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authors books list

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33 books that made it to #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list this year (so far)

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  • The New York Times Bestseller List shows the bestselling fiction and nonfiction books of the week.
  • On top of new releases, old favorites continue to make the list, sometimes years after publication.
  • We've collected some of the best fiction and nonfiction books that held the #1 spot in 2022 so far.

Insider Today

There are so many ways to discover a great book, but the New York Times Best Sellers list has compiled the most popular fiction, nonfiction, and children's books from vendors across the country for almost a century and has become a measure of success for writers everywhere. 

Titles that reach the coveted #1 spot are usually highly anticipated releases from beloved authors, sequels to which readers have been counting down, or juicy celebrity memoirs. But with the rise of influencer recommendations on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, books published years prior still make appearances again and again, like "It Ends With Us" , which was published in 2016 but has been a #1 New York Times Bestseller for nine weeks so far in 2022. 

The full list is posted weekly on the New York Times website , but we collected some of the best new fiction and nonfiction books to hold the #1 spot so far in 2022. 

33 books that ended up as #1 bestsellers on the New York Times Best Sellers list in 2022 so far:

Fiction and poetry, "dream town" by david baldacci.

authors books list

"Dream Town" by David Baldacci, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $14.50

"Dream Town" is the third book in David Baldacci's "Archer" series but can be read as a standalone. As private investigator and World War II veteran Archer plans to celebrate the New Year with a friend, Eleanor Lamb, a screenwriter, feels her life is in danger and hires him to investigate. When a body is found in Eleanor's home and she suddenly disappears, Archer winds through the glamor of 1950s Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Hollywood in a suspenseful and exciting series of events to find Eleanor and the murderer in this noir crime thriller. 

"Book Lovers" by Emily Henry

authors books list

"Book Lovers" by Emily Henry, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $11.58

Nora Stephens is a literary agent who is ready to become the heroine of her own story when her sister, Libby, invites her on a trip away from the city to the little town of Sunshine Falls, North Carolina. Though Nora is expecting a month of romance novel-like meet-cutes and bookshop days, she continually runs into Charlie Lastra, a book editor from the city with whom she has a deep-seated rivalry. "Book Lovers" is one of our favorite romance reads of the summer — check out our full review here . 

"House of Sky and Breath" by Sarah J. Maas

authors books list

"House of Sky and Breath" by Sarah J. Maas, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $17.74

The highly anticipated sequel to Sarah J. Maas' "House of Earth and Blood" hit shelves in February 2022 and quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list. Readers follow Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar on their search for normalcy after saving Crescent City, but as oppression grows around them, the duo knows they must continue to fight for what's right in this incredible fantasy novel with a deeply satisfying conclusion.

"In the Blood" by Jack Carr

authors books list

"In the Blood" by Jack Carr, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $14.49

As former Navy SEAL James Reece watches the news from his Montana home, he sees a name he recognizes from his time in Iraq listed as a victim of a missile attack on a passenger aircraft in Burkina Faso, Africa. With ties to the intelligence services in two nations, James is sure her death is no accident and enlists old and new friends on his mission to track down her killer, unaware of the dangers that may await him. 

"Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens

authors books list

"Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $9.98

Readers still can't get enough of this 2018 Reese's Book Club pick as it continues to outshine new releases for the top spot on the New York Times Best Seller list, four years after its original publication. In this historical fiction read, Kya Clark is known as the "Marsh Girl," who learns and lives from the land until a popular boy is found dead and her community immediately suspects her as the murderer.

"Nightwork" by Nora Roberts

authors books list

"Nightwork" by Nora Roberts, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $14.99

"Nightwork" blends romance and suspense as Harry Booth leaves Chicago, continuing his work as a subtle thief-for-hire after his mother's death. Though his work requires him to remain unattached, he finds his resolve softening as he grows nearer to Miranda Emerson until his past catches up to him and casts a dark shadow over his life once more. 

"It Ends with Us" by Colleen Hoover

authors books list

"It Ends with Us" by Colleen Hoover, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $11.17

This 2016 Colleen Hoover novel continues to reach the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list due to its huge popularity on BookTok . "It Ends with Us" is a fast-paced contemporary romance novel about Lily, who dives heart-first into a relationship with the almost-too-good-to-be-true neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. When a past love and life resurface, her relationship with Ryle becomes threatened. 

"Sparring Partners" by John Grisham

authors books list

"Sparring Partners" by John Grisham, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $14.47

Josh Grisham is a bestselling author of legal thrillers like "A Time to Kill" and "The Pelican Brief." His new collection, "Sparring Partners," consists of three novellas, one starring his beloved character Jake Brigance, another featuring a death row inmate three hours before execution, and the final story following two feuding brothers who inherited a law firm when their father went to prison. You can find more of John Grisham's best books here .

"Call Us What We Carry" by Amanda Gorman

authors books list

"Call Us What We Carry" by Amanda Gorman, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $13.80

2021 Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman's latest collection, "Call Us What We Carry," was the first read to top the New York Times Bestseller List in 2022, praised by readers for Gorman's insightful and profound views. These poems include brilliant reflections upon history, society, and the human experience including painful memories of the COVID-19 pandemic and hopeful dedications to the future. 

"Run, Rose, Run" by Dolly Parton and James Patterson

authors books list

"Run, Rose, Run" by Dolly Parton and James Patterson, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.00 

Written by a beloved music legend and the bestselling author of all time, "Run Rose Run" is an entertaining and suspenseful James Patterson mystery about a young woman running both from her past and towards a promising future in the music industry. As AnnieLee Keys lands in Nashville, she still finds herself constantly looking over her shoulder as her past and secrets lurk ever nearer. 

"The Paris Apartment" by Lucy Foley

authors books list

"The Paris Apartment" by Lucy Foley, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $25.98

When Jes moves into her half-brother's Parisian apartment in search of a fresh start, she's not only surprised by his apparent wealth but his sudden disappearance. As she begins to dig into his situation in an effort to find him, Jes's worry grows and her brother's peculiar and unfriendly neighbors each emerge as suspects. 

"Abandoned in Death" by J.D. Robb

authors books list

"Abandoned in Death" by J.D. Robb, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $17.34

J.D. Robb is the pseudonym under which Nora Roberts publishes her "in Death" series, with "Abandoned in Death" as the 54th installment. In this latest mystery novel, detective Eve Dallas begins to investigate the peculiar homicide of a woman found neatly arranged on a New York City playground bench, with a fatal wound hidden beneath a ribbon on her neck and an ominous note reading "Bad Mommy." As Eve investigates a clearly troubled killer, other similar disappearances emerge and intensify the urgency of the case. 

"The Hotel Nantucket" by Elin Hilderbrand

authors books list

"The Hotel Nantucket" by Elin Hilderbrand, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $16.99

When billionaire Xavier Darling purchases The Hotel Nantucket, he renovates and revitalizes the abandoned lodge that was once popular until a 1922 fire killed a young girl. As the hotel's new general manager, Lizbet, pulls together a passionate staff, they fight against the hotel's bad reputation, the lingering ghost, and each other to change fate and find a brighter future. 

"The Match" by Harlan Coben

authors books list

"The Match" by Harlan Coben, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.37

This action-packed sequel to "The Boy from the Woods" follows Wilde as he discovers the identity of his father through a DNA genealogy website and a second match that pulls him into a secret community of online doxxers. As the story unfolds through murder, scandal, and gripping suspense, it seems a serial killer is targeting the online community — and Wilde might be poised as the next target.

"Hook, Line, and Sinker" by Tessa Bailey

authors books list

"Hook, Line, and Sinker" by Tessa Bailey, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $12.38

"Hook, Line, and Sinker" is a swoon-worthy contemporary romance about Fox Thornton, a notorious charmer, and Hannah Bellinger, who's in town for work, staying in Fox's spare bedroom, and completely immune to his charming ways. Though Hannah initially has her eye on a coworker, she can't seem to resist slowly falling for Fox as they spend more and more time together as he tries to prove he's not interested in another temporary fling.

"The Investigator" by John Sandford

authors books list

"The Investigator" by John Sandford, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.64

Letty Davenport is bored at her desk job when her boss, Senator Colles, offers her an investigative role with the Department of Homeland Security to uncover a series of reported crude oil thefts, possibly part of something much larger and more sinister. As Letty and her partner head to Texas, they soon find a far deadlier and more dangerous situation than they could have imagined.

"The Judge's List" by John Grisham

authors books list

"The Judge's List" by John Grisham, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $13.94

"The Judge's List" is John Grisham's sequel to his 2016 thriller, "The Whistler,"  and continues Lacy Stoltz's story three years later as she uncovers a startling case — that of a Florida judge turned serial killer. As the judge stays one step ahead of the law and continues to hunt down those who have wronged him, Lacy must end his murderous crusade before she becomes the next name on his list. 

"Finding Me" by Viola Davis

authors books list

"Finding Me" by Viola Davis, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.53

This honest and unforgettable memoir is Viola Davis' reflection upon her journey to self-love by facing herself and her past. From poverty and bullying to systemic racism in Hollywood, Davis recounts the challenges she faced during childhood, her rise into stardom, and those she continues to face today.  

"The Office BFFs" by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

authors books list

"The Office BFFs" by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.18

"The Office" characters Pam Beesley and Angela Martin have little in common, but the actresses that brought them to life bonded from the first days on set. "The Office BFFs" is a dual memoir of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's experiences as they made memories with the cast, walked their first red carpet, became moms, and created a lifelong friendship that continues to this day. 

"Happy-Go-Lucky" by David Sedaris

authors books list

"Happy-Go-Lucky" by David Sedaris, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $17.79

"Happy-Go-Lucky" is a collection of funny personal essays about how David Sedaris' life changed during the COVID-19 lockdown and continues to change as the world adjusts to a new normal. In these essays, Sedaris captures the humor and irony of these experiences and the ultimate desire for connection that drives our society. 

"The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk

authors books list

"The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $11.40

Written by a trauma expert with over 30 years of experience working with trauma survivors, "The Body Keeps the Score" is a psychology book about how traumatic stress "rewires" our brains. As an alternative to drugs or talk therapy, Dr. van der Kolk asserts how we can reactivate many trauma-affected areas of our brains through innovative treatments and therapies. 

"Tanqueray" by Stephanie Johnson and Brandon Stanton

authors books list

"Tanqueray" by Stephanie Johnson and Brandon Stanton, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $17.49

In 2019, Stephanie Johnson was featured in a "Humans of New York" story, capturing the attention of millions of readers as they learned of her rise from a brutal childhood to becoming one of the best-known burlesque dancers in New York City known as Tanqueray. Written alongside Brandon Stanton, the author of "Humans of New York," "Tanqueray" tells Stephanie Johnson's full story, including all the challenges and triumphs that led to her success and fame. 

"Bittersweet" by Susan Cain

authors books list

"Bittersweet" by Susan Cain, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.48

Bittersweetness is often thought of as a moment or feeling where something good and bad intersect, but in this psychology read, Susan Cain demonstrates how embracing a "bittersweet" state of mind can help us connect to ourselves and each other. Already known for her heartfelt and enlightening writing style in her other bestseller, "Quiet,"  this nonfiction book uses bittersweetness to teach readers about our relationships with creativity, compassion, leadership, longing, and love. 

"The Storyteller" by Dave Grohl

authors books list

"The Storyteller" by Dave Grohl, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $17.99

Dave Grohl has become internationally renowned as the drummer for Nirvana and the Foo Fighters and in this memoir, he details the incredible musical and personal experiences that made him the man he is today. Grohl's personality naturally shines through his writing and is further brought to life in his audiobook narration.

"The 1619 Project," edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Caitlin Roper, Ilena Silverman, and Jake Silverstein

authors books list

"The 1619 Project," edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Caitlin Roper, Ilena Silverman, and Jake Silverstein, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $22.80

In 1619, a cargo ship of 20-30 enslaved people from Africa arrived on the shores of Virginia, igniting a system of brutal slavery and racism that would span centuries. Originally published in The New York Times as a collection of 18 essays and 36 poems and works of fiction, "The 1619 Project" demonstrates how this often-buried history radiates through contemporary American society and offers a new origin story for the United States.

"Unthinkable" by Jamie Raskin

authors books list

"Unthinkable" by Jamie Raskin, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.59

"Unthinkable" is a new memoir by Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin whose life permanently changed at the beginning of 2021 as he mourned his son's sudden and tragic passing, lived through the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, and led the impeachment efforts against President Trump for inciting violence. This read recounts these painful events by intertwining personal and professional narratives into a single vivid memoir.

"James Patterson" by James Patterson

authors books list

"James Patterson" by James Patterson, available at Amazon and Bookshop , from $14.50

James Patterson is one of the world's most successful writers and his memoir is a collection of interesting and remarkable stories from his life. Written with a comfortable and casual tone, Patterson explains how he developed a love of reading as an adult, met famous musicians and actors before he made a name of his own, and even wrote the famous "Toys 'R Us" jingle while working in advertising. You can find some of James Patterson's best books here .

"Enough Already" by Valerie Bertinelli

authors books list

"Enough Already" by Valerie Bertinelli, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $16.29

Valerie Bertinelli is an award-winning actress whose new memoir uses personal and relatable stories to offer readers advice on how to achieve a healthier and happier outlook on life. Bertinelli shares her struggles with harsh personal criticism and the journey on which she embarked to transcend our need for perfectionism and reach, instead, for joy. 

"From Strength to Strength" by Arthur C. Brooks

authors books list

"From Strength to Strength" by Arthur C. Brooks, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $16.99

This self-help read identifies how many people, including the author himself, struggle to find purpose and success as they age, often feeling as though they may be "declining" as a sense of professional or social irrelevance emerges with age. In "From Strength to Strength," Arthur C. Brooks demonstrates how readers can refocus their priorities and habits in order to make their older years equally full of happiness, purpose, and success.

"One Damn Thing After Another" by William P. Barr

authors books list

"One Damn Thing After Another" by William P. Barr, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $21.91

William P. Barr was the attorney general during two different presidential administrations — President George H.W. Bush and President Donald Trump. This memoir traverses the most memorable and affecting events Barr faced in his years as attorney general while comparing the vast similarities and differences between the Bush and Trump presidential legacies. 

"Freezing Order" by Bill Browder

authors books list

"Freezing Order" by Bill Browder, available on Amazon and Bookshop , from $18.80

After Bill Browder's lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was beaten to death in a Moscow jail, Browder set out to uncover why Magnitsky was killed and bring the killers to justice. In his investigation, Browder followed a trail beyond a tax refund scheme, through Russian government involvement, and to the corruption that runs far deeper than he could have imagined. 

authors books list

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authors books list

The 15 Top Authors, Based on Goodreads Stats

' src=

Emily Martin

Emily has a PhD in English from the University of Southern Mississippi, MS, and she has an MFA in Creative Writing from GCSU in Milledgeville, GA, home of Flannery O’Connor. She spends her free time reading, watching horror movies and musicals, cuddling cats, Instagramming pictures of cats, and blogging/podcasting about books with the ladies over at #BookSquadGoals ( She can be reached at [email protected].

View All posts by Emily Martin

What a time to be alive! To be fair, there’s a lot that could be better about the world right now, but there is one major thing we have going for us right now: We have lots of incredible books to read from some truly noteworthy authors. But who are the top authors and what books are contemporary readers loving the most? I want to break it down for you with this list of the 15 top authors.

So with all the myriad ways readers show their support for their most beloved authors online, how did I come to make this final list? Just to keep the research a little more focused, I stuck with Goodreads stats of various kinds. First of all, I looked at the list of authors who are the most followed on Goodreads. From there, I cross-referenced this list with the list of books that are most read and the most shelved on any given year, starting in 2021 and going back to 2016, just to keep the list current to what people have been reading the most over the past five years or so.

From there, what I got was this scientifically proven (disclaimer: none of this is scientifically proven) list of the top authors of our time (disclaimer again: our time being 2016–2021). Note that this is just one methodology for finding the top current authors. This methodology is less based on the quality of writing and more based on the popularity of the author and their books. But popularity has merit, I say! And it’s worth considering.

“Get on with the list,” you say? Okay, I hear you. Without any further messing around, here’s a list of the 15 top authors, based on Goodreads stats, ranked from 15th place to 1st place. Enjoy!

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas cover

15 – Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas is a young adult author who is most well-known for her 2017 novel The Hate U Give . The novel debuted at number one on The New York Times Best Seller List and went on to win several awards, including The William C. Morris Award, the Michael L. Printz Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. In 2021, Thomas wrote a prequel to The Hate U Give, entitled Concrete Rose . This year, she also co-authored a novel called Blackout with Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon.

cover image of Verity by Colleen Hoover

14 – Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is a notable author on this list because she is the first author to ever write a self-published novel that made it to #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List. That novel was Hopeless , but the novel Hoover is probably best-known for now is Verity , which you’ve probably seen all over BookTok. Colleen Hoover is a popular author across social media, especially Goodreads, where she’s won multiple Goodreads Choice Awards, in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016. Every single one of her full-length novels since 2021 have been best sellers.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

13 – Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is an author who writes across several genres, including short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, nonfiction, and films. Gaiman has won several awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker awards. He is also the first author to win both the Newbery and the Carnegie medals for the same book, The Graveyard Book . It’s hard to choose one book of Gaiman’s that is the most popular because all of his novels have their fans, but American Gods is one of Gaiman’s best-selling works and has won multiple awards.

da vinci code cover

12 – Dan Brown

Dan Brown writes thriller/mystery novels that explore conspiracy theories, cryptography, and art. Brown’s novels have sold over 200 million copies. He is best known for his Robert Langdon book series, which dives deep into religious themes and history. Three out of five of the Robert Langdon novels have been adapted into films: The Da Vinci Code , Angels and Demons , and Inferno . And in 2021, Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol was adapted into a television series. Dan Brown has also donated millions of dollars in support of scholarship.

Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead book cover

11 – Colson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead is an author who is the recipient of many awards, including a MacArthur Genius Grant in 2002. His 2016 novel The Underground Railroad won the National Book Award for Fiction and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The Underground Railroad was also recently adapted into a television series on Amazon, so that would explain the resurgence of interest in this book on Goodreads. Whitehead’s 2020 novel The Nickel Boys won him another Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. So yes, the hype is real.

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous Ocean Vuong Novel

10 – Ocean Vuong

The year 2019 was big for poet and author Ocean Vuong. It was the year his debut novel On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous was released, and it was the year he received a MacArthur Genius Grant. But in 2021, Vuong is still going strong with readers on Goodreads, and it looks like he will be for years to come. Last year, it was announced that Vuong would be the seventh author to contribute to the Future Library Project , a collection of works by contemporary authors that will remain unread until 2114.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Cover

9 – Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is a popular contemporary author for many readers not only on Goodreads, but also on BookTube and BookTok. She is best-known for her novels The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo , Daisy Jones and the Six , and Malibu Rising . Daisy Jones and the Six, which is loosely based on the classic rock band Fleetwood Mac, is currently being adapted into an Amazon miniseries produced by Reese Witherspoon, starring Riley Keough as Daisy Jones and Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne.

Mexican Gothic cover

8 – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a Mexican Canadian author of speculative fiction. She received the Copper Cylinder Adult Award for her debut novel Signal to Noise and the August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel for her 2020 novel Mexican Gothic . Garcia was also a finalist for the Nebula Award for both Gods of Jade and Shadow and Mexican Gothic, and a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Mexican Gothic. Mexican Gothic is also in development as a limited series for Hulu, produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Milojo Productions.

cover of the vanishing half by brit bennett, featuring several different color shapes that appear abstract at first, but are actually the overlapping faces of two women

7 – Brit Bennett

Brit Bennett went straight to The New York Times Best Seller list with her debut novel The Mothers , and she was also named in the National Book Foundation’s “5 under 35” list of promising debut novelists. With her second novel, The Vanishing Half , Bennett once again found herself on top of the NYT Best Sellers list, and The New York Times also chose this novel as one of its top ten best books of 2020. Now, both novels are being adapted; Kerry Washington is producing a film adaptation of The Mothers, and The Vanishing Half has been acquired by HBO for a limited series with Bennett serving as executive producer.

cover of six of crows

6 – Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo’s novels long been popular amongst Goodreads readers, but the recent Netflix adaptation of Shadow and Bone has introduced a whole new group of readers to the series and its spinoff Six of Crows (this story is also a part of the series adaptation). In 2019, Bardugo also published her first adult novel, Ninth House , a paranormal fantasy set at Yale University. Ninth House was listed in Tor’s Best Books of 2019 and Paste’s 19 Best Novels of 2019 . Both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom were listed in Paste’s 50 Best Fantasy Books of the 21st Century (So Far) .

a court of thorns and roses

5 – Sarah J. Maas

Next up on the list is another author of a widely beloved fantasy series: Sarah J. Maas. In fact, Maas is known for not one but two fantasy series, Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses . Maas’s books have sold over 12 million copies and have been translated into 37 languages. In 2020, Maas released the first book in her new Crescent City Series, House of Earth and Blood . The next novel in the series, House of Sky and Breath , is coming in 2022. There are also more books in the Court of Thorns and Roses series in the works.

klara and the sun cover

4 – Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro is a British novelist who is known for playing with genres like speculative fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction in his literary novels. In 2017, Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize in Literature. T he Swedish Academy described Ishiguro as an author “who, in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world.” His 2021 novel Klara and the Sun is his first novel since winning the Nobel Prize. His latest novel has been widely acclaimed by readers and reviewers and compared to another of Ishiguro’s beloved novels, Never Let Me Go .

cover of Divergent by Veronica Roth

3 – Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is an author who is best-known for her young adult series Divergent , which was released in 2011–2013 and later adapted into a film series starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Although the Divergent novels were the first books Roth wrote and remain some of her most popular books, the author continues to write inventive fantasy stories that keep readers interested. Most recently, Roth released her first adult novel, Chosen Ones , the first novel in a fantasy duology.

Book cover for The Shining

2 – Stephen King

If you don’t know who Stephen King is, then you’ve probably been living under a rock, but just in case you’ve somehow missed it, here’s the deal with this best-selling author. Stephen King writes across many genres: horror, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, and more. King has won several awards for his works, including multiple Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, and British Fantasy Society Awards. And in 2003, the National Book Foundation awarded him the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Stephen King’s novels are all top-selling books, but if you were wondering which of King’s novels is the best-selling of all 63 of his books, it’s The Shining .

turtles all the way down book cover

1 – John Green

Is John Green who you expected to see at the top of this list? John Green has had many of his young adult novels hit The New York Times Best Sellers list, including The Fault in Our Stars and Turtles All the Way Down . In 2014, Green was named one of the 1 00 Most Influential People in the World by Time . Part of the reason he is so popular and consistently read by so many people on Goodreads is his involvement in creating so much online content. He and his brother Hank Green are big YouTubers, and John Green also has a podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed , which was adapted into a book of essays.

And there you have it! Hopefully some of the people on these list ended up being surprises to you. I have to say I was a little surprised at how it all shook out, but you can’t argue with science (disclaimer: this still isn’t science)!

Love lists where we talk about the best of the best? Here are 20 of the best children’s authors . And if horror’s more your speed, here’s a totally scientific list of the best horror authors of all time !

authors books list

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10 of the Best Historical Fiction Books About Books

The Greatest Books of All Time

Click to learn how this list is calculated.

This list represents a comprehensive and trusted collection of the greatest books in literature. Developed through a specialized algorithm, it brings together 197 'best of' book lists to form a definitive guide to the world's most acclaimed literary works. For those interested in how these books are chosen, additional details about the selection process can be found on the rankings page .

List Calculation Details

If you're interested in downloading this list as a CSV file for use in a spreadsheet application, you can easily do so by clicking the button below. Please note that to ensure a manageable file size and faster download, the CSV will include details for only the first 500 books.

1. Ulysses by James Joyce

Cover of 'Ulysses' by James Joyce

Set in Dublin, the novel follows a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, an advertising salesman, as he navigates the city. The narrative, heavily influenced by Homer's Odyssey, explores themes of identity, heroism, and the complexities of everyday life. It is renowned for its stream-of-consciousness style and complex structure, making it a challenging but rewarding read.

2. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Cover of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This novel is a multi-generational saga that focuses on the Buendía family, who founded the fictional town of Macondo. It explores themes of love, loss, family, and the cyclical nature of history. The story is filled with magical realism, blending the supernatural with the ordinary, as it chronicles the family's experiences, including civil war, marriages, births, and deaths. The book is renowned for its narrative style and its exploration of solitude, fate, and the inevitability of repetition in history.

3. In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

Cover of 'In Search of Lost Time' by Marcel Proust

This renowned novel is a sweeping exploration of memory, love, art, and the passage of time, told through the narrator's recollections of his childhood and experiences into adulthood in the late 19th and early 20th century aristocratic France. The narrative is notable for its lengthy and intricate involuntary memory episodes, the most famous being the "madeleine episode". It explores the themes of time, space and memory, but also raises questions about the nature of art and literature, and the complex relationships between love, sexuality, and possession.

4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cover of 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Set in the summer of 1922, the novel follows the life of a young and mysterious millionaire, his extravagant lifestyle in Long Island, and his obsessive love for a beautiful former debutante. As the story unfolds, the millionaire's dark secrets and the corrupt reality of the American dream during the Jazz Age are revealed. The narrative is a critique of the hedonistic excess and moral decay of the era, ultimately leading to tragic consequences.

5. Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

Cover of 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes

This classic novel follows the adventures of a man who, driven mad by reading too many chivalric romances, decides to become a knight-errant and roam the world righting wrongs under the name Don Quixote. Accompanied by his loyal squire, Sancho Panza, he battles windmills he believes to be giants and champions the virtuous lady Dulcinea, who is in reality a simple peasant girl. The book is a richly layered critique of the popular literature of Cervantes' time and a profound exploration of reality and illusion, madness and sanity.

6. The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

Cover of 'The Catcher in the Rye' by J. D. Salinger

The novel follows the story of a teenager named Holden Caulfield, who has just been expelled from his prep school. The narrative unfolds over the course of three days, during which Holden experiences various forms of alienation and his mental state continues to unravel. He criticizes the adult world as "phony" and struggles with his own transition into adulthood. The book is a profound exploration of teenage rebellion, alienation, and the loss of innocence.

7. Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Cover of 'Moby Dick' by Herman Melville

The novel is a detailed narrative of a vengeful sea captain's obsessive quest to hunt down a giant white sperm whale that bit off his leg. The captain's relentless pursuit, despite the warnings and concerns of his crew, leads them on a dangerous journey across the seas. The story is a complex exploration of good and evil, obsession, and the nature of reality, filled with rich descriptions of whaling and the sea.

8. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Cover of 'Crime and Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoevsky

A young, impoverished former student in Saint Petersburg, Russia, formulates a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker to redistribute her wealth among the needy. However, after carrying out the act, he is consumed by guilt and paranoia, leading to a psychological battle within himself. As he grapples with his actions, he also navigates complex relationships with a variety of characters, including a virtuous prostitute, his sister, and a relentless detective. The narrative explores themes of morality, redemption, and the psychological impacts of crime.

9. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Cover of 'War and Peace' by Leo Tolstoy

Set in the backdrop of the Napoleonic era, the novel presents a panorama of Russian society and its descent into the chaos of war. It follows the interconnected lives of five aristocratic families, their struggles, romances, and personal journeys through the tumultuous period of history. The narrative explores themes of love, war, and the meaning of life, as it weaves together historical events with the personal stories of its characters.

10. Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell

Cover of 'Nineteen Eighty Four' by George Orwell

Set in a dystopian future, the novel presents a society under the total control of a totalitarian regime, led by the omnipresent Big Brother. The protagonist, a low-ranking member of 'the Party', begins to question the regime and falls in love with a woman, an act of rebellion in a world where independent thought, dissent, and love are prohibited. The novel explores themes of surveillance, censorship, and the manipulation of truth.

11. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Cover of 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë

This classic novel is a tale of love, revenge and social class set in the Yorkshire moors. It revolves around the intense, complex relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, an orphan adopted by Catherine's father. Despite their deep affection for each other, Catherine marries Edgar Linton, a wealthy neighbor, leading Heathcliff to seek revenge on the two families. The story unfolds over two generations, reflecting the consequences of their choices and the destructive power of obsessive love.

12. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Cover of 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen

Set in early 19th-century England, this classic novel revolves around the lives of the Bennet family, particularly the five unmarried daughters. The narrative explores themes of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage within the society of the landed gentry. It follows the romantic entanglements of Elizabeth Bennet, the second eldest daughter, who is intelligent, lively, and quick-witted, and her tumultuous relationship with the proud, wealthy, and seemingly aloof Mr. Darcy. Their story unfolds as they navigate societal expectations, personal misunderstandings, and their own pride and prejudice.

13. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Cover of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll

This novel follows the story of a young girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantastical world full of peculiar creatures and bizarre experiences. As she navigates through this strange land, she encounters a series of nonsensical events, including a tea party with a Mad Hatter, a pool of tears, and a trial over stolen tarts. The book is renowned for its playful use of language, logic, and its exploration of the boundaries of reality.

14. The Bible by Christian Church

Cover of 'The Bible' by Christian Church

This religious text is a compilation of 66 books divided into the Old and New Testaments, forming the central narrative for Christianity. It encompasses a variety of genres, including historical accounts, poetry, prophecy, and teaching, telling the story of God's relationship with humanity, from creation to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the early Christian church. It is considered by believers to be divinely inspired and serves as a guide for faith and practice.

15. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Cover of 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov

The novel tells the story of Humbert Humbert, a man with a disturbing obsession for young girls, or "nymphets" as he calls them. His obsession leads him to engage in a manipulative and destructive relationship with his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Lolita. The narrative is a controversial exploration of manipulation, obsession, and unreliable narration, as Humbert attempts to justify his actions and feelings throughout the story.

16. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

Cover of 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri

In this epic poem, the protagonist embarks on an extraordinary journey through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio), and Paradise (Paradiso). Guided by the ancient Roman poet Virgil and his beloved Beatrice, he encounters various historical and mythological figures in each realm, witnessing the eternal consequences of earthly sins and virtues. The journey serves as an allegory for the soul's progression towards God, offering profound insights into the nature of good and evil, free will, and divine justice.

17. The Odyssey by Homer

Cover of 'The Odyssey' by Homer

This epic poem follows the Greek hero Odysseus on his journey home after the fall of Troy. It takes Odysseus ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. Along the way, he encounters many obstacles including mythical creatures, divine beings, and natural disasters. Meanwhile, back in Ithaca, his wife Penelope and son Telemachus fend off suitors vying for Penelope's hand in marriage, believing Odysseus to be dead. The story concludes with Odysseus's return, his slaughter of the suitors, and his reunion with his family.

18. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Cover of 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' by Mark Twain

The novel follows the journey of a young boy named Huckleberry Finn and a runaway slave named Jim as they travel down the Mississippi River on a raft. Set in the American South before the Civil War, the story explores themes of friendship, freedom, and the hypocrisy of society. Through various adventures and encounters with a host of colorful characters, Huck grapples with his personal values, often clashing with the societal norms of the time.

19. The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Cover of 'The Brothers Karamazov' by Fyodor Dostoevsky

This classic novel explores the complex, passionate, and troubled relationship between four brothers and their father in 19th century Russia. The narrative delves into the themes of faith, doubt, morality, and redemption, as each brother grapples with personal dilemmas and family conflicts. The story culminates in a dramatic trial following a murder, which serves as a microcosm of the moral and philosophical struggles faced by each character, and by extension, humanity itself.

20. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Cover of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee

Set in the racially charged South during the Depression, the novel follows a young girl and her older brother as they navigate their small town's societal norms and prejudices. Their father, a lawyer, is appointed to defend a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman, forcing the children to confront the harsh realities of racism and injustice. The story explores themes of morality, innocence, and the loss of innocence through the eyes of the young protagonists.

21. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Cover of 'Anna Karenina' by Leo Tolstoy

Set in 19th-century Russia, this novel revolves around the life of Anna Karenina, a high-society woman who, dissatisfied with her loveless marriage, embarks on a passionate affair with a charming officer named Count Vronsky. This scandalous affair leads to her social downfall, while parallel to this, the novel also explores the rural life and struggles of Levin, a landowner who seeks the meaning of life and true happiness. The book explores themes such as love, marriage, fidelity, societal norms, and the human quest for happiness.

22. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Cover of 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad

This classic novel follows the journey of a seaman who travels up the Congo River into the African interior to meet a mysterious ivory trader. Throughout his journey, he encounters the harsh realities of imperialism, the brutal treatment of native Africans, and the depths of human cruelty and madness. The protagonist's journey into the 'heart of darkness' serves as both a physical exploration of the African continent and a metaphorical exploration into the depths of human nature.

23. The Iliad by Homer

Cover of 'The Iliad' by Homer

This epic poem focuses on the final weeks of the Trojan War, a conflict between the city of Troy and the Greek city-states. The story explores themes of war, honor, wrath, and divine intervention, with a particular focus on the Greek hero Achilles, whose anger and refusal to fight have devastating consequences. The narrative also delves into the lives of the gods, their relationships with humans, and their influence on the course of events.

24. Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Cover of 'Madame Bovary' by Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary is a tragic novel about a young woman, Emma Bovary, who is married to a dull, but kind-hearted doctor. Dissatisfied with her life, she embarks on a series of extramarital affairs and indulges in a luxurious lifestyle in an attempt to escape the banalities and emptiness of provincial life. Her desire for passion and excitement leads her down a path of financial ruin and despair, ultimately resulting in a tragic end.

25. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner

Cover of 'The Sound and the Fury' by William Faulkner

The novel is a complex exploration of the tragic Compson family from the American South. Told from four distinct perspectives, the story unfolds through stream of consciousness narratives, each revealing their own understanding of the family's decline. The characters grapple with post-Civil War societal changes, personal loss, and their own mental instability. The narrative is marked by themes of time, innocence, and the burdens of the past.

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Here are the Books We Love: 380+ great 2023 reads recommended by NPR

Here are the Books We Love: 380+ great 2023 reads recommended by NPR

November 20, 2023 • Books We Love returns with 380+ new titles handpicked by NPR staff and trusted critics. Find 11 years of recommendations all in one place – that's more than 3,600 great reads.

11 books to look forward to in 2024

11 books to look forward to in 2024

December 30, 2023 • The first few months of the year are stacked with exciting and interesting reads. Get ready for big swings from old pros and exciting new debuts.

Kelly Link's debut novel 'The Book of Love' is magical, confusing, heartfelt, strange

Kelly Link's debut novel 'The Book of Love' is magical, confusing, heartfelt, strange

February 15, 2024 • Short-story writer Kelly Link's first novel delves into the complications of love and friendship, family drama, grief, resilience, and the power of adaptability, while delivering a supernatural tale.

Looking for love? You'll find it in 2024 in these 10 romance novels

Valentine's Day

Looking for love you'll find it in 2024 in these 10 romance novels.

February 14, 2024 • Who says romance is reserved for Valentine's Day? Love stories are a treat to be savored year-round. Here are some of the best romance novels hitting the shelves in the first half of the year.

Unlocking desire through smut; plus, the gospel of bell hooks

Author and cultural critic bell hooks poses for a portrait on December 16, 1996 in New York City, New York. Karjean Levine/Getty Images hide caption

It's Been a Minute

Unlocking desire through smut; plus, the gospel of bell hooks.

February 13, 2024 • This week, we're asking: do the fantasies we read in romance novels say anything about what we want in our real-life relationships? Devoted readers share how the genre has impacted their love lives. Host Brittany Luse revisits her conversation with writer Rebekah Weatherspoon about how she builds a world of desire.

'I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both' is a rare, genuinely successful rock novel

'I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both' is a rare, genuinely successful rock novel

February 13, 2024 • Mariah Stovall manages to convey the essence of punk and emo through the prose itself; this is an excellent novel, compassionate and filled with a sparkling intelligence about the human condition.

The secret to lasting love might just be knowing how to fight

The secret to lasting love might just be knowing how to fight

February 13, 2024 • The Gottmans have been studying marriage and relationships for 40 years. In a new book, Fight Right , they explain how successful couples resolve their conflicts.

Move over, senior center — these 5 books center seniors

Move over, senior center — these 5 books center seniors

February 10, 2024 • These books, including Roxana Robinson's Leaving, which comes out on Tuesday, all concern older women — some in their 60s, others in their 90s — who fully intend to enjoy all their years.

Is Bigfoot real? A new book dives deep into the legend

A person dressed as Bigfoot makes their way through the snow during a blizzard in Boston in January 2015. John O'Connor's The Secret History of Bigfoot explores the myth and its lingering appeal. Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images hide caption

Is Bigfoot real? A new book dives deep into the legend

February 9, 2024 • The Secret History of Bigfoot is a smart, hilarious, and wonderfully immersive journey into the history of Bigfoot, the culture around it, the people who obsess about it, and the psychology behind it.

Maurice Sendak delights children with new book, 12 years after his death

February 9, 2024 • Maurice Sendak's previously unpublished Ten Little Rabbits was released this week. On a visit to the late writer's home, we learned he whistled while he worked. (Story aired on ATC on 2/6/24.)

Pregame the Super Bowl with our favorite football fiction

Super Bowl 2024

Pregame the super bowl with our favorite football fiction.

February 8, 2024 • Of course, leave it to the gigantic nerds at NPR to throw a literary tailgate ... but to thine own self be true, even if it means getting stuffed into your locker later this afternoon.

Books from Mexico, Netherlands, and Japan bring rewrites of history, teen tales

Books from Mexico, Netherlands, and Japan bring rewrites of history, teen tales

February 8, 2024 • Books from writers Álvaro Enrigue, Simone Atangana Bekono, and Kiyoko Murata may not come from the same place — but they still work in conversation with each other.

Reexamining the 'upskirt decade' and the public ridicule of female pop stars

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004. Jeff Haynes/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

Interview highlights

Reexamining the 'upskirt decade' and the public ridicule of female pop stars.

February 8, 2024 • The new book Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s reassesses a time when popular culture policed, ridiculed and even took down a variety of women in the public eye.

How the art world excludes you and what you can do about it

In her new book Get the Picture, journalist Bianca Bosker explores why connecting with art sometimes feels harder than it has to be. Above, a visitor takes in paintings at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London in 2010. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images hide caption

How the art world excludes you and what you can do about it

February 7, 2024 • First of all, can we stop using the word "liminal"? Bianca Bosker spent five years doing in-depth research for Get the Picture — an irreverent book about "strategic snobbery" in the art world.

A foster parent reflects on loving — and letting go of — the children in his care

Mark Daley is the founder of The Foster Parent , a national platform to connect interested families with foster organizations. Mark Daugherty/Simon & Schuster hide caption

A foster parent reflects on loving — and letting go of — the children in his care

February 6, 2024 • Mark Daley always knew the goal was reunification — but he was still devastated when the young boys in his care returned to their birth family. He writes about the experience in his new memoir, Safe.

Maurice Sendak delights children with new book, 12 years after his death

Book News & Features

February 6, 2024 • The late author-illustrator, creator of Pierre and Where the Wild Things Are , loved whistling, Mozart, and Mickey Mouse curios. His trademark whimsy can be found in the new book Ten Little Rabbits .

Police raided George Pelecanos' home. 15 years later, he's ready to write about it

Writer George Pelecanos reads The Washington Post every morning in his home. Keren Carrión/NPR hide caption

Police raided George Pelecanos' home. 15 years later, he's ready to write about it

February 5, 2024 • Crime fiction author and screenwriter George Pelecanos is known for his gritty realism. His latest short story collection takes that same unsparing look at his own past.

Target pulls Black History Month book that misidentified 3 civil rights icons

A lone shopper heads into a Target store on Jan. 11 in Lakewood, Colo. David Zalubowski/AP hide caption

Black History Month 2024

Target pulls black history month book that misidentified 3 civil rights icons.

February 2, 2024 • The magnet book mixed up W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington and Carter G. Woodson. Target said it will no longer sell the book in stores or online and that it notified the publisher of the errors.

Hallmark recasts 'Sense and Sensibility' and debuts other Austen-inspired films

Actors Susan Lawson-Reynolds, Beth Angus, Deborah Ayorinde, and Bethany Antonia in Hallmark's adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility . Steffan Hill/2024 Hallmark Media hide caption

Hallmark recasts 'Sense and Sensibility' and debuts other Austen-inspired films

February 1, 2024 • This month, the network debuts Loveuary , a quartet of films inspired by the creativity and fandom of Regency-era novelist Jane Austen, including Sense and Sensibility with a mostly Black lead cast.

6 books to help young readers learn about Black history

Brittni Robertson Powell, with the New Orleans-based bookstore Baldwin & Co. looks through her choice for Black History Month: I Am Ruby Bridges. Aubri Juhasz/Aubri Juhasz hide caption

6 books to help young readers learn about Black history

February 1, 2024 • Five authors, librarians and book shop owners suggest turning to literature to help teach kids about Black history, culture and themes for this Black History Month.

Academy of American Poets receives its largest-ever donation

Attendees at the One Word Poetry Festival's Youth Poet Laureate Commencement in Rock Hill, S.C., in 2022. Mick Lowry/Academy of American Poets hide caption

Academy of American Poets receives its largest-ever donation

January 31, 2024 • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded two grants totaling more than $5.7 million to support the organization's Poet Laureates as well as a national alliance of organizations promoting poetry.

Ayesha Rascoe on 'HBCU Made' — and some good old college memories

Both Ayesha Rascoe and host Brittany Luse are alums of Howard University. Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Mike Morgan hide caption

Ayesha Rascoe on 'HBCU Made' — and some good old college memories

January 30, 2024 • We're taking it way back — all the way to college. This episode is a mini-reunion: host Brittany Luse and Ayesha Rascoe, host of NPR's Weekend Edition, are both alumnae of Howard University — they even attended during some of the same years. Howard is an HBCU: a historically Black college or university. There are around a hundred in the US, and they've had a big impact on both graduates and American culture writ large. Ayesha has edited a book of essays all about that impact, called HBCU Made: A Celebration of the Black College Experience. Brittany chats with her about the book and what makes HBCUs special — they also trade tales from their own time as students.

'Your Utopia' considers surveillance and the perils of advanced technology

'Your Utopia' considers surveillance and the perils of advanced technology

January 30, 2024 • The best of Bora Chung's new stories impart a feeling of disorientation, evoking worlds that seem at first like utopias only to disclose, upon deeper inspection, dystopias.

A sex educator on the one question she is asked the most: 'Am I normal?'

Sex educator Emily Nagoski, author of the new book Come Together: The Science (and Art!) of Creating Lasting Sexual Connections , discusses what it means to be sex positive. Kelvin Murray/Getty Images hide caption

A sex educator on the one question she is asked the most: 'Am I normal?'

January 30, 2024 • Emily Nagoski is a sex educator and author of a bestseller on enhancing your sex life. The book did so well that it got in the way of her own.

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The Greatest American Writers of All Time

The Greatest American Writers of All Time

Ranker Books

Who are the greatest American authors of all time? In just two short centuries, the great U.S. of A. has produced an incredible number of writers that have influenced literature and art the world over. This list includes great American novelists, poets, the best playwrights , and writers in the all genres of fiction and nonfiction alike. What American writers did you read in school and actually like? While most kids in this country are assigned works by top novelists like Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway, many don't truly love to read until their teen years, when they first find less traditional writers like J.D. Salinger or Kurt Vonnegut. Others are swept away by authors as varied as Stephen King, Harper Lee, or good ol' Dr. Seuss.

Who are the greatest American authors? This list include writers in all mediums, both living and deceased. Maybe your all-time favorites include poets like Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost. If your tastes are more for the pictures, you may consider Mel Brooks, Quentin Tarantino, or even Wes Anderson among the top American screenwriters. Other authors on this list have created some of the most beloved and widely read series in history, including Louisa May Alcott and George R. R. Martin.

The greatest American writers are some of the tops in their fields, producing some of the best novels, essays, films, short stories, stage plays, and poems of all time. While many have stood the test of time and are firmly represented in the literary canon, it remains to be seen whether more contemporary American authors of the 21st Century will be remembered in decades to come. Vote up your the absolute best, and please add any famous American authors that are missing.

Mark Twain

Edgar Allan Poe

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald

William Faulkner

William Faulkner

Robert Frost

Robert Frost

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Herman Melville

Herman Melville

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

Jack London

Jack London

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

T. S. Eliot

T. S. Eliot

Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams

Harper Lee

Louisa May Alcott

James Baldwin

James Baldwin

J. D. Salinger

J. D. Salinger

Washington Irving

Washington Irving

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller

Flannery O'Connor

Flannery O'Connor

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov

Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton

  • American People

Lists about novelists, poets, short story authors, journalists, essayists, and playwrights, from simple rankings to fun facts about the men and women behind the pens.

Bars Where Famous Writers Hung Out

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12 Top Authors Pick the Best Books of the Year

David baldacci, louise penny and others offer their favorite reads from 2021 and of all time.

Christina Ianzito,

illustration of hardcover books opened face up so their pages look like wings flying through the sky

As we’ve noted in our  seasonal roundups , 2021 has been a fantastic year for books — so much so it can be hard to choose which one to read next. We asked top authors for one novel or work of nonfiction that stood out for them this year, as well as a less recent book that they particularly loved. Here’s what they said.

Dean Koontz

Best-selling author of suspense novels, most recently  Quicksilver

When Christmas Come s by Andrew Klavan (2021) : This is an exciting but tender, heartfelt crime novel about an English professor’s attempt to clear a former Army Ranger of murder. It’s fast-paced, haunting, with a central character you’ll love.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’ s by Truman Capote (1958): An enchanting country kid becomes a Manhattan party girl, Holly Golightly, who retains a heartbreaking innocence that makes her unforgettable. Exquisite prose and a sweetly semi-tragic ending make this novella a minor classic.

Jodi Picoult

Author of more than 25 novels, including the new  Wish You Were Here

The Soulmate Equation  by Christina Lauren (2021): A charming novel about the intersection of science and romance, and what happens when DNA can predict your perfect match. Is that a blessing or a curse? And does destiny matter more than individual choice? 

The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak (2005):  A story about the resilience of humans, and how one little life can make a difference in thousands of others. And it’s narrated by Death, which is a mic drop in and of itself.

David Baldacci

Blockbuster thriller author, most recently of  Mercy

The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race  by Walter Isaacson (2021): The story of biochemist Jennifer Doudna, who helped to develop a gene editing technology, ushering in wondrous possibilities and unsolvable ethical dilemmas. It’s written in the unputdownable style of a novel as Isaacson does so well. 

The Drowning Pool by Ross Macdonald (1950): A body of a woman in a pool leads to everything that Macdonald (real name Kenneth Millar) did so well: exploring the darkest of family secrets, the chasm between rich and poor, the dirt that clings to every pore of humanity, and most brilliantly of all, Macdonald’s detective, Lew Archer, who tries to make sense of the insensible. Macdonald is the best of the crime noir writers, taking up the mantle from Hammett and Chandler and lifting it to a rarefied level. 

​Louise Penny

​Canadian author of the Chief Inspector Gamache series, including her latest,  The Madness of Crowds . Penny also cowrote the recent thriller  State of Terror  with Hillary Rodham Clinton

​When Harry Met Minnie: A True Story of Love and Friendship  by Martha Teichner (2021): About the bond between two rescue dogs and their owners, this is a warm, intelligent, funny and most of all a luminous celebration of love and friendship and how life-changing events can spring from the mundane.

A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth  by Samantha Weinberg (2000): In 1938, fishermen off the coast of South Africa brought up something extraordinary in their nets: a coelacanth, a huge fish with limb-like fins thought to be extinct for some 65 million years. This is the riveting story of what was described as the “greatest scientific find of the century.”




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Erik Larson

Bestselling nonfiction writer whose books include 2021’s  The Splendid and the Vile

Klara and the Sun  by Kazuo Ishiguro (2021): A moving exploration of loneliness and artificial intelligence, as told through the observations and experiences of an “Artificial Friend” named Klara, acquired to be the companion of a dying girl. It kept me thinking for weeks afterward.

AARP® Dental Insurance Plan administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company

Dental insurance plans for members and their families

The World That We Knew  by Alice Hoffman (2019) : Set in Nazi Germany, this novel traces the wrenching journey of a Jewish girl named Lea and her mystical guardian, Ava, a golem Lea’s mother hopes will protect her — a thrilling story of the lasting power of love.

Author of 2013’s award-winning  A Tale for the Time Being  and 2021’s  The Book of Form and Emptiness , among other novels. She’s also a Zen Buddhist priest.

The End of Bias: A Beginning  by Jessica Nordell (2021): Implicit and unconscious bias exists in us all and underlies our most destructive human behavior. Nordell’s examination, based on 15 years of research and filled with fascinating case studies, is lively, informative, optimistic, compassionate and necessary. The takeaway is: We can change our biased behavior, so let’s start now.

One Hundred Years of Solitude  by Gabriel García Mǻrquez (1967): This sprawling masterpiece of a novel about a multigenerational Colombian family named Buendía was the first encounter I had with magical realism. It was the book that made me want to be a fiction writer. “Wait, I want to do that!” I remember thinking.

Lisa Jewell

British author of popular thrillers, most recently  The Night She Disappeared

The Plot  by Jean Hanff Korelitz (2021): This tale of a frustrated writer stumbling upon the perfect plot for a novel but having to negotiate a moral minefield to use it in his own work is so clever, so taut, so dazzling, I read it in about five hours flat. There is not one bum note or wasted word. 

The Push  by Ashley Audrain (2020): A mesmerizing exploration of the dark side of motherhood; what happens if your perfect baby girl turns out not to be made of sugar and spice and all things nice? Are you a bad mother? Or is your daughter a bad child? Spellbinding.

Chris Bohjalian

Author of best-selling novels, including 2021's  The Hour of the Witch

Woodrow on the Bench: Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog  by Jenna Blum (2021): I feel I got to know Woodrow, novelist Jenna Blum’s black lab, in Blum’s wise, wrenching and devastatingly beautiful memoir of his last half-year. After reading it, you will never again look into your dog’s — or any dog’s — eyes and not feel the bond that can exist between a person and their pet.

The Friend  by Sigrid Nunez (2018): Wistful and elegiac, but also rich with gentle humor, this is the story of a woman, her literary mentor who kills himself, a tiny apartment and an aging Great Dane. I loved it, with its explorations of the bonds between humans and our closest animal companions.

Janet Evanovich

A fixture on best-seller lists since 1994; her most recent book is this year’s  Game On

Black Ice  by Brad Thor (2021): Scot Harvath is back and better than ever in this fun, fast-paced thriller set in the beautiful country of Norway and the Arctic. You don’t need to have read the others in the series, your pulse will be pounding either way.

Heroes’ Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook  by Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson and Michael Witwer (2020): This beautifully illustrated and charmingly written cookbook is not just for Dungeons & Dragons fans, but for anyone with an adventurous heart and a love for other-worldly travel.

Wanda M. Morris

Debut author of the buzzed-about new legal thriller  All Her Little Secrets ​

Revival Season by Monica West (2021): A 15-year-old girl must come to grips with who her father, a famous Baptist preacher in the South, really is and the newfound power she possesses in a community where women are thought to be invisible and powerless. I love this coming-of-age story that is both compassionate and suspenseful, as well as a complicated and moving story about family and faith.

​Defending Jacob by William Landay (2012): A quiet suburb is rocked when the local assistant district attorney's teenage son is charged with the murder of a classmate. This book enthralled me, not only because of the outstanding storytelling, but because it posed the scenario every parent, including me, grapples with — how far would you go to save your child?

Anthony Horowitz

British TV writer behind PBS's Foyle's War and author of best-selling mysteries, such as the recent  A Line to Kill

Checkmate in Berlin by Giles Milton (2021): This is a fantastic story of Berlin at the end of World War II. It starts with the disease and destitution that Berliners faced when the fighting stopped, moves through the increasing tension and menace of the Cold War and climaxes with the logistically impossible Berlin Airlift that managed to save thousands of lives. In Giles Milton’s expert hands, focusing on the larger-than-life characters who made this all happen, history is as enthralling as any fiction you’ll ever read. 

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters (2009): I love the work of Sarah Waters, who brings the 19th and early 20th century to vivid life like no other writer. The Little Stranger is a superlative ghost story … if it is a ghost story. It’s hard to say. Certainly, Hundreds Hall, the grim, decaying mansion where it is set, contains a malign presence of some sort. But can we believe Dr. Faraday, the country GP called to the house, or is he the ultimate unreliable narrator? This book will linger in your mind long after you read it. It will haunt you.

Best-selling author of international thrillers, including  Black Ice .

Steel Fear  by Brandon Webb and John David Mann (2021): A serial killer is loose on an aircraft carrier. It’s an absolutely chilling thriller.

One Second After  by William Forstchen (2009): In the aftermath of a mysterious event that cripples all modern electronics, the residents of a small college town must band together to survive. One of the best books I have read in the last 10 years.

Christina Ianzito is the travel and books editor for and  AARP The Magazine , and also edits and writes health, entertainment and other stories for She received a 2020 Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 8, 2021. It's been updated to reflect new information. 

Christina Ianzito is the travel and books editor for and AARP The Magazine , and also edits and writes health, entertainment and other stories for She received a 2020 Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing.

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Freeman, Richard

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Goose, Mother

Gordon, Elizabeth

Gorky, Maxim

Goudiss, C. Houston

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Guthrie, Woody

Hale, Edward Everett

Haley, William

Hamilton, Alexander

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Harvey, William Fryer

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Hearn, Lafcadio

Hemingway, Ernest

Herford, Oliver

Herrick, Robert

Herrick, Robert Welch

Hesse, Hermann

Higgins, Violet Moore

Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Amadeus

Holmes, Mary Jane

Holmes, Oliver

Hopkins, Livingston

Housman, A. E.

Howe, Julia

Howells, William Dean

Hughes, Louis

Hughes, Langston

Hugo, Victor

Hunter, Evan

Hurston, Zora

Huxley, Aldous

Ibsen, Henrik

Irving, Washington

Jackson, Shirley

Jacobs, Joseph

Jacobs, W. W.

James, Montague Rhodes

James, Henry

James, Grace

Janvier, Francis

Jefferson, Thomas

Jerome, Jerome K.

Jewett, Sarah Orne

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Keats, John

Kellogg, E.E.

Kerouac, Jack

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Kielland, Alexander

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Kipling, Rudyard

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Machen, Arthur

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Maupassant, Guy de

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Munro (SAKI), H.H.

Nabokov, Vladimir

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Salinger, J.D.

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Sewell, Anna

Shakespeare, William

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Strachey, Lytton

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St. Vincent Millay, Edna

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Swift, Jonathan

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Tagore, Rabindranath

Tarbell, Ida

Tarkington, Newton Booth

Teasdale, Sara

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Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel

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Top 100 authors of all time

1. fyodor dostoevsky.

Writer | The Double

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was born on November 11, 1821, in Moscow, Russia. He was the second of seven children of Mikhail Andreevich and Maria Dostoevsky. His father, a doctor, was a member of the Russian nobility, owned serfs and had a considerable estate near Moscow where he lived with his ...

2. Dante Alighieri

Writer | Junkie Hell

Dante Alighieri was born in 1265 into the lower nobility of Florence, to Alighiero di Bellincione d'Alighiero, a moneylender. A precocious student, Dante's education focused on rhetoric and grammar. He also became enamored with a young girl, Beatrice Portinari, whose death in 1290 threw a grieving ...

3. Lev Tolstoy

Writer | Anna Karenina

Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy was born on September 9, 1828, in his ancestral estate Yasnaya Polyana, South of Moscow, Russia. He was the fourth of five children in a wealthy family of Russian landed Gentry. His parents died when he was a child, and he was brought up by his elder brothers and ...

4. Victor Hugo

Writer | Les Misérables

Although Hugo was fascinated by poems from childhood on, he spent some time at the polytechnic university of Paris until he dedicated all his work to literature. He was one of the few authors who were allowed to reach popularity during his own lifetime and one of the leaders of French romance. After...

5. William Shakespeare

Writer | The Tragedy of Macbeth

William Shakespeare's birthdate is assumed from his baptism on April 25. His father John was the son of a farmer who became a successful tradesman; his mother Mary Arden was gentry. He studied Latin works at Stratford Grammar School, leaving at about age 15. About this time his father suffered an ...

6. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Soundtrack | Valkyrie

Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born on 28 August 1749 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany as son of a lawyer. After growing up in a privileged upper middle class family, he studied law in Leipzig from 1765 to 1768, although he was more interested in literature. As he was seriously ill, he had to interrupt ...

7. Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra

Writer | Don Quixote

Miguel de Cervantes' baptism occurred on October 9, 1547, at Alcala de Henares, Spain, so it is reasonable to assume he was born around that time, and Alcala de Henares has long claimed itself as his birthplace. The son of Rodrigo de Cervantes, an itinerant and not-too-successful surgeon, Miguel ...

8. Italo Calvino

Writer | Boccaccio '70

Italo Calvino was born on October 15, 1923 in Santiago de Las Vegas, Cuba. He was a writer, known for Boccaccio '70 (1962), Tiko and the Shark (1962) and Sex Can Be Difficult (1962). He was married to Esther Judith Singer. He died on September 19, 1985 in Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

9. Stendhal

Writer | The Red and the Black

A foremost French writer of the Romantic era, Stendhal was born Marie-Henri Beyle in Grenoble, France in 1783. A loyal Bonapartist he followed Napoleon closely during his military campaigns Stendhal's novels reflect his intense love of Italy, his political convictions and the moral and ...

10. Charles Baudelaire

Soundtrack | A Single Man

Charles Baudelaire was a 19th century French poet, translator, and literary/art critic. At his birth, Baudelaire's mother, Caroline Archimbaut-Dufays, was 28; his father Francois Baudelaire was 61. Charles' father instilled in him an appreciation for art, taking his young son to museums and ...

11. Marcel Proust

Writer | La captive

Marcel Proust was a French intellectual, author and critic, best known for his seven-volume fiction 'In search of Lost Time'. He coined the term "involuntary memory", which became also known as "Proust effect" in modern psychology. He was born Valentin Louis Georges Eugéne Marcel Proust, on July 10, ...

12. Giovanni Boccaccio

Writer | The Little Hours

Giovanni Boccaccio was born in June 1313 in Certaldo, Florence, Tuscany, Italy. He was a writer, known for The Little Hours (2017), Decameron Nights (1953) and The Decameron (1971). He died on December 21, 1375 in Certaldo, Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

13. Alexander Pushkin

Soundtrack | Florence Foster Jenkins

Born to noble parents (his father Sergei was a retired major, and his mother, Nadezhda, was the granddaughter of an ennobled Ethiopian general) on the 26th of May, 1799 in Moscow, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin became involved with a liberal underground revolutionary group that saw him exiled to the ...

14. Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi

Writer | Rumi: Poet of the Heart

Jalaluddin Rumi, Scholar in Religious Sciences and famed Sufi Mystic Poet, was born on September 29th 1207 A.D. in Balkh (modern day Afghanistan). Escaping Mongol invasions he travelled extensively to Muslim lands, Bagdad, Mecca, Damascus, Malatia (Turkey). Married Gevher Khatun of Samarquand and ...

15. Franz Kafka

Writer | Le procès

Franz Kafka was born into a German-speaking Jewish family in Prague, Austrian Empire, in 1883. His father, Hermann Kafka, was a business owner and a domestic tyrant, frequently abusing his son. Kafka later admitted to his father, "My writing was all about you...". He believed that his father broke ...

16. Anton Chekhov

Writer | Kis Uykusu

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born in 1860, the third of six children to a family of a grocer, in Taganrog, Russia, a southern seaport and resort on the Azov Sea. His father, a 3rd-rank Member of the Merchant's Guild, was a religious fanatic and a tyrant who used his children as slaves. Young Chekhov...

17. Gabriel García Márquez

Writer | El año de la peste

Major Latin-American author of novels and short stories, a central figure in the so-called magical realism movement in Latin American literature. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982. Studied law and journalism in Bogotá and Cartagena. He began his career as a journalist in 1948, ...

18. Umberto Eco

Writer | Der Name der Rose

He is a professor of semiotics, the study of communication through signs and symbols, at the University of Bologna. Also a philiosopher, a historian, literary critic, and an aesthetician. He is an avid book collector and owns more than 30,000 volumes. The subjects of his scholarly investigations ...

19. J.R.R. Tolkien

Writer | The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

English writer, scholar and philologist, Tolkien's father was a bank manager in South Africa. Shortly before his father died (1896) his mother took him and his younger brother to his father's native village of Sarehole, near Birmingham, England. The landscapes and Nordic mythology of the Midlands ...

20. William Faulkner

Writer | To Have and Have Not

William Faulkner, one of the 20th century's most gifted novelists, wrote for the movies in part because he could not make enough money from his novels and short stories to support his growing number of dependants. The author of such acclaimed novels as "The Sound and the Fury" and "Absalom, Absalom...

Writer | Abel Classics

Greek slave. Many of the 200+ fables attributed to him may not have been his own, but since his name is synonymous with fables they were credited to him anyway. Sentenced to death for heresy. Was thrown from the edge of a cliff, c. 560 BC. The excepted dates of his birth and death would mean that ...

22. Arthur Rimbaud

Writer | Ein großer graublauer Vogel

Arthur Rimbaud was born on October 20, 1854 in Charleville-Mézières, Ardennes, France. He was a writer, known for A Big Grey-Blue Bird (1970), Ardiente paciencia (1983) and Criminal Lovers (1999). He died on November 10, 1891 in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France.

23. Aristophanes

Writer | Chi-Raq

Ancient Greek poet and comic dramatist Aristophanes was the son of Philippus of Athens. A leading exponent of the Athenian "Old Comedy," Aristophanes lived most of his life during the Peloponnesian War against Sparta (431-404). Some of his works include "Acharnians" (425), "Knights" (424), "In the ...

24. Ivan Turgenev

Writer | Theatre Macabre

Ivan Turgenev was born into a wealthy landowning family with many serfs, in the city of Oryol in Southern Russia. His father, a cavalry colonel, died when he was 15, and he was raised by his abusive mother, who ruled her 5000 serfs ruthlessly with a whip. He never married, but fathered a daughter ...

25. Sophocles

Writer | Atlantis

Versatile Greek poet and tragic dramatist. He was the son of Sophilus, a wealthy arms manufacturer. Sophocles studied tragedy under Aeschylus, whom he subsequently defeated in the dramatic festival of 468 BC, thus gaining his first victory at these competitions. He became a general under Nicias and...

26. Molière

Writer | Le bourgeois gentilhomme

Born between January 13 and January 15 of the year 1622, from a 25yo tapestry-maker, Jean Poguelin (who worked for the King of France from 1631), and a 20yo woman, Marie Cresé, in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin lost his mother when he was 10. From 1638 to 1640, he studied in the Jesuit college of ...

27. Charles Dickens

Writer | Great Expectations

Charles Dickens' father was a clerk at the Naval Pay Office, and because of this the family had to move from place to place: Plymouth, London, Chatham. It was a large family and despite hard work, his father couldn't earn enough money. In 1823 he was arrested for debt and Charles had to start ...

28. Maxim Gorky

Writer | Famine

Maksim Gorky is a pseudonym of Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov, who was born into a poor Russian family in Nizhnii Novgorod on Volga river. Gorky lost his father at an early age, he was beaten by his stepfather and became an orphan at age 9, when his mother died. He was brought up by his grandmother, ...

29. George Orwell

Writer | Nineteen Eighty-Four

Born the son of an Opium Agent in Bengal, Eric Blair was educated in England (Eton 1921). The joined the British Imperial Police in Burma, serving until 1927. He then travelled around England and Europe, doing various odd jobs to support his writing. By 1935 he had adopted the 'pen-name' of 'George...

30. Edgar Allan Poe

Writer | Eliza Graves

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father, named David Poe Jr., and his mother, named Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, were touring actors. Both parents died in 1811, and Poe became an orphan before he was 3 years old. He was adopted by John Allan, a tobacco ...

31. Publius Vergilius Maro

Writer | Troy: The Resurrection of Aeneas

Publius Vergilius Maro was born on October 15, 70 in Andes, Italy. Publius Vergilius was a writer, known for Troy: The Resurrection of Aeneas (2018), Great Performances (1971) and Dido & Aeneas (1995). Publius Vergilius died on September 21, 19 in Brundisium [now Brindisi, Italy].

32. Julio Cortázar

Writer | Blow-Up

One of the most important Argentinian writers of all time, Julio Cortazar was born in Belgium. When he was a child he went with his parents to Argentina. She stayed in Buenos Aires until 1951, when he went to Paris and he stayed in France until his death. His first book of short stories was "...

33. Nazim Hikmet

Soundtrack | Der Himmel über Berlin

Nazim Hikmet was born on January 15, 1902 in Salonica, Ottoman Empire [now Thessaloniki, Greece]. He was a writer and director, known for Wings of Desire (1987), Günese dogru (1937) and Dügün gecesi (1933). He was married to Wera Tuljakowa, Münevver and Piraye. He died on June 3, ...

34. Oscar Wilde

Writer | The Picture of Dorian Gray

A gifted poet, playwright and wit, Oscar Wilde was a phenomenon in 19th-century England. He was illustrious for preaching the importance of style in life and art, and of attacking Victorian narrow-mindedness. Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1854. He studied at Trinity College in Dublin before ...

35. Jean de La Fontaine

Writer | La cicala e la formica

Born in July 8, 1621, in Château-Thierry (Champagne, France), where his father was in charge of Water, Forests and Hunting, Jean de la Fontaine spent his whole childhood and adolescence in the countryside, where he mainly studied Latin language. In 1641, he moved to Paris to continue his study at ...

36. Rainer Maria Rilke

Writer | René

Rainer Maria Rilke was born in Prague on the 4th of December 1878 as the son of a military man working with railroads. After he visited a military Upper School he tried to avoid the army and did the preparations for the final exams and the final exams in private. He went to university to study ...

37. Lord Byron

Writer | Don Juan DeMarco

Lord Byron seemed destined from birth to tragedy. His father was the handsome but feckless Captain John "Mad Jack" Byron and his mother the Scottish heiress Catherine Gordon, the only child of the Laird of Gight. Captain Byron abandoned his wife and child leaving Catherine to bring up young Byron on...

38. Hans Christian Andersen

Writer | Frozen

Andersen experienced an unhappy childhood marked by deep poverty. When he was 14 years old, he left his parents' home and fled alone to Copenhagen. Here the director of the Royal Theater, Jonas Collin, took care of the child and gave him shelter and work. With his help, the young Hans Christian ...

39. Thomas Mann

Writer | Morte a Venezia

Thomas Mann was probably Germany's most influential author of the 20th century, receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1929. Born on 6 June 1875 in Lübeck, his family moved to Munich in 1893, where he lived until 1933 and wrote some of his most successful novels like "Buddenbrocks" (1901), "...

40. Alexandre Dumas

Writer | The Count of Monte Cristo

His paternal grandparents were Marie Cessete Dumas (a Haitian slave) and Marquis Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie. Antoine disapproved of their son, Thomas-Alexandre, joining the French army under the "Davy de la Pailleterie" name, so Thomas-Alexandre used his mother's surname instead. He became a ...

41. James Joyce

Triangle of Sadness

Joyce was born at 41 Brighton Square, Rathgar, Dublin, on 2 February 1882. His father invested unwisely, and the family's fortunes declined steadily. Joyce graduated from University College Dublin (UCD), in 1902. He briefly studied medicine in Paris but his mother's impending death from cancer ...

42. Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Writer | Die Nacht

Louis-Ferdinand Céline was born on May 27, 1894 in Courbevoie, Seine [now Hauts-de-Seine], France. He was a writer and actor, known for Die Nacht (1985), Contes modernes (1979) and Die Finsternis (2005). He was married to Lucette Almanzor and Edith Follet. He died on July 1, 1961 in Meudon, ...

43. Boris Pasternak

Writer | Doctor Zhivago

Boris Pasternak was born in Moscow on February 10, 1890 into an artistic family of Russian-Jewish heritage. His father was an acclaimed artist named Leonid Pasternak, who converted to Christianity, and his mother was a renown concert pianist named Rosa Kaufman. Their home was open to family friends...

44. Federico García Lorca

Soundtrack | Take This Waltz

Federíco Garcia Lorca was born in the south of Spain (Andalusia) in 1898 and soon became the region's most famous artist. A poet, playwright, artist, musician and lecturer, he wrote groundbreaking plays such as 'Blood Wedding' and 'Yerma'. His support of the Spanish Republic in the 1930s led to his...

45. Pablo Neruda

Writer | American Roulette

Pablo Neruda was the pseudonym of Chilean poet Ricardo Neftali Reyes Basualto. He was born in Parral, a little town in central Chile, but his family moved to Temuco City when he was just a few months old. It was there he showed interest in poetry and made his early works, and where he picked "Pablo...

Actor | Mil Adultérios

Borges is known for Mil Adultérios (1910).

47. Beaumarchais

Writer | La règle du jeu

Beaumarchais was born on January 24, 1732 in Paris, France. Beaumarchais was a writer, known for The Rules of the Game (1939), The Barber of Seville (1938) and The Marriage of Figaro (1949). Beaumarchais was married to Marie-Thérèse Willermawlaz, Geneviève Wattebled Lévêque and Madeleine Aubertin. ...

48. Naguib Mahfouz

Writer | El Fetewa

Naguib Mahfouz was born on December 11, 1911 in Cairo, Egypt. He was a writer, known for The Tough (1957), The Monster (1954) and Between Heaven and Earth (1959). He was married to Atiyyatallah Ibrahim. He died on August 30, 2006 in Cairo, Egypt.

49. Ursula K. Le Guin

Writer | Gedo senki

Ursula K. Le Guin was born on October 21, 1929 in Berkeley, California, USA. She was a writer, known for Tales from Earthsea (2006), The Lathe of Heaven (1980) and The Telling . She was married to Charles A. Le Guin. She died on January 22, 2018 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

50. Nikolay Gogol

Writer | Burnt Hickory

Nikolai (Mykola) Gogol was a Russian humorist, dramatist, and novelist of Ukrainian origin. His ancestors were bearing the name of Gogol-Janovsky and claimed belonging to the upper class Polish Szlachta. Gogol's father, a Ukrainian writer living on his old family estate, had five other children. He...

51. Honoré de Balzac

Writer | The Conquering Power

Honoré de Balzac was a French writer whose works have been made into films, such as, Cousin Bette (1998) starring Jessica Lange , and television serials, such as, _Cousin Bette (1971 TV mini-series)_, starring Margaret Tyzack and Helen Mirren . He was born on March 20, 1799, in Tours, France. His ...

52. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was an American writer who won the Pulitzer Prize (1953) and the Nobel Prize in Literature (1954) for his novel The Old Man and the Sea, which was made into a 1958 film The Old Man and the Sea (1958). He was born into the hands of his physician father. He was the second of six ...

53. Neil Gaiman

Writer | Good Omens

Neil Gaiman is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films. He is best known for the comic book series The Sandman and novels Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. As a child and a teenager, Gaiman read the works of C. S. ...

54. Jean Racine

Writer | Phèdre

Jean-Baptiste Racine (22 December 1639 - 21 April 1699) was a French dramatist, one of the three great playwrights of 17th-century France, along with Molière and Corneille as well as an important literary figure in the Western tradition and world literature. Racine was primarily a tragedian, ...

55. Albert Camus

Writer | Bajo la metralla

Albert Camus was born on November 7, 1913, in Mondovi, Algeria. His parents were Spanish-French-Algerian (pied noir) colonists. His father, Lucien, died in the Battle of Marne (1914) during WWI. His mother, named Catherine Helene Sintes was of Spanish origin, she was a deaf mute due to a stroke, ...

56. Jean-Paul Sartre

Writer | Les orgueilleux

Jean-Paul Charles-Aymard Sartre was born on June 21, 1905, in Paris, France. His father, Jean-Baptiste Sartre, was an officer in the French Navy. His mother, Anne-Marie Schweitzer, was the cousin of Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer . Sartre was one year old when his father died. He was ...

57. Chingiz Aitmatov

Writer | Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim

Chingiz Aitmatov was a Russian-Kyrgyz writer and statesman known for such films as The First Teacher (1965), The Girl with the Red Scarf (1977) and Джамиля (1995). He was born Chingiz Torekulovich Aitmatov on December 12, 1928, in Kirgizia, Soviet Union. His...

58. John Steinbeck

Writer | Lifeboat

John Steinbeck was the third of four children and the only son born to John Ernst and Olive Hamilton Steinbeck. His father was County Treasurer and his mother, a former schoolteacher. John graduated from Salinas High School in 1919 and attended classes at Stanford University, leaving in 1925 ...

59. Milan Kundera

Writer | The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Milan Kundera was born on April 1st 1929 in Brno, Czechoslovakia. He wrote his first poems during his high school years. After World War II he worked as a jazz musician before going to college. He studied music, film and literature at university in Prague. He moved on to become a professor at the ...

60. Jules Verne

Writer | Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Gabriel Verne (1828-1905) was one of the most famous French novelists of all time. His major work is the "Extraordinary Journeys", a series of more than sixty adventure novels including "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "Around the World in 80 Days", "20.000 Leagues under the Seas" and "...

61. Mark Twain

Writer | Big River

Mark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Florida, Missouri in 1835, grew up in Hannibal. He was a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River. Throughout his career, Twain served as a writer, lecturer, reporter, editor, printer, and prospector. Twain took his pen name from an alert cry used on his...

62. Francois Rabelais

Writer | Kraft Television Theatre

François Rabelais was a French Renaissance writer, physician, Renaissance humanist, monk and Greek scholar. He is primarily known as a writer of satire, of the grotesque, and of bawdy jokes and songs. Ecclesiastical and anticlerical, Christian and considered by some as a free thinker, a doctor and ...

63. Yasar Kemal

Writer | Alageyik

Yasar Kemal was born on October 6, 1923 in Osmaniye, Adana, Turkey. He was a writer, known for Лань (1958), Tus (1955) and The Enemy of Chastity (1957). He was married to Ayse Semiha Baban and Thilda Serrero. He died on February 28, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

64. George Bernard Shaw

Writer | My Fair Lady

The Anglo-Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925, acquired a reputation as the greatest dramatist in the English language during the first half of the 20th Century for the plays he had written at the height of his creativity from "Mrs. ...

65. Arthur Conan Doyle

Writer | Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle was a British writer of Irish descent, considered a major figure in crime fiction. His most famous series of works consisted of the "Sherlock Holmes" stories (1887-1927), consisting of four novels and 56 short stories. His other notable series were the "Professor Challenger" ...

66. Jane Austen

Writer | Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen was born on December 16th, 1775, to the local rector, Rev. George Austen (1731-1805), and Cassandra Leigh (1739-1827). She was the seventh of eight children. She had one older sister, Cassandra. In 1783 she went to Southampton to be taught by a relative, Mrs. Cawley, but was brought ...

67. Geoffrey Chaucer

Writer | The Ribald Tales of Canterbury

Geoffrey Chaucer was born in 1343 in London, Kingdom of England [now UK]. He was a writer. He was married to Philippa Roet. He died on October 25, 1400 in London, Kingdom of England [now UK].

68. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Writer | Le Petit Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born into a family of old provincial nobility. Failing his final exams at a preparatory school, he entered the École des Beaux-Arts to study architecture. In 1921, he began military service in the 2nd Regiment of Chasseurs, and sent to Strasbourg for pilot training. The...

69. Erich Maria Remarque

Writer | A Time to Love and a Time to Die

The German novelist Erich Maria Remarque was born in Osnabrück in 1898. His first novel, the famous anti-war epic All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), was written based on his experiences as a soldier in WWI, and published in 1929. He moved to Switzerland until 1939 and later emigrated to the US....

70. J.D. Salinger

Writer | My Foolish Heart

U.S. writer whose novel "The Catcher in the Rye" (1951) won critical acclaim and devoted admirers, especially among the post-World War II generation of college students. His entire corpus of published works consists of that one novel and 13 short stories, all originally written in the period 1948-...

71. Virginia Woolf

Writer | Virginia Woolf's Night & Day

London-born Virginia Woolf came from a wealthy family and, unlike her brothers, received her education at home, an unusual step for the times. Her parents had both had children from previous marriages, so she grew up with a variety of siblings, stepbrothers and stepsisters. Her father was a ...

72. Louis Aragon

Soundtrack | 8 femmes

Louis Aragon was born on October 3, 1897, in Paris, France. He graduated from Lycée Carnot, then studied medicine in Sorbonne and befriended a fellow medical student André Breton . In 1917 he was drafted in the First World War and served in a military hospital. There he met Guillaume Apollinaire and...

73. Herman Melville

Writer | The Enigma of Benito Cereno

Herman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet of the American Renaissance period. Among his best-known works are Moby-Dick (1851); Typee (1846), a romanticized account of his experiences in Polynesia; and Billy Budd, Sailor, a posthumously published novella. Although his ...

74. Alphonse Daudet

Writer | Sapho

Alphonse Daudet was born on May 13, 1840 in Nîmes, France. He was a writer, known for Sapho (1934), Sapho (1917) and Sapho (1913). He was married to Julia Allard. He died on December 16, 1897 in Paris, France.

75. Mikhail Sholokhov

Writer | Podnyataya tselina

Mikhail Sholokhov was a Russian writer who received a Nobel prize for his epic novel 'Tikhiy Don'. He was born in 1905 into a Cossack family of farmers in Kruzhilin, Veshenskaya, Rostov province in Southern Russia. His high school studies were interrupted by the Russian revolution and the Civil War, ...

76. Stefan Zweig

Writer | The Grand Budapest Hotel

Here he grew up in the educated Jewish middle class, together with his brother Alfred. The Zweig family was not religious. He passed his high school diploma at the Wasagymnasium in Vienna. Zweig wrote his first poems here. At that time he was influenced by writers such as Hugo von Hofmannstahl and ...

77. José Saramago

Writer | Enemy

José Saramago was born on November 16, 1922 in Azinhaga, Golega, Portugal. He was a writer, known for Enemy (2013), Blindness (2008) and O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo . He was married to Pilar del Río and Ilda Reis. He died on June 18, 2010 in Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

78. Bertolt Brecht

Writer | Die Dreigroschenoper

Bertolt Brecht was born on 10 February 1898 in Augsburg, Germany and one of the country's most influential poets, playwrights and screenwriters. His most famous work was the musical "The Threepenny Opera" (with Kurt Weill ), but his dramas such as "Mother Courage and Her Children" or "The Good ...

79. Mario Vargas Llosa

Writer | Pantaleón y las visitadoras

Mario Vargas Llosa was born on March 28, 1936 in Arequipa, Peru. He is a writer and director, known for Pantaleon (1976), Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (1999) and Tune in Tomorrow... (1990). He has been married to Patricia Llosa since 1965. He was previously married to Julia Urquidi.

80. T.S. Eliot

Writer | Cats

T.S. Eliot ranks with William Butler Yeats as the greatest English language poet of the 20th Century and was certainly the most influential. He was born Thomas Stearns Eliot into the bosom of a respectable middle class family on September 26, 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri. The family had roots in New...

81. Guy de Maupassant

Writer | La criada de la granja

Guy de Maupassant was born on August 5, 1850 in Château de Miromesnil, France. He was a writer, known for La criada de la granja (1953), Pierre & Jeanne and Black Sabbath (1963). He died on July 6, 1893 in Paris, France.

82. John Keats

Writer | Camera Three

John Keats (31 October 1795 - 23 February 1821) was an English poet of the second generation of Romantic poets, with Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, although his poems had been in publication for less than four years when he died of tuberculosis at the age of 25. They were indifferently ...

83. Sabahattin Ali

Sabahattin Ali was born in Komotini, Greece, 1917; and assassinated in Kirklareli, Turkey, 1948. He worked as a teacher in Yozgat, Aydin, Konya and Ankara for couple of years. In 1945, Ali started to publish humorous and opposing magazine Marko Pasa. He arrested in 1948 for an article and sentenced...

84. Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar

Soundtrack | Neredesin Firuze

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar was born on June 23, 1901 in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]. He was a writer, known for Где ты, Фируза? (2004), A Passing Summer's Rain (1994) and Geçmis Zaman Elbiseleri (1975). He ...

85. John Fante

Writer | Full of Life

John Fante was born on April 8, 1909 in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He was a writer, known for Full of Life (1956), The Golden Fleecing (1940) and My Man and I (1952). He was married to Joyce H. Smart. He died on May 8, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

86. Henri-Frédéric Blanc

Writer | Combat de fauves

Henri-Frédéric Blanc is known for Wild Games (1997), Le Dernier Survivant (2001) and Jeu de massacre ou le blues des fadas (1996).

87. Isaac Asimov

Writer | I, Robot

Isaac Asimov was born Isaak Judah Ozimov, on January 2, 1920, in Petrovichi shtetl, near Smolensk, Russia. He was the oldest of three children. His father, named Judah Ozimov, and his mother, named Anna Rachel Ozimov (nee Berman), were Orthodox Jews. Ozimov family were millers (the name Ozimov ...

88. Fitzgerald Scott

Writer | Young Cesar

Fitzgerald Scott is known for Young Cesar (2007) and Charlotte Church: Crazy Chick (2005).

89. J.M. Coetzee

Writer | Waiting for the Barbarians

J.M. Coetzee was born on February 9, 1940 in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a writer, known for Waiting for the Barbarians (2019), Dust (1985) and Disgrace (2008).

90. Kazuo Ishiguro

Writer | Living

Kazuo Ishiguro was born on November 8, 1954 in Nagasaki, Japan. He is a writer and producer, known for Living (2022), Never Let Me Go (2010) and The Remains of the Day (1993). He has been married to Lorna Anne MacDougall since 1986. They have one child.

91. Hermann Hesse

Soundtrack | The Hours

Hermann Hesse was born on July 2, 1877 in Calw, Germany. He was a writer, known for The Hours (2002), Siddhartha (1972) and Poem: I Set My Foot Upon the Air and It Carried Me (2003). He was married to Ninon Ausländer, Ruth Wenger and Maria Bernoulli. He died on August 9, 1962 in Montagnola, ...

92. Robert Louis Stevenson

Writer | Muppet Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, and travel writer from Edinburgh. His most popular works include the pirate-themed adventure novel "Treasure Island" (1883), the poetry collection "A Child's Garden of Verses" (1885), the Gothic horror novella "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr ...

93. Salman Rushdie

Actor | Bridget Jones's Diary

He married the actress Padma Lakshmi , the hostess of "Padma's Passport," and dedicatee of his eighth novel, "Fury" (2001), on 17th April 2004. The late Ayatollah Khomeini declared a fatwa against him for the novel "The Satanic Verses" on 14th February 1989. He is currently completing a ninth novel....

94. Mario Vargas Llosa

95. aldous huxley.

Writer | A Woman's Vengeance

Aldous Leonard Huxley was born on July 26, 1894, at Laleham in Godalming, Surrey, England. He was the third of four children. His brother Julian Huxley was a biologist known for his theories of evolution. His grandfather, named Thomas Henry Huxley, was a naturalist known as "Darwin's Bulldog." His ...

96. Paul Valéry

Writer | Auf der Lesebühne der Literarischen Illustrierten

Paul Valéry was born on October 30, 1871 in Cette [now Sète], Herault, France. He was a writer, known for Auf der Lesebühne der Literarischen Illustrierten (1965), L'ippogrifo (1974) and Paul Valéry (1960). He was married to Jeannie Gobillard. He died on July 20, 1945 in Paris, France.

97. Thomas Pynchon

Writer | Inherent Vice

Thomas Pynchon was born on May 8, 1937 in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, USA. He is a writer and actor, known for Inherent Vice (2014), Prüfstand VII (2002) and Thomas Pynchon: A Journey Into the Mind of P. (2002). He has been married to Melanie Jackson since 1991. They have one child.

98. H.P. Lovecraft

Writer | Color Out of Space

Born in Providence, Lovecraft was a sickly child whose parents died insane. When he was 16, he wrote the astronomy column in the Providence Tribune. Between 1908 and 1923, he wrote short stories for Weird Tales magazine, among others. He died in Providence, in poverty, on March 15, 1937. His most ...

99. Haruki Murakami

Writer | Doraibu mai kâ

Haruki Murakami graduated from Waseda University, Tokyo, in 1975. Widely considered one of Japan's most important 20th-century novelists. His often solitary, withdrawn, and world-weary protagonists are generally stripped of Japanese tradition. Frequently called postmodern, his fiction, which often ...

100. Nikos Kazantzakis

Writer | The Last Temptation of Christ

Nikos Kazantzakis was born in Heraklion, Crete (Greece). He studied Law in Athens and in Paris, but soon he studied philosophy and literature. He travelled almost everywhere; he learnt many foreign languages and left his scientific research for Nitsche. At philosophy: "Ascetics" (Salvatores Dei, ...

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253 Responses to “Authors”

I really enjoy the books by and since I am close to finishing reading all of his books I was wondering if there other authors who write books like he does. Could you provide the names of any such authors ? Thank you

Please add rick Riorden to your authors list he writes Mithology action and adventure books for teens and also please add his presents which are written by different authors

He is on here you spelled his last name incorrectly:

Please add Ellen Marie Wiseman to your authors’ list. I just finished “The Lost Girls of Willowbrook,” a well-written, though sad, historical fiction. She has written several other books that I’m anxious to read. Thank you for your consideration!

Will do 🙂 Should have her listed next month.

Please add Charles W Sasser, veteran and author of many books.

Thanks he is on our list to add so this will bump him up the priority list 🙂 Cheers

Please consider adding Mary Miley to your ever growing list of authors.

You got it. Hopefully add Mary within the next month.

Hi, I did not read all the comments to see if someone already suggested this author.

Please add Derek Lambert. I am currently reading “The Man. Who Was Saturday”. Very good Cold War novel. He has other books as well. Thank you!

Hi Karen – first person to ever request Derek. I’ve added him to our list of authors to add. Cheers

Hi again Graeme, I have recently discovered Derek Lambert also writes under the name “Richard Falkirk”.

I have ordered some of his books. Same genre.

Hope all is well. Thank you!

Thanks Karen I have made a note for when we add Derek to make sure we catch that 🙂 Much appreciated.

I don’t know if I’m in the right place or not, but here are a couple of books I really enjoyed reading them, this was years ago.

Hi, my first time doing this, sorry but the info is a bit sketchy. 1. ‘Unbroken’ by Alister Mars (I think?). This is about a British submarine during WW2. The author is the skipper of said submarine. An excellent easy read, similar to “Three Corvettes” by Nicholas Monterrat. 2.Portrait of a bad man.No idea of the author, but an excellent read all the same. The man who it portrays is a ruthless scheming character, and the scrapes he got into, and how he got out them!!

Both books mentioned are true, and really happened.

Can you add Carrie Stuart Parks and Chautona Havig. Both have series as part of their work. Thanks.

I’ve added both to our list of authors to add.

Could Alaric Bond be added?

Yep we’ll have Alaric up in March. Cheers

I have 2 requests. Please add (1) Heather Webber and (2) Amanda Feyerbend to your lists. Thank you!

Will do! Heather is in our database ready to add so will bump her up the list and get her added in March. Amanda may be a month or two after that.

Please consider adding Scott Graham and his National Park Murder Series. Thank you

Thanks Stephen – added to our list of authors to add. Should be up next month. Cheers

You might want to consider adding Steve Higgs “Albert Smith’s Culinary Capers” series.

Thanks Kent will get them added next month 🙂

All Steve Higgs’s books are good. please also add D. L. Keur. Her mystery series with dogs is excellent.

Leonardo Padura! From Cuba, Padura is a highly thought -of author, reknowned for his Mario Conde series, as well as several stand-alone novels. First book is “Havana Blue”, 1991. Essential to read in order, as Conde ages and becomes more and more disaffected with his place both in the Havana police department and life in general. Strong characters, local color, great literary writing, convoluted plots.

Thanks Brian. Both your suggestions have been added to our authors list to add. And good point about the leave a reply box I’ll see about getting that changed.

Missing Authors:

Clifford Simak David Gerrold (The Trouble With Tribbles)

I can provide a list of books

Thanks Richard. Both are in our database ready to add. Will have them both up in April

I love your site. It has been so helpful to me. Please add Emily King to your list. She is worth reading

Happy to have discovered this site but you are missing the author I was searching for. Cordelia Castel. She has more than one series that are interrelated and I would like to read them in order.

Is there any way to rearrange the author’s by last name?

Please consider adding Anne Morice to your list. Her British detective is an actress so lots of fun theatre mysteries!

Some of my favorites not listed Benjamin Black, Kate Stabenow and Spencer Quinn. Hope they will turn up soon. Love this site. [email protected]

My name is Katharin Ridgeway. I have published 2 works, Nutmeg and The Aldens of Dyarsburgh-Nutmeg Book 2

Please add Allan Topol to your authors list. Thanks.

Re Reckoning by John Grisham Terrible book; Part 2 “The Boneyard” about 120 pages is your typical war/prisoner of war narrative. Yes he survives and comes home; Yes there was a reason he committed the murder; Usual legal courtroom dealings that we Grisham readers are used to.

I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! I have already saved it on my Laptop, iPad, iPhone & Smartphone. I’ve also already sent out a txt msg to ALL my Family & Friends AND sent out an email to ALL of my co-workers telling them about this site!!!!

I would LOVE it if you could add more Fantasy Authors and more Fantasy Books to your site.

For instance: Aimee Easterling, Anita Oh, C.J. Pinard, C.M. Owens, Christine Pope, Chrissy Peebles, Claire Farrell, Dale Mayer, Darla Dunbar, J.C. Diem, Jennifer Snyder, K.A. Poe, Kaitlyn Davis, Karen Kincy, Kristen Middleton, Rebecca A. Rogers, Robert J. Crane, SM Reine, Sarra Cannon, S.T. Bende, Stacy Claflin, and W.J. May.

I would LOVE to THANK YOU for making such an EXTRAORDINARY SITE! I REALLY DO APPRECIATE ALL THE EXTRA HARD WORK AND LOOOONG HOURS that have gone into making and keeping up this EXTRAVAGANT SITE!!!! Keep it up!!

I too, have just discovered this web site. Only to wish i had learned of it earlier. Having been a reader of William W. Johnstone for several years, first discovering Smoke Jensen, as the nine foot tall wearing a blue cape, gunfighter for the underdog in the fiction land of the western country, called the wild west. True it was a wild country but only in the sense of unexplored and un-mapped. The storied written of the new Western country is fiction to its best, though I’m sure somewhere in the stories there is a spot of truth how ever small.

I noticed I couldn’t find Rob Jones

I’ve noticed there aren’t many (if any at all) books by fantasy authors such as Jennifer Roberson (one of my favs). Are there going to be lists for fantasy authors here? I’d really LOVE to see her and others on here.

Please add Ashley Farley to your list of authors.

I’m wondering why only some authors are on your website and others are not. I find this site very useful when finding a “new” author, as I like to make sure I read a series in order. But not all authors are on here. Why is that.

Well there’s a lot of authors out there. We add as many as we can but it’s generally based on popularity and requests.

I love Fantasy books and read all kinds. That includes teen and young adult. Any chance of adding books by Obert Skye?

I love this site and have used it many times. Please add author Barbara Wood as soon as possible, Thanks!

How about author Tom Savage?

What about Tom Savage?

Looking for list of books by Ethan Jones

Please add me and my books: David VanDyke,

Great site. I will be using it often.

Please add Calle J. Brookes. I am just finishing her FBI: PAVAD series. Up next is her Findley Creek books. Thank you.

becky wade order of books written

Just found this page, thanks! I’ve used for years, but it only works for the mystery series. I used for non mysteries, but wasn’t entirely happy with it. I think this site will be perfect!

Thank you!!!

what happened to paullina simons listing?

Was she on the site at some point, or are you asking about a request?

She is so prolific please add her to your list. In order to sort through the Bronze Horseman series an order would be helpful. I so admire her writing that I would appreciate help in watching her style develop. Thanks

Please add Alma Alexander to your list. She has published more than a score of fantasy novels, including two YA series, and an adult fantasy, The Secrets of Jin-shei, now out in 13 languages.

I’d love to see Jack McDevitt’s books – a favorite scifi author!

Organizing author names into 43 random groups identified numerically is incredibly obtuse (they’re not even broken out alphabetically? That’s weird), and the search engine returns sadly disorganized results that rarely help me find what I’m after.

Do you have a list of A.M. Delamonica’s books on your site?


Holly Chamberlin has written many enjoyable books. Just finished Seashell Season.

I love this site and use it frequently. How about adding Deborah Coonts, and her Lucky series?

A great site! There are two series by me (Nik Morton) published by Crooked Cat (UK) not listed. Tana Standish psychic spy (#1The Prague Papers, #2 The Tehran Text) and Catherine Vibrissae, the ‘avenging Cat’ (#1 Catalyst, #2 Catacomb, #3 Cataclysm).

I’ve looked for Mary Anna Evans before and you still don’t have her Archaeology inspired mysteries listed. Hope you have her listed her soon.

Hi Please add Peter Clines to your list – I’ll get together his list of books and send it to you if you need me to but in the meantime here is this: with a bibliography and a bio. I own all of them and this list is current as of today Aug 02, 2016. Great author in many areas, in my opinion.

I use this site often to determine which book comes next in a series that I am enjoying. I cannot find Elizabeth Hunter who writes several romantic fantasy series including the Irin Chronicles, the Elemental Mysteries, and Elemental World series. I hope to see Elizabeth Hunter included soon.

Could you please add the book list for Dianne Duvall and Caris Roane? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

How about James Carol author of the Jefferson Winter series?

I love this site. It’s absolutely the best resource for finding a newly discovered author’s complete catalogue. However, no William Golding, “Lord of the Flies” (for which he won a Nobel Prize) and “Rite of Passage”.

Excuse me. Thank you for your wonderful site. When you are able to get to it, could you please include Mark Hodder? Thank you so much.

William Deverell, Canada’s top crime writer and onr of most honored

Does anyone know this book and/or author: A man goes to see his father who has cancer. His father asks him to go to Mexicali to find a prostitute. It is a mystery/thriller book. My husband wants to read it and lost the link.

am now reading jane thynne and just found out there are more than the secret of scents…..

can you add Julie Carobini?

Author Robert Marcello please. For example, Check out ” The Einstein Prophecy”. It’s got late WWII, Egyptian tombs, hidden forces of good and evil, secret Einstein stuff. What’s not to like!

Nicholas Guild please.

We just found this site! thankyou! it’s great. We are readers of Juliet Mariller books but could not find her listed here. Does she have another name perhaps?

Thanks for the suggestion Chris – we’ve added it to her list and will have her up soon.

Just read a Wishcraft Mystery by Heather Blake-pretty good! Could you please add her to your author list? I would like to be able to access these on Order of Books. Thanks, Kay

Thanks for the suggestion Kay. We’ve got the list of her books all written up and added to our database. Just have to write up the bio and get it posted hopefully within a week.

Please add Denise Grover Swank. She has several series (about 6) and is a great author!

On our list – will get Denise up soon 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions

Could You add Dorothy Eden, Charlene Weir and M.D. Lake to your To-Do List? Thanks!

Have been enjoying the Poldark series by Winston Graham and would love to see his books listed in Order Of Books. There has been an increase of interest in his books since the Poldark series was recently on TV.

Just found and bookmarked this site. Spending a little time everyday searching for favorite authors especially the ones with hard to find books.

I just discovered Thor Heyerdahl and his book Kon-Tiki: across the Pacific by raft. I know he has written a number of books, but I do not see his name listed on this website. I was very happy to see all of Robert Parker’s books and have read most of them. Did not care very much for the ghost writers which his wife and family had employed to continue the series. There are still many of his books I have not read yet, so I will stick with him. Thank you for setting up this website. It is very useful and user friendly.

Heyerdahl was required reading when I was in high school in the early 60’s.

Gunther Lutz series panzer platoon is missing from your authors list also James Hadley Chase is missing










[image: Stuart Aken on]

Stuart Aken

Still not been able to find author Gunther Lutz included in your authors list. James Hadley Chase is now available thank you.

We’ll do our best to get him up soon.

No, Jack Higgins?

Please add C. L. Bevill.

Great site. I also use for their “What’s Next” link.

e.e. Doc Smith ? Lensmen series

Please add Tracy L. Higley to your list. Thanks.

Please add Michelle Diener to your list! She has a short series about a real man and woman from the era of Elizabeth I; and some set in Regency England……they are good, and I highly recommend them!

I use “order of books” very frequently to try to read books in the order in which they author published them and in which they were meant to be read! Great site!

I just found about the Canadian “Hercule Poirot” character Emile Cinq-Mars. The books are written by John Farrow. I’d like to see this series added to the list.

Thank you for listing the Making of America by Lee Davis Willoughby! It’s so long I despaired of ever finding a complete listing of it. You should add more of the “produced by Lyle Kenyon Engel” series–they all tend to be lengthy. Also J. T. Edson (if you need help on that, I have one), not great literature, but quite popular and still collected by Western lovers; Mazo de la Roche’s Jalna (old but fondly remembered by many); Janice Holt Giles (Cooper-Fowler Family and others).

Is it possible to search by name of series? Some users might not be able to remember the name of an author.

Oh my goodness, my heart gave an extra beat when I saw the name, Jalna. I am homesick to go there, at least one more time. I didn’t know there was anyone left to relate to the WhiteOaks.

I am a fan of Tony Park and hope to see him here soon.

Can you please Author Hope Callaghan to your list? She writes women sleuths cozy mysteries. Her info Thank you!

Looking for Peter Straub Books

How do I add my books here, please?

You’re doing a fine job. Keep up the good work!

James Hadley Chase is missing!

Please add Helen Hanson, thriller writer to your list when you can. Author of 4 books and 1 more on the way, she is very good. Thanks.

How about Emma Jameson-I couldn’t find any of her books listed here.

Author Marne Davis Kellogg, would love to see her books here.

I have just found this site and like others, wish I’d found it sooner. I love it and bookmarked as one of my favourites! I am always on the look out for new Authors to read I’d love to see an option for Authors to be listed in genre’s, rather than having to click on each one to see what they write?

Kent Haruf is missing.

No Amanda Ashley?

What about Cassie Laurent? She has quite a few books and the different series can be quite confusing. Thanks.

There are a bunch of excellent authors here. I’m surprised that Fredrick Manfred, Vardis Fisher, Harvey Ferguson, and John Neihardt aren’t included. They were great Western writers.

Just discovered this site. Great resource for staying up to date on my favorite book series. Just finished an excellent book that came out early last year: The Devon Proposition by D.R. Braddy. I recommend it to anyone who’s into action/adventure.

Love your site. Please add author John Mortimer and his Horace Rumpole books. Thanks.

Now that said, I can’t find Sax Rohmer, (real name, Henry Ward) a prolific English novelist. He is best remembered for his series of novels featuring the master criminal Dr. Fu Manchu, but he wrote others too. I’ve looked under both Sax, Henry, and Dr. If I’ve overlooked it somehow, would you please steer me to it?

We’d love to have every author ever available on this site, but unfortunately we can only do one at a time (if we’re expected to have any sort of quality whatsoever). Your request has been acknowledged and Sax has been moved closer to the top of our “to do” list!

Thank you, Brandon.

I can’t believe I’m the first to say this, and I’m sorry to feel the need, because I really do appreciate all you’ve done on this site. For those who love serial books this is awesome. But when your listing authors or books alphabetically, it would make a whole lot of sense to give us A – Z links to jump nearer to what we are searching for, than simply giving us a numerical page list and making us guess as to how far in our author or book might be, thereby having to wade through pages and pages of stuff to get there. Like the example below.

Sorry to say, but you’re not the first person to say that. 🙂

We’d love to add a system like this in the future.

Looking forward to that day. It’s really isn’t difficult to do, just requires a bit of time, some shifting, and renaming of pages.

Great site. I go to it often. Can you list Jess Walter? Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion!

I’d like to see Kristina Ludwig’s series of Amish fiction novels. I think the first one is Amish Baby. I’d like to see her novels on this site. Thank you!

Thanks, Nancy!

Is there a reason that author John Wayne Falbey’s series Sleeping Dogs and Endangered Species are not listed? I just discovered them and at first found it difficult to figure out the sequencing of the various series due to similar titles. Thus I came to OOB for guidance only to find out they are not listed. That was disappointing! Otherwise, I love this site although it has made me a bit lazy!

The only reason would be not enough people have requested him, as you just have. Thanks!

What a useful site and tool. Now on my favorites list.

Could you please add Cassie Laurent?

Added her to our “to do” list! Thanks! (And sorry for the delay in response.)

Please add He is probably best known for his movie directing now but is a very good novelists, best known for the Strain Trilogy. I looked under G and T, and under Strain Trilogy with no luck. Thanks for considering my request

Moved him up our “to do” list thanks to your request. Sorry for the delay in response!

looking for William Lashner, a terrific author

He’s listed!

found him, thanks

What about JS Scott? She has quite a few books.

You are missing Mary Coneally; fab christian romance writer, women have a can do attitude, men are dimensional, good, bad, real. Turn of the century, old West.

This is a wonderful site. Where is Robert Silverberg?

Just discovered this marvelous site. Thank you. Thank you

I love this site! I have found it most helpful over the past year. I was wondering why I could not find any listing of Pulitzer Prize Winner Alice Munro?

Thanks for the comments, Nadine! Alice was one tier down from being added to the site, so you can take credit for getting her added very soon!

I would like Robinson Wells on the site. Thanks! Your site is very helpful.

No Todd McCaffrey?

How often does ORDER OF BOOKS update authors booklists? Thank you!

Thank you! I try to finish at least one book a day, and absolutely love series, where my favorites will keep appearing. Wonderful site, and will follow and access via Facebook.

I use your site constantly. Would you please add Qiu Xiaolong’s Inspector Chen series and his other works?

I shot him right up there for you. Thanks for the request!

What about adding Red Phoenix as an author?

Thanks for the request!

Where are the Charlie Steel books?

If enough people are looking for him, I will add him to the site!

Very helpful site… perhaps you could include Carol Davis Luce in your authors list.

Ivan Doig writes superb novels, but is not in your authors list.

KATHRYN LE VEQUE. I’d love to see her books listed here. She has written so many Historical Medieval romantic adventures.

Would like the “Midwife” books by Sam Thomas listed. His third one is coming out in January.

Craig Russell should be in there, gentlemen

Is there a way to search out authors who write action suspense on your site?

Besides writing it in a search box, not really, unfortunately. I’m not sure I’ve ever used that term for a genre, but you can look up an author in that genre and maybe there will be others listed with it under “If you like…”. Adding a genre section to the site is one of my goals, but to properly index them would take a long time.

Very helpful site! Gillian Roberts’ Amanda Pepper series isn’t represented, though. You may want to consider adding. Thanks!

I didn’t see this post until now, but Gillian is now up and Amanda will soon follow.

Love this. wish could have found it sooner

Love the site! Opened up a whole new world. Thank you very much

Would like Sean Black to your list. Most of his novels are 4 star

Just came across this site …! Am thrilled to see all my favorite authors and new authors to read, wish I had this years ago! It is sometimes hard to remember who wrote which character ? Just great to get on here and surf for hours! I am a voracious reader, 7 books a week! Sometimes, So always looking for new (to me) authors to read! My favorite is Alex Cross. Michael Bennett Series! I don’t normally read books with co-authors with the exception of Lee Child and Douglas Preston, so I am glad I tried Michael Bennett series… Otherwise James Patterson is my favorite when he writes alone! MC Beaton’s Hamish Mc Beth Diana Gabaldan ( only historical books I have read ) Jan Karon Andrew Greely Both Kellerman’s Ian Rankin Robert Parker Could go on for hours! Like all kinds of books except Western, Sci Fi and Histerical Romances! If a book makes me laugh? So much better! My favorite is Mystery Novels , but I like series where characters come alive ! Learn new things about new places, places I will never. Visit but can visualize through books !

Was looking for a list of Jeremiah Healy books. Especially with his obituary in today’s newspaper.

Looking for books by Chris Knopf with main character Sam Acquillo please

He just happened to be at the very top of our list, so he’ll be added very shortly.

A very Scary Author Malachi Martin, Exorcist for the Vatican, unfortunately is not list. Will just keep an eye on Orson S. Card, Dan Simmons, and Jeff Sharra for new releases.

Thank you for the request!

Unfortunately, you have none of the authors or series listed on your website I’m currently interested in. Boo-hoo!

Tell us what you want to see added!

Richard Stevenson, John Morgan Wilson, Joseph Hansen, Mark Richard Zubro

I would like to see Joanna Campbell-Slan added to list

Hi, Brandon! Please add Joan Johnston when you get a chance. Thanks! Love this site bunches … I can’t seem to do without it on a daily basis.

Would like to see Grant McKenzie on the list. Thanks, Paul.

Fabulous site – just found you and am so happy!! Thank you very much for your hard work! I have a great author for you to add – Clinton Mckinzie. His main character is Special Agent Antonio Burns and he is a rock climber and a bit of a rebel. Have read them all – suspense, action and legal thrills – great reads!

Okey doke, here are some more you might consider for your list: Tonya KAPPES Terri REID Regan BLACK Irina SHAPIRO Cynthia SAX Thanks

May I suggest that, instead of page numbers, you list the pages as Ray-Robert M, Robert R.-Simon, etc. Looking for an author whose first name comes in the middle of the alphabet is a guessing game to find the correct page. Thanks.

This is an excellent suggestion. If there is a way to do this without having to do it manually, we’d strongly consider it.

Another author add request: Jane K. Cleland and her series of Josie Prescott antiquarian mysteries. Thanks.

Would you consider putting the following authors up on your site? Ella Price, Felicity Heaton, Lisa Renee Jones, Jasmine Haynes, Azure Boone, JM Madden, JS Luxor, Amy Cross and Rita Hestand. More to come.

Thanks! Send as many requests as you like. They all count.

Thank you Brandon. My first ever posting on your site was a bit curt and I apologize for that.

Can’t believe Jacquelyn Mitchard is not included on your site

There’s a lot of authors that I can’t believe are not on this site yet! But I usually add authors based on what the visitors want to see, so Ms. Mitchard is now one step closer to being added. 🙂

I notice you’re in high demand and a bit backed up, whereas I am an unemployed librarian who loves your site and would treasure some online work. Just sayin’ ….

Unfortunately, we’re not currently hiring, but please send your contact info to us at [email protected] incase that changes.

suggesting michael ridpath, who writes thrillers

Can you add Anne Tyler and Kazuo Ishiguro please. Love this site. I use it all the time.

I appreciate your work and your list but I think both titles should be shown to avoid confusion. I have The Mysterious Aviator and no where does it mention a second title. I have just read Wikipedia and I see the American version is TMA; the English version So Disdained.

Why is THE MYSTERIOUS AVIATOR not listed with other Neville Schute books?

Because it’s listed under its other title of “So Disdained.” There’s a note at the bottom.

I would love to see Barbara Hambly’s books added to this page. Awesome site!

Just stumbled onto this site and made my day. I love Evelyn Anthony and noticed she is not listed. Thanks!

I’d like to see “Blood Coven” Novels by Marianne Mancusi

Thanks! She’s just moved closer to the top on our “to do” list.

I’ve just discovered this terrific site, and wish I’d discovered it a lot sooner. Thank you!

James carlos Blake ?

I would like more info on Zoe Sharpe A Nottingham UK writer

Great website! Use it just about every day! Please add Catherine Anderson when you get a chance. Thanks!

David Handler

Looking for Robert Harris (Enigma; Fatherland)

Looking for Ally Condie

I’m a fan of Sharyn McCrumb, particularly the Ballad series and the Elizabeth MacPherson novels. Hope to see her here soon. Thanks.

She’s not far down our “to do” list and she just got closer to the top!

I love this site! Creating a lending library for my sorority. Could you please add Karen Harper to the list? We love romantic/suspense. Thank You!!!!

Jim Kelly please.

I don’t find Anna Quindlen. Am I missing it or can it be added? I , too recently found this site and it is indeed excellent and fills a real need for the many book lovers that want to read titles in order. Thanks, Carol

Why no listing for Colin Cotterill?

There’s no reason why we don’t have any author on the site other than not enough people want them up yet (and we can only put them up so fast). However, Colin is almost at the very top of our list of authors to add, so he should be up very soon!

Toby Neal’s “Lei Crime” series

Please could you add Anne Bennett, I am so confused with her books as she has written 6 that link in together about the sullivan family, have read most of them but didn’t realise their significance till I had given them away, now collecting them again and would love to read them in order. This is a fantastic site and really useful, thanks for all your hard work!!

I can add her to our to do list, but until then, I think I can help out with a more immediate solution. (And thanks for the kind words!)

Thank you for this link, do you have any idea why there are 2 books with the same title but different pictures on the front included in the 6 books? Could it be that there are in fact only 5 books in the Sullivan series?

I apologize for the delay in the response. It would be an alternate cover of some sort.

Also, the “Good Reads” site shows publication dates:

Hi could you please add Stephen Harding? Thanks!

While our focus is fiction, I’ve added him to my list.

I like your site. It’s great for chasing down SciFi books. But I didn’t see Jasper Fforde who writes the Thursday books and others.

Jasper was right on the brink of being added before your recommendation. Expect to see him added soon. Thanks!


Could you add Lauren Willig?

Please consider adding Greig Beck

What a delightful (and useful!) surprise to find your site. Would you consider listing Amy Tan?

Thank you so much! She’s actually at the top of my to do list here, and with your request, that puts her at the very top. She’ll be up in the next few days.

Excellent site … but where is William Makepeace Thackeray? I also don’t see Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

They weren’t even on our to do list until you mentioned them. Happy to add them to it though. Thanks!

Thanks for all your hard work added to favorites

Love this site…please add Ivan Doig

great site !! Really fills a niche.

Could you add author Richard Herley ?

Please condsider adding Gordon Ferris’ detective Douglas Brodie. Just discovered and have quickly read all three. Quality!

This is a great site. I have been doing all this research myself and here you have the lists. Thank you.

Please do a list for Kate Kingsbury.

Morgan Llywelyn

Please list Denise Swanson, Maddy Hunter, Earlene Fowler. Love this site!!

Sure… It might be a little while though, because there’s a lot of cozies coming up and we try to mix things up.

AWESOME site!! Many thanks!!

COuld you please list James Axler”s books

Not giving me an easy one, are ya? Well, at least it appears to be straightforward… I’ll get to work on it!

stephen leather please

We’ve added him to the site. Thanks for the request!

Could you please compile a list for Bentley Little? Great site, I love it!!!

He’s up on the site now! Thanks!

Would you do a list for Megan Hart please?

Thanks for the request! She’ll be up on in the site within a day from now.

This is a great idea and nice job!! Do you take requests for authors not on here, to have them posted?

Absolutely! We love requests.

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I'm Trying To Read 100 Books In 2024, And These 15 Books By Black Authors Are Next On My TBR

"It's pitched as Gossip Girl meets Get Out , which you wouldn't expect to hear in the same sentence."

Kristen Harris

BuzzFeed Staff

This year, my New Year's resolution is to read 100 books. I'm tracking my reading through The StoryGraph , which was founded by software engineer Nadia Odunayo as an alternative to Goodreads.

Screenshot from The StoryGraph

I think it's important to be intentional about reading diversely. Plus, if you aren't reading diversely, then you're honestly missing out on so many amazing books!

Here are 15 books by black authors i'm super excited to read this year:.

Some of these books are new or upcoming releases, but others are backlist books that are new to me!

Also, a note: My taste leans toward sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers with a little bit of romance, but if that's not your jam, you can share your recs for other books by Black authors you love in the comments!

1. Rise to the Sun by Leah Johnson

"Rise to the Sun"

What it's about: Following a breakup, Olivia heads to the Farmland Music and Arts Festival to get her mind off things. There, she meets Toni, who's at the festival to follow in her late musician father's footsteps in hopes of finding what her next steps should be. Soon, they realize just how much they need both music and each other.

Why I'm excited to read it: Leah's debut novel, You Should See Me in a Crown , was one of my top reads of 2020. I pre-ordered this book a while ago, but lost it while moving, and recently found it, so it's now sitting on the very top of my TBR.

Get your copy   here !

2. Whiteout: A Novel by Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Ashley Woodfolk, Angie Thomas, Nicola Yoon, and Dhonielle Clayton

"Whiteout: A Novel"

What it's about: When a blizzard brings Atlanta to a standstill, a dozen teenagers team up to help their friend make a major apology right before Christmas.

Why I'm excited to read it: It's basically a collection of interwoven short stories, so you get to explore so many different perspectives of the same event. This team of authors previously released Blackout , which I really enjoyed. Every holiday season, I like to read as many Christmassy books as I can, so I'm looking forward to reading this one in December!

3. With Love, Miss Americanah by Jane Igharo

"With Love, Miss Americanah"

What it's about: After moving from Nigeria to the US following the death of her father, Enore Adesuwa uses teen movies as a guide to getting through American high school. One of her most important rules is fading into the background, but she has a gift — a beautiful singing voice, which deserves to be heard.

Why I'm excited to read it: I really enjoyed this author's adult romance novel Where We End & Begin , so I'm thrilled that she's making her YA debut!

Get your copy   here ! It's coming out June 18, 2024. 

4. How to Die Famous by Benjamin Dean

"How to Die Famous"

What it's about: When Abel Miller is cast in a reboot of  Sunset High , no one else on set knows that he's there to investigate the mysterious death of his brother Adam, who was a production assistant the last time someone attempted to make the show.

Why I'm excited to read it:  Last year, I could barely put down the author's previous novel, The King Is Dead . I've read a lot of YA thrillers, and, just like his other book, his new release has such a genuinely unique premise.

Get your copy   here ! It's coming out in the US July 9, 2024.

5. Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams

"Blood at the Root"

What it's about: Malik has a lot of questions about his past, and it seems like Caiman University, a secret magical HBCU, just might have the answers. Alongside his reconnected first love, Alexis, he discovers a truth that's bigger — and darker — than he expected.

Why I'm excited to read it:  This story offers a fresh take on familiar YA fantasy tropes, like a secret magical school and a long-lost grandmother. Also, I personally prefer contemporary fantasy to high fantasy.

Get your copy   here ! It's coming out May 7, 2024.

6. So Let Them Burn by Kamilah Cole

"So Let Them Burn"

What it's about: Five years after saving her island, the Langley Empire, Faron Vincent must attend an international peace summit. After her big sister Elara and an enemy dragon unexpectedly make a bond the gods say can only be broken by killing her, Faron desperately seeks an alternative way to save her sister.

Why I'm excited to read it: I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but this one is so beautiful! I also love that, while a lot of YA high fantasy books center around a romantic relationship, this one is about sisters.

7. The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste

"The Poisons We Drink"

What it's about:  Venus Stoneheart risks prison or death to brew love potions to support her family in a country that draws harsh lines between humans and witches. After her mother is killed, the Grand Witcher offers Venus a shot at revenge, but it'll come at a cost — she'll have to help poison and enslave prominent politicians. 

Why I'm excited to read it: A gorgeous cover, an intriguing magic system, and fierce political intrigue — what more could a reader ask for?

Get your copy   here ! It's coming out March 5, 2024.

8. Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

"Ace of Spades"

What it's about: Soon after Devon Richards and Chiamaka Adebayo are announced as Niveus Private Academy's newest senior prefects, an anonymous bully called "Aces" begins spilling their secrets via text messages, putting their promising futures as risk. So, they have to stop Aces before the game turns deadly.  

Why I'm excited to read it: It's pitched as  Gossip Girl  meets  Get Out , which you wouldn't expect to hear in the same sentence.

9. Dawn by Octavia E. Butler


What it's about: Centuries after the extraterrestrial Oankali rescued the human race from the fallout of a nuclear war, Lilith lyapo awakens from the deep sleep that the aliens put everyone in to protect them. Now that they've healed the earth, they want her to lead the humans back.

Why I'm excited to read it: In college, I read and really enjoyed Kindred , which involves time travel. It was equally thought-provoking and exciting. So, when I was looking up sci-fi books, trying to find my next read, I was excited to discover that she'd written something that sounds like an episode of Doctor Who .

Get your copy here !

10. Believe by Leigh-Anne Pinnock


What it's about: In this memoir, Little Mix member Leigh-Anne shares what it was like growing up in a mixed-race family, winning The X Factor , and being part of a massively successful girl group.

Why I'm excited to read it:  I love Little Mix, and it's high time Leigh-Anne got her flowers. As a Black performer, her experience in the entertainment industry has been different than her white peers', and she's faced unique — and sometimes highly publicized — challenges. I really admire her and can't wait to learn more about her journey!

11. Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

"Doctor Who"

What it's about: In this novelization of Ncuti Gatwa's inaugural episode as the Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who , the Doctor teams up with Ruby Sunday, when her infant foster sister is abducted by goblins. Together, they board the Goblin Ship to save the baby before she's eaten alive.

Why I'm excited to read it:  This  TikTok  that the author made about getting to write Ncuti's first DW novel put this book on my radar. As someone who's read so many  Doctor Who  books that I'm starting to run out of new titles, I was very happy to see this one!

12. The Principle of Moments by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

"The Principle of Monents"

What it's about: In the year 6066, Asha Akindele is just one of many indentured laborers working to pay off humanity's debt to a new galaxy, but at night, she secretly studies aeronautics manuals. However, when her path crosses with Obi Amadi, a time traveller, they awaken an ancient prophecy and must embark on a journey through the stars.

Why I'm excited to read it:  I first found this author through the aforementioned TikTok about her Doctor Who book, but after reading the description of her debut novel, I knew I had to read it, too. I haven't read a space opera before, so I'm excited to dive in.

13. All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto by George M. Johnson

"All Boys Aren't Blue"

What it's about: In a series of personal essays, journalist and LGBTQIA+ activist George M. Johnson shares their experiences of growing up as a queer Black kid in Virginia and New Jersey. 

Why I'm excited to read it: This year, I want to branch out and read more non-fiction and memoirs (and not just celebrity memoirs), and I've heard so many good things about this one!

14. Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

"Cinderella Is Dead"

What it's about: Two centuries after the original Cinderella met her prince at the ball, every teen girl in the kingdom must find their match at the Annual Ball. If no man chooses her to be his wife, then she'll never be heard from again. However, Sophia is in love with her childhood best friend Erin, so at her ball, she runs away. Hiding in Cinderella's mausoleum, she meets the only surviving member of the princess's family line, Constance. As a team, they resolve to bring an end to the king's reign.

Why I'm excited to read it: I've heard a lot of good things about this book, I really love retellings that put a dark twist on familiar fairytales.

Get your copy  here !

15. And finally, Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling by Elise Bryant

"Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling"

What it's about:  Shy Delilah and nerdy Reggie meet in a chance encounter on New Year's...and on Valentine's Day...and yet again on St. Patrick's Day. Holiday after holiday, their paths converge, and they soon begin developing feelings for each other. What they don't realize, however, is that neither of them is being totally honest about who they really are.

Why I'm excited to read it:  I've really been in my rom-com era lately, and this author's debut, Happily Ever Afters , is one of my favorite YA rom-coms, so I'm sure this book is just as wonderful.

What are your favorite books by Black authors? Tell me in the comments so I can add them to my TBR!

Black history month is here join us from feb. 1 to feb. 29 (or all-year round) and support our content celebrating the culture..

"Black History Month graphic

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First ever Women's Prize for Non-Fiction longlist announced

Find out which writers have made the list!

The inaugural Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction contains a real breadth of styles, including personal memoir, investigative journalism and innovative history books. The books come from a real range of disciplines, from neuroscience to economics and politics to art.

The long list was chosen by a panel of five judges, chaired by Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, and included fair fashion campaigner Venetia La Manna; academic, author and consultant Professor Nicola Rollock; biographer and journalist Anne Sebba; and author and 2018 winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction Kamila Shamsie.

"Reading for the Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction has been a revelation and a joy," said Professor Suzannah Lipscomb. "I am very proud to introduce the sensational books that make up the inaugural Longlist. Our selection represents the breadth of women's non-fiction writing: science, history, memoir, technology, literary biography, health, linguistics, investigative journalism, art history, activism, travel-writing and economics. And each author has created a masterpiece that is worthy of your attention. Buy them, borrow them – above all read them – and in so doing you'll be elevating women's voices and female perspectives in a whole range of disciplines and on a whole host of topics."

The Women's Prize for Non-Fiction 2024

*The Britannias: An Island Quest by Alice Albinia

*Vulture Capitalism: Corporate Crimes, Backdoor Bailouts and the Death of Freedom by Grace Blakeley

*Eve: How The Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution by Cat Bohannon

*Intervals by Marianne Brooker

*Shadows at Noon: The South Asian Twentieth Century by Joya Chatterji

*Thunderclap: A Memoir of Art and Life and Sudden Death by Laura Cumming

*Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in the Philippines by Patricia Evangelista

*Wifedom: Mrs Orwell's Invisible Life by Anna Funder

*Matrescence: On the Metamorphosis of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood by Lucy Jones

*Doppelganger: A Trip Into the Mirror World by Naomi Klein

*A Flat Place by Noreen Masud

*All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley's Sack, a Black Family Keepsake by Tiya Miles

*Code-Dependent: Living in the Shadow of AI by Madhumita Murgia

*The Dictionary People: The Unsung Heroes who Created the Oxford English Dictionary by Sarah Ogilvie

*Young Queens: The Intertwined Lives of Catherine de’ Medici, Elisabeth de Valois and Mary, Queen of Scots by Leah Redmond Chang

The Women's Prize for Non-Fiction shortlist will be announced on 27 March, with the winner named on Thursday 13 June 2024. The winner will receive a cheque for £30,000 and a limited-edition artwork known as the ‘Charlotte’, both gifted by the Charlotte Aitken Trust.

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david nicholls

Best thrillers and crime novels to read

Best feel-good books

8 virtual book clubs to join now

A funny thing happened at book club...

Setting up a book club

The 10 best books to read now

dolly alderton

Dolly Alderton interview

Our most anticipated books of 2024

Best celebrity memoirs

The best books of 2023

Best books of the year, chosen by the GH team


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Inside the Best-Seller List

What’s in a Name? RuNyx Won’t Tell You.

The author of “Gothikana” isn’t going to reveal much. But she will share a useful tip for writing and life.

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This is a photograph of an orange moon suspended over a lit-up university tower.

By Elisabeth Egan

Elisabeth Egan is an editor at the Book Review and the author of “A Window Opens.”

“I had a stalker when I was in college, so that turned me off to the idea of putting everything out there,” RuNyx said in a video interview. It was her 30th birthday, and she was on her third day of a hotel room quarantine after a wedding weekend in a distant country. But Covid wasn’t the reason her camera was off: RuNyx, whose best-selling romance novel, “Gothikana,” is the toast of TikTok, prefers to remain anonymous. In fact, she insists on it. Assiduously.

“I’m very private,” RuNyx said, her words pulsing a brown circle icon emblazoned with a script nom de plume. She provided the link for the Google Meet; normally, phone numbers are exchanged. “I’d like to be known for my stories, not for myself. I’m an introvert and I don’t like attention.”

Of course, the same could be said of the majority of authors who appear in this column. (Where are the writers who do it for the glory? What’s so terrible about a standing ovation in a bookstore?) But RuNyx was more guarded than most, declining to share the story behind her name or even the coordinates of places she’s called home.

“I’m a vagabond at this point in time,” she said. “I used to live in the United States. Before that, it was Europe.” A more dogged journalist might have pushed for a time zone; this one is a mother first and a busybody second. The woman wasn’t feeling well! It was her birthday! Plus, there was a crispness to RuNyx’s unplaceable, accented delivery that made it clear she wasn’t going to budge.

For the most part, her fans have accepted that they’re not going to get their books signed or watch RuNyx flip an omelet on social media. Is she ever tempted to expand her circle of trust beyond her agent, her accountant, a handful of close friends and her father? (Her mother died last year.)

“I’ve had these little moments,” RuNyx said. “One time I was at an airport and I saw this girl reading one of my books, and I just went up to her and said, ‘It’s a really great book.’ And then I left.” She added, “I have a cousin who’s a reader and she has no idea it’s me.”

Not surprisingly, RuNyx gets occasional queries from fellow authors who are contemplating the incognito path. “The first thing I ask is, why do you want to do this?” she said. “Is it because you want to be trendy? Is it because it’s something that nobody else is doing? Is it because you genuinely want to protect your privacy?”

It’s hard to know for sure, but RuNyx seems to follow her own advice: “Even if you’re anonymous, be authentic. There has to be some grain of truth in whoever you are.”

Elisabeth Egan is a writer and editor at the Times Book Review. She has worked in the world of publishing for 30 years. More about Elisabeth Egan

Explore More in Books

Want to know about the best books to read and the latest news start here..

In Lucy Sante’s new memoir, “I Heard Her Call My Name,” the author reflects on her life and embarking on a gender transition  in her late 60s.

For people of all ages in Pasadena, Calif., Vroman’s Bookstore, founded in 1894, has been a mainstay in a world of rapid change. Now, its longtime owner says he’s ready to turn over the reins .

The graphic novel series “Aya” explores the pains and pleasures of everyday life in a working-class neighborhood  in West Africa with a modern African woman hero.

Like many Nigerians, the novelist Stephen Buoro has been deeply influenced by the exquisite bedlam of Lagos, a megacity of extremes. Here, he defines the books that make sense of the chaos .

Do you want to be a better reader?   Here’s some helpful advice to show you how to get the most out of your literary endeavor .

Each week, top authors and critics join the Book Review’s podcast to talk about the latest news in the literary world. Listen here .

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RF Kuang sits on a stone bench outdoors. She is wearing a dark blue dress

Authors ‘excluded from Hugo awards over China concerns’

Leaked emails reveal organisers of leading science fiction and fantasy awards flagged works of a ‘sensitive political nature’

Leaked emails from the organisers of the prestigious Hugo awards for science fiction and fantasy suggest several authors were excluded from shortlists last year after they were flagged for comments or works that could be viewed as sensitive in China.

In January the Hugo awards published the statistics behind the 2023 awards , which were held as part of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in the Chinese city of Chengdu in October. The data showed that the New York Times bestseller RF Kuang and the young adult author Xiran Jay Zhao were among authors who had received enough nominations to be on the ballot in their respective categories but were deemed “not eligible” by the award’s administrators, without further explanation.

The news sparked consternation in the science fiction community, with many fans and authors expressing concern that the awards had been tainted by censorship. Now emails leaked from the 2023 awards committee appear to have confirmed those fears, with a member of the 2024 Worldcon committee resigning as a result.

In an email on 5 June 2023, Dave McCarty, the head of the 2023 Hugo awards jury, wrote: “We need to highlight anything of a sensitive political nature in the work. It’s not necessary to read everything, but if the work focuses on China , Taiwan, Tibet, or other topics that may be an issue *in* China … that needs to be highlighted so that we can determine if it is safe to put it on the ballot or if the law will require us to make an administrative decision about it.”

McCarty did not respond to the Guardian’s request for comment.

The emails were leaked by another member of the 2023 Hugo administration team, Diane Lacey, to Chris M Barkley and Jason Sanford, science fiction writers who are also journalists. Barkley and Sanford published a report about the controversy on Wednesday.

In a statement to Barkley and Sanford, Lacey said: “We were told to vet nominees for work focusing on China, Taiwan, Tibet, or other topics that may be an issue in China and, to my shame, I did so.”

In the emails, Lacey had flagged one of Zhao’s books as being “a reimagining of the rise of the Chinese empress Wu Zetian”, adding: “I don’t know if that would be a negative in China.”

Zhao said: “I cannot believe the western members of the admin team chose to willingly participate in this instead of upholding the integrity of the awards.”

Another of the writers affected was Paul Weimer, who was excluded from the fan writer category. One of the several points raised about him in the emails is that he had previously travelled to Tibet. But Weimer said he had only been to Nepal, not Tibet. “It’s not even competent political censorship – it’s haphazard bullshit,” he said.

The chair of the organising committee of the 2024 Worldcon, which will be held in Glasgow in August, said in a statement that Kat Jones, who had researched Weimer, had resigned from the committee.

after newsletter promotion

“I acknowledge the deep grief and anger of the community and I share this distress,” Esther MacCallum-Stewart said. She said the committee would be taking steps “to ensure transparency and to attempt to redress the grievous loss of trust in the administration of the awards”.

The incident prompted discussion among the science fiction community in China. One commenter on Weibo wrote: “Diane Lacey’s courage to disclose the truth makes people feel that there is still hope in the world, and not everyone is so shameless … I can understand the concerns of the Hugo award staff, but ‘I honestly think that the Hugo committee are cowards.’”

The Hugo awards are the premier accolade for science fiction and fantasy. They are administered by the World Science Fiction Society, a loose collective of fans who vote for their favourite works or authors across more than a dozen categories before the annual conference, Worldcon, which is held in a different city each year. Last year’s event was the first time it had been held in China.

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  • Science fiction books
  • Fantasy books
  • Science fiction TV
  • Science fiction and fantasy films

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‘We didn’t expect this phenomenon to last’: France’s comic-book tradition is hitting new heights

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    Mystery Boxes USA TODAY's Best-selling Booklist USA TODAY collects sales data from booksellers representing a variety of outlets: bookstore chains, independent bookstores, mass merchandisers, and...

  7. Author Book Lists

    Best of Stephen King 176 books — 3,744 voters Best First Book by New Author 1,411 books — 3,582 voters YA Novels by Goodreads Authors 1,787 books — 3,196 voters Best Kristen Ashley Books 71 books — 2,194 voters 2010 Debut Authors (Young Adult & Middle Grade Literature) 291 books — 2,022 voters Best Nicholas Sparks Books

  8. Authors A-Z

    Charlotte Brontë Emily Brontë Anita Brookner Jeffrey Brown Anthony Browne Mikhail Bulgakov Anthony Burgess

  9. 33 of the Bestselling Books of 2022 so Far, Fiction and Nonfiction

    Amazon. "The Judge's List" by John Grisham, available on Amazon and Bookshop, from $13.94. "The Judge's List" is John Grisham's sequel to his 2016 thriller, "The Whistler," and continues Lacy ...

  10. The 100 best books of the 21st century

    91 Light by M John Harrison (2002) One of the most underrated prose writers demonstrates the literary firepower of science fiction at its best. Three narrative strands - spanning far-future ...

  11. The 15 Top Authors, Based on Goodreads Stats

    The novel debuted at number one on The New York Times Best Seller List and went on to win several awards, including The William C. Morris Award, the Michael L. Printz Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and Waterstones Children's Book Prize. In 2021, Thomas wrote a prequel to The Hate U Give, entitled Concrete Rose.

  12. The Greatest Books of All Time

    This list represents a comprehensive and trusted collection of the greatest books in literature. Developed through a specialized algorithm, it brings together 183 'best of' book lists to form a definitive guide to the world's most acclaimed literary works.

  13. FictionDB

    FictionDB is the best place to start. Here you will find simple lists of books in publication order by author and chronological order by series. You can also search our extensive fiction database using a wide variety of criteria. Easily find books where you don't remember the title. So many books and series, but where to start?

  14. Books: Book Reviews, Book News, and Author Interviews : NPR

    Here are the Books We Love: 380+ great 2023 reads recommended by NPR. November 20, 2023 • Books We Love returns with 380+ new titles handpicked by NPR staff and trusted critics. Find 11 years of ...

  15. Top American Authors

    Other authors on this list have created some of the most beloved and widely read series in history, including Louisa May Alcott and George R. R. Martin. The greatest American writers are some of the tops in their fields, producing some of the best novels, essays, films, short stories, stage plays, and poems of all time.

  16. List of authors by name: A

    List of authors by name: A The following is a List of authors by name whose last names begin with A: Abbreviations: ch = children's; d = drama, screenwriting; f = fiction; nf = non-fiction; p = poetry, song lyrics A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z Aa-Ad

  17. 12 Top Authors Pick the Best Books of the Year

    12 Top Authors Pick the Best Books of the Year David Baldacci, Louise Penny and others offer their favorite reads from 2021 and of all time By Christina Ianzito, Published February 10, 2022 LuisPortugal/Getty Images

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    Browse good books to read by your favorite authors, buzzworthy non-fiction, best cookbooks, and more. ... If you're looking for what book to read next, explore the Barnes & Noble Top 100 Best Sellers list to discover all the current top books from your favorite authors and genres. Browse a large variety of books on topics you love or the best ...

  19. Authors Index

    A list of all authors featured at American Literature, organized alphabetically by last name (in rows, left to right) so that you can find your favorite authors' books, stories, poems and essays quickly and easily.

  20. Top 100 authors of all time

    1. Fyodor Dostoevsky Writer | The Double Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was born on November 11, 1821, in Moscow, Russia. He was the second of seven children of Mikhail Andreevich and Maria Dostoevsky. His father, a doctor, was a member of the Russian nobility, owned serfs and had a considerable estate near Moscow where he lived with his ... 2.


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  22. Authors

    Authors You can also do a search which may be easier. Putting the authors name in quotations will help get better results.

  23. Author list

    Robert Abbot. Francis Ellingwood Abbot. George Frederick Abbot. Francis Ellingwood Abbott. Henry Abbott. Lemuel Abijah Abbott. Frank Frost Abbott. Jane Abbott. Charles Conrad Abbott.

  24. 15 Books By Black Authors On My To Be Read List In 2024

    Here are 15 books by Black authors I'm super excited to read this year: Some of these books are new or upcoming releases, but others are backlist books that are new to me!

  25. First ever Women's Prize for Non-Fiction longlist announced

    The 10 best books to read now The inaugural Women's Prize for Non-Fiction contains a real breadth of styles, including personal memoir, investigative journalism and innovative history books.

  26. What's in a Name? RuNyx Won't Tell You.

    The author of "Gothikana" isn't going to reveal much. But she will share a useful tip for writing and life. By Elisabeth Egan Elisabeth Egan is an editor at the Book Review and the author of ...

  27. Authors 'excluded from Hugo awards over China concerns'

    The data showed that the New York Times bestseller RF Kuang and the young adult author Xiran Jay Zhao were among authors who had received enough nominations to be on the ballot in their respective ...