awesome powerpoint presentation examples

20 Really Good PowerPoint Examples to Inspire Your Next Presentation

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

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PowerPoint's Design Ideas

You might have the most amazing idea that you wish to share with the world, but you might not get the results you want if the delivery isn’t good. Although as a tool, PowerPoint is pretty easy to use and intuitive, creating a good PowerPoint presentation is not a simple task. There is a lot of things to consider when designing your slides from the words you use, to the copy structure, data visualization, and overall design. This is why today we gathered 20 really good PowerPoint examples of presentations that flawlessly deliver their messages. These creative ideas will surely inspire you to make your next presentation your best one, as they all share good design and engaging storytelling.

“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.” – Harvey Diamond

1. Idea to Identify: The Design of Brand

This is a long one. Here we have a 242 slides presentation that exposes the myriad facets of design and how they impact the brand identity. The presentation has a lot of data to show and spreads it throughout more than 200 slides to make it easy to read and follow. In all, this is the best way to present a lot of information: instead of overwhelming the viewers with text walls, the presenter simply adds more slides.

  • Author:   Sudio Sudarsan

2. Jeunesse Opportunity Presentation 2021

This is a great example of brand presentation with company profile, product system, plan, and reward. It gives a similar experience to browsing a website.

  • Author:   DASH2 – Jeunesse Global

3. Accenture Tech Vision 2020

A short and sweet presentation about how companies prepare for data regulation and how this impacts the customer experience. 

  • Author:   Accenture

4. APIs as Digital Factories’ New Machines

A comparison presentation of how companies capture most of the market value. It explains well how to view the economy from a different perspective and adopt customer-centric thinking. The presentation has a lot of value, it’s well structured and it’s a good read in only 28 slides.

  • Author:  Apidays

5. 24 Books You’ve Never Heard Of – But Will Change Your Life

This is a great example of how repeating slides design for the same type of content isn’t a synonym for being unimaginative. It’s pretty straightforward: it promises 24 titles, an inspirational introduction, and a slide for each book that will change your life.

  • Author:   Ryan Holiday

6. 10 Memorable David Bowie Quotes

Not always presentations must have a specific educational or conventional goal. Sometimes, it could be a cool personal project meant to inspire your audience. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love David Bowie? A presentation with 10 memorable quotes by him is worth watching. 

  • Author: Stinson

7. Creative Mornings San Diego 

  • Author:   Anne McColl

8. Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview

A report heavy-data presentation about everything you need to know about mobile, internet, social media, and e-commerce use around the world in 2020. It’s a long read but comprehensive and well-illustrated with data visualization.

  • Author:   DataReportal

9. Blitzscaling: Book Trailer

One of the most well-made presentations about informative topics such as startup’s life-cycle and where the most value is created. It’s designed as a book, consistent, with lesser text as possible, and imitates animation by adding new content on copies of the same slide. 

  • Author:  Reid Hoffman

10. Poor Self-Esteem: Just Beat It!

A very valuable presentation that takes on the reasons for low self-esteem and how to overcome it. The design is very simple and comprehensive and even suitable for social media carousel posts.

  • Author:

11. You Suck At PowerPoint!

This presentation is more than a decade old and still checks out. After all, you could expect great presentation design from someone who talks about design mistakes and how to overcome them.  61 slides of a fun experience and a great read.

  • Author:  Jesse Desjardins

12. Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling, originally tweeted by Emma Coats, in a 24-slides presentation with a custom design. 

  • Author:   Gavin McMahon

13. A Complete Guide To The Best Times To Post On Social Media

A fun little presentation with great value. It takes on the most effective times to post on social media, send an email, or publish a blog.

  • Author:   TrackMaven

14. Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint

The next presentation honors Seth Godin and his wisdom. It uses his book’s insights to visualize all the tips in 45 engaging slides.

  • Author:   HighSpark

15. 10 Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters

This presentation is for presenters who wish to become better. And what better way than getting inspired by the world’s greatest presenters and accessing some of their secrets. 

  • Author:   HubSpot

16. Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge

For starters, this presentation has a very captivating title and opening. Winning the attention from the very start, it continues with consistent clean design and great content. It delivers exactly what it promised. 

  • Author: Velocity Partners

17. Displaying Data

More insightful advice and tips from professional presenters that check out to this very day. It’s a great presentation about visualizing your data in the best way possible and it also delivers it with design.

  • Author:   Bipul Deb Nath

18. 5 Storytelling Lessons From Superhero Stories

Custom-made presentation with illustrations made specifically for the occasion, and brilliant execution. It shows it’s definitely worth it to spend time making your presentation more personal and from scratch. 

19. 10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation

Another custom presentation with icons-style illustrations about how to avoid cringe when making presentations. 

  • Author:   Stinson

20. The Designer’s Guide to Startup Weekend

You will work hard all weekend long but you will also find new friends, mentors, and the chance to promote yourself. A pretty wholesome presentation with a custom design where the presenter shares her own experience in the world of startups.

  • Author:  Iryna Nezhynska

That’s It!

These 20 presentations prove that PowerPoint is never out of date and it’s a great tool to deliver your message across. We hope you got inspired for your next presentation and make your audience fall in love with your concepts.

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awesome powerpoint presentation examples

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17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style and Professionalism

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By Iveta Pavlova

in Inspiration

6 years ago

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17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style and Professionalism

There are way too many bad PowerPoint presentation examples that can bore you to death. Well, today’s post is not about them. We believe that it’s always important to show the good examples out there and follow their lead. We admit it, it was pretty hard to dig out the good PowerPoint presentation examples from the mass. We’ve added our opinion on each piece and why we believe it’s worthy of being included in this collection. Let’s begin!

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1. The Sketchnote Mini-Workshop by Mike Rohde

An eye-catchy PowerPoint presentation example whose content is fully hand-written. What we love about this design, is the high personalization level that is achieved via handwriting. It almost feels like the author is drawing and writing in front of the viewers’ eyes. A digital presentation that conveys a physical feeling.

2. 10 Ways to Spread The Love in The Office by Elodie A.

The following presentation is a real eye candy. We can’t help it, the cartoon style lives in our hearts. An incredibly appealing PowerPoint presentation that brings positive vibes and a good mood through vibrant cartoon illustrations. It gets bonus points for the usage of bullet points and little text.

3. The Great State of Design with CSS Grid Layout and Friends by Stacy Kvernmo

A presentation that tells a story is always a good example that everyone should follow. This PowerPoint presentation has a lot of slides that tell different mini-stories. The way they are depicted is really engaging – they almost look like a sequence of frames that make up a video. This technique really nails the viewers’ attention.

4. We live in a VUCA world by Little Dragon Films

A classy design of a PowerPoint presentation example – a dark theme and white font on top with just a single color accent – red. Such designs are really suitable for serious topics like this one. To soften the contrast between the black background and white font, the author has used a gradient on the background which gives the illusion of soft light in the middle of the design.

5. 2017 Marketing Predictions—Marketo by Marketo

A design that was made over a year ago but it’s still really trendy. In the following PowerPoint presentation example, we can see the combination of 3D shapes, beautiful hand-written fonts, negative space techniques, and more. The overall feeling is of futuristic design. Moreover, they used the color of 2018 – Ultra Violet for their color scheme. Maybe, they did predict the future after all.

6. 10 Ways Your Boss Kills Employee Motivation by Officevibe

Who doesn’t like to see a familiar face? We know your audience does! It’s proven that if you show a familiar face to your viewers, you nail their attention and boost their engagement level. This is the technique used in the following PowePoint presentation. Moreover, the inner slides of the presentation are also cartoons with big conceptual illustrations and little text. The formula for a really good presentation.

7. How to Successfully Run a Remote Team from

We haven’t really seen many PowerPoint presentation examples with top-view illustrations. The following presentation really reminded us that when presenting to an audience, you should always think: How to make your design stand out from the rest? Well, this one really caught our eye. In addition, we love the bright colors, geometric shapes, and overall flat feeling, all of which are among the graphic design trends for 2022 .

8. SXSW 2018 – Top Trends by Matteo Sarzana

People love visuals and this is an undeniable fact. The whole PowerPoint presentation is built on high-quality photos, each including a little tagline in the middle. We love the consistency, we love the factor of surprise, and we love the high engagement level this presentation creates. Just make sure to back up such presentation type with a good speech!

9. How to study effectively? by sadraus

Semi-transparent overlays, geometric shapes, a video inside… Everything about this PowerPoint presentation screams “modern”. The grayscale coloring is accompanied by a fresh green color accent. The choice of images clearly suggests that the target audience is young people. The overall feeling that we get from this PowerPoint presentation – is youthful and modern.

10. Study: The Future of VR, AR, and Self-Driving Cars by LinkedIn

A presentation about the future should look futuristic, right? The following PowerPoint presentation example is proof that you should always connect the subject of your presentation to its design. Everything in this presentation speaks of futuristic: the choice of fonts, colors, effects, and even some elements look like holograms from the future.

11. 9 things I’ve learned about SaaS by Christoph Janz

A PowerPoint presentation example created in a consistent style by using a blue theme. Why did we include this presentation? We love the fact that the author has shown an alternation of text and visuals (from slides 7 to 22). This technique is proven to hold the attention of the viewer. Moreover, the way the graphics are presented (on a napkin) draws the interest even more.

12. How To Achieve Something Extraordinary In Life by Sultan Suleman Chaudhry

A PowerPoint presentation example that shows consistency and style by using a strict color scheme: orange, beige, and deep blue. Orange and blue are one of the most popular contrasting combinations widely used in all kinds of designs. If you are not sure what colors to go with, simply choose a tested color scheme.

13. New trends to look out for 2018 winter season by FemmeConnection

Geometric shapes and negative space techniques are among the  graphic design trends for 2018  which is why we see them often in PowerPoint presentation examples and other designs. In the following presentation, we can see a collection of women’s clothes presented in a very engaging way with the help of rounded geometric shapes, negative space technique, and the color pink.

14. Fear of Failure by Sultan Suleman Chaudhry

Speaking of the usage of geometric elements in the presentation’s design, let’s see another example. An elegant design decorated with circles, triangles, and more geometric details. What else we love about this presentation is that it only has one color accent – light yellow which looks classy and pleasant for the eye.

15. The Three Lies About Your Age by Sean Si

A great choice of fonts, beautiful semi-transparent geometric elements, and trendy futuristic colors. This is one of the PowerPoint presentation examples that we absolutely love. The story is engaging and the design is extremely appealing – a combination that keeps the viewers’ eyes on the screen from the beginning till the end.

16. Secrets to a Great Team by Elodie A.

Bright, fun, using lots of illustrations and cartoon characters – definitely our kind of PowerPoint presentation. Why do we love it so much? Well, cartoons are real ice-breakers between you and your audience. Moreover, cartoon characters are easier to relate to than a real human face. If you need to connect on a deeper level with your audience, this is your kind of presentation!

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17. How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Plan by Post Planner

A great presentation PowerPoint example with watercolor illustrations and backgrounds that look hand-drawn. We also see semi-transparent colorful overlays, high-quality conceptual photos, and great, useful content. What more would you want from a presentation, right?

We always love to hear your opinion about stuff. So, what do you think of these PowerPoint presentation examples? Do you think that you’ve created a presentation better than these? We’d love to see your own creations in the comments below if you want to share them with us.

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awesome powerpoint presentation examples

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awesome powerpoint presentation examples

60+ Best Cool PowerPoint Templates (With Awesome Design)

PowerPoint slideshows used to be the boring part of a meeting or presentation. But now, with the help of cool PowerPoint templates, everyone can make presentation slideshows look more interesting and attractive, even if you don’t have any experience in PowerPoint slideshow design.

For this collection, we gathered some modern and stylish PowerPoint presentation templates you can easily customize to make your slideshows look cooler. Download one of these cool PowerPoint templates, open it up, and start customizing right away!

Plus, we’re featuring our tips for making a cool PowerPoint template that stands out from the crowd!

2 Million+ PowerPoint Templates, Themes, Graphics + More

Download thousands of PowerPoint templates, and many other design elements, with a monthly Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presentation templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.

Pitch PowerPoint

Pitch PowerPoint


Minimal PPT Templates

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Animated PPT Templates

Animated PPT Templates

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Business PPT Templates

Business PPT Templates

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Spectrum – Colorful PowerPoint Presentation Template

Spectrum Presentation Template

Spectrum not only comes with a cool and colorful design but it also features a massive collection of over 100 unique slide designs.

It includes lots of multipurpose slides with charts, graphs, icons, vector shapes, and much more. As a bonus, you’ll also get an Apple Keynote version of the template as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Being able to choose from so many cool slide designs is only one of the many benefits of this template. The multipurpose design also makes it suitable for all sorts of presentations.

Trato – Cool PowerPoint Portfolio Template

Trato - Cool PowerPoint Portfolio Template

This PowerPoint template comes filled with lots of cool colors that give it a fun and creative feel. It will fit perfectly for your portfolio presentations, especially for creators, artists, freelancers, and small agencies. The template has 24 customizable slide layouts with editable graphics.

Convita – Cool PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template

Convita - Cool PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template

Are you a fan of gradient colors, creative geometric shapes, and uncommon content layout designs? Then this PPT is for you. It has one of the coolest designs of all the templates on our list. And there are more than 30 different slide designs in this template for you to choose from.

Maroon – Minimal & Cool Powerpoint Template

Maroon - Minimal & Cool Powerpoint template

Maroon is a minimalist PowerPoint template that uses some cool shapes and graphics to make each slide look cooler than the other. You get 40 different slide layouts that are available in 50 color themes as well as in dark and light versions.

Shinos – Cool Dark Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Shinos - Cool Dark Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

If you look closer, you’ll notice the creative approach used in this PowerPoint template. It uses a very pitch-black dark background to clearly highlight all of the other graphics and typography. It’s a great template for making pitch decks for marketing presentations.

Bell Curve – Free Cool PowerPoint Template

Bell Curve - Free Cool PowerPoint Template

Marketers will surely appreciate this free PowerPoint template as it comes with some useful slide layouts filled with charts and graphs. It includes 25 slides with cool designs and editable elements. You can download it for free.

Telo – Cool Business PowerPoint Template

Telo - Cool Business PowerPoint Template

Telo is another cool and creative PowerPoint template you can use for business presentations. It has lots of modern slide layouts that are most suitable for product and startup slideshows. There are 39 unique slides in this template.

Baekju – Cool Business Presentation PPT

Baekju - Cool Business Presentation PPT

This PowerPoint template comes with 25 carefully crafted slide designs. These slides feature clean and minimal designs with an aesthetic feel. It’s ideal for creative agencies and lifestyle businesses. The template includes image gallery slides, charts, graphs, and more.

Expro Studio – Colorful Business PPT Template

Expro Studio - Colorful Business PPT Template

If you’re working on a presentation for a modern agency, conference, or event, this template will help you craft a cool slideshow for your project. There are 36 slides in this template with easily customizable shapes, fonts, colors, and image placeholders.

Bida – Agency Portfolio Cool PowerPoint Template

Bida - Modern Agency Portfolio Cool PowerPoint Template

Bida is a cool PowerPoint presentation with a bold design. This template is perfect for crafting modern slideshows for businesses in the lifestyle, sports, luxury watches, and men’s products industries. The template has 39 unique slides that you can customize to your preference.

Free Cool Acid Graphics Style PowerPoint Template

Free Cool Acid Graphics Style PowerPoint Template

You can download this PowerPoint template for free to create a cool and groovy presentation for a modern agency. It features 24 unique slides with acid graphics-style objects, shapes, and elements.

Lelelike – Cool PowerPoint Templates

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Lelelike is a cool and creative PowerPoint presentation that can be fully customized to meet your requirements. Whether you want to create a pitch deck, startup investment presentation, or a personal portfolio, Lelelike is your sure-fire bet.

Karbon – Cool PowerPoint Templates

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

If you’re looking for a colorful and trendy PowerPoint template that really helps you make an impression, consider Karbon, a modern and unique ppt design featuring 100 plus slides, high contrast color schemes, and much more.

Ciri – Minimal Cool PowerPoint Template

Ciri - Minimal Cool Powerpoint Template

Sometimes the coolest things come in simple designs. This PowerPoint template is just like that. It features a calm yet cool design that’s ideal for designing both professional and creative presentations. It includes 59 unique slides with editable charts, graphs, and animations.

Source Exclusive – Cool PowerPoint Templates

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

An absolute dapper of a presentation, Source Exclusive comes with a cool and stylish design that perfectly fits a range of creative applications. It offers 36 unique slides, drag and drop image placeholders, free fonts, and editable graphics.

Mooshie – Free Cool PowerPoint Templates

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Check out Mooshie, a cute, and pretty-looking presentation featuring a dazzling design inspired by pop art culture. It offers an array of beautiful slides, fully customizable graphics, and virtually everything you’d express in a cool, and innovative PowerPoint template.

XGDragon – Free Cool PowerPoint Templates

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Wanting an edgy, unconventional PowerPoint template for your next fashion or photography presentation? Look no further than XGDragon, a ppt that reflects style and personality in every slide. The best part? It’s available for free download.

Mevla – Creative PowerPoint Template

Mevla - Creative Powerpoint Template

Featuring a dark and creative color theme, this PowerPoint template comes with 30 unique slides. You can also choose from 5 different color schemes to customize the design of this template. It includes lots of editable graphics and shapes as well.

Onfire – Creative PowerPoint Template

Onfire - Creative Powerpoint Template

This is a modern and creative PowerPoint template that certainly does justice to its name. It features a set of 30 unique slides that feature attractive designs filled with shapes that allows you to showcase information is a professional way. The template is available in 5 different color schemes as well.

Neaches – Minimal PowerPoint Template

Neaches - Minimal Powerpoint Template

Featuring a minimal and stylish slide design, this PowerPoint template comes with a total of 150 slides that are ideal for making presentations for creative brands and agencies. The template also includes lots of editable vector graphics, illustrations, and image placeholders for easier editing.

Clover – Modern PowerPoint Template

Clover - Modern Powerpoint Template

Clover is an attractive PowerPoint template that comes with a set of creative slides that are designed for promoting apps, services, and products. The template is easily customizable and comes with 3 different color schemes as well as in light and dark background themes.

Dotto – Cool Free PowerPoint Template

Dotto - Cool Free Powerpoint Template

This modern and free PowerPoint template features a cool and stylish design that lets you create unique slideshows for creative presentations. The template includes 20 unique slide designs with fully editable content layouts.

Free Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Free Business Powerpoint Presentation Template

Another great free PowerPoint template featuring a set of colorful and creative slides. It’s perfect for making a simple presentation for business and branding projects. The template includes 22 unique slides.

Blurry Night – Innovative PowerPoint Templates

cool powerpoint template

Blurry Night is a bold, and stylish presentation template that offers 22 gorgeously designed slides, fully editable in Microsoft PowerPoint. It provides you with everything that you might need to deliver a stand out presentation and impress your audience.

Tesla – Cool PowerPoint Templates

cool powerpoint template

If you’re looking to hunt down cool PowerPoint templates, Tesla is well worth checking out. It features 76 slides that can be molded to your specific requirements in just a few easy clicks.

Morning – Modern PowerPoint Templates

cool powerpoint template

Morning is a clean, and creative PowerPoint template that will make your presentation next level attractive. It’s a must-have product in your PowerPoint collection if you truly value standing out from the pack.

WaterColor – Cool PowerPoint Templates

cool powerpoint template

WaterColor is an effortlessly stylish, and unique Powerpoint template that will instantly draw your audience’s attention, and keep it there. It features 80 unique slides that can be fully customized to your heart’s content.

Koffee – Cool PowerPoint Templates

cool powerpoint template

Koffee is a solid choice for anyone looking to create a cool, and innovative presentation. It’s a multipurpose template that can be used for nearly any business, or industry under the sun. Check it out now.

Comersa – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Comersa - Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

This modern PowerPoint template is perfect for making a presentation to showcase your portfolio and fashion designs. The template includes 30 unique slides with multipurpose design and features image placeholders as well.

Lawyero – Law Firm PowerPoint Presentation

Lawyero - Law & Firm Powerpoint Presentation

If you’re working on a presentation for a law firm or a lawyer, this creative PowerPoint template will help you design an effective presentation that attracts attention. The template includes 40 unique slides with vector icons.

Karpetian – Colorful PowerPoint Template

Karpetian - Colorful Powerpoint Template

Karpetian PowerPoint template features a modern and colorful design that also features a professional content arrangement for making presentations for all types of events and purposes. The template includes a total of 150 slides.

Nilo – Education PowerPoint Template

Nilo - Education Powerpoint Template

This stylish PowerPoint template has been designed specifically for making presentations for schools and education-related businesses. The template comes with 25 unique slides featuring creative illustrations and transition animations.

Lefite – Magazine PowerPoint Template

Lefite - Magazine PowerPoint Template

A modern and minimalist PowerPoint template ideal for creative professionals and freelancers for making convincing presentations to win more clients. This template includes 30 unique slides featuring customizable vector graphics and image placeholders.

Free Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

A multipurpose PowerPoint template you can use for free to design various presentations. This template comes with 22 stylish slide layouts with animations and transitions. It also features image placeholders as well.

Free Minimalist Style PowerPoint Template

Free Minimalist Style Powerpoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is most suitable for designing clean and simple presentations for creatives and professionals. It includes 30 unique slides you can easily customize to your preference.

Moisture – Modern PowerPoint Template

Moisture - Modern Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template has also been designed with creative agencies and freelancers in mind. It comes with a set of slides you can use to showcase your services, skills, and portfolio in a professional way. The slides are available in 5 different color schemes as well.

Markethy – Marketing PowerPoint Template

Markethy - Marketing Powerpoint Template

You can use this cool PowerPoint template to design an attractive slideshow for all kinds of marketing and sales presentations. The template is fully customizable and features 3 premade color schemes to choose from with dark and light themes.

MILD – Minimal & Cool PowerPoint Template

MILD - Minimal & Cool Powerpoint Template

Mild comes with a set of 35 unique slides featuring modern and cool designs. It also includes 50 different color themes with light and dark styles. The multipurpose design of the slides will allow you to create any kind of creative, business, or corporate slideshow using this PowerPoint template.

Maximus – Modern & Cool PowerPoint Template

Maximus - Modern & Cool Powerpoint Template

Maximus is a cool PowerPoint template made for business and corporate presentations. It comes with 30 unique slides that are available in 5 different color schemes, making a total of 130 slides. The template includes a unique infographic and lots of other vector elements.

Voda – Creative Cool PowerPoint Template

Voda - Creative Cool Powerpoint Template

Voda features a dark and cool color theme that better highlights your content in each slide. The template includes 80 unique slides and a total of 240 slides. You can also choose from 5 different color themes for the slides, including a multi-colored version.

Colors – Free Colorful PowerPoint Template

Colors - Colorful free Powerpoint template

This colorful and free PowerPoint template comes with 60 unique slide layouts featuring unlimited color options, image placeholders, editable shapes, and much more you can use to create cool and stylish presenattions.

Look – Free Cool PowerPoint Template

Look - Free Cool Powerpoint Template

Look is a cool free PowerPoint template you can use to make stylish presentations for showcasing fashion brands and designs. The template includes 55 unique slides with fully customizable layouts.

Color FUN – Cool PowerPoint Template

Color FUN - Cool Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a colorful design filled with attractive designs, icons, vector shapes, infographics, and more. The template includes more than 50 unique slides. You can customize and resize everything in the template and change colors however you like.

F2 & Black End – Cool PowerPoint Template

F2 & Black End - Cool Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking for a multipurpose PowerPoint template you can use for creative, business, or personal presentation designs, this template is a must-have. It comes in both light and dark color themes as well as a cool design featuring easily customizable vectors and image placeholders.

RAVI – Cool PowerPoint Template

RAVI - Cool Powerpoint Template

Ravi is a minimal and modern PowerPoint template that comes with plenty of cool slides for creating a professional presentation slideshow. The template includes 100 unique slides featuring 40 curated colors. It also comes with lots of infographics, vector shapes, charts, graphs, and more.

Meldow – Cool PowerPoint Template

Meldow - Cool Powerpoint Template

Meldow is a clean and stylish PowerPoint template featuring more than 150 slides. The template is available in 5 different premade color schemes. Each template comes with 30 unique slides. It’s perfect for business and agency presentations.

Yellow – Cool Creative PowerPoint Template

Yellow - Cool Creative Powerpoint Template

Just as the name describes, this cool PowerPoint template features lots of yellow throughout the design. This makes it a great choice for creating marketing and creative presentations. Of course, the colors can also be easily customized to your preference as well.

Wagner – Free Cool PowerPoint Template

Wagner - Free Cool PowerPoint Template

Wagner is a free PowerPoint template featuring a set of modern slides you can use to design different types of business and creative presentations. The template comes with editable shapes and vectors as well.

UCorporate – Cool Business PowerPoint Template

UCorporate - Cool Business PowerPoint Template

Who says corporate presentations shouldn’t look cool? With this stylishly modern PowerPoint template, you can design cool and interesting slideshows for corporate and business meetings without affecting the professionalism. The template is available in light and dark color themes.

SOFT – Minimal & Cool PowerPoint Template

SOFT - Minimal & Cool PowerPoint Template

Minimalism is a part of making things look cool. Soft PowerPoint template will make any kind of a creative, business, or professional presentation look cool with its clean design. The template 70 unique slides in multipurpose design featuring data charts, portfolios, gallery slides, and more.

Trending – Cool PowerPoint Template

Trending - Cool PowerPoint Template

Trending is a PowerPoint template you can use to design a cool slideshow presentation for business and corporate meetings. It comes with many useful slides such as business model slides, marketing strategy, traction, projections, and more. It includes a total of 420 slides featuring 6 colors.

KEPO – Minimal Cool Powerpoint Template

KEPO - Minimal Cool Powerpoint Template

Kepo is a stylish and creative PowerPoint template that comes with a minimal design. This template is most suitable for educational presentations as it features a design that effectively highlights content. It includes 65 unique slides with 50 curated colors.

Motion – Cool Powerpoint Template

Motion - Cool Powerpoint Template

Motion PowerPoint template comes with creative slides filled with stylish graphics, vector shapes, and icons. The template featuring 30 unique slides in 5 premade color schemes. It also includes gallery and portfolio slides as well as image placeholders for easier customization.

Sweet – Cool Powerpoint Template

Sweet - Cool Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a feminine design that makes it most suitable for fashion and beauty related presentations. It also includes vector graphics, infographics, creative icons, and much more.

Bravo – Modern & Cool Powerpoint Template

Bravo - Modern & Cool Powerpoint Template

Bravo is a minimal and colorful PowerPoint template featuring a total of 225 slides. The template is available in 5 different color schemes with 45 slides in each template. You can use this template to create professional and agency presentations related to design and marketing.

Dilanova – Cool Fashion Powerpoint Template

Dilanova - Cool Fashion Powerpoint Presentation

Dilanova is a cool PowerPoint template made for promoting fashion related brands and businesses. You can use it to promote clothing brands as well as fashion photography. The template includes 30 unique slides and they are available in 2 different color themes.

Creative – Cool Powerpoint Template

Creative - Cool Powerpoint Template

Just as the name suggests, this PowerPoint template comes with lots of slides featuring creative designs. It includes 25 slides in 5 color designs, making it a total of 120 slides. It also comes with a handcrafted infographic, gallery and infographic slides, and more.

Agency Portfolio- Cool Powerpoint Template

Agency Portofolio- Cool Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template is made for creating presentations for agencies and creative professionals. It features 50 unique slides featuring cool and clean designs. The slides also include lots of charts, graphs, icons, and more for creating more compelling presentations as well.

Wordsmith – Cool Creative PowerPoint Template

Wordsmith - Cool Creative PowerPoint Template

Wordsmith PowerPoint template comes with 20 unique slides based on master slide designs. The template uses a dark color theme for creating much cooler and professional presentation slideshows.

FAB – Powerpoint Presentation Template

FAB - Powerpoint Presentation Template

Fab is the perfect PowerPoint template you can use to create a modern and cool slideshow for photography and fashion related presentations. It comes with 35 unique slides featuring various vector elements. The templates are available in both PPT and PPTX formats for older and new PowerPoint versions.

FLOW- Cool Powerpoint Template

FLOW- Cool Powerpoint Template

Flow is a cool and creative PowerPoint template that features clean slide designs. The template comes with 40 unique slides with customizable designs and resizable vector elements. You can use it to create pitch decks, business presentations, professional slideshows, and much more.

Carezo- Creative Powerpoint Template

cool powerpoint template

Creating a presentation from scratch can be quite labor-intensive. This cool PowerPoint template is beneficial. It saves time, provides good visual design, and means that you can primarily spend your time and attention on the content of your presentation.

Toddlera – Kindergarten Powerpoint Template

cool powerpoint template

The Toddlera Kindergarten Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint is a modern and sleek professional presentation that will give a boost to your business meetings and lectures. It contains 30 beautifully designed slides that can be easily edited and adjusted to suit all of your professional and business needs.

Braze – Innovative Powerpoint Template

cool powerpoint template

If you were a manager, who wants to present the potential of a company, a lecturer who is eager to attract attention, or a student who wants to present a report – don’t hesitate, Braze is developed just for you!

5 Tips for Making a Cool PowerPoint Presentation

Not sure about how to make your PowerPoint presentation look cool to attract young audiences? Start by following these simple tips.

1. Make It Colorful

Colorful slides not only make your presentation look cooler but also help make it much easier to highlight specific parts of your slide content.

Arthe Powerpoint Template

However, making a colorful slideshow is not just about adding lots of colors. You should consider creating a color palette based on a theme like flat color or material color design to create consistency across the presentation.

2. Add Lots of Visuals

Needless to say, using images is one of the most effective ways of creating more impactful presentations that grab everyone’s attention. And it’s not just images that make your slideshow look cooler.

BATAGOR - Powerpoint Template

You can also use infographics, icons, and device mockups to show off your designs and visualize data to make your presentation look more visually appealing.

3. Make Creative Layouts

OZEN Powerpoint Template

As you browse through our templates collection you’ll notice how the content layout of each PowerPoint template changes from one another. Some feature layouts made with unique shapes, backgrounds, and formatting. Make sure to pick a content layout that helps your presentation stand out from the crowd.

4. Use Bold Fonts

NOVA Powerpoint Template

Changing from default fonts to a custom font can drastically improve the look and feel of your entire presentation design. Invest in a pair of premium fonts if you can to create more attractive headings and paragraphs. You can also use great free fonts as well. Just search for free fonts in our archives.

5. Take Advantage of Master Slides

Ability Sports Presentation Template

Master slides are pre-made layouts that allow you to create new blank slides with already formatted designs. Most premium templates come with multiple master slides. Use them to your advantage to create cooler presentations with unique designs of your own.

Also, check out the animated PowerPoint templates and minimal PowerPoint templates collections for more.

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10 Good PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Engaging presentations are the secret sauce of effective communication. They bring life to ideas and transform information into inspiration. They are the heartbeat of any memorable message, connecting with your audience. With the power to captivate, educate, and motivate your audience, the best PowerPoint presentations can turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand visuals. Hence, we will discuss good PowerPoint presentation examples.  

An engaging PowerPoint presentation perfectly blends content, design, and to-the-point information. A presentation’s visual appeal can significantly shape perceptions of credibility, commitment to a project, and relatability. Therefore, we have curated a list of good PowerPoint presentation examples for you to take inspiration from and make your next presentation stand out. 

What Makes A Good PowerPoint Presentation?

Shows Best powerpoint presentations

To create the best PowerPoint presentations, we can go overboard with numerous designs and template options in PowerPoint. Having a variety of choices, like colors, formats, visuals, and fonts, is a creative opportunity. However, being selective is vital because not all design choices lead to success and make for PowerPoint presentation examples. 

There’s no one correct way to design your next PowerPoint presentation. Still, some good and bad presentation example designs are more effective than others. While a bad presentation can give off an unprofessional look, a good one can visually establish your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

Let’s look at some of the excellent PowerPoint presentation examples that will help you up your presentation game:

  • Limited text
  • Less or minimal transitions and animations
  • Cohesive color pallet
  • Keeping contextual graphics
  • Customized illustrations
  • Use no font size smaller than 18 point
  • Logical flow of content
  • Effective use of bullet points
  • Proper symmetry between different paragraphs and pointers
  • Having an engaging summary with a clear Call to Action

Limited Text

Limited text in a PowerPoint presentation works wonders, transforming it into an engaging and crystal-clear presentation. Less is more when it comes to text on slides. Keeping your content concise allows your audience to focus on your message instead of squinting at paragraphs of information.

A slide with a striking image or impactful phrase instantly grabs attention and conveys your point. Using this approach makes your presentation look great. It also helps your audience remember key takeaways, making it one of the best PowerPoint presentation examples

PRO TIP: The golden rule of holding the audience’s attention is using 30 words per slide or a minimum of 6-8 lines on each slide to help create a seamless flow where graphics complement your spoken words.

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples With Limited Text:

Best PPT Presentation Example-Limited Text

Less or Minimal Transitions And Animations

Too many animations and transitions may not be your presentation’s best buddies. They can steal the spotlight from the core of your message. Best PowerPoint presentations shine by keeping animations and transitions in check. Use it in moderation to emphasize a point or draw attention to specific elements in your visuals.

One of the best PowerPoint presentation examples in terms of transitions and animations is using a “fade-in” animation for bullet points or critical pieces of information. Instead of displaying all the text at once, you can set it to appear one at a time as you discuss each one. This gradual reveal creates curiosity and keeps your audience engaged and focused on the current topic. 

READ MORE: How to add animation in PowerPoint?  

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples with Minimal Transitions:

Cohesive color pallet.

Another PowerPoint presentation examples includes a cohesive color palette throughout the presentation. We are not saying you must brush up on the color theory game before making your presentation, but knowing what colors to use can make a real difference. A well-thought-out color palette combination that complements and harmonizes can effectively direct your audience’s focus. It highlights what matters and downplays less critical information when needed.

Now, picking the right colors might seem like a puzzle. The golden rule is to use colors that work well together and provide a clear contrast without straining the eyes. If you’re short on time or inspiration, Microsoft Office’s ready-made color schemes can be a lifesaver.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples with cohesive color pallet:

Best PPT Presentation Example - Cohesive Color Pallet

Keeping Contextual Graphics 

A picture really can say a thousand words. Good PowerPoint presentation examples incorporate graphs, photos, and illustrations that enhance your points and keep your audience engaged. But remember, it’s crucial to put these visuals in context. Having contextual graphics or illustrations and explaining why they’re there verbally will help the audience connect the dots and understand the material. It looks great and ensures your message is crystal clear and memorable.

Best PowerPoint Presentations with Contextual Graphics:

Shows Growth Strategy Template

Customized Illustrations 

Adding customized illustrations to your PowerPoint slides is one of the best PowerPoint slide examples. It’s like giving your presentation a unique personality and a touch of authenticity. It’s a game-changer that can take your slides from ordinary to outstanding. Generic stock images or clip art can feel impersonal and overused. On the other hand, customized illustrations are tailored to your message and brand, making your content exclusive. They allow you to convey your ideas in a way that is distinctively “you,” establishing a stronger connection with your audience.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples with Illustrations:

30 60 90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template

Use no Font Size Smaller Than 18 point

Maintaining a minimum font size of 18 points in your best PowerPoint presentations is like giving your audience the gift of clarity and readability. It’s a simple yet impactful way to ensure your message shines through and your presentation looks professional. No one wants to squint or strain their eyes to read a tiny text on a slide. 

When you use an 18-point font or larger, your content becomes instantly more accessible. Your audience can comfortably read what’s on the screen, allowing them to stay focused on your message rather than struggling to make out the words. An easily readable font is not only a good PowerPoint example, but it also helps your audience digest your content and perceive your presentation as professional and user-friendly.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples with Font Sized 18:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example- Font Sized 18

READ MORE: Best Presentation Fonts

Logical Flow of Content 

Good PowerPoint presentation examples had a logical flow of content. You should maintain a logical flow of the content in your PowerPoint presentation. It is like crafting a smooth, well-executed experience for your audience. The roadmap keeps them engaged, helps them follow your story, and ensures your message hits the mark. 

A presentation with a chaotic sequence of ideas or topics can leave your audience puzzled and disconnected. A logical flow, on the other hand, guides your audience seamlessly from one point to the next, making it easy for them to grasp the bigger picture. When your content unfolds in a logical order, it forms a narrative that’s easier for the human brain to digest and remember. You can also create great slideshow presentation examples with good logical flow.

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples with FlowChart:

Shows Agile Project Management Flow Chart PowerPoint Template

EXPLORE: Flowchart PowerPoint Templates

Effective Use of Bullet Points

To create the best PowerPoint presentations you need to Effectively use bullet points in your PowerPoint presentation is like serving bite-sized portions of information to your audience. It is an excellent way of keeping them engaged and ensuring your message is digestible and memorable. Bullet points break down complex ideas into concise, easy-to-follow chunks. They act as signposts, guiding your audience through your content with a clear roadmap.

Limiting the number of bullet points to 8-10 per slide prevents information overload and gives each point the attention it deserves. People have a limited attention span, so bullet points are your allies in delivering information efficiently. They allow your audience to absorb key takeaways without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, bullet points serve as excellent prompts for your verbal delivery, keeping you on track and ensuring you don’t forget essential details. 

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples with Bullet Points:

Shows Architecture Review Board Setup Process with Responsibilities and Members

Proper Symmetry Between Different Paragraphs and Pointers

Ensuring proper symmetry between different paragraphs and pointers in your presentation is similar to creating a smooth flow that captivates your audience. It’s all about balance, and when done right, it can significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your slides. Just as a well-balanced meal is more appetizing, slides with balanced content are more visually appealing. 

When you maintain a consistent and symmetrical structure, it creates a sense of order and professionalism. Symmetrical layouts help your audience anticipate what’s coming next. When they see a pattern, like consistent bullet point structure or paragraph formatting, it becomes easier for them to follow your narrative. This predictability allows your audience to focus, not jumble. 

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples with Symmetry:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example- Symmetry

Having an Engaging Summary With a Clear Call to Action

Last on this list of best PowerPoint presentations is an engaging summary with a clear call to action. Think of the summary as the highlight of your presentation. It recaps the essential takeaways, ensuring your audience fully grasps the key messages you want to convey. This reinforcement is critical because it’s what your audience will most likely remember long after your presentation. 

A clear CTA is like extending a helping hand to your audience, guiding them on what steps to take next. Whether it’s encouraging them to explore further resources, make a decision, or get in touch with you. Adding an engaging summary with a clear CTA to your slides is the grand finale that ties your presentation together.

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples with Clear Call to Action:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example- Clear Call to Action

EXPLORE: Call to Action PowerPoint Templates  

Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Now you know the essential things to include to make better presentations. As a busy professional, it might be time-consuming and hectic for you to create presentations from scratch. Therefore, we have created templates for multiple purposes for you to use. You can directly download them and customize them as per your requirements. We have mentioned the examples of PowerPoint presentations below:

Project Kick-Off PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Use this template to share your project initiation plans with your teams and stakeholders. It helps you start a project and aligns your audience with your vision. These slides examples give your audience a complete overview of your project, including your project goals and objectives, timeline, team members, plans, etc. Use this to ensure that your team members and stakeholders know all the initial project details.

Shows Project KickOff Presentation

This template has multiple slides dedicated to different purposes, such as meeting agendas, project charters, approaches and methodologies, timelines, team mapping, roles and responsibilities, etc. Its consistent theme makes it professional and attractive. Download and customize it according to your needs.

Business Review Presentation PowerPoint Template

shows Business Review Powerpoint presentation examples

Business professionals can use this template to assess and review various stages of their business. The purpose is to help your team members, investors, and stakeholders understand the business’s overall performance. You can also use this to outline strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for effective business planning.

It includes multiple MS PowerPoint slide examples on topics such as market analysis, sales review, people’s review, strategies, etc. You can also include market trends, customer feedback, and updates on new product launches. Just download the template and edit it to suit your company guidelines.

Project Status Review Deck PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Shows Project status powerpoint presentation examples

Use this template to review your business’s current state. It helps you outline your project progress, challenges, risks, and milestones. It is an excellent tool for project managers to help them inform and align their team members, customers, and stakeholders about the project. It transparently conveys key information and builds trust with the audience.

It includes multiple slides dedicated to different purposes, such as a Project progress summary, milestones, project work plan, Budget Summary, Risk analysis, and metrics to track performance. It allows better collaboration among team members and facilitates an efficient process. Different types of graph elements, like charts and graphs, enhance the visual appeal of this presentation.

SWOT Analysis 

You can use this template to assess internal and external factors affecting your business. It stands for Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps you in strategic planning by outlining the strong areas, limitations, upcoming opportunities, and external threats that may stop you from achieving your goals.

Shows Personal SWOT Analysis Template

This template uses multiple graphic elements and an attractive theme, making it appealing to the audience. It is fully editable, and you can also add elements to it. Add your company theme or colors to match your brand identity.

Business Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation Examples

This template acts as a visual communication tool to convey the steps you need to achieve a business objective. It outlines the goals, timelines, and milestones of your business projects. It’s easier for teams to work together on a common objective when all the tasks and steps are clear, along with deadlines. Roadmap templates exactly do that for you.

Business Roadmap PowerPoint Template

It has a highway road visual with destinations, which visualizes the objectives to reach in chronological order. The audience will immediately understand the topic and tasks. Download this template and use it to enhance your team’s performance.

Marketing Plan Deck

This marketing plan deck helps you outline all your marketing plans. It lets you visually communicate your strategy, goals, target persona, and work action plans to your team members and stakeholders. It includes multiple slides for Brand Planning, Brand implementation, and Brand tracking, which give your audience a detailed overview of all your marketing efforts.  

Shows Marketing Plan Deck PowerPoint Template

The consistent blue theme for all the slides makes it easy for the audience to follow. It also includes multiple graphical elements. You can add background images along with colors to personalize the presentation according to your brand identity. Just download it and start using it to create outstanding presentations.

Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Do you have a new product or idea and want to create it in reality? However, a lack of funds limits your ability to pursue this. Then, you need to present your ideas to investors or stakeholders to get their funding and support. It would be best if you made them trust you by inspiring them with the potential of your idea or product. This business pitch template will help you with that.

Shows Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

It consists of multiple slides showcasing your purpose, problem statement, and solution. It also includes the current market size, competitor analysis, and business model. It’s better to add teams to this presentation, as it boosts investors’ confidence if there is a solid team to achieve the desired results. Download this template and create excellent presentations to get your investors on board.

SMART Goals PowerPoint Presentation Examples

This template assists you in making structured goals. Smart goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It means your goals should be specific and easy to measure. The goal should be achievable and relevant and have a deadline. 

Shows SMART Goals Example for the Sales team

Let’s consider an example:

A typical goal will be: Increase traffic on our website.

Its Smart Goals version will be: Increase monthly website traffic by 20% compared to the previous month by implementing SEO optimization, content marketing, and social media promotion strategies within the next six months.

There are 5 sections in which you can fill in your goals. It’s fully editable, and you can customize it as per your needs. Add colors, images, icons, etc. This Smart goals presentation will help you achieve your goals effectively.

Important PowerPoint Presentation Tips

While building a PowerPoint presentation’s design, content, and flow shall be tailored to hit its target audience. Making your presentation eye-catching is essential to steer clear of Call to Action goals. However, taking your PowerPoint presentations to the next level can be time-consuming. So, getting yourself help from professional PowerPoint examples as provided like SlideUpLift can be a game-changer you’ll want to know about.

PRO TIP: It’s important that you follow the Who, What, and Where tips to up your presentation game.

SlideUpLift provides expert guidance on presentation best practices and helps you customize your slides as per your requirements. Our extensive library covers a wide range of industries and topics. But that’s not all. SlideUpLift also offers a collection of beautifully designed templates, graphics, and icons and provides professional PowerPoint Templates for your needs. 

What makes a PowerPoint presentation "good"?

A good PowerPoint presentation effectively communicates its message, engages the audience, and utilizes clear, visually appealing slides with well-structured content.

Where Can I Find Examples Well-Designed PowerPoint Presentation examples For Inspiration?

You can find good PowerPoint presentation examples of well-designed presentations on websites and platforms that offer presentation templates like SlideUpLift.

What are some key examples of good presentation?

Successful PowerPoint presentations often include: 

  • concise content
  • engaging visuals
  • a logical flow
  • limited use of text, and 
  • a clear call to action

How can I ensure my PowerPoint presentation aligns with the best practices?

To ensure your presentation follows best practices, focus on storytelling, maintain visual consistency, limit bullet points, use high-quality visuals, and practice your delivery.

Are there any tools or resources to help me improve my PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, SlideUpLift provides various tools and resources, including PowerPoint add-ins, design templates, and online tutorials that help you enhance your presentation skills and create compelling slides.

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How to make the best Powerpoint presentation + real examples!

July 1, 2023

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation and thought, "Wow, that was mind-blowing"? Yeah, us either. But, let's face it, we've all been there—either on the giving or receiving end of a less-than-stellar presentation. It's high time we changed that narrative. Creating your best PowerPoint presentation isn't just about throwing together a bunch of slides – it's an art. It’s about telling a story that captivates, informs, and even entertains your audience. 

A new age is upon us, and it’s time to explore the ins and outs of what makes a PowerPoint presentation not just good, but great. From nailing your content and story flow to the nuances of design and delivery, we've got you covered. So, whether you're gearing up for that crucial sales pitch or prepping for an all-important investor meeting, buckle up! Your presentation skills are about to go from mundane to magnificent.

Your Presentation Should Tell a Story

When it comes to creating a killer PowerPoint presentation, it all starts with the story. You heard that right! Not the fancy animations or the snazzy graphics (though they do have their place), but the story. It’s the backbone, the foundation, the heartbeat of your presentation.

Think about how you feel when you watch your favorite TV show or read a book you can’t put down. Good storytelling takes us to another place, where the rest of the world slips away and the story steps into the forefront. Great presentations can do the same thing if the presenter can harness the power of storytelling. 

There are also plenty of science-backed reasons to prioritize good storytelling. One article by Lani Peterson for Harvard Business Corporate Learning says, “Scientists are discovering that chemicals like cortisol and dopamine are released in the brain when we’re told a story. Why does that matter? If we are trying to make a point stick, cortisol assists with our formulating memories. Dopamine, which helps regulate our emotional responses, keeps us engaged.“ More engagement; more impactful presentations.

So, how do you nail down a storytelling strategy that sticks? Let’s break it down.

Craft Your Narrative

First, identify your core message. What’s the one thing you want your audience to remember when they walk out of the room? This is your North Star, guiding every aspect of your presentation. If you’re having trouble with this step, ask yourself, “Why am I giving this presentation?”

Understand Your Audience

Who is your audience? Tailor your story to resonate with them. Are they tech-savvy millennials or industry veterans? Your story should speak their language. Presentations that skip this step will miss out on a crucial opportunity to connect with the audience. And if you can’t connect with them, then what’s the point? One solution is to focus on understanding the needs, challenges, and aspirations of your audience. That way, you’ll be able to address their specific pain points and interests.

Create a Structured Flow

Like any good story, your presentation needs a beginning, middle, and end. Start with an introduction that hooks, follow with content that informs and engages, and conclude with a memorable takeaway. If you need ideas on how to start your presentation, see this guide with 12 ideas for hooking your audience from the very start .

Find Inspiration

Look to the pros! Ever read an article by Andy Raskin or April Dunford ? These folks know their stuff when it comes to strategic narratives. Dive into their work for some inspiration on how to weave a compelling story in your presentation. Just like we’ve all been through our fair share of boring presentations, most likely you’ve experienced a presentation that left an impression. Ask yourself why it was so impactful–you might be able to draw from their expertise!

Change the Narrative

Say you’re working on a sales deck. Instead of going with the typical problem-solution story structure, Andy Raskin has a different take on it:

Start with a big, relevant shift in the world. “We are living in a new era” type of statement. This will grab the attention, but also create some urgency for the prospect.

Then you move on to show that there will be winners and losers in this new era. The ones who act on this shift will have more probability of winning. In other words, “what I am about to offer you is crucial for winning in this new era.”

Now that you have set the stage, you can “tease the promise land” as Andy calls it. This is not where you show your product features. This is simply a teaser about this new future state and what to expect if you react to this shift in the market.

Then, you highlight the “Old world vs New world” to show the contrast, and how old methods do not work in this new era.

And finally, you provide real-life stories to support your claims. These could client case studies, article snippets, industry updates - anything that adds credibility to everything you just said.

Voilà, you’ve got yourself a story arc! This is a simple and straightforward way to craft a story that connects.

Nail Your Story First

Remember, at the end of the day, your presentation is more than just a collection of slides, but rather a vessel for storytelling. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. A well-crafted story can transform your presentation from a mere transfer of information to an impactful, memorable experience. So, take the time to nail your story, and you’re already halfway to creating your best PowerPoint presentation. Your audience will thank you!

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Embracing Professional Design for Impactful Presentations

When you've nailed your narrative, the next crucial step in crafting your best PowerPoint presentation is design. This stage is where your story gets visually translated, elevating it from a mere script to an engaging, compelling experience.

The Role of a Presentation Agency

Not everyone possesses an innate talent for design, and that's perfectly fine. This is where a presentation design agency can become an invaluable asset. These presentation experts act as the alchemists of your PowerPoint, transforming basic slides into visually stunning and strategically aligned pieces of art. However, be selective when you choose who to work with. There is a big difference between a "meh" designer vs a “wow” designer when it comes to preparing well-crafted presentations.

Simplifying Complexity

One of the critical talents of a presentation design agency is their ability to distill complex concepts into simple, digestible visuals. An overcrowded slide can quickly lose your audience's attention, but a well-designed one can convey your message succinctly and effectively. Not only that, presentation experts can remove the complexity of creating great slides by designing the best presentation templates for your needs, making the process easier for you in the end.

"We have been using SLIDES™ services for our corporate PowerPoint template, and the PPT template is so well done and easy to use that we all feel like we now have PowerPoint superpowers creating new presentations in no time with stunning look!"

Jérôme neuvéglise, product owner qoqa, creating visual harmony.

Consistency in your presentation’s visual elements - such as color schemes, typography, and imagery - is essential. A presentation design agency ensures that these elements work in harmony, creating a unified and professional look that enhances your overall narrative. The best presentation layouts are those created by experts who know how to make your brand stand out.

Visualizing Ideas Effectively

Presentation agencies excel in translating your ideas into impactful visuals. They ensure that your graphics, charts, and images aren't just visually appealing but also contribute significantly to the telling of your story. After all, why spend so much time honing your story if your visuals fall flat?

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

When to Opt for Professional Presentation Design

We know that deciding to outsource is a tough call, and you want to make sure your resources are well spent. Here are a few things to consider before seeking out help from a presentation agency:

High-Stakes Presentations

For presentations that can have a significant impact on your business - such as those in sales, partnerships, or investment pitches - professional design isn't just a luxury, but a necessity. These are the scenarios where the expertise of a presentation design agency can make a substantial difference. 

Stripe’s CEO Patrick Collison said in a recent podcast:

 “My intuition is that more of Stripe's success than one would think is down to the fact that people like beautiful things and for rational reasons. Because, what does a beautiful thing tell you? It tells you the person who made it really cared, and you can observe some superficial details, but probably they didn’t only care about those and did everything else in a slapdash way. So, if you care about the infrastructure being holistically good, indexing on the superficial characteristics is not an irrational thing to do.“

Oftentimes in presentations, we ignore how we are making people feel with our slides. Think about this quote next time you’re preparing your slides.

Overcoming Skill and Time Constraints

If you're not well-versed in design or if time constraints are tight, opting for professional help is a wise decision. This not only ensures quality but also frees you up to concentrate on refining and rehearsing your presentation. This guide shows 18 of the most common presentation mistakes people make, and gives tips on how to avoid them.

In essence, professional design is about giving your presentation the visual edge it needs to not just capture but also maintain your audience's attention. By considering the services of a presentation design agency, you're ensuring that your presentation is not just seen, but also remembered and appreciated.

Mastering the Art of Delivery

Alright, you’ve got a gripping story and a set of stunning slides. But wait! There’s still a crucial piece of the puzzle left – your delivery. This is where the rubber meets the road. Remember, no matter how dazzling your slides are, they can’t rescue a lackluster delivery. 

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

More Than Just Slides

First things first, let’s get one thing straight: people aren’t just buying into your PowerPoint. They’re buying into you – your ideas, your enthusiasm, your conviction. Your slides are merely a tool to complement your narrative, not the other way around. Your slides are never the star of the show. It's you. It sure is harder to improve your delivery compared to your slides. But it will be the best investment of your life.

The Human Connection

At its core, a great presentation is about making a connection with your audience. It’s about storytelling, not just through words on a slide, but through the way you present them. Your tone, your body language, your ability to engage – all these elements combine to create a compelling delivery.

Know Your Story Inside Out

Your first step should be to know your story like the back of your hand. This doesn’t mean memorizing your script word for word but being familiar enough with your content to speak confidently and fluidly about it.

Rehearse, Then Rehearse Some More

Practice might not always make perfect, but it sure does make confidence. Rehearse your presentation multiple times. This will help you iron out any kinks in your delivery and help you manage those pesky nerves.

When our founder Damon gave his first keynote presentation, he experienced some technical issues that would throw off any professional speaker. But since he had rehearsed his speech so well, he knew it inside out. And he could handle the mishap with calm, make some jokes about it, and then get back to his talk when the tech decided to work again.

Engage With Your Audience

Remember, a presentation is a two-way street. Engage with your audience, ask questions, and encourage participation. This interaction makes your presentation more memorable and impactful. The former product manager at Netflix , Gibson Biddle, shared this great example:

“In a virtual setting you need to double-down on engagement tactics. Today, I use Google Slides plus Slido to do real-time polling, word clouds and to answer questions. It makes the experience incredibly interactive to the extent that I now have an equal NPS for virtual and in-person presentations.”

Body Language Matters

Your body language speaks volumes. Maintain eye contact, use gestures to emphasize points, and move around if possible. This non-verbal communication can significantly enhance the impact of your delivery.

In today’s increasingly digital world, we also have to think about virtual presentations and how to put our best foot forward through a screen. An awkward camera angle or a weird background can be a distraction to your audience, so shift your focus to a flattering camera angle, solid camera quality, and a neutral background. 

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Authenticity is Key

Be yourself. Your audience can tell when you’re putting on a façade. Authenticity breeds trust and connection, which in turn makes your message more persuasive.

Investing in Yourself

Finally, investing in your delivery skills is investing in yourself. Whether it’s through public speaking courses, professional coaching, or simply seeking feedback from peers, improving your delivery skills is invaluable. Remember, a great delivery can elevate a good presentation to a great one. So, give your delivery the attention it deserves, and watch as you transform from a presenter to a storyteller, captivating your audience one slide at a time.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – the roadmap to creating a PowerPoint presentation that’s not just good, but outstanding. It all starts with crafting a compelling story, enhanced by visually striking and well-thought-out design, and brought to life through engaging and authentic delivery. Remember, your best PowerPoint presentation will feel like more than just a collection of slides to your audience. This is a powerful storytelling tool, and you are the storyteller.

The key takeaway? Invest time and effort into each aspect of your presentation. Understand your narrative, collaborate with design professionals if needed, and hone your delivery skills. It’s this combination of content, design, and delivery that transforms a standard presentation into an unforgettable experience.

In the end, what sets a great PowerPoint presentation apart is the ability to not just share information but to tell a story that resonates, inspires, and persuades. Whether you’re pitching to potential clients, investors, or sharing insights with your team, remember that the most impactful presentations are those that connect with the audience on a deeper level. So go ahead, create, deliver, and captivate.

Your audience is waiting.

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Blog Graphic Design 31 Powerpoint Presentation Design Tips, Ideas [with Examples]

31 Powerpoint Presentation Design Tips, Ideas [with Examples]

Written by: Sara McGuire May 03, 2023

presentation templates blog header

What’s worse than sitting through a boring presentation? Being the one to deliver a boring presentation. Presentation templates to the rescue!

Say goodbye to typical, boring PowerPoint slides, too. Instead,  create a presentation that will make a lasting impression with presentation templates like this one to engage your audience:

Just so you know, some of our templates are free and some require a small monthly fee to use. Signing up to Venngage is always free.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a presentation that will not only grab the attention of your audience but hold onto it as well.

This post will offer tips for creating different types of presentations , including:

  • Pitch decks
  • Elearning slides
  • Class presentations
  • Webinar presentations
  • Marketing presentations

I’ll also give you design tips to customize our presentation templates.

Click to jump ahead:

  • Dedicate each slide to only one topic
  • Start with presentation templates
  • Don’t overburden your slides with text
  • Establish a visual hierarchy on your slides
  • Pick a visual motif that runs throughout your presentation templates
  • Visualize data using charts and infographics
  • Create custom illustrations using icons to help tell stories
  • Highlight important information using big, bold colorful text
  • Alternate between different slide layouts to keep your audience engaged
  • Add a progress tracker to your presentation slides
  • Download your presentation as a PDF
The example above shows how you can customize our templates and export them directly to PowerPoint. Click any of the presentation templates on this page, sign up for free and you’ll enter Venngage’s online presentation maker tool. It’s a drag and drop editor that anyone can use.

Design a presentation that engages your audience

Think about the last boring presentation you sat through:

  • What did the slides look like?
  • Did they have a bland color scheme?
  • Were there too many points (or worse, paragraphs) crammed onto one slide?
  • Were the charts and diagrams clunky and hard to understand?

When people see the same old boring PowerPoint themes, there’s a good chance they’re going to lose focus.

Rich media, like video, matters more than ever and there’s no better way to stand out than by creating creative and engaging visual content . If you want to really capture your audience’s attention, you need to design creative presentations , like this one:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

That means incorporating eye-catching images, effective data visualizations, and bold typography into your slide decks.

Iconics Pitch Deck

This onboarding presentation, for example, strategically uses bright icons and illustrations to make the material more engaging. This is especially important when presenting to new hires, who are likely dealing with information overload on their first day. 

HR Presentation Template

In this particular case, a more visual approach is not necessarily a matter of aesthetic preference, but a decision that can make your presentations more likely to stick. Pro Tip: Venngage has over 40,000 icons and illustrations you can use to spice up your presentations!

Need something more geared towards speaking? Our keynote presentation templates are all the rage.

11 tips to hold your audience’s attention

Many Venngage users have mentioned that they’re always looking for ways to make presentations more engaging. But most of them don’t have any formal design experience.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry–this guide is for you. You can also check out this video for all the highlights:

Here are my top tips for designing a presentation with impact:

1. Dedicate each slide to only one topic

Franchise Pitch Deck

Just as it’s important for your slides to not be cluttered, it’s also important for your slides to be cohesive.

Keep each slide focused on just one topic. The topic of each slide should be clearly stated in the slide title.

For example, this presentation template covers different ways to be creative. Each individual slide covers one approach:

Creative Presentation

This simple, straightforward slide pattern will help the audience follow along without any confusion.

Or take this presentation template that introduces some of this year’s biggest business trends. Rather than listing multiple trends on one slide, each trend is fleshed out in its own slide:

Business Trends Presentation

As a presenter, keeping your slide topics organized will help you organize your thoughts as well. Each new slide will signal a new topic.

2. Start with presentation templates

Before jumping into the other tips, let’s set the foundation.

You’ve decided to create something a little more interesting than a standard PowerPoint theme–good on you! But that doesn’t mean you have to start completely from scratch.

Instead, you can give yourself a head start by using creative presentation templates, like this one:

Geometric Creative Presentation

Or this one:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

While most PowerPoint themes are fairly limited in how much you can customize them, freeform presentation templates will give you the freedom to alter the design as much as you want.

For example, let’s take this template:

Uber Presentation Template

I used Venngage’s My Brand Kit tool to efficiently apply our brand color palette to the Uber template in one click:

Venngage My Brand Kit

There are a ton of creative presentation templates. You can take a look at them in our presentations templates library .

Cool? Now let’s talk presentation design.

3. Don’t overburden your slides with text

Client Pitch Deck

Even if you decide to ignore most of the other tips in this guide, don’t skip over this one. This is presentation design 101.

When you flip to a slide covered wall-to-wall with text, there’s a good chance your audience is going to think:

  • I don’t want to read all of that.
  • This presenter isn’t well-prepared.

In fact, a study published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly found that anxious presenters tended to use more text on their slides, usually because they used their slides as speaking notes.

Instead of using a bunch of text, look for ways to present information visually charts and infographics .

For example, this slide template uses brief text and some simple icons to summarize the presentation :

Weekly Update Business Presentation

This startup pitch deck makes use of evocative images, icons and big text to help present its ideas:

Yellow Startup Pitch Deck

4. Establish a visual hierarchy on your slides

When you flip to a new slide, your audience will be seeing it for the first time. Their eyes are going to naturally be drawn whatever the focal point on the page is.

The focal point is the most dominant area on your slide–the point that draws the most attention.

You can create a hierarchy of information on your slide by making the most important information the focal point of your slide. In most cases, the focal point will be the slide title, or a particular visual, or an important phrase or number.

There are a few ways you can create a visual hierarchy on your slides.

You can bold important phrases, like the word “Facebook” in this slide:

Quarterly Digital Marketing Report Business Presentation

Icons also help to establish a reading order. They draw your eye from point to point. Placing icons beside headers and important points will make them stand out from the other information on the slide.

Mint Pitch Deck

Icons can also be used to indicate where a new point begins:

Sherbert Business Presentation

Color selection can also be used to establish a visual hierarchy. Take a look at how the colorful blocks in this slide help to make the slide titles pop:

Subscriber Sales Business Presentation

Your eyes are drawn first to the title text, then to the supporting information beside it.

5. Pick a visual motif that runs throughout your presentation templates

You can use visuals to pull your presentation design together and make it cohesive. Picking a visual motif will allow you to use consistent visuals throughout your presentation.

A visual motif is a repeated pattern, design, or image. In your presentation design, a motif can take many forms.

When it comes to infographic color selection , one of the simplest approaches is to use a consistent color motif (or color scheme). That could mean using one or two colors for all of your headers, background and borders.

For example, this presentation template uses two shades of purple for a modern design:

Product Pitch Deck

But combining different colors and patterns can also make for a more interesting design. For example, this presentation template uses a blue stripe motif to link the slides together visually:

Monthly Sales Report Template

You could also use a recurring shape or image, like the circle image frames in this presentation template:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Or you could use a motif that reflects the theme of your presentation. For example, this presentation template uses a recurring cloud motif throughout the presentation to reflect the “dream” theme of the brand:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

This is a case where starting with a presentation template can really come in handy, because the template will already have a motif. Look for presentation templates with a motif that fits your topic and brand.

6. Visualize data using charts and infographics

Replacing text with visuals is one of the best ways to prevent your slide design from becoming cluttered. Charts and infographics present information in an engaging, digestible way.

I won’t go into too much detail here about what types of charts you should use for what data. We’ve got an in-depth guide to picking charts for that.

But I’ll give you a few ideas for some types of charts and infographics that work well in presentations.

Related : How to Make Better Infographics for PowerPoint

If you want to visualize steps in a process, the history of something, or a roadmap, use a timeline.

This slide template uses a simple timeline with complementary icons to emphasize each date:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

To compare amounts or sizes, a bubble chart can help drive the point home:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

Learn how to customize this template:

To create an infographic for geographic and demographic information , a map can make a big impact on your audience:

Orange Business Presentation - Map

A classic pie chart or bar graph should be easily understood by your audience, provided you’re following  chart best practices .

This presentation template uses a bar graph, a pie chart and a line graph to show different metrics:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

If you can, mix up the types of data visualizations you use. This will help prevent your audience from getting bored.

Those are just a few different ways you can use charts to visualize. For more ideas, check out our guide to picking the best charts for your data .

7. Create custom illustrations using icons to help tell stories

Custom illustrations are one of this year’s  biggest graphic design trends . They’re fun, quirky, and more exciting than a boring old stock photo.

Creating your own illustrations for social media graphics might seem like a costly and time-consuming undertaking. And it can be. But I’m going to offer you a hack:

Use icons to create illustrations.

Venngage Dashboard

You can arrange icons together to create a scene–like the pieces of a puzzle. (Venngage offers over 40,000 icons, so finding an image shouldn’t be too hard!) 

For example, this real estate presentation template uses icons to illustrate each real estate hack:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

When picking ico ns or symbols for your illustrations , make sure that the icon style you use is consistent. For example, this presentation template uses line art icons for a scribbly youthful look:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

For more ideas, read our guide to creating icon illustrations .

8. Highlight important information using big, bold colorful text

Returning to the idea or focal points on your slide: emphasize a key number or phrase when creating a persuasive presentation using big, bold text in a contrasting color.

This will communicate to your audience that if they take away one thing from your slide, it should be that piece of information.

For example, this presentation template uses bright colored font in several sizes larger than the rest of the text to emphasize important numbers on each slide:

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

But you could also pick one color to emphasize key information with. That way, your audience will catch on to the pattern and look for that color in upcoming slides.

Take a look at how this presentation uses teal to contrast with the other text and emphasize information:

Email Marketing Business Presentation

9. Alternate between different slide layouts to keep your audience engaged

You may be tempted to use the same slide layout throughout your entire presentation–either for consistency or because you’re not sure how else to design your slide.

The problem is, using the same slide layout over and over again won’t do much to excite your audience.

There are other ways you can create consistency throughout your presentation, while also using different slide layouts–like through a visual motif.

For example, this presentation template uses five different slide layouts. The consistent color scheme, image style and font style pull the presentation together.

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

To come up with different slide layouts, try dividing your slide into columns. This can make it easier to arrange the elements in your slide.

column layout

This can make it easier to arrange the elements in your slide.

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

10. Add a progress tracker to your presentation slides

Creating a sense of forward movement will help keep your audience engaged.

Similar to how you would put the chapter title at the top of the pages in a book, you can track the progress of your presentations in your slides. This will let your audience know what stage you’re at in your presentation. Your audience will also be able to refer to the sections in your presentation more easily afterward.

That said, pacing your presentation thoughtfully with well-designed presentation slides also adds brownie points to your presentation. Check out the top qualities of awesome presentations and learn all about how to make a good presentation to help you nail that captivating delivery.

A simple progress bar at the bottom of your slide shouldn’t distract too much from the rest of your information.

11. Download your presentation as a PDF

It’s common for audience members to request a copy of your presentation for their reference. Make sharing your presentation easy by exporting it as a PDF or zipped file.

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Now that you’re equipped with some fundamentals of presentation design, the best way to learn is by doing. It’s also the perfect time to upgrade your presentation skills  while you’re thinking about it too!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

More presentation templates and design guides:

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  • 12 Business Pitch Deck Templates and Design Best Practices to Impress Investors
  • 5 Foolproof Presentation Layout Ideas  (+ Presentation Templates!)
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15+ Cool PowerPoint Templates to Make Your PPT Presentation Shine in 2020

Looking for the best cool PowerPoint templates? Here are the best templates Envato Elements offers.

When preparing for a presentation, you need all the help you can get to launch your slide deck into success. If you're investing your time into content that will help drive your point to the audience, it helps to hand off the slide designs to the pros that can do it best.

Throughout this tutorial, we're going to survey 10 of the best cool PowerPoint templates that can help you skip the work of designing a presentation from scratch. With PowerPoint templates, you open the source file, add your design specifics, and create your finished presentation in less time than ever before.

How to Use Templates to Design Your Presentation

First, let's look at why templates are so useful in designing your presentation.

If you haven't used PowerPoint templates to build out your presentation before, it might feel like a learning curve to take on. How do you use the pre-built slides in a template, and how can you customize PowerPoint templates to match your ideas?

As you download cool presentation templates, you'll find that the included presentation formats already have slides designed for practically every purpose. It's this collection of pre-built ideas that make using templates so helpful. You don't have to design on a blank canvas to bring your presentation to life, thanks to templates.

Here's how you can use PowerPoint templates to save you time when designing your next presentation:

  • Start with a template, like one of the examples featured below.
  • Choose the slides in the presentation deck that fit with your content goals, setting aside those slides for use in your presentation.
  • Add your content specifics to those starter slides to customize the PowerPoint presentation to your needs.
  • Save and export the finished PowerPoint presentation with your details built-in, ready to present to an audience.

If you want to save time and create PowerPoint presentations, the solution is clear: start with a cool PowerPoint template. Let's see some of the best examples.

Top 10 Cool PowerPoint Templates

Here's a list of 10 of our favorite great PowerPoint templates that you can use to design your next presentation and the reasons why you should choose them.

1. Iconic PowerPoint Template

Iconic is a cool PowerPoint template that you can use to design your next presentation. It has all the elements that you're likely to find in the top presentation templates, including easily scalable icons that can add graphic explanations to your presentation.

2. Believe: Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

The best PPT templates feature the ability to re-use the designs over and over across multiple presentations. Believe embodies this idea beautifully thanks to over 200 unique slide designs and 10 color schemes that are easy to work with. Build out your presentation using this PowerPoint template.

3. The X Note: PowerPoint Template

The X Note always has a corner as one of the most popular PowerPoint templates thanks to its slick design options. It's an awesome presentation template that you can use to build out a professional slide deck that would feel right at home in the boardroom.

4. Buxe Creative and Multipurpose Template

One of the best ways to build an informative presentation is by mixing in infographics that explain ideas with graphics. Buxe really captures this principle using easy-to-customize infographic objects; it's packed full of easy-to-customize infographics that make it one of the best PPT templates around.

5. Baldo PowerPoint

Choosing an awesome PowerPoint presentation comes down to selecting slides that will stand out from the crowd. Your audience has likely seen the same built-in Microsoft templates too many times, so using a cool and colorful template like Baldo is an easy way to set your upcoming presentation apart from the crowd. It's easy to customize thanks to the drag-and-drop format.

6. Social Media Trends: PowerPoint Template

There's truly an awesome PowerPoint template for every purpose, including this Social Media Trends option. Use this cool PowerPoint template to show off your social channel trends and how you can improve on key platforms.

7. Startup Plan PowerPoint Template

Every startup needs a cool PowerPoint presentation to get off the ground, and this template could be the perfect way to do it. Pitching your idea to potential investors and employees is about putting your best foot forward, and this awesome template full of clean slides and clear ideas will help you showcase your startup.

8. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

No matter what type of app, product, or service you run, a marketing plan can help you capture your key ideas in how you'll spread the word. Use an awesome PowerPoint template like this one to capture all your key marketing ideas in one place.

9. Hush PowerPoint Template

Hush is a flexible PowerPoint template that works for a wide variety of presentation purposes. More than 90 finely tuned slide designs are a breeze to update with your details to make your next PowerPoint presentation shine. Open the template, add your details, and present it with confidence knowing you have an eye-catching set of slide designs.

10. Project Proposal PowerPoint Template

When you're pitching your brand-new project, it helps to capture the idea in a PowerPoint presentation. This slide deck will help you do just that in less time than ever before, thanks to easy-to-customize starter slides.

11. Portofolio Agency---PowerPoint

A portfolio is a document that gives you a chance to put your best work forward. When you use awesome PowerPoint templates like Portfolio Agency, it's easy to show pieces that are sure to land you more clients and projects.

It's an image-focused PowerPoint template that's perfect for pitching yourself. Just open the PowerPoint template, add your specifics, and you're ready to present confidently to a potential client. Invest in templates like this one, and you're sure to reap the rewards by landing more clients and growing your business.

12. BLOCKCHAIN PowerPoint Template

There are Envato Elements templates for every occasion. If you're a blockchain expert, you'll likely be asked to share what you know. A presentation to share your knowledge and explain this technology can help you grow your presence as an expert.

This template has the visuals you need to show that you understand the new and evolving world of cryptocurrency. Use the 135 unique slide designs to explain ideas and keep your audience up-to-date in the latest on the blockchain. It's also adaptable to other content thanks to the simple and straightforward design.

13. MINI PowerPoint Template

This Envato Elements PowerPoint template might be called "MINI," but the impact is mighty. Minimalist templates are beloved by pro presenters because they put content front and center. MINI is a case study for minimalism, as the slides make wise use of white space and alignment.

You're sure to make a cool PowerPoint presentation with the help of this template because you won't distract the viewer. With 110 unique slides, you have every design you might need. Instead of drawing a slide layout from scratch, just pick a similar slide from MINI and fill in your content.

14. Financial Blog Media Kit

Finance is one of the largest sectors in the modern economy. Why not use a PowerPoint template to explain advanced financial concepts intuitively? When you use a presentation like this, you might be surprised by how easy it is to condense complex ideas into easy-to-follow visuals.

This presentation template has clean and data-driven slides that make financial points easy to understand.

15. Slipper---PowerPoint Template

No matter what topic you're covering, awesome PowerPoint presentations follow many of the same principles. That's why a PowerPoint template like Slipper makes sense: it's well-designed and can be used for practically any topic. This image-centric template has the placeholders you need to create a visual presentation.

Best of all, it includes five color schemes so you can match the presentation to your brand. Use the infographic designs to explain advanced ideas to your audience in a way that's easy to follow. The best PPT templates like Slipper help your content take center stage.

16. Bucharest---Creative PowerPoint Template

Bucharest is a great example of how bold typography can carry a cool presentation. Smooth, modern fonts combined with your images are more than enough to create a modern presentation. It's the perfect PowerPoint template for presenting work like a creative portfolio or pitch deck.

Remember that the best PowerPoint templates stay out of the way of your content. They help you put your ideas in the spotlight without focusing too much on the design itself. The slides in Bucharest fit the bill perfectly by leaving plenty of space for the slide specifics.

17. Creative PowerPoint Template

This template is proof that you can outsource creativity. PowerPoint slide design isn't everyone's forte. Luckily, there are Envato Elements templates that help you hand off the heavy lifting to talented designers.

The Creative PowerPoint Template has 25 unique slide designs in five color schemes that are easy to customize. It's another example of an awesome PowerPoint template from Envato Elements that is flexible for many types of presentations. Since device mockup slides are included, one great use of this is showing off your new mobile app or website in the real world.

Just add your screenshot to the mockup, and you're ready to present.

18. Summon---PowerPoint Template

Summon your audience's attention with this aptly-named PowerPoint template! Business professionals always need presentation templates to put their best ideas forward. With the help of an Envato Elements template like Summon, you have all the slide designs you need to pitch a project or new company concept.

Many presentations rely on data-driven slides to show growth and opportunities. This template addresses that need perfectly thanks to slides that include easy-to-edit charts and graphs. Plus, you can use infographics to show off advanced concepts in a visual format. Use this cool presentation template to set the stage for your next big idea.

Design Isn't Everything

We're major proponents of using awesome PowerPoint templates to create presentations. But here's a secret: presentation design isn't everything.

PowerPoint sometimes gets a bad reputation. It's well-deserved because we've all sat through a boring lecture where the presenter read directly from the slides. Even the best PPT templates can't completely carry a disengaged speaker.

Strong presentation design is a major advantage, sure. But it must be supported by a confident presenter. When you start by learning the skills the pro presenters use, you're sure to feel inspired to deliver an captivating presentation of your own.

This TED playlist about making great presentations has a list of helpful resources that help you hone your presentation. If you want to sharpen your speaking skills, this playlist is the perfect start.

Here are the key lessons from these videos:

  • Use a tried-and-true structure: Learning how to sequence and showcase your content can help you conquer the presentation writing stage.
  • Utilize data visualizations: Work with intuitive formats (like the ones included in these Envato Elements templates) to explain data, visually. Inspire to action---most presentations ask something of the audience. Learn how this works in Simon Sinek's lesson.

Are You Still Struggling With Your Presentation?

Presentations aren't easy. No matter how many tutorials you read or inspirational presentations you check out, they can still seem daunting.

Since presentations are both seen and heard, the way you deliver the presentation matters. Great slide designs are a must, but you also have to perfect the way you present. After all, slides are just supporting visuals.

Who knows more than TED about how to give a great presentation? Many of the most iconic presentations take place at its annual conference. There, a number of presenters use minimalist slides and focus on their delivery instead. Check out this TED Talk for powerful speaking points.

Keep these concepts from the video in mind while you prepare for your next presentation:

  • Be mindful of your speaking voice: It's an easy habit to speak from your throat or from your nose. Instead, focus on driving your vocals from your diaphragm to sound more meaningful and confident.
  • Remember the HAIL principle: Be honest, authentic, have integrity, and show love to the audience by sharing your story.
  • Exude positivity: No matter how serious your presentation is, there's always a way to find a positive approach. Give the audience the silver lining to a serious issue, or provide ways to help dire situations.

Building confidence in your speaking skills is a process. But with practice and inspiration, you're sure to improve your results. The best way to study that is by watching confident speakers and tapping into their years of expertise.

All-You-Can Download PowerPoint Templates

Great PowerPoint presentations take on a variety of formats and styles. And if you want the most variety and options for building your next presentation, the best platform to source templates is Envato Elements .

If you checked out all 10 cool PowerPoint templates in this roundup, you may have noticed that they're all sourced from Envato Elements. Even better, all the templates are included as a part of a flat-rate Elements subscription.

However, that's not the only reason that you should try out an Elements membership if you regularly build PowerPoint presentations.

In fact, a subscription to Elements includes all the complementary assets that can really fill out your next PowerPoint presentation. Envato Elements offers stock photos and graphics that you can add to your presentation to set it apart from the PowerPoint presentations your audience is accustomed to seeing.

Don't forget that these assets are a part of the all-you-can-download Envato Elements subscription package. A few key stock photos or added graphics can round out a presentation nicely, and the advantage of subscribing is that there's no added cost to including these in your presentation whenever you see fit.

Go Design a PowerPoint Presentation Now

When it comes to designing awesome PowerPoint presentations, there's nothing wrong with borrowing the hard work of others to skip ahead. Using a cool PPT template can help you avoid reinventing the wheel as you're building your presentation.

No matter which template you choose, there are three key principles to keep in mind while designing a PowerPoint presentation with a pre-built template:

  • Use only the relevant slides: Most of the PowerPoint templates in this roundup feature dozens of built-in slides. The key is to sample from and use only the slides that pertain to your final presentation, deleting the unused slides.
  • Customize the built-in slides to your style: A PowerPoint template serves as a great starting point. But you don't have to give up using a template to completely customize it to your style; add your branding, color scheme, and content to completely transform it for your purposes.
  • Mix and match presentations: In the 10 slide deck examples featured, you might find cool slides that you want to use from a variety of pre-built templates. You can use individual slides from each of these and combine them to build a winning presentation by copying and pasting slides between decks.

Consider using any and all of the Envato Elements templates covered in this roundup as a starting point for your presentation. Try out one of the templates so that you spend less time designing in PowerPoint and more time prepping to deliver your presentation with an impact.

How to Create the Best PowerPoint Presentations [Examples & Templates]

Discover what makes the best PowerPoint presentations with these examples to inspire you.



Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

how to create the best powerpoint presentations examples templates

Updated: 03/31/23

Published: 03/31/23

Some presentations are better than others. They may have gorgeous designs. Others have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best presentations represent all three.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

And if you're looking to get started making your own presentation, why not learn from the best of the best?

To help you kick your own presentations up a notch, we've curated 20 awesome PowerPoint and SlideShare decks below.

What Good Presents Have in Common

Best PowerPoint Presentations

How to create a presentation.

When you're clicking through the presentations below, notice how they weave an interesting story through the format, design their slides, and make their presentations interactive with features exclusive to the platform on which they were created.

These are all crucial elements to making an awesome presentation — ones that you can certainly adapt and apply to your own with the right approach.

Even better — you may just learn something new about marketing while you're at it.

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

10 Free PowerPoint Templates

  • Creative templates.
  • Data-driven templates.
  • Professional templates.

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

What do good presentations have in common

The best presenters rehearse the material for smooth delivery, use eye contact, and engage their audience. You’ll also find great slides and a strong storyline.

Here are five elements you’ll find in every great digital presentation .

The presentation is highly relevant to the audience.

The best way to engage your audience is to talk about things that matter to them. By choosing topics that are genuinely interesting, solve their problems, answer their questions, or offer actionable ideas, you’re on the right track for a great presentation.

The icing on the cake? Having great titles. Your slide titles should pique people’s interest and curiosity while clearly stating the topic so your audience can decide if it’s relevant.

The presentation has a clear objective.

People sitting in on a presentation should have a reasonably clear idea of what you’re covering.

Whatever the topic, your slides and commentary should clearly relate to your key takeaways.

The presentation follows an organized storyline.

While closely related to the item above, your slides should tell a story that your audience can follow, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

By following the key elements of storytelling, it’s much easier to demonstrate the point you’re leading towards.

The audience understands the next steps.

Defining the action you want your audience to take at the conclusion of your presentation and offering a compelling reason to do so helps them understand and follow your ideal course of action.

While this is often a call to action, it can also be a thought-provoking question or a list of key takeaways.

The audiences leave with contact information and/or resources.

Often, your audience wants to dive deeper into your material or topic. Offering contact information or additional resources helps listeners find what they need, whether it’s a conversation with you or a link to more information.

  • Less is more.
  • Keep text to a minimum.
  • Rethink visuals.
  • Incorporate multimedia.

Now that you know what to look for in a great slide deck, let’s dive in and explain how you can create your own. Follow these four guidelines for the best results.

1. Less is more.

Keep your slides simple when delivering a presentation to an audience in-person. You want the focus to be on the message, rather than just the slides themselves. Keep the slides on-topic but simple enough that people can still pay attention to what you're saying.

Remember, your visuals and text support your message. The true power is in your delivery.

2. Keep text to a minimum.

One way to accomplish the aforementioned simplicity is to reduce the amount of text in your presentation. Too much text can leave your audience overwhelmed. They’ll be preoccupied with reading your slides instead of listening.

Instead of large amounts of text, think about fewer words in a bigger font. This will help your audience up close and in the back of the room read your slides.

3. Rethink visuals.

People recall information better when it’s paired with images (as opposed to text). When you reduce the amount of text in your slides, you'll need compelling visuals to support the message you're delivering to your audience.

That doesn't mean you can just throw some nice-looking photos onto your deck and move on. Like any other content strategy, the visual elements of your presentation need to be strategic and relevant. We’ll discuss different types of visuals, and their best practices, below.

Slideshare Presentation template

Download 10 PowerPoint Templates for Free

While PowerPoint templates have come a long way since the program was first unveiled to the world, chances are, they're still commonly used.

To make your presentation unique, choose a theme that your audience hasn't seen dozens of times before — one that matches your brand and complements the topic you're speaking about.

Sometimes, it pays to look at presentation platforms other than PowerPoint to find templates, like Prezi.

There are also many visual content design sites that offer customizable templates that you can adapt for your own brand and topic, like Canva. In fact, in addition to templates, Canva also offers its very own platform for building presentations from scratch .

Additionally, you can also take a look at Venngage's free presentation maker for more professionally designed templates, icons, and high-quality stock photos that you can use right away.

Charts and Graphs

good presentation examples, charts and graphs

Image Source

One of the best ways to support the message you're delivering in your presentation is by including data and statistics. That's where charts and graphs come in: They provide a colorful and engaging way to present the details that support your point.

That said, make sure they fit in with the rest of your presentation's visual theme. Otherwise, your data points can distract the audience from what you're talking about, rather than enhancing it.

Color Theme

There's been some research on the way color can influence our emotions, especially when used in marketing.

While the goal of your presentation may not necessarily be to make a sale, you might be trying to invoke certain feelings or impressions, which a strategic use of color can help you do.

Check out Coschedule's guide on the psychology of color in marketing, which highlights the ways different tones, shades, and combinations can influence purchasing decisions.

When you include text, you want it to be easy to read and interpret. If you include text that's too small or dense to easily read, participants become too focused on trying to decipher it to pay attention to what you're saying.

That's why the designers at Visage recommend choosing Sans Serif fonts that opt for "legibility over fun," noting that text should not only be big enough for people in the back of the room to read but also presented in the right color to maintain visibility over your background.

Image Quality

Incorporating this fabulous visual content into your presentation will go to waste if the images are low-quality. Make sure your photos and other visual assets are high-resolution enough to be crisp and clear when displayed on a huge presentation screen.

10 FREE PowerPoint Templates

Tell us a little about yourself below to gain access today., 4. incorporate multimedia..

There's a reason why we love examples. You can give out the best advice available, but sometimes, in order to believe it, people need to see it in practice.

Multimedia is one way to achieve that — in a manner that can also capture and maintain your audience's attention.

A simple Google search for " music in presentations " yields enough soundtrack results to suggest that it's a unique way of engaging your audience, or at least creating a welcoming atmosphere before and after you speak.

Within the presentation itself, video serves as valuable visual content to keep your audience engaged. After all, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers .

Video helps to illustrate and explain theories in practice in a way that the spoken word or photographs can't do alone.

Every item on this list meets the criteria for a great PowerPoint presentation. As you peruse these examples, take inspiration from our favorites and use what you learn to create your best presentation yet.

1. ChatGPT What It Is and How Writers Can Use It by Ads

The presentation below explains what ChatGPT is and all of its functionality, all with the goal of making the writing process easy.

What we love: This presentation maintains a limited color palette. The designer makes use of bold white text over a blue background to call out important headings. Key definitions are centered in white space, allowing these sections to naturally catch the viewer’s eye.

2 . How Google Works by Eric Schmid

Ever wonder what it's actually like to work at Google? The presentation below from Eric Schmidt (Alphabet, Inc.'s Executive Chairman and ex-CEO of Google) could clue you in.

This presentation outlines some of the top lessons he and his team have learned from running and hiring at one of the top companies in the world. Besides giving you a peek behind the scenes, Schmidt inspires you to make changes to the way your business runs.

What we love: This presentation has minimalist slides that balance simple illustrations with short text. Viewers can consume information quickly. Just as valuable, Schmidt ends with a thought-provoking question and information about where to go for more information.

3. Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint by Slide Comet

This presentation has some awesome takeaways we all could learn from. Even if you're following all the tips in this presentation (inspired by Seth Godin's ebook), you can surely be inspired by its expert copy and design.

Seth Godin is arguably one of the greatest marketing minds of our time, so a presentation based on his book had to achieve high marks. In addition to the compelling design, the simplicity of the text stands out, making it easy for viewers to follow along.

What we love: This presentation example is best for understanding principles of great design and organization, while simultaneously teaching you how to create better slides.

4. 2022 Women in the Workplace Briefing by McKinsey & Compan

This presentation outlines the key findings from McKinsey’s 2022 research on women in the workplace. Focusing on original data, the slides below use a variety of graphs and visual representations to show how the expectations women face at work have changed over time.

Pro tip: If your presentation focuses on original research, use multiple types of graphs to show your finding. Only using bar graphs or pie charts can be tedious. Using many forms of data analysis will keep your presentation engaging.

5. Email Marketing Trends by Gabriel Blanche

Most marketers are looking to grow, but sometimes they can get stuck making incremental improvements. To help you get unstuck, Gabriel Blanchet shares trends to keep an eye out for.

What we love: These slides use a bright color pallet and use clean flow charts to present information. Best of all, it drives action by explaining each trend and explaining why it works.

6. Digital Strategy 101 by Bud Caddel

Even though this presentation is almost 100 slides long, its content is pure gold. Caddell answers some of the biggest FAQs about digital strategy in a very accessible way.

The reason his slides are so straightforward is because of the way he's laid them out. He's really adept at making "animated" slides that explain his story — something we all should learn how to do.

What we love: In the first few slides, Caddell lays out his objective and explains exactly what the presentation will cover. Viewers instantly understand what they’re going to get out of the presentation.

7. A Product Manager's Job by Josh Elma

Product managers are the backbone of every new initiative. These slides from Josh Elman describe what the role actually entails on a daily basis.

This presentation uses limited text in big font to drive home the highlights of the role. Plus, Elman starts off by discussing brands he’s worked with in the past, giving his presentation credibility.

What we love: Elman’s slides have a consistent color. By adding a blue filter to images, each slide in the presentation feels cohesive.

8. SEO, PPC, and AI in 2023 and Beyond by Lily Ra

Smart designers choose a consistent theme for their presentations. In this presentation, Lily Ray and her co-presenter pull from the world of science fiction.

When discussing AI and the future of marketing, they playfully evoke imagery reminiscent of Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell.

Pro tip: Picking a theme with cinematic imagery will help you stand out in a sea of corporate clipart.

9. The HubSpot Culture Code by HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Sha

Not to toot our own horn, but this presentation has been one of our most successful. The secret? Dharmesh chooses a central theme, the acronym HEART (Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, and Transparent).

This simple phrase provides a concise framing of our company’s values, as well as a central message for the presentation. Plus, heart icons in the presentation make the connection clear.

Pro tip: Consider adding a theme or acronym that ties your presentation together.

10. How I Got 2.5 Million Views on SlideShare by Nick Deme

Feeling inspired to create a SlideShare of your own? Make sure you flip through Nick Demey's presentation first. He shares some tried-and-true tips for creating awesome presentations that rack up tons of views.

Here’s what works: right off the bat, Demey tells you how to get in touch with him. He’s already successful, so if someone wanted to reach out directly to his agency, they don’t have to wait until the end to connect with him.

11. Intro to Azure Data Platform by Karen Lope

Making technical information easy to digest is a formidable challenge, especially in a slide deck. Karen Lopez tackles the challenge in her slide deck. Her presentation makes use of tables and flowcharts — creating clear visual representations of complex technical ideas.

Pro tip: If you’re presenting on a complex process, find ways to explain each step using charts and infographics. A few images can help a greater portion of your audience understand what you do.

12. Insights from the 2022 Legal Trends Report by Clio

From a design perspective, your presentation should have imagery. However, these images don’t need to be photographs of a boring office. Consider something more abstract, like Clio has done below.

Each slide of the presentation includes simple objects, like triangles, rectangles, and circles. These shapes seamlessly integrate with the different charts and graphs in the presentation.

Pro tip: Instead of using cliche visuals, shapes, and patterns can give your presentation an artistic flair.

13. Displaying Data by Bipul Deb Nat

We admire this presentation for its exceptional display of data — now this post will explain how to do the same in your own presentations.

I also love how this presentation is concise and minimal, as it helps communicate a fairly advanced topic in an easy-to-understand way.

What works: This presentation example has a clear objective — showing the audience how to effectively display data. Because of that, the visuals here take center stage, expanding on the meaning of the text, which makes it easy to absorb the key takeaways from the presentation.

14. 2022 GWI's Social Report by GWI

In this presentation, Leticia Xavier shows the power of a limited color scheme. She uses different shapes of pink and purple to create contrast. All of the graphs, backgrounds, and images use different hues of the same colors.

When she breaks the color scheme, as she does on slide 12, the viewer’s attention is immediately recaptured.

Pro tip: If you’re worried about contrasting visuals, pick one or two colors. You can then choose different hues and tints of these colors to make your slides cohesive.

15. Digital 2023 Global Overview Report

If you’re looking for a dark color scheme to replicate, look no further. This slide deck from DataReportal uses a deep blue background throughout its presentation. Graphs are in bright yellows and greens, while the text is white.

Remember to keep a high level of contrast between your text and your background. This will make your slides easy to read.

Pro tip: If you’re going to present in person, consider your environment when choosing a color scheme. If the lights will be off in the room, a dark background will work for your slides. If everything will be bright, a light background with dark text will be easier to read.

16. How to Turn Wild Opinions into Traffic, Backlinks, and Social Proof by Animalz

good presentation example, animal

SEO’s changed a lot in the past two decades. Most of us are concerned with keeping up with the latest and greatest changes. This presentation walks through today’s marketing landscape, where everyone has both opinions and ways to express them.

What we love: This presentation uses emojis, a staple of the social media world, as a stand-in for bullet points. Smart presenters match design elements with their subject matter.

17. 5 Killer Ways to Design the Same Slide by Crispy Presentations

While keeping everything consistent can be good for branding, it can also prevent people from noticing the new content you’ve put together. This presentation shows you a few different ways you can design the same slide — all depending on what you want it to accomplish.

What we love: Everyone who sees the title instantly knows what they’re going to learn. It’s short, which makes it easy to consume in very little time.

18.   The HubSpot Customer Code by HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah

good presentation example, customer cod

When it comes to working with a company, it helps to set customer expectations and to clearly lay out your value proposition. HubSpot does both in the slide deck below. Instead of relying solely on product images, this presentation includes drawn images and lively colors.

Pro tip: Use bright colors for different words and phrases that you want to stand out. These will naturally catch your viewers’ eyes.

19.  ThinkNow Culture Report 2022 by ThinkNow

Thus far, we’ve seen slides that use neutral backgrounds that contrast with colorful charts and graphs. In this presentation, ThinkNow successfully subverts expectations.

The slides use colorful icons and accent colors in magenta and yellow. Meanwhile, graphs throughout the piece are made in black and white. This works well by creating high-contrast, easy-to-read visual representations.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid of using classic color schemes like black and white. These simple colors can balance out loud accents.

20 . How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram by Buffer

good presentation example, buffer

When choosing a presentation topic, find ways to hook your audience. For example, this presentation from Buffer makes use of a numbered list. Listeners know exactly what they’ll get from the presentation and how far along in the presentation they are.

Pro tip : Keep your slides simple. Instead of choosing a text-heavy design, Buffer limits text on the slide just to each tip.

The best PowerPoint presentations have gorgeous designs, give insanely actionable takeaways, and provide down-to-earth advice.

Learn from the presentation examples above to create your own that represents all three.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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8 tips to make the best powerpoint presentations.

Want to make your PowerPoint presentations really shine? Here's how to impress and engage your audience.

Quick Links

Table of contents, start with a goal, less is more, consider your typeface, make bullet points count, limit the use of transitions, skip text where possible, think in color, take a look from the top down, bonus: start with templates.

Slideshows are an intuitive way to share complex ideas with an audience, although they're dull and frustrating when poorly executed. Here are some tips to make your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations sing while avoiding common pitfalls.

It all starts with identifying what we're trying to achieve with the presentation. Is it informative, a showcase of data in an easy-to-understand medium? Or is it more of a pitch, something meant to persuade and convince an audience and lead them to a particular outcome?

It's here where the majority of these presentations go wrong with the inability to identify the talking points that best support our goal. Always start with a goal in mind: to entertain, to inform, or to share data in a way that's easy to understand. Use facts, figures, and images to support your conclusion while keeping structure in mind (Where are we now and where are we going?).

I've found that it's helpful to start with the ending. Once I know how to end a presentation, I know how best to get to that point. I start by identifying the takeaway---that one nugget that I want to implant before thanking everyone for their time---and I work in reverse to figure out how best to get there.

Your mileage, of course, may vary. But it's always going to be a good idea to put in the time in the beginning stages so that you aren't reworking large portions of the presentation later. And that starts with a defined goal.

A slideshow isn't supposed to include everything. It's an introduction to a topic, one that we can elaborate on with speech. Anything unnecessary is a distraction. It makes the presentation less visually appealing and less interesting, and it makes you look bad as a presenter.

This goes for text as well as images. There's nothing worse, in fact, than a series of slides where the presenter just reads them as they appear. Your audience is capable of reading, and chances are they'll be done with the slide, and browsing Reddit, long before you finish. Avoid putting the literal text on the screen, and your audience will thank you.

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Right off the bat, we're just going to come out and say that Papyrus and Comic Sans should be banned from all PowerPoint presentations, permanently. Beyond that, it's worth considering the typeface you're using and what it's saying about you, the presenter, and the presentation itself.

Consider choosing readability over aesthetics, and avoid fancy fonts that could prove to be more of a distraction than anything else. A good presentation needs two fonts: a serif and sans-serif. Use one for the headlines and one for body text, lists, and the like. Keep it simple. Veranda, Helvetica, Arial, and even Times New Roman are safe choices. Stick with the classics and it's hard to botch this one too badly.

There reaches a point where bullet points become less of a visual aid and more of a visual examination.

Bullet points should support the speaker, not overwhelm his audience. The best slides have little or no text at all, in fact. As a presenter, it's our job to talk through complex issues, but that doesn't mean that we need to highlight every talking point.

Instead, think about how you can break up large lists into three or four bullet points. Carefully consider whether you need to use more bullet points, or if you can combine multiple topics into a single point instead. And if you can't, remember that there's no one limiting the number of slides you can have in a presentation. It's always possible to break a list of 12 points down into three pages of four points each.

Animation, when used correctly, is a good idea. It breaks up slow-moving parts of a presentation and adds action to elements that require it. But it should be used judiciously.

Adding a transition that wipes left to right between every slide or that animates each bullet point in a list, for example, starts to grow taxing on those forced to endure the presentation. Viewers get bored quickly, and animations that are meant to highlight specific elements quickly become taxing.

That's not to say that you can't use animations and transitions, just that you need to pick your spots. Aim for no more than a handful of these transitions for each presentation. And use them in spots where they'll add to the demonstration, not detract from it.

Sometimes images tell a better story than text can. And as a presenter, your goal is to describe points in detail without making users do a lot of reading. In these cases, a well-designed visual, like a chart, might better convey the information you're trying to share.

The right image adds visual appeal and serves to break up longer, text-heavy sections of the presentation---but only if you're using the right images. A single high-quality image can make all the difference between a success and a dud when you're driving a specific point home.

When considering text, don't think solely in terms of bullet points and paragraphs. Tables, for example, are often unnecessary. Ask yourself whether you could present the same data in a bar or line chart instead.

Color is interesting. It evokes certain feelings and adds visual appeal to your presentation as a whole. Studies show that color also improves interest, comprehension, and retention. It should be a careful consideration, not an afterthought.

You don't have to be a graphic designer to use color well in a presentation. What I do is look for palettes I like, and then find ways to use them in the presentation. There are a number of tools for this, like Adobe Color , Coolors , and ColorHunt , just to name a few. After finding a palette you enjoy, consider how it works with the presentation you're about to give. Pastels, for example, evoke feelings of freedom and light, so they probably aren't the best choice when you're presenting quarterly earnings that missed the mark.

It's also worth mentioning that you don't need to use every color in the palette. Often, you can get by with just two or three, though you should really think through how they all work together and how readable they'll be when layered. A simple rule of thumb here is that contrast is your friend. Dark colors work well on light backgrounds, and light colors work best on dark backgrounds.

Spend some time in the Slide Sorter before you finish your presentation. By clicking the four squares at the bottom left of the presentation, you can take a look at multiple slides at once and consider how each works together. Alternatively, you can click "View" on the ribbon and select "Slide Sorter."

Are you presenting too much text at once? Move an image in. Could a series of slides benefit from a chart or summary before you move on to another point?

It's here that we have the opportunity to view the presentation from beyond the single-slide viewpoint and think in terms of how each slide fits, or if it fits at all. From this view, you can rearrange slides, add additional ones, or delete them entirely if you find that they don't advance the presentation.

The difference between a good presentation and a bad one is really all about preparation and execution. Those that respect the process and plan carefully---not only the presentation as a whole, but each slide within it---are the ones who will succeed.

This brings me to my last (half) point: When in doubt, just buy a template and use it. You can find these all over the web, though Creative Market and GraphicRiver are probably the two most popular marketplaces for this kind of thing. Not all of us are blessed with the skills needed to design and deliver an effective presentation. And while a pre-made PowerPoint template isn't going to make you a better presenter, it will ease the anxiety of creating a visually appealing slide deck.

Microsoft Office

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67 Free PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Life Easier

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awesome powerpoint presentation examples

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Are you looking for the best free PowerPoint templates?

After a quick Google search, you may have been overwhelmed with all your choices -- and too short on time to check them all out.

Fortunately, today’s guide will help you find the right template to suit your every need.

We’ve rounded up a healthy mix of templates that can be used for both personal and professional presentations so there’s something for everyone.

Plus, since we’ve broken down our list of templates into smaller categories, you can quickly scan each section for only the ones you need right now and save even more time:

  • Business PowerPoint templates
  • Charts PowerPoint templates

Industry-specific PowerPoint templates

  • Construction and architecture PowerPoint templates
  • Health and nutrition PowerPoint templates
  • Food PowerPoint templates

Science and technology PowerPoint templates

  • Medical PowerPoint templates

Education-based PowerPoint templates

Imagery-based powerpoint templates.

  • Modern PowerPoint templates
  • Nature PowerPoint templates

Animal PowerPoint templates

  • Christmas PowerPoint templates

Can’t wait to view them one by one? We’ve put together a selection of the best free powerpoint templates in one easy-to-download file, just click on the link below.

Get your free PowerPoint templates

Templates perfect for business or personal use.

To start, let’s jump right into PowerPoint templates for businesses.

Free PowerPoint templates for business

These are the best free PowerPoint templates for your business:

1. Business sales PowerPoint template

This business sales presentation template is sure to make an impact, featuring a stunning glass building on the title slide. This template includes slides for the benefits of your product or service, costs, and business opportunities to make it easy to plug in your own content and go.

Business sales PowerPoint template

2. Grant proposal PowerPoint template

This grant proposal template has an eye-catching design and is laid out for you with slides on the project objectives, timeline, and an organizational chart, to help you wow at your next presentation.

Grant proposal PowerPoint template

3. Corporate PowerPoint template

If you are presenting to corporate clients or investors, you need a template as polished as your pitch. The big typography and image showcase slides in this Nowco corporate template by Kata Ragasits at Slideist will give your message a professional boost.

Corporate PowerPoint template

4. Finance PowerPoint template

This numbers-centric Balthasar template sets the scene for any finance related presentation, suitable for accounting, banking, economics or even if you’re just reporting on your department’s budget.

Finance PowerPoint template

5. Status report PowerPoint template

To keep your project on track and make sure everyone is in the loop, use this status report template . Use it to communicate the project status, progress, and deliverables with everyone involved.

Status report PowerPoint template

6. Company profile PowerPoint template

The beautifully designed Polaris company profile template by Jun Akizaki is ideal to showcase your company philosophy, team, and products and services to potential customers or investors.

Company profile PowerPoint template

7. Business plan PowerPoint template

Before you spend hours trying to create a business plan from scratch, use this done-for-you and super professional-looking template instead.

Business plan PowerPoint template

8. Sales report PowerPoint template

Need an update on where your sales team stands? This sales report template can be used to give you a quick snapshot and a better picture via the monthly overview.

Sales report PowerPoint template

9. Pitch deck PowerPoint template

Getting your startup off the ground is no easy feat -- and there’s certainly already enough on your plate. So use this pitch deck template to start your business off on the right foot.

Pitch deck PowerPoint template

10. Teamwork PowerPoint template

This teamwork PowerPoint template can help organize your team’s projects so they’re always easy to follow.

Plus, it also gives you step-by-step instructions on the template itself so you’ll know exactly what needs to go where.

This saves you time and potential headaches from trying to figure out where everything goes on your own.

Teamwork template

11. Resume PowerPoint template

When it comes to job applications, it’s a must to stand out from the crowd. This resume PowerPoint template by Slideist will help you do just that. If your resume needs to be in document format, simply export as a PDF once you’ve customized it.

Resume PowerPoint template

12. Case study template

To showcase your business' success stories, use this free  case study PowerPoint template  provided by SlideUpLift. This template features the name of the client, their problem, your solution, and the result.

awesome powerpoint presentation examples

Need to create a chart? Use these PowerPoint templates

Sometimes a visual representation is stronger than words and numbers combined. So when you need a chart, these templates are all go-to's:

13. Flowchart PowerPoint template

Need to make a flowchart that looks professional and isn’t too hard to use?

Try this free template and you’ll have just that.

Flowchart PowerPoint template

14. Pie chart PowerPoint template

And if a flow chart won’t work for your needs, but a pie chart might, this PowerPoint template has you covered.

Within a few minutes, you’ll have a customized pie chart sure to impress any audience -- and you won’t have to spend too much time to do so.

Pie chart PowerPoint template

15. Gantt chart PowerPoint template

Gantt chart PowerPoint template

While the first set of templates can work for any business, this next set has been fine-tuned to deliver exactly what its respective industry demands:

16. Real estate PowerPoint template

Use this real estate PowerPoint template to explain to potential clients why they should go with you and your agency.

You can highlight your biggest achievements and share how your team goes the extra mile for their clients.

Real estate PowerPoint template

17. Cryptocurrency PowerPoint template

Even more time-consuming (and way less interesting) than explaining cryptocurrency, if you’re in need of a presentation to describe why you’re the best candidate to manage cryptocurrency for your clients, this free Bitcoin template is right up your alley.

You can also use this template to educate potential investors who may be new to this sort of currency and teach them how to get started.

Cryptocurrency PowerPoint template

18. Coffee-centric PowerPoint template

Whether you’re reaching out to potential coffee bean growers or you’re going directly to the coffee houses themselves, this template helps your brand show off their professional and trustworthy side.

Coffee-centric PowerPoint template

19. Eco-friendly PowerPoint template

You’ll give the same brand-specific appearance with this eco-friendly PowerPoint template .

Thanks to its clean, simple design, any business geared toward a natural lifestyle can benefit from using it.

So, for example, whether you’re a spa owner or you’ve created your own all-natural and organic skincare line, this template gives off eco-friendly vibes people will want to invest in.

Eco-friendly PowerPoint template

The next batch of PowerPoint templates does the heavy lifting for many in the construction industry.

PowerPoint templates for construction and architecture

Use these templates in your business and you’ll save both time and money:

20. Building wireframe PowerPoint template

If you’re an architect, engineer, or project planner, this blue and white building wireframe template might be just the ticket for presentations about your projects being planned or in development.

Building wireframe PowerPoint template

21. Construction PowerPoint template

Any good construction company knows that before you break ground, you need to come up with a solid building plan first. This construction template by Prezentr can be used to show potential investors what your renovation timeline looks like, or help your team understand what needs to be done and who’s responsible for those tasks.

Construction PowerPoint template

22. Roadwork PowerPoint template

If your business is responsible for surveying or road construction, this PowerPoint template is better suited for your needs.

Roadwork PowerPoint template

23. City sketch PowerPoint template

The design of this city sketch template may appeal to architects, graphic designers or illustrators. The slide deck includes ready-made charts and tables for you to easily insert your data.

City sketch PowerPoint template

Free health and nutrition PowerPoint templates

Use these templates to give off a healthy first impression.

24. Vital signs PowerPoint template

Whether you’re in the medical field, pharmaceuticals, or the fitness industry, this Slidehunter animated vital signs template can breathe life into your presentation. The neon heart rate is animated to pulse across the slides just like on a real monitor.

Vital signs PowerPoint template

25. Fresh fruit PowerPoint template

If you’re in the nutrition space, that medical template gives the opposite impression of your more holistic approach. That’s why this fresh  watermelon template is a better option for you.

Use it to share your client’s meal plan or to explain how your practice is different. Either way, the juicy colors will make your information stand out.

Fresh fruit PowerPoint template

26. Fitness PowerPoint template

This fitness template is perfect for a personal trainer, fitness instructor or gym owner. You can outline your clients' workout plan and schedule, or use it to document their progress towards their fitness goals.

Fitness PowerPoint template

If you’re in one of these industries, time spent on templates means time wasted on other important tasks -- such as discovering or creating the next big breakthrough.

So don’t even experiment with others; use these free templates and save yourself tons of time.

27. Space-specific PowerPoint template

This 3D space-themed PowerPoint template is perfect for readers entering the space technology realm. With a bold image of the Hubble telescope, your presentation will leave a lasting impression of all your potential.

Space-specific PowerPoint template

28. Science project PowerPoint template

This science project template is structured with everything laid out for you. You can simply fill in the details of your hypothesis, materials, and observations and you’re good to go. It features a sleek, dark theme and widescreen 16:9 format.

Science project PowerPoint template

29. Virtual reality PowerPoint template

Just like cryptocurrency, virtual reality is on the rise. And if that’s the industry you’re in, this free PowerPoint template by Prezentr can help you make a bold statement in that space.

30. Artificial intelligence PowerPoint template

Artificial intelligence is a booming industry. Use this futuristic template  by Prezentr for your next AI related presentation.

Artificial intelligence PowerPoint template

Let’s go back to school with our next set of PowerPoint templates.

These templates work well for both administrative teams at schools, teachers, PTA staff, and students.

31. Ecology PowerPoint template

This versatile educational template can be used by teachers or students for geography, biology and other environmental related presentations.

Ecology PowerPoint template

32. Colored pencils PowerPoint template

It doesn’t matter if you’re an educator trying to reach your students or you’re conveying a message to parents, this school-themed PowerPoint template will capture your audience’s attention fast.

You can also use this template as a student. This template shows you did more than the minimum on your homework assignment and cared about your presentation’s appearance.

33. Theater PowerPoint template

For theaters and theater clubs, when it comes time to raise awareness and fundraising dollars, this Slidehunter theater template will give you everything you need to make an artful impression.

You can also use it to display your cast list, upcoming shows, and any other key pieces of information.

Theater PowerPoint template

34. Classroom timer PowerPoint template

Perfect for teachers, this animated hourglass timer template is a fun way to motivate your students to complete their activities within the time limit you set.

Classroom timer PowerPoint template

35. Notebook PowerPoint template

This notebook template can be used to present assignments and projects in a creative way.  

Notebook PowerPoint template

These photographic templates combine simplicity with bold imagery to make your text shine.

36. Cherry blossom PowerPoint template

If you’re a florist, event planner, or just looking for something soft and dreamy, this cherry blossom template is just the ticket to help create a stunning presentation.  

Cherry blossom PowerPoint template

37. Sailboat PowerPoint template

Use this sailboat template to conjure up thoughts of sun-soaked beach vacations for your audience.

Sailboat PowerPoint template

38. Cactus design PowerPoint template

This cactus template is perfect for botany students and businesses making presentations about the desert or the American southwest. Its cool, pleasing colors also make an interesting backdrop

Cactus design PowerPoint template

39. Desert design PowerPoint template

And if you’re looking for that same desert-type feel but the blue of the previous template clashes with your brand’s logo , use this PowerPoint template instead.

The fiery reds and deep orange colors give off a completely different vibe than those cactus designs but deliver the same high impact.

Desert design PowerPoint template

40. Cloud PowerPoint template

This light and airy cloud background template is perfect for science presentations, nature conservation groups, and businesses related to sleep, weather, and so much more.

Cloud PowerPoint template

41. Cityscape views PowerPoint template

This modern template gives you a worm’s eye view of a beautiful downtown cityscape.

And with the blue and white color scheme, your presentation will look as crisp as the skyscrapers in the background

Cityscape views PowerPoint template

42. Sunflower PowerPoint template

If the blue and white colors in that cityscape template are a little bland for your liking, consider using this bright sunflower one instead.

The bold orange and yellow colors will keep your audience awake and energized, but since it’s also paired with a softer white background, your information won’t get lost in the brightness.

Sunflower PowerPoint template

43. The Fisherman PowerPoint template

This fisherman PowerPoint template uses the same strategy as the sunflower one: striking imagery against a white or muted background.

Though the imagery is softer in color this time, it’s still a bold and eye-catching sight to see. And thanks to the white balance, it doesn’t compete with your information.

Rather, each compliments the other.

The Fisherman PowerPoint template

Modern design PowerPoint templates

The next group of templates uses modern designs, many of which are illustrated, to give a polished and sophisticated feel to your presentations.

44. Thaliard PowerPoint template

For readers with data-heavy presentations, this Thaliard PowerPoint template is for you.

With several slide layouts to choose from, you can display your data and statistics in a way that’s engaging instead of overwhelming.

Thaliard PowerPoint template

45. Feminine flair PowerPoint template

This fun and feminine PowerPoint template balances a handwritten-style font with a light and airy color palette in millennial pink to create a classically beautiful design for the modern gal.

Feminine flair PowerPoint template

46. Brushstrokes PowerPoint template - pink

This brush strokes PowerPoint template features an abstract design in hues of pink, purple and blue.

Brush strokes PowerPoint template - pink

47. Brushstrokes PowerPoint template - green

Similar to the above but using a cool color palette of seafoam greens and blues, this brush strokes template is sure to make a statement.

Brush strokes PowerPoint template - green

48. Modern and simple PowerPoint template

The next free PowerPoint template is gender-neutral when it comes to the color palette, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. With brightly colored pixels and squares, you’ll have a professional template with a bit of personality perfect for the boardroom.

Modern and simple PowerPoint template

49. Nature PowerPoint template

This eye-catching template features a modern, flat design of rolling hills and trees. Use it as the backdrop of your next environmentally friendly presentation.

Nature PowerPoint template

50. Dark nature PowerPoint template

A twist on the above template, this dark-themed nature template gives you a muted, classic option if you prefer something less bright.

Dark nature PowerPoint template

51. Color radial PowerPoint template

This template is not for the shy or timid since it will get your presentation noticed. With bright, vibrant pinks, oranges, and greens, your intel is sure to stand out.

Color radial PowerPoint template

52. Bright colored PowerPoint template

And if the bright colors in the previous template are too much for you, this template may be a better option.

With its soft yellow color and its use of retro shapes in vintage colors, you wind up with a light, fun presentation suitable for most applications.

Bright colored PowerPoint template

53. Flow PowerPoint template

Now, if bright colors are not what you’re looking for, this cool and serene flow design has your name on it.

With pastel colors and a light gray background, this one won’t call too much attention to itself yet you’ll still be able to get your message across loud and clear.

flow PowerPoint template

54. Gold sparkle PowerPoint template

This gold sparkle PowerPoint template is great for creating a simple design that focuses on your information.

Since the “sparkles” in the background are blurred out, the attention is focused solely on your words, not the imagery.

gold sparkle PowerPoint template

55. Blue sparkle PowerPoint template

And the same thing happens with this blue alternative template -- all eyes get directed to the content, which doesn’t compete with the background.

If you’re making a presentation in a room with difficult lighting, this blue sparkle may be easier to read than the gold one before it. Since the background is a dark navy color, the white text will pop and be clearer to see.

blue sparkle PowerPoint template

56. Blue gradient PowerPoint template

This free template by Daniela Trony features a blue gradient theme throughout, with plenty of opportunities to display your Instagram worthy photos. This template is perfect for presentations where you want your images to speak more than words.

blue gradient PowerPoint template

57. Bubbler PowerPoint template

This free template by Showeet  features a modern design and a custom color scheme. The template comes with 22 slides and a "set of ready-to-use examples". 

Bubbler PowerPoint template

58. Botanical PowerPoint template

A sight for sore eyes – this botanical-themed template from Slidescarnival is ideal for presentations on gardening, fashion, or decoration. The fully editable template deck comes with 25 different slides and 80 different icons.

Botanical PowerPoint template

Travel related PowerPoint templates

These next templates are ideal for anyone presenting on the topics of travel or globalization.

59. Travel PowerPoint template

Whether you’re promoting tourism locally or abroad or sharing your latest trip with your family and friends, this travel template has everything you need to make a standout presentation.

Travel PowerPoint template

60. Travel brochure PowerPoint template

If you’re a travel agent, use this red and blue brochure template to showcase your destinations and company contact information to customers.

Travel brochure PowerPoint template

61. Island destination PowerPoint template

This beautiful island destination template will help your audience imagine a relaxing time on a tropical island. Use it for presentations on your resort, destination weddings, and travel services.

Island destination PowerPoint template

The next three templates feature images of animals -- who doesn’t love those?

62. Hare PowerPoint template

This sweet hare background is great for both springtime presentations and animal or outdoor related ones

Hare PowerPoint template

63. Sea turtle PowerPoint template

For beach and underwater-themed presentations, or if you just prefer sea turtles over land animals, this free template featuring bright turquoise colors is sure to please any crowd

Sea turtle PowerPoint template

64. Horse PowerPoint template

You also can’t go wrong with this horse PowerPoint template .

Not only is the image of the horse striking, but so is the background. Both of these help to keep your audience’s attention.

Horse PowerPoint template

Christmas-themed PowerPoint templates

The mood is festive and fun during the Christmas and holiday season so your presentations should be too. So add these next two free PowerPoint templates to your wish list.

65. Christmas PowerPoint template

With this Christmas-inspired template , you’ll add a burst of warm holiday cheer to your presentation.

Christmas PowerPoint template

66. Holiday photo card PowerPoint template

Spread some holiday cheer with this photo card template . Add your own image and customize the greeting, then send it to friends and family.

Holiday photo card PowerPoint template

67. Santa Claus PowerPoint template

Santa Claus is coming to town (and to a PowerPoint template near you!) Download this festive template here . 

santa claus PowerPoint template

Enjoy your free professional PowerPoint templates

Now that you have a complete list of the best free PowerPoint templates to use, the harder question becomes which one you’ll use first.

Pro tip: Bookmark this page so you always have access to these free templates no matter the occasion for your presentation. This one smart move will save you time searching for this guide and all the awesome free templates we shared today.  

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  18. 25 Beautiful PPT Templates for an Attractive PowerPoint Presentation

    All the beautiful PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements include awesome slideshow options. They're packed with attractive PPT slides and nice PPT backgrounds. ... You don't have to change beautiful PowerPoint presentation templates to mix up the look and feel. Instead, turn to one like Simphony. It has over 20 color themes ...

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    The best Google Slides and Powerpoint presentation templates Here's a selection of the best free & premium Google Slides themes and PowerPoint presentation templates from the previous month. These designs were the most popular among our users, so download them now! The best presentations from May. Filter by. Filters ...

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    15. Multi Business PowerPoint Presentation Template - Best Awesome PowerPoint Presentation Templates. The multi-business PowerPoint template features bright colors and eye-catching slide designs. The template is set up for any type of corporate industry but would really work for any variety of creative presentations.

  21. 8 Tips to Make the Best PowerPoint Presentations

    A good presentation needs two fonts: a serif and sans-serif. Use one for the headlines and one for body text, lists, and the like. Keep it simple. Veranda, Helvetica, Arial, and even Times New Roman are safe choices. Stick with the classics and it's hard to botch this one too badly.

  22. 60 Effective PowerPoint Presentation Tips & Tricks (Giant List)

    Here's another one of our top PPT tips: tap into Envato Elements' unlimited stock photo library. People are more likely to take you seriously if your presentation is visually appealing. Users view attractive design as more usable. Similarly, they'll view a more attractive PowerPoint as more effective. 11.

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    Virtual reality PowerPoint template. Just like cryptocurrency, virtual reality is on the rise. And if that's the industry you're in, this free PowerPoint template by Prezentr can help you make a bold statement in that space. 30. Artificial intelligence PowerPoint template. Artificial intelligence is a booming industry.