Internet of Things Using 5G Infrastructure. A Literature Review

Essay, 2016, eliud shiyonga (author).

Abstract or Introduction

5G is predicted to be a wireless network that will offer a delivery speed of 20 Gbps, provide exceptionally low latency at the same time connecting billions of devices. Basing on this many experts have asserted that the Internet of Things will have its backbone as the 5G since it will offer the connections between various disparate networks to form a single amalgamated structure that unites the short distance communications such as Bluetooth and RFID with the cellular technology and integrate small cells and diverse networks. Besides this it is presumed that 5G will make use of new spectrum in the microwave bands and the high frequencies millimeter wave. 5G has therefore been set the question to find out if it will be able to meet all the demands of the Internet of Things. However, 5G has been considered appealing for IoT because of its potentiality to bring in the possibilities of segmenting out the low bandwidth devices and users that do not essentially require the high data speeds and great chunks of bandwidth so as to function. As an alternative the 5G use incidences will only require a dependable connection that is interoperable with the related IoT networks and devices.

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Title: Internet of Things Using 5G Infrastructure. A Literature Review

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Title: Internet of Things Using 5G Infrastructure. A Literature Review

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Understanding 5G Mobile Networks

ISBN : 978-1-80071-037-5 , eISBN : 978-1-80071-036-8

Publication date: 8 March 2021

Curwen, P. and Whalley, J. (2021), "5G Literature Review", Understanding 5G Mobile Networks , Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 47-66.

Emerald Publishing Limited

Copyright © 2021 by Emerald Publishing Limited

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5G Coverage Evaluation: A Systematic Literature Review

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5G Technology: A Survey

Profile image of Parth  Panchal

• 2.5G is a technology between the 2Ga and 3G of mobile telephony.

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