding photo editors are well-specialized in image editing techniques. Apply appropriate imaging adjustments to give your wedding photos a stunning look.

Our photo editors specialize in Lightroom editing and basic, medium, and advanced photo retouching techniques to enhance your wedding photography. Post-wedding production services enhance your wedding images by adjusting the color, contrast, background effects, noise, etc. Our wedding photo post-production services are as follows:-

  • Advance Color Enhancement
  • Removing people or adding people
  • Selective color changes
  • Background Changing
  • Head Swapping
  • Object removal / Adding
  • Advance Cloth Fixing
  • Adding or removing people
  • Complex Background recreation
  • Adjusting White Balance
  • Adjusting Exposure
  • Black and White conversion
  • Working on your Own Light room Preset

Wedding Photo Editing Service Gallery

Wedding Photo Editing and Color Correction service Gallery 1

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Professional photo editing service for wedding & portrait photographers. Photodotedit makes post-production simple and easy for photographers. Whether you’re a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer, our post-production and processing services are empowering photographers around the world to take back control of their lives and businesses.

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Wedding Photo Editing Services

  • Color Correction Services
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  • Photo Post Processing Services
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wedding photo editing girl flowers

Editing hundreds of wedding images may become a tedious task, especially if you are just a beginner or it’s a high season now. You can always refer to Weedit.Photos and receive qualified wedding photography editing services. Contact us, if you need fast and professional help.

Our Wedding Photography Editing Services Include:

wedding photo editing Service color correction

It takes just 24 hours to accept an order, discuss the details with a client, improve photos and send them back.

If you have any questions concerning the ordering process, prices, offered services and whatnot – you can contact our managers 24/7.

We always follow current wedding retouching quality standards to deliver images of top quality. Our retouchers edit photos without losing quality.

wedding photo edit

Thank you for your service. I’m very happy with the job you did. I will recommend you to all my friends. thanks again

wedding photography edit

I needed to remove strangers from the background and enhance the skin and teeth.

wedding photo edits

They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Whoever edited my photos I hope I can get them AGAIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

wedding photography editing

Thanks you guy always do a great job.

wedding editing

Awesome. Thanks so much. I’m impressed.

marriage photo editing feedback

Thanks, I’m happy:)

wedding photo retouching feedback

Thank you very much. I am quite pleased with your work, price, and fast turnaround time!

wedding photography editing service review

Very satisfied thank you very much. You guys were the first editing company that did the job I expected, you are truly amazing. Looking forward to be sending more work with you guys.

wedding photo editing service review

I really like how people look  after photo editing by your service. Wonderful results!

wedding photo retouching services

Amazing work! thank!

Professional Wedding Photo Editing Pricing

  • We Charge for the Total Photos Quantity
  • We Carefully Select the Best Photos for You
  • We Follow Your Style and Preferences
  • Star Images in LR Catalogue Can Be Chosen By Us
  • White Color Regulation
  • Contrast Improving
  • Exposure Regulation
  • Image Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Blurriness Fixing
  • Noise Elimination
  • Following the Photographers’ Vision
  • Maximum 700 Images for the Color Correction
  • It Takes 3-5 Days to Complete the Order
  • Clear Price Policy
  • Your Gain 41$
  • Max 700 Images for the Color Correction
  • Simple Editing Work for 20 Images
  • High-Quality Beauty Editing Work for 5 Images
  • Your Gain 71$

Professional Wedding Photo Retouching

wedding photo editor

Wedding photographers work hard to take fabulous photos of a marriers, guests, ceremony, decorations, etc. but due to a tight schedule and numerous tasks, they can’t do without professional wedding editing assistance. That’s where Weedit.Photos appears on the stage, helping amateurs and seasoned wedding photographers from all over the globe with a wedding photo editing routine.

Starting from basic culling and proceeding with artistic wedding edits, we can bring tears to your clients’ eyes.

Extra Level – US $12.00 (per image)

Hair retouching

Skin smoothing

Dodge and Burn Effect

Sky replacement

Wedding Picture Editing – Bright Colors

wedding photo editing services

If color modification drives you crazy or you don’t know how to achieve the desired color style, just drop us a message and we’ll help you in wedding colors improvement. Our retouchers will make a wedding dress pure white and remove a dirtish tint from the groom’s suit.

Then we will alter colors of the rest of the objects so that the finished wedding picture looks great yet realistic. With the help of wedding photography retouching we can also make color images B&W to highlight emotions instead of objects in the frame.

Extra Level – US $12.00 (per image)

Body retouching

Objects Removal

Professional Retouching Headshots

Wedding photography retouching – background.

wedding photography retouch

When editing wedding photos, there are many elements we have to enhance or remove, and the background is definitely the most complicated. Since the background in wedding images should serve as a beautiful surrounding for a couple, we can make it blurred, remove distracting items, make colors less flashy, add matching wedding props, fix saturation issues, etc.

Photographers often ask us to replace the initial background with a more fitting option. We always discuss the wedding picture editing details with our clients, it is very important for us to understand your vision.

Background replacement

Color improvement

Background removal

Erasing distracting items

Adding props to the background

Eliminating harsh shadows

Wedding Retouching – Props & Accessories

wedding photo retouch

While editing macro wedding images of props and accessories, we try to preserve the natural look of objects depicted, just slightly improving colors and removing distracting elements. If we have to improve images of wedding rings, we primarily remove glares and fingerprints.

Weedit.Photos retouchers fully rely on the clients’ wedding photos retouching demands. We may edit wedding props that are already present in the frame, while in other cases, we may add fitting objects or, on the contrary, remove them.

Face retouching

Improving white balance and brightness

Red-eye effect removal

Make-up correction

  • Stray hairs removal

Natural skin retouching

Brightening Jewelry

– Photo culling is charged separately. It usually takes 3-4 rounds of revision to select the best images. You can name the approximate number of photos you want to get in the end.

– We follow a strict security policy, so each image we receive is fully protected from third parties. When the editing is over, we send you retouched images and never use them for other projects.

– 3-5 days. It doesn’t include the time a client has to wait for a response after test photos have been submitted.

– We use a PayPal payment system: credit/ debit cards, eCheck are accepted.

– You can send your presets in the Lr-catalog or as JPEG files. Besides, you can attach them to your order. Thus, our color correction experts can achieve the best results with your images.

– We accept all file types but you’d better send us RAW files.

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Featured Reviews for Local Plumbers, Companies & Services in Elektrostal'

What does a plumber do, questions to ask prospective elektrostal' plumbers:, business services, connect with us.


  1. Wedding Photo Editing Services for Professional Photographers

    Attaching a sample wedding photo is recommended. Trying to make all our clients satisfied and providing high-quality wedding photography editing services, we offer clear pricing plans. Our rate starts from $0.06 per photo. Image culling - from $0.06 per image, color correction - from $0.25 per image. Extra Level - US $12.00 (per image)

  2. Wedding Photo Editing Services

    Rates for wedding photo editing services depend on how many photos you send. For example, we will edit 350 of the 1,000 images you send for $119. Retouching services are charged separately. Check our table of rates above for a better idea about our pricing. Get in touch with us for your specific requirements so we can provide you with a custom ...

  3. Wedding Photo Editing Services

    Get Started. ShootDotEdit is a professional photo editing service designed for wedding and portrait photographers. We design a personalized and stylized photographer's edit for every image and every job. We're best suited for the professional wedding photographer who is looking to grow their business through an outsource photo editing solution.

  4. 10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services

    Midi - $9 per image. It is the most popular option if you need full online wedding photo retouching, editing group photos or making look books. The service includes all the options from the Mini tariff plus teeth correction, toning, fixing closed eyes and creating beautiful faces. Maxi - $15 per image.

  5. The Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Photo Editing Services

    What to Look for in the Best Wedding Photo Editing Services. 1. Quality Editing Skills: The first and foremost consideration when choosing a wedding photo editing service is their editing skills. Look for providers with experienced editors who can enhance your photos while maintaining a natural and timeless look. 2.

  6. Review of 3 Popular Wedding Photo Editing Services

    Pricing Policy: They offer 5 types of image editing to choose from - Culling, Color Correction, Simple, Pro, or Advanced Edit. The prices vary from $0.50 to $10 in accordance with the service you select. Packages: Similar to the abovementioned wedding photo editing services, this company offers 2 packages - Light and Pro priced $99 and $159 ...

  7. Photo Editing Services for Wedding Photographers

    Request a free consultation, in which we will discuss your editing style, what presets you use, and when and how to use them. Then we will ask you to provide us with 20 to 40 photos, so that we may give you an example of our work. After that, you can begin uploading your first set of raw wedding photo files.

  8. Photo Retouching Services

    Only $6 per photo. We will make portrait photos look good and professionally edited. Our retouchers will enhance body shapes and skin texture, remove all unwanted imperfections making your models look realistically edited. Portrait photo editing services included: Color adjustment. Skin smoothing.

  9. Best Wedding Photo Editing Services

    A wedding is a momentous occasion, filled with love, joy, and everlasting memories. Capturing these moments through photography is an art, but the magic often happens in the post-production phase. In this article, we will explore the realm of wedding photo editing services, uncovering the best options to enhance your cherished moments.. The Importance of Wedding Photo Editing Services

  10. Photo Editing Services for Wedding and Portrait Photographer

    Custom Wedding Photo Editing Services A few examples of our work. For a larger display. Signature Editz color-corrects to match your editing style. Place an order with us, share your style with our team, and let our editors do the rest. And you can even leave our editors feedback about an order or even request a redo.

  11. Custom Photo Editing Services

    Photographer's Edit offers custom photo editing services that match your editing style, and custom photo retouching services to remove blemishes, unwanted objects, and more! Whether you need your portrait session, wedding, or commercial work edited or retouched, our talented editors will take incredible care of you! I NEED EDITING.

  12. Evolve Edits

    Evolve Premier. Unlimited post-production. One monthly fee. Evolve Premier is our unlimited post-production plan. Submit unlimited jobs for color correction, enjoy discounts on additional Evolve services and predictably budget your costs for the entire year. In addition, get valuable member benefits that make the choice even more of a no ...

  13. Vital Edit: Photo Editing Service for Photographers. Pro Editing

    Editing Service for Professional Photographers. You're Unique! That's why we work with you 1-on-1. Our editing service is custom to each photographer. With simple and affordable pricing our easy to use editing service will save you time behind the screen and more time shooting. We have unmatched turnarounds starting in just 24hrs.

  14. Best & Free Wedding Photo Editor|Fotor

    5. Design a Wedding Album: Beyond single photo edits, you can use Fotor to design your entire wedding album, selecting layouts and themes that align with your wedding style. 6. Download and Save: Once you're satisfied with your edits, download and save your photo (s) to your device. Upload Image.

  15. Wedding Photo Editing Services

    With Wedding Photography Retouching, we can also create color images B&W to highlight emotion rather than the objects in the frame. For Wedding Photo Post Production Services, We provide the best price at this time. Additional Level - US $2 - $6.00 (per image) hair repair. physical improvement.

  16. ShootDotEdit Pricing

    ShootDotEdit is a professional photo editing service designed for wedding and portrait photographers. We design a personalized and stylized photographer's edit for every image and every job. We're best suited for the professional wedding photographer who is looking to grow their business through an outsource photo editing solution.

  17. 5 Best Wedding Photo Editing Software

    The best wedding photo editing programs include both organizational tools and impressive editing effects. As you search for the right editor for your needs, be sure to look for a program that features: ... Professional photographers and wedding photo editing services often take between three and six weeks turnaround time for all the images from ...

  18. Extra

    Get Started. ShootDotEdit is a professional photo editing service designed for wedding and portrait photographers. We design a personalized and stylized photographer's edit for every image and every job. We're best suited for the professional wedding photographer who is looking to grow their business through an outsource photo editing solution.

  19. Wedding Photo Editing Service

    That's where Weedit.Photos appears on the stage, helping amateurs and seasoned wedding photographers from all over the globe with a wedding photo editing routine. Starting from basic culling and proceeding with artistic wedding edits, we can bring tears to your clients' eyes. Extra Level - US $12.00 (per image)

  20. Buy Pastila for graduation, Confectionery & Bakery Elektrostal, Moscow

    《 Flowwow 》- Order Pastila for graduation, Confectionery & Bakery Elektrostal. BEST next day and same day delivery service. Fast Delivery on Flowwow 24/7. Pastila for graduation, Confectionery & Bakery Elektrostal, Moscow oblast, Russia - REAL photos!

  21. Buy Poinsettias for wedding, Live Plants Elektrostal, Moscow oblast

    《 Flowwow 》- Order Poinsettias for wedding, Live Plants Elektrostal. BEST next day and same day delivery service. Fast Delivery on Flowwow 24/7. Poinsettias for wedding, Live Plants Elektrostal, Moscow oblast, Russia - REAL photos!

  22. Flag of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia : r/vexillology

    596K subscribers in the vexillology community. A subreddit for those who enjoy learning about flags, their place in society past and present, and…

  23. Best 15 Local Plumbers, Companies & Services in Elektrostal ...

    Search 66 Elektrostal' local plumbers, companies & services to find the best plumber for your project. See the top reviewed local plumbers & plumbing services in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia on Houzz.