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Home Blog PowerPoint Tutorials How to Create a Presentation with PowerPoint Online

How to Create a Presentation with PowerPoint Online

How to Create a Presentation with PowerPoint Online

An online version of PowerPoint was introduced in 2010, a few years after the Google Docs release, which came out as early as 2007. Over the years, the product, along with other Microsoft Office apps, underwent major changes, making it more user-friendly and feature-rich for end users.

Given the rise of inter-device connectivity and cloud support, tools like Microsoft 365, particularly its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web-based counterparts, have considerably increased their capabilities, matching the performance of desktop versions. In this article, we will talk about PowerPoint Online, also called PowerPoint for Web, and how it can help presenters craft presentations and access them on the go wherever they log in. 

Table of Contents

What is PowerPoint Online

Advantages of powerpoint online, getting started with powerpoint for the web, how to create a powerpoint online presentation, collaboration and sharing, saving and exporting, tips for creating high-quality slides in powerpoint online, troubleshooting common issues in powerpoint online.

  • Conclus i on

PowerPoint for the Web, which was previously called PowerPoint Online, is a web-based version of PowerPoint that enables creating, viewing, editing, and sharing PowerPoint presentations online. Unlike Google Slides, PowerPoint for the Web provides better native support for PowerPoint files. It makes it possible to seamlessly work with PowerPoint files and features through a web-based browser, with OneDrive support to share and store your data. PowerPoint for the web is free to use but has limited features. However, if you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can get better features when using the web-based version of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint for the web provides the same benefits as the desktop version of PowerPoint, with the added advantage of accessing these features anywhere using an Internet browser. Below is a list of advantages of using PowerPoint Online.

Easy Accessibility

You can access PowerPoint features anywhere using an Internet-connected browser without installing the PowerPoint app on your device. Furthermore, you can also upload and access files from your device anytime, anywhere, via the web.

Support for Native PowerPoint Features

Be it online collaboration, cloud storage, or access to version history, you can get native PowerPoint features via a web-based version of PowerPoint without the need to worry about compatibility issues. Furthermore, unlike Google Slides or other web-based variants of PowerPoint, PowerPoint for the web helps access native PowerPoint features without causing compatibility issues such as incorrect display of certain themes or support for various animations available in the offline version.

OneDrive Integration

The integration of PowerPoint for the web with OneDrive allows instantly storing, sharing, and accessing different versions of a file using the cloud storage support of OneDrive.

Easy Sharing

The OneDrive integration enables the online version of PowerPoint to be used for instantly sharing presentations online using a link with a specific access level (view only or editing privileges).

Online Collaboration

While PowerPoint’s offline version also provides collaboration features, using PowerPoint for the web can provide a smoother experience when looking for real-time changes to a PowerPoint file.

Version History

PowerPoint files saved with the web version come with a version history, where you can access older file versions to restore according to need. This feature is also available for the offline version, which you must turn on upload to OneDrive. In other words, version history is only supported for PowerPoint files that are saved online.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Since you only need a web browser and a Microsoft account to access PowerPoint Online, there are no issues with having a compatible device to use the app. This means you can access PowerPoint Online using any device that can run a modern Internet browser.

Accessibility Features

PowerPoint for the web is among the few platforms that provide accessibility features for persons with disabilities, such as image ALT text and support for screen readers.

PowerPoint for the web is regularly updated, providing access to the latest features for end users.

To get started, go to  or and select the PowerPoint icon to access PowerPoint for the web. You will require a Microsoft account to log in.

Login to Microsoft 365 account

Once logged in, you can create a new PowerPoint presentation or upload one from your device. All you need for accessing the web version of PowerPoint is a modern Internet browser and a device that can support it. This web-based version of PowerPoint works with all commonly used browsers and their variants, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and others.

Opening PowerPoint for Web in Microsoft 365

From, you can create new PowerPoint presentations from scratch or via a template, upload new ones, or open an existing one saved to OneDrive. 

Create a New Presentation with PowerPoint for the Web

Click Create or use a PowerPoint template from the options to create a new PowerPoint presentation. You can start with a specific theme or use a blank template. You can also browse through themes via to find one that best suits your needs.

Create a New Presentation in PowerPoint Online

Upload a PowerPoint Presentation

To upload a PowerPoint presentation, click Upload after logging into and select a file from your device.

Upload a PowerPoint Presentation to Microsoft 365

Open an Existing PowerPoint Presentation Online

All PowerPoint presentations saved from a device are automatically uploaded to OneDrive and can be accessed via PowerPoint’s online version. As mentioned earlier, you can upload and save presentations and access them anytime.

Open an Existing PowerPoint Presentation Online

Adjusting the Ribbon Menu Layout

You can toggle between the classic and single-line ribbon interface to suit your preferences. The Ribbon menu can also be adjusted to stay available or hidden periodically. 

Ribbon Menu options in PowerPoint Online

Naming Your Presentation

It is best to name your presentation to ensure it is easy to search and open later via OneDrive. Otherwise, a generic name will be assigned to the presentation (e.g., Presentation 1). To name your presentation, click on the generic name at the top and type in the new name.

Naming a presentation in PowerPoint Online

Formatting and Design

As you start formatting your slides, the Designer feature will provide you with options to create layouts for your slides. You can optionally use this feature to get started with the basic design for your slides or use the Design tab to select design elements.

PowerPoint Designer in Microsoft 365

Like the desktop app, the Design tab in PowerPoint Online provides access to themes, background and slide size adjustment options, and theme variants to help you design your slides.

Design tab in PowerPoint Online

Adding Content

The Insert tab provides all the necessary options to add new slides, tables, pictures, shapes, icons, SmartArt, text boxes, audio, video, cameo to insert Live camera feed, and other options. 

Insert tab in PowerPoint Online

Formatting Pictures

Like the desktop version of PowerPoint, pictures can be added from your device, stock images, or via Bing search. The Picture tab can be used to format added pictures after selecting them. Various options in this tab allow you to crop, add a picture frame, and adjust the picture on the slide.

Picture options in PowerPoint Online

You can also access Format Options via the right-click menu.

Format Options in PowerPoint for Images via menu

This will open a sidebar providing options to adjust the selected image’s width, height, angle, shadow, reflection, and text margins.

Format sizing options in PowerPoint Online for Videos

Formatting Videos

PowerPoint for the web allows formatting videos via the Shape tab and Format Options via the right-click menu. The Shape tab can give a frame or shape to the video, adjust the outline, manage how it is displayed on the slide, and adjust the size of the video. Sometimes, the Shape tab might be replaced with the Video tab to show editing options. This change is particularly visible if the user is not logged in and is editing the presentation as a Guest user. The Format Options enable editing the video’s width, height, angle, text margins, shadow, and reflection.

Format Options for Videos in PowerPoint Online

Formatting Audio

Two major options for formatting added audio clips include the Playback tab and Audio Format tab. The Playback tab can adjust the volume, playback trigger, and other related options.

Playback options in PowerPoint Online

The Audio Format tab includes picture styles for the audio icon, border stylizing, rotation, and other formatting options to adjust how the audio clip appears on the slide.

Audio Format options in PowerPoint Online

Annotation Options

The Draw tab gives various tools like pens and highlighters to annotate slides or draw on the screen. Other tools include an eraser, lasso, draw with touch, and stencil.

Draw tab in PowerPoint Online

Transitions and Animations

Like the desktop version of PowerPoint, the Transitions tab for the web version gives transitions to use for your slides. You can adjust the effects of added transitions and duration once you have added a transition for a slide.

Transitions in PowerPoint Online

The Animations tab can be used to apply standard transitions and adjust effects, triggers, and duration for the animations according to need.

Animations tab in PowerPoint Online

SlideShow, Review, and View

The SlideShow tab is used to start the SlideShow from the beginning of the current slide or to initiate a Live presentation with a QR code and link for viewing the presentation Live. You can also use Rehearse with Coach, use subtitles, and edit subtitle settings. You can also learn more about some of these features from our post about how to present a PowerPoint Online .

Slideshow tab in PowerPoint Online

If you are searching for the features to check spelling and grammar, comments, changes, and accessibility options, head to the Review tab.

Review tab in PowerPoint Online

Most PowerPoint users know that the viewing options are available at the bottom of the PowerPoint interface. However, you can also access them from the View tab in PowerPoint. The same features are available for PowerPoint for the web. This includes options like switching between Slide Sorter, Immersive Reader, and Normal View and access to Notes, Zoom, and Fit to Window options.

View tab in PowerPoint Online

To share your PowerPoint presentation, click Share from the top left corner of PowerPoint Online. You can create a sharing link according to specific settings, copy the existing link, link to a slide, or view and manage access to the presentation.

How to share a PowerPoint Online presentation

Collaborators can be invited via email or link by adjusting whether a user has view-only or editing privileges.

Sharing a presentation in PowerPoint Online to a list of people

Once the settings have been configured, a link can be generated to copy and share with users. When configuring settings, you can also directly send the link with a message to an end user.

Link to OneDrive for a PowerPoint Online presentation

Users collaborating on the slide deck with their names are shown at the top. A generic name is assigned to the collaborator if it’s a guest.

Checking connected users in PowerPoint Online presentation

You can see the comments added by collaborators on the presentation by going to Comments.

Adding document comments in PowerPoint Online

Next to the Comments button is the Catch-up button that tracks and shows the changes made by real-time collaborators as you work on the presentation.

Track activity in PowerPoint Online

You can also access sharing options via File -> Share . You can open sharing options or generate an embed code for the presentation from here.

How to share a PowerPoint Online presentation from the menu

When generating an embed code, you can adjust the width, height, and slide advancement options and generate a code for a website.

Embed Code for PowerPoint Online presentation

To switch between viewing modes, you can change to view only and editing options as you collaborate or open the presentation in the desktop app. These options can be helpful for you to adjust how you wish to work or review the presentation.

Adjusting view options for shared document in PowerPoint Online

To save your presentation, go to File -> SaveAs to save a copy to OneDrive, download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, rename the file, or download the file in an alternative format such as PDF, ODP, or image.

How to save a presentation in PowerPoint Online

When saving a copy of the presentation on OneDrive, you can select an existing folder or create a new one to select the file location.

Save to a new folder in PowerPoint Online

You can consider the tips below to create visually appealing slides with PowerPoint Online.

Focus on Design Consistency

Use a consistent design with a color scheme, fonts, alignment, and graphics tailored to a specific format. Don’t use too many changes that might make the content appear muddled.  

Avoid Heavy Multimedia

Since PowerPoint for the Web is an online platform, not everyone might have the required Internet bandwidth or hardware to run heavy presentations smoothly. Using multimedia content in moderation can help avoid such issues.

Uncluttered Slides

Cluttered slides on an online interface will likely cause compatibility issues for some viewers or the slides might not appear properly on some browsers and devices. To avoid this, try to create uncluttered slides. Using minimalist slides might just be the best way to go.

Even the Distribution of Slide Elements

By evenly distributing slide elements with proper alignment, you should be able to create online slides that are easy for the eyes to follow.

Choose Imagery Carefully

When selecting icons, graphical elements, and pictures, try not to use imagery that is too flashy and might cause issues when opened across different browsers and devices. You can use icons from the built-in icons library in PowerPoint and select pictures that don’t visually overpower the viewer.

Get Design Ideas

You can get design ideas using PowerPoint Designer to adjust your design for visual appeal and design consistency.

Productivity Shortcuts

PowerPoint for the web primarily provides most of the features in the desktop app. Below are some tips and tricks for productivity when using the web version of PowerPoint. For some shortcuts listed below, PC users must use CTRL, whereas Mac users will use Command.

  • Insert New Slide using CTRL+M hotkey (Command+M for Mac)
  • Use F5 to start the slideshow and Esc to end the slideshow
  • CTRL+D duplicates the slide (Command+D for Mac)
  • CTRL+Shift+D deletes the slide (Command+Shift+D for Mac)
  • Use CTRL+S to save slide (Command+S for Mac)
  • Use CTRL+W to close the presentation (Command+W for Mac)
  • To open printing options, use CTRL+P (Command+P for Mac)
  • Zoom in with CTRL+Plus button (Command+Plus button for Mac)
  • Zoom out with CTRL+Minus button (Command+Minus button for Mac)
  • Insert a table with CTRL+T (Command+T for Mac)
  • Insert a hyperlink with CTRL+K (Command+K for Mac)
  • Align text with CTRL+L for left, CTRL+E for center, and CTRL+R for right (Replace CTRL with Command for Mac)

Screen Freezes When Working with PowerPoint for the Web

If your screen freezes while you’re working, the web version of PowerPoint is likely encountering an issue when saving the file, showing elements, or inserting content. You can wait a while, and the issue should be resolved. Also, check your Internet connection to see that you are connected. You might want to close additional tabs and review your system usage to see if your hardware is overwhelmed due to resource-intensive apps or multiple browser tabs.

Slide Elements Don’t Appear Properly

If your browser isn’t compatible or uses a browser plugin that blocks slide elements, you might encounter issues viewing slides. Use a compatible browser and turn off any plugins that might interfere with PowerPoint’s online interface.

File Upload or Download Issues

When you are unable to upload or download files, it is likely that your Internet connection is unstable or disconnected. Check your connection to resolve the issue.

Unable to Login

This is likely caused by incorrect credentials or a recent change in credentials, such as a password. If you cannot log in despite no apparent issues, try to clear your browser’s cache or switch to another browser to see if you can log in.

PowerPoint for the web provides most features available for the desktop version and some sharing and collaboration features that require uploading the file online for use. You will notice that some of these features are smoother when used with the online version compared to the desktop version. Furthermore, the online version of PowerPoint provides access regardless of whether you have PowerPoint installed on your device. If you are someone who does not have a Microsoft 365 subscription and needs to access a PowerPoint file, you can log in for free with a Microsoft account with limited features. Alternatively, if the online version is not an option for you, you can still learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation in the installed version of Office.

powerpoint presentation web

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Mother's Day Postcards

For a special Mother's Day surprise, why not give your mom something that is both heartfelt and creative? With this template for PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can craft custom postcards for the special woman in your life. This template comes with a modern design featuring a colorful background, playful...

US Mother's Day presentation template

US Mother's Day

This design is dedicated to all mothers! Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates around the world, but the same dedication and love is used when celebrating it. In the United States, moms receive greetings and gifts on the second Sunday of every May. Do you want to give the...

Elegant Workplan

Developing a successful business plan can be challenging, but with the right tools at your disposal, it becomes much simpler. This template is a comprehensive document that allows you to outline your business goals, strategies, and financial projections in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way. The full suite of resources...

AI Tech Agency presentation template

AI Tech Agency

It’s amazing how robots and computers are able to perform tasks that we thought only humans could do. If your agency is specialized in artificial intelligence, this free marketing presentation template can help you get your points across easily!

Notebook Lesson presentation template

Notebook Lesson

These are the last days before the Summer break! We know that there are some pending lessons that you need to prepare for your students. As they may be thinking about their friends and their holidays, catch their attention with this cool template!


Medical 4 Blocker Template Theme presentation template

Medical 4 Blocker Template Theme

Download the Medical 4 Blocker Template Theme presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. Healthcare goes beyond curing patients and combating illnesses. Raising awareness about diseases, informing people about prevention methods, discussing some good practices, or even talking about a balanced diet—there are many topics related to medicine that you could...

Background Infographics presentation template

Background Infographics

Download the Background Infographics presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. High school students are approaching adulthood, and therefore, this template’s design reflects the mature nature of their education. Customize the well-defined sections, integrate multimedia and interactive elements and allow space for research or group projects—the possibilities of this engaging and...

Old Engraving Style Portfolio Infographics presentation template

Old Engraving Style Portfolio Infographics

Download the Old Engraving Style Portfolio Infographics template for PowerPoint or Google Slides and discover the power of infographics. An infographic resource gives you the ability to showcase your content in a more visual way, which will make it easier for your audience to understand your topic. Slidesgo infographics like...

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Thesis Defense

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Database Company Business Plan presentation template

Database Company Business Plan

Download the Database Company Business Plan presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. Conveying your business plan accurately and effectively is the cornerstone of any successful venture. This template allows you to pinpoint essential elements of your operation while your audience will appreciate the clear and concise presentation, eliminating any potential...

Interactive Classroom Icebreakers presentation template

Interactive Classroom Icebreakers

Download the Interactive Classroom Icebreakers presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides and easily edit it to fit your own lesson plan! Designed specifically for elementary school education, this eye-catching design features engaging graphics and age-appropriate fonts; elements that capture the students' attention and make the learning experience more enjoyable and...

Research Methodology Development presentation template

Research Methodology Development

Download the Research Methodology Development presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. The education sector constantly demands dynamic and effective ways to present information. This template is created with that very purpose in mind. Offering the best resources, it allows educators or students to efficiently manage their presentations and engage audiences....

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New feature available: edit our templates with Canva | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

New feature available: edit our templates with Canva

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A simple guide to slideshows

Learn what slideshows are, how they’re used, common features, and how to choose a slideshow maker. Get started creating your own slideshows today with Microsoft PowerPoint.

What is a slideshow?

What are slideshows used for.

powerpoint presentation web

Meetings and presentations

Slideshows are most frequently used to create professional presentations for business meetings, conferences, and educational purposes. A  slideshow program  allows people to organize content, include visuals, and enhance the overall impact of their message.

powerpoint presentation web

Visual storytelling

Because slideshows sequentially display engaging visuals, text, and other multimedia, they’re a strong way to tell a cohesive and compelling narrative from start to finish.

powerpoint presentation web

Content creation

Slideshows give content creators a versatile and efficient way to organize information, increase visual appeal, and communicate effectively across different contexts.

powerpoint presentation web

Photo and video sharing

Slideshow makers are popular for creating photo and video presentations, especially for events like weddings, birthdays, and vacations. People can add transitions, music, and captions to fully bring the photo-sharing experience to life.

powerpoint presentation web

Training and tutorials

Slideshows help break down complex information into digestible chunks with the support of visuals and text, making them ideal for instructional materials, tutorials, and training modules.

powerpoint presentation web

Collaborative projects

In collaborative settings, teams use slideshow makers to create joint presentations or reports. The best slideshow makers enable multiple contributors to add their content simultaneously, which helps ensure a cohesive and unified presentation.

What are the features of a slideshow creator?

Slideshow creators vary in what they offer but ideally include:

A library of templates, themes, and images.

If you’re not a designer, this feature is huge. Simply browse the options available in your slideshow maker library to create a polished, professionally designed presentation in a flash. Be sure to confirm that access to the library is free and the images are approved for unrestricted usage.

Audio and video compatibility.

Keeping your audience engaged is key to any successful slideshow presentation. To mix things up, being able to add a multimedia element—like a song or a video clip—will help people stay focused and interested.

Presentation tools.

Handy presenter tools go a long way toward making your slideshow experience seamless. For example, straightforward slide navigation, slideshow keyboard shortcuts, pen and highlighter markup, and adjustable resolution settings.

AI assistance.

With AI revolutionizing content creation, using a slideshow maker that has AI capabilities will enhance efficiency and innovation. Depending on the slideshow app you have, creating an entire slideshow could be as easy as a quick prompt, like “Make a presentation about the benefits of sustainable fashion that has 15 slides.” 


Like audio and video, animations give your audience a bit of sensory surprise that can capture their attention. 

Slide transitions.

Add some pizzazz to how you change slides with visual effects like fading, wiping, and zooming. 

Screen recording.

Being able to record your screen in a slideshow maker is helpful when giving an instructional talk, software demonstration, and other types of presentations that require visual aids.

A place to put speaker notes.

Having somewhere to jot a few notes down will help remind you of everything you want to cover as you present.

Different viewing options.

Looking at different views—for example, a presenter view, an audience view, and a high-level view of slide order—is useful when organizing your slideshow’s structure and understanding and preparing for what you’ll see versus what your audience will see.

How do I choose the right slideshow maker?

When choosing a slideshow maker, keep the following questions in mind to make sure you get the most for your money:

Is it scalable with your business?

As your organization grows and changes, it’s important to have flexible technology that adapts to new needs. Having certain features—such as cloud-based collaboration, compatibility with other work apps, and a mobile app—will help ensure that no matter how your business changes, the slideshow maker is up to the task. This also applies to pricing plans. Consider choosing a slideshow app that has a subscription plan (so the software is always up to date), volume-based pricing, or enterprise-level pricing.

Does it have a variety of visual elements?

It’s pretty much a given that a slideshow maker will allow you to add images, but think outside the JPEG box—what other visual elements are available to you? Features like preset themes, free templates, SmartArt, a built-in clip art library, shape tools, background styles, 3D models, and charts and graphs provide diverse ways to switch up how a slideshow looks without relying solely on adding your own images.

Is it easy to use?

You could have the most feature-rich slideshow maker on the market, but if it isn’t easy to use, you probably won’t use it. Or you will, but you’ll be frustrated, waste valuable time, and have difficulty convincing people you work with to use it. As you research slideshow makers, look for videos that show the apps’ interfaces in action to help you decide if they’re intuitive and will have a shorter learning curve.

Does it have collaboration and sharing options?

Because making a slideshow is often a collaborative effort, it’s worthwhile to find a slideshow creator that was designed with this in mind. Pick one that offers editing controls and commenting, as well as the ability to work on a slideshow at the same time as someone else. Having a cloud-based slideshow maker will be key here. You’ll not only save yourself time but also keep things simple by not having multiple versions of the same slideshow.

Explore more about slideshows and slideshow makers

Copilot in powerpoint.

Transform how you make slideshows with the versatile AI in Copilot for PowerPoint.

Improve your presenting skills

Practice presenting with an AI speaker coach to get feedback on body language, repetition, and pronunciation.  

Six slideshow tips and tricks

Read up on tips about how to finesse your slideshows to give your most confident presentations.

Get free PowerPoint templates

Show your style with PowerPoint templates in more than 40 categories.

How to make a branded slideshow

Create a cohesive visual identity for your brand that goes beyond adding a logo to every slide.

Try a photo album template

Relive your favorite memories with photo album templates designed for all your unforgettable moments.

The benefits of visual aids in slideshows

Discover why using visual aids helps communicate ideas and messaging more effectively.

Slideshows that reach all learners

Explore the different ways that people learn and how to include all learning styles in your presentations.

Frequently asked questions

How do i make a good slideshow.

Making a good slideshow in PowerPoint is easy:

Plan what you’d like to include in your slideshow.

Launch your slideshow creator.

Choose the theme you’d like.

Import media.

Add text, music, and transitions.

Record, save, and share your slideshow.

Learn more about how to make a slideshow .

How do I add music to a slideshow?

To add music to a slideshow, first make sure that you’re using a slideshow maker with music compatibility. In PowerPoint, follow these steps:

Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide where you want to add music.

Click on the Insert tab in the ribbon menu.

Click on the Audio button and select Audio on My PC.

Browse to the folder on your computer where the audio file is located and select it.

Click on the Insert button.

How do I record a slideshow?

The steps for recording a slideshow in PowerPoint will vary depending on the version that you own. Get help with slideshow recording based on your version. 

What types of files can I add to a slideshow?

File compatibility in PowerPoint includes the use of JPEGs, PNGs, TIFFs, GIFs, PDFs, MP3s, WAVs, MIDIs, MPEG-4 Videos, and Windows Media Videos.  

How do I share my slideshow?

To share your PowerPoint slideshow, follow these steps:

Open your presentation and click Share at the top right of your screen.

If your presentation isn't already stored on OneDrive, select where to save your presentation to the cloud.

Choose a permission level, like Anyone with a link , or maybe just people in your company. You can also control if people can edit or just view the doc. 

Select Apply.

Enter names and a message.

Select Send.

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powerpoint presentation web

Get started with PowerPoint for the web

With PowerPoint for the web you create presentations right in your browser. Create and save your presentations in your OneDrive, and edit and share them online. You don’t need any additional software and you don’t have to install anything.

Here’s how to get started:

Go to .

Click PowerPoint.

The Office 365 home page with the PowerPoint app highlighted

Create a new, blank presentation, start with a template, or open an existing file.

The New Presentation section of the PowerPoint welcome screen.

When you start with a new, blank presentation, PowerPoint automatically saves it to OneDrive with a default name, such as Presentation 1. To rename your presentation, do the following:

On the File menu, select Rename .

Select Rename

You can do many things using PowerPoint for the web. See the following for more information about working with PowerPoint.

Create a basic presentation in PowerPoint for the web

Upload a PowerPoint presentation created elsewhere

Share and co-author a presentation by using PowerPoint for the web


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Want more options.

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Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

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Microsoft 365 training

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Microsoft security

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Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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Ask the Microsoft Community

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Microsoft Tech Community

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How To Get Free Access To Microsoft PowerPoint

E very time you need to present an overview of a plan or a report to a whole room of people, chances are you turn to Microsoft PowerPoint. And who doesn't? It's popular for its wide array of features that make creating effective presentations a walk in the park. PowerPoint comes with a host of keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, subtitles and video recordings for your audience's benefit, and a variety of transitions, animations, and designs for better engagement.

But with these nifty features comes a hefty price tag. At the moment, the personal plan — which includes other Office apps — is at $69.99 a year. This might be the most budget-friendly option, especially if you plan to use the other Microsoft Office apps, too. Unfortunately, you can't buy PowerPoint alone, but there are a few workarounds you can use to get access to PowerPoint at no cost to you at all.

Read more: The 20 Best Mac Apps That Will Improve Your Apple Experience

Method #1: Sign Up For A Free Microsoft Account On The Office Website

Microsoft offers a web-based version of PowerPoint completely free of charge to all users. Here's how you can access it:

  • Visit the Microsoft 365 page .
  • If you already have a free account with Microsoft, click Sign in. Otherwise, press "Sign up for the free version of Microsoft 365" to create a new account at no cost.
  • On the Office home page, select PowerPoint from the side panel on the left.
  • Click on "Blank presentation" to create your presentation from scratch, or pick your preferred free PowerPoint template from the options at the top (there's also a host of editable templates you can find on the Microsoft 365 Create site ).
  • Create your presentation as normal. Your edits will be saved automatically to your Microsoft OneDrive as long as you're connected to the internet.

It's important to keep in mind, though, that while you're free to use this web version of PowerPoint to create your slides and edit templates, there are certain features it doesn't have that you can find on the paid version. For instance, you can access only a handful of font styles and stock elements like images, videos, icons, and stickers. Designer is also available for use on up to three presentations per month only (it's unlimited for premium subscribers). When presenting, you won't find the Present Live and Always Use Subtitles options present in the paid plans. The biggest caveat of the free version is that it won't get any newly released features, unlike its premium counterparts.

Method #2: Install Microsoft 365 (Office) To Your Windows

Don't fancy working on your presentation in a browser? If you have a Windows computer with the Office 365 apps pre-installed or downloaded from a previous Office 365 trial, you can use the Microsoft 365 (Office) app instead. Unlike the individual Microsoft apps that you need to buy from the Microsoft Store, this one is free to download and use. Here's how to get free PowerPoint on the Microsoft 365 (Office) app:

  • Search for Microsoft 365 (Office) on the Microsoft Store app.
  • Install and open it.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account. Alternatively, press "Create free account" if you don't have one yet.
  • Click on Create on the left side panel.
  • Select Presentation.
  • In the PowerPoint window that opens, log in using your account.
  • Press Accept on the "Free 5-day pass" section. This lets you use PowerPoint (and Word and Excel) for five days — free of charge and without having to input any payment information.
  • Create your presentation as usual. As you're using the desktop version, you can access the full features of PowerPoint, including the ability to present in Teams, export the presentation as a video file, translate the slides' content to a different language, and even work offline.

The only downside of this method is the time limit. Once the five days are up, you can no longer open the PowerPoint desktop app. However, all your files will still be accessible to you. If you saved them to OneDrive, you can continue editing them on the web app. If you saved them to your computer, you can upload them to OneDrive and edit them from there.

Method #3: Download The Microsoft PowerPoint App On Your Android Or iOS Device

If you're always on the move and need the flexibility of creating and editing presentations on your Android or iOS device, you'll be glad to know that PowerPoint is free and available for offline use on your mobile phones. But — of course, there's a but — you can only access the free version if your device is under 10.1 inches. Anything bigger than that requires a premium subscription. If your phone fits the bill, then follow these steps to get free PowerPoint on your device:

  • Install Microsoft PowerPoint from the App Store or Google Play Store .
  • Log in using your existing Microsoft email or enter a new email address to create one if you don't already have an account.
  • On the "Get Microsoft 365 Personal Plan" screen, press Skip For Now.
  • If you're offered a free trial, select Try later (or enjoy the free 30-day trial if you're interested).
  • To make a new presentation, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner.
  • Change the "Create in" option from OneDrive - Personal to a folder on your device. This allows you to save the presentation to your local storage and make offline edits.
  • Press "Set as default" to set your local folder as the default file storage location.
  • Choose your template from the selection or use a blank presentation.
  • Edit your presentation as needed.

Do note that PowerPoint mobile comes with some restrictions. There's no option to insert stock elements, change the slide size to a custom size, use the Designer feature, or display the presentation in Immersive Reader mode. However, you can use font styles considered premium on the web app.

Method #4: Use Your School Email Address

Office 365 Education is free for students and teachers, provided they have an email address from an eligible school. To check for your eligibility, here's what you need to do:

  • Go to the Office 365 Education page .
  • Type in your school email address in the empty text field.
  • Press "Get Started."
  • On the next screen, verify your eligibility. If you're eligible, you'll be asked to select whether you're a student or a teacher. If your school isn't recognized, however, you'll get a message telling you so.
  • For those who are eligible, proceed with creating your Office 365 Education account. Make sure your school email can receive external mail, as Microsoft will send you a verification code for your account.
  • Once you're done filling out the form, press "Start." This will open your Office 365 account page.

You can then start making your PowerPoint presentation using the web app. If your school's plan supports it, you can also install the Office 365 apps to your computer by clicking the "Install Office" button on your Office 365 account page and running the downloaded installation file. What sets the Office 365 Education account apart from the regular free account is that you have unlimited personal cloud storage and access to other Office apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Read the original article on SlashGear .

presentation slides on laptop

Purdue Online Writing Lab Purdue OWL® College of Liberal Arts

Welcome to the Purdue Online Writing Lab

OWL logo

Welcome to the Purdue OWL

This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University. When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice.

Copyright ©1995-2018 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use.

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects. Teachers and trainers may use this material for in-class and out-of-class instruction.

The Purdue On-Campus Writing Lab and Purdue Online Writing Lab assist clients in their development as writers—no matter what their skill level—with on-campus consultations, online participation, and community engagement. The Purdue Writing Lab serves the Purdue, West Lafayette, campus and coordinates with local literacy initiatives. The Purdue OWL offers global support through online reference materials and services.

A Message From the Assistant Director of Content Development 

The Purdue OWL® is committed to supporting  students, instructors, and writers by offering a wide range of resources that are developed and revised with them in mind. To do this, the OWL team is always exploring possibilties for a better design, allowing accessibility and user experience to guide our process. As the OWL undergoes some changes, we welcome your feedback and suggestions by email at any time.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page  if you have any questions or comments.

All the best,

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12+ logiciels de présentation pour Mac | 2024 révèle | Testé et approuvé par des experts

En présentant

Léa Nguyen • 17 avril, 2024 • 15 min lire

Tenez bon, car c'est ici que tous les utilisateurs de Mac se réunissent 💪 Ce sont les meilleurs logiciel de présentation pour Mac !!

En tant qu'utilisateurs Mac, nous savons qu'il est parfois frustrant de trouver un logiciel compatible que vous préférez, contrairement à la mer de merveilles que les utilisateurs Windows peuvent obtenir. Que feriez-vous si votre logiciel de présentation préféré refusait d'accompagner votre MacBook ? Prendre une énorme charge de Mémoire Mac disque pour installer le système Windows ?

Vue d’ensemble

En fait, vous n'avez pas besoin de passer par tous ces tracas puisque nous avons rassemblé cette liste pratique de logiciels de présentation Mac qui est puissant, facile à utiliser ainsi que fonctionne parfaitement sur tous les appareils Apple.

Prêt à wow votre public avec un logiciel de présentation gratuit pour Mac ? Allons-y 👇

Table des matières

  • Pas de TouchCast
  • AdobeExpress
  • Google Slides

Foire aux Questions

Conseils pour une meilleure présentation interactive.

  • Comment rendre une présentation interactive
  • Techniques de présentation interactives
  • Idées de présentations interactives pour les étudiants

Texte alternatif

Démarrez en quelques secondes.

Obtenez des modèles gratuits pour votre prochaine présentation interactive. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement et prenez ce que vous voulez dans la bibliothèque de modèles !

Logiciel de présentation basé sur une application pour Mac

Il n'y a pas d'endroit plus pratique et convivial pour les utilisateurs de Mac que l'App Store par défaut. Explorez certaines des options sans avoir à parcourir l'énorme bibliothèque d'applications que nous avons répertoriée ci-dessous :

#1 – Keynote pour Mac

Caractéristique principale: Compatible avec tous les appareils Apple et dispose d'une synchronisation multiplateforme.

Keynote pour Mac est ce visage populaire de votre classe que tout le monde connaît, mais que tout le monde ne connaît pas entièrement.

Préinstallé gratuitement sur les ordinateurs Mac, Keynote peut être facilement synchronisé avec iCloud et cette compatibilité rend le transfert de présentations entre votre Mac, iPad et iPhone incroyablement simple.

Si vous êtes un présentateur Keynote professionnel, vous pouvez également donner vie à votre présentation avec des illustrations et autres avec quelques griffonnages sur l'iPad. Autre bonne nouvelle, Keynote est désormais exportable vers PowerPoint, ce qui permet encore plus de commodité et de créativité.

capture d'écran de la mise en page de la présentation Keynote

#2 – Présentation TouchCast pour Mac

Caractéristique principale: Faites des présentations en direct ou préenregistrées.  

TouchCast Pitch nous offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités de réunion en ligne par excellence, telles que des modèles professionnels intelligents, des décors virtuels réalistes et un téléprompteur personnel, ce qui est très utile pour garantir que nous n'oublions rien.

Et si vous souhaitez enregistrer votre présentation sans utiliser une application d'enregistrement tierce ? TouchCast Pitch vous donne le pouvoir de le faire et de le peaufiner avec son outil d'édition simple en plus de présenter en direct.

Comme pour de nombreux autres choix de logiciels de présentation pour Mac, il existe de nombreux modèles parmi lesquels choisir. Vous pouvez également créer votre présentation à partir de zéro et montrer vos compétences en conception.

Vous pouvez apporter des modifications à vos diapositives de n'importe où, car ce kit est disponible en téléchargement directement depuis l'App Store.

#3 – FlowVella pour Mac

Caractéristiques principales: Adapté aux mobiles et Adobe Creative Cloud intégré à une bibliothèque de modèles polyvalents.

Si vous recherchez un format de présentation rapide et riche, essayez FluxVella . Que vous présentiez un argumentaire devant des investisseurs ou que vous conceviez une leçon pour le cours, FlowVella vous permet de créer des vidéos intégrées, des liens, des galeries, des PDF, etc., du bout des doigts. Pas besoin de sortir un ordinateur portable puisque tout se fait simplement par « glisser-déposer » sur un iPad.

L'interface de FlowVella sur Mac n'est pas tout à fait parfaite, une partie du texte est difficile à lire. Mais, c'est un système intuitif et si vous avez utilisé d'autres types de logiciels pour les présentations sur Mac, vous devriez pouvoir le prendre assez facilement.

Bravo également pour leur support client. Vous pouvez les contacter par chat en direct ou par e-mail et ils résoudront vos problèmes rapidement comme l'éclair.

Principales fonctionnalités de FlowVella - un logiciel de présentation pour Mac

#4 – PowerPoint pour Mac

Caractéristiques principales: L'interface et les formats de fichiers familiers sont largement compatibles.

PowerPoint est vraiment un incontournable pour les présentations, mais pour l'utiliser sur votre Mac, vous devrez posséder une licence pour une version compatible Mac du logiciel de présentation. Ces licences peuvent être un peu chères, mais cela ne semble pas dissuader les gens, car on estime qu'environ 30 millions Des présentations PowerPoint sont créées chaque jour.

Maintenant, il existe une version en ligne à laquelle vous pouvez accéder gratuitement. Les fonctionnalités limitées seront suffisantes pour la plupart des présentations simples. Mais, si vous mettez la diversité et l'engagement au premier plan, vous feriez mieux d'utiliser l'un des nombreux alternatives au logiciel PowerPoint pour Mac.

capture d'écran de l'interface PowerPoint pour Mac avec des grains de café équatoriens

💡 Apprenez à rendez votre PowerPoint vraiment interactif gratuitement . C'est un favori absolu du public!

Logiciel de présentation Web pour Mac

Bien que pratique, le logiciel de présentation basé sur des applications pour Mac est la plus grande faiblesse de ceux-ci. Ils ne sont disponibles que pour votre propre type, ce qui décourage tout présentateur qui aspire à une interaction bidirectionnelle et à un engagement vivant avec son public.

Notre solution proposée est simple. Migrez votre présentation ordinaire vers l'un des meilleurs logiciels de présentation Web pour Mac ci-dessous👇

#5 - AhaSlides

Caractéristiques principales: Diapositives de présentation interactives, le tout gratuitement !

AhaSlides est un logiciel de présentation interactif basé sur le cloud né d'un groupe de techniciens qui avaient expérimenté Mort par PowerPoint de première main

Il vous donne les moyens de créer une présentation interactive avec laquelle votre public peut répondre à vos questions en utilisant uniquement son téléphone.

Du quiz en direct options avec des classements pour outils de remue-méninges parfait pour recueillir des opinions et ajouter Questions et réponses , il y en a pour chaque type de présentation.

Pour les présentateurs en entreprise, vous pouvez essayer d'ajouter échelles mobiles ainsi que les sondages qui contribueront aux graphiques en temps réel lorsque votre public interagit via leurs smartphones. Si vous exposez à un salon ou présentez devant un grand nombre de personnes, cela peut être un excellent outil pour recueillir des opinions et encourager la concentration. Il est idéal pour tout type d'appareil iOS et il est basé sur le Web - il est donc idéal pour d'autres outils système !

# 6 - Canva

Alors, existe-t-il une application Canva pour Mac ? Bien sûr que oui!! 👏

Caractéristiques principales: Divers modèles et images libres de droit.

canva est un logiciel de présentation gratuit pour Mac que vous recherchez, c'est une question de design, alors il y a peu d'options meilleures que Canva. Avec une vaste gamme d'éléments et d'images libres de droits disponibles, vous pouvez les faire glisser et les déposer directement dans votre présentation.

Canva est fier de sa facilité d'utilisation. Ainsi, même si vous n'êtes pas la personne la plus créative au monde, vous pouvez toujours créer vos diapositives en déplacement grâce à la fonctionnalité glisser-déposer de Canva. Il existe également une version payante si vous souhaitez accéder à davantage de modèles et d'éléments créés par des designers professionnels du monde entier.

Même si Canva a la possibilité de convertir votre présentation en PDF ou PowerPoint, nous vous recommandons de la présenter directement depuis son site Web, car nous avons rencontré des débordements de texte/des erreurs dans les conceptions lors de cette opération.

📌En savoir plus : Alternatives à Canva | Révélation 2024 | Mise à jour de 12 forfaits gratuits et payants

Une capture d'écran de l'interface Canva lors de la création de la diapositive d'une présentation.

#7 – Spectacle Zoho

Caractéristiques principales: Intégration multiplateforme, designs minimalistes.

Si vous êtes fan de minimalisme, alors Zoho Show est l'endroit où aller.

L'une des principales différences entre Zoho Show et certains autres logiciels de présentation Web réside dans ses fonctionnalités de compatibilité. Avec l'intégration à des sites comme Giphy ainsi que Unsplash , Zoho facilite l'ajout de graphiques directement à vos présentations.

C'est une excellente option si vous utilisez déjà certaines des suites Zoho, et donc probablement la plus adaptée comme option de présentation gratuite pour les entreprises.

Pourtant, comme Canva, Zoho Show rencontre également le même problème avec sa fonction d'exportation vers PDF/PowerPoint, qui se traduit souvent par des fichiers vierges ou endommagés.

Une capture d'écran de l'interface de Zoho Show

Caractéristiques principales: Bibliothèque de modèles et éléments animés.

Prezi est un peu une option unique dans cette liste. C'est l'un des meilleurs logiciels de présentation linéaire, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez voir votre présentation dans son ensemble et accéder à différentes sections de manière amusante et imaginative. 

Vous pouvez également présenter en direct et superposer votre vidéo sur les diapositives comme Pas de TouchCast . Leur énorme bibliothèque de modèles est un excellent bonus pour la plupart des présentateurs débutants, mais vous ne pourrez probablement pas faire preuve de beaucoup de créativité en utilisant la version gratuite de Prezi.

Une présentation non linéaire sur Prezi avec un iceberg pour la navigation

📌En savoir plus : Top 5+ des alternatives Prezi | Révélation 2024 d'AhaSlides

#9 – Le haricot glissant

Caractéristiques principales: Des modèles commerciaux et un service de conception de pitch deck.

Slidebean est conçu principalement pour les entreprises, mais sa fonctionnalité conviendrait à d'autres utilisations. Ils fournissent des modèles de pitch deck que vous pouvez réutiliser et réutiliser pour votre propre entreprise. Les conceptions sont intelligentes et il n'est pas vraiment surprenant qu'ils proposent également un service de conception de pitch deck.

Il est simple à utiliser et simple dans ses offres. Si vous gardez les choses simples, essayez-le!

Une capture d'écran de l'interface Slidebean avec le modèle de pitch deck

#10 – Adobe Express (Adobe Spark)

Caractéristiques principales: Modèles époustouflants et collaboration d'équipe.

AdobeExpress (anciennement Adobe Spark) est assez similaire à canva dans sa fonction glisser-déposer pour créer des graphiques et d'autres éléments de conception. Étant basé sur le Web, il s'agit bien sûr d'un logiciel de présentation compatible Mac et offre également une intégration avec d'autres programmes Adobe Creative Suite, ce qui est utile si vous créez des éléments avec Photoshop ou Illustrator.

Cependant, avec autant d'éléments de conception en cours, le site Web peut fonctionner assez lentement.

Interface Adobe Express avec "Born Loser" comme diapositive en cours d'édition

# 11 - Powtoon

Caractéristiques principales: Diapositives animées et animation en un clic

Tu pourrais savoir Powtoon de leur fonction de création d'animation vidéo, mais savez-vous qu'ils offrent également une manière différente et créative de concevoir une présentation ? Avec Powtoon, vous pouvez facilement créer des présentations vidéo sans compétences à partir de milliers de conceptions personnalisées.

Pour certains utilisateurs novices, Powtoon peut être un peu déroutant en raison de son interface surchargée. Vous aurez besoin d'un peu de temps pour vous y habituer.

L'interface de Powtoon lors de la création d'une courte présentation vidéo.

#12 - Diapositives Google

Caractéristiques principales: Gratuit, accessible et collaboratif.

Avec de nombreuses fonctionnalités fondamentalement identiques à celles de PowerPoint, vous n'aurez pas beaucoup de mal à créer une présentation sur Google Slides .

Puisqu'il est basé sur le Web, vous et votre équipe pouvez facilement collaborer, commenter ou faire des suggestions pour les autres. Si vous souhaitez être interactif, la bibliothèque de plug-ins de Google Slides propose également différentes applications tierces amusantes à intégrer directement dans les diapositives.

Juste un avertissement - parfois, le plugin peut rendre votre présentation TRÈS lente, alors utilisez-le avec prudence.

📌En savoir plus : Présentation interactive Google Slides | Configurer avec AhaSlides en 3 étapes | 2024 révèle

La mise en page de la présentation Google Slides est utilisée comme introduction pour une personne appelée Leah.

Donc, vous avez maintenant plus qu'assez d'options logicielles de présentation interactive pour Mac - il ne reste plus qu'à choisissez un modèle et lancez-vous.

Quel logiciel de présentation est un produit gratuit que vous pouvez installer sur votre ordinateur Windows ou Mac ?

Microsoft PowerPoint et AhaSlides.

Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d'utiliser AhaSlides avec un logiciel de présentation traditionnel ?

Pour obtenir une meilleure attention, ainsi qu’une meilleure interaction avec le public lors des rassemblements, des réunions et des cours.

Puis-je convertir Keynote en PowerPoint ?

Oui, vous pouvez. Ouvrez la présentation Keynote, puis  Choisissez Fichier > Exporter vers et sélectionnez le format .

Léa Nguyen

Leah Nguyen

Des mots qui convertissent, des histoires qui collent. Je transforme des idées complexes en récits engageants, aidant ainsi le public à apprendre, à se souvenir et à agir.

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Nuage de mots mentimètre | La meilleure alternative en 2024

  • Adobe Document Cloud



PDF形式のスライド資料をMicrosoft PowerPoint形式のファイルに変換すれば、テキストやグラフの追加・編集やスライドショー形式の使用が可能になるなど、様々なメリットが得られます。


そのなかでも「 Adobe Acrobat オンラインツール 」なら、アップロードしたファイルが安全に処理されるほか、操作も直感的なので、PDFファイルを扱う機会が多い人にオススメです。

そこでこの記事では、PDFを無料で安全かつカンタンにPowerPointへ変換できる「Adobe Acrobat オンラインツール」の使い方を、実際の画面の画像を載せながらわかりやすく解説します。

Acrobat オンラインツールは、PowerPointのほか、PDFをWordやExcelへ変換することも可能です。



「adobe acrobat オンラインツール」がオススメな3つの理由, pdfに関する20以上の機能が無料で使える「adobe acrobat オンラインツール」.

本章では「 Adobe Acrobat オンラインツール 」を使って、PDFをPowerPointに変換する方法を具体的にご紹介します。

「Adobe Acrobat オンラインツール」は、PDFを開発したアドビが提供する、無料でPDFの変換や編集ができるオンラインツールです。






【手順2-1】ファイルをダウンロードする, 【手順2-2】リンクで共有する, 【手順2-3】web 用 powerpointで編集する.

はじめに、Acrobat オンラインツールの「 PDFをPPTに変換 」ページにアクセスします。


powerpoint presentation web



3.Web 用 PowerPointで編集する



powerpoint presentation web







powerpoint presentation web



powerpoint presentation web

Web 用 PowerPointを使うことで、ファイルをダウンロードせずにそのままブラウザ上で編集することも可能です。


powerpoint presentation web

Acrobat オンラインツールへのログインを求められたら、Adobeアカウント、Google アカウント、Facebook アカウント、Apple IDのいずれかでログイン(無料)してください。

その後、Web 用 PowerPointが起動し、そのままファイルを編集できます。

powerpoint presentation web

前章で解説した「Acrobat オンラインツール」をはじめ、世の中にはPDFをPowerPointに変換する様々なツールが存在します。



「Acrobat オンラインツール」はPDFをPowerPointに変換するツールの中でも特にオススメです。 ここでは、その3つの理由をご紹介します。


こうしたわかりやすい操作性も、Acrobat オンラインツールの魅力です。


Acrobat オンラインツールは、アップロードされたファイルを暗号化するため、安全です。

ログインせずにAcrobat オンラインツールを利用した場合、アップロードしたファイルはサーバーから削除されるようになっています。

ログインした場合は、アップロードや変換したファイルは暗号化されたのち、Adobe クラウドストレージに自動で保存され、いつでも削除できます。

(セキュリティに関する取り組みについて詳しくは「 アドビのセキュリティについて 」もご確認ください)




Acrobat オンラインツールは、PDFファイルをドラッグ&ドロップするだけですぐにPowerPointに変換できます。





ブラウザ上で動くAcrobat オンラインツールは、PC(Mac・Windows)でもスマホ(iOS・Android)でも使えるため、この観点からもオススメです。

Acrobat オンラインツール は、今回ご紹介したPDFからPowerPointへの変換に加えて、PDFに関する20以上の機能を無料で使えます。

powerpoint presentation web

● PDFからPowerPoint以外の形式への変換

・ PDFをWordに変換

・ PDFをExcelに変換

・ PPTをPDFに変換

・ WordをPDFに変換

・ ExcelをPDFに変換

● そのほか、20以上のPDF関連の機能(すべて無料)

有償の「Acrobat Standard」や「Acrobat Pro」、「Creative Cloud」のコンプリートプランを契約すると、快適な操作性はそのままに、使用回数を気にせず利用できます。

Acrobat オンラインツールの詳しい使い方については、以下の記事で解説されています。

はじめてのAdobe Acrobat オンラインツール完全ガイド(概略版)

無料でPDFファイルをPowerPointに変換できる「Adobe Acrobat オンラインツール」を、この機会にぜひお試しください。


ぜひAdobe Acrobatオンラインツールをお試しください

以下の記事では、PDFに関するお役立ち情報をご紹介しています。Adobe Acrobat オンラインツールを使って、日々の業務を効率化する方法をご紹介しているので、ぜひチェックしてみてください。

powerpoint presentation web


Macで画像(JPG・PNG)をPDFに変換する方法を解説します。無料の「Adobe Acrobat オンラインツール」を使えば初心者でもカンタンにファイル形式の変換ができます。

powerpoint presentation web


Adobe Acrobat オンラインツールを使えば、無料でカンタンにPDFをWordに変換できます。紙の資料をPDFやWordに変換する方法もご紹介します。

powerpoint presentation web


MacでPDFをMicrosoft Excelに変換する方法を解説します。無料のAdobe Acrobat オンラインツールを使えば、カンタンな手順で瞬時に変換できます。


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    【手順2-3】Web 用 PowerPointで編集する. Web 用 PowerPointを使うことで、ファイルをダウンロードせずにそのままブラウザ上で編集することも可能です。 この機能を使うには、ファイル変換後の表示画面の左下にある「PPTで編集」をクリックします。