Cloud data migration use cases

  • Use Case 1: One-time massive data migration
  • Use Case 2: Continuous on-premises data migration
  • Use Case 3: Continuous streaming data ingestion


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Products and Services

Cisco XDR UI displayed on monitor

Security operations simplified

Go from endless investigation to remediating the highest priority incidents with AI-enhanced speed, efficiency, and decisiveness.

Take the attack to the attackers

Cisco Identity Intelligence

Unify data and telemetry regardless of vendor or vector

Expose complex threats across multiple control points—network, cloud, endpoint, email, identity, and apps—to simplify and accelerate incident response.


Focus on the most critical threats and security gaps

Act on what truly matters by prioritizing incidents based on risk and impact to your organization while mapping product coverage to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Cisco AI Assistant

Elevate productivity with AI assistance and automation

Remediate threats quickly and decisively with AI-guided response and automation that levels up the performance and effectiveness of your security operations team.

Built for SecOps pros by SecOps pros

Investigate, prioritize, and fortify.

Uncover sophisticated attacks and use AI to prioritize incidents across multiple security controls based on risk score and asset value, while strengthening your security posture with MITRE ATT&CK coverage mapping that exposes gaps in your defenses.

Incidents View

Command every response and action

Streamline incident response by simplifying preparation, detection, analysis, containment, eradication, and recovery, which can involve anything from adding a worknote to implementing an automated response.

Incident Response

Gain visibility into users and devices

Get a comprehensive user and device inventory for contextual awareness that simplifies investigations and identifies gaps, while tracking user behaviors and devices to assess your security posture and stop threats before problems occur.

Device Insights

Speed and simplify the analyst experience

Reduce complexity while increasing efficiency with the Cisco AI Assistant in XDR. Make faster decisions, eliminate errors, and increase consistency while easily monitoring incidents, endpoint compromises, and more, in one place with customizable dashboards.

Command Center

Self-guided demos: Cisco XDR, and Ransomware Recovery with Cisco XDR

Learn how we collect and correlate data, then apply analytics and intel to prioritize risk-based threats and recommend responses. See how we detect threats early, initiate snapshot backups, and restore critical infrastructure to a known good state.

Bring your security stack together with Cisco XDR

CrowdStrike logo

Endpoint telemetry and response integrations

Seamlessly integrate popular endpoint detection and response tools to extend security investments.

Cloud and network telemetry and response integrations

Easily connect cloud, network, and firewall security tools to gain insights across your environment.

Email telemetry and response integrations

Effortlessly integrate email and applications data from leading solutions to deliver secure access.

Integrate Cisco security tools to unlock more value

Cisco secure endpoint.

Stay ahead of the latest threats with simplified, automated endpoint security.

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense

Protect against damaging and costly email threats that can compromise your brand and operations.

Cisco Secure Network Analytics

Achieve powerful network visibility to find sophisticated, covert threats, and suspicious behavior.

Secure applications and enable frictionless access with strong MFA and more. Establish user and device trust, gain visibility into devices, and enable secure access to all apps.

Flexible licensing options for every business

Built by practitioners for practitioners with built-in integrations across the Cisco security portfolio so analysts can detect and respond to the most sophisticated threats.

Includes all features in Essentials plus commercially supported and curated integrations with select third-party tools to rapidly respond to threats regardless of vector or vendor.

Offers XDR as a managed service provided by Cisco security experts. Includes security validation through penetration testing and select Cisco Talos Incident Response services.

Related product documentation

Cisco xdr: security operations simplified.

Learn about the challenges SOC analysts face and how Cisco XDR is designed to address them.

5 Ways to Experience XDR

Explore the top-5 XDR use cases mapped to the NIST Incident Management Framework.

Enhanced analytics, greater outcomes with Cisco XDR

Secure Cloud Analytics and Cisco XDR join forces for enhanced SecOps to merge, correlate, and enable swift threat response.

An XDR Primer: The Promise of Simplifying Security Operations

Learn how an effective XDR solution can simplify the Security Operations Center (SOC) experience.

Customer insights

Cut through the security noise .


"The alert prioritization in Cisco XDR saves us a ton of time and helps us investigate the most important issues first!"

Nate Haleen, Lead Developer and Division Lead for Programming, Procellis

Find and remediate threats faster


"With Cisco XDR, our full security suite works together so we can quickly and confidently deal with the threats that matter most to our business."

Mark Rodrigue, Senior Network Engineer​, Room and Board

Simplify security operations

Hendricks Regional Health logo

"Cisco XDR makes it simple for us to investigate incidents across all the security products we already own."

Jason Lantz, IS Manager and Architect for Infrastructure and Security, Hendricks Regional Health

Take the next step

It's time to go from endless investigation to remediating the highest priority incidents with greater speed, efficiency, and confidence.



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    Data Center Migration and Database Replatforming to AWS Cloud

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  18. Cloud data migration use cases

    Use cases. Use Case 1: One-time massive data migration. Use Case 2: Continuous on-premises data migration. Use Case 3: Continuous streaming data ingestion.

  19. Cisco XDR

    Speed and simplify the analyst experience. Reduce complexity while increasing efficiency with the Cisco AI Assistant in XDR. Make faster decisions, eliminate errors, and increase consistency while easily monitoring incidents, endpoint compromises, and more, in one place with customizable dashboards. Read At-a-Glance (PDF)