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16 Easy Online Typing Jobs in the Philippines 2024

Online typing jobs philippines

Online typing jobs are jobs that heavily involve typing on a keyboard most of the time. Unlike other types of online jobs such as graphic design, they can be easily done by beginners. The most common online typing jobs are data entry, content writing and transcription.

Even though these don’t pay much compared to other online jobs, they are still worth doing.

Is an online typing job legit?

In most cases, yes. You just need to stay away from Captcha typing jobs since these are mostly scams. Thus, here are some tips to help you get legit online typing jobs:

  • As much as possible, get the online typing job from a reputable freelancing website such as UpWork, etc.
  • Don’t work without a contract.
  • Don’t accept any test work if possible.

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Pros and Cons of Online Typing Jobs

If you’re still unsure whether or not online typing jobs is for you, here are the pros and cons:

  • Mostly involves just typing so it’s easy than most freelance jobs
  • You don’t need to show your face or speak
  • Great first work for beginners
  • Can be a consistent way to earn money online
  • There are plenty of online typing jobs available
  • You can immediately earn money even without experience!
  • Doesn’t pay much compared to other online jobs
  • Since they’re not that hard to do, there’s a lot of competition

If you are still interested in these jobs, I’ve listed down the top 16 online typing jobs in the Philippines below!  

Top 16 Online Typing Jobs in the Philippines

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what is the easiest way to earn money online. Online typing jobs are one of the best and easiest ways to start your freelancing journey. With that, here are the top 16 online typing jobs in the Philippines.

1. Transcription

Skills needed: Strong listening skills, fast and accurate typing skills, good grammar How much you can make: As low as $15/hour of audio up to $40/ hour of audio Websites you can apply in: TranscribeMe , GoTranscript , Remotasks

In short, these online typing jobs involve a person converting audio or video into texts. There are a lot of videos and audios that need converting since a lot of people prefer to read them as texts.

Even though this job sounds easy, it’s hard to get accepted into online transcription websites. The most important skills they’re looking for from a transcriptionist are efficiency, fast typing speed and good hearing.

But the good thing about this online job is that you don’t have to think a lot so it’s not as taxing as other jobs.

2. Data Entry

Skills needed: Fast and accurate typing skills, Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google docs, follows instructions well How much you can make: Minimum of $3/hour Websites you can apply in: UpWork, Freelancer, Guru

Perhaps the most common online jobs in the Philippines, data entry usually involves entering data into an excel or a word doc from a source file. Generally, the job is just to transfer and organize some data into a computer system and other admin work.

Since a lot of entry office work in the Philippines is like this, this is one of the easiest online jobs to do for those who want to try freelancing.

3. Content Writing

Skills needed: Reading comprehension, grammar and editing skills, good research skills, writing skills, adaptability How much you can make: For beginners ($10 – $15/500 words) Websites you can apply in: UpWork,, 199Jobs

As a content writer for 2 years now, I’ve written thousands of articles on different topics. If you want to start in this niche, you don’t need to have exceptional writing skills.

What you need most are the following:

  • Great research skills
  • Motivation to learn new things
  • Enjoy what you’re doing

Of course, it helps if you love writing or the English language like me. But what clients look for is not your extensive vocabulary but your understanding of a topic – how well you can explain a topic to the readers.

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4. Captioning jobs

Skills needed: Language skills, fast and efficient typing skills, good at dictation and spelling How much you can make: Around $0.17 – $0.20 per media minute Websites you can apply in: Fiverr, CrowdSurf , Vanan

Captioning jobs involve writing the dialogues from the videos into texts. This is different from subtitles where you translate the audio to another language which is usually English.

In this type of online typing job, you don’t need to have prior experience. What’s most important is your skills in accurately writing the words you hear.

5. Virtual Assistance

Skills needed: Great oral and written communication skills, MS Office and Google docs proficiency, time management skills, ability to learn new things How much you can make: Minimum of $3/hour Websites you can apply in: UpWork,, Freelancer

As more and more businesses are going online, the need for virtual assistants is also growing at a high rate. Your job as a virtual assistant is to assist the client with various jobs usually admin tasks.

As a virtual assistant, you can be doing a variety of things such as email marketing, content writing, social media management and a lot more. Because of this, it’s one of the most popular freelance jobs in the world.

I included this one in this list since you’ll likely be doing a lot of typing such as data entry, transcription etc.

6. Microtasks

Skills needed: Ability to learn new things, work fast and efficient, quick turn-around time How much you can make: As high as $3/hour Websites you can apply in: Remotasks , Appen , UserTesting , Humanatic

Microtasks are small jobs that you can do on the internet. Here are some examples of different microtasks you can do:

  • Lidar annotations
  • Transcription
  • Categorization
  • Data collection
  • Give feedback on products

These are just some of the microtasks you can do. There are a lot of them that involve typing that you can even do in your spare time.

7. Resume Typing

Skills needed: Written skills, marketing skills, HR recruiting experience (plus points!) How much you can make: Average of $30/resume Websites you can apply in: Fiverr, UpWork

If you’ve written a great resume for yourself that got you a job in the past, or if you have a talent for one – this online typing job is for you!

Resume writing or typing is a job that involves creating resumes for people who want to apply to jobs. Depending on the person, you can write a simple one or a complex one which is needed for an executive position.

If you’ve previously worked in HR or have recruiting experience, this makes it easier for you to create resumes since you know what works and what doesn’t.

8. Online Surveys

Skills needed: Reading comprehension, quickness How much you can make: Around $1-5 per survey   Websites you can apply in: Mobrog , Shopback (Survey Wall), Surveytime

Doing online surveys isn’t a typing job primarily but I included it here since they’re not too hard to do. There are plenty of businesses that want to conduct surveys online regarding certain topics such as their products/services.

As you complete each survey, you’ll be paid accordingly usually around P30 – P50 per survey. Since you can do it in your free time, this is a great online typing job for students or anyone looking to make extra income online.

9. Writing social media posts

Skills needed: Marketing strategies, copywriting, research skills   How much you can make: Average of $3/hour or more Websites you can apply in: UpWork, Facebook job posts, or apply directly to businesses online

A survey done by Hootsuite and We Are Social reports that Filipinos spend an average of 9 hours and 29 minutes online each day – which is the highest in the world!

For most of us, we spent a considerable amount of this time on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and for what? If you want to be productive, you should use your time online to make money.

Thankfully, we’re already aware of how social media sites work and a lot of businesses need people like you to help them reach their target customers. You can get a job as a social media manager in charge of writing posts, commenting, coming up with marketing strategies and so on. This way, you’re earning money while doing the thing you love!

10. Proofreading/Editing

Skills needed: Writing skills, grammar and citation knowledge, knows how to use grammar tools such as Grammarly, Hemingwayapp etc.    How much you can make: Average of $25/1,000 words Websites you can apply in: UpWork,,

The job of a proofreader/editor is to ensure that the written document is grammatically correct, formatted accordingly, concise etc. Of course, there’s a lot more to editing than just checking for grammar mistakes.

But if you’re a writer, you can easily transition to this kind of online typing job in the Philippines. There are a lot of websites in need of a proofreader/editor as well as clients that need it for their books/ebooks.

11. Encoding

Skills needed: Proficiency in Microsoft tools such as excel and word as well as Google Docs, quick and efficient typing speed How much you can make: Average of $3 – $5/hour Websites you can apply in: UpWork,

One of the easiest freelance typing jobs is encoding. As an encoder, your job is to enter data, maintain databases and the client files. Since this is an easy job, don’t expect the payment to be high.

But this is one of the best online typing part time jobs in the Philippines at the moment that you can start. You just need to be quick and efficient in your typing skills to have a consistent stream of income.

12. Translation

Skills needed: Proficiency in translating, near-native fluency of a language, reading and writing skills How much you can make: Average of $5/hour Websites you can apply in:, UpWork,

As a translator, your job is to translate an audio or text document to another language usually English. For instance, you are fluent in Spanish, you can then translate texts into English.

There are a lot of clients in need of translators who can do the job well. Doing the job well means that the translator should know how to properly translate the text into another language without losing the meaning or without grammatical errors.

13. Lead Generation

Skills needed: Great research skills, fast and efficient work output, proficiency in Microsoft apps and Google Docs How much you can make: Average of $5/hour Websites you can apply in: UpWork, Fiverr,

As a lead generation specialist, your job is to help clients get “leads”. This can be by getting the email of their potential customers to convince them to buy the client’s products/service.

Although you’ll generally just be getting emails, there are a lot of other things that the client can ask you to get. You may be asked to generate names, addresses, businesses etc.

14. Chat Support

Skills needed: Extensive knowledge on your expertise, fast and efficient typing skills, research skills, communication skills, empathy, customer service experience How much you can make: Maximum weekly pay you can earn is P10,000 Websites you can apply in: UpWork,, apply directly to businesses , Helpflow

As a chat support agent, your job is to assist the customers with their needs. They may ask for your help on how to solve something or just inquire. But this all depends on where you work as a chat support agent and the scope of your work.

Ideally, you should apply to niches that you’re interested or you have experience in. For instance, you have WordPress programming knowledge, you can apply to Hostgator as a chat support agent.

If you love helping people, this is one of the best online typing jobs in the Philippines for you. Plus, this is a non-voice job which means you don’t have to talk or show your face.

15. Commenting, Product reviews

Skills needed: Extensive knowledge on your expertise, fast and efficient typing skills, research skills, communication skills, empathy, customer service experience How much you can make: $1-$5 per comment/review Websites you can apply in: UpWork,,

Most of us have already experienced commenting whether on YouTube videos, online shopping sites or even on your friend’s Facebook post. But the good thing is that there’s a way to make money on this skill.

Since most businesses are online nowadays, people see comments and reviews as a great way to encourage customers to buy their product/service. Your job is to comment on their posts or product pages to increase engagement and sales.

But even so, I wouldn’t suggest you take commenting or product review jobs that ask you to lie just to get people to buy. It’s also important to make sure that their product/service isn’t going to rip customers off of their money.

16. EBook Ghostwriting

Skills needed: Knowledge on specific topics, writing skills, research skills, editing and proofreading skills, Proficiency on Microsoft apps How much you can make: Around P5,000 for 10,000 words Websites you can apply in:, UpWork

One of my first online jobs was eBook ghostwriting. Basically, I wrote eBooks for clients on different topics mainly money-making and freelancing.

The reason it’s called eBook ghostwriting is that you’ll be writing the eBook and the client’s name will be on the cover. They are going to sell these eBooks but they don’t know or don’t have the time to write that’s why they’re asking freelancers to do it.

I’ve written countless eBooks in 199Jobs and they generated me a lot of money although they’re time-consuming. There’s even a time where I made P10,000 on a 23,000-word eBook but it took a month to write. But if you want to start your freelance career, this is one of the best online typing jobs in the Philippines!

Which is the best online typing job?

There are many online typing jobs that I listed above. But if you want to know which is the best online typing job for you, then consider the following first:

  • Pick jobs that you have interest in, experience and knowledge
  • Try to focus on 1-3 online typing jobs at first so you don’t quit halfway
  • The best typing job for you is the one that resonates with you the most. Pick among the 16 choices above and try to imagine yourself doing it. If you want that job, then start applying!

Online Typing Jobs Philippines – Bottomline

There you have it, the top 16 easy online typing jobs in the Philippines. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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Jerico Saquing

Jerico Saquing

Jerico is the founder of Peso Hacks. He's also a freelance writer who specializes in topics related to finance, travel and games. In his spare time, he likes to watch anime, play mobile games and read books.

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online typing jobs from home philippines

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online typing jobs from home philippines

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9 In-Demand Online Typing Jobs You Can Do in the Philippines

9 In-Demand Online Typing Jobs You Can Do in the Philippines

  • June 7, 2022
  • Leandro Eclipse
  • No Comments

What's Trending

Do you want to work online but can’t find a skill to market to the world? Well, I’m pretty sure you know how to type. And with additional skills, you can actually earn a living out of it. 

Most in-demand online jobs  in the  Philippines involve a lot of typing. And it’s perfect if you’re the introvert type. Pun-intended. 

So what online jobs can you do? Here are 9 online typing jobs you can do in the Philippines.

Data Entry Personnel

Data Entry Personnel (13,000 PHP – 35,000 PHP per month)

There’s a lot of data out there. But business owners don’t really have the time to record everything into a file. That’s why data entry jobs are in-demand today.

Data entry personnel type all the required information as fast and accurately as possible. In this way, it can be collated to provide a record for future use. Check this link for skills needed in this field.

Chat Support Representative

Chat Support Representative (17,000 PHP – 30,000 PHP per month)

If you’re the type who can solve your customers’ problems but don’t what to speak to them over the phone, a chat support job is best for you.

Chat Support representatives are queued with customer concerns. And your job is to type the solution for their problems. It’s not as easy. But you can truly learn the ropes and assist your customers in the best way possible. Here are some skills you can hone to build your career in this field.


Transcriptionist (13,000 PHP – 35,000 PHP per month)

Some clients have videos or recordings to put in a file. But a few minutes of recording can mean hours of transcription. That’s why businesses hire transcriptionists to do it for them.

It entails transcribing as accurately and swiftly as possible to put into words a certain meeting, video recording, or just any file that is of importance. Here are 8 skills you can learn to be good at this field.


Subtitling (13,000 PHP – 35,000 PHP per month)

Subtitling is quite similar to transcriptionists. You still need to discern what the speaker has to say in a recording. But it’s also your job to input the words on the video. Some might need these subtitles to process the information at a glance while watching. 

And the timing and correctness will be essential to flourish in this field.


Translation (25,000 PHP – 70,000 PHP per month)

If you know another language, a translation job might earn you quite a big sum. Your job is to translate documents, recordings, or videos into another language. The rates can even go up further when there are not a lot of fluent speakers and writers for that language.

And it’s not simply by word. You should also consider context and formality, depending on the document. If you want to hone your skills in this field, you can check these 8 essential skills .

Content Writer

Content Writer (20,000 PHP to 50,000 PHP per month)

Online presence is crucial for business right now. And one way to show up in search engines is by supplying content for your target audience. But creating valuable blogs takes up a lot of time. That’s why content writers are hired for this job.

Content writers create relevant articles targeting specific keywords. The more valuable it is, the more it will rank up. With this, your clients can organically show up in search engines. And ultimately, get more sales from the free traffic. Check this link to get the skills to thrive in this field.


Copywriter (18,000 PHP to 50,000 PHP per month)

Words have power. And sometimes, a weave of succeeding sentences or paragraphs can convince a buyer to buy today. That’s the specialty of a copywriter. 

Copywriters are there to create content that makes the readers do an action. It’s either downloading that file, subscribing, or, ultimately, purchasing a product or service. It’s quite a lucrative typing job. If you want to excel in this field you can check this link for the difference between a content writer and a copywrite r.


Editor (25,000 PHP to 65,000 PHP per month)

Writers in a company need direction and a consistent tone for a website. But not all writers create content the same way. That’s where editors come in.

Editors are there to ensure that the writing is 100% grammatically correct. And is consistent with the branding the company has. You can check this link for the essential skills to become a successful content editor.

Web Developers

Web Developers (20,000 PHP to 85,000 PHP per month)

Lastly, the language of the web is programming codes. And companies need web developers to create this code for them. It’s quite a thriving typing job, depending on your specialty.

If you like typing a lot and you are proficient in coding, web development might be the best fit for you. Check this link for the skills needed as a web developer .


What typing job would you want to try out? Check this link for opportunities that you might like. Good luck in searching for your remote working job. Cheers!

Disclaimer: The above article was written according to the information available as of press time. All opinions and beliefs expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Remote Staff's, its employees, subcontractors, clients, and affiliates.

online typing jobs from home philippines

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online typing jobs from home philippines

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online typing jobs from home philippines


7 Best Online Typing Jobs Philippines – Data Entry Work 2022

online typing jobs from home philippines

By   Global Strategic

May 12, 2022

7 BEST ONLINE TYPING JOBS  – In the Philippines, data entry work is becoming extremely popular. But, which one of these would be the best fit for you?

When it comes to data entry work, there are several niches you can specialize in. For example, you can be a medical transcriptionist, work in law, real estate, and more. That’s why there are always companies looking to fill typing positions.

online typing jobs from home philippines

However, people may end up confused due to the sheer number of options to choose from. Luckily, we’re going to break everything down for you to help you decide.

So, without further ado,  here are the best typing jobs you can find online:

Best Online Typing Jobs in  The Philippines You Can Easily Apply For

Data entry specialists.

Specialists cover a broad spectrum of work. Usually, specialists work for BPO companies and help clients with administrative tasks.

Because the needs of a client differ, the job description  of a data entry specialist also does. Based on our previous article, here are some of the functions a specialist is in charge of:

  • Collecting data including but not limited to bills, client info, financial statements, invoices, or receipts.
  • Ensuring data is accurate and complete
  • Organizing storage systems
  • Fixing data inconsistencies
  • Answering queries related to data or data errors in the system

Skills Needed for Data Entry Specialists

  • Accurate typing skills
  • Keen eye for errors & attention to detail
  • Willing to work on repetitive tasks

Content Writing / Copywriting

Being a good content writer doesn’t mean that you have to be the best at writing. In this job, you’re not writing a novel or a journal. You’re writing to give out information or entertainment to an audience.

Copywriting has several niches you can get into. All that you need is the willingness to learn new things, excellent research skills, and good grammar.

Skills Needed for Copywriting

  • Excellent research skills
  • Can easily adapt
  • Work with long-form content

Virtual Assistance / Back Office Associate

A Back-Office Associate and a Virtual Assistant can be tasked to do data entry jobs. Among the responsibilities, you need to handle include email marketing, content writing, social media management, and more.

  • Great written and oral skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to learn new things quickly

Another popular online job in the Philippines is Microtasks. These are online jobs that are done in small increments – thus, the name microtask.

Examples of these are the following:

  • Lidar Annotations
  • Transcription
  • Categorization
  • Data Collection
  • Product Review / Feedback

Skills Required in Microtasks

  • Work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to provide a quick turn-around time for the task
  • Capable of learning new things easily

Resume Writing

Resume writing sounds simple enough, however, there’s actually a big market for resume writing. Today’s industries are becoming more and more competitive and having a great resume can definitely help land an interview.

Generally, clients want to have a resume for a job application. Depending on the client, you can do a simple resume using thousands of free templates or create a personalized complex one.

Skills Required for Resume Writers:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Graphic design
  • HR/Recruitment experience (added bonus, not required)

Writing Social Media Posts

Social media has become such a powerful tool for Marketing. On average, Filipinos are among the most active social media users in the world. Most of the time spent is on social media apps such as Facebook or Tiktok.

With this, there’s been a market for jobs that included writing posts, commenting, developing marketing strategies, and more.

Skills Required for Social Media Writing

  • Good grasp on social media trends
  • Copywriting skills
  • Marketing knowledge

A proofreader/role editor is to make sure that a document is grammatically correct, formatted correctly, brief, and so on. Of course, editing entails much more than just proofreading for errors in grammar.

If you’re a writer, though, this type of internet typing employment in the Philippines is rather easy to shift to. Many websites and clients require a proofreader/editor.

Skills Required for An Encoder:

  • Writing skills
  • grammar and citation knowledge
  • knows how to use grammar tools such as Grammarly, Hemingwayapp, etc.

Legit Online Typing Jobs in  The Philippines

Looking for jobs online has never been easier, especially for those with no experience. Unfortunately, this also made scamming a lot easier. As such, we need to make sure that you’re applying for a legitimate job.

If you look at scams from the outside, it’s quite easy to say that nobody would ever fall for them, especially you. But, scams are becoming more and more complex and intricate and require more and more scrutiny to determine which are legitimate.

So, before we get into the list of best online jobs, here are some tips on how to know if the job you’ve been offered is legitimate.

How To Know If a  Data Entry Job Is Legit?

Do your research.

If you’ve randomly received an email or a text message regarding an interview, chances are you’re going to get excited (especially if you’ve been handing out resumes left, right, and center). Before anything else – do your research.

Keep the communication method in mind

How exactly did you come upon the job offer? Was it through text, email, or call? Did you even apply for a position in the said company? These are the things that you need to consider before moving forward.

Research the average salary of the position

There are always specializations you can go for when it comes to data entry. As such, not every data entry position pays the same – some higher, some lower. But, if somebody reaches out to you and offers you an insane number that you can’t refuse, something fishy might be going on.

Always Say No to  Job-Related Fees

Scammers are going to ask you to pay a fee before you can proceed with your job offer. It’s usually in the form of expenses for training or document processing. Just remember to avoid sending money online and more importantly, don’t give out your banking information.

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Online Part-Time Jobs Philippines 2023 

Online Part-Time Jobs Philippines 2023 

“How do I make money online?” You’re probably asking countless times.

The good news is you won’t run out of choices. Plenty of online part-time jobs are available to Filipinos who want to earn extra money and make productive use of their free time without leaving home.

Whether you’re a self-supporting student, full-time employee, or stay-at-home mom, you can find a suitable raket .

Ready for your online part-time job hunt? Please keep reading to learn about the different opportunities and where to find them.

Table of Contents

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At a Glance: 25 Hottest Online Part-time Jobs in the Philippines

Top 25 online part-time jobs in the philippines with latest job openings (updated weekly), 1. data entry specialist.

online part time jobs 1

Data entry is an easy way to earn cash online. You type text from JPEG or PDF files into spreadsheets or documents. The job isn’t lucrative, but you can earn a decent income through high-volume work.

Salary: Php 100 – Php 400/hour | Php 5,000 – Php 20,000/month

Minimum qualifications:

  • Fast and accurate typing skills
  • MS Excel and Word proficiency
  • Simple tasks
  • No specialization required
  • Work flexibility

Cons: Low pay and repetitive nature of the job

Where to find data entry jobs:

  • Outsourcely

2. Virtual Assistant (VA)

online part time jobs 2

Virtual assistants are like corporate secretaries providing administrative and personal assistance, except they work remotely.

Depending on the client’s business, a virtual assistant’s tasks include proofreading, researching, data entry, organizing files, scheduling meetings, preparing Powerpoint presentations, managing social media, blog, email, and more.

Other VA jobs may require a specialization like graphic design, web development, or bookkeeping.

Salary: Php 150 – Php 500/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 15,000/month

  • Good communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • MS Office proficiency

Pros: High demand for Filipino VAs

Cons: May have long and unpredictable work hours (depending on the client).

Where to find VA jobs:

  • Virtual Coworker
  • Virtual Staff Finder

3. Online Researcher

online part time jobs 3

Love performing research? Get paid to gather information on a specific subject from various online sources. Or find a part-time job as a product researcher, helping clients research competitor products or find in-demand products for their business.

Salary: Php 100 – Php 300/hour | Php 5,000 – Php 15,000/month

  • Excellent research skills
  • Above-average Excel skills
  • Interesting job if you enjoy learning new information
  • No experience required
  • Simple tasks with just the right amount of challenge

Cons: Lower pay

Where to find online research jobs: and

4. Online English Tutor

online part time jobs 4

Are you fluent in English? Do you enjoy talking to people from different cultures?

Earn money from teaching conversational English online to students from South Korea, China, or Japan. Classes are usually held via video conferencing, each lasting for about 30 minutes. You can teach as short as two to four hours daily in your spare time.

Salary: Php 150 – Php 260/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 19,000/month

Minimum qualifications: Mastery of English and interpersonal skills

  • High demand for English-speaking tutors in the Philippines
  • No teaching degree/experience/certification required (though highly preferred)

Cons: Some companies hire only college graduates.

Where to find ESL tutoring jobs:

  • Sankei Online English

5. Online Survey Participant

online part time jobs 5

Companies and academic institutions pay people willing to participate in their research. It’s easy to make money from taking online surveys. Just sign up for an account with a survey website, wait for an email invitation, and complete the survey (it takes only about 10 to 30 minutes).

Survey invitations don’t come regularly, as your profile must match the criteria for a specific survey. Still, answering online surveys is a good way to earn money in your free time.

Salary: Php 3.50 – Php 300/survey

  • An easy and quick way to earn money for busy people
  • No experience and skills required

Cons: Low pay and inconsistent work

Where to find paid online surveys:

  • MOBROG Philippines
  • SurveySavvy

6. Transcriber

online part time jobs 6

You don’t have to be a college graduate to provide general transcription services. As a transcriber, you listen to audio or video recordings and type what you hear.

Specialized transcription jobs require a background in law, medicine, education, or engineering.

Salary: Php 13 – Php 30/audio or video minute | Php 7,000 – Php 13,000/month

  • Excellent English listening and comprehension skills
  • MS Word and Excel proficiency

Pros: No experience and degree required

Cons: Transcribing audio with a heavy accent

Where to find transcription jobs:

  • GoTranscript
  • TranscribeMe

7. Translator

online part time jobs 7

If you’re studying linguistics or a foreign language in college, working part-time as an online translator is perfect for applying and improving your skills. You also get paid for it!

Salary: Php 200 – Php 700/page | Php 10,000 monthly average

  • Strong command of English and Filipino or another foreign language
  • MS Word proficiency

Pros: Easy way to earn money for bilingual people

Cons: Difficulty in retaining original context and meaning in the translated text

Where to find translation jobs:

online part time jobs 8

Anyone with good English writing skills can start a blog and make money. You can monetize a blog through ad placements, affiliate marketing , selling digital products like e-books and video courses, and sponsored posts. You’ll have higher earning potential if you regularly post high-quality, engaging content.

Earnings: Php 5,000 – Php 27,000/month

  • Earning passive income
  • Sharing your passion online
  • It requires a lot of work and patience
  • It takes time to earn money (at least 5 to 18 months)

9. Copywriter

online part time jobs 9

Many international and local companies hire writers in the Philippines to get high-quality content for their websites, blogs, social media channels, or marketing and advertising materials.

Even without technical expertise in a subject matter, you can start writing part-time.

Salary: Php 0.50 – Php 3/word | Php 10,000 – Php 25,000/month

  • Excellent writing and research skills
  • High demand for writers in the Philippines
  • Easy job to start
  • Gaining knowledge on various topics

Cons: Low pay for beginners and tight competition in the market

Where to find copywriting jobs:

  • PayPerContent
  • ProBlogger Jobs Board

10. Resume Writer

online part time jobs 10

Resume writers don’t just deliver professionally written resumes. They also research the company their clients want to work for, provide feedback on their CVs and LinkedIn profile, and rewrite resumes (or create one from scratch) to make them attention-grabbing and engaging.

If you think you can do all these in an hour or two, you can earn money online for resume-writing firms and individual clients.

Salary: Php 260 – Php 1,500/resume

  • Excellent writing and proofreading skills
  • Human resources or recruitment background

Pros: Quick and simple task

Cons: Fewer part-time opportunities

Where to find resume writing jobs:

  • Academic Writers Philippines

11. Proofreader

online part time jobs 11

Proofreading is the easiest type of content editing. No substantive changes are needed when proofreading reports, ebooks, legal documents, or website content. However, great care is necessary to catch grammar errors and typos.

Salary: Php 500 – Php 1,000/hour | Php 100 – Php 150/page

Minimum qualifications: Impeccable writing and proofreading skills

Pros: Easy and quick task for those who spot errors fast

Cons: High competition in the market

Where to find proofreading jobs:

12. Graphic Designer

online part time jobs 12

Graphic design jobs pay well, more so for designers who can also do advanced coding. If you know how to use design tools, use your spare time to earn money designing websites, magazines, and marketing and advertising materials.

Salary: Php 130 – Php 260/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 30,000/month

Minimum qualifications: Knowledge and experience in using graphic design software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.)

  • Lucrative part-time job
  • No relevant degree required
  • Good creative outlet
  • Not much creative freedom due to limitations of client requirements
  • Clients that ask for too many revisions

Where to find graphic design jobs:

  • DesignCrowd

13. Video Editor

online part time jobs 13

Video editing is a profitable side job, though it takes creativity, an eye for detail, and tons of patience to be successful in this field.

Most part-time projects involve editing wedding videos, product ads, and clips for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Salary: Php 700 – Php 3,500/video | Php 10,000 – Php 26,000/month

Minimum qualifications: Knowledge and experience in video editing software (Adobe Premier Pro, Lightroom, etc.)

Pros: Lucrative part-time job

Cons: Needs a lot of patience

Where to find video editing jobs:

14. Web Developer

online part time jobs 14

Building websites is a lucrative job, even for part-time positions. If you’re a web developer by profession, taking similar side jobs can earn you more money.

WordPress developers, in particular, are in-demand nowadays, though having skills in a wide range of programming languages gives you an advantage.

Salary: Php 200 – Php 400/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 50,000/month

  • Coding skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming or Information Technology
  • At least three years of relevant work experience
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills

Pros: Highly profitable

Cons: Requires highly technical skills

Where to find web development jobs:

  • WordPress Jobs

15. Customer Service Representative

online part time jobs 15

Are you fluent in English, empathetic, and patient? Can you work from home at least four hours a day and five days a week?

If you fit the bill, you can earn extra income as a customer service agent.

No experience yet? Don’t worry—some companies hire undergraduates and newcomers in the industry and provide them with free online training.

Salary: Php 100 – Php 260/hour | Php 7,000 – Php 20,000/month

  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • People skills

Pros: High demand for Filipino call center agents

Cons: Dealing with irate customers and working odd hours

Where to find customer service jobs:

16. Telemarketer

online part time jobs 16

Telemarketing involves selling products and services or generating leads over the phone. Telemarketers follow a script and are provided with a list of contacts.

This online job is financially rewarding. Aside from the base salary, telemarketers earn a bonus per signup or sale.

Salary: Php 100 – Php 300/hour | Php 13,000 – Php 30,000/month + commissions

  • Excellent sales and marketing skills
  • English fluency
  • Strong phone presence and voice

Pros: Great compensation and incentives

Cons: Working odd hours and dealing with hostility from people receiving telemarketing calls

Where to find telemarketing jobs:

17. SEO Specialist

online part time jobs 17

Search engine optimization (SEO) sounds like a very technical job, but it’s more about using common sense. You have to learn many things and be updated on the latest trends.

SEO specialists review, analyze, and improve a company’s website for higher search engine rankings and more traffic.

Salary: Php 130 – Php 300/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 25,000/month

  • Strong communication and analytical skills
  • At least five years of relevant work experience
  • Knowledgeable in using SEO tools
  • High demand for SEO professionals in the Philippines
  • SEO can be quickly learned
  • Tight competition in the market
  • Clients with unreasonable expectations

Where to find SEO jobs:

18. Search Engine Evaluator

online part time jobs 18

This online part-time job goes by other names: SEO evaluator, web search evaluator, and internet assessor.

Search engine evaluators analyze search engine results and provide feedback on their accuracy and relevance. They typically work at least 10 hours and up to 20 hours per week.

Salary: Php 350/hour | Php 14,000 – Php 30,000/month

  • Internet savvy
  • Excellent web research and analytical skills
  • Knowledgeable about Philippine culture and media

Pros: Work flexibility and no experience required

Cons: Irregular task availability

Where to find search engine evaluation jobs:

19. Forum Writer

online part time jobs 19

Getting paid for short forum posts is a great idea for people with writing experience. You only create product reviews or brief replies mentioning a brand and post them on Reddit, Quora, or the client’s forum site or blog.

Posts must be original, engaging, and natural-sounding.

Salary: Php 1.50 – Php 5/post

Minimum qualifications: English writing skills and experience

Pros: Easier task than long-form writing jobs

Where to find forum writing jobs:

  • Paid Forum Posting

20. Social Media Manager

online part time jobs 20

Are you active on social media? Do you have a knack for engaging an online audience?

Earn extra income from your interest and talent in social media management. Companies and entrepreneurs hire remote workers to manage their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and/or LinkedIn.

Social media managers create and schedule posts, reply to comments and private messages, and monitor performance.

Salary: Php 100 – Php 260/hour | Php 5,000 – Php 20,000/month

  • Knowledgeable about different social media platforms
  • Online community management skills
  • Basic design and writing skills
  • Customer service and problem-solving skills
  • Strong command of English

Pros: Enjoyable for social media-savvy people

  • Dealing with customer complaints and bad reviews
  • Multiple responsibilities that test one’s multitasking skills

Where to find social media management jobs:

21. Social Media Influencer

online part time jobs 21

Not only can A-list celebrities be influencers, but even regular folks can use their social media clout to make money online.

Do you have a lot of engaged social media followers? You can partner with companies in your niche to do sponsored posts. Brands may even reach out to you with a deal if you’re influential enough in social media.

Salary: Php 500 – Php 10,000/post

  • Earning a passive income, especially if you get a long-term deal
  • Perks like product freebies and sponsored trips
  • It takes a lot of time and patience to build a following
  • Influencer’s integrity may get compromised when the endorsed product gets a bad reputation

22. Marketing Assistant

online part time jobs 22

Remote marketing assistants implement various marketing strategies depending on the client’s needs. Tasks may include email, social media, SEO, or paid search management assistance.

Salary: Php 130 – Php 260/hour | Php 5,000 – Php 30,000/month

  • Bachelor’s degree (marketing degree preferred but not required)
  • At least two years of relevant work experience

Pros: Enhancing knowledge and skills of marketing professionals

Cons: Multiple responsibilities that test one’s ability to multitask and meet deadlines

Where to find marketing assistance jobs:

23. Virtual Recruiter

online part time jobs 23

Virtual recruiters help companies find the right candidates to fill in their vacancies. Tasks include posting job ads online, searching and reaching out to prospects, evaluating and screening applicants, conducting initial phone interviews, arranging interviews of candidates with managers, and assisting candidates through the hiring process.

Salary: Php 180 – Php 300/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 20,000/month

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

Pros: Open to everyone, preferably with an HR/recruitment background

Cons: Meeting a weekly quota of hires and working odd hours

Where to find online recruitment jobs:

24. Bookkeeper/Accountant

online part time jobs 24

Full-time accountants and bookkeepers can boost their income by working part-time in the same field.

Online accounting and bookkeeping jobs involve managing a client’s financial transactions, from creating daily and weekly spreadsheets to auditing financial procedures and documents.

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Salary: Php 100 – Php 300/hour | Php 10,000 – Php 20,000/month

  • Superior math skills

Pros: Requires working only around five to 12 hours per week

Cons: Work can be dull for those with the same full-time job

Where to find bookkeeping/accounting jobs:

25. Micro Jobs

online part time jobs 25

Too busy to work on the side but need extra cash? Take online micro jobs for a small fee.

A micro job is a simple task—like preparing a Powerpoint presentation, writing a short essay, or transcribing a short audio clip—that can be completed within an hour.

Salary: Starts at Php 200/task

Pros: Easy and quick way to earn extra money

Cons: Lower pay; earnings are limited to your available hours

Where to find micro jobs:

The Pros and Cons of Having a Side Hustle

As much as working on the side has advantages, it also has consequences. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and decide if you can handle your day job or studies and a side hustle.

1. Benefits of Part-Time Jobs

A. earning extra income.

This is the biggest motivation to find a side gig.

For students, it eases their parents’ financial burden and enables them to save money early . For office employees, it helps them pay debts, prepare for emergencies, or meet financial goals. For housewives, it supplements their partner’s income.

b. Increasing and honing skills

A part-time job helps you discover a new skill or enhance an existing one, which you can use at your day job or future career.

The most important skill you’ll gain has to do with time management. Juggling your full-time job or studies and a side job challenges your ability to manage your time.

c. Pursuing your passion

Getting bored with your office job? Seek a side hustle that lets you do something you enjoy.

Love talking to people? Be a part-time online English tutor or call center agent . Love writing? Look for freelance writing gigs. Need a creative outlet? Take a design job on the side.

d. Testing the waters

Thinking of leaving the nine-to-five to work full-time from home ?

A part-time job lets you experience what it’s like to work from home while still keeping your full-time job. You can turn your side gig into a full-time home-based job if it becomes successful.

2. Downsides of Part-Time Jobs

A. less time for yourself and loved ones.

Be prepared to let go of your free time when you get a side hustle. It could compromise quality time with your loved ones and eventually affect your relationships. More importantly, you’ll have less time to rest and relax.

b. Interfere with career or school performance

It isn’t easy to balance multiple responsibilities. Your studies or full-time career may suffer when you have too much on your plate and fail to manage your time wisely.

c. Burnout potential

Working more than 40 hours a week can affect your physical and mental health. You have more money, but you’re also more stressed and exhausted.

Things To Prepare Before Looking for Online Part-Time Jobs

To get an online part-time job, it isn’t enough to just want it. You also have to prepare the necessary tools and equipment.

Here are the must-haves for most types of professions:

1. Resume and cover letter

These documents must emphasize your skills and relevant work experience.

Even students need to create a resume for their part-time gigs. If you’ve never had a job , highlight your education, volunteer experience, and valuable qualities.

Make sure your laptop has the recommended minimum specs for basic tasks:

  • Processor : Intel Core i5
  • Memory : 4GB RAM
  • Storage : 256GB
  • Operating system : Windows 7/Mac OS 10.x
  • Screen size : 13-inch

You need higher specs for graphic-intensive tasks like web design and web development.

While having a desktop computer is okay, it’s better to have a laptop for mobility. You can bring your laptop elsewhere to continue working during power failures or internet connection issues.

3. Stable internet connection

High-speed internet is a must for people with online jobs. A DSL or fiber connection with at least 3 to 5 Mbps is good enough for most users. Also, get pocket Wi-Fi as your backup.

4. Communication and work productivity tools

Be familiar with and have an account with these commonly used tools for online jobs:

  • Google Account for access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and other services

5. Savings account and PayPal account

Of course, you need an account to receive payments. Most clients pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Open an account with PayPal and a savings account with any major bank like BDO and BPI .

Tips and Warnings

1. focus on job opportunities that match your skills.

Many clients don’t provide training to part-time remote workers. They expect people to be already knowledgeable and skilled in their hired job.

So when looking for online part-time jobs, focus on those within your expertise . This allows you to deliver high-quality work without much effort and a learning curve.

2. Find a part-time job that fits your schedule

Balancing your time is the biggest challenge of hustling through your full-time job and the part-time gig.

Before searching online for part-time jobs, determine how much time you can realistically allot to a side gig, considering its difficulty level and your skills.

When choosing a part-time job, keep these things in mind— it must work with your schedule, not ruin it.

3. Don’t take more online part-time jobs than you can handle

Take only a side job you can accomplish in your free time.

While maximizing your earning potential with multiple side jobs is great , having too many responsibilities can quickly burn you out. It affects the quality of your work and may cost you your clients or a full-time job.

4. Prepare for online job interviews

Interviews for online jobs are usually held via phone or video calls. Some clients communicate only through chat or email. It’s challenging to create a lasting impression, unlike in personal interviews.

Preparing for online job interviews is crucial. Start with getting a reliable internet plan to avoid disruptions during interviews. Your laptop must have a high-quality webcam and a built-in mic. Better yet, get a separate headset.

Be familiar with common video conferencing tools like Skype and Google Hangouts. Conduct a mock online interview with a friend, anticipating the questions that may be asked. This is a great way to rehearse and check if your equipment and software are working fine.

Before any interview, ensure your workspace is free of clutter and noise. Dress professionally and have your resume ready for your quick reference while interviewing.

5. Be patient and persistent

Your first few months could be frustrating. You might not land a part-time job immediately, or you might get one but with low pay.

Because you’ll juggle two or more jobs, you should be twice as hardworking as typical employees. No room for slacking and procrastination. Having a self-starter attitude gives you the motivation to get things done, especially when the situation gets tough.

Be very organized with your schedule, too. Keeping a full-time job is challenging, especially if you have jobs on the side. Lastly, commitment in everything you do raises your chance of success as a side hustler.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. what online jobs are easy to get.

High-demand jobs that don’t require technical skills are the easiest side hustles to break into, such as data entry, VA, call center, and writing jobs. Anyone with little or no experience, as long as they’re proficient in English and MS Office, can qualify for these online part-time jobs.

2. How can I find an online part-time job that pays well?

People with intermediate to advanced skills and long work experience get paid higher than newbies. So look for online jobs that require expert-level skills in a particular field. Also, get recommendations from friends and colleagues. Ask about the rates and compare them.

For the long term, attend training and seminars, get certifications, and do anything that boosts your resume. The better skilled you are in your field, the higher the rates you can charge.

3. How can you tell if an online job opportunity is legitimate?

Do a background check on the company or potential client. Check its website and social media accounts. Look for online reviews, too.

If you found the job via Upwork, check the feedback left by freelancers the client has worked with.

Know the warning signs of a scam. Aside from fake jobs, avoid those involving anything illegal and unethical.

Here are several red flags to watch out for:

a. Asking you to open a bank account, receive funds from overseas, and send them to someone else b. Requiring payment for membership or registration c. Asking to send over sexy photos or do anything that makes you uncomfortable d. Paying a lot of money for little work

4. What are the best online part-time jobs for students?

Online research, data entry, writing, online English teaching, search engine evaluation, and taking online surveys are ideal for students. These online jobs have flexible work schedules, require little to no experience, and are open to undergraduates. They’re also perfect for gaining useful skills for a future career.

5. What are the best online part-time jobs for single or stay-at-home moms?

If you’re a single mother, look for online jobs with flexible schedules. For example, night shift work is great if you’re only available late at night when your children are asleep.

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Here are some of the best online jobs for working single moms:

a. Virtual assistant b. Social media manager c. English tutor d. Writer e. Transcriber f. Customer service/telemarketing agent g. Micro jobs

6. I’m a full-time employee with a heavy workload, but I need to earn extra income. What kind of part-time job fits me?

The right side job depends on how much free time you have. It isn’t sustainable for anyone with a hectic schedule to work on the side for longer than four hours daily.

If you’re available only on late weeknights, weekends, and holidays, take online jobs like writing and English teaching. But if you often bring work home, take micro jobs on your lunch break or whenever your schedule frees up.

7. Am I still required to pay taxes even though I only work part-time?

Yes, freelancers are required to pay income tax  regardless if they’re working part-time or full-time for clients in the Philippines or abroad.

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Online Jobs Philippines

10 Legit Work-From-Home Online Jobs in the Philippines

Work From Home Jobs Philippines

Losing control over your personal life? Or simply wanting to spice up your working experience and start working from home? Don’t worry, our definitive list of legitimate online jobs in the Philippines has got you covered!

Table of Contents

Real Work-From-Home Online Jobs Filipinos Can Apply For

What is an “online job”.

Unlike conventional office jobs, you can find, apply for, and get hired for an online job just by getting on the Internet. The term also assumes that you’ll be working in an area other than a typical office premise.

What does it mean to “work from home”?

It basically means you can work in the comfort of your home. You can do so in bed, on your dining table, in the living room, etc.

Wherever there is an Internet connection, it can be your “workplace.”

It doesn’t strictly mean working inside your home.

Any place  outside of your company’s office – coffee shops, public libraries, local parks – can also be considered working at home, too.

Work at home jobs typically require a stable Internet connection and a laptop (or computer). In a sense, your adherence to deadlines and good quality of output make up for your lack of physical presence in an office.

Some businesses, though, will still require you to be wholly active in their approved messaging apps for collaboration.

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What are the advantages of working at home?

(List below inspired by survey results conducted by Forbes )

Increased Productivity and Focus

It’s easier to concentrate when you don’t have to deal with office gossip or the ridiculous singing of your co-worker every once in a while.

Working online jobs at home allows you to work at your own pace and setup.

You don’t have to worry much about bosses breathing down your neck, or getting envy with a workmate who did a day’s worth of work in just 3 hours.

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No wasted time and money in traffic

There are three constants to every Filipino – death, taxes, and the ever-harassing EDSA traffic. Dubbed as having the third worst traffic in Southeast Asia , Metro Manila lets you experience the 66-minute traffic full of pollution, noise, and anxiety on a daily basis.

You can bid your adieu to heavy traffic with pursuing online jobs home based. Imagine time you spent in commute would have already been enough to finish some tasks at home. But instead, that time was spent staring at your equally frustrated fellow MRT commuter.

You will save more money.

Since we took commuting out of the equation, you’re also saying goodbye to hefty gasoline and toll fees.

With no dress codes in place (you can work in your pajamas or sando ), you can save too on laundry costs. Not to mention that you can fend off the temptation of dropping by at Jollibee or McDonald’s on your way home.

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Work on your own hours

Sadly, the 8-to-5 office schedule doesn’t suit everybody.

Others perform at their best at the crack of dawn, while some are most productive at times of the night.

With work-from-home gigs, you can choose when to pause or resume working, provided that you meet the deadlines and the level of the quality your client is looking for.

This means that watching Kuya Cardo can give you some inspiration boost just before heading back to online job sites.

Be wary, though, that you still need to be active in messaging apps (e.g., Slack , Basecamp , Skype , etc.) set up by the company for collaboration, at all times.

Work-life balance

Perhaps the greatest advantage lies in being able to attend family dinners consistently, or play with your kids any time of the day.

You get things done, with the least amount of compromise in your personal life.

This is largely owed to the hours you are avoiding spent in commute when you have a work-from-home job.

List of Real Online Jobs You Can Find In The Philippines

Below are 10 of the many work from home jobs Philippines has in store for Filipinos and foreign nationals alike.

( Salary figures are based on updated estimates published by PayScale  as of March 2019).

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Median Base Salary: P19,514 per month (P234,169 per year)

Requirements :

  • A High School graduate at least
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
  • Commendable grammar, diction, and vocabulary (particularly for answering e-mail queries and following up on customer leads)
  • Great research skills, attentiveness to detail, and reliability

Job Description :

  • Performs admin tasks in behalf of the client (e.g., email handling, online research, slides creation, performance reports, advertising arrangements, basic customer service, overseeing of business website, etc.).
  • To say the least, you will function like an executive assistant, but remote.
  • Letting clients know the status of assigned tasks and reporting from time to time are essential traits of a trustworthy VA.

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Web Content Writer

Website Content Writer

Median Base Salary: P19,618 per month (P235,416 per year)


  • A degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Literature gives strong consideration
  • Ability to craft online content in an engaging manner
  • Solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) background
  • Can deliver latest trends to targeted audiences
  • Compelling writing skills

Job Description:

  • Whether done part-time, full-time, this remote job focuses on providing relevant and insightful content to the client’s website.
  • Published content must help the site in its search engine marketing efforts in terms of ranking for specific keywords.

Just what makes a content writer great? Hear what Constant Content has to say.

Customer Service Representative

Work-at-home Customer Service Representative

Median Base Salary: P19,144 per month (P229,733 per year)

  • Above-average English speaking skills
  • Skill in resolving customer problems and queries
  • Satisfy customer concerns with adherence to company’s processes, guidelines, and policies.
  • Customer service reps usually take care of the phones. As one of the online jobs Philippines is known for, its primary task is to provide sound solutions and answers to various customer inquiries.
  • The customer service representative should utilize positive scripting, grasp of the great product knowledge, patience, and attentiveness when handing out optimal solutions.

Online ESL Teacher

Online ESL Teacher

Median Base Salary: P15,494 per month (P185,926 per year)

  • English writing and speaking skills that are above-average
  • A degree in Education can prove to be advantageous
  • Decent Internet connection and a quiet working environment
  • Motivated to uplift others’ lives through teaching English
  • Known for their innate proficiency and patience, teaching ESL is one of the trademark home based jobs Philippines is known for.
  • An online English as Second Language or ESL teacher should display both positivity and passion when dealing with foreign students, while making sure that learning outcomes are met.

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Median Base Salary: P15,439 per month (P185,271 per year)

  • Adept at digital illustration and photo editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva , etc.
  • Has a knack for creating logos, designs, layouts, motion graphics, UI/UX designs, and other forms of multimedia
  • Bachelor’s degree holder in Graphic Design or Multimedia Arts is usually prioritized.
  • Savvy with the visuals, a graphic artist is a vital piece in making engaging content (online or printed) for businesses.
  • He’s expected to be versatile and skillful on a wide array of graphic tools.

Web Designer

Web Designer

Median Base Salary: P23,238 per month (P278,861 per year)

  • Skilled in Web design software like Dreamweaver or Adobe Photoshop
  • Well-versed in web languages such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Web Design or Computer Science is preferred
  • Web designers typically work in a company’s IT or marketing department, if not with IT consulting agencies.
  • They’re tasked to bank on their creative and technical know-how to produce websites that are aesthetically pleasing and technically sound.

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Film and Video Editor

Film / Video Editor

Median Base Salary: P20,168 per month (P242,019 per year)

  • Ability to turn a set of raw videos into a compelling finished product ready for online distribution
  • Familiar with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and present-day video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, Lightworks, Shotcut
  • Editing and adding further value to raw footage are the primary tasks.
  • Must work closely with the film producer or director to make sure that the output is parallel to what they envisioned.

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Sales Executive

Sales Account Executive

Median Base Salary: P19,442 per month (P233,306 per year)

  • Possesses strong communication and negotiation skills in a business landscape
  • Savvy with crunching up sales numbers for reporting
  • Strong builder of client relationships
  • With the warmth and professionalism of its people, this is one of the online jobs Philippines can really bank on.
  • New client generation, together with the ability to persuade existing ones to sign new deals, is of utmost importance.
  • As the point of contact for clients, a sound sales account executive must establish best practices and resolve customer grievances in a timely manner.

Quality Analyst

Quality Analyst (QA)

Median Base Salary: P25,123 per month (P301,478 per year)

  • A holder of a technical or business degree
  • Has superb grasp of statistical and sampling techniques, methodologies in quality analysis, and knowledge of machinery and various manufacturing technologies
  • Ability to improve existing processes, tools, and workflows, or develop a new one
  • Checks the adherence of finished goods or services to industry codes and company standards.
  • Reviews and develops internal processes for possible improvement.
  • May audit and conduct performance reviews to key personnel or the product itself when necessary.

App Developer

Application Developer

Median Base Salary: P35,609 per month (P427, 305 per year)

  • A holder of a Computer Science degree is prioritized
  • Intense coding and design capabilities
  • The digital age paved way to this work at home Philippines job. An application developer’s work is frequently tied up with a computer analyst’s and an engineer’s.
  • Expected to be well-versed with programming languages like C++, Java, or Oracle, they’re hired to help the company’s pursuit of creating engaging and profitable desktop and mobile software.

Online Job Sites That Offer Work-From-Home Employment

Upwork Logo

Whether you’re a rookie or an expert in your craft, Upwork’s reach of almost 2 million clients will surely have the ‘right gig’ for you. Browse through a wide range of short- and long-term projects, and fixed or hourly deals.

Freelancer Logo

Craigslist Logo

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs Logo

People Per Hour Logo

With over $250M paid to ‘gurus’ and a pretty straightforward hiring method, it’s an underrated site.

Facebook Logo

Keep in mind though to scout the truthfulness of the job post first before committing – there’s a lot of scammers out there, even on Facebook.

Online Jobs Philippines

This site also allows work-from-home seekers to collaborate with fellow Filipinos in jointly improving their craft through online workshops or seminars.

99Designs Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

How many companies allow working from home in the philippines.

As of posting date, not much. But with Pres. Duterte’s signing of the R.A. 11165  or also known as “An Act Institutionalizing Telecommuting as an Alternative Work Arrangement for Employees in the Private Sector,” telecommuting can finally be established as a feasible working arrangement option in large companies.

Can you make money instantly by working from home?

There are several factors to consider – your skill level, dedication, and working essentials.

The higher your skill level is, the more prospect employers and projects you can attract.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t locked in with the idea of working from home every day, your productivity and enthusiasm may decrease, which ultimately leads to less money earned.

Working essentials (e.g., established payment method, reputable profile, etc.), on the other hand, may set you back for a couple of days or weeks, but will surely pay later on.

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Overall, there’s good money to be made with work from home jobs Philippines has to offer.

With a great deal of patience and perseverance, you can work your way from mundane, low-paying jobs to highly sustainable ones – especially the ones we mentioned that let you work from home.

How did you start your work-from-home career? Do you have pieces of advice to fellow Pinoys who are considering jumping from their corporate jobs to working remotely?

Enlighten us in the comments below!

But first, a bonus video. Enjoy!

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