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Do I really need a

powerpoint presentation design agency?

If you want to deliver persuasive presentation experiences that your audience will actually care about, change mindsets, and reach your goals a specialised presentation agency isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity.

powerpoint presentation uk

Welcome to our

PowerPoint design agency.

This is it. The moment you’ve been preparing for, working for, staying up all night and drinking too much coffee for. Make or break time. Your corporate presentation could be the spark that changes everything.

But your PowerPoint slides suck.

You have one opportunity to change the minds of everyone in that room. And you’re not going to do that with ugly slides.

It’s time to bring in the presentation experts.

Your big ideas deserve to be treated by a team of specialist presentation designers that can get them all dolled up for their debut, transforming how audiences experience them, so that your ideas make their way, seamlessly, into the minds of those they meet.

This is a really big moment. Don’t waste it.

working at presentation design agency Buffalo 7

You're thinking about company presentations wrong.

If you’re not thinking about your business presentation as a sold-out-stadium-tour-edge-of-your-seat experience that stays with your audience long after you’ve finished speaking, you’re doing it wrong.

A successful corporate presentation should go with them to bed that night. Oi oi.

And you’re only going to make that happen with Hollywood storylines, premium design, ideas in motion, and interactive experiences . Or, at least, a PowerPoint presentation design agency who can do all that for you. After all, it does sound like a lot of work.


Don't build slides, build experiences.

Make lasting connections by tailoring every touchpoint. Your presentation is the main event, but what you do outside of those twenty minutes matters. Our  presentation design services  are here to boost every stage of your presenting journey, from before the first conversation to after the deal is done.

And you’ll get a team of presentation experts to guide you through it all.

We got you, Boo.

We see you.

You’re not like all those other companies, are you?

Your ambitions are yours alone, and no rinse-and-repeat deck is going to help you to reach them. You need a presentation design agency that takes the time to understand you. And you need a team of PowerPoint presentation designers with the expertise to create a presentation experience with a laser focus on getting you where you need to be.

We get it, because we’re not like other companies either.

Be heard. Change mindsets. And carve out your unique place on the mountain top, among the world’s best brands – like  Dell Technologies, Sony,  Rockstar Energy , NET-A-PORTER and Cartier – who all trust this presentation design company to transform their presentations into engaging, inspiring, experiences.

What the faq?

You’re keen, and we love it. 

Getting started with your new presentation design agency is as simple as  getting in touch. We’ll set up a good time for a chat where we can get a feel for what your company is looking to achieve , as well as what the best next steps for your project are going to be. And you can get a feel for what we’re all about. And find out exactly what a presentation design agency is, if you're still not sure. We can show you previous work that’s relevant to your project, you can get to know the team , including your dedicated PowerPoint presentation designers, and we can answer any questions – and calm any nerves – you may have. From there, we’ll create your bespoke proposal. Take your time looking over the detail, before you make any decisions. And, of course, we’re here if any further questions pop up.

This is a tricky question to answer.   The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors . How long do you have to present? How in-depth and complex is your story? How much research will be involved? What will the deliverable be? How much specialist storytelling, design and animation will be required? And so on.    If you’re completely new to working with a presentation design agency and just need an average turnaround time to get your bosses on board, let’s say about two or three weeks , from initial consultation to final delivery of your corporate presentation solution.    Now that you have your easy answer, get in touch to get one step closer to a tailored one.

Our specialist presentation designers have spent years testing different software to get the best results for our clients . We use PowerPoint  most of the time, because it has the best features for most projects, but our expertise extends much further than that.  Some brands want their internal teams to be able to collaborate remotely when building presentations, so Google Slides is the best bet for them. Sometimes Prezi will be the solution. And, for others, it’s Keynote . We've got experience with each piece of software on the market, so we can recommend the one for you. We’ll base the software used on the objectives your company needs to achieve.  We have a favourite, but we don’t play favourites. It’s all about you. That’s the presentation deliverables covered, but it’s not the end of the specialist software story. Our presentation designers are experts in the whole Adobe suite - including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and After Effects . They use this cocktail of skills as the building block of every presentation, but the final file is delivered in a format that your team can access, use, and edit . This Adobe expertise, alongside the team’s extensive variety of creative backgrounds, is how we can offer the whole package: jaw-dropping presentations that don’t look like presentations , alongside professional supporting assets, such as digital brochures, bespoke video, print documents , and infographics . We're a full-service presentation design agency. We craft the whole presentation experience, not just the slides behind you. Check out our full list of services to find out more.

As if you even have to ask. Our clients’ confidentiality is extremely important to us , and we have very strict measures in place. We’ll happily sign your NDA before we even have a consultation and, if you don’t have one to hand, you can use ours.

The best presentations follow strong themes that are consistent throughout the narrative, design and animation. Would you look at that: your new presentation design agency is dropping expert knowledge before we’ve even had a chat . We are good to you.

In most cases, we’d recommend starting your project with a discovery workshop, where we unpick your brand story , your key messaging , as well as get to know your audience and their challenges. This doesn’t only help us to create a powerful narrative for your brand, but also allows us to step back and look at the big picture , making sure we recommend the right deliverable, software, and supporting assets to help you reach your goals . If you have existing content that you’d like us to use as a starting point, that’s great. But if you’d like us to start from scratch, we can create a complete presentation with the findings from the workshop alone.  And, of course, if you’re happy with your company story , we can leave you to it and jump straight to design and experiential development. Take a look at what we can do for you , whether you provide content, or we create it.

You can do whatever you want with your presentation. But - if you want the advice of some expert pitch deck designers – you’re asking one document to do too much . If you’d been patient and waited until your discovery workshop, we would’ve covered this, but we can give you a short version: The more focused you can be, the more effective your communications. It’s like this: if you wanted to ask your mate Barbara for a pint down the pub, you would send her a text saying something along the lines of Barbs, babe, fancy a pint? You wouldn’t send a doodle of a pint to Kev, to describe to Maria, to perform an interpretative dance to Barb’s answering machine. That’s not how to get things done . When you’re trying to create professional and persuasive documents for your brand, if you can narrow down the audience, the purpose, and the format, you can craft a story that will reach them, resonate with them, and persuade them to see things from your point of view. This is just a really long way of saying: of course we can create a business presentation that will also serve as a document for you to send afterwards. It just won’t be as good at doing either. Instead, why not create a powerful presentation and a separate leave-behind document? Give them each the space to do their job. But that's just our expert opinion. Check out our print design services to find out more or click here to see how good presentations can be.

We like you. You’re smart. Have you been reading our blog ? Creating personalised presentations, not only in narrative, but in visual style, is totally the right way to make a lasting impression . And it doesn’t have to be difficult. We can create composite logo placeholders within your template , so you can simply drop in the logo of your prospective client next to your own and voilà. Or we could go one step further and create a design style based around integrating your brand colours with your prospects’ colours. Each time you present, you’d just need to find the colour value of their main brand colour, change the relevant elements within the template, and it will automatically apply to all those slides. Don’t worry, our presentation experts will walk you through it. We’ve saved the most impactful for last, of course. Come back to the Buff each time you confirm a new pitch, and our expert presentation designers will transform your presentation to bring together your brand and theirs . Don’t ask your audience to try and imagine your partnership. Go one step further, and show them how your product would look with their branding, through image and video mock-ups , bespoke for each prospect. Don’t just tell them, show them how good you’d look together.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is what makes graphic design such a cruel mistress. But graphic design isn’t all about how pretty something is. There’s a science to it as well. Over the last ten years , our specialist presentation designers have honed our PowerPoint presentation services and our design process to get them as close to an exact science as, we believe, is possible. Our expert PowerPoint design process goes a little something like this: 1.     Immersion We take the time to deep dive into your brand guidelines, your previous company marketing collateral, your website, or just stuff you’ve seen that you like. Heck, even show us stuff you’ve seen that you didn’t like. It all helps. Our specialist presentation designers burrow deep into anything you send us, getting to know you before they even get a chance to say hello .

2.     Conversation We’ve devised a thorough set of briefing questions, designed to get your opinions on how far we can push your brand, what you like, what you don’t like, how you need your company presentation to function, and what you want your audience to feel when they see it. We can even show mood boards at this stage, if you’re the visual type.

3.     Initial look and feel We’ll take just a small handful of your slides, and apply your brand-new design style to them, giving you the chance to review and make revisions. We just want to make sure you love it, before we go full steam ahead. We can even create multiple design routes at this stage, to give you some options. After all, you might not know what you like until you see it.

4.     Roll out Once you’re happy with the look and feel, we’ll roll it out across your unique slides within your presentation. At this stage, we’re still working in Adobe XD or Photoshop, and you’ll get another chance to review and give feedback, before we start building your bells-and-whistles professional presentation in PowerPoint.

Fresh musings.

The five-step formula for making finance presentations interesting.

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An expert and creative PowerPoint team ready to transform your slides.

Your specialist Presentation Design Agency

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found us here at Presented .

We redesign slides , and it may sound like a cliché, but we love to create slides that look less like “PowerPoint”!

Should you decide to work with us, you’ll benefit not only from amazing looking slides (thanks to our talented presentation designers), but also from our knowledge on scientific principles that help slide decks (and your messages) to be remembered.

Presenting is often such a valuable opportunity, so we’re keen to work with you to give you exactly what you need.

Every presentation is different, so l et’s see what we can do for you.

We’ve provided presentation design to companies since 2009. Here are some of the more well-known names:

London Stock Exchange

Which PowerPoint design service are you looking for?

Explore our Services to discover more about presentation design from the Presented team.

Whether it’s for the pitch of your life, eLearning, an interactive slide deck, correctly set up templates, high end animation for a big event, your company credentials or even your kid’s homework… we’re here to help you get the result you want.

So, make the first step and Contact us or complete the Get a Quote form so one of our account managers can arrange a brief chat with you.

Providing a ballpark cost is tricky without knowing more details about your presentation project. For example our cost for 20 slides could fall anywhere between £500 and £5000 +vat. (Probably a bit more than the homework deserves…)

There’s a reason 87% of our work comes from repeat clients

Presented helped produce some slick and fresh-looking results… produced before time and on budget. I would definitely recommend them!

Tina Sen | London Stock Exchange

As an experienced sales professional I thought I’d already grabbed the essence of presentations, but thanks to Presented I saw big potential to improve my presentations to a brand new level.

Josh Hu | Huawei

So powerful… the first time I ran my Business Alchemy presentation in front of an audience, I instantly got 24 bookings to my workshop… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Presented.

Rachel Elnaugh | Entrepreneur, Ex-Dragon’s Den

I wanted to say a big thank to you and the team. Not only did you create a stunning slide show, but were great to work with too. We got a lot of really positive feedback on the presentation.

Adam Kay | JUST EAT Holdings Limited

A fantastic job on the animation. Our client loved it as well. I have enjoyed working with you because you get it, you are fast, you are thorough and pay attention to the details, and you deliver.

Didier Roekarts | Capgemini

Without a doubt the new presentation did a great job at communicating our ideas successfully to the client… I enjoyed presenting the slides… the results speak for themselves.

Leo Smeets | DTZ Zurich

Want a quote? It’s easy!

Simply complete this short form and one of our Account Managers will respond as soon as they can. We may be able to start your project on the same day, although we usually need a few day’s notice.

Need slide design often? You can benefit from lower rates.

For several clients with ongoing needs, we offer a monthly subscription rate where they enjoy lower rates and the added value of a stronger partnership. Let us know if you’re interested too!

Download our free E-Book: “Why you need neuroscience in your presentations”

Useful. Educational. Inspirational.

Striking presentations that spark conversations.

ted client logo

From top to bottom, your presentation should look good.

Your presentation is a selling tool, and when your time to present arises, make the focus of your slides the difference to get the deal at the end of the deck.

presentation slides display

Striking presentation designs that help you:

With 30 million presentations given around the world each day, it takes some pretty special slides to stand out. That’s where we come in.

Focus on other tasks and we'll take care of your slides, from start to end.

Create Effective Slides

Presentations are our forte. With our visuals, you’re bound to win hearts.

Close more deals

Using our slides, you’ll make an impression on the people who matter.

Present with Confidence

We create presentations you’re proud to deliver. No detail is too small.

“Managing any organisation’s brand is complex and difficult, but presentations may be the most challenging element. You want to ensure that the strategic and sales messaging is consistent and resonates with the audience. Getting that to work on PowerPoint has always been a challenge until I worked with Illiya. The design and messaging are now consistent and look amazing, and the template work he has done has saved hours of slide design. I highly recommend contacting Illiya if you want to elevate and improve your presentations.”

Adrian Mills - Mobysoft Ltd

adrian mills testimonial

Make Your Presentation Slides Stunning

Our design services provide you with the right visuals to communicate your ideas effectively and engage with your audience.

PowerPoint Templates

Bespoke templates that are simple to use, will save you time and create a consistent brand presentation style.

PowerPoint Templates →

Sales Presentations

From pitches to annual meetings our sales presentations help you to do what you do best, close the deal.

Sales Presentations →

Slide Decks for Speakers

Translate your story and message into powerful visual slide decks that engage with your audience.

Slide Decks →

Recent Case Studies:

View our latest presentation design work. From PowerPoint templates to sales presentations and pitch decks.

Sales Presentation

iata cabin crew case study

Cabin Crew Presentation

How we helped IATA present a story-driven presentation.

Powerpoint template

digitaloft case study

A hand-crafted template for a digital agency.

Decade of experience in presentation design.

Our experience means we grasp technical concepts quickly and can visualise slides where other designers cannot.

View our presentation design services for what we can offer you.

Want to talk to us about your next presentation?

Want to learn powerpoint.

We can help learn presentation design for our latest tutorials, tips and advice for using PowerPoint to create your presentation.

Presentation Musings:

What are the best colours for your powerpoint presentation, 10 powerful examples of how to end a presentation.

powerpoint presentation uk


As an expert freelance PowerPoint designer, I help clients transform ordinary presentations that lack creatively and uniqueness and transform them into engaging and inspiring experiences.

Do you need to impress your audience with a kick-ass PowerPoint presentation but you don’t have the time or the creativity to do it yourself? Hire me. I am a professional PowerPoint specialist based in the UK and I will make your presentation stand out, be remembered, and impress your audience.

I work with a range of businesses helping them communicate effectively with their clients and helping them project their brand and message.

Working in a freelance capacity offers you the opportunity to work with a hugely experienced and creative designer. I have designed & created many presentations & pitch decks for my clients and most importantly the presentation designs deliver results.


We have all been there. You have an idea and it’s going to be big. You have it all worked out in your head but when you put it onto paper (or PowerPoint) it just doesn’t blow you away. That’s where I come in.

As a professional PowerPoint designer I take your content and your idea and produce a PowerPoint presentation that will engage your audience.

Whether you need to simply update your current PowerPoint or you require a new and interactive presentation, hiring a creative professional will ensure that your audience is blown away.



Take a look at some of the beautiful presentations I have designed for my clients.

powerpoint presentation uk


I offer a range of presentation design services to match your requirements and ensure you stand out. From corporate business presentations to professional PowerPoint CV’s my design services will take your presentation to the next level.

Feel free to take a look a the presentation services I offer and if you have any queries please visit my contact page and send over any questions you may have. I’m here to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

A typical project can take anywhere between 5-10 days to complete, from initial discovery call to final product delivery. Every project is different, depending on size and complexity, but I’m always happy to discuss accelerated timetables if you’re in a hurry!


Happy clients and what they had to say about me.



Powerpoint presentation design agency in london.

powerpoint presentation uk

Creating meaningful presentations – we’re experts in the art of designing impactful presentations at prices to suit your budget. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote or to discuss your ideas

Our formula behind winning presentations

Our formula behind winning presentations

Presentation Experts is a London based presentation design agency comprising of a team of design experts specialising in creating dynamic and eye-catching presentations that are guaranteed to deliver results. With over a decade of experience, the team is led by our in-house presentation designers, using only the latest of technology, we are committed to turning your ideas into reality. We create presentation designs for every industry with some of our previous clients including; Sainsbury’s, Bulgari and the NHS. Why not get to know the team here .

Presentations that deliver results

powerpoint presentation uk

Making great presentations shouldn’t be hard

If you’re like most of us, you don’t have a blueprint for creating a top-notch presentation. Perhaps you just take the points that you believe will be most interesting and select a design template that looks pretty good. But this is a big moment. Why leave it up to chance? Our 3-step process has been proven to take the pain out of crafting presentations that deliver results.

powerpoint presentation uk

Clarity is king! We'll help you craft the content of your presentation to maximise the impact of each idea so that your audience get on board, and thank you for sharing it with them.

powerpoint presentation uk

Your presentation will flow visually and tell the story you need told. People won't get lost because you'll give them a visual map with every slide.

powerpoint presentation uk

Even the best slides and content can't cover up poor delivery. Our training programs will teach you the tricks used by top keynote speakers to wow audiences.

Our portfolio

The client is at the heart of everything we do. Our on-going relationship with our clients, old and new, enable us to continue delivering results globally. We are proud to have delivered presentations across multiple ranges of industries and  events , including design,  sales & pitch decks , redesigns and  infographics . Hover below to take a look or see them all  here .

Arla Foods

What our clients say

Marketing manager, v group.

"We engaged Presentation Experts to help us get our message across in an impactful presentation that would really engage our audience at a critically important leadership event, and they did not disappoint! We were really impressed with the final presentation which really helped cement our market position and I will definitely use them again for presentation and marketing requirements."

Senior Account Manager, Robot Foods

"Presentation Experts are a trusted partner that we can’t do without. They are our go to for any client Powerpoint programming needs! They have a tailored and flexible approach to each project, which makes working with them a collaborative team effort."

International Marketing Manager, G4S

"Campaign looks awesome - I love it :) Thanks very much! YOOOOU ROCK STAR!"

Senior Communications Manager, WFA

"Can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support and fast turnaround – knowing that you were racing to finish other things for us at the same time. We’re very lucky to be working with partners like you."

Managing Director, Investor Relations, GHO Capital Partners LLP

"A huge thank you from all of us at GHO. We really enjoyed working with you during a very hectic period and appreciate all of the effort you put in and the quality of presentations. With so much going on, it made a big difference to have someone we could rely on.”

Senior Consultant, 3Keel

"Presentation Experts were able to turn round the Report in a very short space of time, and were very responsive and flexible to any further edits that we had which made finalising the document and publishing it a very straightforward process."

Head of Technical, Sainsbury's

"I have received the printed manual. It is BRILLIANT!! I love it - Thank you so much!"

Head of Commercial, Vitacress Herbs

"This is so great, thank you! love these designs! I was so excited reading through it all!"

Marketing Director, Hooyu

“I decided it was time to try a different PowerPoint agency and a Google search led me to Purple Patch.  The team of Carley and Lucie were super responsive, great at digesting the brief and delivered back several options for each brief really quickly.  The value to me though was that what they served up as a response to brief was invariably right first time. Highly recommend.” Hooyu now Mitek Systems.

Simon Hinks, Sainsbury’s

“Thanks for this – it looks great (you guys are just brilliant at converting one lines of guidance into great slides)!”

Yulander Charles, NHS

“A BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for the hard work put in to making yesterday’s presentation a success, it went really smoothly and the execs and delegates feedback that it was excellent.”

Simon Davis, Sainsbury's

“It has been a pleasure working with you and you have always delivered – A lot of companies don’t have the consistent high quality standards that you have!”

Our services

Powerpoint design, sales & conference presentations, pitch decks, infographics & data design, presentation redesigns.

We believe that a presentation is a blueprint for your business when you’re presenting, so we treat it as such by following a few key steps when it comes to creating one; Our designers will start to design your PowerPoint presentation from the ground up, developing custom slides that include interactive layouts, themes, colours, fonts, effects and many other content types such as audio. We work to include the key details and use our experience in areas such as;

  • Visual hierarchy
  • Slide layout

We’ve sat in the front row at hundreds of sales events, company meetings and conferences, watching thousands of presentations. We know how important a professional presentation is for making a sale or securing investment. Our team effectively utilises and creates a compelling sales deck design whilst taking into account YOUR business needs and the points you want to come across visually. That’s why when it comes to designing our team applies a few time-tested strategies including;

  • Engaging Title Slides – company name, topic, tagline
  • Stunning Images – images or animations relevant to the type of presentation
  • Statistics/Graphics/Data – company data and the bulk of the presentation broken down into words, graphics or even audio

As well as our design team on hand creating your custom presentation, our in-house scriptwriters work closely with you for additional support or if you require any help with copywriting, pitch writing. So whether you’re looking for a professional agency presentation deck to secure future clients, or an investor pitch deck to secure new funding, we’re the experts to speak to. We can help YOU transform opportunities into business

Our pitch deck design process is created using our in-house programs of your choice, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi software. Whether it’s an agency presentation deck or strictly for investor meetings, we know that your deck needs to firstly stand out – visually and text alike, but also make your audience feel invested in your business. Here are just some of the key points we focus on with any pitch deck;

  • Consistent text
  • Data visuals
  • Limited bullet points

We want your presentation to stand out for all the right reasons, so one of our account directors will sit down with you and discuss your needs to create the perfect solution for you whilst applying and sharing their expertise. Not only will you be comfortable in the fact your presentation is going to be fantastic, it’s passed onto the design team too, to turn your idea into a reality.

Many people have this pre-perceived take on it, when in fact it can be pretty interesting… Creating an infographic to highlight and illustrate data using graphics, bars, tables, video or audio techniques is what the design team pride themselves on most. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs and to ask the important questions such as; Graphically what message do you want the data to deliver? Once we know what you want the design team will get to work on bringing your data to life through stunning visuals. We’re more than just presentation designers…

Some points to take into consideration are;

  • Focal point – can a slide be added or taken away to highlight a point better?
  • Text – is there any additional text needed or does a new partner name need to be added?
  • Graphics/Photography – is there a need for a new graphics or company logo?

We have created our presentation redesign service; a service that is tailored directly to you from us. A trusted design process that provides feedback on already existing presentations and giving them a new lease of life. We strive to be more than just a presentation design company, by driving real results and communicating your messaging in the most compelling way possible.

Working with us

Working With Presentation Experts

From the blog

powerpoint presentation uk

Mastering the Art of Pitch Deck Design

powerpoint presentation uk

How to Avoid Using Filler Words in Your Presentation

powerpoint presentation uk

A Guide to Slide Count in Presentations

Contact the Presentation Experts

Get help with your next PRESENTATION

PowerPoint-Uk: PowerPoint & Presentation Design.

PowerPoint Presentation Design

Transform your presentation from ordinary to extraordinary with our seasoned expertise. We don’t just enhance; we reinvent. Whether it’s breathing new life into your existing deck through a captivating story, sleek design, and thoughtful animation, or crafting a brand-new presentation from the ground up, we collaborate with you to forge a powerful, laser-focused experience that will leave an indelible impression on your audience. Let’s create a presentation that doesn’t just convey your message but makes it resonate and inspire. Use with Zoom, Teams, Meet etc. or of course, face to face.

“Fresh are one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with.”

We can work directly with you, like we do for easyJet, Visit Britain, Sussex University & RBS or through design and branding agencies as an invisible supplier. Of course we can’t say who we do that for! (hint, some very big names).

To achieve great results (and save countless hours), contact us now to find out how we can help by using the form below or call us on  + 44 (0)1273696906 .

Email Address

We are happy to provide you with a quote for comparison or budget purposes.

For internal PowerPoint presentations with no major implications it can make sense to put together some amateur PowerPoint slides yourself over the weekend.

If you are still on this page then like our other clients you clearly realise the benefits of top quality graphic design and specialist professional experience in getting the message across.

Extraordinary organisations

We have worked with many organisations but never come across two the same, t his means that we directly address you and your organisation unique needs. 

Diageo, Twinings, Pgi, East Sussex County Council, Unilever, The Co-op, Asahi, Sussex University, Reuters,  O2, Rentokil, VW, Mcgraw Hill, Incisive Media, GlaxoSmithKline, WAA – Chosen,  Transport For London, International  Olympic Committee, Petroleum Geo-Services, Standard Life, The GLA, Roche, Visit Britain, EDF.

Director presentations to investors and stakeholders

The directors put the their ideas together, select a liaison person and we do the rest.

Design and Branding Agency

Do you need an experienced depandable specialist PowerPoint partner?

Sales and Pitch Presentations

You need to get your ideas across and look brilliant.

powerpoint presentation uk

"Complex and Tight Timeframes…"

Steve has delivered a number of projects for us over the last couple of years. Working closely with the design team and translating technical requirements for a range of global organisations often with complex and tight timeframes. His in depth knowledge and quick turn around makes Steve a go-to partner for us.

Suzanne Neal Account Director, The Partners

"Absolutely Recommend…"

I would absolutely recommend Steve for any template needs; he has crafted many Word and PowerPoint templates in a variety of styles. Every one has been fantastically executed and works perfectly. He communicates well throughout every project and is always happy to help with any queries, even once the work’s been handed over. Thanks Steve!

Daisy Hill Account Manager, Elmwood Brand Consultancy

"Never Let Me Down…"

I have worked with Steve for over 6 years and in that time he has never let me down. Steve has produced many high end presentations for many of our top clients. If you need slick, polished presentations with minimum fuss then Steve is your man. Precision Powerpoint Engineering at it’s very finest.

Scott Stacey Creative Services Manager, Aprilsix

Over 15 years trusted experience

powerpoint presentation uk

Outstanding Professional PowerPoint Presentations and Pitch Decks

A range of expert designed specialist powerpoint slides

"I contacted Neil to build a professional, engaging Powerpoint pitchdeck designed to sell my online course for translators. He has been extremely professional and approachable throughout, he implemented the changes we discussed really quickly, and the final result is nothing short of a masterpiece! Neil was also kind enough to call me to discuss some startup marketing strategies for me. I'd be more than happy to recommend him to others, he is the best at what he does, and I will be introducing him to my network in the future. "

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"Thank you very much Neil, the Powerpoint is absolutely mind blowing! Love the graphs!! You seriously are very talented"

London, United Kingdom

Powerpoint specialist london

"Neil's creativity, communications, and project management were first-rate, and I believe that working directly with him as a PowerPoint specialist designer was far superior to the experience we would have had if instead we'd elected to work with a larger organization. I most highly recommend Neil; working with Neil was a genuine pleasure."

Dallas - Texas, USA

powerpoint design for fashion

Bespoke PowerPoint

Time and time again I have been asked by the really "savvy" presenters to build tailor made PowerPoint presentations aimed and themed directly at an individual audience. By producing a specialist presentation that includes the company logo and corporate colours of your audience, with content tailored to match the specific requirement you will really "bowl your audience over". Images, graphs, and graphics call all be personalised to add something extra that turns an ok presentation into a "wow!" presentation.

First impressons count - with a bespoke powerpoint presentation or pitch deck you are embracing the real strength of PowerPoint and ensuring that it works to deliver your messages as effectively as possible.

I successfully operate remotely as a freelance business professional with my clients around the world. The advantage of using a freelancer is that I have the experience of a wide range of industries and clients that means 'I add a lot of insight and value' to your the final PowerPoint production for you.

My intention is always to keep you up to date on developments and I will recommend and deliver an expertly designed and produced PowerPoint presentation that will optimise your company messages.

PowerPoint also has certain nuiances such as font management and the differences between Mac and PC use, as part of my service I can advise early on in any project development the best solutions to ensure a smooth execution of your presentation. Powerpoint can also incorporate video and music and I can advise on the interaction and suitability of using powerpoint like this also.

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Neil. I had an important Powerpoint presentation about a conceptual startup issue, and wanted a professional powerpoint to support my talk. However, I had no idea how to create one for myself. Neil has created a pitch presentation that does all that I hoped it would do. Beyond that he was fantastic to work with - really efficient and fast to respond when I needed edits"

Twyford, United Kingdom

freelancer designer in powerpoint expertly designed

Converting flat designs to editable PowerPoint

Increasingly brands are turning to their design agencies to produce new Powerpoint presentations to support their new (or existing) brand messages. I frequently take on the role of working with agencies who may not be that familiar with powerpoint to convert flat designs executed in software such as InDesign, PDF's etc and converting them in to workable, editable and expertly designed powerpoint files. I am happy to (and often do) work 'white label' for many creative agencies around the world.

"The Powerpoint specialist service we received from Neil was fast, efficient, professional and the end result was of a very high standard which our client was impressed with. We look forward to working again with Neil."

Southampton, United Kingdom

Designing PowerPoint presentations for your job interview

I am receiving more and more requests from individuals who have been asked to conduct a presentation during their job interview process. A presentation to a future employer can often be one of the most important impressions you will initially leave with them because it is likely to be one of their first impressions of you. I have designed a number of Powerpoint presentations for individuals as part of this process and its great news when you get to hear back from them on whether they got the job - often when I hear back from them it was the presentation that really helped them get the job!

"I rang Neil because I had an urgent job interview, where I was asked to make a power point presentation about my strategic thoughts to a panel of potential future colleagues. The pressure was on to make a great impression. Neil's design work and recommendations were stellar - and I am a tough grader. He added value, guiding me on the modern use of PowerPoint to compliment my somewhat outdated, bullet-point laden style. Three of the panellists cited the presentation's amazing design ... and that was even before I started presenting! I also liked that Neil always answered the phone personally and quickly, and was amazingly calm and focused throughout. He is an exceptional professional."

E14, London, United Kingdom

Pitch deck, board reports etc using a Powerpoint specialist

It is increasingly important that documents such as a startup, seed, series A, series B funding pitchdecks; board reports, to investors, venture capitalists, shareholders or other stakeholders be of a professional designed quality - first impressions count. The beauty of power point is that I can (and often do) produce high quality designs for these type of documents within powerpoint (documents that are never intended to be presented on screen but instead printed or converted to PDF) which means you have a professional quality designed document produced by a freelancer specialist which enables you to make future edits to the document yourself without any specialist software knowledge. As part of my service and via my extensive knowledge I can also advise on flow and content ensuring that not only does your powerpoint pitch deck look professional but the content is right too.

I can also (if you need it) provide a personal introduction to the CEO in one of the top ten venture capitalist firms upon completition of your PowerPoint pitch deck.

At all times this type of work is carried out acknowledging the strictest confidentiality for the client's content.

pitchdeck specialist designer

“I had found Neil’s details through searching for someone to help be build a powerpoint presentation, from our first conversation I felt that not only could I work with Neil but he gave the confidence that he would be able to portray my very basic presentation into a strong presentation which would help me bring my product to market.

Neil has transformed my presentation to such a level that not only has it brought my product to life but it has allowed me to present our product to some of the largest online retailers with such a strong message from the first page to the last. should you be looking for someone to transform your presentation and make it stand out from the crowd i cannot recommend neil enough. not only do i see neil now as a person who does freelance powerpoints i now class him as a member of our team when it comes to any presentations for us to show our clients., should you be looking for that special touch to bring your products to life then you will certainly be in safe hands with neil.”.

Bangkok, Thailand

“Working with Neil was seamless. He was extremely responsive, professional and answered questions right away. He understood our design objective and provided us with exactly what we were looking for.”

New York, USA

On going PowerPoint support for you or your company

Do you find your time could be better spent elsewhere than putting together your own PowerPoint presentation?

Another aspect of my specialist service is I can also provide reliable long term support for all of your PowerPoint needs, whether it be an important client presentation, a board report or investor presentation, a sales product presentation or solution. I have many clients that I have worked with for many years now. They call on me as and when needed for whatever their PowerPoint needs are. The service can be from the occasional slide(s) need improving right, to updating a whole load of existing PowerPoint decks into their new company branding, right the way through to me being their one stop shop for all their PowerPoint needs. Let me take your power point presentation workload off of you or your company to ensure I deliver to you professional designed presentations for your audiences, every time, on time.

power point designer london pitchdeck

Designer Info Graphics for Powerpoint

As you will imagine I have worked with hundreds of presentations so part of my service I offer to you is knowing what works well on screen to support your presentation. This has particular value when it comes to presenting a complex idea, statistics, messages etc. As part of my service you enjoy the wealth of experience I can add to your presentation to ensure that whatever you are trying to convey to your audience it is done efficiently, effectively and professionally - and this may include suggestions to you on how a graphical element or an image(s) may work better than a traditional method.

specialist presentation designer

“I had changed from PowerPoint to Prezi a few years ago on the basis that it was more flexible. In the end it just started to look a little bit DIY, which is exactly what it was. To my delight, I found that in the hands of a professional like Neil, PowerPoint can be dynamic, multi-media and deliver massive impact! – Very happy with the outcome and great value too.”

Manchester, UK

Building a fully functioning Powerpoint template successfully will ultimatley provide users of the powerpoint template with a great tool to build professional presentations, on-brand, quickly and efficiently. But understanding the technicalities of building a bespoke powerpoint template for your company should not be underestimated.

Powerpoint professional template specialist

"I am very impressed with the whole template and so glad I came to Neil who is clearly a PowerPoint specialist rather than just using a standard design agency."

Alton, United Kingdom

Powerpoint expert slide master template designer

"Neil has exceeded our expectations at all level when he built us a new Powerpoint slide master template from flat designs. The end result couldn’t have been better, the process and communications were excellent and the overall project highly efficient. Neil is incredibly responsive, talented and his wealth of expertise guarantee a quick turn around with the highest quality. The guides and tips on how to use certain slide designs and animations will undoubtedly help generate efficiencies across our teams. Thanks again and I hope I’ll get the opportunity to work with Neil again!"

Contern, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Powerpoint template built without errors

"Neil worked with us on a project to create some new branded PowerPoint templates for the work we do as a consultancy. He got the brief immediately and turned around the work very quickly and to a very high standard. His ideas and tips were excellent and clearly accumulated from lots of experience in dealing with startup clients like us. Very responsive and super helpful."

Bristol, United Kingdom

How to design a powerpoint template

Simple PowerPoint Template Design

A great template design will transform a dull PowerPoint into a professional, coherent and powerful presentation. It should also ensure that staff (of all abilities) in a company can deliver professional standard, on-brand presentations efficiently. A custom designed template will provide the backbone for all of your PowerPoint presentations, correctly branded and consistent every time.

A simple template solution includes the design and development of a title and content master, a divider slide and a colour scheme, all set up and ready for you to use.

Within all my Template designs (no matter how complex or simple they might be) I add unique user instructions set and fixed within the Powerpoint template to ensure that whenever a user utilises a Template they know how to use it correctly - no matter what their ability or prowess is in powerpoint. I believe this is unique to my offering.

 powerpoint expert yorkshire

"I am delighted with the core powerpoint template theme and range of designed alternative layouts we now have. I have never had a company template with such a degree of attention to detail, comprehensive supporting notes and design tips."

"couldn’t have been any easier or more enjoyable working with neil. he told us everything he would need to do the job upfront and got it spot on first time. everything was done above and beyond what was required and we now finally have a proper functioning powerpoint template that everyone in the company can use (which looks amazing). we will definitely be coming back for more on our next project, a pleasure to work with.", "neil helped us to build a template for a powerpoint document that gets widely used in our company. we found him extremely responsive, efficient, and the quality of his work is extremely high. we would definitely use him again.".

On brand corporate powerpoint template design

Advanced PowerPoint Template Design

In addition to creating a title and content master, a divider slide and a colour scheme, I can also design and develop some extra tools for you to use to tailor your presentations, such as multiple masters for different uses.

This can include a master PowerPoint template for on screen use, a template for print use, a template for notes (slide and notes shown) use or templates for each division of your company, all held together under the same brand, look, and style.

I will provide you with a set of example slides, with different layouts for text and images and graphical slides such as tables and graphs, all in a consistent visual style aligned to your brand. Every slide is simple to edit, add your own content or instantly change data for complete ease of use.

I can also advise on fonts; PowerPoint is notorious for its font management and the complexities around what will and wont work and without the correct advise a great looking font on one computer can look entirely different on another unless certain precautions are set in place - which of course I can advise and provide recommendations and solutions for you.

Increasingly brands are turning to their design agencies to produce new Powerpoint templates to support their new (or existing) brand messages. I frequently take on the role of working with agencies who may not be that familiar with powerpoint to convert flat designs executed in software such as InDesign, PDF's etc and converting them in to workable, editable and expertly designed powerpoint files. I am happy to (and often do) work 'white label' for many creative agencies around the world.

professional powerpoint template with colours and graphs

“Neil has an expert knowledge of PowerPoint, through this he has been able to transform our design concepts into a practical working template that includes all the functionality and guidance to enable simple but professional use across the whole organisation.”

Nottingham, United Kingdom

"We were lucky enough to work with Neil on a pretty complicated PowerPoint template project. Neil was a terrific specialist partner, produced impeccable work and gave very good guidance."

Portland, USA

"I was delighted with the template Neil produced for us. His advice on how best to create a template that users would find easy to use was invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate in using him again."

setting a powerpoint theme in the slide master view

"We came to Neil and provided a brief for generating an updated professional PowerPoint template which he grasped immediately. In a matter of just a few days Neil had reviewed all of the collateral material we provided and generated drafts for our review which completely hit the mark first time around. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of presentation service Neil provided to us."

Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Power point template design for the educational and school sector

"Neil recently created a powerpoint slide deck for our organization. He worked quickly and efficiently, adhering to our brief expertly and managed to create a slick, professional powerpoint template that far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend his services."

Dublin, Ireland

powerpoint template for use by a government PR agency

"I contacted Neil because we needed a Company Power Point template that could be used by all members of staff regardless of their IT capabilities. The template also needed to be consistent with our existing branding. What Neil has produced for us could not have been more perfect! Easy to use (and with very clear user guide tips), the template maintains our branding guidelines with a spin that makes it look fresh and modern. Really happy with the template and working with Neil has been an absolute pleasure! I could not recommend him more."

Do you have an existing powerpoint file that just isnt working right, the right powerpoint content, powerpoint training, tips, advice and guidance on powerpoint.

why doesnt my powerpoint work anymore

"Neil’s ability to understand an organisation’s needs is outstanding. He is professional and patient while delivering creative PowerPoint solutions. I highly recommend his services and I look forward to working with him again in the future. "

A number of presentations I undertake may include confidential information, for example for an investor pitch deck presentation, floatation, finance board report, shareholder meeting. Working with NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) or similar agreements or documents is perfectly acceptable and I am happy to sign any such document before a project commences to reassure my client that their information will remain secure. I am also officially registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act. For more information on how your data will be handled please refer to my Privacy Policy

Clients from all over the world

Technology makes it easy to work with any client from around the world. I have worked with many companies from areas such as Canada, Europe, USA, Africa, UAE, Thailand, Israel, India and Australia. I work remotely but not once has this created any obstacle to working on any particular power point design project and also ensures that overheads are kept low to ensure the client receives exceptional value for money.

PowerPoint Specialist (designing and presenting)

  • MCIM Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • MIDM Institute of Direct Marketing
  • Best Freelance Presentation Designer 2024
  • Presentation Designer Of The Year 2024 / 2023, 2022, and 2021
  • Best Nationwide Specialist Marketing Service 2022
  • Leader In Digital Presentation Design 2022
  • Best Specialist Marketing Professional 2020
  • Best Service For Marketing 2020 / 2019

As well as working for many famous and private individuals I have also worked on projects for the following brands, companies and causes...

Client Testimonials

"recognising our organisation needed to deliver a professional powerpoint presentation for a very important new business pitch neil's service, attention to detail and delivery of a premium powerpoint design was exceptional and demonstrated a significant step change between using a professional and producing a presentation in-house.".

Brighton, United Kingdom

"Neil is extremely creative and insightful, as well as perfectly professional. His design was right on point, delivered flawlessly, on time and on budget. He far exceeded our expectations with the quality of his Powerpoint presentation work. We will most certainly be working with Neil again in the future."

"the quality of neil's powerpoint work is fantastic, first class and his turn around time to meet our short time frame was impressive.".

California, USA

"Neil's work is very professional and creative. His knowledge of PowerPoint is very advanced. Will recommend him to other people and use him again."

"great job: neil brings useful insight and attention to detail with powerpoint presentations, together with great specialist designer service and timely delivery. thoroughly recommended.".

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

"You provided a PowerPoint that I need at the very last minute to present to a bank. The result was on time and excellent - thank you"

“after three internal iterations of this presentation i am delighted we discovered neil's specialist service and expertise. not being creative myself, always adds a dimension as the brief can often degenerate into something quite vague. neil accommodated this. his experience in the type of powerpoint presentation we were creating together with the tools at his disposal has taken our output to a whole new level.”, “following a major brand refresh we needed someone to take that brand and develop a powerpoint designed template that we could be proud of and that was easy to use. neil worked very quickly and delivered exactly what was needed, even building on our original brief. very delighted with what has been done.”.

Manchester, United Kingdom

“Neil was extremely professional, responsive and flexible. He was very creative and effortlessly reflected our brand within his Powerpoint designs. We will be using him again for our future needs. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

"i commissioned neil to produce a powerpoint presentation for one of my clients in switzerland. we had already completed the detailed design work with the client covering content and graphics and neil was able to interpret this seamlessly. his work was fantastic and he was also a pleasure to deal with over the phone and via email. i will definitely be using him again on forthcoming projects.", “neil was great to work with. quick response time, and listened carefully to my requirements and this lead to a swift turn around of work. neil was also very patient, calm and had some great insight and ideas into how to simplify my powerpoint presentation, whilst at the same time, making it look and feel authentic and professional. i would recommend neil's work very highly indeed. thank you.", "on a very short notice, neil designed an amazing powerpoint presentation. he went the extra mile to understand and search for the best ways to present the values of the company. every cent i spent is worth it and i truly thank him for his hard work".

Geneva, Switzerland

"I utilised Neil to assist in the production of a Group PowerPoint Presentation document. His ability to make rapid yet effective changes is outstanding and is excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil's services"

Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Glad to have found Neil!! Real expert on all aspects of PowerPoint. Always helpful with great attention to detail. No hesitation in recommending Neil."

Farnborough, United Kingdom

"Neil turned my storyline and rough sketches into a powerful, professional, PowerPoint presentation in a fraction of the time that I would have taken to do an inferior job. His insights into what makes material to show to make a good PowerPoint presentation were also useful. Thanks Neil - I would highly recommend your freelancer skills"

Munich, Germany

"Excellent powerpoint design service, professional and great work. I would highly recommend Neil"

Farnham, United Kingdom

"Working with Neil was very easy. He quickly understood the concept of the Powerpoint design we were looking for and we had a draft back to us within days. The outcome was exactly what we were looking for. Neil is creative and easy to work with – I would highly recommend him."

Harrow, United Kingdom

"I am very pleased with Neil’s Powerpoint work. He immediately understood the style required and delivered a first class presentation, which was eye catching, accurate and on time.I would definitely recommend Neil’s services."

Cardiff, United Kingdom

"Being a small business and a recent start up our needs were fairly tough along with the need for a cost effective solution. We were recommended to use Neil's services from another source. His complete package by far exceeded our expectations and provided our business with a full solution. Neil's attention to detail and flexibility were exceptional"

Sydney, Australia

"We had a last minute request from one of our important clients to add and improve their PowerPoint presentation. Being a film production company we were in need of some one who had specific expertise with presentation software and fortunately we found Neil online. The request was last thing on Friday and our deadline was Monday EOP. Once briefed Neil started immediately which relieved a lot of stress and pressure that would have occurred on the Monday. He took time out of his weekend to do this, which although we did not ask him to do we really appreciated it, meaning on our arrival back to the office Monday morning we could give him feedback and focus on a few other challenging aspects of the job. Neil found PowerPoint solutions to a couple of challenges that we just did not think would be possible to solve. The outcome was minimal stress, and work completely efficiently to a high standard that our client was very pleased with. If we ever need someone to work with on any similar projects in the future we will most certainly be calling Neil."

"neil did a fantastic job on a tight budget and timeframe. he was a real joy to work with and transformed what was a dull and old-fashioned looking powerpoint presentation into a very stylish slideshow.".

Belfast, Northern Ireland

"We were advised to use Neil's services from another company in Sydney, Australia. The clarity and professionalism were excellent, even though Neil is based in the UK, at no time was this a problem. Thanks to his services we now have a complete solution which fills our needs. I would happily recommend Neil to others"

Melbourne, Australia

"Neil did a great job for us – understood and helped develop the brief, liaised and worked well with another designer and delivered the document to spec and on time. Very easy to work with!"

"neil designed a corporate presentation for one of my blue-chip clients, successfully developing creative concepts supplied by us. the interactive powerpoint presentation incorporated a sophisticated menu navigation system, as well as a number of client-supplied videos. technically, the solution also had to meet the needs of a wide and disparate range of software and hardware applications used by the client’s salesforce. throughout the entire process, i found neil to be professional, responsive and efficient – i particularly liked the fact that he was always ready to offer an alternative opinion and provide helpful advice in a tactful way - when he felt it necessary to do so. the end result was a high quality presentation which entirely met with the client’s approval. if you are looking for a professional powerpoint presentation at a fair price, i would have no hesitation recommending neil to deliver it for you.", "neil worked magic over a powerpoint presentation which needed to be turned around very quickly. he was ‘can-do’ and a gave solid guidance as to how the document would be best composed/designed. i would absolutely turn to him again in the future.".

Ascot, United Kingdom

"We appointed Neil to assist us with a client specific PowerPoint presentation and we are extremely pleased that we did. Not only did Neil help to design a very professional presentation, but he also helped us greatly with the content. The end result was a presentation far better than anything we could have produced, regardless of how much of our own time we might have chosen to invest in it. We will be using Neil’s services again without doubt."

Sunbury on Thames, United Kingdom

"It was a pleasure working with Neil. His interpretation of the brief, project management and efficiency in designing a first class Powerpoint presentation made the process seamless. No edit was too small! I look forward to engaging with Neil again."

"i found neil online and having never had a powerpoint presentation designed by a professional before i was apprehensive about what the final result would be. i can honestly say the final production from neil was very professional and of a very high standard which far exceeded my expectations - i will no doubt be using neil again and have already recommended his services to others.".

professional Powerpoint designs for the pharmaceutical industry

"Our company works in pharmaceutical development, which is a highly technical activity and we needed to improve the capabilities presentation we give to potential clients worldwide. Neil was quick to understand what we are about and what we needed, very creative in making attractive and informative visual impact design with – let’s face it – fairly dry subject matter, and completely reliable in providing what he promised, to agreed timelines. We are very impressed with our new PowerPoint presentation and we are sure our audiences will be too."

Professional Presentation on Pension Reform

"We contacted Neil to see if he could help us with a Powerpoint presentation for one of our biggest events of the year. While we have resource in-house that can build presentations we had other projects on, a tight timeline and we wanted something that would be different from our usual presentations. I was absolutely blown away by Neil’s speed and effectiveness. He listened carefully to our brief and delivered over and above our expectations. Not only have we received great feedback from the organisers during the run through but also from other providers who are speaking at the event. If you want a stand-out professional powerpoint presentation, then Neil is the right person for the job! Very impressed and we would definitely use his services again."

Powerpoint Presentation on medical surgery

"Neil produced a really high quality, professional powerpoint presentation for me in a short time frame. All I had to do was give him basic slides, a few design ideas and he worked his magic. I would happily work with Neil again and will be recommending him to colleagues"

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Professional PowerPoint Presentation for a medical practitioner

"It was a pleasure to work with Neil. He quickly grasped what I needed and really raised the bar in terms of what could be achieved using Powerpoint. I have a very busy timetable and it was so helpful to handover the development of my powerpoint slides to Neil and to feel very confident in what he would produce"

Powerpoint Presentation for network security

"Neil was able to quickly understand the key messages that I wanted to convey and create visually compelling representation of the content. Very efficient and responsive and with beyond excellent skills in Powerpoint. Neil is a powerpoint Ninja!"

Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Professional PowerPoint designed for a new business idea

"Working with Neil was very easy due to his totally professional way of handing his clients. I found working with him helped relieve the anxiety I had about trying to put together a powerpoint presentation of this type and having absolutely no idea where to start. Neil offered me expert advice and helped me to put my ideas into a format that worked helping me to solidify my ideas into a stream of thought that was instrumental in bringing my presentation to life. Neil was very open to any changes that I thought necessary and always spoke to me offering up his professional opinion on the changes and whether he thought they would work and how to implement them causing our working relationship to be symbiotic. I highly recommend working with him for his professionalism and his fair prices and for the amount of one to one time you get whilst working with him."

Colchester, United Kingdom

Designer powerpoint presentation for a government local authority

"Another day in local government, and another small crisis. Thankfully, we hired Neil to help lift the burden of fonts, images, animations and transitions; within a couple of days, we had the powerpoint presentation that we needed and what the subject deserved. I highly recommend him for his assistance and turnaround time. If we ever need help like this again, I will know where to turn, and if Al Gore hits the road again, I hope he looks up Neil."

Ulster, Northern Ireland

Professional banking and investment PowerPoint deck for south africa

"Neil has produced excellent new ideas and power point presentation options for us to work with in very impressive turnaround times."

Johannesburg, South Africa

how to build a powerpoint template

"I first came across Neil when searching for PowerPoint designers on the web. I was first struck at the professional appearance of the site and the examples he showed. I emailed Neil and briefly described what I was looking for. I emphasise briefly here. Neil researched the company website I have and the work that I do to create a first draft of a deck. The results were amazing, he knew from his research exactly the branding to use and the feel I wanted to put across in the slide deck. There was nothing much to change and I had the idea of another layout I wanted to use for one slide for the final deck. A few days later the final deck arrived with nothing needing changing. In all the whole process took about a week with stunning results. I would highly recommend Neil for both the quality and cost of his work."

Peterborough, United Kingdom

Professional banking and investment PowerPoint deck for an executive job interview

"I asked for a clean, clear, focused Powerpoint presentation and Neil gave me exactly that. I would recommend his designer service for anyone who is looking to present their information on a professional platform. He was able to truly capture the essence of my needs and execute!"

Clapham, London, United Kingdom

presenting sustainability and climate change in powerpoint

"I found Neil’s website during a search for an agency to work on our new sustainability presentation. What I particularly liked were the amazing photos and the many testimonials from satisfied customers. It became very clear from the start that he is thorough, fast, efficient and easy to work with. Neil transformed our wordy basic PowerPoint into a visual statement that conveyed exactly the key messages that we wanted to communicate. We are extremely pleased with the end result and will certainly work with Neil again in the future."

Carlisle, United Kingdom

powerpoint layouts for a haulage company

"Thank goodness I found Neil for my project. I wanted a ppt expert, with creative flair, a great communicator, speedy, efficient and affordable. And that’s exactly what I got. I’ll be back for more before everyone else finds out about him!"

Feltham, Middlesex, United Kingdom

design a tech startup presentation for professionals

"Neil is a talented PowerPoint designer and produced a template that was highly regarded by all at Ezbob. I can highly recommend Neil if you are looking for impactful, stand-out-from-the-crowd presentations."

powerpoint designer near me

"I wanted a basic PowerPoint presentation 'professionalising' and I found Neil on the web. He did a great job, promptly and for a reasonable price. I would use him again."

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

working with a powerpoint expert to create a template

"Working with Neil was great, we needed to ensure that our PowerPoint presentations were kept on brand and also develop a template that was easy for colleagues to use. Within a week Neil had done just that, he delivered on the brief with minimal changes, delivering a fantastic base Powerpoint template that will ensure that creating PowerPoint presentations will be so much easier. I would definitely recommend him whatever your PowerPoint requirements are, he really is an expert."

"we approached neil as we had a set of powerpoint templates that were being used in-house and for external presentations, that just didn’t function properly. neil was able to take what we had, and rebuild them all from scratch. we now have a powerpoint template that is not only on brand, and almost as importantly, it’s easy for everyone to use.".

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

power point template expert

"Neil was fantastic to work with - prompt and responsive. He interpreted our brief really well, understood our timeframes and helped us source a range of imagery for our powerpoint presentation. His designs for our Strategy Deck are brilliantly clear and communicative. Thank you, Neil - we appreciate all your hard work."

"we contacted neil to enquire about a powerpoint template that we needed fairly urgently. the service we received was very efficient and professional and we had a signed off complete powerpoint template to roll out across the organisation within a week. neil has high standards and is very quick to respond to feedback and happy to guide you through the process. we would definitely work with neil again.".

Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

powerpoint specialist near me

"Neil was a pleasure to work with and I would have no problem recommending him. He followed the brand identity set and was extremely knowledgeable on the best strategy when applying a Powerpoint template to a large corporate client. "

Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom

pitch deck designer near me

"I had been looking for a PowerPoint designer to help me create a range of marketing collateral to showcase my CEO coaching practice. After a few false starts and more than a little time wasted I found Neil online. From the start he gave me confidence that he was the real deal. Neil balances technical Powerpoint expertise with an outstanding eye for design and a high degree of creativity. He is easy to work with, open to ideas and feedback, and gets the job done to time and to budget. What’s not to like?"

Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom

conference seminar slide specialist

"I want to extend a massive thank you for the incredible work you did on our recent PowerPoint presentation for the top management event. I know I'm reaching out a bit late, but I've been meaning to express just how much I appreciated your expertise and dedication throughout the project. Your ability to transform complex data into clear, impactful PowerPoint slides truly made a difference for us. It was clear to everyone involved that you put a great deal of effort into making everything perfect, and it paid off. The feedback from management was also very positive. I am genuinely impressed with your skill and professionalism, and I want you to know that I would highly recommend you for future projects — not only within our team but across the company."

Copenhagen, Denmark

Please be assured that I carry out all PowerPoint work myself; at no point will you be communicating with an intermediary.

Please note that by contacting Neil Tomlinson Ltd you are agreeing to abide by my Terms and Conditions .

Any data you share with me will be managed in a professional and confidential manner. For more information on how your data will be handled please refer to the 'Confidentiality' section of this website and also my Privacy Policy

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powerpoint presentation uk

Sales presentations

It's not always easy getting in the door to deliver a sales presentation. Yet some companies risk wasting opportunities with ugly and ineffective slides, and poorly prepared presenters. BrightCarbon's presentation design services can help you convert opportunities with amazing sales presentations and more.

powerpoint presentation uk

Training presentations and eLearning

Most learning & development departments use text-heavy slides. For classroom training, for webinars, for storyboarding, and as the basis for rapid eLearning. But text-heavy slides don't work. We know how to use slides to tell visual stories, how to use visual storytelling for eLearning, and how to use great design to make learning effective.

powerpoint presentation uk

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powerpoint presentation uk

Presentation design

Jacobs – digitized construction execution.

BrightCarbon created a series of presentations for Jacobs for a large one-day event. We established a bespoke design style for the event, incorporating custom illustration and engaging animations to tell

powerpoint presentation uk

Siemens – Metering managed services

We created this company presentation for Siemens, providing an overview of its managed services. The use of a tight grid system gives the PowerPoint presentation design a modern feel, and the mix of full-bleed imagery with iconography communicates the message clearly and concisely.

powerpoint presentation uk

Pluto7 – Optimise supply and distribution management

For this project, BrightCarbon created a dynamic animation using playful visuals and a bold animation style to help explain the complexities of the Machine Learning product in a fun and engaging way.

powerpoint presentation uk

Johnson & Johnson – Welcome and introduction

This company presentation for Johnson & Johnson uses a mix of cut-out and full-bleed photography, supported by iconography and animation, to tell the story. The visual presentation design used in this deck also translated well into online training content.

How to create beautiful and effective academic posters in PowerPoint

  • 7th Jun 2022
  • PowerPoint design

Your academic posters should be keeping pace with the rate science is moving, not trailing behind! It’s time to upgrade your template and create beautiful and effective academic posters using PowerPoint.

powerpoint presentation uk

Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide

  • 22nd Jun 2023
  • Google Slides , Presentation technology

As presentation nerds, we at BrightCarbon have had plenty of opportunity to get to know ins and outs of Google’s browser-based presentation tool. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Google Slides - from the very basics to the most advanced features - and will provide you with the know-how to make brilliant slides, quickly and easily.

powerpoint presentation uk

Choosing a presentation design agency

  • 26th Apr 2020
  • PowerPoint design , Visual communication , Industry insights

Choosing a presentation design agency for your enterprise is a lot harder than buying a product. With presentation design services, you don’t know what you’re going to get until the project is nearly finished. What you get from the studio isn’t the exact same thing as what any other business ends up with. So how do you choose the right presentation design firm for your company?

powerpoint presentation uk

Presentation agency or marketing agency?

  • 3rd Mar 2022
  • Industry insights

In the agency world, it’s fair to say that PowerPoint design sits somewhere at the bottom of the pile. Working with a specialist presentation design company will generally deliver better results, with less effort, and typically at lower cost. So why do some companies still not use presentation agencies for slide design?

powerpoint presentation uk

Presentation design principles for better PowerPoint design

  • 8th Feb 2022
  • PowerPoint design , PowerPoint productivity

By applying some key principles of presentation design, you can make your PowerPoint design really standout and deliver both a more ‘popping’, but also more effective presentation.

powerpoint presentation uk

14 sales presentation ideas

  • 12th Aug 2021
  • Sales presentations , Sales messaging

Sales presentations are important, but 1000s of people each day ignore the principles of sales presentation design and sales messaging and deliver material that is tired, ugly, and ineffective. These sales presentation ideas will help you to easily improve your sales presentation; stand out, engage your audience, and sell more.

powerpoint presentation uk

How to make the ULTIMATE sales presentation

  • 8th Jan 2022
  • Sales presentations , Sales messaging , Visual communication

Sales presentations are the cornerstone of many companies’ sales efforts, yet so often they aren’t given the time and attention they deserve. Thrown together at the last-minute, often your sales reps stand up in front of a sales presentation that's nothing more than a glorified page of notes. Read this article for everything you need to make the ultimate sales presentation.

powerpoint presentation uk

How to create visual presentations and eLearning

  • 23rd Oct 2021
  • PowerPoint design , Visual communication

Most presentations are a cascade of text-heavy Death-by-PowerPoint slides. Online learners suffer the torture of brochures converted to click-through-eLearning. Most people now recognize that using visuals is the way to go. But how do you make visual presentations and eLearning that work? We think there are six steps you need to follow.

powerpoint presentation uk

As we were novice and non-marketing professionals, everyone took the time to explain and teach while also doing, which came in handy to feel more comfortable with what we were creating. Marc Chaanine Jamaica Bearings

powerpoint presentation uk


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United Kingdom PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides Themes

Unlock your presentation potential: explore our collection of professionally crafted free and premium powerpoint templates and backgrounds for instant download.

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United Kingdom PowerPoint Template

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Choose and download United Kingdom PowerPoint templates , and United Kingdom PowerPoint Backgrounds in just a few minutes. And with amazing ease of use, you can transform your "sleep-inducing" PowerPoint presentation into an aggressive, energetic, jaw-dropping presentation in nearly no time at all. These from free or premium United Kingdom PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds are a great choice for a wide variety of presentation needs.

Our Free and Premium PowerPoint Templates are "pre-made" presentation shells. All graphics, typefaces, and colors have been created and are pre-set by an expert graphic designer. You simply insert your text. That's it!

Free vs. Premium United Kingdom PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PoweredTemplate offers a wide range of free United Kingdom PowerPoint Presentation Templates. You can find them by filtering by “Free”, from the “Filters” option on the site, on the top left corner of the screen after you search. This content is completely free of charge.

If you download our free United Kingdom PowerPoint templates as a free user, remember that you need to credit the author by including a credits slide or add an attribution line “Designed by PoweredTemplate”, clearly and visibly, somewhere in your final presentation.

PoweredTemplate also offers premium PowerPoint templates, which are available only to Premium users. There is no difference in product quality between free and premium United Kingdom PowerPoint Presentation Templates.

Best United Kingdom PowerPoint Templates

Are you looking for professionally designed, pre-formatted United Kingdom PowerPoint templates so you can quickly create presentations? You've come to the right place - PoweredTemplate has created these templates with professionals in mind. At PoweredTemplates, we understand how busy you are and how you love to save time.

That's why we've created a set of PowerPoint design templates with an United Kingdom theme. These United Kingdom PowerPoint templates are a great choice for a wide variety of presentation needs. Spend your time wisely - download the United Kingdom PowerPoint Templates today.

United Kingdom PowerPoint Presentation Themes FAQ

What are united kingdom powerpoint templates.

A PowerPoint template is a pattern or blueprint for your slides that you save as a .pptx or .potx file.

All the United Kingdom PowerPoint templates are natively built in PowerPoint, using placeholders on the slide master, color palettes, and other features in PowerPoint, and can contain layouts, theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, background styles, and even content (according to Microsoft Office).

How to choose United Kingdom PowerPoint templates for presentations?

Choose after carefully studying the template features and viewing the big preview images. All the product information is on the product page in the description and a list of the features can be found in the horizontal scrolling bar under the Download button. You may download a few free templates before making the final decision.

Who are United Kingdom PowerPoint templates suitable for?

Why do i need united kingdom powerpoint templates.

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powerpoint presentation uk

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Home > Templates > United Kingdom PowerPoint Template

United Kingdom PowerPoint Template

The free United Kingdom PowerPoint Template  has a blue background image with the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom that makes it look very beautiful. The template is suitable for various kinds of presentations about UK, its history, geography, culture, cities, people, landmarks, economy, politics, etc. This template can be used by students, teachers, professors and other presenters. Its background makes it the perfect template for presentations about the Brexit. If you want to quickly create a beautiful presentation with a professional look this is the right template for you. There are some other free templates that you can check out in our International Category . You can also find similar backgrounds by browsing through labels such as  UK , countries , Europe , culture .

How to Use United Kingdom PPT Background?

Now, you can download either a background to apply to an existing presentation, or PowerPoint template. PowerPoint template is great if you are just about to start making a new presentation. This PowerPoint template is very easy to use. There are various slide layouts in this template that you can use to organize your content in a good way. There are also many  blog posts  that can be very useful for presenters.

If you like this free widescreen international PowerPoint template you can share your thoughts by replying below this post. Do not forget to follow us on social networks where you can get links to exclusive stories and templates. Visit our Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest profiles and stay tuned to the latest news and trends from the world of presenting.

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Travel Guide: London

It seems that you like this template, travel guide: london presentation, free google slides theme, powerpoint template, and canva presentation template.

There's a lot to see and do in London, from visiting famous landmarks and monuments to getting on one of its iconic buses! Make the life of tourists easier by editing this template, designed to be a travel guide. Thematic resources and easy-to-understand layouts are present here to help you provide all the information!

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 34 different slides to impress your audience
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics such as graphs, maps, tables, timelines and mockups
  • Includes 500+ icons and Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides, Canva, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

How can I use the template?

Am I free to use the templates?

How to attribute?

Attribution required If you are a free user, you must attribute Slidesgo by keeping the slide where the credits appear. How to attribute?

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Travel Guide: Morocco presentation template

Premium template

Unlock this template and gain unlimited access

Havana Travel Guide presentation template


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Free United Kingdom Google Slides Themes And Powerpoint Templates

UK Royalty in Middle School Social Studies Template For Google Slides And Powerpoint -page 0


Geography of the UK

Aug 25, 2014

1.69k likes | 3.97k Views

Geography of the UK. Main topics. 1. Name of the Country 2. Symbols of the UK 3. Formation of the Country 4. Name of the people 5. Where is the UK and What ’ s the size? 6. Climate 7. Natural resources. Name of the country. The Name of the Union The full and official name:

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  • traditional emblem
  • red drag flag
  • national personification
  • 18th century country gentleman
  • roman empire
  • blue tongue


Presentation Transcript

Main topics 1. Name of the Country 2. Symbols of the UK 3. Formation of the Country 4. Name of the people 5. Where is the UK and What’s the size? 6. Climate 7. Natural resources

Name of the country • The Name of the Union The full and official name: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The abbreviated name: the United Kingdom / the UK / Great Britain / Britain The informal name: England

Symbols of the UK and its member countries What may remind you of the country and its member countriesSymbols of The UKSymbols of EnglandSymbols of ScotlandSymbols of WalesSymbols of Northern Ireland

Union flag Union Flag or Union Jack

National Emblem (国徽) • The shape of a shield • The symbol of the unity: the center England: Yellow lions Scotland: Red lion ready to fight Ireland: David’s harp • The symbol of belligerence: the middle The Order of Garter: the medal The helmet The motto: Honi soit qui mal y pense Shame who think of it badly. Shame whoever thinks it evil (恶有恶报) • The symbol of support, and the passant guardian England: the standing lion: a passant guardian Scotland: the standing unicorn • The symbol of the importance of England • The symbol of the king/queen The motto of the queen: Dieu et mon droit God and my right (天有上帝,我有权力)

British national anthem (国歌) • "God Save the Queen/ the King" Used to be an anthem used in a number of Commonwealth realms; Currently serves as the national anthem of the United Kingdom, one of the two national anthems of New Zealand, and the royal anthem of Canada, Australia, Jamaica and the Isle of Man. • God save the Queen God save our gracious Queen 帝保佑女王, Long live our noble Queen祝她万寿无疆, God save the Queen 神佑女王。 Send her victorious 常胜利, Happy and glorious 沐荣光;孚民望,心欢畅; Long to reign over us 治国家,王运长; God save the Queen. 神佑女王! Thy choicest gifts in store 愿上帝恩泽长, On her be pleased to pour 选精品,倾宝囊, Long may she reign 万岁女王! May she defend our laws 愿她保护法律, And give us ever cause 使民心齐归向, To sing with heart and voice 一致衷心歌唱, God save the Queen. 神佑女王! • [Video]

National flags of the UK St. George‘s Flag (England)St Andrew's Flag (Scotland) The Red Dragon (Wales)St Patrick's Flag (Ireland) National flags of the UK

National personification of the UK (1) Britannia Tails of British coins The name Romans gave to the southern British province (England today) The name that was given to the female embodiment of Britain, wearing a helmet holding a trident 'Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves'.

National personification of the UK (2) John Bull A fictional character Personify certain English virtues: Patriotism and determination His appearance: An 18th century country gentleman Reminding of an idyllic rural past

National animals of the UK Lion Bulldog Robin Red fox

Motto of the UK Dieu et mon droit. (French) God and my right. (English) 天有上帝,我有权利。

Symbols of England Symbols of England

National flag of England

Patron Saint of England Saint George (ca. 275-281–April 23, 303) a soldier of the Roman Empire from the then Anatolia (Turkey) venerated as a Christianmartyr He is immortalised in the tale of George and the Dragon.

National Flower of England The Tudor rose sometimes called the English Rose is a traditional emblem of England takes its name and origins from the Tudor dynasty

National animal of England Lion Courage and bravery

Coats of arms of England Three lions

Motto of England Dieu et mon droit. (French) God and my right. (English) 天有上帝,我有权利。 (the same as that of the UK)

Symbols of Scotland Symbols of Scotland

National Flag of Scotland

National flower of Scotland Thistle (蓟 )

Patron Saint of Scotland St. Andrew An old man long white hair and beard the Gospel (福音书) in right hand Venerated by all Christianity

National Animal of Scotland Unicorn (独角兽) a horse differing with a horn on its forehead

Coat of arms of Scotland a red lion with blue tongue and claws on a yellow field surrounded by a red double royal tressure

Motto of Scotland Nemo me impune lacessit. (Latin) No one provokes me with impunity. 犯我者必被犯。 (http://sduwxy.blog.sohu.com/39587039.html)

Symbols of Wales Symbols of Wales

National flag of Wales Red Drag Flag

Patron Saint of Wales • St. David bishop with a dove, usually on his shoulder, venerated by Roman Catholic Church; Anglican Communion

National flower of Wales Daffodil (水仙) Leek (韭葱)

National animal of Wales Y Ddraig Goch ( [ə ðraiɡ ɡox])

Coat of arms of Wales used by the Prince of Wales

Motto of Wales Cymru am byth (Welsh) Wales Forever. 永远的威尔士。

Symbols of Northern Ireland Symbols of Northern Ireland

National flag of Northern Ireland

Patron Saint of Northern Ireland St. Patrick (also the patron of the whole island with the Republic of Ireland included) Patrick, when a boy, was seized by pirates from his home near Carlisle and sold into bondage to an Irish chieftain. He escaped, and at length reached the Continent, where eventually he was ordained a bishop. Later he returned to the land of his former captivity, and by his preaching converted the Irish to Christianity. Legend says at that time the country was oppressed by great serpents and a host of loathsome, poisonous reptiles. Endowed with miraculous power, St. Patrick drove every snake from the land into that unfathomed pool, amid the Kerry Hills, from whence only the Last Trumpet may release them.

National Flower of Northern Ireland Shamrock (荷兰翘摇 ) Flax (亚麻 )

Coat of arms of Northern Ireland Obsolete

Motto of Northern Ireland Quis separabit? (Latin) Who shall separate us? (English) 何人能将我们分开?

Formation of the UK

Name of the peoples • The peoples of the country When and where did “Britain” come from? the Brythons (Britons) migrating from the European Continent before 300 B.C. When and where did “England” come from? Anglo Saxon and Jutes, collectively known as Angles, migrating from the northwestern Europe in the 5th century A.D England: “Angla-land”, the land of Angles Yesterday’s name (from 1800 and the early 1920’s): England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland: once separate nations England has controlled the other nations over centuries. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Today’s name: the 26 Irish Free States achieved their independence in 1921. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Where is the UK and what’s its size? • The location of the UK • Neighboring countries • The size of the UK • Landforms • Rivers and lakes • Coastline

Where is the UK and what’s its size? • Location Situated in Western Europe Separated from the European continent by the North Sea the Strait of Dover the English Channel Its latitude 50°N--60°N Its longitude 2°E-- 8°W The prime meridian of 0° old Greenwich observatory

Prime Meridian(本初子午线 ) (A video clip)

Where is the UK and what’s its size? UK Neighbors: France Holland Germany Denmark Norway Belgium the Irish Republic Iceland

Where is the UK and what’s its size? • A small country Size (mid-2006) 242,514 km2 (79th ) 2% 966 km from the south coast to the extreme north of mainland Britain 483 km across the widest part Population 60,587,300 (21st) Density 248 h/km2 (48th) • Yet a big role Political role: UN, G8 (G7), NATO, British Commonwealth … Economic role: EU member, GDPTotal $2.660.7 billion(5th)-Per capita $38,624(12th) Cultural role: the English language, the tourism … Educational role: Oxford, Cambridge …international students …

Landforms (1) • The rough division of the island of Great Britain the lowland & the highland the lowland: Midland, southern and eastern England the highland: the Pennines, the Lake District, most of Wales and Scotland. Smaller islands: Channel Islands, Scilly Isles, Isle of Wight Isle of Man Inner Hebrides Outer Hebrides Orkney Islands Shetland Islands

Landforms (2) Landforms of England 130,000 square kilometers, three landform regions 1. the east, the southeast and midland: plains 2. middle England: highland formed by the Pennines: the backbone of England Cross Fell (Summit 893 m) 3. The north and west: hilly: the Cumbrian Mountain Range Scafell (977 m), the highest in England

Landforms (3) • Scotland Landforms of Scotland: highland 78,760 km2 2/3 is covered by Highlands. theGrampian Mountains Ben Nevis (1344 m), the highest mountain • Wales 20,700 km2: much of the land is pastureland for sheep and cattle the industrial south the central plateaus and lakes the mountainous north of the farmers and tourists. Snowdon(1085m) • Northern Ireland Mainly composed of plains mainly farming and cattle-raising

Rivers and Lakes (1) Thames River (338 km) (A boat trip) • Severn River (354 km), which rises in the mountains of Wales and empties into the Bristol Channel, where the ports of Cardiff and Bristol are located. • The Mersey River(110 kilometers in length) flows between Lancashire and Cheshire into the Irish Sea. Its estuary, navigable for ocean vessels, is linked to Manchester by a ship canal, with the port Liverpool on its mouth.

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The micro-geography of UK demographic change 1991-2001 Paul Norman School of Geography, University of Leeds unders

The micro-geography of UK demographic change 1991-2001 Paul Norman School of Geography, University of Leeds unders

. The micro-geography of UK demographic change 1991-2001BackgroundThere is a need for population counts by age, sex

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The Geography of Language

The Geography of Language

Language Overview. Geographer's Perspective on Language (Language as Foundation of Culture) Linguistic Diversity Roots of Language Key Terms Language Divisions Spatial Distribution of Key Languages. Language Defined. Organized system of spoken words by which people communicate with on

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The Geography of Jerusalem

The Geography of Jerusalem

- newmanlib.ibri.org -. The Geography of Jerusalem. A Photographic Tour Robert C. Newman. Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks. The Geography of Jerusalem. - newmanlib.ibri.org -. The Valleys around Jerusalem The Hills The City Walls in the NT Period Sections of the City

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The Geography of Palestine

The Geography of Palestine

The Geography of Palestine. A Photographic Tour Robert C. Newman. Physical Features of Palestine. Major Regions Going from West to East Some Smaller Geographic Features Going from North to South The Major Bodies of Water Seas, lakes, rivers. Major Regions West to East.

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The Geography of Africa

The Geography of Africa

The Geography of Africa. A Satellite View. NORTH AFRICA = ARAB AFRICA. Sub-Saharan Africa = Black Africa. Africa’s Size. 4 6 0 0 M I L E S. 5 0 0 0 M I L E S. Second largest continent  11,700,000 sq. mi. 10% of the world’s population. 2 ½ times the size of the U. S.

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The Geography of Vietnam

The Geography of Vietnam

The Geography of Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the ten countries that compose Southeast Asia It is bordered by China on the north, Cambodia and Laos on the west, the Gulf of Tonkin to the northeast, the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, and the South China Sea to the east.

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the geography of religion

the geography of religion

the geography of religion. steps to a definition.

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The Geography of India

The Geography of India

The Geography of India. Bhutan Bangladesh Pakistan Nepal India Maldives Sri Lanka (SOL) Afghanistan. Physical Characteristics. Mountains influence the region population settlement patterns ability of people to move climate. Mountains Himalayas Western and Eastern Ghats. Himalayas.

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The Geography of Religion

The Geography of Religion

The Great Mosque, Mali. The Geography of Religion. Buddhist Monks. What is Religion. Explains the unexplained System of beliefs and practices that attempts to order life in terms of culturally perceived ultimate priorities. Explains how people SHOULD behave. Constitutes as culture.

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The Tools of Geography

The Tools of Geography

The Tools of Geography. Anywhere Is Possible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRXTGywEFNs. The Geographic Setting. Green slides pages 11-13 brown book. Location. Map Projections – a particular way of showing Earth on a flat map. All map projects have some kind of distortion. . Distortion.

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The Geography of Africa

The Geography of Africa. Year 8 Social Studies. Africa is centrally located on the Earth’s surface. It straddles the Equator, extending for thousands of miles north and south of that line. Stands between two major oceans, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east.

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THE GEOGRAPHY OF COVERAGE. Professor Wendy J Graham Immpact , University of Aberdeen & Dr Sennen Hounton UNFPA, New York Presentation for Countdown Equity Working Group Women Deliver conference: June 7 th 2010. The power of communication. <0.8% 08-1.5% >1.5%.

334 views • 19 slides

The UK – Geography

The UK – Geography

The UK – Geography. Land: an island country located off the north -western coast of mainland Europe Area: 244,755 sq km The UK: comprises four geographic and historical parts : England (London), Scotland (Edinburgh), Wales ( Cardiff ) and Northern Ireland (Belfast)

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The Geography of China

The Geography of China

The Geography of China. Satellite View of China. China’s Provinces. China—Asia’s Superpower. China vs. the U. S. in Size. China. United States. Comparing China & the U. S. Topography. China’s Topography. Percentages of Different Landforms. Pacific “Rim of Fire”.

1.18k views • 35 slides

Edward Hanna Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK

Edward Hanna Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK

Use of Twentieth Century Reanalysis data in the construction of a new Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance record 1871-2009. Edward Hanna Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK 3rd ACRE Workshop “Reanalysis & Applications”, Baltimore, USA, 3 November2010. Co-contributors:.

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The Geography of Africa

The Geography of Africa. A Satellite View. The Mighty Nile River: “Longest River in the World”. The Sahara Desert. Atlas Mts. Mountains & Peaks. Δ Mt. Kenya. Δ Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ruwenzori Mts. Drajensburg Mts. Mediterranean Sea. Bodies Of Water. Red Sea. Nile River. Niger River.

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The Geography of Rome

The Geography of Rome

The Geography of Rome. The Mythical Founding of Rome: Romulus & Remus. Romulus and Remus were twin brothers and the sons of the god of war Mars (Greece = Ares) .

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The Geography of Iraq

The Geography of Iraq

The Geography of Iraq. http://www.flickr.com/photos/11295329@N05/1125461764/. Mr. Hicks in Iraq. Mr. Hicks’ Personal Collection. Camel Spiders. http://www.ideaweb.com/brien/Camel%20Spider.jpg. Part 1: Physical Geography & Natural Resources.

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Geography Assignment Help In UK!

Geography Assignment Help In UK!

Read this document, if you want to achieve remarkably improved grades in your geography assignment. Take exclusive geography assignment help from skilled writers at MyAssignmenthelp.com. For details, visit https://myassignmenthelp.com/uk/geography-assignment-help.html

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  14. Free United Kingdom PowerPoint Template

    United Kingdom PowerPoint Template. The free United Kingdom PowerPoint Template has a blue background image with the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom that makes it look very beautiful. The template is suitable for various kinds of presentations about UK, its history, geography, culture, cities, people, landmarks, economy ...

  15. Travel Guide: London Google Slides theme & PowerPoint template

    Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. There's a lot to see and do in London, from visiting famous landmarks and monuments to getting on one of its iconic buses! Make the life of tourists easier by editing this template, designed to be a travel guide. Thematic resources and easy-to-understand layouts are present here to help you ...


    1 THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN. It is a monarch state situated in the North-West of Europe. UK is composed of four countries: 1-England 2-Scotland 3-Wales 4-Northern Ireland The Uk is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean,the North Sea and the English Channel that separates the UK from the continent. The flag of the UK is the UNION FLAG,also ...

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  18. all a bout UK culture

    all a bout UK culture. Nov 14, 2013 • Download as PPTX, PDF •. 10 likes • 3,846 views. AI-enhanced description. Julie Mutia. The document discusses the complex relationships between the terms used to describe the countries that make up the United Kingdom. It notes that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were once separate ...

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    Designing an eyecatching presentation template is time-consuming. Download the following free and ready-to-use United kingdom powerpoint templates and Google slides themes for the upcoming presentation. You only need to change text, logo or colors on the professional PPT templates.

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    United kingdom powerpoint. Jul 6, 2014 • Download as PPT, PDF •. 8 likes • 9,635 views. AI-enhanced description. Ian Willians. The document provides information about various landmarks and locations in the United Kingdom. It discusses several famous sites in London including the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square ...

  21. PPT

    Rivers and Lakes (1) Thames River (338 km) (A boat trip) • Severn River (354 km), which rises in the mountains of Wales and empties into the Bristol Channel, where the ports of Cardiff and Bristol are located. • The Mersey River (110 kilometers in length) flows between Lancashire and Cheshire into the Irish Sea.

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    Each country has its own capital city, symbol, and flag, though they all use the pound currency and are represented by the Union Jack flag. England's capital is London, Scotland's is Edinburgh, Wales' is Cardiff, and Northern Ireland's is Belfast. Read more. 1 of 7. Download now. United kingdom presentation - Download as a PDF or view online ...

  23. Culture of The United Kingdom

    Culture of the United Kingdom - PowerPoint.pptx - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. The culture of the United Kingdom has been influenced by its history as an island country and major power in Europe, with a predominantly Christian religious life. Each of the four countries that make up the UK ...

  24. UEFA Euro 2024 Scores and fixtures

    Reaction as England beat Slovakia after extra-time to reach quarter-finals of Euro 2024 with goals from Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane.