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    PRE-QUALIFYING THE LISTING PRESENTATION SCRIPT Before I come out … there are a number of questions I need to ask you … OK? 1. If what I say makes sense … and you feel comfortable and confident that I can … sell your home … are you planning to list your home with me when I come out on _____? 2.

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    February 27, 2023 | CMA Presentation Script © 2023 The Mike Ferry Organization. All Rights Reserved. 2of 3 3. Now … there are only two issues we have to look at ...

  4. The Listing Presentation by Mike Ferry

    In this dynamic Media Download, watch how Mike Ferry follows the Listing Presentation script verbatim, then asks the sellers over 100 additional powerful questions, handles the toughest objections that home owners currently have, and discusses the biggest issues in today's market. Learn how he gets the contract signed at full commission and ...

  5. 5 Steps To Improve Your Listing Presentation

    Pro-Tip 1: First impressions are critical. Listing Presentation. Remember, first impressions are critical. That includes everything from the clothes you wear to how well you're groomed, to whether your shoes are shined, the smile on your face, and the strength of your handshake. That handshake says a lot to people.

  6. Mike Ferry Listing Script

    Discover the essence of real estate mastery in this video, where we dive deep into Mike Ferry's renowned Realtor Training. From the art of the Listing Presen...

  7. The Mike Ferry Sales System Week 8

    Mike Ferry TV Presents...The Mike Ferry Real Estate Sales System Week 8 - Listing PresentationClick the link below to request a FREE coaching evaluation call...

  8. Listing Presentation Role Play: The 95% Effective Script You NEED

    This week, I have something of really insane value for you. I sat down with Carolyn Young, a 30-year veteran of the business, to role play the listing presentation script she uses to convert about 95% of her opportunities. And for context, she went on 200 listing appointments last year. This year, she's on track for SIX MILLION dollars in ...

  9. Role Playing the Mike Ferry Pre-Qualification Script (mastermind

    The PQ and Listing Presentation Channel are the video recordings of a mastermind group of six highly experienced and high volume residential real estate agen...

  10. The Mike Ferry "One Minute" Listing Presentation!

    Is it possible to take a listing in one minute or less? Absolutely! With proper practice, as well as preparation, you can list a home in under 1 minute! T...

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    MIKE FERRY SCRIPTS Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

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    Podcast. Mike Ferry's Strategies: The official MFO podcast! Learn how to increase your production, develop a successful mindset, make more money, and get the most out of the Mike Ferry Sales System. Mike Ferry is recognized as the global industry leader in Real Estate Coaching and Training. Over 47 years of experience.

  14. PDF The One-Minute Presentation

    ©The Mike Ferry Organization Page 3 of 4 1009 14. What price do you feel we should use … to create value in the eyes of the buyer …

  15. Ways to Master Your Real Estate Listing Presentation

    8. Send Another Video on the Morning of Your Appointment. To further prime the homeowner for your presentation, send another video on the morning of the day of the appointment. Here's the script: Hi [Homeowner's Name] it's [Your Name], just wanted to make sure we were set today for [Time]. I'm really excited.

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    Only close for the signature at the end of the One-Minute Presentation when you have qualified and know the following: a. They know you. b. They want to hire you. c. They will list at your price. 4. (Name) at the end of my presentation tonight ... one of three things will happen ...

  17. A Guide to Real Estate Prospecting Scripts

    A real estate prospecting script is a pre-planned set of dialogues used by professionals to engage potential clients. It includes key agent information, market trends, and prompts to gather prospect preferences. The goals of scripts in real estate are to establish rapport, gather information, and guide toward a successful transaction.