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  1. FREE 14+ Leave Application Form Samples, PDF, MS Word, Google ...

    Size: 259 KB. Download. This form is used by educational institutions to allow the parents of their students to apply for a leave on the behalf of their child. The parents should share the student’s information and the reason for the leave in this form. you can also see Application For Employment Forms.

  2. Leave Application Form Template MS Word | Word & Excel Templates

    Get your hands on the most professional employee leave application form by simply downloading it. Key features of the template are. MS Word file format: Use MS Word software to download and edit the document. Printable: Print the document after you are done with the necessary changes or simply fill it. Reusable format: Use this form as a ...

  3. Leave Application Formats and Samples | Word & Excel Templates

    Application for Sick leave. Application for injury leave. Application for maternity. Application for paternity leave. Application for casual leave. Application for Illness or death of any relative leave. Application for a doctor’s appointment. Application for the dentist’s appointment. Application for vacation leave.

  4. FREE 50+ Leave Application Forms in PDF | MS Word | Excel

    Employee Leave Application Form. 6. Staff Annual Leave Application Form. 7. Medicine Student Conference Leave Application Form. 8. Office Leave Application Form. 9. Maternity Leave Application Form.

  5. Writing a Leave Application (Free Samples & Templates)

    It is essential to use formal language. Keep it short by only mentioning the required information, i.e., reasons for taking the leave. Include a signature at the end of the office leave application. Include the name of the person who will be undertaking your tasks while on leave. Write the recipient’s name.

  6. 20+ Blank Leave Application Forms (Free Templates)

    Keep the application letter brief, not longer than one page. Provide the reasons for the leave, associated dates, and a work plan in place in direct but conclusive two to three paragraphs. Also, be genuine. Ensure that you are eligible for the leave and avoid giving false information to get your leave approved.