1. 28 Case Study Examples Every Marketer Should See

    24. " Biobot Customer Success Story: Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida ," by Biobot. Like some of the other top examples in this list, Biobot opens its case study with a quote from its client, which captures the value proposition of working with Biobot.

  2. 14 Market Research Examples

    Curiosity. At the heart of every successful marketing campaign is a curious marketer who learned how to better serve a customer. In this industry, we scratch that curiosity itch with market research. To help give you ideas to learn about your customer, in this article we bring you examples from Consumer Reports, Intel, Visa USA, Hallmark, Levi Strauss, John Deere, LeapFrog, Spiceworks Ziff ...

  3. Marketing Case Study 101 (+ Tips, Examples, and a Template)

    Try to keep your headline under 12 words. Use action words: Incorporate action verbs such as "achieved," "transformed," or "boosted" to convey a sense of accomplishment. Include data: Numbers make your headline more credible. For example, if the case study achieved a 75% increase in sales, include that in the headline.

  4. 15 Real-Life Case Study Examples & Best Practices

    But there's a twist to it. Omniscient segmented the video testimonials and placed them in different sections of the case study. Video marketing, especially in case studies, works wonders. Research shows us that 42% of people prefer video testimonials because they show real customers with real success stories. So if you haven't thought of it ...

  5. Examples Of Successful Market Research

    In the battle of instinct vs insight, there's clear evidence that data-driven decision-making pays off. A McKinsey study into the impact of market research found that organizations using data to make decisions are more likely to be profitable, and can more effectively retain and acquire customers vs those who fail to use this approach. I've curated nine of the best market research examples ...

  6. Analyzing Successful Marketing Case Studies: Lessons from the Field

    Case studies serve as a foundation for marketing strategy development. By analyzing successful marketing case studies, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of the tactics and approaches that have proven effective in the past. This knowledge enables them to make informed decisions and craft strategies that are more likely to succeed.

  7. How to Do Market Research: The Complete Guide

    Monitor and adapt. Now that you have gained insights into the various market research methods at your disposal, let's delve into the practical aspects of how to conduct market research effectively. Here's a quick step-by-step overview, from defining objectives to monitoring market shifts. 1. Set clear objectives.

  8. The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Case Studies

    Conclusion. Case studies are powerful marketing tools. They tell your potential customers relatable stories, demonstrate your company's success, and help you build credibility. Case studies will help you reach your audience in a way that no sales pitch, email, newsletter, or advertisement will.

  9. Marketing Research Case Study: Crucial Insights for Business

    Marketing Research Case Study: Crucial Insights for Business. Conversion Optimization 11 min READ. Propelrr. October 6, 2023. Transforming insights into actionable strategies has become a vital point in creating a marketing research case study. This unravels the intricate connection between market dynamics and consumer behavior, which provides ...

  10. Marketing Strategy: Articles, Research, & Case Studies on Marketing

    Building an 'ARMY' of Fans: Marketing Lessons from K-Pop Sensation BTS. Few companies can boast a customer base as loyal and engaged as BTS fans. In a case study, Doug Chung shares what marketers can learn from the boyband's savvy use of social media and authentic connection with listeners.

  11. 10 Marketing Case Study Examples

    Without going into details about the methods, it's another typical third-person case study designed to build trust. 6. Video marketing case study: L'Oréal and YouTube. In this case study, various members of L'Oréal's global marketing team break down exactly how they used YouTube ads to launch a new product.

  12. Marketing Articles, Research, & Case Studies

    In a case study, Doug Chung shares what marketers can learn from the boyband's savvy use of social media and authentic connection with listeners. Marketing research from Harvard Business School faculty on issues including advertising, crisis communications, social media, digital marketing techniques and strategy.

  13. 12 great case study examples (plus case study writing tips)

    Reading about the mechanics of case studies is more straightforward than writing case studies from scratch. That's why we've gathered 12 real-life marketing case study examples you can review before you embark on creating yours. 1. GatherContent | University of Edinburgh. GatherContent case study example.

  14. Case Study Method: A Step-by-Step Guide for Business Researchers

    Although case studies have been discussed extensively in the literature, little has been written about the specific steps one may use to conduct case study research effectively (Gagnon, 2010; Hancock & Algozzine, 2016).Baskarada (2014) also emphasized the need to have a succinct guideline that can be practically followed as it is actually tough to execute a case study well in practice.

  15. How to write a case study

    Case study examples. While templates are helpful, seeing a case study in action can also be a great way to learn. Here are some examples of how Adobe customers have experienced success. Juniper Networks. One example is the Adobe and Juniper Networks case study, which puts the reader in the customer's shoes.

  16. 4 Successful Market Research Examples by Top Brands

    And for even more evidence that market research is a crucial part of any marketer's job, let's look at an example of what happens when a company skips that all-important market research. In 2013 Facebook partnered with HTC to launch a smartphone, called First. Using Facebook's interface as its home screen, the First hit the market with a ...

  17. Case Studies on Successful Niche Market Campaigns

    Successful Niche Market Campaigns: Case Study 2. In this intriguing case study, we delve into the realm of successful niche market campaigns. Our focus is on Case Study 2, where we explore the careful planning, innovative marketing strategies, and outstanding results achieved. From understanding the background and overview of the niche market ...

  18. 6 Famous Brands That Depend on Market Research

    As a result of the market research study, LEGO launched a new toy line, "Friends" to encourage girls to play with LEGO toys. LEGO used market research data to determine the bright colors of the packaging and the figurines' size. 💡 The Key Takeaway: Market research is a stranger to no industry-and that includes toys. LEGO used it to ...

  19. Developing Successful Market Intelligence: A Case Study

    The author describes the setting up of a market intelligence function within the UK subsidiary of a multinational computer company, using marketing techniques to research and "sell" the service to other departments within the company. The value‐activities of marketing - market understanding, strategy formulation, detailed planning and ...

  20. Market Segmentation Case Studies

    Case Studies: Successful Examples of Market Segmentation ... The campaign involved extensive market research to identify the most common names within specific regions. This approach allowed Coca-Cola to create a strong emotional connection with consumers by making the product more personalized and shareable. The campaign was a tremendous ...

  21. A Case Study: Successful Market Research Survey Translation

    Market research surveys are a powerful tool for businesses seeking to understand their target audiences and make informed decisions. However, when dealing with international market research projects, the introduction of language and cultural requirements can create the need for a sophisticated translation and localization process. In this case study, we delve into a recent project where our ...

  22. Case Study: Drive Adoption of Your Marketing Automation Platform

    Leveraging investments in marketing automation requires CMOs to motivate and coordinate key stakeholders across customer-facing functions. Learn how dsm-firmenich drove adoption of its marketing automation platform through multilevel evangelization and value-based use-case prioritization. Included in Full Research

  23. Market Research Case Studies

    Our Case Studies. When commissioning market research or seeking a new research provider, we understand that you require reassurance that we have relevant experience and proven results. Out of respect for client confidentiality, we are rarely able to provide 'full' case studies, but we really do want to give you a feel for the work we do and ...

  24. B2B Content Marketing Trends 2024 [Research]

    New research into B2B content marketing trends for 2024 reveals specifics of AI implementation, social media use, and budget forecasts, plus content success factors. ... up from 89% last year), videos (84%, up from 75% last year), and case studies/customer stories (78%, up from 67% last year). Almost three-quarters (71%) use long articles, 60% ...

  25. The State of Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2024

    The Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2024 is our latest overview of the influencer marketing industry. It summarizes the thoughts of more than 3000 marketing agencies, brands, and other relevant professionals regarding the current state of influencer marketing, along with some predictions of how people expect it to move over the next year and into the future.

  26. A Franchise's Guide To Becoming A Local Influencer

    A Client Case Study. One of our clients, a premier window and door installer with a new franchise in Raleigh, North Carolina, faced a challenging competitive environment dominated by established ...

  27. National Research Corporation (NRC) Q1 2024 Earnings Call Transcript

    National Research Corporation [NRC] Q1 2024 Earnings Conference Call May 8, 2024 11:00 AM ETCompany ParticipantsLinda Stacy - VP, FinanceMark Scudder -...