37 Caring Facts About Mothers You Will Love Reading


There is no love more powerful than the love of a mother.

A mother nourishes, protects, feeds, and heals her baby. Did you know studies found that when a mother held a prematurely born child close to her chest for a few hours, it helped with faster weight gain and better resistance to infections?

Motherhood is a difficult but beautiful journey. An interesting fact about the mother-baby bond is that pregnancy can change your brain and body in numerous ways.

The uterus that holds the baby in a mother's womb expands from the size of an orange to the size of a watermelon. Studies also claim that there is a thing called 'mommy brain', wherein it is found that pregnancy and new motherhood could result in a loss of grey matter in the brain.

Did you know 'ma' is the first word a baby vocalizes? In fact, in almost all languages, the word for mother starts with the letter 'm'. In Mandarin Chinese, she is called Mama, and in Hebrew, she is called Em. Vietnamese children called their ma, based on the first sound that babies make. In Japanese, moms are called Hahaoya.

Role In The Family

The role of a mother in the family has witnessed tectonic changes in the past decades. Here are some of the facts about the roles mothers play.

A mother invests time, energy, and a lot of effort in raising her children and serves as a very important nurturer in most families.

Evidence suggests that mothers have been in charge of raising babies and taking care of family needs since ancient times.

During ancient times, the main occupations were hunting and gathering, which required muscle strength, and thus, those responsibilities were taken up by man. A woman has a natural tendency to nourish, and that's why she became a homemaker.

A mom plays an important role in ensuring the children get healthy and nutritious food.

When it comes to feeding an infant, nature has equipped the mother with breastmilk. Studies have proved that breastmilk is the most nutritious food in the world and its importance for the first six months of a child's life has been proven.

In the Ice Age, when sunlight was scarce, the mother's body underwent mutations so as to provide the essential nutrients to the baby.

On average, a mother spends 40 hours a year changing diapers.

Did you know that moms do 88% of all the laundry done in US homes?

For new moms, postnatal care is very crucial as motherhood is very taxing and can take a toll on their health.

Though a mother takes up the responsibility of taking care of her child, having support from the family or husband can really ease the stress.

Did you know that after birth, stress has a negative impact on the mother as well as the baby?

Biological And Non-biological Mothers

A woman does not need to give birth to become a mother. She can adopt a child, use a surrogate mother, or be a stepmother. Here are some facts about biological and non-biological moms.

Studies say that there are 2 billion moms in the world. Not all of them are biological moms.

But babies do connect with their biological moms right from their days in the womb.

On average, most American women will have two children. In places like Utah and Alaska, the average woman will have three children.

In the United States, there are about 85.4 million mothers of different age groups.

In 1970, the average age of moms was 21, and right now it is 25. It is estimated that the average will continue to increase.

Did you know that the youngest mother in the history of the world was a young girl aged five years and seven months? This was a girl named Lina Medina in Peru.

The oldest mother to give birth was 70 years old, and she opted for in-vitro fertilisation.

Studies say that the modern mother will be older, more mature, and better educated.

Studies say that even before a baby is born, the biological mother and child develop a connection through the placenta.

According to history, adoption has been happening since the beginning of civilization.

Adoption has become very common and is regulated by law in the present times.

In 2001, there were about 135,000 children adopted every year. Out of these, 59% were picked from foster care systems and 26% were from countries other than the USA.

Biological moms go through a lot of physical and mental stress before and after a baby is born.

About 800 biological mothers die each day due to pregnancy-related complications.

Surrogate moms carry the babies of another couple.

Thanks to a process called vitro fertilization, surrogacy is becoming a common way for women to become non-biological moms to babies formed from their eggs.

A single mom can also choose to take the help of a sperm bank to get pregnant.

Studies show that a woman is encouraged to get pregnant and give birth by her friends, siblings, and family members.

Role In Society

Here is a list of facts that talk about a woman's role in society.

Mothers are children's first tutors.

Among both parents, it is mostly the women who are actively involved in a child's education. They help the kids with homework, take part in parent meetings, and support the child's extracurricular activities.

Also, the kid is more likely to inherit a mother's skills because of all the time they spend together.

Did you know that the mental state of the mom directly affects the behavioral traits of the kids?

The parenting styles of the mother determine how happy, empathetic, successful, and mindful the kid becomes.

A mother plays a critical role in every milestone their kids achieve from birth until after they become adults. She molds the mental, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing along with the father.

Mothers can play a role in improving the health quality of a country. They can bring down the crime rate.

Society has started to appreciate the role of a mother. Mother's Day is a very popular national holiday right now. Did you know that more flowers are purchased on this day than on any other holiday?

Why is a mother so important?

A mother plays an important role in a kid's life. Right from the child's birth to taking care of all their physical, emotional, medical, and developmental needs, a mother plays a very crucial role.

What do mothers do?

A mother can do everything that's required in the upbringing of a child. Right from nurturing the kids with breastfeeding to taking care of all their needs in the growing years.

How much do surrogate mothers make?

A surrogate mother can make an average of $25,000. The pay can go up to $80,000, depending on the city.

When did Mother's Day begin?

Mother's Day began on May 10, 1908, and was founded by a woman named Anna Jarvis to honor the death of her mother. This day was declared a national holiday in 1914.

Why do mothers and daughters fight?

In most cases, the fight stems from the need to discipline the child.

What is the psychology behind being a mother?

It is the inherent desire of a woman to nourish life within her.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary (Mother of Jesus) in the Bible

  • Kristine Brown Author of Cinched: Living with Unwavering Trust in an Unfailing God
  • Updated Nov 03, 2023

3 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary (Mother of Jesus) in the Bible

Who Is the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus?

In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.” “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. Even Elizabeth your relative is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was said to be unable to conceive is in her sixth month. For no word from God will ever fail.” “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.  ( Luke 1:26-38 )

God chose Mary for what could be arguably the most important job in history – bringing our Savior Jesus Christ into the world. She was the perfect unlikely choice, which made her story even more remarkable. 

There is so much we can learn from Mary’s walk of obedience. And there’s more to her story than you may have noticed before. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about Mary in the Bible.

1. Mary was the only person to be present with Jesus at his birth and his earthly death.

Thinking about the Christmas Story takes me back to my childhood memories of Sunday school. I listened to the teacher tell about the stable, swaddling clothes, and the manger filled with hay. We added each piece to a plastic nativity scene as the story unfolded: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, animals, and shepherds – in that order. 

Joseph stayed by Mary’s side through that uncertain time. They both witnessed Jesus’ first breath on this earth. Soon shepherds came to join them and see what the angels told them about. ( Luke 2:15-16 ) But did you know Mary was also present as Jesus took his last  breath on earth?

“Standing near the cross were Jesus’ mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary (the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene”  ( John 19:25 ).

Mary comforted Jesus as He entered this world, and also as He left it to return to the Father. She devoted herself to being there for her son – through birth, death, and beyond.

2. Mary knew Old Testament prophecy about the coming Messiah.

This young girl showed unequalled bravery when she accepted the angel’s message by saying,  “… may it be to me as you have said”  ( Luke 1:38 ). But did she understand what she was agreeing to?

In Mary’s famous song of praise, we find evidence that Mary knew the Old Testament teachings. As a Jew, she had been learning about biblical prophecy her entire life. Her song also bears a striking resemblance to Hannah’s famous prayer ( 1 Samuel 2:1-10 ). Now, she would become part of the fulfillment of God’s ultimate plan.  

“He has helped his servant Israel and remembered to be merciful. For he made this promise to our ancestors, to Abraham and his children forever” ( Luke 1:54-55 ).

3. Mary very probably had four other sons after Jesus.

Jesus faced constant opposition during His ministry on earth. During one such time, a group of skeptics mentioned Jesus’ family members.

“Then they scoffed, ‘He’s just a carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon. And his sisters live right here among us.’ They were deeply offended and refused to believe him”  ( Mark 6:3 ).

From this passage, we discover Jesus most likely had four brothers and more than one sister, though his sisters are not named. We do not know how many sisters he had, but these unbelievers used this information against Him. They wanted to convince themselves and others that Jesus must have been just another man from Nazareth. But their cynicism couldn’t distract Jesus from His purpose.

Did Mary Have Children After Jesus?

Mary shines as a symbol of God’s desire to use the obscure and the ordinary. What encouragement from this simple peasant girl who now stands as one of the most loved women of all time!  In her book, All the Women of the Bible, Edith Deen wrote of Mary, “Though she never traveled any farther than from Palestine to Egypt, and then by donkey, her story still travels to the farthest corners of the earth.” 

Let’s learn from Mary’s example today. Let’s remember to live humbly and step out with boldness. Like Mary, we can all be part of God’s remarkable story.

Bible Verses about Mother Mary

  • All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers. Acts 1:14 ESV 
  • When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home. John 19:26-27 ESV
  • But standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home. John 19:25-27 ESV
  • As he said these things, a woman in the crowd raised her voice and said to him, “Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts at which you nursed!” But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Luke 11:27-28 ESV
  • And he came to her and said, “Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!” Luke 1:28 ESV
  • But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons. Galatians 4:4-5 ESV
  • But standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. John 19:25 ESV

Kristine Brown  is a writer, dramatist, and former English teacher. She desires to support women in their spiritual lives with practical teaching for real-life struggles. Kristine devotes her time to freelance writing and her non-profit ministry, More Than Yourself, Inc. You can read more from Kristine at www.morethanyourself.com .

Publication date:  June 3rd, 2016

Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/RedletterW

This article is part of our People from the Bible Series featuring the most well-known historical names and figures from Scripture. We have compiled these articles to help you study those whom God chose to set before us as examples in His Word. May their lives and walks with God strengthen your faith and encourage your soul.

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write 3 facts about his mother

12 Of The Most Inspiring Moms Throughout History

write 3 facts about his mother

Mother's Day is just around the corner — and that means that it's a good time to honor some of the incredible women in your life . Whether it's your mother or grandmother or just your neighbor who has always looked out for you, they deserve recognition. Truthfully, they deserve to be recognized every day. But especially in May.

A mother means so much more than someone who gives birth. She's the one responsible for guiding you to make the right choices. She'll also be the first one to make sure every meal prepared is at least somewhat nutritious. (Even if the nightly vegetable is "ketchup" for a day or two.) Many moms put their children before themselves. It's an honorable trait, especially for women who have so much else going on at the same time.

More from LittleThings: The Perfect Mother Doesn't Exist And It's Time We Stop Demanding The Impossible From Women

It might make you think of some of the best moms in history. While their families know for sure, others can guess by the way they carried themselves and the missions they did outside of motherhood. It's important for all of us to remember how strong these women are, and were. They're a good reminder that with a lot of hard work, anything is possible. If you're a new mom looking for some inspiring moms to model yourself after, here are 12 great choices.

1. Alberta King

Alberta King beat the odds at a young age. Born on September 13, 1904, she was the only surviving child of Jennie Celeste Williams and Adam Daniel Williams, who was a pastor. She'd later go on to marry Martin Luther King Sr. and give birth to Martin Luther King Jr. Her son wasn't afraid to talk about how much of an influence she was on his life.

In a letter reportedly written in 1948 to his mom, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, "I often tell the boys around the campus I have the best mother in the world. You will never know how I appreciate the many kind [things] you and daddy are doing for me."

2. Candy Lightner

As a parent, Candy Lightner suffered something that no mother ever should — she had to bury her child. After her daughter Cari died in a drunk driving accident in 1981, Candy went on to found what is now known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD. "Death caused by drunk drivers is the only socially acceptable form of homicide," she said to People , per Biography .

Candy took her anger and created something that would be beneficial to so many others. She's still an activist today.

3. Marie Curie

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, but she was also a wonderful mom. She gave birth to Irène Joliot-Curie in 1897 and Ève Curie in 1904. Irène was a chemist like her mother and eventually died from effects of radiation exposure, just like her mother. Ève was a journalist, famous for writing her mother's biography, Madame Curie. 

All of her hard work proved to her daughters that women can conquer anything. And did I mention that she raised those two daughters as a single mom?

4. Erma Bombeck

On the topic of writers, we need to talk about Erma Bombeck. She was an icon for mothers everywhere and was one of the top sources for relatable parenting content. She also proved that moms can be funny.

"Someday, when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother, I'll tell them: I loved you enough to bug you about where you were going, with whom and what time you would get home," she once wrote. "I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover your friend was a creep. I loved you enough to make you return a Milky Way with a bite out of it to a drugstore and confess, 'I stole this.' ... But most of all I loved you enough to say no when you hated me for it. That was the hardest part of all."

Talk to moms about mom stuff. And make money doing it.

5. Abigail Adams

Abigail Smith Adams was born in 1744. Throughout her life, she was an incredible advocate for women. For one, she fought to make sure girls had the same public school education that boys did.

After getting married to John Adams, she went on to have five children — three sons and two daughters. Along with her husband, she helped manage the family finances . For much of her time, she was the only one at home. Managing five kids by yourself for long stretches of time is something worth acknowledging.

6. Tammy Duckworth

Senator Tammy Duckworth is known for a few things. One of the biggest was becoming a wounded veteran back in 2004. Tammy was flying a Black Hawk to her base in Iraq when she was attacked. The incident cost her her legs.

Hoelun was the mom of Genghis Khan. Womanscape even refers to her as "the mother of all mothers." She surrendered to a kidnapping since she knew that her husband, Chiledu, would be killed if she didn't agree. From there, she became the wife of a chief named Yesugei, who would become Genghis Khan's father.

Her life was mostly tragic, but she managed to provide for her children when the odds were against her. She proved how powerful women can be.

8. Michelle Obama

Even today, Michelle Obama is making waves. As the former first lady, she worked extensively with making sure that children in schools everywhere got nutritious lunches. As a mom, she's done her best to make sure that Sasha and Malia had the most normal childhood they could, given the circumstances. Not everyone's father is president, after all.

These days, she's still trying to give her daughters a healthy sense of privacy. She's admitted to Oprah that she doesn't follow them on social media, so as to not intrude too much as they're becoming young adults.

9. Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was known best for being a dancer and a singer. But she was also a pretty fantastic mom. She knew the importance of pitching in and working hard early on. She started working when she was just 8 years old to help support her family.

Also an activist, Josephine made a difference by adopting 12 children from all around the world. Lovingly, per Biography , she referred to them as her "rainbow tribe." And in doing so, she wanted to prove a point — that people of all skin colors could live harmoniously together.

10. Dana Suskind

Dana Suskind comes with a story. She's known best for starting up the pediatric cochlear implant program at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital , which has been a life-changing program for those born without the ability to hear. But she's also raising her own family filled with smart young minds who are looking to change the world. And she's doing it solo.

Dana's husband, Donald Liu, died a hero after he tried to save two children from drowning in a strong current in Lake Michigan. The incident inspired Dana's 13-year old to start up a program to help others who have lost parents. It's called  SLAP'D , and it stands for Surviving Life After Parent Death.

11. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is best known for being a poet and writer. Her expertise came in the form of stories about her own childhood and entrance into adulthood. As she was a woman of color, many libraries threatened to ban her extraordinary books. However, plenty of young students still managed to find access to them and learned of her journey.

But Maya was also a mother. She had a son named Guy, who was constantly asked what it was like to be raised by such an influential woman. "I grew up in her light," Guy said on a program for OWN . "Sometimes I wasn't worthy of it, but it's always been an experience that expanded me."

12. Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft was well known for being a writer and feminist who stood for women's rights. But she was also the mom of Mary Shelley, who went on to write Frankenstein .

However, the two didn't have much time together. Mary Wollstonecraft died at the age of 38, just days after giving birth to her daughter. She had complications during labor, and her death left her family devastated. Her husband  wrote, "I firmly believe there does not exist her equal in the world. I know from experience we were formed to make each other happy. I have not the least expectation that I can now ever know happiness again."

It's possible that her writing inspired Mary Shelley to also pursue a similar career. If it wasn't for Mary Wollstonecraft, Frankenstein would have never been created.

Become a Writer Today

Essays About Your Mom: Top 5 Examples and 5 Prompts

Some of the most important memories in our lives involve our mothers. If you need to write essays about your mom, our guide will help. 

A mother is a female parent of a child. Mothers nurture their children throughout childhood and, for many, throughout adulthood as well. The desire to support and protect our children is never ending for many mothers. 

Motherhood, however, is not always a genetic role. Many people foster or adopt children or find themselves acting in a parental role for someone else’s children. What matters is the effort you put into a motherly role; for most, the instincts are all there. 

It can safely be said that a mom is one of the most significant role models one can have in life and one whose influence continues to inspire. I once read a statement that said, ‘one day, you will realize your Mom is the best friend you will ever have.’ That is certainly true for me, and I hope for many of you.

If you are writing essays about your mom, our essay examples should prove inspiring.

5 Top Essay Examples

1. story of my mom by wilbur mckenzie, 2. an open letter to my mom, and all moms by samantha wolf , 3. my mom is a movie star by dan moore, 4. leader of my life: my mother by chelsea gonzales.

  • ​​5. Your Mom Doesn’t Hate You, She’s Just Trying to Help You by Carly Newberg

5 Writing Prompts On Essays About Your Mom

1. the best memory of your mom, 2. a lesson your mom taught you, 3. what is your mom’s best quality, 4. your mom as a role model, 5. who is your mom.

“My mother believes in me, in everything I do, and is always positive about it. Every decision, task, and every level that I concur, my mom is always there, believing in me that I will succeed. Graduating 5th grade and moving up to 6th grade was a big step, just like graduating 8th grade and moving up to 9th grade was. But my mother believed that I would still do well in school and would enjoy it a lot.”

Mckenzie writes about his mother as his greatest influence and inspiration. He reflects on how his mom always makes sure he is well and how she loves the family unconditionally. He also describes her selflessness, as she volunteers for those in need and raises money for charity. Her mother’s love, selflessness, and encouragement inspire Mckenzie to try his best in everything he does, and he is genuinely grateful for her. 

“All I can say is thank you for being an amazing mother and all I want for you is to keep doing what makes you happy and brightens your day. Keep creating and going to the beach just to look at the ocean. Keep running, even if it’s not in marathons and don’t forget how awesome of a mother you are. Keep collecting seashells and spreading your positive energy everywhere you go. I love you, Mom.”

Wolf’s essay is addressed to her own mother and is composed of different notes and letters. According to Wolf, her mother is hardworking, optimistic, and devoted, and she recalls several moments they shared. The moments she describes are heartfelt and profound experiences that many can relate to. 

“To this day, she wakes up every morning, marches into our living room, and talks with cancer patients on the phone, lending them her empathy and expertise. It’s amazing, and I wanted her to know I saw all that. I wanted her to know I knew she’s always been a badass. I wanted her to know she’s an inspiration to me, a dynamic, courageous, capable, remarkable person I admire and study every day.”

Moore discusses his mother’s life beyond her role in his life. He briefly tells her life story, then writes about her work for a colon cancer foundation. She spends most of her time consoling and caring for cancer patients; only now is Moore able to appreciate what she is doing. He is in awe at all that his mom has been able to accomplish besides being a great mother to him.

“She utilizes her wisdom by teaching me the ways of life. She rejoices as I apply her teachings in my life and she understands me. The abundance of knowledge my mother has supplied me with continuously fills my life with rare and beautiful treasures.”

In her essay, Gonzales reflects on the spiritual lessons her mom has instilled in her. Her mother is a role model of a strong, Christian woman devoted to her family and God. She is always there for her daughter, giving her advice on how to handle difficult situations. Gonzales aspires to be just like her mother in everything she does, especially when raising her own children.

​​ 5. Your Mom Doesn’t Hate You, She’s Just Trying to Help You by Carly Newberg

“I’m not a parent (yet). However, I hope that when I am, I can take what I’ve learned from the obstacles I’ve faced with my mom, to keep the generational progress moving forward. After all, that is one of the beautiful gifts we’re given on Earth; To learn from the mistakes of our loved ones, map out our route accordingly, do our best to get where we are going, and accept the detours along the way knowing those after us will use them to love harder and live wiser.”

In this essay, Newberg discusses a phenomenon we are all too familiar with: mothers arguing with us. She explains that despite their seemingly curtailing actions, mothers always want what is best for us and are even struggling with whether their decisions are correct. Newberg suggests that we should be understanding of our mothers and use these experiences as lessons for how to parent in the future. 

Essays About Your Mom: The best memory of your mom

For your essay, reflect on an experience with your mom that you treasure. Perhaps it is a birthday celebration, a trip out of town, or simply a conversation you had. Describe the events that transpired, how they made you feel, and why you treasure them as you do. Also, consider if your perception of this event has changed. Perhaps it has taught you more than you first thought.

One of a mother’s primary roles is to teach her children essential skills and lessons to prepare them for the future. Think about one or more things your mom taught you, whether life skills, values, or otherwise. You can be as general or in-depth as you want regarding what you’ve learned from your mom, but be sure to explain it adequately.

For an interesting essay topic, write about a quality of your mom’s that you seek to emulate- her patience, kindness, or fortitude. Discuss why you have chosen it, how it is essential to who your mom is, and how you hope to use it in the future. 

Essays About Your Mom: Your mom as a role model

Mothers are role models to everyone, not only their kids but also to others they interact with daily. In your essay, you can reflect on a time your mom did something truly admirable that cemented her position as your role model. As with the other essays, describe the events, what you learned, and why you chose this. You may also comment on how it has shaped you as a prospective or active parent. Discuss any aspects of parenthood you would like to emulate and those you would not!

This essay topic may seem simple, but one can learn much about a person from a simple biography and reflection. Give readers a general idea of what your mom does, her role in your life, and how she has made you who you are today; paint a picture of this fantastic woman and why she is so important. You can include something about her background and note how it has influenced her, making her the mom she is. Also, you may consider whether any of her inherited traits have been passed to you. 

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers . For help picking your next essay topic, check out our 20 engaging essay topics about family .

write 3 facts about his mother

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write 3 facts about his mother

5 things to know about Mary, the mother of Jesus

write 3 facts about his mother

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Mary, the mother of Jesus, is unquestionably the senior saint within the Christian tradition. Yet we know remarkably little about her. In the New Testament, there is nothing about her birth, death, appearance or age.

Outside of the accounts of the birth of Jesus that only occur in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, she is specifically mentioned at only three other events in the life of her son.

She is present at a wedding where Jesus turns water into wine; she makes an attempt to see her son while he is teaching; and she is there at his crucifixion. Indeed, Mary is mentioned more often in the Qur'an than in the New Testament.

Here, then, are five things we do know about her.

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1. She was an accidental virgin

The gospel of Matthew is the only one to tell us Mary was pregnant before she and Joseph had sex. She was said to be “with child from the Holy Spirit”. In proof of this, Matthew quoted a prophecy from the Old Testament that a “virgin will conceive and bear a son and he will be called Emmanuel”.

Matthew was using the Greek version of the Old Testament. In the Greek Old Testament, the original Hebrew word “almah” had been translated as “parthenos”, thence into the Latin Bible as “virgo” and into English as “virgin”.

Whereas “almah” means only “young woman”, the Greek word “parthenos” means physically “a virgin intacta”. In short, Mary was said to be a virgin because of an accident of translation when “young woman” became “virgin”.

write 3 facts about his mother

2. She was a perpetual virgin

Within early Christian doctrine, Mary remained a virgin during and after the birth of Jesus. This was perhaps only fitting for someone deemed “the mother of God” or “God-bearer”.

Saint Ambrose of Milan (c.339-97 CE) enthusiastically defended the doctrine of the perpetual virginity of Mary:

Blessed Mary is the gate, whereof it is written that the Lord hath entered in by it, therefore it shall be shut after birth; for as a virgin she both conceived and brought forth.

The Lateran Council of 649 CE , a council held in Rome by the Western Church, later declared it an article of faith that Jesus was conceived “without seed” and that Mary “incorruptibly bore [him], her virginity remaining indestructible even after his birth” . All this in spite of the Gospels’ declaration that Jesus had brothers and sisters (Mark 3.32, Matthew 12.46, Luke 8.19).

write 3 facts about his mother

3. She was immaculately conceived

Within Western theology, it was generally recognised from the time of Saint Ambrose that Mary never committed a sin. But was her sinlessness in this life because she was born without “original sin”? After all, according to Western theology, every human being was born with original sin, the “genetic” consequence of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The growing cult of devotion to the Virgin Mary in the medieval period led to fine-grained theological divisions on the issue. On the one hand, devotion to Mary led to the argument that God had ensured Mary did not have “original sin”.

But then, if Mary had been conceived without sin, she had already been redeemed before the redemption brought about by the death and resurrection of Jesus her son.

The Catholic Church only resolved the issue in 1854. Pope Pius IX declared

that the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception… was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God and therefore to be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful.

4. She ascended into heaven

The early centuries of the Christian tradition were silent on the death of Mary. But by the seventh and eighth centuries, the belief in the bodily ascension of Mary into heaven, had taken a firm hold in both the Western and Eastern Churches.

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The Eastern Orthodox Greek Church held to the dormition of Mary . According to this, Mary had a natural death, and her soul was then received by Christ. Her body arose on the third day after her death. She was then taken up bodily into heaven.

For a long time, the Catholic Church was ambiguous on whether Mary rose from the dead after a brief period of repose in death and then ascended into heaven or was “assumed” bodily into heaven before she died.

Belief in the ascension of Mary into heaven became Catholic doctrine in 1950. Pope Pius XII then declared that Mary

was not subject to the law of remaining in the corruption of the grave, and she did not have to wait until the end of time for the redemption of her body.

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5. She is a sky goddess

The consequence of the bodily ascension of Mary was the absence of any bodily relics. Although there was breast milk, tears, hair and nail clippings, her relics were mostly “second order” – garments, rings, veils and shoes.

In the absence of her skeletal remains, her devotees made do with visions – at Lourdes, Guadalupe, Fatima, Medjugorje, and so on. Like the other saints, her pilgrimage sites were places where she could be invoked to ask God to grant the prayers of her devotees.

But she was more than just a saint. In popular devotion she was a sky goddess always dressed in blue. She was the goddess of the moon and the star of the sea ( stella maris ).

write 3 facts about his mother

She was related to the star sign Virgo (not surprisingly) – the Queen of Heaven and Queen of the angels.

  • Virgin Mary

write 3 facts about his mother

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write 3 facts about his mother

Assistant Editor - 1 year cadetship

write 3 facts about his mother

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health

write 3 facts about his mother

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Earth System Science (School of Science)

write 3 facts about his mother

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19 Mother's Day Facts to Share With Your Mom

Surprise her with a factoid about the history of the holiday!

Headshot of Leah Silverman

Mother's Day isn't always on the same date each year.

Mother with daughter (4-5) holding Mother's Day card together, midsection

The holiday is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of the month of May. This year it will be on May 12th.

More calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year.

Pink, Corded phone, Payphone, Telephony, Telephone, Electronics, Technology, Electronic device, Magenta,

Reportedly there are approximately 122 million calls are made on the second Sunday of May every year.

Mother's Day is the third highest selling holiday for flowers and plants.

Happy Mothers Day tag close up with flowers over white wood

Valentine's Day might get the roses, but after Christmas and Hanukkah, more people buy flowers and plants for their moms on Mother's Day than any other holiday. Indeed, approximately one quarter of all the flowers purchased throughout the year are bought for Mother's Day.

One of the earliest Mother's Day celebrations was in Ancient Greece

Rhea rides on the Lion, Greek Mythology, published in 1878

The Greeks would have spring celebrations in honor of Rhea, the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and generation.

Normally, Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants.

Mother and daughter in restaurant

According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association , as much as 48% of people make plans to go to a restaurant for Mother's Day.

The moniker 'Mom' comes from babies.

Cuddling a Newborn

The first thing most babies can vocalize is the 'ma' sound, which is why in almost every language the word for mother begins with the letter 'M' or is some iteration of the 'ma' sound.

The history of American Mother's Day starts with peacemaker Ann Jarvis.

Chin, Forehead, Portrait, Art, Illustration, Black-and-white, Vintage clothing, Retro style, Oval, Monochrome,

During and following the Civil War, Ann Jarvis made a concerted effort to foster friendship and community between the mothers on both sides of the war. She started a committee in 1868 which established the first glimmer of today's holiday: "Mother's Friendship Day."

Ann's daughter Anna continued her legacy by creating the official holiday.

Photograph, Portrait, Headgear, Photography, Fur, Vintage clothing,

Anna Reeves Jarvis sought to honor her own mother by establishing an intimate day of observance that is very obviously the basis of today's holiday. The very first Mother's Day was celebrated in 1908 .

Woodrow Wilson signed Mother's Day into law in 1914.


After Anna Jarvis created the Mother's Day International Association in order to streamline the intimate day of observance to the second Sunday in May, Woodrow Wilson legitimized the celebration as a nationwide holiday.

Carnations have a special meaning on Mother's Day.

Flower, Cut flowers, Petal, Bouquet, Plant, Carnation, Flowering plant, Artificial flower, Floristry, Rose,

Anna Reeves Jarvis used the carnation on Mother's Day to symbolize whether your mother was living. A red carnation meant she was, and a white meant she had passed.

Anna Jarvis would later try to stop what Mother's Day became.

Photograph, People, Snapshot, Vintage clothing, Monochrome, Black-and-white, Retro style, Photography, Sitting, Family,

The holiday quickly became a commercialized opportunity for producers to sell flowers, candies, and cards. Anna Reeves Jarvis felt this was detracting from the personal and intimate aspects of the holiday and defied this by starting boycotts, walkouts, and even condemned first lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using the day as a means of fundraising. Jarvis would eventually use all her money in this fight, and died at the age of 84 in a sanatorium.

In 2023, over $35 Billion was spent on Mother's Day.

Pink, Present, Gift wrapping, Party favor, Wedding favors, Pattern, Fashion accessory,

On average, shoppers planned to spend $274 on gifts for their mothers according to the National Retail Federation .

The most popular gift for Mother's Day is the greeting card.

Cards buyers look over Mother's day cards

Every Mother's Day there are approximately 152 million Mother's Day cards sent.

Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world.

Plant, Flower, Family, Grandparent, Lighting accessory, Child, Art, Lampshade,

While the celebrations may be held on different days internationally, Great Britain, Canada, Costa Rica, Samoa, Georgia, Australia, and Thailand all have designated celebrations to honor their country's mothers.

41% of Americans plan to buy their mom jewelry.

Woman opening gift box

However, flowers still remain the most popular gift option, with about 72% of Americans opting for a floral present. Why not get mom both?

Some countries still observe ancient festivals honoring mothers.


In India, people celebrate Durga-puja, a festival that pays homage to the mother goddess, Durga. The festival is a ten-day event that takes place around September or October.

Many women are waiting before they become mothers.

Mother And Daughter Baking

According to a 2022 report , the average age for a first-time mother in the United States hit 30 for the first time.

Beauty salons and spas also get a Mother's Day boost.

Brazilian Salon

According to the National Retail Federation, on Mother's Day, people will spend $2 billion on personal services (like spa treatments) for their mothers.

Moms aren't the only ones getting Mother's Day love.

Girl with card for grandma

The average American buys 2.8 Mother’s Day cards, so most people are buying more than just one for their mom. Many people opt to buy Mother's Day cards for grandmothers, sisters, and their mother-in-law as well. More love for moms to go around!

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beth dutton and rip wheeler from yellowstone

Is 'Shōgun' Returning for a Second Season?


Red, White & Royal Blue Sequel Is in the Works

welcome to the dollhouse

Lessons in Awkwardness

alicia vikander katherine parr

Firebrand: See Alicia Vikander as Katherine Parr

wednesday jenna ortega as wednesday addams

Everything We Know About Wednesday S2

the 2022 met gala in america an anthology of fashion red carpet arrivals

Why Blake Lively Skipped the 2024 Met Gala

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How Keeley Hawes Got Ready for the 2024 Met Gala

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Essay on Mother for Students and Children

500 words essay on mother for school students.

First of all, Mother is a word which fills everyone with emotions . A Mother is certainly the most important human being in everyone’s life. Mother’s Love for her child certainly cannot be compared with anything. Her level of forgiveness is unmatchable. A Mother is capable of forgiving any wrongdoing. Mother is the most important woman in everyone’s life. A mother sacrifices her happiness for her child. No one else can care for their kids the way a Mother does.  A Mother is great and does not need anyone like me explaining that. This essay on Mother is a small attempt to discover the greatness of a mother.

essay on mother

Importance of a Mother

First of all, Mothers are highly responsible women. They certainly play a very important role in the upbringing of a chil d. Most noteworthy, Mothers play a huge role in determining a child’s attitude. Whether a child will be good or evil in the future depends upon the Mother. The moral values taught by Mother probably play a huge role. Individuals often remember their Mother’s values until old age. Hence, the Mother is responsible for the well-being of society. The future of society in a large way is the result of a Mother’s teaching.

write 3 facts about his mother

Mothers share a deep connection with their children. This connection certainly cannot be matched by anyone else. Even fathers fail to establish that type of understanding. The origins of this connection happen from infancy. Most noteworthy, a Mother can understand her infant child without communication. This certainly develops a strong emotional connection between a mother and child. This bond seems to carry into adult life. A Mother, it seems like, can always tell when we are feeling hungry.

Mothers also are the emotional backbone of the family. They support everyone’s feeling in a family. Family members can certainly tell their emotions to Mothers without worry. An individual can share almost any secret with Mother. This is because Mothers have a huge level of trust with their family. Furthermore, Mothers have an extremely forgiving nature. Hence, even wrongdoing can be shared with a Mother.

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How to Support Mothers?

First of all, Mothers are precious gifts from God. Without mothers, life would certainly be dark and gloomy. Therefore, it is our duty to help and support our Mothers. One important way to do that is to help in chores. Individuals must try to do more household work. This would certainly reduce the burden of Mothers. Hence, this will also improve her health. Another way of supporting Mothers is to speak words of affirmation.

Most noteworthy, a Mother’s heart is made of gold. A few words of acknowledgment would fill her heart with happiness. There are probably several ways of doing so. One way is to praise the meal cooked by her. Above all, such acknowledgment should come on a regular basis.

A Mother is a gem in everyone’s life. She is the ultimate source of happiness for a child. Her contributions are certainly too great to imagine. Above all, her love is pure and innocent. To find a Mother who does not love is probably an impossible task.

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FAQs  – Essay on Mother

Q.1 At what age a child forms an emotional connection with Mother?

A.1 A child forms an emotional connection with his mother from the age of infancy.

Q.2 Mention one way in which children can help their Mothers.

A.2 Children can help their Mothers by speaking words of acknowledgment. This is one way of certainly helping Mothers.

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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay About My Mother

Writing about someone close to you, such as your mother, can be a meaningful and rewarding experience. One of the best ways to structure your writing is to use the 5-paragraph essay format.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of writing a 5-paragraph essay about your mother, with detailed examples and lists to help you along the way.


The introduction is your chance to hook your reader and provide a preview of what’s to come in your essay. Here are some tips for crafting a strong opening paragraph about mother :

  • Start with a strong opening sentence that grabs your reader’s attention. For example, you could begin with a quote about mothers or an anecdote that illustrates your relationship with your mom.
  • Provide some background information about your mother, such as her name, age, occupation, and any other relevant details to your essay.
  • Explain why you’ve chosen to write about your mother and what makes her so unique to you. This will help your reader understand the significance of your essay.
  • Finally, give a brief overview of the structure of your essay. Tell your reader what they can expect to learn from your writing and how you’ll be organizing your thoughts.

The First Paragraph

The first body paragraph of your essay should introduce your topic (your mother) and provide a thesis statement that ties your focus/theme to your mother’s significance in your life. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Start with a sentence introducing your mother and explaining why she is important to you. For example, you could say, “My mother is the most important person in my life because she has always been there for me, no matter what.”
  • Provide some background information about your mother, such as her age, occupation, and any other relevant details.
  • Explain the focus/theme of your essay. This could be anything from your mother’s resilience in adversity to her impact on your personal growth and development.
  • Finally, provide a clear and concise thesis statement that ties your focus/theme to your mother’s significance in your life. For example, your thesis statement could be, “My mother’s unwavering support has been the driving force behind my success.”

The Second Paragraph

The second paragraph of your essay should provide examples and anecdotes that support the focus/theme you introduced in the first paragraph. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by introducing the specific example or anecdote you’ll be sharing. For instance, you could say, “One of the best examples of my mother’s support came when I was struggling in school.”
  • Share the details of the example or anecdote. This could include specific conversations with your mother, her actions to support you, or challenges you overcame together.
  • Analyze the impact of your mother’s actions on your life. How did her support make a difference for you? What did you learn from the experience? How did it strengthen your relationship with your mother?
  • Tie your analysis back to your thesis statement. Make it clear how this example or anecdote supports your focus/theme and your overall argument.

The Third Paragraph

The third paragraph of your essay should continue to explore the impact of your mother’s actions on your life. Here are some tips for writing this section:

  • Start by introducing a new example or anecdote that supports your focus/theme. For instance, you could talk about how your mother helped you through a difficult time.
  • Provide details about the example or anecdote, just as you did in the previous paragraph.
  • Analyze the impact of your mother’s actions on your life. What did you learn from this experience? How did it shape who you are today?
  • Again, tie your analysis back to your thesis statement. Make it clear how this example or anecdote supports your overall argument.

The Fourth Paragraph

The fourth paragraph of your essay should provide a counterargument or opposing viewpoint. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by acknowledging that there may be other perspectives on your mother’s impact on your life. For example, you could say something like “While my mother has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my life, I know that not everyone has had the same experience.”
  • Introduce a counterargument or opposing viewpoint. This could be something like “Some people might argue that a mother’s impact on her child is overstated and that other factors, such as genetics or upbringing, are more important.”
  • Analyze the counterargument or opposing viewpoint. Explain why you disagree with this perspective and provide evidence to support your argument. This could include personal anecdotes, statistics, or expert opinions.
  • Finally, tie your analysis back to your thesis statement. Make it clear how your counterargument supports your overall argument and reinforces the importance of your mother’s impact on your life.

The Fifth Paragraph

Your essay’s fifth and final paragraph should summarize your main points and provide a conclusion. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by summarizing the key points you’ve made in your essay. Remind your reader of your focus/theme, thesis statement, and the examples and anecdotes you’ve shared.
  • Provide a final analysis of your mother’s impact on your life. Explain why she is so important to you and what you’ve learned from your experiences with her.
  • End with a firm conclusion. This could be a call to action, a personal reflection, or a final thought that ties everything together. For example, you could end with something like, “My mother will always be my role model and inspiration. I hope I can be as supportive and loving as she has always been to me someday.”

Example essay about my mother

My mother is the most important person in my life. She has been there for me through thick and thin, always supporting and encouraging me to be the best I can be. Her unwavering love and dedication have been a constant source of strength for me, and I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me. Firstly, my mother is the epitome of selflessness. She always puts the needs of others before her own, and she never complains about it. Whether it is cooking my favorite meal or staying up all night to help me with my homework, she never hesitates to go the extra mile to ensure I am happy and well taken care of. My mother is sage and insightful. She has a wealth of life experience and a deep understanding of human nature, and she has always been there to offer me sage advice whenever I need it. Her words of wisdom have helped me navigate many difficult situations and have given me the tools to face any challenge that comes my way. I believe that my mother is the embodiment of hard work and perseverance. She has always been a role model for me when it comes to putting in the effort to achieve one’s goals. Watching her work tirelessly day in and day out to provide for our family has taught me the value of hard work and the importance of never giving up. Also, my mother has a great sense of humor and an infectious zest for life. Even in the most challenging of times, she always finds a way to make me laugh and to see the bright side of things. Her positive attitude and sunny disposition have taught me the importance of looking on the bright side and never giving up hope. In conclusion, my mother is the most amazing person that I know. Her selflessness, wisdom, hard work, and sense of humor have impacted my life immeasurable, and I am so grateful for everything she has done for me. I hope that one day I can be half the person that she is, and that I can make her as proud of me as I am of her.

Example 2: A Portrait of Strength and Love: My Mother

In the tapestry of my life, there is one thread that shines brighter than all others – the unwavering presence of my mother. She is not just a figure in my life; she is the cornerstone, the guiding light, and the epitome of love and strength. In this essay, I aim to paint a vivid portrait of the woman who has shaped me into who I am today. Body: My mother’s love knows no bounds. It is a force of nature, gentle yet unyielding, like the steady flow of a river that nourishes all in its path. From the moment I came into this world, she cradled me in her arms, her touch a soothing balm that could heal any wound, physical or emotional. Her love is not confined to mere words; it is expressed through her actions, through the countless sacrifices she has made for our family. One of the most remarkable traits of my mother is her boundless strength. She has weathered storms that would have broken lesser souls, yet she emerged from the tempest stronger than ever. I have seen her face adversity with grace and courage, never once faltering in her resolve. She is the backbone of our family, the one we turn to in times of need, knowing that her strength will carry us through even the darkest of days. But my mother is not just a beacon of strength; she is also a source of wisdom and guidance. Her words are infused with a depth of knowledge that can only come from a life well-lived. Whenever I am faced with a difficult decision or grappling with uncertainty, I know that I can turn to her for counsel, and she will always steer me in the right direction. Despite the many roles she juggles – mother, wife, daughter, friend – my mother always finds time to nurture her passions and pursue her dreams. Whether it’s tending to her garden, losing herself in a good book, or simply enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, she reminds me of the importance of self-care and staying true to oneself. Conclusion: In the tapestry of my life, my mother is the brightest thread, the one that adds color and meaning to the fabric of my existence. She is my rock, my confidante, and my greatest source of inspiration. As I navigate the journey of life, I am grateful to have her by my side, guiding me with her love, wisdom, and unwavering strength. My mother is not just a woman; she is a force of nature, and I am blessed to call her mine.

Final remarks

In conclusion, writing a 5-paragraph essay about your mother can be a meaningful and rewarding experience. By following the structure outlined in this guide, you can organize your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

Remember to introduce your mother, explain your focus/theme, provide examples and anecdotes, and tie everything back to your thesis statement.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a compelling essay about the most important woman in your life.

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write 3 facts about his mother

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10 Famous Authors and Their Moms

By mentalfloss .com | apr 26, 2021.

Your favorite authors got support, words of wisdom, and sometimes tough love from their moms.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, read up on the women who provided support, inspiration, words of wisdom—and sometimes tough love—to some of your favorite novelists, as seen in Mental Floss’s new book, The Curious Reader : A Literary Miscellany of Novels & Novelists, out May 25.

1. Octavia Butler

Author Octavia Butler was raised primarily by her grandmother and widowed mother (also named Octavia), who worked as a maid. When Butler was in preschool, the elder Octavia brought her along to work, and her experiences were one of the inspirations for Kindred . “I didn't like seeing her go through back doors,” the author said in an interview with Publisher’s Weekly . “If my mother hadn't put up with all those humiliations, I wouldn't have eaten very well or lived very comfortably. So I wanted to write a novel that would make others feel the history: the pain and fear that Black people have had to live through in order to endure.”

2. George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin got his start selling his monster stories to kids in the neighborhood, first for a penny, and later a nickel. The stories apparently gave his friends nightmares, and his mother, Margaret, forced him to stop selling them when she found out.

3. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway ’s mother, Grace, was not a fan of his debut novel, The Sun Also Rises , writing to him, “Surely you have other words in your vocabulary besides ‘damn’ and ‘b***h’—Every page fills me with a sick loathing—if I should pick up a book by any other writer with such words in it, I should read no more—but pitch it in the fire.” Hemingway kept the letter his entire life.

4. Joseph Heller

It may have been Joseph Heller’s mother, Lena, who best identified the gift and curse of her son’s unique perspective on the world. Years before his literary fame or the wartime experiences that preceded it, she told Heller, “You have a twisted brain.”

5. Agatha Christie

As Agatha Christie recalled in her autobiography, her mother, Clarissa, thought her daughter should wait until she was 8 years old to learn how to read, which, in her opinion, was “better for the eyes and also for the brain.” (Christie taught herself to read instead, which she said left her mother “much distressed.”)

6. D.H. Lawrence

Arthur and Lydia Lawrence did not have a happy marriage, which led Lydia to transfer her affection to her two younger sons, Ernest and David Herbert—a.k.a. future author D.H. Lawrence . In 1901, after Ernest died from an infection and D.H. came down with life-threatening pneumonia, Lydia assuaged her grief over losing her older son by nursing her younger son back to health. From then on, their bond was so tight that it stood in the way of D.H’s full coming of age. All of these themes appear in the author’s novel Sons and Lovers , published in 1913.

7. Alice Walker

When Alice Walker was a young woman living in the Jim Crow South, her mother, Minnie Lou, gave her three things—a typewriter, a suitcase, and a sewing machine. The author’s achievements can be traced back to those gifts: the typewriter that allowed her to express herself, a suitcase to escape the prejudices of her community, and a sewing machine to teach her self-sufficiency. Her eclectic career is proof she made good use of all three.

Because Amy Tan has been so outspoken about her mother’s influence on The Joy Luck Club , many readers have come to assume it was autobiographical. This isn’t accurate, as the scenarios in the book aren’t based on Tan’s life. The author has instead described it as being emotionally accurate, with the themes and conflicts based in Tan’s real relationship with her mother, Daisy—who wound up loving the book. “She loved that the feelings in [it] were absolutely true, and she believed that I had listened to her and that I appreciated what she was trying to teach me,” Tan told Entertainment Weekly . “And that was the best review I could have gotten for that book.”

9. Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf based To The Lighthouse ’s Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey on her parents, Leslie and Julia. Mrs. Ramsey was so was similar to Julia, who had died when Woolf was 13, that Woolf’s sister, Vanessa, told her after reading the novel, “It is almost painful to have her so raised from the dead.”

10. John Kennedy Toole

The manuscript for A Confederacy of Dunces was found by John Kennedy Toole’s mother after he died by suicide in 1969. Determined to get the novel published, she approached a number of publishers; finally, she went to author Walker Percy with the manuscript—and would not give up until he looked at it. He’d hoped to read a few pages and be able to put it aside. But that was not the case: “I read on. And on,” he would later recall. “First with the sinking feeling that it was not bad enough to quit, then with a prickle of interest, then a growing excitement, and finally an incredulity: surely it was not possible that it was so good.” The novel was finally published in 1980, 11 years after Toole’s death, and won the Pulitzer the next year.

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9 Fun Facts About Mother’s Day to Warm Your Heart

These trivia facts are sure to bring a smile..

write 3 facts about his mother

( Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock.com)

Being a mother is a 24-hour, seven day a week job and Mother’s Day celebrates all the love and care that comes into raising children. While Mother’s Day is celebrated in the US and Canada on April 12 in 2024, mothers are honored everywhere around the globe.

While you celebrate your mom, grandma, daughter, or daughter-in-law, remember that Mother’s Day has some traditions that help make the day special. Here are nine fun facts about Mother’s Day that will warm your heart and make you smile.

Ancient Greeks Honored Mothers in the Spring

Although the celebrations were different from what is done today, mother’s were honored in ancient Greece, according to House Beautiful . A spring festival honoring the  goddess Rhea – she was believed to be the mother of many deities — was held every year.

(AlessandroGuidi Fotografo / Shutterstock.com)

The Most Popular Gift is a Card

Whether it is handmade or store bought, the most popular Mother’s Day gift is a greeting card. The second most popular gift is flowers. Whichever gift you choose, make sure it comes from the heart.

( 13Smile / Shutterstock.com)

There Are a Bunch of Moms in the US

A Pew Research survey , from the last census,  found that there are around 85 million mothers in the US. But this does not include stepmoms or mother-figures in your life.The average number of children each mother has is two. 

( paulaphoto / Shutterstock.com)

Mother’s Day is Not on the Same Date Every Year

The holiday is celebrated on the Second Sunday in May and not on a specific month, according to Town & Country . In 2024, Mother’s Day falls on May 12.

(Yulia YasPe / Shutterstock.com)

The Most Calls are Made on Mother’s Day

There are more than 122 million phone calls made on Mother’s Day ; that’s more than any other day of the year. So if you can’t visit your mother, mother-in-law or any other special mom in your life, call her to wish her a happy Mother’s Day – or better yet – Zoom or Skype instead.

( PHILIPIMAGE / Shutterstock.com)

The Word Mom or Mama Comes From Babies

The first sound that babies can vocalize is “ma”. That’s why the word for mothers begins with the letter M in almost every language.

( pixelheadphoto digitalskillet / Shutterstock.com)

Mother’s Day in the US Was Created in 1912

The first Mother’s Day was created by President Woodrow Wilson in 1912. It was the brainchild of Anna Jarvis who wanted to honor her mother and all mothers, according to House Beautiful . In the official proclamation, Wilson said that “the holiday was a chance to express our love and reverence for mothers of our country.”

( Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock.com)

Carnations are the Official Mother’s Day Flower

Another tradition that was started by Ann Jarvis was the wearing of carnations on Mother’s Day. Red or pink carnations were given to moms. White carnations were worn to honor a mother who had passed away to show that they were remembered and loved.

( hachiware / Shutterstock.com)

More Babies are Born in August

August is the most popular month to have a baby, according to USA Today .  Despite more babies being born in August, September 9 is the most common birthday.

( Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com)


7 Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes Made With Love 6 Tips to Help Your Kids Plan a Memorable Mother’s Day 10 Thoughtful Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts That Give Back

write 3 facts about his mother

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write 3 facts about his mother

7 Surprising Banana Peel Uses

write 3 facts about his mother

This New Guinea Dog is Singing a New Tune

write 3 facts about his mother

11-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Leaps to Fame



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14 Fun Facts About the Science of Motherhood

A short list of the amazing changes and behaviors that transform both humans and animals on the journey of motherhood

Abigail Tucker

Mother and Child

Mothers are so familiar that sometimes their mysteries are overlooked. As I dove into the research for my new book Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct , I began to see that mothers are even more extraordinary than I’d thought. Blue whale mamas produce 50 gallons of milk per day. Human pregnancy may actually be contagious. A woman’s brain is a key organ of childbirth. Many of the most dramatic maternal transformations happen internally and scientists are just now starting to figure them out. I’ve combed through the latest science to share some of these amazing changes with you.

Here are 14 fascinating facts about moms that have been burning a hole in my pocket, which, because I have four kids of my own, is also filled with last year’s crusty Kleenex wads and Cheerio crumbs.

Many Mammal Mamas Carry Kids on the Left

Regardless of whether they are left- or right-handed, human moms tend to cradle their babies on the left side of their bodies, especially in the early months. This left-handed bias likely has to do with the human brain’s lopsided layout: sensory information on the left side of the body is processed on the right side of the brain. The brain’s right hemisphere is also where emotions are processed, so holding and observing the baby on the left may help transmit social information to the right side more efficiently. Babies seem to prefer to keep their mother in the left visual field, too. Fascinatingly, researchers recently documented left-side bias in non-primate mammal mothers. Observed off the coast of a Russian island, walrus moms tend to keep their babies on the left while bobbing along the waves, and their calves swam over to their mother’s left side before diving to suckle. Ditto for flying fox moms dangling from tree branches in Sri Lanka who seemed to favor keeping their babies on the left.

“Mommy Brain” Is Real—and Very Complex

Roughly 50 to 80 percent of moms report what’s sometimes called “mommy brain,” the brain fog and mental bloopers associated with pregnancy and new motherhood. Individual experiments offer conflicting evidence, but a 2018 meta-analysis of 20 studies found that memory problems and poorer executive functioning do seem to be common themes, starting in the first trimester and worsening through the third.

In a first-of-its-kind, ground-breaking analysis of pre- and post-pregnancy brain scans published in 2016 , researchers found mothers lose gray matter during pregnancy—and these losses endure for at least two years . But volume loss may come with some benefits, too. The brain zones used for processing and responding to social cues might get more efficient in pregnancy, as the women who suffered the biggest gray matter losses scored higher on a standard assessment of a mother’s attachment to her child.

Women Pregnant With Boys May Get Nauseous More Easily

Snips, snails, puppy dog tails...yuck. Pregnant women carrying boys are measurably more sensitive to disgust, at least one rather creative study found in 2015.

A pair of Polish researchers studied disgust sensitivity in 92 pregnant women during all three trimesters using the “ Disgust Scale ” questionnaire, a commonly used assessment in psychology studies evaluating the emotion. The test is loaded with ick-inducing descriptions to vet a respondent’s reaction to cockroaches, watching someone eat “ketchup on vanilla ice cream,” hearing someone clear a “throat full of mucous” and seeing “a human hand preserved in a jar.” Mothers carrying sons had higher disgust sensitivity compared to mothers carrying daughters in the first trimester. While girl-moms’ queasiness decreased during the second trimester, boy-moms actually experienced elevated stomach-turning reactions.

Don’t Mess With Animal Moms—Even Squirrels

YouTube videos of beastly moms abound—from a mother moose charging grizzly bears to a mountain lion mama swatting at a terrified jogger who stumbled upon her cubs. Scientists have also studied maternal aggression in slightly less formidable animals: ground squirrels, who ferociously defend their youngsters by kicking gravel at rattlesnakes. Researchers played the sounds of fake rattlesnakes and found that squirrel moms —compared to non-mothers and males—were especially reactive to the ominous rattling. Squirrel moms with the youngest babies took extra risks to protect their newborns in a second experiment.

The widespread phenomenon of maternal aggression may involve oxytocin, a neurochemical also related to birth and lactation. In a 2017 lab experiment , rat moms stopped attacking a threat once oxytocin signaling in part of their brains was blocked.

Mother Cows Are Especially Defensive

Cows were recently declared the most dangerous large animals in Britain, killing more people than dogs—74 over a span of 15 years. Some of these rampaging bovines were bulls, but many were mother cows. Most victims were farm workers, but passersby also ran afoul of the cow moms, which is why the government is begging farmers not to pen naturally aggressive new mother cows in publically accessible fields, where hapless human walkers may be mistaken for calf-hungry predators. Dog walkers especially may provoke the attacks—in 17 out of 18 human walker deaths by cow, dogs were involved. Even non-fatal cow attacks amount to a type of “high-velocity trauma,” a ten-year review of hospital injuries found .

Holstein Mother and Calf

Girl Calves Have It Good

Some mammals produce richer milk for their sons, perhaps because large male body size is ultimately more important in mate competition. But a study of nearly 1.5 million Holstein cow moms showed they churn out more milk for daughters, to the tune of hundreds of extra gallons per year per cow. Scientists aren’t sure why, but the extra rations might help the female offspring reach sexual maturity earlier and thus have longer reproductive careers. This milky signaling seems to happen prenatally, since calves are often taken away from mother cows a day after birth in the dairy industry, but their mothers still produce extra-ample milk.

Sea Otter Moms Nurse Themselves to Exhaustion

Lactation is a major drain on mammalian moms. Sea otter moms have exceptionally high energy demands , because of their small body size in the heat-sucking Pacific. They are notoriously vulnerable to massive depletion of energy reserves in the months after pregnancy, when they are simultaneously feeding their pups and themselves, foraging half the day in a quest to eat a quarter of their body weight . The result is a state of “utter exhaustion” that scientists call “end lactation syndrome”—which likely explains why so many postpartum otter moms mysteriously succumb to minor infections and incidental wounds. When scientists studied a lactating captive otter named Clara, they found that in the period after birth when she was nursing her pup, her energy demands more than doubled : if that happened in the wild, she would likely become more vulnerable to danger, from disease to resource scarcity.

Blue Whale Mother and Calf

Blue Whale Moms Produce 50 Gallons of Milk Per Day

As the largest living mammals on Earth, blue whale moms have a big job to do. Once their calves are born, the fast-growing giant babies gain 200 pounds per day. To provide enough sustenance to reach their adult weight of up to 400,000 pounds, blue whale mothers produce 50 gallons of milk per day with between 35 and 50 percent fat content. Researchers are using tiny samples of blubber to learn more about how these humungous mothers pull off such an incredible feat. Hormonal fluctuations in mother whales’ enormous fat stores may be a valuable research tool, according to scientists who take blubber biopsies to learn about mysterious and critically endangered species like North Atlantic right whales. They’ve developed a “library” of these lard samples, each of which is about the size of a pencil eraser.

Moms Have Been Using Bottles for a Really Long Time

Human moms have likely been bottle-feeding since prehistory. Analyzing ancient clay vessels from child graves in Germany , scientists recently found the residue of milk from hoofed animals and identified the vessels as primitive baby bottles, the earliest dating back more than 7,000 years . The Bronze and Iron Age bottles that the scientists sampled looked more like round spouted bowls—or some might say, breasts. A few also feature animal feet and other decorations, suggesting that they might have doubled as baby toys. Scientists have speculated that the advent of bottle-feeding may have allowed local mothers to resume ovulation, which is frequently halted during nursing. This might in turn help explain certain previously mysterious Neolithic baby booms.

The Ice Age Made Mothers Evolve Better Breast Milk

Scientists suspect that a tweak to human moms’ breast tissue helped some populations survive the last ice age. Roughly 20,000 years ago, vital vitamin D would have been increasingly difficult for babies dwelling at far-northern latitudes to harvest through sunlight and exposed skin. Luckily a genetic mutation arose in mothers’ breast ducts that some scientists think allowed for critical nutrients to flow into infants in vitamin D-deficient conditions.

Bug Moms Serve Snacks, Too

Mammals are perhaps the most involved animal moms, yet a small but distinguished number of creepy crawlies are also doting mothers. Mommy daddy long legs tote their spiderlings for a week after they are born. And one type of earwig mom gives her all , Her hatched offspring completely consume their mother—a chilling process called matriphagy.

Dolphin Mother and Calf

Dolphins May Teach Babies Sounds Before They Are Born

Bottlenose dolphin moms-to-be start whistling more often about two weeks before they give birth, according to scientists who tailed a mom-baby duo at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. Because dolphins have unique calls, this uptick in vocalizations may have been an effort to teach the baby dolphin her mom’s signature whistle while she was still in the womb. Interestingly, research into human mothers’ vocalizations suggests that we have signature tunes as well.

Moms May Be More Vulnerable to Tooth Decay

The old wives were on to something when they warned “gain a child and lose a tooth.” Women who have had three children forfeit four chompers more than those who have had two kids or fewer. Women whose first two children are the same sex, and who then go on to have a third child, are particularly at risk . Problems with gum disease and calcium absorption in pregnancy may leave moms vulnerable—and so might all those missed dental appointments, which might be a particular problem for mothers juggling multiple young children.

Pregnancy Might Actually Be Contagious

Analysis of the pregnancy timing of more than 30,000 German women found that pregnancy spreads in workplaces: In the year after a colleague had a baby, there was an uptick in first pregnancies in the same office. And families are contagious too. A Norwegian study of more than 110,000 sibling pairs shows that siblings have a relatively strong influence on each other when it comes to first pregnancies.

Get the latest Science stories in your inbox.

Abigail Tucker | READ MORE

A frequent contributor to Smithsonian , Abigail Tucker is the author of The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World and Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct . More information is available at her website: abigailtucker.com


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write 3 facts about his mother

25 Interesting Facts About Mothers


On this Mother’s Day, we present to you 25 Interesting Facts About Mothers.

1-5 Interesting Facts About Mothers

Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Leonardo DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a museum in Italy when DiCaprio first kicked. – Source

2. When chimpanzee infants die, the mother will continue to carry and groom the dead body until she is able to move on. – Source

3. Every sweater that Mr. Rogers wore in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was hand-knit by his mother. – Source

4. In 2014, a pregnant single mom in Washington was investigated for welfare fraud after a DNA test showed she wasn’t the mother of her own children. When she went in for follow-up tests, doctors realized she was a chimera. – Source

5. Niccolo Paganini, regarded by many people to be the greatest Violin Virtuoso ever, was so good that he was thought to be the son of the Devil or to have sold his soul for his talent. Therefore he was forced to publish his mother’s letters to him in order to prove that he had human parents. – Source

6-10 Interesting Facts About Mothers

Steve Flaig Mother

6. An adopted man in Michigan searched for his birth mother for 4 years before finding out that she worked at the same Lowe’s store that he worked at. Neither of them knew. – Source

7. In 2010 Tupac’s song “Dear Mama” was inducted into The Library of Congress Registry with The LOCR stating it is “a moving and eloquent homage to both the murdered rapper’s own mother and all mothers struggling to maintain a family in the face of addiction, poverty and societal indifference.” – Source

8. Capt Robert Campbell was a British prisoner of war captured by Germans during World War 1. He was freed to see his dying mother, but he kept his promise to Kaiser Wilhelm II and returned from Kent to Germany, where he stayed until the war ended in 1918. – Source

9. The mother of Ernest Hemingway (author, soldier, hunter, boxer, drinker) often dressed young Ernest and his older sister in matching pink flowery dresses (and similar outfits) to fulfill her obsessive desire to instead be mother to a pair of twin girls. – Source

10. It wasn’t until he was 37 when actor Jack Nicholson found out that his supposed “sister”, June, was actually his mother. – Source

11-15 Interesting Facts About Mothers


11. Two species of geckos mated and they birthed a super-athlete female gecko that wouldn’t have sex with the other geckos. Instead she spawned new versions herself who spawned themselves, and now there is a vigorous, speedy, mutant race of mother geckos cloning daughter geckos. – Source

12. The nineteenth amendment to the Constitution granting women the vote was passed by only one vote. Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the Amendment, and it passed the legislature when Harry Burn, a young legislator, changed his vote to “yes” after receiving a letter from his mother telling him to “do the right thing.” – Source

13. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs sacrificed money and stayed in college for four years instead of going directly to the NBA because in her last days, his dying mother made him promise to graduate college with a degree. – Source

14. While Mother’s Day is the busiest for phone calls, Father’s Day is the busiest for collect calls. – Source

15. Hugh Hefner’s father, a public accountant, turned him down when he needed money to start Playboy as he did not think the magazine was a good business investment. However, as he was about to leave, his mother took him aside and gave him a $1000 check from her savings to help his venture. – Source

16-20 Interesting Facts About Mothers


16. Cells from fetuses can migrate into the brains of their mothers and a son’s DNA can show up in his mother’s Brain. – Source

17. A Bosnian man named Amir Vehabovic elaborately faked his own death, including forging a death certificate and bribing undertakers. He just wanted to see who would come to his funeral. The joke was on him, though – only his mother showed up. – Source

18. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a box office failure because mothers thought the lessons were “too cruel” for children to understand. – Source

19. The Decatur Correctional Center in Decatur, Illinois, allows incarcerated women to keep their babies with them in prison for up to two years. The mothers have a 0% recidivism rate compared to the statewide average of 51.3%. – Source

20. Minnie Schönberg, the mother of the Marx brothers, upon hearing that farmers were exempt from being drafted, bought a farm and forced the brothers to work on it so that they wouldn’t be called to fight during World War 1. – Source

21-25 Interesting Facts About Mothers

Finland starter box

21. All expecting mothers in Finland can receive a “starter box” of baby clothes, bedding, nappies and toys from the government for free. The bedding fits the box so you can use it as a crib. – Source

22. Under the Third Reich, Aryan mothers who devoted their lives to having children were awarded the Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter (Mother’s Cross) and were respected civil servants who were saluted on the streets by Hitler’s Youth. – Source

23. Octopus mothers will sometimes eat their own arms to survive while protecting their eggs. They will not leave the nests before the eggs hatch, even to find food. – Source

24. A Jewish gynecologist vowed “that never again would there be a pregnant woman in Auschwitz” after discovering they were used as guinea pigs and thrown into the crematorium. She performed an estimated 3,000 abortions in the hopes that the mother would survive and later be able to bear children. – Source

25. “Mom” is the same in every language – Source

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' src=

Thanks for #16. Before I was born, my mother carried me for ten months. (This was long ago before they induced labor.) Mom, now 88, and I have had a relationship unique from my siblings. We often can read each other’s minds. We may watch a tv show together and it triggers a certain comment from her that was just what I was thinking. We could be chatting about anything and some random person or circumstance comes up….and it was just what the other person was thinking. This happens much more frequently than to be coincidental. The idea that perhaps some of my DNA transferred to her brain before birth (Especially since I was in her uterus an extra month) sounds like there could be some physiological connection between us.

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An illustration of two women sitting, facing one another and chatting on a couch together.

An Ode to Those Who Mother Us

By Catherine Pearson Illustrations by Monica Garwood

When her children were toddlers, Sara Walcott lived far away from her parents. But a couple from her church helped fill the gap, watching the children so she could enjoy a few minutes of calm every week. “They became Sunday grandmas,” said Ms. Walcott, 53, who lives in Macon, Ga. After one “grandma” passed away, Ms. Walcott assumed a daughter’s role, checking on the surviving one daily. “This relationship,” she said, “has been a blessing to us all.”

Those who love and care for us are not always our parents. For Mother’s Day, The Times asked readers to tell us about the mother figures in their lives.

Ruth lied to my parents. When she interviewed for the job of taking care of my four older siblings and me, she said she had lots of experience caring for children. Truth was, she’d never held a baby before in her life. She let me stay up late on Sunday nights, curled up next to her in an overstuffed chair, watching our favorite television shows. She let me “drive” her old green Ford, holding me on her lap while I steered. She taught me to make Norwegian wreath cookies and Swedish meatballs from scratch. She taught me that nobody is perfect. I experienced unconditional love and so did she.


Mrs. Halbeck, my third- and fourth-grade teacher in Kansas City, Mo., in the 1960s, made no secret that she found me delightful, and her support and affection meant the world to me. I clung to her optimism and cheerful approval. To this day, more than a half-century later, I still have a postcard from New York that she sent every child in her third-grade class.


An illustration of a person standing with a watering can, watering a bed of flowers. A child is standing next to her, doing the same.

I met Jacqueline during my junior year abroad in France. She needed an English tutor for her son, and I was happy to make some easy spending money. I was immediately enthralled by her characteristically French stubbornness and her uncharacteristic willingness to scoop me up as her “petite Américaine.” Jacqueline introduced me to kir royale, pâté on toast — bien grillé!— and the dazzling, twinkling magnificence of a Paris-by-night tour in her car. She was a bright star to all who knew her — brighter than all the lights in Paris combined. It’s now a little dimmer without her.


My first year teaching, I was living in a new country and had been married less than a week. My mentor teacher Patty quickly became my confidante and my “mama.” Before the first day of school, I realized with growing dread that I had no idea what to do with my students. I tried to be cool and asked her if she had a minute. Patty smiled and said, “Pull up a chair, darlin’, this will take more than a minute!”

In the coming years, she taught me how to make pie crust, how to use binoculars and to wear a blazer for parent-teacher conferences. Patty drove for hours to cheer me on at marathons and triathlons, and folded me into her family completely. Recently, Patty and her husband have had some health challenges. I call most days, and have flown there four times in the last seven months. It’s my turn to support Patty.


I come from a multicultural background, but the Puerto Rican side of the family lived far away. Alina, my best friend’s mom when I was in the third grade, taught me so much about my culture. Going to the store was a lesson in salsa music, visiting a theme park was a vocabulary lesson (“Fallon, ven aqui!”), taking a shower was a lesson in how to care for my hair and holidays were a lesson in large family gatherings and delicious food. All of these little things added up to a more full picture of my culture. Without Alina, I wouldn’t know a part of myself.


An illustration of a person sitting on the floor, hugging a small child. Toys are scattered nearby.

My mother died when I was 19, one month before I was supposed to study abroad in Cambridge, England. When I showed up, Linda, my host mother, picked me up from the bus stop and made me tea and crumpets. The first thing she told me was that I could cry whenever I needed to. A dam broke, and I just cried and cried. Even though I was only supposed to stay with Linda’s family for a couple of days, they picked me up every weekend from the university for the remainder of the semester. We’re still in touch 25 years later, and whenever I see Linda, she still treats me like her own daughter.


Tenzin became our nanny when I returned to work, five months after giving birth to my youngest daughter. She taught my baby to take a bottle and solved her dry scalp with coconut oil. She planned fun adventures for my toddler around the city. When I contracted the coxsackievirus from my toddler and my throat was raw with sores, she made me a beef broth from scratch with Tibetan dumplings and sent me to bed. She guided me through my early days of motherhood, understanding in a way I didn’t that new mothers need mothering as much as their babies do.


Mom passed away when I was 5, and I was mothered by three unmarried aunts and two older cousins in an all-female household. It was a caring, nurturing but feisty upbringing that I got from this ragtag bunch of artsy idealists, who raised me to believe that I could be anything I wanted to be and do anything I set my mind to.


An illustration of a person standing at a kitchen counter, stirring cookie dough. A child sits on a stool with a measuring cup and a dog is peeking over the countertop. Baking ingredients and a sheet of cookies are also on the counter.

My fifth-grade teacher, Miss Jordan, was a powerful example of what a Black woman could be. Miss Jordan believed that education did not just include reading, writing and arithmetic. She introduced us to culture. Somehow, she put together trips to Radio City Music Hall and other events at little or no cost to our families. When I became a high school teacher decades later, I often told my students about how impactful she had been on my life. Sadly, I never got to tell Miss Jordan any of this. When I was in sixth grade, she became gravely ill and died.


Shortly after college, I moved to Japan to teach English. A co-worker named Yoshibe looked after me. I spoke no Japanese, and she spoke no English. But for three years, with humor and candor, Yoshibe-san managed to orient me to the routines and protocols of a Japanese office, and to life in a country entirely new to me. She had me over to eat yakisoba and grilled fish (my favorites) with her husband and young daughters. Early on, she pointed out that instead of the word for the stamp I used to sign my name (inkan), I had used the word for jock itch (inkin). We were both mortified! As I prepare for a trip to Japan, where I will have dinner with Yoshibe-san for the first time in almost 30 years, I’m not sure how to adequately thank my Japanese mom. But when I see her, I will sure try.


My mother died on my 16th birthday. She left me many “mothers.” Flossy, Frankye, Viola and Lois. Aunt Flossy was five years older than my mom and was her best friend. She had worked on her feet since she was 14, as a waitress and soda jerker, retiring at age 84. Mom and I lived with Frankye and her three children in Walla Walla, Wash., while my father was in the state penitentiary. Viola, who lived next door to us in Northern Idaho and belonged to a Swedish “homesteader” family, embraced me as if I were her own. Lois, who will be 95 soon, taught me that it was possible to enjoy a hamburger without ketchup. I lived with her family in Seattle for three summers. I am blessed to have had each teach me, love me and guide me.


An illustration of a person standing over the bed of a sick child, comforting them and touching their forehead. Next to the bed is a side table with crackers and tea.

I walked into the Alcoholics Anonymous room as a desperate and depleted 18-year-old alcoholic. Colleen, a 32-year-old mom of two, became my sponsor. She was the first woman to love me unconditionally. She encouraged me to dream, and helped me navigate college — from a G.E.D., to a bachelor’s to a master’s in education. She taught me about money and kept me from repeating generational poverty. I’m now a high school teacher, mother and mentor to other young women. My superpower is believing in teenagers, thanks to Colleen, who believed in me.


Dr. Greenberg had high standards, and her history class was one of the best educational experiences of my life. She shared her love of Bach with me, and this sparked a deeper interest in classical music and the church. Dr. Greenberg passed away in 2023, and I am looking forward to honoring her friendship, terrific sense of humor, great intellect and her love of England by singing during a choir residency at Gloucester Cathedral this summer.


My sister Rita was born six years before I was. If I had a nightmare and woke my mother up, she would tell me to climb into bed with Rita. I loved my mother, who was sweet but overwhelmed with raising four children while my dad worked long hours six days a week. Rita was always there, always loving. She introduced me to the library and cleaned me up when I was in second grade and had an upset stomach in the school bathroom. I was the maid of honor at her small wedding, and she was my matron of honor. Once, my fiancé and I were in a movie theater watching a comedy. After a few minutes, I leaned over to him and said, “My sister is here.” I could detect her laughter even in the crowded theater.


An illustration of a person sitting in a large arm chair with a child beside them while they read a book together. A cat is sitting on the floor to the right.

My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was a senior in college. A small group of her friends circled around me. One started a travel fund so that I could visit with my mom on the weekends. Another donated money after college so that I could get grief counseling. Later, when I was in graduate school and working full-time, they organized a monthly breakfast with me. They never uttered a word about their own busy lives or families. They sat and listened, never intrusive, always supportive.


When I was 13, my mother wrote to me at camp to say we had new “beatnik neighbors.” He was an interior designer, she a fashion photographer’s stylist. I thought they were incredibly chic and glamorous. I was a latchkey kid, so it was very easy to ring their bell after school. I babysat their gorgeous 2-year-old daughter. They took me antiquing. Wilma taught me how to cook, bake and sew while she played Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland records. Then my world collapsed. Wilma had a bout of cancer just before they moved in and suffered a recurrence about two years later. She died just short of her 32nd birthday. I have never gotten over that loss. But I carry her lessons, so she is alive in me.


Her name was Mrs. Dunn — my best friend is her daughter — and she took me under her wing. She taught me that when you can’t get in through the front door, there is always a side door, or a window, to slip into the places you wanted to go. When I was flunking out of high school, she and my guidance counselor had me apply for art school. I got in. Hers was the sofa I landed on when things got messy. Hers was the supportive voice saying, “Oh, Gen!” when I made great strides. Before her Parkinson’s got bad, I was able to tell her, “Your thumbprints are all over every inch of my life and who I’ve become.”


An illustration of a person comforting a young person who is leaning on their shoulder. Large rain drops are falling around them.

I started working at the grocery store in my college town when I was 18. During that year I also moved into my first apartment, away from the guidance of my mother. Grocery shopping by myself left me confused and overwhelmed. My co-worker, in her 60s, explained some easy meals I could make, placing cans of beans and bags of greens in my shopping cart. That act of kindness touched me. She showed up at my house with Cava and Spanish cheeses the week before I moved to Spain.


In the late 1980s, my parents returned to India from where we lived in Toronto. They needed me to get married — I was 21 — so I got to live with my “mami” (my mom’s brother’s wife). She gently cared for me, from the buffalo milk she boiled, cooled and put in a tall glass with chocolate and sugar to the letters she wrote in longhand to prospective suitors every Sunday, when the matrimonial section of The Times of India arrived. When I decided to take a stand and remain single, she cheered me on. And when, 10-plus years later, I met my husband-to-be, he went to Delhi to meet her and get her approval. It’s been eight years since cancer carried her body away, but her spirited reminder — “Be bold, Kitty” — still carries me through life.


After three years of trying to get pregnant, I took a year off while we hosted a French exchange student. Little did my wife and I know then, Gabe would be our one and only “child.” I would often get mad at my messed-up biology. But knowing Gabe loves us as his “extra” moms fills me up.


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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Here are some ways to honor moms..

The holiday has long been associated with family time, but some mothers prefer to do whatever they want .

To connect with a parent who awes (and occasionally intimidates) everyone around her, the Times reporter Priya Krishna spends time with her mother in the kitchen .

Maybe you have chosen to stay in and cook  for your mother instead. These new takes on French toast  are perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch, and here are recipes for huevos rancheros, coffee cake and more reader-favorite ones .

Those who love and care for us are not always our parents. For Mother’s Day, The Times asked readers to tell us about the mother figures in their lives .

If you are thinking of buying a gift , there are plenty of options  to consider. Here is a selection to delight every kind of mother , and a collection of last-minute gifts  for the procrastinator .


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5 THINGS: Some interesting facts you might not know about Mother's Day

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May 11—Sunday is Mother's Day. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about Mother's Day from mentalfloss.com .

1 Mother's Day and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" have something in common.

"The woman who first proposed Mother's Day in 1870 was the same woman who wrote the lyrics to 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic.' After the Civil War, writer Julia Ward Howe suggested a Mother's Day to recognize peace and protest war. She organized annual events in Boston to honor mothers, but despite her work (and her moving 'Mother's Day Proclamation'), nothing official came of her efforts."

2 People spend a lot of time on the phone on Mother's Day.

"In 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, Verizon reported a 13% increase in phone call volume in the U.S. on Mother's Day when compared to a typical pre-pandemic Sunday. Text messages also went up 25% over the previous Sunday. That amounted to 1.75 billion minutes of phone calls and six billion texts. While much of that can be attributed to the social isolation experienced during Mother's Day 2020, it wasn't too far off from the 11% increase in calls that Verizon observed on the holiday in 2018 when compared to a normal Sunday."

3 It's usually the busiest day of the year in the restaurant industry.

"Though recent years have changed this somewhat, Mother's Day is typically the busiest day of the year for restaurants—it tops even Valentine's Day. In 2024, an estimated 59 percent of people planned to spend money on a special outing such as brunch or dinner."

4 Moms around the world are recognized with days throughout the year.

"Many countries have a version of Mother's Day, but the traditions vary depending on where you are. In Thailand, parades are held in honor of moms, with jasmine given out as a common gift; meanwhile, moms are celebrated in Ethiopia during a three-day festival that involves plenty of food and singing."

5 Mother's Day founder Anna Jarvis fought back against the commercialization of the holiday.

"Although Julia Ward Howe first suggested a day for mothers, Anna Jarvis (who had no children of her own) campaigned for a national day of observance for moms, in remembrance of her own mother, Ann Jarvis , who had spent years working to provide resources for impoverished mothers in West Virginia. Mother's Day became a designated holiday in 1914, but within a few years, Jarvis became disgusted with how commercial the day had become and started a petition to rescind the holiday."

— Ronn Rowland

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25 Fascinating Facts About Mothers You Never Knew

write 3 facts about his mother

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Motherhood is a unique and complex experience that has been celebrated and studied throughout history. From the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and childbirth to the joys and challenges of raising children, mothers play an essential role in the lives of their families and communities.

write 3 facts about his mother

I personally lost my mother in 2022 and it’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through. Everything I am today is because of my mother and father. My mother always supported me no matter what I wanted to do in life and it’s one of the reasons I miss her so much. Mothers are incredibly special and it’s important to spend time with them while we’re lucky enough to have them in our lives.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day and all the incredible mothers out there, we’ve compiled a list of 25 fascinating facts about motherhood that you may not have known. Whether you’re a mother yourself or simply interested in learning more about this important topic, read on to discover some surprising and inspiring facts about mothers.

Let the facts about mothers begin!

1) Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1908. [1]

2) The word “mother” comes from the Old English word “mōdor”. [6]

3) The average age of first-time mothers in the U.S. is 27.3 years old. [2]

4) In the U.S., about 72% of mothers with children under 18 are in the labor force. [2]

5) The longest pregnancy on record lasted 375 days. [7]

6) Mother koalas feed their babies, or joeys, their own feces because joeys have not yet developed the intestinal bacteria to detoxify highly poisonous eucalyptus leaves. [1]

7) In the U.S., about 36% of mothers are raising their children on their own. [2]

8) The African black eagle typically lays two eggs but only feeds one of the chicks. [1]

9) In 2021, Black and Hispanic mothers, on average, were younger at the birth of their first child than White and Asian mothers. [2]

10) Mother Earth, or Gaia, was the first goddess in Greek mythology and created herself out of primordial chaos. [1]

11) In the U.S., about 40% of households with children under 18 include a mother who is the sole or primary breadwinner. [4]

12) The first woman to go into space was Valentina Tereshkova, who was also a mother. [8]

A Quote for Moms…

"A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend."

“Your mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” – Unknown

13) Every year, approximately 152 million Mother’s Day cards are sent. [1]

14) In the U.S., about 90% of mothers breastfeed their babies at some point, but only about 25% exclusively breastfeed for the recommended six months. [3]

15) In the U.S., about 70% of mothers with children under 18 are married or living with a partner. [2]

16) The world record for most children born to one mother is 69, but this is disputed. [9]

17) In the U.S., about 25% of mothers have a bachelor’s degree or higher. [2]

18) The mother elephant gives birth to the largest baby on Earth, weighing around 200 pounds, after enduring a 22-month pregnancy. [1]

19) In the U.S., about 23% of mothers were born outside of the country. [5]

20) The world’s oldest mother was 74 years old when she gave birth to twins. [10]

21) In the U.S., about 86% of mothers have at least one child. [2]

22) After having a baby, working mothers in Canada are entitled to a year-long leave and receive 55% of their salary during that period. [1]

23) In the U.S., about 28% of mothers with children under 18 are not in the labor force. [2]

24) Mothers who give birth at a later stage in life have an increased chance of living longer. [1]

25) In the U.S., about 72% of mothers with children under 18 are employed full-time. [2]

  1 Karin Lehnardt. “57 Enlightening Facts about Mothers.” FactRetriever .

2 Katherine Schaeffer, Carolina Aragão. “Key facts about moms in the U.S.” Pew Research Center .

3 “Breastfeeding Report Card.” CDC .

4 “Breadwinner Moms.” Pew Research Center .

5 Gretchen Livingston. “Births Outside of Marriage Decline for Immigrant Women.” Pew Research Center .

6 Jamie Dwelly. “Mum, Mam, Mom: What do you call your mother?” History .

7 “Medicine: Prodigious Pregnancy.” TIME .

8 “First woman in space: Valentina.” The European Space Agency .

9 “Most prolific mother ever.” Guinness World Records .

10 Joshua Bote. “A 74-year-old woman reportedly gave birth to twins, may be the oldest ever to give birth.” USA TODAY .

I hope you enjoyed these fascinating facts about mothers!

Please share these mom facts with your friends and family.

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9 Facts About Mother's Day

Posted: May 9, 2024 | Last updated: May 9, 2024

9 Facts, About Mother's Day. 1. The date changes due to it being held annually on May's second Sunday. May 12th is the scheduled date for the holiday in 2024. 2. Ancient Greece was one of the earliest civilizations to honor mothers. 3. According to Reuters, Mother's Day sees the highest volume of phone calls than any other day of the year. 4. In 2018, gift totals amounted to $23 billion according to the National Retail Federation. 5. Greeting cards are the most common gift with 152 million being delivered every year. 6. The idea was started in 1868 by activist Ann Jarvis, who wanted to bring people together after the Civil War. 7. 1908 was the first year Mother's Day was observed in the U.S. 8. It became an official federal holiday less than a decade later in 1914. 9. Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide at different times during the year

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Eco-mom-ics: 5 fast facts about mothers in the U.S. economy

A rear view of a mom wearing a blue dress and flat shoes walking with her son wearing a grey shirt, blue shorts, sneakers and a green backpack while holding hands.

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, let’s celebrate moms not just for their role in their families, but also for their integral role in the U.S. economy. The often undervalued labor of mothers – whether it’s in the form of paid or unpaid work – is critical to keep homes, communities and the nation running. Almost three-fourths (74%) of moms with children under 18 are working in the labor force, and beyond that, moms are performing the unpaid work of caring for their children, completing household chores and volunteering in the wider community. It’s no wonder many moms are stretched thin. 

This Mother’s Day, here are five fast facts about mothers in the economy:

40.5% of all mothers with children under 18 are equal, primary or sole income earners for their family . This share is especially large for Black moms: While 36.4% of White, non-Hispanic mothers and 39.3% of Hispanic mothers are equal, primary or sole breadwinners, the percentage of Black mothers is a staggering 65.9%.

On top of performing paid work an average of 35.5 hours a week and doing chores for 13.2 hours a week, employed mothers aged 18-64 today spend more time actively caring for their children than their mothers and grandmothers did almost 50 years ago. In 2022, employed mothers with a child under 18 spent an average of approximately 12.5 hours per week on active child care, according to a Women’s Bureau analysis of the American Time Use Survey . In contrast, in 1975 all mothers – whether they were in the labor force or not – spent an average of 8.6 hours per week actively caring for their children  (and 23.6 hours on housework). Simply put, even though women are now spending substantially more time in paid employment than they were 50 years ago, they are spending over 40% more time actively caring for their children.

In addition to taking care of their own children and households, many mothers spend time improving their community. In fact, in a 12-month period between 2020 and 2021, nearly two in three mothers living with a child under 18 (59.6%) volunteered with an organization or to improve their neighborhood, according to a Women’s Bureau analysis of the Current Population Survey . The 31% of mothers who volunteered for an organization during this period provided an average of nearly 60 hours of volunteering time.           

Even after their children are grown, many mothers continue to provide unpaid care as grandmothers. In 2021, 1.3 million U.S. women were raising their grandchildren – 2.3 million kids in all. These numbers only refer to cases where grandmothers were providing housing and were responsible for most of the daily needs of the grandchildren – they do not account for the hours of babysitting that many grandmothers provide for their grandchildren.

When they have a child, women who work experience a “ motherhood wage penalty ” that results in lower earnings even after controlling for education, occupation and other characteristics. Over their lifetimes, these lower wages, coupled with reduced work hours due to caregiving obligations, result in employment-related costs to mothers of more than $295,000.

Mothers – and all caregivers – deserve to thrive at home and at work. To achieve this, we need to support both the paid and the unpaid work moms do. This means improving our care infrastructure , including access to affordable child care , free and universal pre-K and adequate paid family and medical leave . It also means ensuring quality jobs with family-sustaining wages for the care workforce. To support both paid and unpaid caregivers, the Biden-Harris Administration issued an executive order to increase access to high-quality care and support caregivers , and the Department of Labor published guidance for employers hoping to take advantage of federal infrastructure funding on how they can support child care and long-term care for their workers. 

These policies would likely help many in the U.S. and relieve a significant portion of the pressure on moms. Moreover, they would bolster the U.S. economy. A more robust care infrastructure would likely increase the number of women, especially mothers, who enter the labor market. Indeed, if women’s labor force participation in the U.S. were comparable to that of Canada or Germany – countries that invest more in family-supporting policies – then the U.S. labor force would gain about 5 million more women, generating $775 billion in additional economic activity each year, according to Women’s Bureau estimates. 

For more data on mothers in the economy, check out the Women’s Bureau’s website . 

Erin George is an Economist at the Women’s Bureau. Gretchen Livingston is the Quantitative Research Branch Chief at the Women’s Bureau.

  • Women's Bureau


A woman with collar length hair wearing professional attire and heels multitasking in a kitchen while holding her child and tablet in one arm.


35 Facts About The Movie Mother

Lissy Simmons

Written by Lissy Simmons

Modified & Updated: 05 Mar 2024

Jessica Corbett

Reviewed by Jessica Corbett


It’s time to dive into the intriguing world of the movie “Mother”! Directed by the visionary filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, this psychological thriller has captivated audiences with its thought-provoking storyline and stellar performances. Released in 2017, “Mother” takes viewers on a dark and surreal journey that challenges perceptions of reality and explores themes of motherhood, creation, and the destruction of the natural world. With its enigmatic plot twists and haunting visuals, this film has left a lasting impact on those who have experienced it. In this article, we will unveil 35 fascinating facts about “Mother” that will shed light on its intricate symbolism, behind-the-scenes trivia, and the profound messages it conveys. So prepare to delve into the depths of this cinematic masterpiece and uncover the secrets that lie within.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Mother” is a thought-provoking and visually stunning film that delves into deep symbolism and complex narrative, leaving a lasting impression on viewers long after the credits roll.
  • Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the depths of the human psyche with “Mother,” a movie that masterfully builds suspense and offers a captivating blend of drama, horror, and psychological thriller.

Inspirations Galore

The idea for “Mother” came to Darren Aronofsky after a visit to his girlfriend’s house in the countryside. The experience of being in a secluded environment sparked his imagination and led to the creation of the film.

The Power Couple

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem play a married couple in the movie. Their on-screen chemistry helped bring their characters to life, making the film even more captivating.

A Cinematic Roller Coaster

“Mother” takes audiences on a tense and thrilling ride from start to finish. The movie has been praised for its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, unsure of what will happen next.

The Symbolism Behind the Title

The title “Mother” carries deep symbolic meaning. It represents the feminine nurturing force and the power of creation, themes that are central to the film’s narrative.

A Descent into Chaos

The movie is known for its chaotic and frenetic energy. The escalating tension and increasingly surreal events create a sense of unease that lingers throughout the entire film.

The One-Location Setting

“Mother” is predominantly set in a single location, the couple’s house. This decision was made to intensify the claustrophobic atmosphere and enhance the feeling of confinement experienced by the characters.

The Mysterious Stranger

Ed Harris plays a mysterious stranger who disrupts the couple’s peaceful existence. His arrival sets off a chain of events that spirals out of control.

The Enigmatic House

The house itself is a character in the movie, symbolizing the fragile balance between creation and destruction. Its ever-changing appearance adds to the sense of unease and disorientation.

The Evolution of the Script

Darren Aronofsky wrote the script for “Mother” in just five days. However, he spent the following months refining and expanding it to create a layered and thought-provoking narrative.

An Unconventional Marketing Campaign

The marketing for “Mother” was strategically kept minimal and mysterious. The trailers and promotional material provided glimpses into the film’s tone and atmosphere, but intentionally kept the plot under wraps.

An Allegorical Tale

Many viewers and critics have interpreted “Mother” as an allegorical representation of environmental destruction, religious symbolism, and the cycle of human existence.

The Influence of Filmmakers

Darren Aronofsky has cited several filmmakers as inspirations for “Mother,” including Roman Polanski, Luis Buñuel, and Stanley Kubrick. Their works’ thematic depth and visual style influenced the tone of the film.

An Impressive Sound Design

The sound design of “Mother” plays a crucial role in creating an immersive and unsettling atmosphere. The combination of eerie sounds and intense music adds to the film’s sense of unease.

A Star-Studded Cast

In addition to Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem , “Mother” features notable actors such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Domhnall Gleeson, and Kristen Wiig in supporting roles.

Bravo to the Cinematography

The cinematography of “Mother” is a visual feast. The film’s dark and moody aesthetic, combined with inventive camera work, adds to the overall eerie and atmospheric tone.

A Controversial Reception

“Mother” received a mixed response from both critics and audiences. While some praised its ambitious storytelling, others found it confusing and polarizing.

The Importance of Color

Color plays a significant role in “Mother,” with different hues symbolizing various emotions and themes. The film’s color palette intensifies the visual impact of key scenes and enhances the overall storytelling.

A Collaborative Effort

Darren Aronofsky collaborated closely with production designer Philip Messina to create the intricate and visually striking sets for “Mother.” Their attention to detail shines through in every frame.

An Original Score

The haunting and atmospheric score of “Mother” was composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson. The music adds an extra layer of tension and emotion to the on-screen events.

The Inspiration for Mother’s Character

Jennifer Lawrence drew inspiration from her own experiences with motherhood and nurturer figures in her life to bring depth and authenticity to her portrayal of the character.

A Psychological Roller Coaster

“Mother” defies traditional genre conventions, blending elements of drama, horror, and psychological thriller to create a truly unique viewing experience.

Cryptic Easter Eggs

Throughout “Mother,” there are hidden symbols and references that add to the film’s mysterious and allegorical nature. Sharp-eyed viewers have discovered hidden meanings in even the smallest details.

A Challenging Film

“Mother” is not a film for casual viewers seeking light entertainment. It challenges audiences to think deeply and analyze the complex themes and symbolism presented.

Multiple Interpretations

One of the fascinating aspects of “Mother” is that it allows for multiple interpretations. Each viewer may perceive the film differently, adding to its enduring discussion and analysis.

A Laborious Production

The production of “Mother” took several months to complete due to the intricate sets and meticulous attention to detail. The effort put into the film’s creation shines through in its visual storytelling.

Exploring Universal Themes

While “Mother” is a deeply personal and introspective film, its themes of creation, destruction, and the cycle of life and death resonate with audiences on a universal level.

The Impact on Viewers

Love it or hate it, “Mother” leaves a lasting impression on those who watch it. The film’s thought-provoking narrative and shocking moments are etched into the minds of viewers long after the credits roll.

An Award-Winning Director

Darren Aronofsky, the director of “Mother,” is known for his unique storytelling and visually striking films. He has been nominated for and won numerous awards throughout his career.

A Polarizing Ending

The ending of “Mother” has divided audiences, with some finding it deeply satisfying and others feeling perplexed and even frustrated. It’s an ending that sparks debate and discussion.

A Thought-Provoking Metaphor

One interpretation of “Mother” sees the narrative as a metaphor for the destructive tendencies of humanity and the cycle of creation and destruction that we are all a part of.

Analyzing the Film’s Structure

“Mother” follows a non-linear structure, with events unfolding in a cyclical and fragmented manner. This approach adds to the film’s disorienting and captivating nature.

The Intense Performances

The performances in “Mother” are nothing short of extraordinary. Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem deliver powerful and emotionally charged portrayals that anchor the film.

An Unforgettable Cinematic Experience

Regardless of what you may think of “Mother,” it is undeniably an unforgettable cinematic experience. Its bold storytelling and profound themes make it a film that stays with you long after watching.

The Creation of Suspense

“Mother” masterfully builds suspense throughout its runtime, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. The tension escalates with each passing scene, keeping viewers hooked until the very end.

A Divisive Masterpiece

“Mother” has solidified its place as a divisive masterpiece. Some hail it as a work of art, while others dismiss it as pretentious. Regardless, it has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

If you’re in search of a thought-provoking and visually stunning film, “Mother” is a must-watch. Its complex narrative and deep symbolism will leave you pondering its meaning long after the credits roll. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the depths of the human psyche.

After exploring these 35 fascinating facts about the movie Mother , it’s evident that this psychological thriller has captivated audiences with its thought-provoking narrative and intense performances. From its allegorical elements to its unique storytelling techniques, Mother stands as a testament to the creativity and boldness of director Darren Aronofsky.

With its religious and environmental themes, symbolic imagery, and powerful performances, Mother has left a lasting impression on viewers and sparked countless discussions. Its exploration of motherhood, devotion, and the destructive nature of human actions has resonated with audiences, making it a film that lingers in the minds long after the credits roll.

Whether you loved it or found it unsettling, there’s no denying the impact that Mother has had on the world of cinema. Its ability to provoke strong emotions and challenge conventional storytelling conventions sets it apart as a truly remarkable and unforgettable film.

1. What is the movie Mother about?

Answer: Mother is a psychological thriller that follows the story of a young woman whose tranquil life with her husband is disrupted when uninvited guests arrive at their home, leading to a series of increasingly disturbing events.

2. Who directed Mother?

Answer: Mother was directed by Darren Aronofsky, known for his unique visual style and thought-provoking films such as Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream.

3. Is Mother a horror film?

Answer: While Mother has elements of psychological horror, it is more accurately described as a psychological thriller with allegorical and symbolic elements.

4. What are some of the key themes in Mother?

Answer: Mother explores themes of motherhood, devotion, creation, destruction, and humanity’s destructive impact on the environment. It also delves into religious symbolism and biblical allegories.

5. Why did Mother receive mixed reviews?

Answer: Mother divided critics and audiences due to its unconventional narrative structure and intense imagery. Some praised its ambition and thought-provoking themes, while others found it confusing or unsettling.

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