1. A Detailed Guide To The McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    problem solving game mckinsey

  2. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Imbellus): Full Practice Guide

    problem solving game mckinsey

  3. Introduction to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    problem solving game mckinsey

  4. A Detailed Guide To The McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    problem solving game mckinsey

  5. A in-depth guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    problem solving game mckinsey

  6. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Solve) Explained

    problem solving game mckinsey



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  5. [✅ BCG OFFER]: "I could show that I was not just another random candidate!"

  6. 2024 McKinsey Assessment Game / Case Interview Tutorial


  1. Solve, McKinsey's assessment game

    Solve, McKinsey's assessment game. Learn more about Solve, McKinsey's assessment game, and how you can showcase your skills in an interesting and engaging way. Read our FAQs for more details. Solve: A glimpse into the Look & Feel. Watch a walkthrough of the tutorial for one of the games you may play. This is an example of what it will feel ...

  2. McKinsey Solve Game: Newest Updates & Guide (2024)

    McKinsey Solve (formerly called Problem-Solving Game, Digital Assessment, or colloquially the "Imbellus Game") is a gamified test designed by Imbellus for the McKinsey & Company. In the McKinsey recruitment process, the Solve Game sits between the resume screening and the case interviews, serving the same purpose as the paper-based tests ...

  3. PDF McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    The McKinsey Problem Solving Game uses advanced AI methods to ensure that there is ample variation in each scenario for each candidate. It is designed so that no two individuals have the same parameters and combinations of data. You may also be asked at random to take an

  4. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Imbellus): Full Practice Guide

    Learn everything about the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, a gamified test that evaluates your cognitive abilities and consulting traits. Find out the mini-games, skills, format, and strategies to pass the digital assessment.

  5. A in-depth guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    In short, yes - "Solve" is just the newer name for the McKinsey Problem Solving Game. We want to clear up any potential confusion right at the beginning. You will hear this same screening test called a few different things in different places. The Solve moniker itself is a relatively recent re-branding by McKinsey.

  6. My experience with Solve, McKinsey's assessment game

    Carl - By playing the game and trying to find an optimal solution, I realized why McKinsey uses it as part of the assessment process. The game is about understanding a complex situation, determining influencing factors and dynamics, testing a few hypotheses and eventually developing an approach to solve for the game objective.

  7. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Solve): Full Game Reveal

    We're thrilled to present the first-ever complete walkthrough of the McKinsey Problem Solving Game!This video takes you through the full assessment, includin...

  8. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Solve) Explained


  9. How to Pass the McKinsey Problem Solving Game [Guide]

    Learn about the McKinsey digital assessment game, tips to pass it, and how you can practice. This is a complete guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, also called McKinsey Solve.

  10. Solve, McKinsey's assessment game

    If you apply to join McKinsey, you'll likely be asked to play our innovative assessment game, Solve. It was created to help you demonstrate your problem-solv...

  11. McKinsey Problem Solving Game: The Best Way to Prep

    Learn how to prepare for the McKinsey digital assessment, a games-based test of critical thinking, decision-making, and other traits. Find out the structure, look and feel, and tips for the six possible scenarios.

  12. McKinsey Problem Solving Game: the ultimate guide

    The McKinsey Problem Solving Game is an assessment that the firm is using in order to evaluate their applicants during the early stages of the interview process. If you're familiar with the McKinsey PST (Problem Solving Test), then it will be helpful to know that the Problem Solving Game is intended to serve a similar function (i.e. screen ...

  13. How to Beat McKinsey's Problem-Solving Game and Land a 6-Figure Job

    McKinsey is banking on an online problem-solving game to recruit more diverse talent. Keith McNulty, the global director of people analytics and management at McKinsey, told Business Insider that ...

  14. Mastering the McKinsey Problem Solving Game in 2024

    The McKinsey Problem Solving Game, also known as the McKinsey Digital Assessment, is designed to evaluate your cognitive ability and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. But, unlike traditional testing methods, this innovative digital assessment uses the Imbellus software to assess the quality of solutions generated through mini ...

  15. McKinsey Solve Game (2024): How to Prepare and Ace the Imbellus

    The McKinsey Solve Game, previously known as the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, Digital Assessment, or informally as 'the Imbellus', serves as a pivotal tool for the renowned consulting firm in evaluating prospective candidates. This assessment is utilized in tandem with the infamous case interviews and personal experience interviews (PEI).

  16. Introduction to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    Read more about our McKinsey Solve Game Guide and Videos below:At, we were the first to study the new McKinsey assessment, designed by Imbel...

  17. McKinsey Solve Game: 12 Tips to Ace this Test

    The McKinsey Solve Game is a "digital gamified assessment" designed to test your problem-solving skills in a fun & intuitive way. This game goes by different names, including the McKinsey problem solving game and the McKinsey digital assessment. Whatever you call it, you need to know what this game is and how to prepare for it.

  18. McKinsey Solve: Step-By-Step Guide to Passing (2024)

    The McKinsey Solve is a 70-minute online pre-interview screening test consisting of two simulation exercises, ecosystem building and the Redrock case study. It assesses a candidate's cognitive abilities including critical thinking, decision making, and systems thinking. The results of your McKinsey Solve assessment may determine whether or ...

  19. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Solve)

    Dive into the McKinsey Solve (Problem Solving Game) with our detailed guide, featuring exclusive in-game footage from Prepmatter's interactive simulation. Our video offers a comprehensive look into the game's structure, covering the Ecosystem Creation (including both Mountain Ridge and Coral Reef scenarios), the Redrock Study, and the Plant ...

  20. Friendships, problem-solving: How video games are helping U.S ...

    Teenage gamers say video games help them build problem-solving skills, make friends and collaborate — but they also admit to problems like bad sleep habits and cyberbullying, a new Pew Research Center survey finds.. Why it matters: While moral panic over video games and violence are (mostly) behind us, it's still critical to understand how games are affecting young minds — both for good ...

  21. PDF Solve The McKinsey Game

    The McKinsey Game. 2. Common FAQs for candidates. Please note - if you experience technical issues during Solve, and do not contact support, we cannot make any exceptions to allow for a reset. All technical issues should be directed from you (the candidate) to [email protected] You can email the support team directly, or use the live ...

  22. Innovating recruiting through online gaming

    Innovating recruiting through online gaming. The genesis and development of Solve, McKinsey's assessment game. Experienced Professional. Undergraduate. MBA. May 1, 2020 Prior to Solve, McKinsey's assessment game, we administered an in-person pen-and-paper multiple-choice test. We, however, wanted to improve the candidate experience and ...