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  • Refrigeration Service Report Form

A refrigeration service report is a document filed by a commercial refrigerator service business to document its maintenance service. Use this free Refrigeration Service Report template to create and manage a Refrigeration Service Report for your commercial refrigeration equipment. Just enter the date, equipment address, and type of work performed, and your form is all set to collect prompt feedback.

Add your company’s logo, change the background color, or add additional form fields to customize your Refrigeration Service Report form to suit your needs. If you want to sync this form to your accounts or attach photos of work performed, use our free Form Builder. And if you ever want to keep track of what’s been completed, you can use our free Report Builder to generate a PDF report for the equipment included in this form. All in all, use our free Refrigeration Service Report form to collect feedback from your customers quickly and stay on top of your commercial refrigerator repairs.

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Medical Report Form Template

Medical Report Form

A medical report form is a document used by medical professionals for documenting a patient’s medical treatment. With Jotform’s free Medical Report Form template, you can collect information from patients instantly by embedding the form in your website — and the form can be filled out using a computer or tablet at your office, or using a mobile device at home.Just customize the Medical Report Form to match your practice — add your logo and colors, and easily add more form fields. As well as customizing fields and questions to match your needs, you can also update the design of this template. Jotform is a fully customized, easy-to-use Form Builder that includes changing, adding, or removing fields through the drag and drop function, and changing the colors, fonts, and background without any coding required. Easily embed this form either on your website or share it via URL. With Jotform’s 100+ integrations, you can also store and analyze your Medical Report Form submissions with Google Drive. All can be achieved without coding!

Employee End Of Day Report Form Template

Employee End Of Day Report

An employee end of day report form is used to track employee progress and keep track of daily accomplishments. Let employees submit daily reports online through our free Employee End of Day Report Form, which you can send via email or embed in your website for easier access — you can even password protect your form to ensure it’s only filled out by your employees. Gather important information like clock out time, goals, tasks completed, and any questions your employees’ may have for their supervisors. Submissions are stored in your Jotform account, readily accessible on any device.Different jobs require different reports, so customize your Employee End of Day Report to get the information you need using Jotform Form Builder. Simply drag and drop to rearrange form fields, upload a background image, or include your company logo for a professional touch. Keep better track of daily reports by integrating your form with third-party apps like Slack, monday.com, Google Drive, or Salesforce CRM (also available on Salesforce AppExchange). With your free Employee End of Day Report Form instantly collecting information online, you’ll have a cost-effective way to gather end of day reports from your employees — no more messy paperwork or time-consuming daily meetings.

Free Police Incident Report Template Form Template

Free Police Incident Report Template

This Police Incident Report template is used to provide the police with notifications about an incident or matter that are considered to be non-urgent. By using this template, the citizens can report the incident with the informations such as date and time when the incident occurred, incident location, incident details, contact information.

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  • Report Forms /

Report Templates

A medical report form is a document used by medical professionals for documenting a patient’s medical treatment.

An Employee End of Day Report is a form template designed to track employee progress and keep a record of daily accomplishments

The Police Incident Report Form allows citizens to report a non-urgent incident or matter providing the information of date, time, location and any further details of the issue.

IT Service Ticket Form Template

IT Service Ticket Form

An IT Service Ticket Form is a form template designed to streamline IT service management within organizations.

IT Service Request Form 2 Form Template

IT Service Request Form 2

IT Service Request Form allows your customers to report an issue and make a request regarding a repair through providing their contact information, category of the problem, any further explanation and comments.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form Template

Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form

A Motor Vehicle Accident Report is a form template designed to serve as a crucial document for reporting and documenting details of motor vehicle accidents.

Expense Report Form Template

Expense Report Form

Report expenses for employees at your company. Enter costs, upload receipts, and more. Easy-to-customize online form. Fill out and manage responses on any device.

School Counseling Progress Note Form Template

School Counseling Progress Note

A School Counseling Progress Note is a form template designed to help school counselors keep track of counseling sessions.

School Incident Report Form Template

School Incident Report Form

The School Incident Report Form allows immediate reporting of an incident that occurred in school, providing the student, staff, date, time, location, and responder information.

Online Complaint Form Template

Online Complaint Form

Are you searching around the web for complaint form template html codes in order to create an online for that is simple, effective and easy to fill out? Well, you can find all that qualities in this complaint form template. This complaint form template includes details of the complaint and the complainant. If this form template meets your expectation, then just use this complaint form template and even manage it as you wish.

Weekly Vehicle Inspection Form Template

Weekly Vehicle Inspection Form

Perform weekly police vehicle inspections for your precinct with this free online Vehicle Inspection Form. Easy to customize and fill out on any device.

Employee Timesheet Template Form Template

Employee Timesheet Template

An employee timesheet template is used by employers to track the hours that their employees work.

Rental Inspection Report Form Template

Rental Inspection Report Form

A rental inspection report form is used to document any issues or damages found during a property inspection and list repair requests to return the home to its original condition.

Daily Sales Report Form Template

Daily Sales Report

This daily sales report form template might be so useful for your business and daily sales reporting.

Daily Shift Report Form Template

Daily Shift Report Form

A daily shift report form is used for businesses that manage their workforce through shift reports. Use our Daily Shift Report Form template to keep track of shifts and the daily schedule of your employees.

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Food Inventory Form

In order for your kitchen or restaurant management to be effective, you need to have a proper tracking of food inventory. Having a proper inventory of your ingredients helps maintain a buffer on the movement of your items, replenished in due time and thus reduces the risk that might affect the productivity or your business. This food inventory form template is a simple inventory form which you can use for submitting reports. The form contains predetermined items which is easy to modify and replace to your preference.

Delivery Report Form Template

Delivery Report Form

A delivery report form is a document used by a courier or delivery company to collect details from a customer when a delivery is complete

Allegation Form Template

Allegation Form

Use this Allegation Form to get to know about the issue or complaints about your company and get better at customer relationships easily.

Parking Ticket Form Template

Parking Ticket

This parking ticket form template allows users to effortlessly issue parking violation notices, record vehicle and owner information, and document parking offenses.

Issue Tracking Form Template

Issue Tracking Form

Collect issue reports from company members with a free online Issue Tracking Form. Great for IT departments. Sync with 100+ apps. View responses on any device.

Expense Reimbursement Form Template

Expense Reimbursement Form

Record and report expenses online with this free expense reimbursement form. Easy to customize and embed. Sync with 100+ apps. Works on any device. No coding.

Character Profile Form Template

Character Profile Form

This character profile form is adequate for capturing the information about your characters.

Laboratory Result Form Template

Laboratory Result Form

Laboratory results forms are documents used by medical officials to communicate and archive the results of specimen analysis. Use this form to submit your test results and communicate with your clinical laboratory!

Project Status Form Template

Project Status Form

A project status form tracks the progress of a project.

Business Report Forms

Document Handover Form Template

Document Handover Form

A document handover form is used by businesses to share important documents with clients and send them on their way. Sync information seamlessly and collect it anywhere you need it with a free online document handover form!

Trainee Progress Report Form Template

Trainee Progress Report Form

A Trainee Progress Report Form is a valuable tool for organizations, educational institutions, training programs, and companies to assess, monitor, and support the development of trainees or interns.

Job Form Template

Job log form provides you with the job title, staff name, and date with each of the tasks that are accomplished, their start and end time, work description, materials that are used in the process, and the files related to the job.

Asset Allocation Form Template

Asset Allocation Form

An asset allocation form is a questionnaire that is used to help investors determine which investment portfolio is right for their assets. Customize this free template without coding!

Incident Report Forms

Accident Report Form Template

Accident Report Form

An accident report form is a record of an accident or incident, used to provide the details of the accident to insurance companies.

General Incident Report Form Template

General Incident Report

A General Incident Report form is a document that records and documents any incident.

Emergency Report Forms

Fire Department Incident Report Form Template

Fire Department Incident Report

Do you want to be a volunteer in the fire department and save a life? With this volunteer fire department incident report template, you can find a volunteer firefighter. Fire department run report form that allows you to report call type, the situation found, the officer in charge and units involved.

Missing Person Form Template

Missing Person Form

A missing person form is used by law enforcement agencies to collect information about missing people.

Fire Call Report Sheet Form Template

Fire Call Report Sheet

Howard County VFD

Absence Reporting Form Template

Absence Reporting Form

An absence reporting form is used by employers and supervisors to keep track of employee absences.

COVID-19 Report Forms

Negative COVID 19 Test Reporting Form Template

Negative COVID 19 Test Reporting Form

Receive submissions for COVID-19 test reports from your staff for your company or organization online. Use this Negative COVID-19 Test Reporting Form template and make your receiving process simple and manageable.

Coronavirus Case Report Template Form Template

Coronavirus Case Report Template

People can report suspected cases of COVID-19 in their workplace or community. Easy to customize, integrate, and share online. No coding required.

Covid Contact Tracing Form Template

Covid Contact Tracing Form Template

A COVID-19 contact tracing register is used by medical organizations to identify people who have come into contact with a person who is infected with COVID-19, to help prevent the disease from spreading.

COVID 19 Test Result Reporting Form Template

COVID 19 Test Result Reporting Form

Collect COVID-19 test results from employees, students, customers, and more. Accept file uploads. Free and easy to customize. Works on any device. No coding.

Shift Report Forms

End Of Shift Report Form S&T Cover Form Template

End Of Shift Report Form S&T Cover

An employee end of shift report form is a form used by companies to record information about employees on the close of their shift, collected on the last day of the work period.

Weekly Shift Report Form Template

Weekly Shift Report

A Weekly Shift Report is a form used by store owners or managers to track employee working days and hours in a week.

Community Shift Report Form Template

Community Shift Report

Document what happens during your shift and endorse it to the next staff by using this Community Shift Report. This form can be embedded on any webpage which makes it easily available to anyone.

About Report Templates

Giving people a proper way to report information — whether it’s to file a complaint, report an incident, or alert an organization to something — is pretty important. You can make reporting easier and get all the information you need with our report form templates. Jotform’s online report forms are fully customizable and completely free to use.

With the Jotform Form Builder, you have access to widgets, app integrations, and themes to customize your forms, encourage engagement, and improve the quality of information you collect. Whether you want to select a template from our collection or build a form from scratch, Jotform has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) what is a report form.

A report form is a document that provides details about a particular event or incident and prompts the appropriate people to respond or take next steps. These forms are usually the first step in a chain of response actions, and organizations must retain the reports so they can refer to them as necessary.

2) Why do we need to use report forms?

We mainly need to use report forms to document important details about an event, like where it occurred, when it took place, and who was involved. Report forms also assist in determining the next steps after the initial incident and tracking the actions that are taken.

We often need to use report forms for compliance purposes as well, because organizations in certain industries can face legal repercussions if they don’t keep reports on file. Report forms also facilitate communication between different departments and increase transparency in organizations, which helps them make continuous improvements.

3) What types of information are typically included in a report form?

Report forms typically include all of the observations or evidence relevant to an event or incident — including what happened, when it occurred, where it took place, and who was involved. Report forms may also document the sequence of events and any immediate actions taken in response. They should also include any identifying information, such as names, dates, times, and phone numbers of those involved or filing the report.

4) Can report forms be customized for different industries or purposes?

Report forms are fully customizable, no matter the industry you work in or the end goal you want to achieve. Whether you’re analyzing business data, reporting an incident, or providing a status update, you need a foolproof, user-friendly way to categorize and summarize your findings. Using our drag-and-drop form builder, you can customize your report form in minutes to make it fit your exact needs. Then, just embed it in your website or send it out via email or link.

5) How are report forms used in data collection and analysis?

Organizations use report forms to identify patterns and trends in incidents. By analyzing multiple report forms, organizations can identify recurring issues, risk factors, root causes, effectiveness of safety measures, and more. These forms not only alert organizations to incidents that need immediate attention, but they support incident prevention in the future.

6) Are there any best practices for designing effective report forms?

When creating your report form, plan ahead for the scope of information that you’ll need to make sound decisions about how you respond. For example, if you’re creating a weekly shift report, you’ll want to collect an employee’s general information, working days and hours, payment rate, etc. Once you’ve gathered responses on your report form, you can analyze the submission data to determine whether you should reorganize your staff, elevate an incident, or implement new productivity measures.

Try to ask only for the information you really need. A lengthy form may cause responders to get sloppy, and accurate information is key to being able to handle the incident properly.

7) What are the subtypes of report forms?

Report forms are useful for documenting incidents, accidents, and changes in business, medicine, education, and much more! Types of report forms can include everything from police reports and shift reports to inventory reports.

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  • Damage Report

Damage Report Templates

A damage report is an essential document used to record and report incidents of damage or loss. This report serves as a detailed account of the incident and can be used for insurance claims or legal purposes. Whether it's a damaged vehicle , property, or equipment, a damage report provides a comprehensive overview of the situation.

Also known as a damage report form or damages report, this collection of documents includes various templates tailored to specific industries or types of damage. For instance, the Form MVR-181 Damage Disclosure Statement in North Carolina caters to reporting vehicle damages, while the CDOT Form 345 Damage/Information Pictures in Colorado is designed for documenting property damage . Similarly, the Form PR-ENF-008 Report of Loss, Nonperformance or Damage in California is used to report any type of loss, nonperformance, or damage.

In addition to these documents, you may also come across alternate names such as damage report forms or damage incident reports. These terms all refer to the same documentation process that helps organizations and individuals accurately report and document damages.

By filling out a damage report, you provide crucial information about the incident, including the date, location, description of damage, parties involved , and any supporting evidence such as photographs or witness statements. Such comprehensive documentation can be vital in ensuring that you receive fair compensation or assistance in the event of damage.

Whether you're an individual seeking to report damages for insurance purposes or a business documenting losses, having access to a range of damage report templates ensures a streamlined and efficient process. These templates, such as the Feral Swine Complaint Form in Oklahoma or the Form 734-2550 Survey Equipment Damage Report in Oregon, are specifically tailored to different types of damages, enabling you to provide accurate information and expedite the resolution process .

When it comes to reporting and documenting damages, precision and thoroughness are key. With the variety of damage report templates available, you can ensure that your incident is accurately recorded and that you have all the necessary information for insurance claims or legal proceedings .

  • Form number

Form MVR-181 Damage Disclosure Statement - North Carolina

This is a legal document that the seller of a vehicle gives to the purchaser of a vehicle, to inform the latter of any body or structural damage. When selling a vehicle in North Carolina you need to prepare a damage disclosure.

Employee Write-Up Form - Collision Damage Experts

This Form is used for documenting incidents of employee misconduct or performance issues. It helps employers keep a record of disciplinary actions taken.

DD Form 1840r Notice of Loss or Damage

This document is used to report any loss or damage to cargo or household goods during transportation.

Incident/Property Damage Report Form - Avantage Property Management

This incident/property damage report form is used by Avantage Property Management to document and report any incidents or damages that occur within their buildings or properties. The form helps to ensure that all necessary information is collected and communicated accurately for insurance and maintenance purposes.

Optional Form 289 Property Loss or Damage Report - Fire Suppression

This Form is used for reporting property loss or damage caused by fire suppression.

Form BSEE-0143 Facility/Equipment Damage Report

Gsa form 3620 report of gsa property damage or non-gsa employee personal injury.

This form is used for reporting any property damage or personal injury that occurred within GSA (General Services Administration) or non-GSA employees. It helps to document and handle any necessary claims or compensation.

CDOT Form 345 Damage/Information Pictures - Colorado

This Form is used for submitting pictures of damage or providing information related to damage in the state of Colorado.

Instructions for Form 700-010-12 Utility Conflict and Damage Report - Florida

This form is used for reporting utility conflicts and damages in Florida.

Form 700-010-12 Utility Conflict and Damage Report - Florida

Form rmp-001 report of loss or damage to state property - hawaii.

This Form is used for reporting any loss or damage to state property in Hawaii. It helps document and track incidents of damage or loss for accountability purposes.

AFTO Form 765 Consolidated Utility Cut/Damage Report

This form is used for reporting any utility cuts or damages in a consolidated manner.

Form PR-ENF-008 Report of Loss, Nonperformance or Damage - California

This Form is used for reporting loss, nonperformance or damage in the state of California.

15 WG Form 28 Broken/Removed Tool Log

This form is used for logging broken or removed tools at the workplace.

Property Loss Report - Nunavut, Canada

This document is used for reporting property losses in the Nunavut region of Canada.

Form AZ PA204-18 Preliminary Damage Assessment Site Estimate - Arizona

This form is used for conducting a preliminary damage assessment site estimate in Arizona. It helps to evaluate and estimate the extent of damage caused by a disaster or emergency situation.

DOT Form 350-013 Third-Party Damage Report - Washington

This form is used for reporting damage caused by third parties in the state of Washington.

Form DC-443 Itemized List of Damages - Virginia

This Form is used for providing an itemized list of damages in Virginia. It helps to document and present the specific damages incurred in a particular case or situation.

Feral Swine Complaint Form - Oklahoma

This form is used to file a complaint regarding feral swine in Oklahoma.

Adjuster's Preliminary Damage Assessment (Apda)

This document is used by adjusters to conduct a preliminary assessment of the damage caused by an incident or event. It helps determine the extent of damage and estimate the potential cost of repairs or claims.

Form 734-2550 Survey Equipment Damage Report - Oregon

This form is used for reporting equipment damage during surveys in Oregon.

Underground Facility Damage Report (Ufdr) - Vermont

This document allows individuals in Vermont to report any damage to underground facilities.

Critical Incident Form - Damage to Consumer's Property or Theft - Colorado

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Damaged Your Fridge Interior? Follow These 7 Easy Steps

Craig Anderson

We've independently reviewed this article to make sure it's as accurate as we can make it.

To find out more about our article creation and review process, check out our editorial guidelines.

Is your fridge’s interior damaged?

I’ve been there too! Opening your refrigerator only to find a crack or other signs of damage can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re not sure how to fix it.

Don’t worry, though. I’m here to help.

If you accidentally damaged your fridge’s interior, please assess the damage and repair or replace any necessary components. To prevent further damage, it’s crucial to avoid putting hot food inside and using harsh chemicals, replace the light bulb, and regularly inspect the gasket and defrost system .

Read on to learn how to repair the inside of your fridge!

Why trust us? This article was written by Craig Anderson and Andy Fulenchek .

Craig has helped thousands of other homeowners repair their appliances since 2016.

Andy is one of our resident appliance repair experts with over a decade of experience. He currently runs his appliance repair company with a team of trusted technicians.

Repairing Your Fridge’s Interior: 7 Quick Steps

If the interior of your fridge is damaged, it’s crucial to address the issue immediately to prevent small cracks from worsening and to keep temperature irregularities and mold growth at bay.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to repair cracks on your fridge:

  • Unplug your refrigerator from its power source or turn it off at the circuit breaker to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Remove any items around the damaged area and transfer them to a cooler to keep them from spoiling.
  • Carefully drill tiny holes at either end of the crack to keep it from extending further.
  • Clean the damaged area thoroughly using rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry completely. Then, measure the area you need to cover to prepare for cutting the liner.
  • Purchase a refrigerator liner repair kit from a hardware or online store . You can also use a food-safe epoxy or sealant.
  • Cut the liner to fit over the damaged area. If your kit includes an adhesive, apply a smooth, even layer over the crack and fill in the drilled holes.
  • Carefully position the liner over the crack and press it firmly into place. Then, allow it to set.

Keep in mind that reading the manufacturer’s instructions included with the refrigerator liner repair kit or sealant is crucial, as specific application and curing times can vary.

While you can handle minor repairs as DIY projects, it’s important to note that if your fridge’s interior is severely damaged, it’s best to contact an appliance repair expert. Extensive damage can not only affect your refrigerator’s efficiency but also potentially compromise food safety.

fridge damage report

How to Prevent Damaging Your Fridge’s Interior: 5 Tips

Now that you’ve learned how to repair cracks, it’s crucial to understand how to prevent potential issues with your fridge’s interior, as some damage can be irreversible.

In this section, I’ll guide you through five simple maintenance tips you can try to prevent damaging the inside of your fridge.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

#1 Don’t Put Hot Food In

My go-to recommendation if you’re trying to prevent damaging your fridge’s interior is to avoid storing hot food inside.

You see, placing hot items inside can damage the internal components and lining of the refrigerator. Additionally, it can cause the compressor to work harder and run longer than necessary to cool down your food.

Allow your food to cool to room temperature before placing it in the fridge. To speed up the process, you can divide your cooked food into smaller storage containers and leave them open.

Just keep in mind that, according to the USDA , you should never leave cooked food outside of the fridge for more than two hours. Otherwise, bacteria can thrive, making it much more likely for you to become ill.

When storing your food, it’s also important to avoid overloading your refrigerator. Otherwise, you can damage the shelves and drawers. Not to mention that overloading the unit can also restrict airflow, leading to frost buildup and temperature changes.

#2 Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

In my experience, a fridge’s interior can become damaged due to the use of harsh chemicals.

You see, the interior of most refrigerators is primarily made from plastic, which can react negatively to some strong chemicals.

Therefore , it’s important to use mild detergents when cleaning your fridge and stay away from bleach or ammonia . Personally, I like mixing equal parts of warm water and vinegar to clean my refrigerator.

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner, as it can easily break down grime and has antibacterial properties. You can also use baking soda to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Baking soda in fridge

Using harsh chemicals will not only damage your fridge’s interior but also transfer to your food, changing its flavor and potentially posing health risks.

#3 Check the Light Bulb

I’ve seen that when a fridge’s light becomes too hot , it can damage the interior components.

You see, prolonged exposure to heat can cause the plastic liner to deform or melt, affecting the fridge’s insulation and causing multiple performance issues.

Most modern refrigerators have LED lights. However, some older models still have incandescent bulbs, which generate more heat.

So, if you have a traditional refrigerator, I recommend replacing the incandescent bulb with an LED light. To do it, you’ll simply need to unplug the unit from the power outlet or turn it off at the circuit breaker and remove the light bulb cover. Then, unscrew the bulb by turning it counterclockwise and replace it with a new one.

Removing a fridge's light bulb

Your fridge’s light will only turn on when the door is open. Therefore, to keep the light bulb from overheating, it’s important to open the door only when necessary.

You should also make sure the door switch is working correctly. If it’s not, it can think the door is open even when it’s not and keep the interior light on, generating excessive heat. To test the door switch, simply press it down and see if the light turns off. If it remains on, then you’ll need to replace the door switch with a new, compatible one.

Tip: You can also see if the door switch works by recording a video and placing your phone inside the fridge. Close the door, wait for 30 seconds, and watch the video. If the interior light didn’t turn off, then the door switch is faulty.

fridge damage report

#4 Check the Door Seal

You can also prevent damaging your fridge’s interior by regularly checking the door seal.

The seal, also known as the “gasket”, is responsible for keeping cold air inside the refrigerator and preventing warm air from getting in to maintain the desired internal temperature.

Unfortunately, if the door seal is dirty, damaged , or broken, your fridge will need to work harder to keep your food cool, leading to increased humidity, ice buildup, and potential mold growth. Over time, excess moisture can also cause metal components to corrode and plastic parts to warp.

Regular maintenance is essential to avoid damage to your fridge’s door seal. Here are three simple tips that will help you:

  • Periodically check the door seal for any visible signs of damage. Please get a replacement if you notice any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks.
  • Keep the door seal clean by using warm soapy water or vinegar. Removing dirt, grime, or food debris will ensure the gasket’s effectiveness. Once you’ve cleaned the seal, please let it dry completely. Remember to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your fridge’s components.
  • Test for proper seal . To do so, close the door on a piece of paper or a dollar bill. Then, try to pull out the paper with the door closed. If it slides out without resistance, then the seal needs to be replaced.

paper in fridge door

If you need to purchase a new door seal, please make sure you get a compatible part. It’s also important to keep in mind that you need to take the new gasket out of the box and lay it on a flat surface for 24 hours so that it can regain its shape. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer on low heat.

When installing the new door seal, remember to start at one corner and work your way along the strip. Don’t forget to refer to the product’s manual, as installation instructions can vary depending on the specific seal and refrigerator you own.

fridge damage report

#5 Inspect the Defrost System

The final tip I recommend is to inspect the defrost system to prevent further damage to your fridge’s interior.

You see, modern refrigerators are equipped with a defrost system composed of different components, such as a heater, thermostat, and timer or control board. The defrost components work together to prevent ice buildup on the evaporator coils and maintain a consistent temperature.

Unfortunately, if the defrost heater stays on longer than necessary due to a malfunctioning thermostat or timer, it can generate excessive heat near the edges. As a result, your fridge’s plastic components can melt or become damaged.

If you suspect the defrost system is not working correctly because you’ve noticed temperature fluctuations and interior damage, try unplugging your refrigerator from its power source and using a multimeter to test each defrost component . If the readings don’t align with the manufacturer’s recommendations, consider getting replacements.

Remember that it’s best to call a professional if you’re uncomfortable testing or replacing the defrost system components yourself.

Please click here to read more maintenance tips and ensure your fridge’s efficiency!

Repairing and Maintaining Your Fridge’s Interior

Hopefully, now you know how to repair your fridge’s interior and prevent further damage.

Remember that if there’s a crack in the interior of your refrigerator, you can use a sealant or a liner repair kit to address the issue. To prevent any further damage, avoid storing hot food inside the unit, don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning, regularly check the door seal, and inspect the defrost system.

Don’t forget to check your fridge’s model number to ensure you get a compatible replacement if necessary.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this guide. If you’ve found it helpful, please check out our other related posts below.

Have a wonderful day!

Craig Anderson

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  • Support Affidavit Forms
  • Paternity Affidavit Forms
  • Marital Affidavit Forms
  • Financial Affidavit Forms
  • Residential Affidavit Forms
  • Affidavit of Identity Forms
  • Affidavit of Title Forms
  • Employment Affidavit Forms
  • Affidavit of Loss Forms
  • Gift Affidavit Forms
  • Small Estate Affidavit Forms
  • Service Affidavit Forms
  • Heirship Affidavit Forms
  • Survivorship Affidavit Forms
  • Desistance Affidavit Forms
  • Discrepancy Affidavit Forms
  • Guardianship Affidavit Forms
  • Undertaking Affidavit Forms
  • General Affidavit Forms
  • Affidavit of Death Forms
  • Report Forms

Damage Report Form

damage report form

40+ Sample Incident Report Forms

22 free sales report forms, 9+ sample service report forms - free documents in word, pdf.

damage report form bundle 1024x530

Download Damage Report Form Bundle

What is Damage Report Form?

A Damage Report Form is a structured document used to record incidents involving damage to property, equipment, or other assets. This form includes sections for describing the incident, identifying involved parties, and detailing the extent of the damage. It serves as an official record for insurance claims, repairs, and legal purposes. Similar to a Hazard Report Form, it ensures accurate and comprehensive documentation, aiding in the resolution of damage-related issues.

Damage Report Format

Damage report, report information.

  • Report Number
  • Date of Report
  • Reported By
  • Contact Information

Incident Details

  • Date of Incident
  • Time of Incident
  • Location of Incident

Description of Damage

  • Description
  • Extent of Damage
  • Photos (if applicable)


  • Cause of Damage

Action Taken

  • Immediate Actions
  • Repairs Needed
  • Estimated Cost
  • Supervisor Approval

Damage Report Template

damage report template

PDF Word Google Docs

A Damage Report Template provides a structured framework for documenting incidents involving damage. This template ensures that all relevant information is captured, similar to an Inspection Report Form .

Property Damage Report PDF

property damage report pdf

A Property Damage Report PDF offers a digital, fillable format for documenting property damage incidents. This format ensures consistency and accuracy, akin to a Physical Report Form .

Equipment Damage Report Template

equipment damage report template

An Equipment Damage Report Template is designed to capture details of damage to machinery or equipment. This template includes fields for equipment identification, damage assessment, and repair needs, much like an Account Report Form .

Free Damage Report Form

free damage report form

A Free Damage Report Form provides an accessible option for documenting damage incidents without cost. This form includes essential fields for comprehensive reporting, similar to a Performance Report Form .

More Damage Report Form Samples University Damage Report Form

fillable damage report form 1

Public Injury or Damage Report

public injury or damage report 1

Size: 269 KB

Missing or Damage Report Form

missing or damage report form 1

Size: 151 KB

Road Incident Damage Report Form

road incident damage report form 1

Size: 207 KB

Incident Damage or Hazard Report Form

incident damage or hazard report form 1

Size: 40 KB

Liability Insurance Damage Report Form

liability insurance damage report form 1

Size: 327 KB

Ride-share Accident or Damage Report

rideshare accident or damage report form 1

Size: 60 KB

Property Damage Report Form

property damage report form 1

Size: 90 KB

Equipment Damage Report Form

equipment damage report form 1

Size: 149 KB

Incident Property Damage Report Form

incident property damage report form 1

Size: 19 KB

Blank Property Damage Report Form

simple property damage report form 1

Size: 36 KB

Incident Property Damage First Report

incident property damage first report 1

Size: 34 KB

Property Loss or Damage Claim Report

property loss or damage claim report 1

Size: 233 KB

Report Form for Damage or Stolen Property

report form for damage or stolen property 1

Size: 30 KB

Building Damage Report Form

building damage report form

Size: 10 KB

By providing all these vital information, answers to all possible questions in evaluating or examining the occurrence are secured. Sample questions that could further assess the incident are as follows:

  • Did the damages cause some interruptions or distractions?
  • How exactly did the damages occur?
  • Was the supervisor or the authorized person notified as soon as possible?
  • Was police department notified immediately?

All information that could be used to understand or know every aspect of the damages are examined and analyzed thoroughly. That is why people involved must supply all the details or information as much as possible to the greatest extent of their knowledge with what happened. And all questions asked will be answered if the damage or the incident is reported immediately, or at least within twenty four (24) hours after its occurrence. Also take note that in reporting any kind of damages, it is important that all items that are reportedly damaged are retained until the matter is resolved. The reason for this is because these items are evidences that are used as reference to see how strong the impact or the effect is. You may also see  Daily Report Form

What is the purpose of a damage report?

what is the purpose of a damage report 1024x576

The purpose of a damage report is to document and detail any damage to property or items. This helps in assessing the extent of damage and facilitating necessary repairs or replacements.

  • Documentation : Provides an official record of the damage.
  • Assessment : Helps in evaluating the extent and cost of repairs.
  • Insurance Claims : Essential for filing insurance claims.
  • Liability Determination : Identifies responsible parties.
  • Preventive Measures : Assists in preventing future occurrences by analyzing causes, much like a Management Report Form .

How do you write a damaged item report?

Writing a damaged item report involves providing a clear and detailed description of the damaged item and the circumstances leading to the damage.

  • Item Details : Include item name, model, and serial number.
  • Damage Description : Describe the nature and extent of the damage.
  • Incident Description : Explain how and when the damage occurred.
  • Photographic Evidence : Attach photos of the damage.
  • Witness Information : Include names and contact details of any witnesses, akin to a Quality Audit Report Form .

Completing the Damage Report Forms

The damage report form could only be completed when all information that are needed are provided. Here below are the essential details that are often required in order to complete the process of assessing a damage report. Each of these information are given some explanations in order for you to be guided. You may also refer to the provided form samples for you in this article.

The Personal Information of Affected/Injured Person

This is the most important thing that you need to provide in the form. You have to make sure that the personal information of the affected person is complete and exact. The reason is simply because you have to know who is the main person involved in this incident. The person here is pertained to someone who is affected by the damages and the incident that was reported. Another reason why this is important is for you to know who to ask or investigate with regards to what happened.

But if in case that this person is unconscious due to the impact of the incident, you could approach some people who were present during the incident. Knowing this person’s identity, you are able to contact his or her family or relatives to inform them about what had happened. In addition to this, further information that are needed to be provided are the specific type of injuries that this person had suffered. Thus, some basic information regarding the insurance company that this person has applied to should also be indicated. The injured person’s injuries could also be documented and compiled with the use of injury report form .

  • The full name
  • The date of birth
  • The residential or postal address
  • The contact number
  • The emergency contact person (name, contact, address)
  • The social security number
  • The insurance company You may also see  Audit Report Form

The Business and Employment Information

The information with regards to the business or company of the affected person is to know what he or she does for a living. The information gathered from this could also be used as a reference for the investigation. This is because there might be some connections between the company details, the incident that has occurred, and the damages that were resulted.

Another thing why business information are necessary is to inform the employee’s employer with what happened to the affected person (or their employee). This is to be done first and foremost especially when the incident or damages occurred at the company or during business working hours. Thus, an employee report should be secured for the management to know what happened. You may also see  Internship Report Form

  • The business permit number
  • The business or company name
  • The business or company address
  • The business or company contact number and email address
  • The employee identification number
  • The employment contract period of the employee (start and end date of employment)
  • The employee’s job title or position
  • A brief description of the employee’s work You may also see  Visit Report Form

The Incident Information

The information from the incident report are also one of the most important things that should be written or specified in details. The purpose is mainly in order to explicit the sequencing of the events before, during, and after the occurrence of the incident. In this way, it will be easier to determine what is or are the causes of the damages. And with the provision of these information, the contributing factors are eradicated, prevented, and/or diminished.

  • The specific date and time of when the incident occurred
  • The exact location or place of where the incident occurred
  • The brief details or description of the incident
  • Any other relevant details to be added You may also see  Case Report Form

The Damage Information

The provided details for these information become the determinant of how bad these damages are and how much they cost. The purpose for including the approximate amount or cost is to calculate how much is needed to be paid by the person who caused the damages, and/or how much is needed to either pay or claim by the affected person. With the provision of these essential information, the damages are assessed or evaluated. Thus, a thorough investigation is conducted to find more powerful or strong evidences. These damage information could also be used to determine if damages are possible to be mended, repaired and/or restored. You may also see  Behavior Report Form

  • The date and time of when damage is reported
  • The date of when the damage/s occurred
  • The exact location of where the damage/s occurred (identify the part or area)
  • The type of damage (either an injury to a person, damage to a property, so on and so forth)
  • The estimated cost of damage, the repair cost, the purchase price or cost
  • The description of the damaged or lost item (model/serial number, age of item, approximate cost)
  • The contributing factors and the causes of damage/s
  • The person or thing behind the damage/s (intentionally or accidentally done) You may also see  Safety Report Form

The People Involved or Witness/es’ Information

The basic information from these people should also be indicated in the form. The reason for this is that these people could help the investigators or officials to ascertain what happened. They will be able to know what were the people doing before, during, and after the incident occurred. These people interviewed might have lots of information to provide when they are interrogated. You may also see  Referee Report Form

Yet, their witnesses’ statements are not always reliable. One main reason is because people have their own way of understanding what they see. And that is the reason why everybody has different perspectives in life. In addition to this, the people or witnesses will tell you what they believe they saw. Therefore, in order to determine what are the exact statements, you have to list all these statements from the interviewed people. When all the information that you need is complete, you can now connect these in solving the matter.

  • The full name of each person
  • The residential address
  • The witness’s statement/s

The Vehicle Information

If an incident or accident scene involves a vehicle, the information with regards to this should also be indicated in the form. The vehicle could be pertained to the damaged property of the injured person. If it is, then a liability insurance damage report is mandatory. The vehicle could also be used by the delinquent person who had caused such damages. The vehicle could also be the starting point that caused the damage/s. Thus, a driver should also undergo a driver evaluation for safety precautions. Whatever it pertains to, the details of this involved vehicle could be used as an evidence. You may also see  Marketing Report Form

  • The vehicle details (year, make, model)
  • The plate number
  • The insurance carrier
  • The name of the vehicle owner
  • The owner’s or driver’s license number
  • The driver’s relationship to the owner (if not the owner)
  • The purpose or reason for use at the time of incident
  • The vehicle evaluation results You may also see  Construction Report Form

The Corrective Actions and Follow-up Information

This part of the form is where you will see how the authorized people or officials reacted in response to the incident that caused damages, or if correct and immediate response was provided. This part also serves as a future basis or reference when the same incident occurs. By means of referring to the form, the authorized people will be able to determine how they had resolved the past issue with the particular implemented actions. And if it seems like these are not enough or effective to the current issue, they could always find a way to make it better.

  • The corrective or follow-up actions that were taken in response
  • The immediate actions taken when the damage/s was or were caused
  • The person or people who implemented these actions or who responded
  • The date of when the actions were implemented
  • The desired result from these actions
  • The result from these corrective actions You may also see  Evaluation Report Form

The Report Form Information

This part is with regards to the basic or general information of the form. These information are referred to when the form was submitted and to whom. This is basically one way to know if immediate response was made. This also determines who was the person who filled out or submitted this form and when submission was made. This then determines if an immediate report was made. You may also see  Patient Report Form

The information found in this part also serve as the future basis to identify when this incident occurred. And when there are some clarifications with regards to this report, the contact numbers of both the person who submitted and who reported can be reached anytime. Moreover, the signature of both persons indicate that all information written in this damage report form are true, correct, and accurate. You may also see  Car Accident Report Form

  • The name of person who submitted the report
  • The name of the person who received the report
  • The contact numbers of each
  • The affixed signatures from both
  • The date/s when both had signed the form You may also see  Missing Report Form

How to write a property damage report?

Writing a property damage report requires detailed documentation of the damage and the circumstances under which it occurred.

  • Property Details : Describe the property and its location.
  • Damage Assessment : Detail the damage and its extent.
  • Incident Narrative : Explain how the damage occurred.
  • Photographic Evidence : Provide photos of the damage.
  • Witness Statements : Include statements from witnesses, similar to a Rent Report Form .

Why is it important to report damage immediately?

why is it important to report damage immediately 1024x576

Reporting damage immediately ensures timely documentation and helps in initiating the repair or replacement process quickly.

  • Timely Documentation : Ensures accurate recording of details.
  • Insurance Claims : Facilitates quicker processing of claims.
  • Prevent Further Damage : Helps in taking immediate corrective actions.
  • Liability Determination : Identifies responsible parties promptly.
  • Compliance : Meets legal and policy requirements, like a Laboratory Report Form .

How to write an incident report for a damaged item?

An incident report for a damaged item should be clear, concise, and detailed, providing all necessary information for assessment.

  • Incident Details : Date, time, and location of the incident.
  • Description of Damage : Detailed description of the damage.
  • Cause of Damage : Explanation of how the damage occurred.
  • Photos : Attach photos of the damaged item.
  • Witness Information : Include witness names and contact details, much like a Joining Report Form .

What is considered a damaged item?

A damaged item is any object that has been harmed, broken, or rendered unusable due to an accident or other incidents, similar to those documented in a Disciplinary Report Form .

What are the three types of damage?

The three types of damage are physical damage, functional damage, and cosmetic damage, much like categories in a Weekly Report Form .

What is the most common type of property damage?

The most common type of property damage is water damage, often resulting from leaks, floods, or burst pipes, similar to frequent issues noted in a Student Report Form .

What is typically the most common damage claim?

The most common damage claim is for water damage, which includes leaks, floods, and pipe bursts, much like common entries in a Violent Incident Report Form .

What is classified as property damage?

Property damage includes any harm to real or personal property due to accidents, natural disasters, or intentional acts, akin to classifications in an Mileage Report Form .

What is the first action that should be taken when a property is damaged or destroyed?

The first action is to ensure safety, then document the damage thoroughly, similar to the immediate steps outlined in a Disability Report Form .

What is the word for when you damage property?

The term for damaging property is “vandalism” if intentional, or “accidental damage” if unintentional, much like terms used in a Sponsorship Report Form .

How do I claim damage?

To claim damage, report the incident to your insurance company, provide documentation and evidence, and follow their claims process, similar to submitting a Credit Report Form .

In conclusion, a Damage Report Form is a vital tool for documenting incidents of damage. This article has provided a comprehensive overview, including samples, forms, and practical tips. Understanding how to use these forms, much like a Hazard Report Form , ensures that all necessary information is collected accurately. Utilize our examples and guidelines to create detailed and effective damage report forms that facilitate smooth resolution and professional documentation of incidents.

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Stike Check

Refrigerator Claims: What Adjusters Should Know

When you were a child, did you ever open the refrigerator super-fast to try to find out if the light always stayed on? Unfortunately, handling residential refrigerator claims is typically a much more difficult mystery to solve and requires a lot more thorough investigation.

fridge damage report

The following critical information can help adjusters clear up some misconceptions and know what clues to look for when evaluating refrigerator claims.

Wear & Tear Can Look Like Surge Damage

StrikeCheck’s expert team has a lot of experience inspecting claimed refrigerators, among other electrically powered equipment frequently used in the home. Last year, appliances accounted for nearly one-third of the property that StrikeCheck evaluated – the second highest category after consumer electronics.

One trend from refrigerator inspections is that when thermostats are damaged, it is frequently the result of wear and tear. However, it is more often claimed as lightning or surge damage.

Why the confusion?

Excessive ice buildup, inconsistent airflow, and improper defrosting functions could point to surge-related electrical damage. However, these are also the consequences of metal fatigue causing the thermostat to stop sensing the temperature properly.

Metal fatigue is the result of stress to a metal that eventually leads to a breakdown in its composition. You may have heard of a type of metal fatigue that occurs in HVAC systems. Thermal fatigue is a cyclic stress that weakens the metal to an eventual point of failure after being repeatedly heated and cooled. Other types of metal fatigue may occur because of corrosion, load, or other factors.

fridge damage report

When a sensor sustains metal fatigue, it may malfunction and cause the refrigerator to have the incorrect temperature or not defrost properly. Because metal fatigue does not happen all at once, the cause of loss would be wear and tear – and not instantaneous damage like what occurs following lightning or high voltage surge.

To know for sure which peril it is, all claimed equipment should be thoroughly evaluated.

Testing Refrigerators Does Not Always Require Them to Be Moved

When technicians visit a home, it may give policyholders peace of mind that they are assessing the refrigerator thoroughly by moving it from the wall. The truth is, that is not necessary for built-in refrigerators.

fridge damage report

Built-in refrigerators, which can be stainless steel or have paneling, are taller and often deeper so they fit in with surrounding cabinetry. They are not intended to be moved often. Manufacturers have this in mind and designed and installed them so that the critical components can be accessed from the front. This means comprehensive testing and repairs can be completed with less effort from the technician.

Multiple Factors Affect Like Kind and Quality

Refrigerators come in all sizes and with a variety of features. Though replacements are sometimes the best solution after damage has occurred, it is essential adjusters only settle for equipment that is Like Kind and Quality (LKQ).

Among the possible amenities are: In-door ice and water dispensers, door-in-door storage access, crisper drawers, separate temperature controls, ice makers, and smart components. Other items to account for are the refrigerator’s size, how many doors or drawers there are, or freezer characteristics, which could all affect costs.

fridge damage report

The only way to ensure LKQ replacement equipment – or that the cost for the differing unit would be equal to an LKQ refrigerator – is by having an expert review the potential substitute and comparing market value prices.

Most importantly, however, do not assume a replacement is the only solution when first receiving a claim.

Claimed Refrigerators Are Often Not Damaged

High voltage surge is a peril that frequently damages refrigerator components, such as its thermostat or control board. However, it is critical to not immediately settle a claim with this reported cause of loss.

Nearly 22% of residential refrigerators that StrikeCheck assessed last year were non-damaged at the time of assessment. Almost 13% were damaged from wear and tear. That equates to more than a third of the claimed equipment that was either not damaged or damaged by a typically non-covered peril.

These facts may put adjusters on the right track for settling a claim, but it may still be difficult to obtain all the necessary data to guarantee settlement accuracy without expert support. The electronics claim investigators at StrikeCheck eliminate the speculation to guarantee better claim settlement decisions by providing cause of loss, scope of damage, and best repair and replacement recommendations. Submit a claim to StrikeCheck to get to the bottom of your next residential refrigerator claim.

Save Refrigerator Schematic Guide

fridge damage report

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How to Diagnose Refrigerator Problems

Last Updated: May 16, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Aaron Beth . Aaron Beth is the founder of Aaron’s Refrigeration Company in New York City and a factory certified installer (FCI) for Sub-Zero products. He specializes in the service and maintenance of built-in refrigerators, wine coolers and ice machines. With over 54 years of experience, Aaron is the recipient of numerous Super-Service awards from Angie’s Lists and 2019 Best-of-the City. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 1,332,172 times.

Sometimes you notice there's something wrong with your appliance right away. Maybe the light in your refrigerator won't turn on or your food isn't staying cold enough. You might not know if it’s necessary to call a professional or if it’s something you can easily fix yourself. Diagnosing the problem yourself can be the difference between a quick fix and an expensive, unnecessary repair.

Quick Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Refrigerator Won't Turn On

Refrigerator is Not Cooling


 Refrigerator is Not Getting Cold Enough 

Refrigerator is Constantly Running

Refrigerator is Leaking

Get Product Support Solve Any Problem


We’re sorry we don’t have the product, brand, or model you are looking for. Please enter its name below so that we can add support for it.

Diagnosing a Dead Refrigerator

Step 1 Check that the power cord is plugged in all the way.

Diagnosing if Only the Light Works

Step 1 Check your temperature gauge inside the appliance.

  • It should be set between 37 and 40º F (3-4ºC) for the refrigerator and between 0-5ºF (-15 to -18ºC) for the freezer.

Step 2 Make sure there's proper airflow around the appliance.

  • You may have to consult your owner's manual for the locations of the components. If a part does not have continuity, it is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Investigating a Refrigerator That Isn't Cold Enough

Step 1 Check your temperature gauge inside the appliance.

  • Repeat the process all around the seals of the appliance. If there's no tension at any spot, the seals are starting to fail. You should also check for cracks and rigidity that could be causing a failing door seal.

Step 4 Test the refrigerator components.

Diagnosing a Refrigerator That Keeps Running

Step 1 Wait a day to see if the problem solves itself.

Determining Why a Refrigerator Leaks

Step 1 Check the drain pan and tube.

  • The refrigerator should be turned off before attempting to clean the drain pan and tube.

Step 2 Level the refrigerator.

Expert Q&A

Aaron Beth

  • Contact a qualified repair technician or electrician if you are uncomfortable or unsure of how to test outlets or appliance components. Thanks Helpful 9 Not Helpful 6

fridge damage report

  • Never tip or rock a refrigerator to gain access to a part. The appliance can fall on top of you and cause serious injury. Thanks Helpful 49 Not Helpful 40

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fridge damage report

  • ↑ https://www.thisoldhouse.com/kitchens/21331225/fridge-not-cooling
  • ↑ Aaron Beth. Appliance Technician. Expert Interview. 14 July 2020.
  • ↑ https://www.nachi.org/how-to-inspect-refrigerator-appliance.htm

About This Article

Aaron Beth

To diagnose refrigerator problems, start by making sure your refrigerator is plugged in and checking the circuit to your kitchen to make sure you haven't lost power. If everything looks good, check the temperature gauge to see if your fridge is overheating. If the temperature is high, try cleaning out the vents on the bottom and back of the refrigerator to ensure they are not preventing adequate air flow. If the temperature seems normal, check the door seals to see if they need to be replaced. To learn how to determine why your refrigerator is leaking, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Damage Report

Report generator.

fridge damage report

Accidents tend to happen, and it is always unfortunate. Suppose you crashed your SUV for some reason. You’ll need to get your insurance to cover you, so don’t face more losses. To do this, you will need to file a damage report detailing what exactly happened to your vehicle . In this article, we will discuss how to write one.

16+ Damage Report Examples

Damage report template.

Damage Report Template

  • Google Docs

Size: A4 & US

Equipment Damage Report Template

Equipment Damage Report Template

Damage Report for Insurance Template

Damage Report for Insurance Template

Restaurant Damage Report Template

Restaurant Damage Report Template

Free Equipment Damage Report Template

Free Equipment Damage Report Template

Size: US & A4

Free Vehicle Damage Report Template

Free Vehicle Damage Report Template

Free Property Damage Report Template

Property Damage Report

  • Editable PDF

Computer Damage Report Example

Computer Damage Report Example

Size: 31 KB

Damage Report Template

Size: 46 KB

Equipment Damage Report Form Example

Equipment Damage Report Form Example

Size: 48 KB

Initial Damage Assessment Report Example

Initial Damage Assessment Report Example

Size: 40 KB

Insurance Damage Report Example

Insurance Damage Report Example 1

Size: 176 KB

Motor Vehicle Damage Report Example

Motor Vehicle Damage Report Example

Size: 60 KB

Property Damage or Loss Claim Report Example

Property Damage or Loss Claim Report Example

Size: 42 KB

Property Damage Release and Report Example

Property Damage Release and Report Example

Size: 26 KB

Property Damage Report Form Example

Property Damage Report Form Example

Utility Damage Incident Report Example

Utility Damage Incident Report Example

Size: 34 KB

What Is a Damage Report?

As its name would suggest, a damage report is a document written to give detail over a particular kind of damage. Whether it refers to a damaged item or property damage , this form covers it all. It helps people in insurance claims as it allows them to explain what has happened and prove their right to getting covered.

How To Draft a Damage Report

Since a damage report plays a crucial role in determining how to handle an incident , we need to know how to create these documents in the event of a disaster. That said, here are a few guidelines to create a useful report.

1. Know What Insurance to Address To

According to Statista research, there are different kinds of insurance , so you need to know which insurance to address your damage report. Different insurances require different types of damage reports, so it is helpful to take some time to look into it first before you start writing.

2. Know What the Damage Is

Before you create your damage report, you have to understand what kind of damage you are dealing with. That way, you will have an easy time wording out the incident in your report . For example, if you are dealing with equipment damage, take some time to do an inspection . You will be a breeze listing down the technical issues by doing that.

3. Make It Understandable

Avoid using big, flowery words that only make it harder for people to grasp your message. Vague terms and sentences may sound great in writing. When crafting something as professional as a damage report, they only act as a distraction from the document’s primary purpose. Keep it brief yet detailed enough for readers to accurately visualize what happened.

4. Review the Document

Review the report for any grammar or spelling errors you may have committed. It would also be necessary to double-check the facts provided, as you may have missed or overlooked some details essential to the report.

What makes a damage report different from a damage assessment?

A damage assessment refers to the process of identifying the nature of something damaged. Meanwhile, a damage report covers the documentation of the information gathered from the evaluation . The former is usually done first before the latter.

How do you describe the damages done to your car?

When it comes to vehicular accidents, you need to be familiar with the types of car damage for your damage report. The three common examples include minor, moderate, and severe damage.

What are the damage assessment response teams?

A damage assessment response team typically consists of experienced individuals sent to evaluate and document the damage caused by an incident and its potential impact on the community .

Like any other form of report writing , you must write your damage reports. It must provide readers with all the information needed to know about a particular incident to help them investigate the cause and respond appropriately. This way, you can receive the assistance you need to recover from an unfortunate tragedy. So if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation that requires a damage report, make sure to refer to these guidelines for a successful write-up.


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Prepare a report analyzing the trends in student participation in sports and arts programs over the last five years at your school.

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Chaos and Confusion: Tech Outage Causes Disruptions Worldwide

Airlines, hospitals and people’s computers were affected after CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company, sent out a flawed software update.

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A view from above of a crowded airport with long lines of people.

By Adam Satariano Paul Mozur Kate Conger and Sheera Frenkel

  • July 19, 2024

Airlines grounded flights. Operators of 911 lines could not respond to emergencies. Hospitals canceled surgeries. Retailers closed for the day. And the actions all traced back to a batch of bad computer code.

A flawed software update sent out by a little-known cybersecurity company caused chaos and disruption around the world on Friday. The company, CrowdStrike , based in Austin, Texas, makes software used by multinational corporations, government agencies and scores of other organizations to protect against hackers and online intruders.

But when CrowdStrike sent its update on Thursday to its customers that run Microsoft Windows software, computers began to crash.

The fallout, which was immediate and inescapable, highlighted the brittleness of global technology infrastructure. The world has become reliant on Microsoft and a handful of cybersecurity firms like CrowdStrike. So when a single flawed piece of software is released over the internet, it can almost instantly damage countless companies and organizations that depend on the technology as part of everyday business.

“This is a very, very uncomfortable illustration of the fragility of the world’s core internet infrastructure,” said Ciaran Martin, the former chief executive of Britain’s National Cyber Security Center and a professor at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University.

A cyberattack did not cause the widespread outage, but the effects on Friday showed how devastating the damage can be when a main artery of the global technology system is disrupted. It raised broader questions about CrowdStrike’s testing processes and what repercussions such software firms should face when flaws in their code cause major disruptions.

fridge damage report

How a Software Update Crashed Computers Around the World

Here’s a visual explanation for how a faulty software update crippled machines.

How the airline cancellations rippled around the world (and across time zones)

Share of canceled flights at 25 airports on Friday

fridge damage report

50% of flights

Ai r po r t

Bengalu r u K empeg o wda

Dhaka Shahjalal

Minneapolis-Saint P aul

Stuttga r t

Melbou r ne

Be r lin B r anden b urg

London City

Amsterdam Schiphol

Chicago O'Hare


B r adl e y

Cha r lotte

Reagan National


1:20 a.m. ET

fridge damage report

CrowdStrike’s stock price so far this year

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Report Templates

20+ damage report templates.

Like it or not, incidents happen where something gets damaged. For example, an engine in a trailer suffered a short circuit and incurred electrical damage. An incident reports is primarily written when an incident takes place regardless of whether any damages were caused to properties or not. But in any case of damages occurring, the incident report will be accompanied by a damage reports . This is because it helps document where, when, how the damages were incurred, to what degree the damage was made, and under which circumstances the damage was caused. Whether it’s about damaged goods, rental property, car, ship cargo, warehouse, housekeeping, or a laptop, we’ve got templates that can help you file and email the report with ease.

fridge damage report

Damage Report Template

damage report

  • Google Docs

Report Template Bundle

report template bundle

Damage Report for Insurance Template

damage report for insurance

Equipment Damage Report Template

equipment damage report

What Is an Equipment Damage Report?

Damage report format.

restaurant damage report

Example of Damage Report

warehouse damage report template

Damage Item Report

ship equipment damage report template

Standard Damage Report Template

damage report template

Accident Report Template

accident report template

Employee Incident Report Template

employee incident report template

Free Rental Property Damage Report Form Template

property damage

Free Motor Vehicle Engine Damage Report Form

vehicle damage

How to Write a Damage Report

  • Date, time, location of the incident
  • The extent of the damage done
  • Names and designations of the people involved
  • Names and claims of witnesses
  • Series of events leading up to the incident
  • Environmental conditions during the time
  • Specific injuries sustained by people
  • Discuss the sequence of events that occurred before, during, and immediately following the incident.
  • Write an in-depth analysis of what caused the incident.
  • Write a recommendation for disciplinary actions that should be imposed.

Free Broken Equipment Damage Email Report Template

equipment damage report template

Free Short Circuit Lightning Report Template

lightning report

Free Product Goods Damage Report Template

damage template

Free Rental Car Insurance Damage Report Letter

insurance damage

Free Laptop / Computer Damage Report Template

computer report

What Are Guidelines in Writing a Damage Report?

  • When writing a damage report layout, you will still be required to follow standard business report formats which, if you don’t know what it is, can be found on the Internet. But some companies make use of their very own format when it comes to writing damage reports.
  • Write the report as soon as possible. If possible, write it on the same day when the incident happened.
  • Thoroughly and accurately describe everything that happened in a first-person narrative. You can also see more on Damage Reports in Google Docs .
  • Be clear by using easy-to-understand vocabulary while avoiding confusing and flowery words.
  • Double-check the report for any errors in facts, grammar, and spelling. You can also see more on  Safety Reports .

Free Electrical Damage Defect Template

damage defect template

Free Trailer Damage Assessment Report Template

damage assessment template

Free Cargo Damage Incident Template

damage incident template

General FAQs

1. what is a damage report, 2. what information does a damage report consist of.

  • Details of the damaged item in question
  • Cause of the damage
  • Impact of the damage
  • Advise whether repairs are possible
  • Estimation of the overall cost of repair.

3. What is the Format of a Damage Report?

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Incident Report
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • Appendices.

4. What Guidelines Should You Follow While Writing a Report?

5. what are the different types of damage report.

  • Property Report
  • Vehicle damage report
  • Crop damage report
  • Equipment damage report
  • Damage of restaurant report, etc.

More in Report Templates

Broken Equipment Damage Email Report Template

Motor vehicle engine damage report form template, rental property damage report form template, property damage report template, restaurant damage report template, editable equipment damage report template.

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  • 17+ Internship Student Report Templates
  • 64+ Monthly Report Samples

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Top 10 Causes of Fridge Damage - Fix Repair CA


Let’s admit it, the refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking equipment in every home. Can you imagine living in the times without one? Food spoiling, no cool water to drink, no freezer to keep meat fresher longer. A refrigerator is an essential appliance, and you don’t want a damaged fridge. No typical household can survive without a functioning refrigerator, imagine all the food your fridge can keep for days without rotting. 

Have you experienced your fridge suddenly stop working ? Huge headache. Sometimes it’s too late to realize how important something is until it’s broken. We shouldn’t take our appliances for granted. Imagine doing the research on what caused the damages, cost of repairs, or worse, you end up needing to buy a brand new refrigerator. We wouldn’t want that to happen, of course. That’s why we’re sharing with you common reasons for fridge damage and how to solve them.

Top 10 Causes of Fridge Damage

#1 over stuffing.

No matter how big the space of our refrigerator is, they’re only meant to hold a certain amount of food. You can read your fridge’s user manual for more information on this. Never throw manuals away! They can help you in times of trouble. When you overstuff your fridge beyond its capacity, it puts extra weight on its compressor. This can cause your refrigerator’s motor compressor to break down. Compressors are costly to fix, especially past their warranty period. 

#2 Old Model

Just like humans, appliances like the refrigerator break down due to old age. You can give it regular repairs and maintenance but its performance is compromised over the period of time.

#3 Free Running

We mentioned never to throw away your refrigerator manual. It usually has instructions to test drive or free run your unit for several hours before loading it with food, products and beverages. Running it empty makes your fridge ready to take on its capacity. So remember to do a free running of your unit to prevent risks of fridge repairs too early. 

#4 Cooling Agent Leakage

Sometimes, there are accidents or mishaps that can cause the refrigerant or cooling agent to leak. This can cause your fridge to stop cooling. There is no other solution but to hire a professional refrigerator repair service to seal the opening and refill the lost refrigerant depending on your fridge’s brand and standard.  

#5 Dirty Condenser Coils

If you let dirt, dust, and grime to accumulate on the coils, they won’t be able to regulate the temperature in your fridge correctly. If your fridge is not cooling properly, this can cause your food to spoil and be unsafe to eat. You can prevent this by just using a brush to clean the coils twice a year. They are usually located at the bottom or behind your fridge.

#6 Leaking Gaskets

Gaskets are the seals that line your fridge’s door. Wear and tear can cause it to become loose or even crack. If they’re damaged, your fridge won’t securely shut and cause your refrigerator to leak the cool air. If you spot a leak, contact a professional to replace them immediately. 

#7 Frayed Cables

This is probably the easiest fridge problem to solve, as long as the repairman spots the location of the faulty cables right away. They just need to replace or repair the frayed cabling and your fridge would be up and running again.

#8 Not Replacing Your Water Filter

If your fridge has a water and ice dispenser, you should regularly replace its filter. Neglecting your filter prevents the refrigerator from blocking pollutants, dirt, sediments that can block your pipes. We advise replacing the filter every 6 months. 

#9 Compressor Motor Problem

Compressor motors experience breaking down due to 2 reasons. Your fridge is either too old, or overstuffing (#1 and #2)

#10 No regular cleaning

No one likes a messy fridge. It’s not just because it is sticky or dirty, bacteria and viruses can live inside your refrigerator if you don’t clean it regularly. These will be harder to get rid of the longer the spill stays inside. We recommend cleaning your fridge every 2 weeks. 

Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why it’s a great start to find out what causes refrigerator damages and how to prevent them. But in case your fridge is already experiencing problems, contact us right away so we can assess your case and send professional appliance repair service in your area .

Make an Appointment

fridge damage report

MIT Technology Review

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How to fix a Windows PC affected by the global outage

There is a known workaround for the blue screen CrowdStrike error that many Windows computers are currently experiencing. Here’s how to do it.

  • Rhiannon Williams archive page

BARCELONA, SPAIN - JULY 19: A passenger takes pictures of a screen displaying delayed flights at Barcelona Aiport on July 19, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Businesses, travel companies and Microsoft users across the globe were among those affected by a tech outage today. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

MIT Technology Review Explains: Let our writers untangle the complex, messy world of technology to help you understand what's coming next. You can read more here.

Windows PCs have crashed in a major IT outage around the world, bringing airlines, major banks, TV broadcasters, health-care providers, and other businesses to a standstill. Airlines including United, Delta, and American have been forced to ground and delay flights, stranding passengers in airports, while the UK broadcaster Sky News was temporarily pulled off air. Meanwhile, banking customers in Europe, Australia, and India have been unable to access their online accounts. Doctor’s offices and hospitals in the UK have lost access to patient records and appointment scheduling systems. 

The problem stems from a defect in a single content update for Windows machines from the cybersecurity provider CrowdStrike. George Kurtz, CrowdStrike’s CEO, says that the company is actively working with customers affected. “This is not a security incident or cyberattack,” he said in a statement on X. “The issue has been identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed. We refer customers to the support portal for the latest updates and will continue to provide complete and continuous updates on our website.” CrowdStrike pointed MIT Technology Review to its blog with additional updates for customers.

What caused the issue?

The issue originates from a faulty update from CrowdStrike, which has knocked affected servers and PCs offline and caused some Windows workstations to display the “blue screen of death” when users attempt to boot them. Mac and Linux hosts are not affected.

The update was intended for CrowdStrike’s Falcon software, which is “endpoint detection and response” software designed to protect companies’ computer systems from cyberattacks and malware. But instead of working as expected, the update caused computers running Windows software to crash and fail to reboot. Home PCs running Windows are less likely to have been affected, because CrowdStrike is predominantly used by large organizations. Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The CrowdStrike software works at the low-level operating system layer. Issues at this level make the OS not bootable,” says Lukasz Olejnik, an independent cybersecurity researcher and consultant, and author of Philosophy of Cybersecurity .

Not all computers running Windows were affected in the same way, he says, pointing out that if a machine’s systems had been turned off at the time CrowdStrike pushed out the update (which has since been withdrawn), it wouldn’t have received it. For the machines running systems that received the mangled update and were rebooted, an automated update from CloudStrike’s server management infrastructure should suffice, he says.

“But in thousands or millions of cases, this may require manual human intervention,” he adds. “That means a really bad weekend ahead for plenty of IT staff.”

How to manually fix your affected computer

There is a known workaround for Windows computers that requires administrative access to its systems. If you’re affected and have that high level of access, CrowdStrike has recommended the following steps:

1. Boot Windows into safe mode or the Windows Recovery Environment.

2. Navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\CrowdStrike directory.

3. Locate the file matching “C-00000291*.sys” and delete it.

4. Boot the machine normally.

Sounds simple, right? But while the above fix is fairly easy to administer, it requires someone to enter it physically, meaning IT teams will need to track down remote machines that have been affected, says Andrew Dwyer of the Department of Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London.

“We’ve been quite lucky that this is an outage and not an exploitation by a criminal gang or another state,” he says. “It also shows how easy it is to inflict quite significant global damage if you get into the right part of the IT supply chain.” While fixing the problem is going to cause headaches for IT teams for the next week or so, it’s highly unlikely to cause significant long-term damage to the affected systems—which would not have been the case if it had been ransomware rather than a bungled update, he says.

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Watch CBS News

What is Microsoft's "blue screen of death?" Here's what it means and how to fix it.

By Megan Cerullo

Edited By Aimee Picchi

Updated on: July 19, 2024 / 1:25 PM EDT / CBS News

The Microsoft outage caused by a faulty CrowdStrike software update has caused the return of a familiar — and dreaded — screen for many Windows users: what has come to be known informally as the "blue screen of death," indicating that their computer systems are down. 

The outage has affected consumers and businesses across the globe, including airlines, banks, health care providers, telecoms, retailers and even billboards in New York City's Times Square. The blue screens were visible on computer screens at multiple airports Friday, according to images shared on social media. 

The screens, which have been around for decades, were  designed for early Windows systems to display when users' operating systems glitched. Microsoft, which describes them as "blue screen errors" or STOP code errors, says the screen continues to be displayed "if a serious problem causes Windows to shut down or restart unexpectedly."


Friday's worldwide outage was caused by a technical problem that global cybersecurity firm  CrowdStrike  said it had identified in its software and was working to resolve. CrowdStrike provides antivirus software to Microsoft for its Windows devices.

In a post on X early Friday, Microsoft said its "previously impacted Microsoft 365 apps and services have recovered."

However, some customers responded that their computers were still displaying the blue screen.

How can I fix the blue screen of death?

In an earlier social media post, Microsoft said users can fix the blue screen of death by restoring their Windows 365 Cloud PC "to a known good state prior to the release of the update, or replacing the buggy version of Windows 365 with the system in use just before CloudStrike issued its faulty update.

Microsoft included a link to a page with instructions on how to restore Windows. Users are given choices of various restart points for their computers that range from four hours to 24 hours before the CloudStrike update. 

USA: Major IT Outage Hits Banks, Airlines, Businesses Worldwide

In a separate update on its website, Microsoft also said users may encounter a bug check called BSOD, or blue screen of death, "and get stuck in a restarting state." In other words, the BSOD indicates that a computer has been knocked offline and that its operating system is not functional, sometimes forcing users into what can seem like a never-ending recovery loop before the PCs start properly again. 

Experts also advise users to run "Windows Update" to make sure they're using the latest software fixes. If the blue screen error persists, Microsoft recommends the following steps:

In Windows, open  Get Help .

In the Get Help app, type "Troubleshoot BSOD error."

Follow the guided walkthrough in the Get Help app

People who aren't using a Windows device can run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter on their browser by going to  Contact Microsoft Support  and typing "Troubleshoot BSOD error." That will lead to a guided walkthrough under "Recommended Help," according to Microsoft. 

How long does it take to get rid of the blue screen?

Microsoft warned that its customers may have to reboot as many as 15 times before they're successful in restoring their computing systems. 

Microsoft said some users have reported that they have been able to successfully reboot their machines. 

"We have received reports of successful recovery from some customers attempting multiple Virtual Machine restart operations on affected Virtual Machines," the company said. It advises Windows users to log in to the Azure Portal, its cloud computing product, and to initiate a restart. 

  • CrowdStrike

Megan Cerullo is a New York-based reporter for CBS MoneyWatch covering small business, workplace, health care, consumer spending and personal finance topics. She regularly appears on CBS News 24/7 to discuss her reporting.

More from CBS News

CrowdStrike blames bad data upload for global tech outage

Delta faces federal probe as it scraps hundreds of flights for fifth day

Delta cancels hundreds more flights as crowdstrike fallout continues.

Delta's CEO predicts "minimal" flight cancellations on Wednesday

How long is food good in a fridge without power? Safety tips to get you through an outage

fridge damage report

Severe weather including thunderstorms and a few tornados swept through the state Monday evening leaving some Iowans without power.

At least one tornado pushed through the Des Moines metro during rush hour. Meanwhile, the eastern part of the state was battered with high winds and rain. A tornado was also reported in Davenport.

More than 10,000 MidAmerican customers in the Des Moines metro lost power during storms and more than 36,000 were without on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities.

Updates: NWS confirms tornado touched down in Urbandale; outages could last until Tuesday evening

If you are one of the Iowans who lost power, here are some tips for once the power comes back on.

How long is food good in the fridge without power?

The Food and Drug Administration says that even with the refrigerator door shut, you should "discard refrigerated perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs and leftovers after four hours without power.”

Be sure to write down when the power went off so you can keep track of how long your fridge has been off. Keep both the refrigerator and freezer doors closed for as long as you can to maintain the temperature.

How long is food good in the freezer without power?

A full freezer will keep food safe for almost 48 hours if the door remains closed. If the freezer is half full, reduce that time to 24 hours. If thawed food doesn't exceed 41 degrees for more than an hour, it can be refrozen, according to the Iowa Department of Inspection, Appeals and Licensing .

What else should you do during a power outage?

  • Make sure all heat-producing appliances are off to prevent fires during outages.
  • This includes irons, hair straighteners and coffee pots, according to MidAmerican . Unplugging electrical devices can help avoid any damage when electricity comes back on.
  • MidAmerican suggests unplugging computers, TVs and other sensitive appliances.

Kate Kealey is a general assignment reporter for the Des Moines Register. Reach her at  [email protected]  or follow her on Twitter at @ Kkealey17 .

Stay safe, Stay alive

Power outages and your fridge: how to keep your appliances intact, please share this share this content.

A power outage or surge can be a stressful event for any homeowner, particularly if you’re worried about potential damage to your appliances.

Table of Contents

How Refrigerators Work

To understand how power outages can damage refrigerators, it’s essential to first understand how refrigerators work.

This is done through a process of compressing and expanding a refrigerant gas. The compressor, condenser, and evaporator are the main components that make this process possible.

The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator, and it compresses the refrigerant gas to create heat.

The condenser then removes the heat, while the evaporator absorbs the heat from inside the refrigerator, causing it to cool.

Effects of a Power Outage on Your Refrigerator

A power outage can potentially cause the temperature inside your refrigerator to rise, which can lead to food spoilage.

If the power outage is short there may not be any damage to the refrigerator.

During a power outage, the temperature inside the fridge will start to rise, and if it gets too high, it can cause food spoilage.

If you experience a power outage, it’s important to keep the fridge door closed as much as possible to help maintain the temperature inside.

While a power outage itself may not damage your fridge, the power surge that can occur when the power is restored can potentially cause damage to your fridge’s sensitive electronics and controls.

Modern refrigerators have a lot of sensitive controls and electronics, making them very susceptible to even a very small surge, unlike older, simpler models which were a bit tougher.

A surge protector is an affordable device that can help protect your fridge from power surges, and it’s easy to install.

Make sure to choose a surge protector that’s rated for refrigerators and that has a high enough joule rating to provide adequate protection.

Tips for Protecting Your Refrigerator During Power Outages and Surges

To minimize the risk of damage to your fridge during power outages and surges, consider the following tips:

Protect Your Compressor: Adjusting Temperature During Outages

To protect your refrigerator during power outages and surges, consider adjusting its temperature settings.

Before an expected outage, lower the temperature setting by a few degrees . This will help the fridge retain its coolness for a longer period of time and decrease the workload on the compressor once the power comes back on.

Once the fridge has had time to stabilize, gradually adjust the temperature back to its usual setting.

By investing in a surge protector, keeping your fridge door closed during an outage, and considering a backup power supply, you can help ensure that your fridge and the food inside it stay safe during unexpected power events.

you work With Electricity! Don’t leave empty-handed!

Looking to stay ahead of the game in the world of electrical engineering? Subscribe to my YouTube channel and gain access to exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else!

Disclaimer : This contains affiliate links to Amazon products. I may earn a commission for purchases made through these links.

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fridge damage report

What to do when product repairs go wrong

Don't settle for product repairs that didn't fix the problem.

fridge damage report

You've done everything you can thing to make sure that a product repair goes right. Yet, now that the technician is done, you're having the same problem, or maybe there's a new one. So what should you do when product repairs go wrong? (Read our earlier article, " Don't Be a Product Repair Victim .")

First, your rights likely depend on whether the technician acted reasonably and on what the contract or work order says. If the repair was unsuccessful but the technician took reasonable steps to diagnose and fix the problem, you may not be legally entitled to anything.

"Service providers don't guarantee that everything will go perfectly. They guarantee that they'll do it as a reasonably competent person would in that profession," says Richard Alderman, who heads University of Houston's Consumer for Law Center .

It's another matter if the technician was negligent or, even worse, engaged in fraud, says Daniel Blinn, managing attorney of the Rocky Hill, Connecticut-based Consumer Law Group .

In November, for example, the Maryland attorney general's consumer-protection division ordered an appliance-repair company in that state to return $100,000 to customers for repairs that it did not complete or that were unnecessary . The company told one woman that her washing machine needed a control board that would cost $43 even though the real reason her machine wasn't working was that a quarter was stuck in the appliance's water pump, the state determined.

It also can make a difference if the contract guarantees that the repair will fix the problem, as opposed to, say, simply replacing a part, says Blinn.

Tell us about your product-repair history it for a future report. And read our repair or replace advice to find out when you should fix it and when you should nix it .

Here's what to do

Research the issue.  When product repairs go wrong, it can be difficult to tell whether a technician acted reasonably. Consider posting the details of the repair issue on one or more message boards for your product and see what others say. You might even get some comments from professionals.

Complain to the repairer. Even if you think the technician was negligent, start by being nice. "If they're a solid, reputable company they want you to be taken care of," says Randy Carney, executive director of the Professional Service Association , which certifies independent appliance repairers.

Here's what to expect

If you believe the technician was negligent or dishonest. You might be entitled to so-called expectation damages, an amount necessary to put things the way they would have been had the job been done correctly, Blinn says. The same goes if you have a written guarantee that the repair will fix the problem.

You also might have a right to so-called consequential or incidental damages when a product repair go wrong, especially if the technician's negligence caused you to suffer a loss beyond the cost of the repair. And if there was fraud, you may be able to collect double or even triple damages, as well as legal fees.

But hopefully it won't get to the point where you'll need to enforce your rights. Make a reasonable argument. If the technician works for a company with higher-ups, ask to speak to a supervisor.

If you think the technician acted reasonably.  As complex as a diagnosis or repair might have been, a company should be open to negotiation if it didn't fix the problem. For instance, it might agree to charge you only its wholesale cost for any additional parts and/or forgo another labor charge or diagnostic fee.

Call in another repair company. If the first shop won't budge, call in another shop. If you do, get a detailed work order, and keep your receipt. Those can help you show that the initial repair wasn't done correctly and prove your damages. Also, don't throw out any replaced parts that you kept—they're useful evidence when product repairs go wrong

Complain to a third party. If you're unable to get satisfaction, it's time to seek help from third parties, such as the Better Business Bureau . You can also file a complaint with your state or local consumer-protection agency or the entity that licenses or registers the repairer, such as an occupational licensing board. In some states, car-repair shops are overseen by the department of motor vehicles.

Dispute the charge. If you paid by credit card, try disputing the charge. But keep in mind that a successful chargeback doesn't prevent a company from initiating legal action you or reporting you to credit agency.

Consider legal action. Ultimately, when product repairs go wrong, unresolved complaints end up in small-claims court. Nolo.com has a lot of free information about small-claims court , including state-by-state charts that show the rules and dollar limits for disputes, which vary by jurisdiction. Consider consulting a consumer attorney , especially if the dispute involves a significant amount of money.

—Anthony Giorgianni

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fridge damage report

What we know about the global Microsoft outage

A routine software update caused cascading chaos Friday that has engulfed global businesses from airports and banks to retail and law enforcement.

It wasn’t a cyberattack, but was caused by one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies deploying a flawed update while trying to keep their customers safe from hackers.

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company based in Austin, Texas, that’s widely used by businesses and government agencies that run on Microsoft computers, said that a defect in one of its updates for computers running the Windows operating system had caused the issue. The result was arguably the largest global information technology outage in history. 

Here’s what we know:

What has been affected?

The outage appeared to affect almost every major business sector in one way or another.

Airports and flights across the world were severely delayed or canceled altogether, as the computers on which these services rely were disrupted by the issue. Three of the largest airlines in the United States — American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines — all issued ground stops, citing communications problems.

Long lines snaked through airports from Berlin to Hong Kong, as electronic systems failed and staff members resorted to checking in passengers manually. One flier in the Indian city of Hyderabad posted a picture of a curiosity usually unseen in the modern digital age: a handwritten boarding pass.

Follow live updates on the global tech outage

Mass IT Outage Affects Travel, Businesses And Individual Users Across The Globe

The issue also affected banks, leaving some customers unable to access their money. People across Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere reported problems logging into their accounts at major retail banks. Meanwhile the London Stock Exchange, the largest of its kind in Europe, said some of its services had been disrupted although trading had not been impeded.

In retail, McDonald’s closed some of its stores in Japan because of what it said in an online statement was a “cash register malfunction.” And the British grocery chain Waitrose was forced to put up handwritten notes informing customers that it was only accepting cash. Some Starbucks locations temporarily closed after the company's mobile ordering system went down, while other locations stayed open and left their baristas scrambling to come up with new workflows.

Baltic Hub, a global shipping terminal in Poland, said in a statement it had been battling issues related to the outage. The Alaska State Troopers agency was among the law enforcement agencies to report issues, warning people that 911 was temporarily not working. And the British broadcaster Sky News, which is owned by NBCUniversal's parent company, Comcast, was briefly knocked off the air.

Global Microsoft Outage

Some computers that were not on during the software update appear to have avoided the issue, according to initial reports.

What caused it?

Cybersecurity programs like CrowdStrike’s frequently and automatically update themselves to account for new tactics that malicious hackers have discovered. And there’s always a slight risk that any software update will be incompatible with other programs.

CrowdStrike’s update should have been routine, but an error in its code conflicted with Windows and proved catastrophic.

The company’s CEO, George Kurtz , said Friday morning on the "TODAY" show that while some customers would see their computers fixed automatically, others would require manual work to fix.

“The system was sent an update, and that update had a software bug in it and caused an issue with the Microsoft operating system,” Kurtz said. “Our systems are always looking for the latest attacks from these adversaries that are out there.”

How long until things go back to normal?

CrowdStrike identified the problem and issued a fix early Friday after the problem began to emerge. On Friday afternoon, Kurtz released a statement apologizing for the outage, adding that CrowdStrike was “operating normally.”

The fix required affected computers to download another software update, which some have been able to do automatically.

Many companies and services affected by the chaos, such as the New Hampshire Department of Safety, which said its 911 system was briefly down, reported that they were back online by Friday morning. 

Others haven’t been able to load the update, which would potentially require IT workers at some companies to reboot and tinker with every single affected computer.

“Many of the customers are rebooting the system, and it’s coming up, and it’ll be operational because we fixed it on our end,” Kurtz said. “Some of the systems that aren’t recovering, we’re working with them. So it could be some time for some systems that just automatically won’t recover.”

fridge damage report

Alexander Smith is a senior reporter for NBC News Digital based in London.

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.


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