1. Case Interview Frameworks: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

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  2. Consulting Case-Interview: Der ultimative Guide (2023)

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  3. Case Interview: The Ultimate Consulting Guide (2024)

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  4. What is a Case Interview? A Comprehensive Explanation

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  5. Consulting Interview Questions

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  6. Consulting Case-Interviews

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  1. Case Interview Tools

  2. Consulting Is The Craziest and Most Rewarding Career Option ft. @warikoo

  3. Consulting Case-Interviews

  4. Das WICHTIGSTE in einem Case Interview!

  5. [Case / Technical Interview] Fit Interview란? (Behavioral Interview란?)

  6. Case Interview Example


  1. 47 case interview examples (from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.)

    BCG mock case interview with ex-BCG associate director - Public sector case (by IGotAnOffer) BCG mock case interview: Revenue problem case (by IGotAnOffer) - See below. 3. Bain case interview examples. CoffeeCo practice case (Bain website) FashionCo practice case (Bain website)

  2. 35 Case Interviews Examples from MBB / Big Four Firms

    10 example cases with 100+ real-time feedbacks on tips and techniques, 50+ exercises on business intuition and 1300+ questions for math practice! Learning 35 case interview examples, 16 casebooks, and a feedback-rich case video help you to best preparing for the management consulting recruitment process.

  3. 48 Case Interview Examples: Master List (2024)

    48 Case Interview Examples: Master List (2024) Updated March 12, 2024. The case interview is the biggest challenge consulting candidates must overcome to receive an offer. Most aspiring consultants are coveting an offer from the likes of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Deloitte. Though some are blessed with the innate talent to crack cases, for the ...

  4. The Ultimate Guide to the Consulting Case Interview

    Case interviews involve tackling a business issue or problem faced by a company (the client). These interviews allow consulting firms to gauge candidates' ability to perform the job. Specifically, firms are testing whether candidates can: Think in a structured and creative way. Analyze and interpret new information.

  5. Consulting Case-Interview: Der ultimative Guide (2024)

    Case-Interview-Beispiele von Top-Beratungsunternehmen. Im Folgenden findest du einige Beispiele für Cases, ... Deloitte Consulting Case: Footloose Duraflex ist ein deutscher Schuhhersteller mit einem jährlichen Umsatz von ca. €1 Mrd. Dein größter Absatzmarkt war immer der Stiefelmarkt. In diesem Markt konkurrierst du mit drei anderen ...

  6. 280 Free Case Interview Examples

    Deloitte case interview examples: here (more than 15 case interview examples) Deloitte case interview example: Federal Agency. Deloitte case interview example: Recreation Unlimited. Deloitte case interview example: Federal benefits Provider. Deloitte case interview example: Federal Civil Cargo protection Bureau.

  7. 28 Consulting Case Interview Examples from 10 Top Firms [2024]

    Agency V - Help a large federal agency recover from a front-page scandal that sparked investigations and congressional hearings. Federal Benefits Provider - Help a federal agency that provides benefits to millions of U.S. citizens prepare for a major expansion of its mandate. 5. AT Kearney Case Interview Examples.

  8. 100+ Case Interview Examples for the Best Practice (2024)

    To prepare for consulting case interviews, we recommend the following resources to find more case interview examples and practice: Comprehensive Case Interview Course (our #1 recommendation): The only resource you need. Whether you have no business background, rusty math skills, or are short on time, this step-by-step course will transform you ...

  9. Case Interview: all you need to know (and how to prepare)

    1. The key to landing your consulting job. Case interviews - where you are asked to solve a business case study under scrutiny - are the core of the selection process right across McKinsey, Bain and BCG (the "MBB" firms). This interview format is also used pretty much universally across other high-end consultancies; including LEK, Kearney ...

  10. Case Interview Prep Guide

    Mental Math for Case Interviews - You were probably better at mental math in 7th grade than you are now. Brush up on your skills to ensure you can ace the interview. Case Interview Examples - See what real consulting applicants experienced during the case interview process. Case Interview Prep - Ordered steps to prepare for your ...

  11. Case interview prep: The definitive guide

    A case interview - or case study - is a job interview technique to assess a candidate's potential to become a successful consultant. To do so, management consulting firms ask candidates to solve real-life problems their clients face. Hence, this perfectly simulates the job you must do as a Consultant.

  12. Master Consulting Case Interviews: The Insider Guide

    Format and Length of a Typical Consulting Case Interview. A typical consulting interview consists of a personal fit part, usually around 20 to 30 minutes long, and the case interview, which lasts between 20 to 30 minutes (depending on the firm, office, and interview stage). For BCG and Bain, the interviews are conducted in a candidate-led format, meaning that you have to move through the case ...

  13. A Structured Approach To Crack Consulting Case Interview Questions

    Types of Case Interview Questions. A typical Consulting interview usually starts off with a discussion of your CV, cover letter, and personal track record followed by the case interview. A few case types you can expect are: Market-sizing and guesstimates. Math problems.

  14. Case Interview: The Ultimate Consulting Guide (2024)

    Case Interview 2024 - Guide for Your Consulting Case Interview. A case interview is a type of job interview in which the candidate must analyze and solve a problematic business scenario (" case study "). It is used to simulate the situation on-the-job and to find out if the respective candidate meets the necessary analytical and ...

  15. Case Interview Prep: A Comprehensive Guide [updated 2024]

    There are four formats a consulting case interview can take: Candidate-led - This is the most typical case study interview format. A candidate is given an open-ended business problem to solve by an interviewer. The candidate will break down the question into key parts and decide which part to probe first. The interviewer is looking to see ...

  16. Case Interview Prep (7-steps to ace consulting interviews)

    Here's an overview of your seven preparation steps: Learn what to expect in a consulting case interview. Learn an answer method for each case component. Solve practice cases (33 free example cases) Improve your case interview technique. Prepare answers to fit and PEI questions. Practise answering questions out loud.

  17. Common Case Interview Types: Market-sizing, Revenue Growth & More

    Non-Profitability Cases. 2.1 Lives Affected. 2.2 Retention. 2.3 Industry Landscape and Competitive Dynamics. Market Sizing Questions (also called dinner conversation cases) Case Interview Math (also known as consulting math) 4.1 Consulting Math Example. 4.2 Summary of Key Things to Remember on Consulting Math Questions.

  18. Case Interview Prep

    An important step in the interview process for client-facing roles, case interviews are designed to simulate real-world problems faced by client teams, so you'll be able to experience the type of work we do, show off your ability to problem-solve, and demonstrate any technical or specialized skills related to the role for which you're applying.

  19. Consulting-Cases für Dein Case-Interview üben

    Löse echte Consulting-Cases von McKinsey, BCG, ... Die Auswahl unserer Case-Studies spiegeln die tatsächliche inhaltliche Vielfalt im Case-Interview wider. So kannst Du zum Beispiel Fragestellungen zur Marktgröße, einem Markteintritt, Pricing oder Operations bearbeiten. Darüber hinaus haben die bereitgestellten Cases unterschiedliche ...

  20. What a Perfect Case Interview Looks Like

    Case Interview Course: Interview Course:

  21. The Bain Case Interview: Everything You Need to Know to Pass

    Share your approach with the interviewer. Suggest an area of your approach to focus on first and seek your interviewer's feedback on that starting point. Listen for feedback from them on any other part of your approach as well. Step 3: Analysis - Drill down on issues in your structured approach & do case math.

  22. Consulting Case-Interviews

    In diesem Video besprechen wir, wie ihr erfolgreich bei den Top-Beratungsunternehmen durch die Fallstudien kommt.

  23. Consultant Case Practice Video

    Walk through a practice case interview to see what it's like to interview with us for the Consultant position.

  24. Morning Edition for May 6, 2024 : NPR

    Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee speaks about the Senate version of the Equal Representation Act during a January press conference in Washington, D.C.