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Posted on Jul 13, 2022 • Updated on Sep 15, 2022

20+ Websites That Pay You to Write Technical Articles in 2022

Companies and publications hire people to write technical articles for their blogs. Writing paid articles for them is a great way to supplement your income. The question that arises now is "How do you get those opportunities?".

Technical information has the best worth among the present experts. With such countless progressions going on in programming/versatile advancement regions, an ever increasing number of individuals have begun to seek after this field. You can utilize your insight to compose and distribute accommodating instructional exercises.

This article helps you find writing opportunities by listing the publications that pay for technical articles.

For each website, you can see their name, the URL, and the approximate fee for an article.

  • Pays: Up to $500 Per Article
  • Technical tutorials with code. They give APIs. They anticipate specialized instructional exercises with code. It is ideal to include their APIs in your instructional exercises. It expands your likeliness to get acknowledged.
  • They're a bit different. They are specially looking for more advance articles on using their APIs. Nothing on general or leadership or beginner focused article.

3. Digital Ocean

  • Pays: Up to $300 Per Article
  • Each month, they focus on a few specific topic areas, and they are looking for authors who understand those topics well.

4. DeepSource

  • Pays: Up to $150 Per Article
  • DeepSource is looking for technical writers who can write content in the form of blogposts and articles on topics related to the following topics: code quality, code review, static analysis, software engineering best practices, etc.
  • Pays: Up to $100 - $400 Per Article
  • They are inviting you to compose with them. They acknowledge specialized articles dismissing any determinations.
  • Pays: Up to $100 - $200 Per Article
  • They are looking for articles on Jamstack tutorials, deep-dives, and reviews that make other developer's life easier.

7. Honeybadger

  • They are looking for in-depth blog posts on Ruby, PHP, or JavaScript.

8. CSS-Tricks

  • Pays: Up to $300 - 400 Per Article
  • You can literally write anything related to Development, Designing & fun stuff. Visit here and you can see all the amazing topics you can write on.
  • Pays: Up to $200 Per Article
  • The team is always open for new contributors to bring fresh tips, opinions, research, and thought leadership about the ever-changing world of technology.

10. TakeShape

  • Articles on Web Development, JAMStack, React or Using TakeShape with other apps.
  • Pays: Up to $450 Per Article
  • You can write technical articles on lot of different frameworks, programming languages, and modern development techniques. Electron, Java, .NET, Python or Mobile etc.

12. Arctype

  • They're looking for articles focused on SQL, Databases, Analysis, Dashboards & advice for developers

13. TypingDNA

  • From industry trends to technical tutorials, they invite you to explore their technology & publish on a wide range of topics that would be of interest to the developer community.

14. LogRocket

  • Pays: Up to $350 Per Article

They're mainly looking for tutorials on:

  • React, Redux, Node.js, Wasm, GraphQL, Rust, Flutter, etc.
  • Frontend development best practices
  • Product/UI/UX Design
  • They're focused on content that helps developers build analytical apps from select domains.
  • The Hasura Technical Writer program is a way for you to support the Hasura GraphQL Engine or GraphQL in general by writing technical content, and get paid for doing so!
  • Pays: Up to $400 Per Article
  • Write for Linode pays you to contribute to our library of guides and tutorials, which features more than 1,000 documents and attracts more than one million readers every month.

18. CircleCI

  • Join the team of freelance writers & get paid to write about your favorite technology topics. They’ll promote you & your content to their audience of developers & reward you with a CircleCI swag pack when your first post is accepted.

19. AdamTheAutomator

  • ATA Learning is always seeking instructors of all experience levels. Regardless if you’re a junior admin or system architect, you have something to share.
  • Pays: Up to $700 Per Article
  • If you are building commercial-grade applications with Fauna, they invite you to participate in the paid Write with Fauna program. They are also open to and encourage video content as well.

Honorable Mentions

  • Smashing Magazine

Utilize the destinations above and get your work distributed. As you work through the rundown, you'll acquire important associations and you'll get paid to distribute content, which you can use as tests to discover much more lucrative customers in the innovation specialty. In addition, many top innovation organizations read the destinations found previously.

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Make money as a Technology Writer: 8 Websites that Pay

  • by Michelle
  • June 6, 2020

earn money as tech writer

With the world relying on the internet for information, there are many opportunities to earn money as a technology writer online. Technical articles such as facts and knowledge about a technical topic or guidelines on software development are sought by students and developers both.

Technical knowledge has the greatest value among today’s professionals. With so many advancements going on in software/mobile development areas, more and more people have started to pursue this field. You can use your knowledge to write and publish helpful tutorials. How good is it that you will actually be rewarded for your contributions.

Websites that Pay you to Write Technology Articles

Here is a list of websites and platforms where you can signup as a tech writer and make money by publishing articles:

Digital ocean

Digital ocean deals with cloud-related products and services and requires writers who can create tutorials and guides on technical subjects related to DevOps and Cloud. As a writer, your job will be to write tutorials on software development and Cloud computing-related topics. You can also write about advanced system topics such as Docker, Terraform, and CI/CD. The digital ocean has one of the highest paying writing opportunities for technical writers and offers writers up to $300 per article,  $400 for more complex articles. To be able to write for the Digital ocean, you first have become a part of their writing program. You are required to submit your writing sample which will be evaluated by the editorial team and then processed further.

Payment Details

Git lab allows experienced writers with technical expertise to write articles regarding technical topics, projects, and ideas such as software development. Ideally you should be able to write about various technology topics including Software development, software engineering, comparison of popular tools, managing tech teams, career guidance for software engineers etc. You will need to fill and submit the application form and choose a topic that you want to write about. Once the topic has been finalized, you will be asked to write your first draft. Templates and helping docs will be provided to you.

Payouts are based on the following structure: – $400 for How To’s and tutorials – $350 for blog posts

Sitepoint provides informative content on its blog and is looking for writers who can create good content that is valued by readers. The platform provides a monthly topic for its writers to write on. React, Node, web performance, and analytics are few of the topics that Sitepoint has published articles on. You can mention your interests in the joining form and then the editors will put a call for interest among a pool of authors who are willing to write on the same topic. The requirement is to produce 40 pieces of content in a month if you are selected. You can also write tutorials on HTML and CSS.

Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for geeks is an informative blog that publishes posts related to subjects of computer science, computer science courses and IT interview help. They allows computer science experts to use their technical knowledge to help out students and IT job seekers. You can apply for an internship or a professional freelance opportunity. To become a part of the team, you have to send your resume beforehand. If you get selected and work for a period of time you can even be allowed to join their professional team.

Linode is an open-source cloud platform for developers. The company is seeking writers possessing technical knowledge of topics such as, game servers, NoSQL databases, open change, and webRTC. Linode requires writers to create tutorials and guides relating to these areas as well as guides regarding Linux use and cloud. They pay up to $300 per guide. You can fill out the application form in order to apply to their content writing program. Once you submit your application, your writing sample will be got through a review. The writing format should be of a similar format to the previous tutorials published on the website.

Plesk offers writers to share knowledge related to technical topics such as DevOps and web development and earn money through it. To publish your article on Plesk, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional, sufficient knowledge of those areas will do. Your work can range from article writing to creating guides and tutorials. Writing on Plesk gives you the opportunity to share your content with readers around the world and earn money for it. You can submit your article on their website by filling in their form on their content program section.

Auth0 is one of the top service providers who offer authentication and authorization as a service. They have a passion for sharing technical knowledge with the world and that’s why they are hiring competent writers to work for them. You are to write comprehensive articles and guides on different programming languages or any IT technology to allow readers to know how they can use modern development techniques. Articles on Node Js, modern js frameworks, java, ruby on rails core, python are the top priority. You can submit your details and article via the form on their website after which auth0 provides you with expert editing feedback and guidance regarding writing. is a platform for App developers and is currently offering the position of tutorial and article writing. You will be required to insert images, diagrams as well as the code needed to implement it. Writers have to write a tutorial once in two months. It is also important that you are an advanced developer and have sufficient knowledge regarding your topic. You can write on the following topics: Android, Kotlin, iOS, React Native, Flutter, or Block-chain. The application process is very simple; you have to submit the application form available in the link. The article will undergo evaluation for knowledge accuracy, grammar accuracy, and then go for the final selection. pays for each article and also allows writers to use content for free. You can also apply for positions of a video producer and technical editor.

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Coding Lists

28 websites paying to write technical articles.

Coding Lists's photo

With the world depending on the web for data, there are numerous chances to bring in cash as an technical essayist on the web. Technical articles, for example, realities and information about a specialized subject or rules on programming improvement are looked for by understudies and engineers both.

Technical information has the best worth among the present experts. With such countless progressions going on in programming/versatile advancement regions, an ever increasing number of individuals have begun to seek after this field. You can utilize your insight to compose and distribute accommodating instructional exercises. How great is it that you will really be remunerated for your commitments.

Pays: $300 - $600

The clubhouse is a collaborative. It offers helpful ways for your group to cooperate.

Their author program-"Write, Earn, Give program". They acknowledge general classes of articles composed for designers and programmers. You can even compose fun posts with respect to the programming scene on their program.

You can also write on Career guidance, leadership and some more non programming stuff.

Technical tutorials with code. They give APIs. They anticipate specialized instructional exercises with code. It is ideal to include their APIs in your instructional exercises. It expands your likeliness to get acknowledged.

Pays: $500 They're a bit different. They are specially looking for more advance articles on using their APIs. Nothing on general or leadership or beginner focused article.


Each month, they focus on a few specific topic areas, and they are looking for authors who understand those topics well.

DeepSource is looking for technical writers who can write content in the form of blogposts and articles on topics related to the following topics: code quality, code review, static analysis, software engineering best practices, etc.

Pays: $100 - $400

They are really a specialized substance creation organization. They for the most part compose for programming new businesses.

Also, they are inviting you to compose with them. They acknowledge specialized articles dismissing any determinations.

Pays: $100 - $200

They are looking for articles on Jamstack tutorials, deep-dives, and reviews that make other developer's life easier.


They are looking for in-depth blog posts on Ruby, PHP, or JavaScript.

You can literally write anything realted to Development, Designing and fun stuff. Visit here and you can see all the amazing topics you can write on.

Here is the link to the topics they are looking for currently. They have pretty cool list of article topics.

Articles on Web Development, JAMStack, React or Using takeshape with other apps.

You can write technical articles on lot of different frameworks, programming languages, and modern development techniques. Electron , Java , .NET , Python or Mobile etc.

They're looking for article on SQL, Databases, Analysis, Dashboards or Advice for developers

There aren’t any strict requirements for topics. You just need to be relevant, creative and technical.

They're mainly looking for tutorials on

  • React, Redux, Vue.js, webpack, Wasm, MobX, GraphQL, JavaScript, etc.
  • Frontend development best practices
  • Product/UI/UX design

They are looking for technical articles that has the potential to reach a audience.

The Hasura Technical Writer program is a way for you to support the Hasura GraphQL Engine or GraphQL in general by writing technical content, and get paid for doing so!

Pays: $100 - $700 ($700 and more for high quality articles, $100 for quick tutorial and $250 regular size articles)

You can write on PHP, Ruby, server-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, document-based database systems, and everything in between. No matter what you're familiar with be it in your day-to-day, your hobby work, or both, we're likely looking to run it.

Pays: $300(minimum)

Linode’s library is a long-running and popular resource for developers, engineers, and others. Linode's library is hosted on GitHub, and by contributing to the library, you'll be adding to your portfolio on GitHub.

There are many amazing topics you can write one.


Pays: $50 - $150

GeeksforGeeks introduces freelance technical content writing for the professionals who have taken a break from their career for any reasons.

There are various topics you can write on including C++, SQL, Java, Design, Animation and manyy things.


They are looking for articles related to Devops and Sysadmins that are long form.


Pays: $100 - $500

You can write on many topics. They have a huge list of topics. Non-coding + Programming.

Pays: $150 - $500

If you are building modern applications using JavaScript frameworks and languages such as Java/Python/Go etc., combining components such as microservices, serverless functions, 3rd party APIs, GraphQL etc., with Fauna, the “Write with Fauna” program is a way for you to contribute to the community by writing technical content, and getting paid for doing so.

Pays: $50 - $500 (see their payout structure)

Interested in writing technical articles for Data Scientists and Machine Learning practitioners, then NeptuneAI is the best place to show your writing skills. You can write on various topics such as Building models, Computer Vision, Hyperparameter tuning.

WPHUB has evolved from a site that reviewed WordPress themes and plugins to a content oriented site that wrote about the coming and goings of all things WordPress. You can write about WordPress tutorials.

Smashing Magazine

Pays: $50 - $500

They're looking for guest authors who who are familiar with containers, DevOps, Kubernetes, and related technology(no necessary).

It requires some investment to develop any independent composing business and the hardest part is beginning. Regardless of whether you're attempting to bring in additional cash or you need to make a full-time pay to help your family, getting paid to write technical articles needs to begin some place.

Utilize the destinations above and get your work distributed. As you work through the rundown, you'll acquire important associations and you'll get paid to distribute content, which you can use as tests to discover much more lucrative customers in the innovation specialty. In addition, many top innovation organizations read the destinations found previously.

They will see your name and need to employ you for their own substance! Obviously, similarly as with any specialty, you need to follow the rules put out by each and every site. Ensure you submit incredible work in the arrangement they like and you'll get paid to compose innovation articles as you submit to an ever increasing number of sites. It begins with only one and you can't get to a $5,000 each month pay without getting paid for that first article.

Perhaps the innovation specialty is only one of the specialties you need to bring in cash composing on the web with. I've gathered a MASSIVE rundown of sites prepared to pay you to compose for them.

If you're interested in adding something here, just comment it with the link🚀

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How to Become a Freelance Technical Writer (6 Key Steps)

Illustration for how to become a freelance writer showing of a man working on a computer.

Companies are increasingly looking for people that can transform complex conceptual ideas into straightforward content for customers and stakeholders. If you have a technical background but are looking for a more flexible career option, freelance technical writing might be excellent.

By learning how to become a freelance technical writer, you can become your own boss and work from anywhere. In other words, you can turn your expertise into a flexible, lucrative, and rewarding career.

Excited? Let’s go!

Check Out Our Video Guide to Becoming a Technical Writer

What Is Freelance Technical Writing?

There’s much more to freelance writing than blogging and drafting social media posts . Pretty much any writing work can be done by freelancers.

Freelancers don’t just work for one company. They work with several writing clients who pay you as a non-employee service provider.

In particular, freelance technical writers specialize in creating written content about highly technical or specialized topics such as engineering or website development.

Benefits of Working as a Freelance Technical Writer

Whether you decide to freelance full time or you want to earn extra money on the side, freelance writing offers several benefits, such as the ability to work from anywhere on your own time.

Flexible Schedule

When surveyed, 68% of freelancers chose this work style over the traditional day job because of the increased flexibility. Since freelancers aren’t considered an employee to clients, you don’t need to clock in and out every day.

Freelance writing work revolves around deadlines, not regular work hours. This type of schedule can give you the freedom you need if you have non-work obligations (like raising children) or just want more control over your time.

Work Anywhere

In addition to schedule flexibility, location independence is one of the most significant benefits of a career in freelance writing. No more requesting time off to travel — you can work anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Higher Salary Potential

Freelance writing isn’t just a side hustle option ; it’s an excellent full-time career choice. Furthermore, freelance technical writers can demand a higher salary because of their specialized knowledge and skills.

Freelance technical writing opens the door to work on a wide variety of projects across multiple industries. You can find clients in IT, finance, government, manufacturing, education, and medicine, to name just a few.

What’s more, you’re not limited to one industry at a time. Working with several clients at once lets you add variety to your work and explore the topics and industries that interest you.

Freelance Technical Writer Salary

According to ZipRecruiter , freelance technical writers earn more than the average freelance writer. On average, a general freelance writer makes around $61,935 annually or $30/hour. On the other hand, freelance technical writers earn an average of $70,191 a year, or $34/hour.

Graph showing average freelance technical writer salary in the United States.

Several factors affect your rates as a freelance writer, including industry, level of expertise, and content type. Technical writers that have higher levels of knowledge or specialize in niche topics can price their services higher.

Most Common Types of Technical Writing

As a freelance technical writer, you can choose from various content types to offer your clients. Here are some of the most common types of freelance technical writing projects.

Technical Articles

Technical articles refer to any editorial pieces focused on a specialized topic or product. These articles are typically published in magazines or other online publications, and they don’t require supervised research.

You can find work writing technical articles for almost any type of client, from robotics manufacturers to legal firms and everything in between. Here are a few examples of technical content from some of these industries:

  • A New Way to Launch Rockets: Microwave Power (Tech Briefs)
  • Cryptoassets: Accounting for an Emerging Asset Class (The CPA Journal)
  • 5 Best Markdown Editors for WordPress Power Users

Technical Guides and Manuals

Technical guides and manuals are how-to handbooks intended to help customers learn how to use a product and get the most out of it.

A technical manual may include instructions for installation, use, maintenance, troubleshooting, and best practices depending on the product. API documentation is another popular type of technical guide used by software companies.

Screenshot of API Console's API documentation.

Some popular examples of technical documentation include Salesforce’s Pardot API Guide , Blue Star Cooking’s Free-Standing Range Installation , and our step-by-step guide on website usability testing .

Policies and Procedures

Businesses use policy and procedure manuals to define a standard protocol for various situations. As a technical writer, you can work on documents such as hiring procedures, work-from-home policies, employee benefits packages, or workplace conduct guidelines.

These projects are especially relevant in the education, government, and healthcare sectors as they’re frequently subject to federal regulations. A good example is the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct published by SHRM.

Business Plans

Business plans serve as the roadmap which defines a company’s goals, objectives, and strategies. Startups, in particular, may employ technical writers with acute business acumen and product-related knowledge to draft a business plan to present to potential investors.

Two great examples worth peeking at are the Culina Business Plan and the OrcaSmart Business Plan .

White Papers

If you have experience working in a B2B industry , you may already be familiar with white papers. White papers are documents used by sales and marketing teams to explain new solutions or highlight product or service details.

White papers range in length from 6 to 15 pages, and they’re one of the more lucrative offerings for writers, clocking in at $3–6,000 on average. High-end white papers can go for $10,000 or more; however, you will often need to research and create or suggest designs for the document.

Title page of Microsoft Azure HCI white paper.

Two white papers you can peruse for inspiration are McKesson’s Preparing for a Medicaid MCO Transition and Microsoft Azure’s Azure Stack HCI Overview (Microsoft Azure).

Case Studies

Similar to white papers, case studies are used to help sales and marketing teams sell their products. But, instead of explaining product features, a case study provides an in-depth look at how a product (or solution) helped a single customer or solved a specific problem.

Besides Kinsta’s case studies , you can check out MailChimp’s How Her Campus Media Increased Subscribers by 72% , and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Evaluating Biochemical and Cell-Based Profiles using Nexavar to see examples.

Corporate Reports

And finally, we have corporate reports, which detail a company’s financial information for potential investors. Corporate reports include quarterly reports (Form 10-Q), annual reports (Form 10-K), and reports of significant events (Form 8-K).

Screenshot of ExxonMobil annual report.

To write corporate reports, you need to understand accounting basics, financial documents, and the company’s product and competitive environment.

Our favorite examples of solid corporate reports include the Oracle Fiscal 2021 Fourth Quarter and Annual Report and the ExxonMobil Corporation Annual Report 2020 .

Skills You Need to Become a Freelance Technical Writer

If you want to become a successful freelance technical writer, you need to have technical acumen and the skills to build and run your own business .

Here are the top requirements and skills you should have before starting a career as a freelance technical writer.

Technical Knowledge and Expertise

Some freelance writing niches don’t require formal education or training. However, that’s not usually the case with technical writing. Technical writing is one of the freelance niches where you’ll regularly find clients that want you to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree.

Since clients need you to break down complex concepts into user-friendly language, they’ll often look for someone who has relevant working experience too. Or, if you’re writing articles for someone’s website, you should know best practices for on-page search engine optimization (SEO) .

Written Communication

For any professional writer, written communication skills are a must. Technical writers should be able to write in a plain, concise, and neutral style of voice. Most importantly, it would help if you could distill complex material into approachable content.

Written communication skills also come into play when dealing with clients. As a freelance writer, you’re not going to be in the office with your clients every day. You need to be able to manage expectations and communicate effectively with your clients via email .

While you may be tempted to group editing skills with written communication, editing is a crucial step in the writing process that deserves undivided attention. Some clients may even hire writers and editors separately.

However, if your client doesn’t have in-house editors, you need to hone your editing skills. Make sure you have a solid grasp of grammar and punctuation rules , and then learn how to proofread your work to check for the appropriate tone and a logical flow of ideas.

Time and Project Management

At times, freelancing involves a lot of juggling. When you work as a freelance writer, you don’t have a manager checking in on your progress and keeping you on track. Accurately budgeting time is crucial if you plan on keeping your full-time job while you freelance.

Editorial calendar on Trello.

So, to ensure you meet all of your deadlines, you should master your time management skills and learn how to use project management tools . It’s your responsibility to create project timelines, troubleshoot problems, and communicate any significant changes with your clients.

Any successful freelancing business requires some level of self-promotion. If you want to turn freelancing into a full-time career, you need to market yourself to potential clients. You have to think of yourself as a small business and put yourself out there to find new clients.

How to Become a Freelance Technical Writer

Now, on to the practicals! These are the steps to become a freelance technical writer:

  • Choose an area of expertise
  • Create writing samples
  • Create an online portfolio
  • Contact potential clients
  • Negotiate rates
  • Finalize contracts

Let’s have a look at what each of these steps entails.

1. Choose an Area of Expertise

For new freelance writers, there are a few ways that you can select a writing niche. One of the easiest ways to start is choosing industries related to your educational background and work experience.

For example, if you’ve worked as a website developer , you can transition into writing technical articles about UX/UI design or guides for installing website security measures .

You can also choose to specialize in certain types of projects, such as white papers or technical manuals. As you continue to gain experience in a particular area, you can hone your skills and charge higher rates.

2. Build a Writing Portfolio

Once you know what you want to write, start writing. It would be best to have relevant writing samples to create a portfolio to share with potential clients.

Even if you don’t have clients, begin by writing examples pertinent to your writing niche. If writing hasn’t been part of your recent work, it can be helpful to take an online writing course to refresh your skills.

The Art of API Documentation course description on Udemy.

After you have your samples, it’s time to build your portfolio . To start, your portfolio can be a folder of sample documents that you can share with clients.

3. Grow Your Personal Brand and Generate Leads

Starting with a shareable writing portfolio is a good step, but if you want to bring in more clients, you should create your own website that showcases your work and tells clients exactly what types of content you offer.

To optimize your freelance website for lead generation, make sure it has the following elements:

  • Services page
  • Contact form
  • Personal blog or work samples

You can also add positive reviews and ratings to your website once you’ve worked with a few clients.

After your website goes live, make sure to reach out to relevant industry publications to find opportunities for guest posting. With guest posts, you create content for someone else in return for a link back to your website .

We also recommend choosing one social platform where you can consistently share content to showcase your expertise and gain exposure to potential clients. LinkedIn , Quora, Medium , and Reddit are all excellent choices for technical writers.

4. Contact Potential Clients

If you’re not hearing from prospective clients right away, you might need to use some outbound contact strategies to get your first few jobs. When you start freelance writing, there are a few places to look for your first clients.

To start, reach out to your existing professional network, browse job boards to bid on projects, and then make a list of target clients you can contact.

Technical freelance writing job posts on

At this point, you need to learn how to pitch your services compellingly to get clients to take meetings with you. The good news is that plenty of successful freelance writers share their best pitch templates online. Find one that works for you and start contacting people.

5. Negotiate Rates

As you develop relationships with potential clients, you can uncover writing opportunities. If someone is interested in hiring you, they’ll typically ask for a project proposal. In that proposal, you’ll outline exactly what you’ll deliver and when.

After you review your proposal together, it’s time to negotiate a rate. We recommend coming up with a price per project (rather than per word or per hour) for highly technical projects. Do your research on market prices and decide your minimum acceptable rate before you negotiate.

6. Finalize Contracts

Always write up a contract for your freelance projects. Contracts help protect you and ensure that you receive payment for your work.

While they don’t need to be complicated, your contracts should define the scope of work, content ownership, payment terms, deadlines, and revision policy. In some cases, clients may ask that you include a non-compete clause or confidentiality statement.

Here are some freelance contract templates you can use to create your own:

  • Freelance contract template
  • Freelance writer contract/letter of agreement
  • Freelance non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Getting Paid as a Freelance Writer

So, you’ve got your first client, and contracts are signed. Once they’re happy with the work, how do you get paid?

Well, for the most part, you’ll get paid like any other business. Most freelance writers use invoices to bill their clients at the end of a project.

How to Send Invoices

Your contract should include how much you get paid and when. You’ll use these details when sending out invoices.

Make sure to include the following information on your invoice:

  • Invoice number
  • Your contact information
  • Issue date (the date the invoice was created)
  • Due date (for payment)
  • Line item description
  • Total amount due
  • Payment methods

Using invoicing software helps you keep your finances organized and lets you accept more payment methods, such as bank transfers or credit card payments. Popular options for freelancers include Freshbooks , Quickbooks Self-Employed, Bonsai, and PayPal .

Screenshot of PayPal invoice management page.

Understanding Freelance Taxes

In addition to understanding the invoicing process, you need to know the basics of paying freelance taxes. As a freelancer, you’re considered self-employed, which means your income is subject to self-employment taxes .

Accounting software such as Quickbooks Self-Employed can help you keep track of tax documents and estimated tax payments. However, if you’re starting, it’s helpful to consult with an accountant who can explain how self-employment taxes work.

A technical freelance writing career might be the perfect option for you if you want more independence and flexibility. If you have the technical knowledge and well-trained writing skills, it’s also an excellent way to make extra money part-time.

Freelance writing opens the door for you to work wherever you want and find projects and clients that match your interests. All you need to do to get going is start writing!

Finally, it would help if you had a portfolio website to show off your notable works. To get started building a website for your freelance writing business, explore Kinsta’s plans for WordPress .

If you have any leftover questions about becoming a freelance writer, let us know in the comments section below.

make money writing technical articles

Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, The Blogsmith and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman .

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  • Content Management Systems

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Get Paid to Write: 13 Sites That Pay Up to $450 per Article

Our readers always come first.

The content on DollarSprout includes links to our advertising partners. When you read our content and click on one of our partners’ links, and then decide to complete an offer — whether it’s downloading an app, opening an account, or some other action — we may earn a commission from that advertiser, at no extra cost to you.

Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

Paid freelance writing is a lucrative way to get paid to write from home. You don’t need a degree or even the most eloquent prose to have a lucrative side hustle as a freelance writer.

Jen Smith

  • Side Hustles

make money writing technical articles

Our mission at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners’ links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here .

When I started a blog four years ago, I had no idea I could get paid to write about anything. Fast forward three years. Now I get paid to write about things I love, and I make a full-time living doing it.

Freelance writing can be a great way to make money from home. But with any business, there’s a steep learning curve. You have to know what editors want, where to find jobs that are legitimate, and what to charge as you progress.

A Look at the Best Freelance Writing Websites

When you’re building your writing portfolio, there are some freelance writing sites that stand out for offering legitimate jobs and paying writers a living wage. They’re the best freelance writing websites for beginners.

Upwork is a freelancer marketplace and go-to source for business owners looking for all kinds of digital services. You can find hundreds of paid writing jobs in dozens of subjects.

One of the benefits of using Upwork is that you won’t have to chase down payment from clients. All invoices and payments happen through Upwork, and you’re guaranteed payment for the work you do.

The downside is that Upwork charges a 20% fee on your first $500 earned with each client, 10% up to $10,000, and 5% beyond that. It’s a good place to get started, but you won’t want to use it for long.

Known for offering services starting at $5, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to showcase their services to prospective clients. You create a profile, list a “gig,” and then it becomes available to a global audience.

All communication and payments are processed through Fiverr, but it also charges a steep 20% fee on all earnings. If you’re nervous about reaching out to clients yourself, Fiverr can be a good platform where they come to you.

But you’ll have to do something to make yourself stand out in a sea of other writers. That’s where specializing in one subject matter can be your strength.

3. Textbroker

Textbroker only offers content and writing services on its platform. Writers who sign up with Textbroker will find many resources on how to improve their writing, including editors to review articles, writing tutorials, and videos on how to get the most out of Textbroker.

Earnings per word depend on your quality level. You can earn from $0.07 per word up to $0.50. You choose from thousands of orders available based on your quality level, and there are no additional fees. Textbroker also offers milestone and quarterly bonuses when you achieve different word counts.

Writers, designers, videographers, and other creatives can all find jobs on Skyword . Skyword is a marketplace where you can find jobs and be found by clients. It works with both small and high-profile clients and is a great way to make the jump from lower-paying job sites.

You can’t just sign up for Skyword clients. Fill out a profile and wait until you’re hand-selected for jobs, meaning your profile can sit in Skyword for a long time before you’re submitted to clients or able to view job opportunities. You can increase your chances of being picked by editors by keeping your social media relevant and updated.

5. ClearVoice

ClearVoice connects qualified writers with job opportunities based on the writer’s CV or ClearVoice portfolio. Once you complete your CV, you’ll be able to join ClearVoice’s Talent Network and have your CV sent to prospective clients.

Writers are then handpicked for opportunities based on their CV, so there’s an incentive to create one that stands out. You set your own rates and are paid via PayPal upon assignment approval, so you get the security of going through a marketplace without the fees typically associated with them.

6. Contently

Contently is an online writing agency that connects freelance writers with businesses. Many writers use the site for its free portfolio service, but Contently editors use these portfolios to handpick freelancers for clients.

Many high-profile websites and companies use Contently to source writers, so the jobs pay well. These jobs tend to go to the most experienced candidates, and it can take years for an editor at Contently to refer you to a client. But if you’re patient, Contently can offer lucrative writing opportunities.

Another place experienced freelance writers can find high-paying jobs is on nDash . nDash is a content platform where writers can create a profile and pitch ideas for blogs, articles, and whitepapers to prospective clients.

nDash claims the average writing assignment on its platform pays between $175 to $450. Once an assignment is approved, payment is deposited directly into the writer’s bank account within two to three business days.

It’s a relatively new site so not as many companies are using it, but writers have reported that if you’re willing to pitch more, you’ll make a decent income.

8. SmartBug

SmartBug is a content marketing company specializing in B2B (business to business) marketing and copywriting. Its writers produce content for the web, social media, email, sales pages, and more.

This is a great site for writers who aren’t beginners but may not have the experience or portfolio to compete for jobs with other top writers. There’s no direct way to apply, but you can fill out a general interest application on the website.

9. NewsCred

NewsCred is a community for experienced freelance content creators. In-house editors pair creators with customer programs, but you can also view freelance positions on the platform. Then NewsCred’s editorial team serves as your managing editor for all client work.

You can find high-profile Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries using NewsCred, the most popular being tech, healthcare, and financial services. There’s currently no button to apply on NewsCred’s website, but you can contact the company via the contact form on its website.

10. The Writer Finder

Growth Machine is an SEO-focused content marketing company with a freelance writing platform called The Writer Finder . Growth Machine works with a variety of clients in AI, travel, wellness, dogs, weddings, and more.

What sets The Writer Finder apart is the Slack group for freelance writers. It lets you communicate with other freelance writers on the team. Rates are competitive, and you’ll also have the chance to learn sought-after SEO skills.

Related: 51 Freelance Jobs Websites with the Best Remote Work Opportunities

Apply for Assignments on the Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

Job boards are easy places for companies to post their jobs. The job board doesn’t vet freelancers, handle payments, or make promises on behalf of clients.

There are some things to be aware of when applying and taking a job from a job board. Because the service is free for writers, you’re competing against thousands of other bloggers for a limited number of jobs.

Job boards are also notorious for phishing scams. “Clients” may ask you to download a zip file of their payment terms or writing guidelines and ask you to invoice them via PayPal. The zip file is actually a keystroke logger allowing them to steal your PayPal credentials. Be careful when applying to jobs on these boards.

11. ProBlogger

The ProBlogger job board is updated daily with blogging and article writing jobs across all subjects.

Businesses have to pay ProBlogger to post their job ad, meaning the writer isn’t paid through ProBlogger. They don’t charge the writer any fees for joining or getting paid.

Another job board filled with many freelance writing opportunities is Indeed . You can find full-time, part-time, and freelance remote writing jobs across all subjects, and because of the vastness of the board, competition isn’t as high compared to others.

You can sign up for job alerts based on your searches. Simply enter your email address and activate emails to see them as soon as they hit the website.

13. MediaBistro

Journalists and anyone else in media will find MediaBistro helpful for finding jobs in the industry. If you’re looking for paid writing jobs in marketing, advertising, television, or news, you can find hundreds of jobs from recognizable names on MediaBistro’s job board.

There are entry-level positions listed, but your best move is to get enough writing experience to make a professional-looking resume before you start applying for jobs on this site.

How to Get Paid to Write (Step by Step) 

Before you apply to get paid for writing, there are a few things you should do to make yourself stand out to potential clients.

1. Choose What to Write About

When you’re writing for money, you might think that only writing about a couple of topics limits your options, but it actually expands them. Sites and companies that pay well don’t want freelancers who write about anything, they want experts in their field. When you stick to a single niche and become known for it, you’ll become a sought-after writer.

Choosing one topic also allows you to scale your business faster. You learn your subject thoroughly, research less, work faster, and can take on more clients. All this leads to being able to earn a higher hourly rate for your work. The key is to pick a profitable niche.

2. Create a Portfolio

There are several ways to create a portfolio. The first is with a blog. Every new writer should have a blog, especially if you don’t have many clips to show potential clients.

Once you choose your niche, write five to ten blog posts on various topics within it. This shows potential clients your writing style, expertise, and gives them a place to contact you.

You can also make money with a blog . One way is to find products and services related to your niche that you like using and see if they have an affiliate program. Then every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a small commission.

3. Create Profiles on Multiple Sites

Once you’ve written a few articles for other sites or publications, you can create profiles and portfolios on multiple professional freelance writing sites. is a portfolio site for journalists, Contently is used by many web-based content writers, and LinkedIn is a go-to place for businesses looking for expert writers.

Having a presence on a few different sites makes it easier for clients to find you and your work. They may also learn personal facts about you that give you an edge over other writers so don’t underestimate including things like your alma mater, pets, and hobbies.

4. Post on Social Media

Building a social media presence around your niche can also put you ahead for freelance writing jobs. Twitter is most popular for journalists and print publications while Instagram is becoming a popular place for e-commerce businesses to find writers.

You don’t have to make another social media account just for your writing. Post facts, breaking news, advice, and stories related to your niche and tag them with relevant hashtags. It’ll help brands find you, and it can further reinforce to potential clients that you’re knowledgeable and stay current about the topics you write about.

Related: How to Become a Social Media Manager

5. Accept Smaller Jobs While Building Your Reputation

While you’re building your portfolio and expertise in your niche, you’ll have to be willing to accept lower-paid writing jobs. Think of them as practice that you’re getting paid to do. The more organizations, editors, and platforms you work with now, the more you’ll be able to impress high-paying clients in the future.

You can also pitch websites to guest post. You won’t get paid to write guest posts, but you may be able to add links to your blog posts in your article. This will help your posts rank higher in Google, and potential clients may be able to find you through simple Google searches.

Related: How to Get Paid to Write Reviews

 6. Learn to Network

You can start freelance writing on your own, but if you want to build a business and make a living writing, you need a network of other writers. Your network should be filled with writers and editors in your niche who are a little ahead of you and a little behind you in the journey.

Your network can also help you find sources for stories, give you feedback on pitches, advise you on rates to charge, and help you to feel like you’re not alone in this often isolating industry.

Related: How to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

Resources on How to Get Paid as a Writer

When you’re running your freelance writing business, you’ll want to have some resources to make it easier to write and get paid.

Freelance Writer’s Den

Started by veteran freelance writer Carol Tice, the Freelance Writer’s Den is a membership site just for freelance writers. You have access to over 300 hours of freelance writing education including eCourses, webinars, and podcasts.

There’s also a forum for networking with other writers and a job board with new writing jobs posted every Monday and Thursday, all with a minimum rate of $50 per article.

Membership for the Freelance Writer’s Den only opens twice a year. If you’re interested in joining, sign up for the waitlist to be notified.

Get Paid to Write for Blogs (Course)

This is a course geared towards new freelance writers that was created by Cat Alford (who, coincidentally, has been a freelance writer on DollarSprout in the past).

The course features eight video modules covering beginner-level lessons, including how to create a portfolio that will attract high-value clients. The course also covers everything you need to know about running the business side of things. 

Related: The Best Online Writing Courses for New Freelance Writers

Getting Paid to Write is Possible

You can get paid to write in any field at any level. Like any business, it’s difficult to get started.

However, if you work your way through the many content marketing agencies and job boards, you’ll be able to find steady work and grow your business.

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2 ways to make money as a freelance technical writer

make money writing technical articles

Linda Ikechukwu

10 February, 2022

Whether you're a newbie developer or an experienced developer looking to make some extra bucks on the side, freelance technical writing is the way. As a freelance technical writer, you can make anywhere from $100 to $800 per article, depending on the complexity.

When I first started out in tech as a Frontend developer, I was able to earn an extra $1200 - $2000 per month by writing technical articles. How did I do it? Well, that's what I'm about to share with you.

N.B: The methods discussed below apply only to technical writers who also double as software developers, or have considerate software development knowledge.

Method 1: Guest writing for popular developer publications

The most common way to make money from writing technical articles is to guest write technical articles for developer blogs like Logrocket, Smashing Magazine, or CSS tricks. As part of their content marketing strategy, these companies/publications pay developers to write technical articles for them to drive search traffic to their sites.

Here is a list of over 45+ developer publications that have guest writer programs .

Typically, the process is that you pitch an article idea. If your pitch is accepted, you'll be given the go-ahead to write the full article and get paid, pending when the article is published.

How to pitch an article idea

I'm sure this is the next question on your mind. The answer is that each of these publications has specific guidelines for becoming a guest writer. You'll typically find these instructions on their 'write-for-us' page, where you'll be asked to pitch an article.

Sometimes, these publications may have their own specific topics that they want guest writers to write about. Other times, you're free to pitch your own topic idea. To increase the chances of your pitch being accepted, think of something that's from a unique perspective and hasn't been written about in that publication.

For example, say there was a concept within the constraints of the publication's theme that you found challenging to understand but later understood. You could write about that concept from your perspective and how you could finally understand it.

Your article pitch should include:

  • Your proposed article topic
  • Why the topic is relevant to the publication
  • Summary of what the article will be all about
  • What the audience will learn from the article, and
  • Why you're the right person to write about the topic

Here's a template or example of an article pitch:

Hello, my name is [your-name]. I am a [job-title or experience-relevant-to-tech-writing]. I'd love to guest write for your publication.


E.g: Here's the topic I'd love to write about: How to create stunning talk slides with reveal.js

[insert-why-the-topic-is relevant-to-the-publication-target-audience-here]

E.g: These days more developers are applying to give talks at conferences, either to boost their public brand or grow their network. Popular presentation tools like Google Slides do not allow developers to fully tap into their creative sides. That's where Reveal.js comes in.


E.g: Reveal.js is an open source HTML presentation framework. It's a tool that enables anyone with a web browser to create fully-featured and beautiful presentations for free. Anything you can do on the web can be done in reveal.js presentations. You can change styles with CSS, include an external web page using an <iframe> or add your own custom behaviour using the JavaScript API.


E.g: In this article, readers will learn how to:

  • Set up Reveal.js on their local machines
  • Navigate the Reveal.js editor
  • Create their first slides
  • Add animations to their slides using the JavaScript API, and finally
  • Deploy their slides to the public.

[insert-why you’re-the-right-person-to-write-about-the-topic-here]

E.g: I recently just used Reveal.js to build slides for my recent talk which I gave at the just concluded ReactCon Live conference, and a lot of people loved it. Also, here's a link to other articles I've written to help you ascertain my tech writing abilities.

The goal of the article pitch is to convince the publication to take a chance on you. Make it worthwhile.

Method 2: Write as a contractor for technical content marketing agencies

Writing for developer publications is great, but the truth is that your pitch may not be accepted due to a couple of factors like:

  • Your pitch does not align with the publication's content calendar direction for the month, or
  • Someone else has pitched a similar idea

Technical content marketing agencies are agencies that produce technical content on behalf of other tech companies to help them drive traffic, gain visibility, generate leads, and hopefully drive sales. Opting to write as a contractor for technical content marketing agencies offers you more structure. You also get to enjoy benefits like:

  • You don't need to pitch articles. The agency usually sends out a list of article topics that have been pre-approved by their clients. Yours is to indicate interest and have the article assigned to you.
  • Depending on your niche, schedule, and familiarity with most topics, you can write as many as 4 or 5 articles per month, allowing you to make a steady income.
  • You'll be presented with several opportunities to conduct intensive research, learn new things and write articles that are way out of your comfort zone.

To join a technical content marketing agency as a freelance/contract writer, you'd typically be asked to provide a technical writing portfolio, or sample articles that you've written. So, to increase your chances of being selected, make sure that you have previous concise technical articles under your name.

Now the question is, how do you find these technical content marketing agencies? A little digging around on Google search may yield more valuable results, but here are a few that I am aware of:

  • Write for Dev
  • Hit Subscribe
  • Dev Spotlight
  • DocumentWrite

Build up your portfolio with freelance technical writing

Aside from making extra income, another advantage of writing articles for developer publications or technical content marketing agencies is the opportunity to work with professional editors, which allows you to improve your writing skills. You'd also be developing your technical writing portfolio in preparation for applying for full-time tech writing positions.

If you do decide to pursue freelancing full-time, consider taking this course on freelancing taught by a top-rated Upwork freelancer to learn strategies to start freelancing, build an online presence, and get high-paying clients.

Subscribe to my newsletter if you'd like to receive a monthly list of technical writing opportunities (both freelance and full-time) in your inbox!

  • Buy me a coffee to help keep this site running.
  • Follow us on Twitter for more technical writing, technical content marketing, and developer advocacy insights.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to receive more content like this directly in your inbox.

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Tccs #2: how i became a technical writer with cynthia peter, how to write content that readers will read based on learnings from user psychology, get your technical writing career off the ground..

Join over 1700+ subscribers just like you . Every month, I'll send you new articles and expert interviews published on the blog, so you'd never miss out. I'll also send you a curated list of other valuable resources on technical content creation across the internet, as well as fully-remote technical writing gigs/jobs to help you land your dream job.

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How to Get Paid to Write Articles from Home: A Beginner's Guide to Freelance Writing

make money writing technical articles

How to Get Paid to Write Articles

Table of Contents

How Do You Get Paid to Write Articles as a Freelancer? Finding Your Niche Building a Solid Portfolio: The #1 Step for Novice Freelance Writers An overview of platforms that pay for writing articles WhitePress® Medium's Partner Program Earning money writing on HubPages Finding work on Upwork Becoming a Vocal+ member Pitching your articles: all you need to know Exploring freelance marketplaces to make money writing Pros of freelance marketplaces Cons of freelance marketplaces How to get paid for creative writing? How to build a writing career and get paid? Frequently Asked Questions How much can I earn as a freelance writer? What websites pay for writing articles? Do I get paid just for submitting articles?

How Do You Get Paid to Write Articles as a Freelancer?

Starting your writing career is like starting a small business. You’re selling your skills by crafting texts to clients who need content in various formats – blog posts, guest posts , articles, SEO content, newsletters, whitepapers, social media content, and more.

The road to becoming a professional writer you’ll face many challenges, like establishing your credibility, marketing your services to a broader audience, or managing your workload and finances. However, if you’re hardworking, the benefits are definitely worth it. Flexible working hours and the freedom to work from anywhere are just some of the benefits freelance writers can enjoy.

Finding Your Niche

Now that you know you want to get paid to write, you’ll need to decide what you’ll actually be writing about. While it’s possible to be a successful generalist writer, finding a niche can give you a competitive edge and make your career easier to develop.

Specializing in a specific subject or industry means you can charge more for your projects, but you’ll have to show your in-depth knowledge first. If you pursued education in a specific field, it might be a good start, but make sure to choose a niche that you’re really passionate about – whether it’s tech, travel, finance, health, or any other. This choice can influence your journey on how to get paid to write articles.

You should also determine what type of content you’ll be writing. This can include blog writing, technical writing, copywriting , creating social media content, etc.

Building a Solid Portfolio: The #1 Step for Novice Freelance Writers

To show your potential clients what you’re capable of and get paid to write, you’ll need a portfolio. The portfolio is a tangible way to show your talent and skills, especially if you don't have previous writing experience.

As a novice, you don’t need already written texts to include in your portfolio – you can start out by writing sample texts that align with the kind of work you want to be hired for. For example, if you’re passionate about technology, you could include some sample blog post samples on relevant tech topics.

If you have published work, you can include it in your portfolio. This will give you more credibility, and allow you to include how well the article did SEO-wise. Bear in mind that while in most cases you should be allowed to include any published and publicly available texts in your portfolio, some NDAs and contracts may prohibit you from disclosing your involvement in a project even after publication. Take a careful look at any agreements signed before adding published work to your portfolio to avoid potential legal issues.

An overview of platforms that pay for writing articles

Many novice writers have no clue where to start looking for jobs. Thankfully, there are plenty of online platforms that offer to pay writers for their work that cater to a range of niches. Let’s go over some of the most noteworthy ones you can explore:

  • WhitePress®

WhitePress® is a  content marketing platform that offers opportunities for aspiring writers to  become successful copywriters . The platform connects brands with online article publishers and offers to write high-quality, SEO-optimized feature articles that boost online visibility in search engine results.

WhitePress® works with over 1100 experienced copywriters that create unique content at competitive prices. If you feel like you’re an expert writer in your field and are looking for career opportunities, contact us!

Medium’s Partner Program

Medium is a popular online publishing platform, first created as a convenient way to publish texts longer than Twitter’s 280-character limit. Anyone can create a free account and start publishing – if you feel like running your own blog, Medium is a great place to start. After gaining at least 100 followers, you can apply to join the Partner Program.

Once you’re part of the Partner Program, you can start earning money from writing. You can put feature stories behind a paywall that will require viewers to pay a fee before being able to view the content. Members of the program are also paid for writing each month, based on their viewers’ engagement and reading time. Additionally, if you manage to convert a viewer into a paying Medium member, you’ll get 50% of their membership fee.

Earning money writing on HubPages

HubPages allows freelance writers to earn money by creating high-quality content and including various ads or affiliate links. Members of HubPages’ earnings program can earn a share of the ad revenue generated by their articles, including money earned from display ads and cost-per-click (CPC) ads. Once your earnings reach a certain threshold, you can pay out your money through PayPal. Make sure to read the submission guidelines.

Finding work on Upwork

Upwork is a  leading freelancing platform where writers and other professionals can offer their services to clients from all over the world. Tens of thousands of job offers for freelance writers are posted on Upwork every week – but the competition is high, so don’t hesitate to contact a potential client. Bear in mind that platforms like Upwork take a percentage of your earnings as their fee, and additional rules may apply.

Becoming a Vocal+ member

Vocal is a platform that allows writers to share their personal stories and perspectives with a wide audience, with simple-to-use monetization options for its Vocal+ program members. Writers can choose from a wide range of categories and topics to write under, including science, music, health, fiction, technology, and more.

To get paid on Vocal , you’ll need to become a  Vocal+ member. Members get paid based on the number of views their compelling and distinctive stories receive, and readers can also send direct tips to authors if they appreciate their work. Vocal also regularly hosts challenges where creators can submit their work and the best writers win significant cash prizes.

Running a personal blog in general can open doors to many monetization opportunities, including sponsored content and affiliate marketing . Companies often pay a handsome amount for product or service reviews and features in blog posts – but you’ll need to build a substantial audience first. This could take some time, but with consistent high-quality content, it’s definitely achievable. Before publishing, consult the submission guidelines of Vocal.

Pitching your articles: all you need to know

Crafting a compelling pitch to sell your articles to publishers is a  difficult skill to master, but one that can make the difference between rejection or a profitable gig. Pitching involves proposing your article idea to a publication and convincing them it’s worth publishing – here’s how to do it step-by-step:

1. Finding the right publisher

There are many ways you can find a publisher for your texts. Literary agents are the easiest way to the world of traditional publishing, but you can also look for publishers yourself on websites like Poets & Writers or the Writer’s Market that provide directories of literary magazines, small presses, and other publishers.

Online groups and forums are also great places to find early writing jobs as a freelance writer. You’ll also get a chance to meet other writers, share experiences, and make valuable connections.

2. Understand your target

Before writing your pitch, study your publication target carefully. Get a feel for their tone, style, and type of content they usually publish. Consider what topics they cover, who is their target audience, and which parts could be improved in their current content. A pitch that shows a clear understanding of your publisher’s field is much more likely to be accepted.

3. Grab the reader’s attention

Your pitch should start with an engaging headline that immediately grabs their attention. You can use an interesting and relevant fact, a compelling question, or a bold statement. The goal here is to pique their curiosity from the get go and make them want to read on – most pitches don’t get reviewed past reading the title and headline.

4. Present your content as a solution

First, clearly outline the problem that the publisher is experiencing – this allows you to show empathy and understanding, and also sets the stage for you to introduce your solution. Explain how your work can solve the problem you’ve just described. Be specific and focus on benefits, and try to illustrate how you can create value and make their life easier.

5. Provide proof

Back up your claims with evidence. Proof adds credibility to your pitch and helps build trust with potential clients. This could include relevant previous texts you’ve worked on and their SEO performance, testimonials, or case studies.

6. Keep it short and simple

Don’t overwhelm your potential client with too much information. Keep the language simple, clear, and persuasive. Every word should ideally serve a purpose in moving your audience towards the action you want them to take (in this case, to publish your texts).

Don't be disheartened if you don't receive a response immediately. Editors often receive hundreds of pitches a day. After a week or so, send a polite follow-up email. Persistence can often pay off.

Remember to continually refine and improve your pitch based on feedback and results . The best pitches are typically the result of lots of testing and iteration.

Exploring freelance marketplaces to make money writing

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr are online platforms where businesses and individuals post job listings for freelancers, covering a wide range of job categories, including writing and translation.

While these platforms can be competitive, they offer tons of opportunities for beginners to gain experience, build their portfolio, and start earning money from writing. They provide an excellent starting point, but don’t limit yourself to these platforms alone. Once you’ve built a solid portfolio, you can approach higher-paying clients directly and make money from writing.

Freelancers sign up and create a profile, outlining their skills, experience, and rates, while clients post freelance writing gigs they need help with. Depending on the platform, freelancers either bid on projects or create gigs that clients can directly order. Clients then review the proposals of freelancers and select one or more for their projects. Upon completion and acceptance of the work, the platform processes the payment from the client to the freelancers – typically taking a commission as its fee.

Pros of freelance marketplaces

  • Access to a wide range of clients: these platforms provide freelancers access to a wide range of clients from all over the world. This can open up opportunities that may not have been available locally or through traditional job searching.
  • Flexible work arrangement: freelancers have the freedom to choose when and where they work. They can select the projects they want to work on, allowing them to balance their workload and maintain a work-life balance.
  • Payment security: Many freelance marketplaces feature secure payment systems that hold client funds in escrow until the job is complete.
  • Potential for growth: High-quality work brings positive reviews and ratings, which can boost your reputation on the platform and lead to more job opportunities.

Cons of freelance marketplaces

  • High competition: freelance marketplaces are highly competitive, with freelancers from all around the world vying for the same projects. This can be especially harsh for beginners who are trying to establish themselves, making it challenging to get selected by a client.
  • Race to the bottom-pricing: this competition often leads to lowering rates as freelancers try to underbid each other to win projects. This can drive prices down and make it harder to earn a sustainable income from writing.
  • Platform fees: most freelance platforms charge a commission on earnings. Depending on the platform and the pricing structure, this fee can take a significant chunk out of the freelancer’s income.
  • Inconsistent work: the availability of work can fluctuate, leading to periods of feast-or-famine. This is further accelerated by  ChatGPT and other AI-powered writing tools that are a much cheaper alternative to many clients than hiring a writer.

How to get paid for creative writing?

Getting paid for creative writing – such as writing poetry or fiction –  can be challenging, but definitely not impossible. It requires patience, dedication, and persistence in searching for opportunities.

Many literary magazines and journals accept submissions of poetry, short stories, personal essays, and other types of creative writing. They usually pay a fee per poem or per word/page for short stories. Many organizations also host writing contests, which often come with cash prizes and are great opportunities to get your name out in the world.

Platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allow writers to self-publish their work and earn a percentage of the sales. While the writer’s cut typically isn’t more than 60%, it’s a great way to start until you find a publisher that’ll offer you a better deal.

You can also try crowdfunding – platforms like Patreon allow writers to get paid directly by their fans, often in exchange for access to exclusive content, early access to their work, and other perks. If you’re an experienced writer, you can also try to host writing workshops or classes, teaching others about creative writing.

How to build a writing career and get paid?

Creating a full-time career as freelancer and making money by writing is a gradual process that requires long-term strategizing for success. Before anything else, make sure your writing skills are up to par – engage in courses or workshops, read online resources, and write regularly to practice your craft. This can lead you to make money from writing online.

Having a niche or two where you’re particularly knowledgeable can set you apart from other writers. This can be anything from tech and science to fashion and lifestyle – being a specialist often allows you to charge higher rates as well.

Start a blog or website to showcase your work and writing style. Regularly update the blog with posts related to your target audience. This is a great way to get paid to write articles online as you can also share your thoughts on industry trends to better establish yourself as a thought leader in the field.

Creating a portfolio that shows your best work is incredibly important. This can be on your own website or on platforms like Contently . Make sure your portfolio is easily accessible and showcases a variety of work, especially pieces that have been published by reputable outlets.

Once you have a solid portfolio, you can start pitching to publications you follow. Tailor each pitch to the publisher’s style and audience. Remember that rejection is part of the process, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response right away. In the end, persistence is key to earning money by writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can i earn as a freelance writer.

Your potential earnings as a freelance writer can vary greatly based on your experience and expertise, the specific niche you’re writing for, and your location. Some writers make a modest side income, while others earn six-figure incomes. It’s important to research and understand the market rates for your niche to price your services accordingly.

What websites pay for writing articles?

There are numerous websites that pay for writing articles – you can try these ones first:

Do I get paid just for submitting articles?

It depends. If you’re working with a freelancing platform, you will get paid the agreed upon amount after your work is received and approved. You might have to correct your text before it’s accepted by the client.

Some publications pay to write articles they only choose to publish or use, but some also feature “kill fees” – a smaller fee paid if your article is not published for some reason, despite being initially accepted.

Finally, blogging platforms that allow creators to earn money usually pay you based on views and reader engagement – simply publishing articles that nobody will read won’t earn you any money.

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Best Sites that will Pay You to Write Articles Online

Best Sites that will Pay You to Write Articles Online

Updated - February 22, 2024 By David Trounce 202 Comments

Are you looking for article writing websites so you can start earning money online? Freelance article writing gives you the opportunity to work from home. Jobs, where article writers can be earning money, are listed every day.

We provide article writing services for a living and have learned that just knowing where the writing jobs are online is half the battle won.

writing articles for money


Plus:  10 Free Premium Tools to Help You Write and Get Published!

Being able to write and earn money online can be very rewarding. You can choose to work with the clients, and websites or create your own website that interests you most.

You’ll find freelance job portals very helpful since employers themselves are posting updated jobs. All you have to do is create a writer’s account and start browsing job offers.

Enhancing Your Writing Skills

There are many other legitimate ways for freelance writers to make money online . But you need to have the skills to be chosen among the large pool of applicants. So, it’s crucial to enhance your writing skills  and develop the right attitude towards this craft by being open to all possibilities.

Web CEO SEO Tools

There are further opportunities for writers to achieve a top ranking on Google. You have to complete all tasks within a given time. One way to enhance your skills is to use an advanced paraphrasing tool to rework existing content into new, original pieces. This allows you to practice different writing styles and expand your range of writing abilities. Meanwhile, an AI rewording tool can help you add more creativity in a shorter time frame. This can lead to more freelance projects and save time for other related tasks.

Enhancing your knowledge and skills as a writer can help you earn money, which can even be a reliable source of your bread and butter. Take a look at the following tips on how to enhance your writing skills so you’ll find high-paying writing jobs  online:

Know The Latest Trends:

Writing is an ever-ending journey, which means that it would require an intense thirst to improve your skills. For instance, Search engine optimization (SEO) involves creating content that aims to rank in search engines. This would be especially important for an SEO agency or an Adwords consultant

Meet Other Writers:

Take Writing Short Courses:

As a freelance article writer , you also get to enjoy working at your own pace, setting your own price (as demand for your writing grows) and you get to enjoy a steady income as a freelance writer .

If you want to earn money by writing online for others, here are 10 sites where you can get paid to write your own articles.

Wow Women on Writing: $50-100

Wow Women on Writing  does one thing really well: They look after female writers, encourage them and genuinely seek to offer opportunities to budding freelancers. Their audience is diverse and all focused on providing excellent content for women.

Wow Women focus on innovative business, freelancing, and training. The articles are generally detailed and designed to help writers improve their skills and showcase their work. You have an option of either asking for a payment by Paypal or, if in the USA, by Check.

How to get started

Start by reading other Wow Articles. You will want to have an idea of the tone of the site. The site is informative, relaxed and excited about showcasing good writers.

  • Ensure that you are not just duplicating their content and re-editing an old idea. Be creative.
  • Wow will pay up to $150.00 for a 3,000-word feature article.
  • Focus on being useful. How will your post help readers?
  • Practical, actionable advice is what readers want with easy to follow steps.

Wow Women focuses on women, writers, and a monthly theme. I am not sure what they offer in terms of a link back to your own content in the articles but they do link back to your site from your Author profile.

Please note that they do not open attachments. Your article or pitch needs to be presented in plain text in the body of the email. Sending a Bio or a link to other published work is a good idea and will improve your chances of getting published.

Strong Whispers: $50 – $150

Strong Whispers offers readers a range of articles about lifestyle, environment and other social issues. The range is wide. Your contribution is not limited.

Articles can range from corporate greed to education reform or change in world leadership to letting the people govern and make decisions on the way we treat the environment and exploitation of resources.

Article earnings are negotiable, but they typically pay  $50-$150  per published article. They are willing to pay more for the right article and website aims to publish 2-3 guest posts per month.

Step 1: Send them your best outline for an article you would like to write along with your fee expectation. Topics need to be unique and have a high impact.

They also ask that you send your current blog URL or an URL to published work so they can understand your writing style. They will tell you if the topic is of interest to them and if your sample meets their review criteria.

Step 2: After you have been invited to write for them, go ahead, write your article and submit it for review. They won’t publish simply mediocre or just okay guest posts.

Each article must be well written, accurate, grammatically correct and original content. You will get to view their guidelines so you can be sure to tick all the boxes.

Step 3: After you submit your article online, it will be reviewed. After review you will receive one of 3 emails:

  • Rejected – Poor quality.
  • Requires minor changes

If approved, it will be set to publish either immediately or at a future date. Once set to publish, you will be paid via PayPal and start earning money online.

Want to Start Writing and Earning Straight Away?

Vocal enables you to monetize your own writing by publishing it on their platform. The more readers you get, the more money you can earn .

Link-Able: $100 – $750

Link-Able is a great way for high-quality authors to earn money publishing for a wide range of clients and industries. Link-Able matches writers who are able to publish on relevant sites with businesses looking to earn mentions, links and traffic to their sites.

Founded by Jay Douglas, Link-Able offers good rates that depend on the sites you have authorship on – or are able to successfully pitch to. niches include business, finance, marketing, health, sport, tech, retail and more.

Note: The site will generally only accept native English authors and those with a track record of high-quality work in English .

The platform is simple and easy to use. Once you have been approved as an author, just browse the available writing jobs and apply.

  • Apply for an Author account and choose your area of expertise
  • Once approved, browse writing jobs
  • Read the job specs carefully. Recommend a site or sites you can write on and a concept for your article.
  • If you win the job, you write, publish and get paid – simple!

A quick tip – You will have more success if you limit your areas of expertise to only those things you are truly passionate about.

A Few Tips on Writing the Kind of Article that Gets published

  • Make sure your article is free from grammatical errors. We suggest using a tool like the  free grammar checker by EduBirdie
  • Make sure your article is original.
  • Make sure you follow the editorial guidelines regarding word length, style, and tone

These are basic to getting people to show interest in publishing your article and are absolutely necessary. $100 – $200 is basically a humour site. If you are a funny/smart/creative person, offers a good opportunity to earn some extra cash with article writing.

No experience necessary. If the content is good, this is a great way to make money blogging . You get to talk directly to the editors. Their content includes articles, photoshops, infographics, and videos. Take your pick.

Register for the site, click on the writer’s workshop, which leads you to the message board where everyone pitches their articles.

You pitch an article idea by writing the article idea, along with the five subtopics under the idea, a full column, and the information.

  • At the time of writing, you get $100 per article.
  • If you get up to five published articles, it goes up to $200 per article.
  • If your article finishes in the top ten articles of the month (rated on website traffic.) you get a $100 bonus.
  • You also get $100 for coming first in the Photoshop competitions of which I think they run two a week.

There is a bonus that runs in the design section also from time to time. It includes $500 for designing a winning T-Shirt, and a thread where you post (presumably humorous) infographics and they’ll pay you $100 if it’s featured on the site.

Watch Culture: $25 – $500

Watch Culture offers its news, opinion and entertainment coverage to millions of users worldwide each month.

As an online magazine based in the UK it covers the popular zeitgeist. Each day dozens of writers are earning money by publishing articles on Film, Music, Gaming, Sports, Television and much more to their ever-expanding five-million a month strong audience.

Several hundred articles are posted every single week from contributors, some of which you will see from time to time on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM and in the national newspapers.

What Culture have begun rolling out a system entitling all writers to earn money from every article they contribute.

In the Beta testing phase, some of the contributors have earned as much as £700 from one individual article. The system is based on a  per views basis, rewarding the very best writers whose content matches what their audience wants to read.

Typically, writers who could come up with original concepts and execute them well have really reaped the big benefits.

If writing isn’t your thing, they are also planning to set up a larger video presence and are looking for talented filmmakers and YouTubers to produce high-quality content for the site.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to write interesting articles or create popular videos and make money online while doing it, get in touch with them at [email protected]  for more details.

If you’d prefer to chat on Skype, the address is ‘whatculture’. Or if you live anywhere near Newcastle in the UK, they can arrange a face-to-face meeting.

Developer Tutorials: $30 – $50

Developer Tutorial provides its users with a regular supply of programming and design guides keeping them up-to-date on new and emerging technologies and techniques.

To help fuel this effort they utilise freelance writers to produce unique, high-quality tutorials in the following categories:

They are also looking for articles referencing cool and useful lists that users would both be interested in and benefit from reading.

An example of this might be, “30 Cool Web Tools to Make Your Development Easier” or “30 Awesome Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials”.

They pay cash for your tutorials and list-based articles so not only are you helping out fellow coders and designers but you are making more of a name for yourself as a freelance writer.

Pay rates depend on factors such as the quality of the tutorial/article and the demand for the topic it covers.

  • Pay rates for published list articles currently range between $30-$50.
  • Payment is sent via PayPal immediately after your article is published.
  • List based articles must target web developers or designers.

Tutorials are required to be a minimum of 1000 words and should include illustrations (screenshots etc) if needed to more effectively portray your message.

B. Michelle Pippin: $50 – $150

Michelle Pippin is looking for articles aimed at helping small businesses increase their profits, influence, or impact.  Michelle Pippin provides sharp and high-quality business and marketing content to a wide audience.

If you have some original work, a great idea or a hack for the business, marketing niche, this could be a site to consider. While the site focuses on women in business, it provides an even-handed mix of articles on profit, entrepreneurial resources, marketing and case study articles as well as relevant news on the business world.

The site has a large audience and a wide mix of business and marketing related material.

Your articles don’t need to be too technical, as though they were being prepared for a peer-reviewed journal, but they should go beyond the basics.

Michelle will expect you to do the research and if it reaches her members only audience (which is a print edition) you will likely receive a bigger pay cheque.

Word count on the site for your average business or marketing article is about 800 words.

  • Obviously, your work must be original work.
  • If your work gets published in my members only (print) newsletter, you’ll get paid more money, but you will not be able to republish your article elsewhere.
  • Payment is on a per article basis and will be paid via Paypal on the 1st of the month following the month it is posted.

Don’t send over full articles. Just complete the form and tell them your areas of expertise. A short pitch should be fine but keep your offer short and sweet.

Metro Parent: $50 – $75

Metro Parent Publishing Group is open to experienced freelance writers to help build the content of their magazine and website. Their general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents.

Here are a few factors to consider before sending your pitch.

  • Make it local. They are looking for stories and sources that reflect the communities they cover: Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Therefore, southeast Michigan ideas and sources are preferred.
  • Pitch early. Content for Metro Parent is determined months in advance. Story ideas should be pitched a good two to three months before the month it would run. This is particularly important for seasonally-anchored stories.

If your article submission is accepted or you have been assigned a story, you should submit an invoice (within an email is fine) that includes name, address, phone number, Social Security Number, name of story and payment amount.

The invoice should be submitted within a week of submitting the story.

  • Features 1,000-2,500 words: $150-$350, depending on the complexity of topic and number of sources required.
  • Department columns: $50-75
  • Parent Pipeline pieces: $35-50
  • Reprints: $35

The finished story should be single-spaced with a hard return at each new paragraph. Do not indent for new paragraphs. And include only one space after punctuation marks.

  • Include your byline plus the preferred tagline
  • Font should be Times New Roman, 14-point
  • Include a suggested headline and/or dek
  • Subheads (i.e., within the body copy) are strongly encouraged for stories 1,000 words or more.

Metro Parent prefers stories to be sent as a Microsoft Word attachment. For those who don’t have Word, send the story within the body of an email.

Be sure to include the name and phone number of sources at the end of the story, in case they have follow-up questions.

Sitepoint: Visit Link for Pricing

Sitepoint writers are generally web professionals with a passion for development and design. Site Point is specifically looking for content that is technical, instructive, well-written and innovative.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Site Point works with article writers from all over the world. The editors are web developers and designers at the top of the industry. They claim to pay above-industry rates for quality articles.

Site Point covers the following topics:

  • CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • Ruby, Mobile development, UX
  • Design, HTML

You will have to inquire using the link above for rates and process.

Uxbooth: $100

Uxbooth is into design. I figured that much out. The rest of their site is gibberish. For example, their “About us” page begins with these words,

“The UX Booth is a publication by and for the user experience community. Our readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers..”

What that means is anybody’s guess. it might be good for the user experience  but it’s nigh useless if you were looking for a reading experience . Nevertheless, they offer you money to join them in the art of gibberish.

Uxbooth does not accept fully written drafts outright. Instead, they pair authors with editors in order to collaborate throughout the writing process. It works like this:

  • You pitch a topic or idea that you’d like to share. Don’t be shy!
  • If accepted, a development editor is assigned to you in order to help you develop your narrative in accordance with their style guide. The two of you discuss and evolve the idea until it’s ready to share.
  • That’s it! Articles are usually published four-to-eight weeks after they’re initially pitched.
  • They pay $100 per article.

Related Article: Go deeper and learn how to set yourself up as a freelancer online.

Know about other great writing gigs? Do these need updating? Speak up in the comments below.

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February 26, 2014 at 5:38 pm

Thanks for the list. Writing’s a great way to earn money when you find yourself sitting at home.

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April 22, 2016 at 4:47 pm

Your article was great. I write articles on animals, history and travel mainly. I made very good money submitting to Bubblews before they went out. I have also submitted to other sites.

I really need the money so could you let me know where I could submit my articles. I have submitted over 9000 articles to different sites over the last several years.

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September 11, 2016 at 1:07 am

You can create a blog or website (for passive income and portfolio) and monetize it with revenuehits or infinity ads, then add a Hire Me button and advertise the blog or website for free on Craigslist or with pay on people’s websites with Google Adwords.

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June 10, 2014 at 8:34 am

Saif, article writing is a skill learned, like any other skill. To begin your learning I would suggest:

1. Write in the language you are most comfortable in. 2. Write about subjects you really like. 3. Read. Read all the time. Read the articles that are already being published online in the area you are most interested in.

Once you have a good knowledge of your subject and you have some ideas about where you might want to get published, hit me up for a chat. I will show you how to write up your article.

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July 26, 2014 at 4:12 am

Hi David, this is quite informative and I must say the little knowledge I had about article-writing websites and their rates has greatly been improved. I have a request though, do you have any account that you can help me out with. I am a beginner, a year to be specific, and still in college.

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November 9, 2015 at 9:24 am

I am a Finance and business writer even though I can write about other subjects as well. How can I get going? Any work available or links?

November 9, 2015 at 9:35 am

You could try Penny Hoarder. Those are both large fields so it would depend on your particular niche.

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June 21, 2014 at 8:09 pm

Sir, I Want suggestions for writing article. First of all I want to ask you that I could write articles on my behalf or suggested by authors. I want to ask u that I have many subjects on writing about god, soul and about the cause of birth of a man in side the world………………………. suggest me pls sir

June 21, 2014 at 8:57 pm

Hi Vaibhav,

I have emailed you a response to your questions. Let me know if I can help you some more.

July 18, 2014 at 5:40 pm

I recommend visiting one of the sites in this list.

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Hey Friends,

If you want to earn money by doing part time work, you can do it just by following these great business ideas.

100% trustworthy.

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Regards, GHUFRAN

July 19, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Practise is the key, Ghufran. Practise in your own language for your own people. Write about the things that you love in your own culture and community. You should also join a forum like Writers Digest and try and learn from other good writers.

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July 22, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Hello, I want to write articles. I have never written any ,but I am in serious need of money. I want to do any online job and whatever the paying is. I am student in university. I hope sir you will help me.

I shall be thankful for your guidance. THANKS IN ADVANCE

July 22, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Asim, if you are new to writing and you want to make some money, you could comment writing. It’s easier than writing a whole article. You can sign up to Post Loop in the link toward the top of this page.

They pay money for writing comments. You will need to read the instructions and follow them carefully. But once you do, you can earn a little bit of money by writing comments online.

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July 25, 2014 at 3:46 am

Hey David… I also want to earn online….plz recommend me a website so that I may start earning……

July 25, 2014 at 8:54 pm

If you are new to writing online, you might want to start with something fairly simple – commenting for money. You will find a link near the top of this article. If you feel confident, you could try signing up for for single jobs that pay better, you could try Blogging Pro’s Job Board here:

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July 29, 2014 at 11:41 am

Awesome article! In my opinion, if you’re already writing, why not start a blog? A Blog is one of the most effective ways to make a long-term sustainable income online.

Blogging is HUGE! You just have to know how to tap into it correctly. I started a blog in the “cooking” niche which is my passion less than 6 months ago. I’ll admit, my first couple months we’re definitely a struggle. Luckily I found a “blogging success” blueprint so to speak, and ever since then, I’ve been averaging $200+ per day..and that’s without any of my own products. All through affiliate sales.

Once again, great article! I’ll be subscribing for more!

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August 22, 2014 at 7:11 am

Hi, the comment that you post really grabs my intention since I’ve been struggling for years to earn money on the internet. Thanks so much, David.

August 22, 2014 at 1:42 pm

My pleasure Harold.

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October 7, 2014 at 10:50 am

How did you manage to gain success? I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, in the hopes that I could get a full time career out of it, but I’m not sure where to begin!

There are so many blogs out there, so much that I can’t shake the doubt that nothing will come of it.

Your help would be much appreciated!

Cheers, Lisa

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October 17, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Thanks a lot, i will be glad to help you let me know how.

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May 12, 2017 at 9:24 pm

Please suggest best affiliate sites for the blog . I want to earn at least $5 per day through the blog . Also, tell which sites are best that gives money to comment.

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This is a great website for my article writing needs.

August 2, 2014 at 8:11 pm

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Thanks for the tips! But I have a query. I submitted an article on What Culture but I think it is small. Will it be rejected because of the article being small?

August 20, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Hi Raajit. Glad you like the article. Though I am not a decision maker at What Culture, I have given it some thought and yes, your article will be published and you will go on to have an awesome career in publishing. You may even win a prize of some sort one day. Well done and congratulations in advance!

August 20, 2014 at 6:44 pm

David Sir, you are being funny. But thanks for the encouragement!

August 20, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Yes, Raajit, I was being funny because, without actually seeing the article – and since I do not own What Culture – I have no way of knowing whether they will accept it or not. If you want to send me a copy of the article I will be happy to take a look at it.

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Hi Morris, check out some of those listed in the post. Also check out Pro Bloggers job listings.

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September 5, 2014 at 9:57 am

Some of these sites are fine – Cracked in particular is great – but I would be really careful about promoting WhatCulture to anyone.

I’ve heard some real horror stories from many, many people about them. They have a history of plagiarism, which they went to great lengths to cover up. They’ve lied about job descriptions so that they can trick people into doing free work for them. They’ve withheld pay from their writers and refused to pay others all that they are owed.

Maybe if you want to get a tiny amount of cash for an article titled ‘Best Sex Scenes Evah’ they’re fine, but otherwise I wouldn’t risk being exploited.

September 5, 2014 at 10:10 am

Never! Thanks for the feedback. We update this list all the time to keep it useful. If you find a site that’s reliable, let us know.

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June 1, 2015 at 11:59 pm

Couldn’t agree more. I have never written for them but, having seen friends do so, I have spoken to them about the possibility. They were the most childish, unprofessional people I have ever interacted with. Petty nerds, quite frankly. Since then, my friends have either left or been forced to leave their writing duties because of the incompetence and harshness of the idiots in charge. Matt (editor in chief) is an idiot in particular. Peter is also a moron.

June 2, 2015 at 6:40 am

Thanks Ellie. I think it’s time I gave WhatCulture the boot. If you know of a good alternative, let me know.

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September 17, 2014 at 4:54 pm

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September 21, 2014 at 4:22 pm

This list is like a treasure to the writers. They will surely enjoy this list. I would like to ask one question. Why did you mentioned the name as “Watch Culture” in your list when its real name is “What Culture”. I didn’t got that. Is there any specific reason behind it or it’s just a typo?

September 28, 2014 at 10:33 pm

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This is awesome, thanks for the information!

Just wondering, what do you think is the best way to get my blog successful enough to pay the bills? Have I got a better shot posting articles for these companies, or running a blog myself?

October 23, 2014 at 9:01 am

Lisa, It depends on the niche your blog is in – and how competitive the niche and how you monetise it. Yes, you can make a good income writing for others, and in many ways it is less stressful – once you have the client base. Then again, building up your own online writing business or blog can be very rewarding.

Give us a shout if you would like to have a chat about your particular situation.

November 8, 2014 at 9:15 pm

I was leaning towards health and fitness. Unfortunately this is an extremely common subject, so if I end up having a go at this, I need to find a new and interesting way to portray it… to seperate myself from all the other fitness bloggers.

Any help/advice would be great.

November 11, 2014 at 8:06 am

You are right. The niche is highly competitive and standing out is hard. You have a couple of options, but both require the same precision. You could start your own blog or you could write for others.

One involves you marketing yourself to targeted (and well developed) websites, the other involves you marketing your own website and then finding a way to monetize it.

The precision issue is this: You need to narrow your niche interest down to one, or three elements at the most.

Sit down and come up with a list of all topics related to your interest. Health and fitness is generic, competition too high. So you want to aim at just one niche market in that industry.

For example, your speciality might be:

Women’s Fitness Programs. You could review and recommend them – a nice affiliate opportunity right there.

Weight Training for Women Exercising from Home Fitness training for mums…

You could even get more specific: Weight Training for Mums at Home (Ewk! – but again, a nice affiliate opportunity there). Belly Gym for Working Women – Entirely focused on one aspect of fitness and health, say, Daily exercise tips for working women that help maintain a figure.

The key factor is this – be precise. Start within a very narrow niche and become an authority on it. Then build from there once you begin having success. Become the Belly Gym Expert for working women.

There is a great angle right there – feel free to use it! I see that, amazingly, the domain is available – it’s a great short, easy to remember domain name and business title – quick grab it before I do! []

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Thanks for the heads up. This is my first venture into writing an article. Can you suggest a site(s) where I can be able to practice and have my “work” assessed?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

October 23, 2014 at 9:03 am

Most sites won’t give you a lot of helpful feedback unless they know you well. Most times it will simply be yes or no to your submission.

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G’day, Hitesh. Yes, I have. It is hard work, but once you get a foot in the door it becomes easier.

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At The Daily Heckle, we pay between £10 and £20 for articles. We’d love to be on this list.

June 15, 2015 at 8:09 am

Hi Malcolm, thanks for stopping by. That sounds doable. Check you inbox for my email.

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September 11, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Hi Hussain, use the list in this post to find a good article writing site. Make sure you choose a site that writes about the things you like.

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September 26, 2015 at 5:15 pm

Faraz, I would start with Dev Tutorials, Tutts and SitePoint, depending on your niche.

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October 2, 2015 at 10:51 pm

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Hi Nathan. Sure, happy to help. What kind of help did you want?

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Syed, you could get a regular gig on gfe sport. Even if they don’t pay you, you would get exposure that helps you fill out your resume. Email them. If you do well, then you will be able to point to those articles when talking to paying gig sites – they always ask for published samples.

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After searching for information on writing online and only finding sketchy results, this list of actual paying sites instead of craigslist click bait was quite refreshing.

I’m 23, and I graduated with an English degree last year. I am confident in my writing ability; I only need to learn how to write for the online market. Is it really that simple? Just write and submit to these sites? Or are there other things to learn, like the proper citation format for sources and links in your article, how to write a query letter, maintaining/knowing your rights….I noticed that most authors/bloggers have a personalized “signature” or banner at the bottom of their article, along with their email and picture. Are these provided from the site, or are they made and coded by the authors? I understand making a blog is crucial to creating an online presence, but I’m wary of spending too much of my time writing for free. I’m not looking to make a living at the moment; I just need a second income. I’m in Canada, if location makes any difference. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you,

October 6, 2015 at 10:34 am

Hi Mel. If you just want to earn a little extra in your spare time then writing for others is ideal. You don’t have to worry about having or maintaining a website. As far as writing for free goes, your blog is an investment. It’s a property. Every link that points to it and every bit of good quality content that you write on it is increasing its value in real monetary terms. So, if you love to write, you are not really writing for free. You are increasing the value of your site with every article.-

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September 30, 2015 at 5:10 pm

Hi, David! An excellent article you have here! I’m sure it’ll help many other people (sure did give me a lot of information).

My question is; what do you think about sites that pay you per view/share/like and so on? I’m talking about sites like HubPages, Bubblews etc. I’m sure you know about them. Apparently, they pay 1 cent ($0.1) per view or something similar. Do you think it is possible to expose articles written for them enough to earn a significant amount of money? Some sites pay for ad clicks as well (like HubPages). Do you think it’s worth the time, or not? I’ve been doing some research, and I found many people who claimed to have earned $300~$900 as ‘passive’ income through such sites.

Thanks for giving your time to read this. Regards, K. Joshi

October 6, 2015 at 10:32 am

Sites like that tend to have a small handful of users who are genuinely making money, the rest of us are just propping up the site with all our hard work and articles. It’s not the way for a serious writer to go if they want to put bread on the table. Aim high.

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Thank you so much David.

November 5, 2015 at 10:23 am

No worries, Shanu. I hope you find a site you can write for and make a profit from. Good luck.

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November 5, 2015 at 10:21 am

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December 1, 2015 at 12:18 am

Thank you so much for compiling this 🙂

It’s nice to know I don’t have to settle for .005 cents per every 1000 views like a lot if theseller ridiculous sites .

December 1, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Thanks Nicole. Yes, you can earn a living writing, but you have to start strong and really bring focus to all of your marketing and content – not just the content you create.

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December 1, 2015 at 6:52 am

Oh….I am very grateful to find your article since I was looking for the way to earn money through my writing skills. I do hope that I can prove that earning from home is true, since nobody (around me) could not believe that. Thank you, David. Hope the best for you.

Regard Made Sandat

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A really helpful article, all told. As a international university student in the UK, I have wanted to pursue a part-time income for a while now. While I have little skill in writing, I am an absolute beginner at it’s online equivalent and was hoping you could advise me on how to start out.

Is there any particular site you could recommend for me? Or at least a place to test the waters and find my own niche with a few articles?

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Hi sir I want you to suggest me some sites where I can able to publish articles on Indian society and other social causes and also some of my single lines quotes. So that I can make money from them and can enjoy my studies too

February 4, 2016 at 3:06 am

Hmm, sorry Gourav. Not being Indian myself, I have limited knowledge on writing on Indian Society. You could try Life Hack.

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January 29, 2016 at 10:59 am

Please help me. I want to make income by writting on internet.What first step do i take?

February 4, 2016 at 2:59 am

John, take a look at the sites on offer at the top of this post.

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January 29, 2016 at 8:38 pm

Hi David, really like your article!!

I currently write for two of SB Nation’s blogs and cover Spanish football, but I’m not being paid – and my search for websites that take paid contributors has been futile.

Would really appreciate any help 😀

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What are my skills? What are my talents? What can I do to make money? Those are just a few of the many questions you should ask yourself. You need to know what your skills are, just like you need to know your talents. If you can combine those two elements together, you’ll have a way to start generating ideas for a business opportunity.

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How To Make Money With Technical Articles As A Developer

Catalin Pit

Catalin Pit

Writing paid technical articles is a great way to create a side-income or even a salary. Thus, this article will teach you how to make money with technical articles as a developer.

The good thing is that you can make money with technical articles even if you are not a super experienced developer. However, that does not mean you should not have a bit of experience. To put things into perspective, I made money writing articles as a junior developer. So it is doable.

With that being said, this article assumes no knowledge about the subject. As a result, you will learn how to do it from zero. You will learn how to:

  • choose an area of expertise
  • start a blog
  • write consistently
  • pitch websites and publications to write for them
  • write on freeCodeCamp

Your area of expertise

The first step of the process is to choose an area of expertise. Usually, people write about their area of development. What do I mean by that? If someone is a front-end developer, that person tends to write about front-end development. Likewise for other areas. As a result, you can write about the subject you know the best.

However, you are not confined only to the subject you know the best. Alternatively, you can write about the stuff you want to learn. You do not have to be an expert in the technology to write about it, but you should have basic knowledge about the technologies you use.

For instance, my best paid/non-paid articles are the ones where I learnt how to put together a handful of technologies. Other people went through the same hurdles to set them together, and they found my articles helpful. It's important to note that I have basic knowledge of the technologies I put together; if I wrote about building an application with Node.js, MongoDB and Pug, it means I have basic knowledge in all of them. On the flip side, I did not write about building an application with Angular, Supabase and Google Cloud because I never used them.

In conclusion, define your area of expertise and write articles about it. Moreover, you can also write about the technologies you want to learn because you do not have to be an expert to write about a subject.

Start your blog

The next question is where to publish your articles. There are two options:

  • Pitch publications and sell the articles directly
  • Create a blog and build a portfolio

In my case, I choose to create a blog. I decided to make a blog because I can build a portfolio of articles I can present to the publications I am pitching. Additionally, some publications (not all of them) allows writers to re-publish the articles on their blog. Thus, I have all the articles I write in one place - my blog.

When it comes to blogging platforms, there are many you can use. For my blog, I use Hashnode because it allows me to use my personal domain for free. However, you are not limited. There are other blogging platforms as well, and you can read about the best blogging platforms for developers .

Therefore, the ball is in your yard to decide. If your sole goal is to make money, you can sell them directly to publications. If you want to create a portfolio (which I advise you) , I recommend starting a blog.

There are some caveats and extra advantages if you choose to start a blog. In my case, I received many gigs after people found my blog and read the articles. Having an active blog is like having a personal recruiter looking for opportunities for you non-stop.

Besides that, companies might pay you to write reviews about their products or tutorials straight on your blog. Usually, sponsored posts on your blog are more expensive since you need to write them and use your platform to promote/advertise them.

Thus, your blog is more than a portfolio. It can become a source of income as well!

Write for freeCodeCamp

Once you have some writing experience under your belt, I recommend applying to write for freeCodeCamp. Here is where your blog comes in handy - freeCodeCamp asks for three articles you consider to be your best articles. Having a blog with technical articles increases your chances of getting accepted as a writer.

Now you might ask why do I recommend freeCodeCamp. The main reason why I recommend writing on freeCodeCamp is that they have an editorial team. That means there are professional people that read your articles and provides you with feedback. Having someone, especially professional writers, check your articles and give you feedback is extremely helpful. You will improve much quicker and thus become a better writer.

Besides having an editorial team, freeCodeCamp reaches millions of people daily. It's one of the best publication to write for if you want to reach a broad audience and help people. Not many publications can match that, and there are not many places where you can reach such an enormous audience.

Therefore, writing for freeCodeCamp is an excellent way to:

  • familiarize yourself with publications
  • improve and become a better writer
  • reach a wide audience

I highly recommend writing for freeCodeCamp!

Write consistently

The more articles you write, the better you get at writing. The better your articles are, the better your chances of getting accepted to write for a publication. You get the idea!

Create a schedule

If you are a beginner in writing, I would advise you to create a schedule and stick to it. When you create a schedule, create a reasonable one. You might have many ideas at the moment, and you might think you can ship three articles weekly. But soon, you find out you cannot keep up the rhythm.

As a result, I recommend sticking to one article per week. Writing one article weekly is manageable for most people, and it does not put too much pressure on you. Also, if you have lots of ideas, even better. Do not step up the rhythm by publishing more articles. Instead, spread it out, so you have content for more weeks.

List of topics

After creating a schedule, research and create a list of topics. In my beginnings, I made the mistake of blogging randomly when ideas popped in my head. As you might guess, I was not very consistent, and I did not have any results.

That changed when I started researching topics. You can research topics and keywords with tools like Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Ahrefs and so on. In my case, I use Ahrefs. With that being said, once you have a list of topics/keywords, it's easier to keep a schedule and write consistently.

Find online challenges

If you search for "writing challenges" online, you can find a lot of content revolving around this. Alternatively, blogging platforms like Hashnode have badges and challenges. For instance, Hashnode has a challenge aimed to make you a better writer called #2Articles1Week .

This is just one example. However, there are many other challenges on the internet!

Thus, my top tips for writing consistently are as follows:

  • Create a posting schedule. Preferably an article weekly for beginners.
  • Research keywords and create a list of possible article ideas.
  • Find online challenges.

Find and pitch publications

The last step of the process is to find and pitch publications. This is one of the most challenging steps, but I'll make it easier for you.

Many, if not most, companies/technologies/tools have their blogs. The reason is that written content (articles) is still super powerful and helpful. Thus, they use their blogs to share knowledge and promote their tools.

Let's take as an example a database company called MarioDB (fictive company name) . MarioDB might have a company blog where employees write tutorials about integration the database with other technologies. Additionally, they also accept articles from guest authors. As a result, you could pitch them and write an article about integrating MarioDB with Vue. More or less, that is how most publications work.

With that being said, each publication/company:

  • pays a fixed rate
  • has their rules and policies
  • has their list of accepted topics

All publications/companies have a particular page on their blog that specifies all the information you need and how to apply. I ​will not list all the publications and websites that pay you to write technical articles here. But you can click on the embedded link to find them and how much they pay.

It's important to note that this is one way to go from zero to writing paid technical articles and not the only way. Also, it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to put in the work and be patient.

To recap, here are the steps I recommend:

  • choose your area of expertise - focus on the subject/s you know the best
  • open a blog or not - it depends on what your goals are
  • apply to write for freeCodeCamp - you get exposure to a wide audience
  • get better at writing by doing it consistently
  • find publications and write for them

make money writing technical articles

IT Engineering | Programming | Full stack | Career Level-up

make money writing technical articles

These 7 Websites Pay You Up To $900 Per Technical Article (Easy Sign Up)

More and more people make money by writing technical articles (but they stay silent about it)… here is how much you can make..

white and black One Way-printed road signages

Perhaps you still don’t know, but there are new ways to earn money from writing. 

(The catch is knowing where to search.)

Let me tell you now 7 ways to earn from technical articles. 

And yes, the more you like writing (the more niche-specific knowledge), the better for you! 

(Don’t worry, this is suitable even if you are a total beginner. You just need to k…

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Developers: The Why and How to Writing Technical Articles

Developers: The Why and How to Writing Technical Articles

by Goodness Kayode


I posted a small broadcast on the need for technical articles to add to my publication on a Whatsapp group of over 200 developers. The response I got prompted me to write this short article. I have found out that many developers do not find it important to write articles and I believe it is not right.

As if I knew many developers wouldn’t have technical articles, I decided to add the last paragraph to the broadcast. To my surprise several developers messaged me that they needed help on starting to write technical articles and that is why I decided to write this quick article.

To start with, it takes a lot to come out with awesome content. I know this is what puts many developers off. But at the first part of this article, I will talk about the benefits of writing technical posts.

Build Your Portfolio

One key thing about writing technical posts is that it can help build your portfolio as a developer. And it gives you an ample opportunity to be seen as skilled at what you do.

Another thing I feel has helped developers like Prosper Otemuyiwa and some others is the fact that no matter how little the tutorial is, they make sure they do something.

Help Newbies

Before you got to the stage you are right now, some people helped you get there through videos and articles. That is enough reason to write contents for other people to learn from.

The more you write on a particular thing, or let me say the more you teach a particular thing, the better you get at it. Writing technical contents may involve you writing about an application you just built that gave you a lot of stress that you don’t want other developers to go through. Or you just learned a new thing and you want the world to know what you have learned.

Doing the above mentioned, helps you build confidence in what you know.

Yea! Money is very important and you don’t get it by sitting and not doing anything that will add to someone’s life. You can get paid for writing technical contents. But before you get paid, you must have written some interesting content as samples.

I know a few companies that pay for technical write-ups. One is Scotch Development . This is not because they have a lot of more to waste, but because they believe development is a lot easier when you have the right content to guide you.

One of the things that makes me glad is the number of views I get on my articles. I wrote an article on [ React, Babel,webpack and Webpack 3.0 ] and Codementor alerted me on twitter that I have had 2,000 views. And I became proud of myself.

I think seeing people reading your content and learning from it should be a plus to you.

Limited Restrictions

Few people invest their time in writing technical articles and it gives more opportunity for people who write to have an edge to getting something a lot of people apply for.

Auth0 opened their web application for applying as an Auth0 Ambassador. One of the fields for the application included that one could attach links to write-ups written. That should ring a bell .


I get asked this question every time I talk about writing technical articles. In this article I will just explain how to get started based on my experience and other posts I have read on getting started with writing technical articles.

  • Believe you can

You don’t have to be the world greatest developer to write an article. You can always write an article on what you are learning presently.

But the first thing is to believe in yourself.

2. A Little Step but Great Beginning

Many developers get confused at this point because they feel “What can they write that will impress people?” But I will always say “Start with something small.”

My first post on medium was PHP: BEYOND BUILDING WEBSITES and it was not a real ‘techy’ kind of article. I wrote it just to have something out and people encouraged me by recommending it. And I got an invite to become a writer on a medium publication.

That was the little step I took and now I have more tutorials out on Scotch Development , Codementor , Medium , and so on.

Just give it a try.

3. Learn New Technology

The best way to have something to write on is to learn new technologies. Learn new frameworks you were not asked to learn and write on it.

Recently, I saw there was a new JavaScript framework without any tutorial on it. When I went through the documentation I found out how light and awesome it was.

So, I made a tutorial on it and some popular JavaScript Twitter users got to know about the article and kept re-tweeting and I kept getting more views.

4. Topics are around you

Some developers feel topics are the main issue. To be sincere, it is not as the quality of content is the most important thing. You just have to be sensitive.

I know Scotch Development has a section on their websites where you can get ideas of tutorials you can write on. Check it out here .

Basically, there are no new topics. What you have are differences in content most of the time.

5. Know Your Niche

To be successful at this game, you have to carve a niche for yourself. If you know you are awesome at building web applications, stick to it. And if it is mobile development, Artificial Intelligence, ML and so on, stick to it.

Because if you make mistakes that you shouldn’t have made while writing a tutorial, people will take you as a confused individual.

6. Be Unique In Your Writing

When writing, you have to be as simple as possible and free at the same time. Write your articles like you are explaining something to another developer and you want them to understand in simple terms.

You could always include funny GIF images, short videos, screen shots and so on to keep your reader reading.

7. Get Feedback

Brother! Sister! Don’t think you know everything. You will only be shooting yourself on the leg. Ask for comments and be open to criticism because you cannot avoid it.

Let people be able to talk to you about something not being clear to them via e-mail or Twitter.

8. Don’t Stop Writing

I shouldn't have added this but let me. Don’t stop writing once you start and maybe face a lot of criticism that you don’t know anything.

Work on the corrections and write more and it will pay.

I believe you must have gained something from my little mind-speaking article and I will be glad if you can share your thoughts with me on Twitter @goodnesskayode

I will love if you could read some of my articles on , Codementor , LinkedIn and .

If this article was helpful, share it .

Learn to code for free. freeCodeCamp's open source curriculum has helped more than 40,000 people get jobs as developers. Get started

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Trump's hush money trial

live news

Israel-Hamas war

Witness testimony in Trump's hush money trial wraps for the day

From CNN's Kara Scannell, Lauren Del Valle, Jeremy Herb and Sabrina Souza in the courthouse

Witnesses walk through how bills were paid at Trump Org. Here’s what happened in court and why it matters

From CNN's Elise Hammond

Jeffrey McConney, right, testified on Monday. He was a longtime Trump Organization controller.

In the hush money trial against the former president, prosecutors called two witnesses Monday who worked in accounting in the Trump Organization: Jeffrey McConney , a former Trump Org. controller, and Deborah Tarasoff , an accounts payable supervisor.

McConney walked the jury through the paper trail that showed how executives organized and paid back Michael Cohen for the money he sent to Stormy Daniels’ attorney. This is important because at the heart of the trial — the falsification of business records — are the payments to Cohen, which were listed as retainer fees.

Tarasoff described in more detail how checks were paid at the organization and when Trump’s approval was needed for payments.

Here’s what happened in court today:

Jeffrey McConney

  • McConney testified that he had a conversation with Allen Weisselberg , former chief financial officer of the Trump Org., about a need to “reimburse” Cohen . McConney then showed jurors 12 checks, each for $35,000 , that were paid to Cohen in 2017. Cohen sent invoices for those checks and asked that the payments be listed as part of a “retainer agreement.” As previous testimony in the trial revealed, there was no actual retainer for Cohen.
  • McConney also explained to the jury why Cohen was paid $420,000 in all and how each check was cut, first from Trump's revocable trust and then from his personal account .
  • The jury also saw business records relating to the payment to Cohen that are tied to several of the 34 falsifying business records charges against Trump. The records show several rows and columns organized to record the payments.
  • On cross-examination, Trump attorney Emil Bove questioned McConney about his knowledge of Trump's role in these payments. "President Trump did not ask you to do any of the things you described?" Bove asked. "He did not," McConney testified. He said he was told to do this work by Weisselberg. McConney also said he did not know if Cohen did legal work for Trump in 2017.

Deborah Tarasoff, who works in the Trump Organization accounting department, is questioned on Monday.

Deborah Tarasoff

  • As accounts payable supervisor, Tarasoff said she would get an approved invoice , enter it into the system, cut the check and get it signed. Tarasoff testified that Trump or his sons needed to approve invoices of more than $10,000 and Trump was the only person who authorized checks from his personal account , including during his presidency.
  • Tarasoff said Trump would sign the checks by hand. She said they were signed in black Sharpie . Tarasoff said Trump did not always sign the checks, even when Weisselberg approved them. He would “write 'void' and send it back,” she noted.
  • Before Trump was president, Tarasoff testified that she “ would cut the check , put it with the backup and bring it over to Rhona (Graff) who would bring it in to Mr. Trump to sign,” referring to Trump’s former longtime assistant. The invoices and the checks were stapled together, she said, with the check on top of the invoice. When Trump became president, Tarasoff said they would mail checks to the White House .
  • The jury was shown the voucher form that said "retainer" in the description line that Tarasoff said she obtained from the invoice. Tarasoff also confirmed each of the $35,000 checks with Trump’s signature were sent to Cohen.
  • On cross-examination, she acknowledged that she was not present for conversations between Trump and Weisselberg about the payments. She also said she worked with Trump's children Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump, over the years. Tarasoff still works for Trump Org., which means she works for Eric Trump, who was also in the courtroom today.

What’s next: Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass estimated they still need about two weeks from tomorrow to make their case. He stresses that's a very rough estimate. The defense will also get an opportunity to call its witnesses after that if they choose.

Judge Juan Merchan ruled that Trump again violated his gag order for his comments about the jury.

Gag order hearing: Judge Juan Merchan  found Trump in contempt  for violating the gag order again, specifically concerning comments he made about the makeup of the jury in this case. Prosecutors had alleged Trump violated the gag order on four separate occasions . The judge ruled that the three other comments did not violate the order. "Going forward this court will have to consider a jail sanction," Merchan said, noting the $1,000 fine is not stopping him, but he told Trump “incarceration is truly a last resort .”

Remember: Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business record s. Each criminal charge relates to a specific entry among the business records of the Trump Organization, according to the indictment . Prosecutors allege that Trump allegedly disguised the transaction to Daniels as a legal payment and falsified business records numerous times to “promote his candidacy” in the 2016 election.

Prosecutors roughly estimate they need about two more weeks to make their case

Judge Juan Merchan asks the prosecution how they're doing on timing for making their case.

Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass says they're doing "well," but estimates they still need about two weeks from tomorrow. He stresses that's a very rough estimate.

Trump tapped defense attorney Todd Blanche's arm as Steinglass made the estimation.

What Deborah Tarasoff said in just over an hour of testimony

From CNN's Kara Scannell, Lauren del Valle, Jeremy Herb and Sabrina Souza

Deborah Tarasoff, who worked in the Trump Organization accounting department, testifies on Monday.

Deborah Tarasoff, an employee in the Trump Organization’s accounting department, testified for just over an hour Monday about the check-writing process at the company.

Tarasoff helped arrange the 12 checks for $35,000, each signed by Donald Trump and sent to former attorney Michael Cohen in 2017 as reimbursement for the $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

She testified that after 2015 any invoice over $10,000 had to be approved by Trump or one of his sons. When she created the checks, Trump would sign them, she testified — or, if he disapproved, he would write “void” on them, she said.

"If he didn’t want to sign it, he didn’t sign it," she said. She knew he was the one signing them because, "It was signed in Sharpie and it was black and that’s what he uses."

She testified she had no decision-making authority but followed instructions, including getting invoices approved, entering them into the system, cutting the checks and getting them signed.

On cross-examination, she acknowledged that she was not present for conversations between Trump and former Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg about the payments.

Judge tells jury they'll wrap up early today

"Jurors we're going to stop a little bit early today," Judge Juan Merchan tells the jury.

The jurors are now leaving.

Tarasoff is off the stand

Trump attorney Todd Blanche just wrapped up his cross-examination of Deborah Tarasoff.

There won't be a redirect, and Tarasoff is off the stand

Tarasoff says she doesn't know what happened to Cohen checks after they were mailed but they returned signed

Trump attorney Todd Blanche also noted that Deborah Tarasoff was not present for conversations between former Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg and Donald Trump.

"When Mr. Weisselberg on some of the emails or Mr. McConney told you to go ahead and pay it, generate a check, you didn’t get permission from President Trump himself, correct?" Blanche said.

"Correct," she said.

She clarified with Blanche that all the checks to Michael Cohen shown in court were signed and that she doesn't know what happened with the checks after she mailed them to the White House.

But she did receive them back in the mail signed.

Blanche follows up with more questions about invoices

Attorney Todd Blanche is asking Deborah Tarasoff if Trump was focused on getting ready to be president during the start of 2017.

"I think so," Tarasoff replies.

Blanche follows up and asks whether the requests to pay for invoices "happens all the time?" Yes, Tarasoff says.

Blanche is trying to rehabilitate earlier testimony from Tarasoff that Trump would sometimes void checks for invoices he didn't want to pay. "If he didn’t want to sign it, he didn’t sign it," she testified earlier.

Tarasoff says Trump Org. is family-run and says she's worked with Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump

Deborah Tarasoff confirms to defense attorney Todd Blanche that the Trump Organization is a family-run business. She says she has worked with Trump's children Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump over the years.

Trump is fully turned 90 degrees in his chair while Tarasoff is testifying. His arm is over the back of the chair, and he's facing toward Tarasoff.

Prosecutors have finished their questioning of Tarasoff

Prosecutors have wrapped up their questioning of Deborah Tarasoff. Trump attorney Todd Blanche is now starting his cross-examination for the defense.

Please enable JavaScript for a better experience.


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