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10 Free PowerPoint Game Templates

Customizable slideshows for Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, and other games

powerpoint game show templates

  • Emporia State University

powerpoint game show templates

  • Southern New Hampshire University

PowerPoint templates are a great way to introduce a new unit or review for a test with your students. It's a break from the regular routine, and students love the teamwork and competitiveness.

I've also used these templates with friends. I can replace the questions and answers with fun topics we're all familiar with and then play in person or online over a video call.

There are lots of websites with free PowerPoint templates that work with Microsoft's software and free presentation programs .

Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates

Most of the hard work is done for you.

Sleek graphics.

Some come with familiar sound effects and theme song.

Some are in the HTML format only.

A few require your email address.

One of the most popular types of PowerPoint games to use in the classroom is Jeopardy. It's a great game to use to review for a test or to introduce new material to students. They can be played as a class, teams, or individually on computers.

Family Feud PowerPoint Templates

Can encourage and be used with teams of students.

Great graphics resembling the TV gameshow.

Realistic sound effects from the gameshow.

Some are limited to a few slides.

Some require quite a bit of customizing.

Not much non-English support.

Some don't come in the popular PPTX format.

Another free game that's popular with teachers and students is Family Feud. These are played just like traditional Family Feud, and kids of all ages really get into the game. 

Wheel of Fortune From Games by Tim

Comes with great instructions for setup.

Realistic looking graphics.

Website has handy instructional video for help.

Cool animation.

Setup is pretty involved.

Doesn't automatically figure dollar amounts.

Can load only 12 puzzles.

Spin the wheel, use your own puzzles, and track scores with this Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint template that really reminds me of the actual game. It comes in the PPTM format .

Only Connect From Fisher Huntz

Includes sounds.

Multiple templates with questions and answers.

Includes a blank template.

Provides directions for playing and editing the template.

Doesn't include the game's Connecting Wall.

More free PowerPoint templates are available here that are modeled after the game Only Connect. One template is basically blank, so you can fill it out with whatever you want. Each of the others have 20 prefilled questions and answers that are ready to go for any teacher looking to entertain their kids with math or science related questions.

Deal or No Deal From Mining Quiz

Included a game rules slide for players.

Has a small help page to assist in setup.

Easy to edit template.

Graphics are a bit simple.

Single sound effect isn't clear.

This Deal or No Deal PPTX template is easy to manipulate and has sounds for each time you choose a briefcase.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Verbs

Comes with 12 pre-made questions.

Graphics and text are easy to read.

Added sound effects to enhance gameplay.

Will need to change the money values for other countries.

The lifelines are not clickable and only advance the slide.

Doesn't accurately keep track of winnings.

This Who Wants to Be a Millionaire template has questions already filled out for you about simple verbs. There are 12 questions in total, and I like that it has sounds and animated graphics for realism.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Templates From Sctriton Science

Website provides optional sound effects.

Provides enough blank question templates to play a full game.

Sound effects add some excitement.

The lifeline links reveal all answers.

Sound snips aren't very high quality.

This is yet another template for playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in PowerPoint. It has 15 questions, all blank and ready for you to fill out with your own information.

Cash Cab From Sctriton Science

Provides enough slides to play an entire game.

Gives basic game instructions.

Fun ceiling animation like the TV show.

Can easily edit it.

Sometimes the template messes up.

Just like in the real game, this template includes not only blank slides for all the different questions, but also a place for a Red Light Challenge and a Video Bonus Question. You can also download the audio files for this template.

Cash Cab First Aid From Mining Quiz

Gives clear instructions on how to customize.

Nice sound effects to engage player.

Text is easily readable at a distance.

Distracting background.

No extra rounds like actual the actual game.

No way for player to select answer.

This Cash Cab template for PowerPoint has 12 questions, all related to first aid information. This template revolves around the objective to reach the Empire State Building before being kicked out of the cab with too many wrong answers.

You can also grab a blank template from the same download page if you want to write in all the questions and answers yourself.

The Price is Right by Stranded Goose

Works for free through Google Slides.

Very simple design.

Must make a TPT account if you don't already have one.

TPT requires access to your whole Google Drive account.

This 22-page template for The Price is Right is from a user called Stranded Goose at Teachers Pay Teachers. It works in Google Slides , so you'll use the presentation as part of your Google account.

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Home / List Articles / Top Free PowerPoint Game Templates for a fun Presentation

Top Free PowerPoint Game Templates for a fun Presentation

powerpoint game show templates

Have you heard about “Death by PowerPoint” ? Death by PowerPoint is caused by poor use of presentation software. Key contributors include confusing graphics, text-heavy slides, etc.

Today there are almost 300 million Power Point users; they do 30 million presentations daily, out of which 50 % of presentation fails.

So how to craft a presentation that doesn’t bore the audience to death? How do I make my PowerPoint fun?

It’s simple just to play fun activity PowerPoint games. Playing games, our brain releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, which keeps us active and engaged. Playing PowerPoint games during a presentation can be a fun and engaging way to keep the audience entertained and involved. Breaking the monotony of lecture-style presentation. These Microsoft PowerPoint presentation games are a great way to keep your audience entertained.

Free Interactive PowerPoint Game templates for Fun in Presentation

Fun PowerPoint games keep the audience focused, entertained, and learning. Finding fun-interactive game templates can be a daunting task. To help you out with a nerve-wracking task, in this article, we have listed the best PowerPoint games to play in your presentation. Choose the presentation best creative game template that you like and boost the presentation engagement.

Free Interactive Family Feud Game Template

Free Family Feud game template

Are you a fan of the Family Feud game? Then try using this free PowerPoint interactive Family Feud game template and create your own personalized version of the popular gameshow Family Feud. We creatively designed to create a template that resembles the game set, the show’s iconic logo, colors, fonts, etc.

Free Interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire

who wants to be a Millionaire

What would you do if you won million dollars? I guarantee till now; you would have started dreaming. American popular tv show who wants to be a millionaire can turn your dream of winning millions of dollars into reality. Now test the knowledge of your audience with this free interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire-inspired template. Teachers can use this template as a game-based learning tool in the classroom. It’s an amazing memory game template using which you can test your students’ knowledge.

Free Wheel of Fortune Template

wheel of fortune

Here’s another game template, the free Wheel of Fortune game template, best for audience engagement. In this, your audience needs to click the arrow to spin the wheel in order to win the prize. In this surprise wheel game, would you rather win a huge prize or would lose it a luck game.

Free Hangman Game Template 

hangman template

This Hangman PPT game template let’s you test your vocabulary. If you’re looking to make study a lot of fun. We’ve got you a free Hangman quiz game template. In this game template for each false answer, the hangman ropes get tight and for the correct answer the rope releases. So give the correct answer to make the hangman live.

Free Interactive Toy Claw Machine Template

free interactive toy claw machine

Presentation isn’t just about text-heavy slides and lectures. Sometimes presentations are too entertaining when presenters use super-creative slides like free interactive Toy claw machine templates. Play a luck game with your team using this toy claw machine slide and reward them when they win.

The Price is Right Template

the price is right

The price is right is an amazing game you can play with your  team  to make a presentation super-entertaining. This game template is based on the popular tv show, “The Prize is Right,” where contestants guess the price of the merchandise to win cash prizes.

Free Pokémon Cards Game Template

Pokemon cards

Want to have a fun time with friends and colleagues? Then try playing cool Pokémon battles in real life with this free Pokémon cards game template. It includes picture of Pokemon

Free Animated Whos That Pokémon Template

whoz that Pokemon

Are you a true Pokémon master? Then try another fun game template based on the Pokemon theme. Test your Pokémon knowledge by guessing the Pokémon with this free animated Whos that Pokémon template. It’s an animated template with the voice of real Pokémon. It’s a quiz template that you can choose to test your knowledge of the Pokemon show.

Free Interactive 2 Truths and a Lie Game Template

two truths and a lie

The best way to make a presentation entertaining is the engage with your audience. And best way to do this is by allowing them to know more about you. When your audience knows you, it builds a connection, and the audience will be keen to know your ideas. This free interactive Two Truths and a Lie Game PowerPoint template is the perfect game to play with the audience. It displays three options that your audience can select which applies to you.

Free Interactive Wordle Game Template

Wordle game template

Interested in playing word games? Then why not show your vocabulary skills and test audience knowledge and memory with this free interactive Wordle game template? Download this word puzzle game is fantastic if you want your audience to be active and engaged throughout the presentation. This game template looks amazing for each correct answer the words gets green.

Free Card Game Template


Card games are interesting; they can let you win. Let your audience try their luck with this free card game template. It’s a great game template that comes with twelve amazing gameplay buttons. This gameplay template is entirely customizable; you can easily shuffle the cards and add gifs and surprises. Choose this free card template and give your presentation a different look.

Free Jeopardy Presentation Template

jeoparty game

There’s nothing better than playing a game in your presentation to know your audience and build a bond. So, to make your presentation fun, we have a free Jeopardy presentation template based on the greatest American television show, Jeopardy! The player can test their luck using this free game template. Go through slides, customize them, and you’ll be ready to play with your audience.

Presentation with interactive games can make business meetings & teaching any subject more fun, especially if you reward the winners. When the audience starts enjoying the presentation, they will likely be attentive to everything you are saying. The upshot of all the above free PowerPoint Game templates is guaranteed to make your next presentation super-entertaining.

About The Author

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu is a copywriter who loves to tune into what makes people tick. He believes in presenting his ideas with flair and wit, which has made him an expert at standing on stage and charming the pants off of any audience he's faced with. Priyanshu lives for learning as much as he can, so if you ever need help understanding something - just ask!

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powerpoint game show templates

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Really well done; Adds a great interactive component to lesson

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Item was amazing. Store owner was willing to accommodate me if I needed assistance with anything. I did not need any assistance. Everything was super easy to understand and easy to customize. I would recommend this a million times over!

This was a great product. Easy to navigate and make changes.

Very fun game and very well put together!

Worked fine, easy to personalize and use

Great. Just what I wanted

I love this for Family Game Night

My version of powerpoint keeps bugging me about some non-existent fonts. Bit this pptx is really worth it, so much potential especially with the question sheet that comes with it.

Super wonderful, easy to play, my whole office loved it.

This template was perfect for the work event I had and it was great that it came with sample questions. Super easy to use instructions.

Fun and easy to customize. They quickly answered questions and was super easy to work with. Highly recommend !

I purchased this to play with my team (virtually) for a team building exercise. It was so easy to customize and the team absolutely loved it!

Love the look and its easy to use.

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5 Interactive PowerPoint Game Templates for Unforgettable Lessons

Ausbert Generoso

Ausbert Generoso

5 Interactive PowerPoint Game Templates for Unforgettable Lessons

In the digital age, PowerPoint has evolved far beyond its traditional role as a static slideshow tool. It has emerged as a versatile canvas where creativity knows no bounds, and where education and entertainment can seamlessly co-exist. Imagine captivating your audience not just with information but with an interactive journey that sparks curiosity, competition, and camaraderie. This is the magic of PowerPoint games.

📸 Picture this: a classroom abuzz with excitement as students eagerly participate in a trivia quiz that feels more like a game show. Or a virtual conference where attendees don’t just listen passively, but actively engage with the content, making choices that shape the narrative. The secret behind these captivating experiences lies not just in PowerPoint itself, but in the innovative tools that unlock its true potential.

Young boy in front of a television participating in PowerPoint games

In this blog, we will explore the art and science of creating games that educate, entertain, and leave a lasting impact. We will delve into the principles of gamification with actual, downloadable PowerPoint game templates powered a subtle yet potent ally that can further elevate your game. Follow along so you would know what this power tool is!

Table of Contents

8 Editable PowerPoint Game Templates

Engage your audience with these interactive PowerPoint Games. Customize these templates to fit your very own topic and presentation. The file includes templates for Interactive Quizzes, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Memory, Hangman, Jeopardy, and a PowerPoint Puzzle!

The Power of Gamified PowerPoints

Ah, the thrill of the game – it’s not just about fun, it’s about learning too!  Gamification has unleashed a revolution in education , transforming the way we absorb knowledge. Imagine turning seemingly mundane concepts into exciting challenges, where every answer unlocks a new level of understanding. That’s the magic of gamification, and it’s changing the game (pun intended 😉) in classrooms and beyond.

But here’s the twist – technology isn’t just a bystander; it’s the co-pilot on this educational joyride. In the world of PowerPoint games , technology plays a pivotal role in infusing interactivity and engagement into the learning process . With a click and a slide, we’re whisked away to a realm where questions become quests, and answers are the keys to conquering new horizons.

powerpoint game show templates

Now, imagine taking this gamification marvel and coupling it with the prowess of PowerPoint. Enter powerpoint games – a blend of creativity, technology, and education that opens doors to a whole new dimension of learning. And guess what? Tools like ClassPoint are your trusty sidekicks, effortlessly enhancing this gamification journey.

The Psychology Behind Gamification

Gamification isn’t just about the thrill of competition – it is a carefully crafted blend of psychology and technology that captivates minds and fuels a hunger for knowledge. Let us explore the psychological underpinnings that make gamified PowerPoint presentations an educational powerhouse:

“Students get challenged when they see a particular colleague of theirs doing much better than others, creating a competitive yet fun atmosphere during class.” Nancy Martin, SEO Manager,  FTKnowledge

🧠 Intrinsic Motivation

Gamification taps into our innate desire to learn and achieve. By framing learning as a game, students become more self-motivated, eager to conquer challenges and unlock new levels of understanding.

💭 Immediate Feedback

The instant gratification of feedback in gamified presentations is a game-changer. It satisfies our craving for knowledge validation and fuels the urge to keep progressing.

🎯 Goal-Oriented Learning

Just like a game’s objective, learning becomes purposeful. Each concept mastered is a checkpoint reached, making the learning journey feel like a series of accomplishments.

🎁 Rewards and Recognition

The allure of rewards, badges, and stars triggers a surge of dopamine – the brain’s feel-good chemical. This not only boosts engagement but also makes learning a positively charged experience.

🏆 Sense of Achievement

Accomplishments in gamified PowerPoint games create a sense of achievement that’s hard to replicate in traditional learning settings. Every correct answer and level completed becomes a mini-victory.

🙋🏻‍♂️ Active Participation

The interactive nature of gamification transforms passive listeners into active participants. This hands-on approach solidifies understanding, as learning becomes an experience rather than a lecture.

🎱 Competition and Collaboration

Gamification strikes a balance between healthy competition and teamwork. ClassPoint’s features, like leaderboard , inspire friendly rivalry while fostering cooperation and peer learning.

😮‍💨 Reduced Anxiety

The game-like environment reduces anxiety associated with learning. Students feel more comfortable taking risks, experimenting, and learning from mistakes.

⏳ Long-Term Engagement

By tapping into our psychological need for novelty and challenge, gamified presentations maintain long-term engagement, preventing knowledge decay over time.

📚 Personalized Learning

Gamification allows for tailored experiences. Students can navigate at their own pace, focusing on areas they find challenging, enhancing the feeling of individualized attention.

Yes, we know you are excited to turn your lesson into an epic adventure. But before that, let us share a few pro tips with you so you can create much more powerful classroom games with PowerPoint:

Are you ready to turn your lesson into an epic adventure?

4+1 Downloadable PowerPoint Game Templates

We have prepared a collection of captivating PowerPoint game templates that you can use straightaway! Each one is meticulously designed to transform education into a thrilling journey. With the help of these templates and ClassPoint’s ingenious gamification features , you will be able to create interactive PowerPoint games that capture attention, spark curiosity, and foster a deeper understanding of your content.

Let’s get started!

PowerPoint Game Template #1: Memory Game

Who said memory exercises have to be boring? With our Memory Game template, you will be able to craft an engaging classroom challenge that is not only entertaining but also enhances memory recall. Using a mix of shapes and in-app icons, you will create a grid of hidden blocks, each concealing unique icons.

PowerPoint Game Template #2: Slide Zoom AI-Generated Quiz

Behold the Slide Zoom AI Quiz – a dazzling fusion of technology and education that will leave your audience in awe! Thanks to ClassPoint’s AI quiz feature , generating questions is a breeze. It is as simple as creating a PowerPoint slide; our AI does the rest. Whether your slide is about “marketing” or even “bananas,” our AI can create questions in a snap. Powered by OpenAI , the very technology that fuels ChatGPT , ClassPoint AI provides you with a ready-to-go quiz in seconds!

But that is not all! Transform these question slides into dynamic mini slides using PowerPoint slide zoom animation to bring your PowerPoint game to the next level. And the magic does not have to stop there – utilize ClassPoint’s Draggable Objects to reveal these mini slides, adding a dash of intrigue to your PowerPoint game.

And let us not forget the pièce de résistance – unleash the power of ClassPoint’s gamification features for the ultimate game mode. It is not just a quiz, but also an unforgettable experience in the world of PowerPoint games!

PowerPoint Game Template #3: Hidden Picture Game

Picture a puzzle where each question holds a clue to a hidden picture. But that is not all – ClassPoint’s dynamic presentations tools let you orchestrate the unveiling, turning it into a suspenseful adventure with drag & drop + live inking . As the game master, you hold the power to reveal the mystery picture.

And with an added wow factor from ClassPoint’s gamified stars , you will amplify the excitement and competition, making this template a true crowd-pleaser.

PowerPoint Game Template #4: Mandela Effect Quiz

Step into the realm of the Mandela Effect Quiz – a mind-bending exploration of memory and perception. Here’s the twist: it’s all about Multiple Choice magic, brought to you by ClassPoint’s interactive quiz question buttons . Participants receive the multiple-choice question slide on their smartphones, engaging in an instant battle of wits. Which is fact, which is fiction? Let your students find out. Challenge your audience’s understanding, spark debates, and bask in the thrill of discovering the truth together.

PowerPoint Game Template - Mandela Effect Quiz

[Bonus] PowerPoint Game Template #5: Trivia Quiz

The PowerPoint game templates list would not be complete without a trivia quiz template. Prepare for an exhilarating twist that will leave your students spellbound. Brace yourselves with the list of exciting trivia questions from easy to difficult, all orchestrated by the ingenious interactive quiz question buttons seamlessly integrated in PowerPoint from ClassPoint. Participants can easily participate in your PowerPoint quizzes simply by using their device! As the participants embark on this mental showdown, you can effortlessly spice up the game atmosphere by awarding stars and revealing the leaderboard at the end of each round!

powerpoint game show templates

To ensure a smooth experience in using the above templates, make sure you have ClassPoint within your PowerPoint app! Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here .

And now, armed with our arsenal of PowerPoint game templates, you stand poised to usher your classroom teaching into an unparalleled realm of excellence and excitement! But, before you set forth on this transformative journey, we would like to let you in to one final secret , which allows you to turn these PowerPoint game templates into more powerful game adventures. Keep reading!

Elevating Your PowerPoint Games with ClassPoint

With the PowerPoint game templates alone, you will only be able to scratch the surface of interactive and gamified teaching. ClassPoint takes this playful and gamified learning to an entirely new dimension, turning your presentations into interactive adventures that engage, inspire, and educate like never before. We will share with you a myriad of ways on how you can make use of the ClassPoint integrated features in the PowerPoint game templates and easily turn any ordinary presentations into one-of-its-kind PowerPoint games:

  • Interactive Quizzing

ClassPoint’s interactive quizzes integrated inside PowerPoint allow you to turn ordinary PowerPoint slides into captivating quizzes with a mere click. Thanks to ClassPoint’s magic, question buttons become gateways to engagement and game sessions in PowerPoint. Participants can easily join any of the interactive quizzes using their smartphones or devices, while the presenter collects the responses on PowerPoint effortlessly.

  • Drag and Drop

The ability to drag and drop in PowerPoint is paramount for crafting captivating interactive games. Luckily, with ClassPoint’s Draggable Objects , you can turn your PowerPoint elements into draggable objects effortlessly. With ClassPoint’s ingenious Draggable Objects feature, your PowerPoint is bestowed with unparalleled flexibility instantly. It seamlessly transforms any elements within your presentation into draggable entities, allowing them to be manipulated effortlessly during Slideshow mode.

  • Handy Slide Show Tools

Wave goodbye to mundane presentations and say hello to dynamic control. With ClassPoint wide range of presentation features , you wield the power to create interactive PowerPoint game experiences that astonish. Spin the wheel to randomly select names , orchestrate live inking sessions, and indulge in dynamic drag-and-drop activities – all while your audience is on the edge of their seats.

  • Gamified Learning Journey

ClassPoint gamification

PowerPoint games reach new heights with ClassPoint’s star-studded reward system available in PowerPoint Slideshow mode. During PowerPoint games, you can award students stars , elevate them through levels , and watch as they proudly adorn badges of achievement. The competitive spirit soars as the in-built leaderboard paints a vivid picture of who’s ruling the knowledge arena.

  • Student Performance Data

ClassPoint Quiz Mode

Let us not forget to keep track of student performance while we incorporate games into student learning. Luckily, ClassPoint is more than interactive bells and whistles. It is a data-driven ally, enabling you to track student performance with precision during PowerPoint games! Downloadable Excel reports and quiz summaries are available right at your fingertips to paint a comprehensive picture of your student progress.

  • Real-time Game Feedback

No more waiting for post-game surveys. With ClassPoint’s quick poll , real-time feedback is your constant companion. Gauge understanding, adjust your approach, and make instant connections with your audience’s insights during or after your PowerPoint games!

The best part is — ClassPoint does not just play well with PowerPoint – it dances harmoniously within it. ClassPoint is seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint so you can turn any ordinary presentation slides into a game adventure instantly! No app-switching drama; just pure, uninterrupted focus on creating engaging content.

And so, we come to the end of our journey through the world of PowerPoint games and the magic of ClassPoint. This adventure has not only shown us the power of technology but also the incredible possibilities it brings to education. But more than just the technical aspects, remember the heart of it all – the excitement of discovery, the connections made, and the joy of learning something new.

Here’s to those “aha” moments, the animated discussions ignited by quizzes, and the sense of accomplishment that accompanies every step forward in learning.

Ready to take your PowerPoint games to the next level? Sign up for a free ClassPoint account now and embark on an educational journey where engagement knows no limits. Unleash the power of interactive design and gamification, and transform your presentations into captivating learning experiences that leave a lasting impact. Let’s make learning an adventure together!

Download All 8 Editable PowerPoint Game Templates

Engage your audience with these interactive PowerPoint Games. Customize the templates to fit your very own topic and presentation. The file includes templates for Interactive Quizzes, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Memory, Hangman, Jeopardy, and a PowerPoint Puzzle!

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Free Game Show Templates in PowerPoint

You can make your own interactive games with these formats

  • Shows For Kids

While Microsoft PowerPoint isn't the most cutting-edge in presentation software, it is versatile and easy to use. It comes in handy for teachers and others who want to quickly and easily share these files with others. The software is perfect for simple re-creations of game shows, which are great for classrooms, parties, your own games, or team-building exercises.

Best Game Show Templates for PowerPoint

Many templates are available that allow you to customize game show presentations, adding elements such as contestant names, trivia questions, and answers. Game show templates can be quick and simple or quite complicated. Here are some of the best PowerPoint templates for creating your own versions of well-known game shows:

  • PowerPoint Games : All the templates on this site are free to download and use, though not all of them are based on game shows. The graphics are a little clunky, but for classroom or party use, they work just fine. You'll find several game show offerings, including "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," "Jeopardy," "Hollywood Squares," and "Family Feud."
  • EdGames : These game templates are intended for classroom use, though you could use them for other purposes as well. They're created by the same person who made the templates at PowerPoint Games, though these have better graphics and a slightly more professional look. Not all these games are free, however. Game shows include a "Pyramid"-style game called "What Is Louie Thinking," Big Board Facts," a take on "Jeopardy," and "The Big Wheel," a "Wheel of Fortune "  game.
  • JC Schools : In addition to standard game show-based templates, there are a few other highlights here. One is a PowerPoint version of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" This version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" includes sound. All these games, intended for schools, are free .
  • Culpepper Online : These templates for PowerPoint are really fun. Game shows include "Jeopardy, " "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," "Hollywood Squares" (called Celebrity Squares), " Family Feud  " (called "Class Feud"), "Chain Reaction," and "The Weakest Link." The accompanying text and handouts offer information and help with using these templates.
  • San Clemente High School : While there are only three game show templates here, they're definitely worth downloading. All three games have accompanying sound files, which makes the games a lot more fun to play. Also, in addition to "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and the always-popular "Jeopardy" template, this site offers a template for "Cash Cab."
  • Template.net : If free templates aren't doing it for you, consider making a small investment. This site offers PowerPoint templates for free and for a fee.

PowerPoint games based on game shows can help make teaching almost any subject more fun, especially if you hand out small prizes for the winners. They're also fun at parties, or you can set them up for just about any kind of presentation that you want to make a little more interactive. If you can't find what you're looking for with a template, consider making your own PowerPoint quiz and playing it out like a game show.

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  • 5 Ways to Study for a Game Show Appearance
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Home PowerPoint Templates Game Show

Game Show PowerPoint Templates & Presentation Slides

Download 100% editable PowerPoint Game Show templates for presentations. Use our editable game show slides and presentation templates to make engaging presentations with your audience.

powerpoint game show templates

TV Production PowerPoint Template

powerpoint game show templates

Random Wheel PowerPoint Template

powerpoint game show templates

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3D Animated Team Players of Soccer

3D Animated Soccer Court PowerPoint Template

powerpoint game show templates

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powerpoint game show templates

Board Game PowerPoint Template

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powerpoint game show templates

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Classroom Quiz Show

Classroom quiz show presentation, free google slides theme, powerpoint template, and canva presentation template.

It's time for some fun time! And what better way than with an entertaining game like the one we bring you in this template. It's based on a popular TV quiz show, in which two families have to answer questions to win prizes. The design features illustrations related to the galaxy, and what about the original typography of the titles? That's not all, the presentation is interactive! You can click on the arrows to move forward or backward through the slides, and click on the answers to check if you got it right. Ready for the game?

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 39 different slides to impress your audience
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics such as graphs, maps, tables, timelines and mockups
  • Includes 500+ icons and Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides, Canva, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

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Interactive Roulette Wheel for Classroom presentation template



The following PowerPoint files are various templates designed for teachers, educators, and youth directors who want to provide a fun way to review material, or just have a fun game show event. These templates allow you to add your own text into text boxes already set up, waiting for your own personal questions and answers. 

For proper viewing and playing, please use a Windows based PC with PowerPoint 2013 and above, (NOT the Viewer!)

Don't forget to enable macros, and enable editing when asked. Having issues with the macros? Check out this link to read more about macros and macro security.

powerpoint game show templates

These games are to be used for your personal use and are NOT for sale or resale.

Having issues? Read through the FAQs .

powerpoint game show templates

All PowerPoint Games and Files

$100,000 pyramid, bird brain baseball, deal or no deal, millionaire (who wants to be a), are you smarter than a 5th grader, chain reaction, family feud, press your luck.

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Free PowerPoint Games And Templates To Teach English

Here you can find many FREE PowerPoint Games and PowerPoint Game Templates . Use one of our ready-made games or make your own using the Blank Templates provided. These PowerPoint games are perfect for teaching kids and can be used on Zoom, in online classes, or in the classroom. Simply click on the type of game you would like to download to see the PowerPoints Games currently available.

PowerPoint Games And Templates

Hidden Picture PowerPoint Game

Hidden Picture PowerPoint Games

These ‘Hidden Picture’ PowerPoint games are great to introduce or review vocabulary. There are pictures hidden behind colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, the image is revealed. Students must try to guess what the word is before the picture is revealed.

Memory Game PPT Game

Memory Game PowerPoint Game

Test your students’ memory with these matching games. Behind each number is a word/picture. Students must try to find the matching pairs. You can download ready-made memory game PPTs, or add your own pictures to the Memory Game PowerPoint Template.

PowerPoint Race Game

PowerPoint Race Game

In this PowerPoint game template, students will race to mars as either a rocket or an alien.  Students will choose a letter and answer the question. If they get it right, they can move their rocket or alien ship. This PowerPoint game is great for kids and young ESL students.

Sleeping Penguins PPT Game

Sleeping Penguins PowerPoint Game

In this PowerPoint Game, students must work together in groups of 4 to write down the correct answer.  Add your own words and sentences to the PowerPoint template.

Telepathy PPT Game

Telepathy PowerPoint Game

In this PowerPoint Game, students must use ‘Telepathy’ to read the teacher’s mind to find out the answer.  For each question, there are two possible answers. Students should choose one and write it down. 

Mystery Box PPT Game

Mystery Box PowerPoint Game

This PPT game is a ‘Mystery Box’ G. Students should answer a question and then choose to KEEP the box or GIVE the box to the other team. This game is a lot of fun! To play, simply add your own questions to this PowerPoint game template.

Top Five Quiz PPT

Top Five Quiz PowerPoint Game

This PPT game is a ‘Top Five Quiz’ template. Each question in the quiz has many possible answers. Students should write down one answer. If their answer is in the ‘Top Five’ answers, then they score some points. This PPT game is so much fun and students really enjoy it. Especially when they get the top answer.

Lucky Box PPT Game

Lucky Box PowerPoint Game

This simple PPT game is great for reviewing vocabulary. To play, students should choose a box by saying the word to reveal the points beneath. You can download a blank template to add your own words or choose one of the many ready-made PPT games.

Let's Dance PPT Game

Let’s Dance PPT Game

This PPT game template is a fun game for kids. To play, students should take turns reading words on the PPT. The student who reads the last word must dance! You can choose one of the ready-made PPT games or download the PPT game template to add your own words.

Jeopardy PPT Game

Jeopardy PPT Game

This PPT game template is a ‘Jeopardy’ game. To play, students should take turns choosing a category and a value. Next, students will see the answer and must guess what the question is. Download the Jeopardy template and add your own questions and answers.

Soccer PPT Game

Soccer PPT Game

This game is a soccer PPT game in which students will compete in teams to ‘score a goal’. Students will answer questions and then ‘kick the ball’ closer to the goal. The first team to score is the winner!

Halloween PPT Game

Halloween PPT Game

This Halloween game for kids is super fun! In this game, students will ‘Race’ to the Halloween candy. This Halloween PowerPoint game is great for kids and beginner English language learners.

Alternatives To PowerPoint Games

There are lots more free games and activities on Games4esl. Check out our fun Activity Videos , Online Quizzes , and Board Games for more ready-to-use ESL activities.

powerpoint game show templates

Blog > PowerPoint Quiz Templates - 10 free Quiz Designs

PowerPoint Quiz Templates - 10 free Quiz Designs

08.20.20   •  #powerpoint #interaction #game.

If you want to boost your audience engagement, lighten the mood, or test how attentive your listeners are, quizzes are a great way to do so! Making a quick question layout is very easy (as you'll see in this blogpost), however it can be tedious to get the design to look good. So if you a) don't have time b) don't feel like doing a template yourself or c) just want to impress the audience with some nice looking quiz designs that you might not have thought of creating yourself, we got you covered.

Quiz Templates

We created 10 exclusive designs that you can download and use - 100% free - both for commercial use e.g. your next presentation and for private use (how about a trivia night?!) Just look through our list and get the one you like most - we got something for every taste! And by the way, if you need inspiration for quiz question ideas, be sure to check out our article on 50 Quiz Ideas for your Presentation !

powerpoint game show templates

  • Galaxy Quiz
  • Basic Black and White Quiz
  • Kahoot Quiz
  • Summer Beach Style Quiz
  • Keyboard Style Yes-No-Quiz
  • Personality Quiz
  • Picture Quiz
  • Minimalist Quiz
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire Quiz

#1 - Galaxy Quiz

Have you ever had a question that only the stars could possibly answer? Now you can ask it with our beautiful galaxy / universe quiz design. This quiz template is the perfect way to go for all the people who adore some extravagant designs - you'll definitely wow your audience! The only downside is that your quiz participants might be so mesmerized by the galactic infinity that they may actually forget to vote for the right answer.

galaxy quiz

#2 - Basic True and False Quiz (Black & White Style)

This template is pretty plain and basic, yet far from boring! The contrast between black and white and the diagonal text elements make it the perfect elegant choice for anyone who's looking for an interesting and timeless classic design. It even comes in three different options. You can either decide for one or use all three in one quiz-session. We got you covered with one simple white, one black, and one half black- half white design for anybody who can't decide which one they like better. You can use this template for all kinds of questions that have two possible answers (so it is perfect for Yes/No or True/False quizzes!)

a basic black and white Quiz design

#3 - Kahoot PowerPoint Template

Unfortunately, there is no way to conduct a Kahoot quiz via PowerPoint. Until now! We built this wonderful template that looks exactly like the design of our favorite online- quiz- game. But now you can easily play it in your presentation without having to open the browser. And don't worry, participating via smartphone is still absolutely possible and easier than ever by using the SlideLizard Quiz Creator Plugin . Similar to Kahoot it lets you conduct fun audience quizzes, but embedded directly within your PowerPoint presentation!

Kahoot design in PowerPoint

#4 - Summer Beach Style Quiz

Get some instant holiday vibes without leaving the country, or even the house! Inspired by our tropical island PowerPoint template (which you can get right here !), we designed a wonderful new quiz template that will give you and your audience the feeling of being on vacation while you're actually in a meeting, lecture, or elsewhere. So it is basically everything you could ever want in a quiz. There are even two background styles that you can choose between!

quiz template summer design

#5 - Keyboard Style Yes/No Quiz

Without a doubt, our keyboard style Yes/No Quiz is one of the most creative ones! It is really fun and an amazing option for anyone who's looking to switch things up a little. The best thing? It comes with an esc- option! So if your quiz participants really, really don't know the answer, they can just - well - escape instead! The slides with the Escape- options are optional however, so if you'd rather want your audience to vote either Yes or No, you can leave out the esc- key. It doesn't matter, weather you're only asking if the audience needs a bathroom break or hard- to- answer trivia questions, with this template you're always in style!

keyboard style quiz

#6 - Personality Quiz

Until now you probably thought more about doing trivia questions in your presentations, but did you know that personality quiz questions can also be an amazing engagement- enhancing element during any presentation? They are especially great as ice breaker questions , but could also be used as mood- lightener at any point. And the best thing: If you get SlideLizard, you can even see the audience results, so you have a statistic overview of e.g. people's favorite ice cream flavors (or whatever else you've always wanted to ask!) P.S: You could also use all the other templates in this post as personality quizzes, but this one is specifically designed as such.

Personality quiz template

#7 - Picture Quiz

If pictures speak to you more than words do, our picture quiz template might be the one for you! It comes with a fun, modern and playful design, and the pictures can of course be changed to whatever you want them to be (you can also add or remove new images, so there is a selection of 2, 3 or 6 pictures). The picture quiz can be used for testing vocabulary (although #9 covers that already), or to spice up your trivia questions. You could even use it as a fun way to introduce yourself to the audience (e.g. "Which of these baby photos is me?") in order to break the ice. Tip: If you want to know more about ice breaker questions, check out our blog post here .

Picture quiz

#8 - Minimalist Quiz

Minimalism is extremely popular right now, and we totally get why! This is the simplest out of all the templates, but isn't it beautiful? With this quiz template, you get slides for Multiple Choice AND True/False questions! We are in love with this template in all its simplicity, but if you want, you could definitely use this as a blank canvas and upgrade it by adding pictures, backgrounds, new fonts or your favourite colors. The sky is the limit!

minimalist quiz

#9 - Vocabulary Quiz

This one is different from all the other quizzes, since it is neither multiple nor single choice, but instead somewhat of a memory game. We recommend this animated PowerPoint quiz template for testing new vocabulary or difficult terminology, but you could also adapt it and make it a regular open question format by writing questions instead of words on the cards and the right answers on the green cards below (it sounds more difficult than it actually is, and when you download the template, you'll get a detailed guide on how to use it.) In this format, there are some boxes with words in English (which you can exchange with your own words, obviously). By clicking on those boxes in presentation mode, they disappear and leave a green answer card. You can easily play this with your audience/students by letting them shout out the translation of a certain word and then clicking on the matching box to see if the translation is correct.

Vocabulary Quiz

#10 - Exclusive Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quiz Template

Last but certainly not least, is our "Who wants to be a Millionaire" Template, which we created exclusively for you to feel like a real game show contestant! The whole template is pretty extensive, which is why we put it in a blog article on its own. Be sure to check it out right here in order to learn how to get the best experience possible out of the game - you'll also find the Download link there. The template comes with everything you could wish for - sound effects, a design that is stunningly similar to the real one, and even the possibility to participate via smartphone! The video below gives you a short demonstration of how the game looks.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Let your audience participate with their smartphone

Once you have chosen a quiz, you have to ask yourself: How do I conduct it during my presentation? Of course, you could just let your audience raise their hands for the answers of their choice - but that seems outdated and overly complicated (counting the amount of votes for each answers,...). The way more convenient option is to use an application like SlideLizard, which allows your audience to vote for the answer of their choice via their mobile devices, making the experience a whole lot better - quiz competitions have never been better!

The process is easy:

  • Get SlideLizard for free by clicking here .
  • Connect your presentation with SlideLizard. If you need more details on how to do that, please watch this short video tutorial .
  • The Slides are already programmed to fill in your questions and Answers into the slots. We recommend to start by creating all the quiz questions you want to ask your audience.
  • Then, duplicate the question slide as often as you need (= same number of questions you created). It is also a good idea to insert an answer slide after every question.
  • You only need to assign the questions to the slides , and you're good to go!

Watch our video to get detailed instructions on how to connect your quiz with SlideLizard:

Adapt the templates

If you'd like to use one of our templates, but feel like making some adjustments, you can easily do that yourself. All of the given templates can be modified, you can make a two- answer quiz in a multiple choice one and vice versa, you can change colors, fonts and shapes to fit your personal taste or company branding. In the following quick guide, you will be shown how certain elements can be transformed. We're using our galaxy template as an example, but all the templates are transformable in the same or very similar ways.

So here's our downloaded template:

template by SlideLizard

Now, let's start by changing the background first. Click anywhere on a slide and select "Format Background"...

background format

Then go to "Picture or texture fill" (or Solid Fill if you want the background to be a plain color).

new background chosen

After clicking "Insert" your file explorer will open. Select the picture of your choice and click "Insert" once again. Your backround is now changed.

insert picture as background

The existing boxes should be rectangular, don't you think? Let's do that by deleting the existing boxes and exchanging them with new ones. To do so, click on a box, then right click > "Cut" (or hit the backspace key). Then go to the insert tab and click "Shapes", where you can choose the shape of your choice and draw it on the slide. Place it where you want.

new shapes inserted

If the object you just drew hides the text, just go to the "Shape Format" Tab and then click "Send backward" until the text shows again.

send elements backward

And while we're at it, maybe just remove two answer options and make it a True/False quiz? If you want to, you can also change the font, and we're good to go! You just modified our quiz and made a whole new one that has your own personal handwriting!

final changed template

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About the author.

powerpoint game show templates

Pia Lehner-Mittermaier

Pia works in Marketing as a graphic designer and writer at SlideLizard. She uses her vivid imagination and creativity to produce good content.

powerpoint game show templates

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Engage Your Audience with Game Show PowerPoint Templates!

Looking for a fun and engaging way to bring some excitement to your classroom, team building event, or party? Look no further than our game show PowerPoint templates, fully customizable to suit your specific needs and preferences!

Adaptable and Customizable for Various Occasions

Our templates are designed to be adaptable and customizable for a variety of occasions, from educational settings to corporate events and social gatherings.

Create Interactive Experiences

Our game show PowerPoint templates are perfect for creating an interactive and engaging experience for your audience. Whether you're looking to boost participation and engagement in your classroom, build teamwork and communication skills in your team, or add some fun and excitement to your next party, our templates are the perfect solution.

Make it Your Own

With easy-to-use templates and customizable features, you can easily add your own content to make the templates your own. We offer a variety of game show templates, including classic game show formats like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, as well as unique and customizable templates that you can tailor to your specific needs.

Why Settle for Less?

So why settle for boring and uninspiring activities when you can add some excitement to your occasion or event with our customizable game show PowerPoint templates?

Get started today and take your classroom, team building event, or party to the next level with our engaging and customizable templates!

Family Friendly Feud, Wheel, Jeopardy and Trivia Millionaire

Perfect for any occasion, party or fun moment. Guaranteed fun!

Games Ready to Play


  • 1 GAME JEOPARDY WITH SCOREBOARD 30 ROUNDS includes daily double, final jeopardy (MAC 365 AND PC)
  • 1 GAME JEOPARDY WITHOUT SCOREBOARD 30 ROUNDS includes daily double, final jeopardy  (iPad, Mac or PC)

What You Get:

  • 🔊Sound effects
  • 👓Updated graphics
  • 🎼Theme song

Play Anywhere, Anytime

The game is available for immediate download, no shipping costs, no waiting time and no lost orders. The game is designed to be played on computers at home with no need to print. Perfect for last minute party planning.

Play In-Person or Over Screen-Share:

✔Play on your computer or laptop

✔Play on your big screen TV or projector

✔Screen share over video chat: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Join.me, etc.

Play on the Big Screen

It's super easy to play on your TV Screen or Projector for a great Game Show experience.

Just load the game on to your computer and mirror the screen to your device using the 'Mirror Screen'. It works great on an iPad if you have the free PowerPoint App on your iPad. When using an iPad, you can mirror to the Big Screen work really well.


👉To use the scoreboard on Friendly Feud you need: PowerPoint 13 or a newer version is required to play. On Macs you need the newer (Office 365) PowerPoint.

If you don’t have PowerPoint on your computer, you can download the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac & PC for a 30-day FREE trial here:


The game is designed to be played on computers at home without the need to print or it can also be played on Zoom or any video calling program that allows screen sharing.

It won't work with Google Slides, Keynote, Chromebook or mobile phones.

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    Orange Blue Retro Guess The TV Show Game Presentation. Presentation by Alma Aurelia. 1 of 10. Colorful Playful Illustrative Word Games Presentation. ... If you have specific requirements in mind, you may find a game template for a PowerPoint presentation matching your theme or motif. We've got free templates for a variety of needs — from ...

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    Free Google Slides theme, PowerPoint template, and Canva presentation template . It's time for some fun time! And what better way than with an entertaining game like the one we bring you in this template. It's based on a popular TV quiz show, in which two families have to answer questions to win prizes. ...

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    POWERPOINT GAMES. The following PowerPoint files are various templates designed for teachers, educators, and youth directors who want to provide a fun way to review material, or just have a fun game show event. These templates allow you to add your own text into text boxes already set up, waiting for your own personal questions and answers.

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  22. 6 Best Game Show-Themed Templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides

    6 Best Game Show-Themed Templates. CrystalGraphics creates templates designed to make even average presentations look incredible. Below you'll see thumbnail sized previews of the title slides of a few of our 6 best game show templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides. The text you'll see in in those slides is just example text.