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Posted on Nov 19, 2018

15 of the Best Online Writing Communities for Aspiring Authors

As enjoyable and fulfilling as writing can be, the truth is that it’s often a solitary endeavor. While we might romanticize the focused artist typing away while imaginary worlds and narratives swirl inside their minds — authors know the truth: writing can get lonely. And moreover, when you’re working on a one-person project, it can be hard to remain motivated and accountable. That’s where writing communities come in.

Writing communities are the perfect place to find answers to your writing questions and to discuss the ins and outs of the writing life with people who actually understand what you’re talking about.

So, if you are tired of listening only to the voices in your head, take a look at our list of top online writing communities. (And if you're hungry for more, check out our more exhaustive list of the very best writing websites !)

Top online writing communities

1. absolute write water cooler.

With over 68,000 members, this is a large and highly active community. Here you can find threads on every genre imaginable, as well as discussions about freelance writing , the publishing industry, pop culture, writing prompts and exercises, and much more.

Perfect for: writers who are looking for a large and active community.

2. AgentQuery Connect

While this forum will come in handy for any writer, it’s especially helpful for authors who have already completed their manuscript and are wondering what to do next. The site boasts a wealth of information on publishing topics such as querying agents, self-publishing tips, and book promotion advice.

Perfect for: writers who are looking to connect with agents and learn more about the publishing industry.

3. Camp NaNoWriMo

If you’ve ever wanted to go to a writer’s retreat but can’t afford it just yet, then this site might help scratch your itch. Holding online “camp sessions” in April and July, Camp NaNoWriMo offers a digital space to encourage and empower writers at any point of their career. Here you can work on drafts, revisions, short stories, or any other writing project that involves word-count goals.

Perfect for: writers who can’t wait until November to crack their writing goals .

writing groups online

4. Critique Circle

Feedback should be a vital part of any writer’s process, and this is exactly what Critique Circle offers. This members-only site allows authors to post stories in exchange for feedback on other people’s writing. You can also find storyboarding tools , writing prompts , workshops, name generators , games like hangman, and much more.

Perfect for: writers who want honest feedback on their writing.

5. Chronicles

As the world’s largest Science Fiction and Fantasy online community, Chronicles offers writers the opportunity to get together and discuss the latest books, news, and pop culture in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy world. This is an active community with thousands of threads that include genre-specific challenges, workshops, critiques, and even publishing and industry information.

Perfect for: writers interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy writing.

6. Facebook Groups

If social media is more your style, don't miss the chance to interact with your fellow writers by joining Facebook groups in your own niche. Look for groups with a strict "no self-promotion" rules so that it remains supportive and useful to your writing goals.

There are a lot of groups out there in a variety of topics that range from genre-specific writing tips to traditional and self-publishing industry news. Here are just a few of them:

The Street Team — Reedsy's own book marketing group for self-publishing authors. 10 Minute Novelists — a group for the time-crunched writer. Calls for Submissions  — for writers looking for publication opportunities. Fiction Writers Global — a great resource for information about traditional and self-publishing. Writers Unite! — an active group with plenty of support and motivation for novice and experienced writers alike.

Perfect for: writers who prefer using social media.

writing groups online


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7. Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Whether you are a debut or seasoned author, there’s no doubt that writing a book can be intimidating and rife with bouts of self-doubt. The Insecure Writer’s Support Group aims to help you overcome those insecurities by hosting a community of like-minded authors.

Perfect for: writers who have doubts about their writing and are in need of encouragement.

writing groups online

8. The Next Big Writer

This is an international forum where writers can receive feedback on their writing and support on every other part of the creative process from drafting to publishing and marketing. The critiques are often thorough and many come from published authors. Keep in mind that there is a monthly cost associated with the membership, but it might be worth it to be able to bend the ear of published authors.

Perfect for: writers seeking in-depth critiques from an international audience.

If you struggle to write consistently, sign up for our How to Write a Novel course to finish a novel in just 3 months.  

writing groups online


How to Write a Novel

Enroll in our course and become an author in three months.

More than just a single writing community, Reddit has countless ‘subreddits’ where writers of all genres, interests, and levels of experience flock. While it may not offer workshops or tools, members can find niche threads that relate to their interests, critique other people’s work, and discover helpful sources of information.

There are so many different subreddits that you can get lost browsing them, but here are a few of the most popular ones:

r/writing — for general writing purposes. r/writingprompts — for user-submitted writing prompts. r/destructivereaders — beware, if you don’t like harsh criticism this may not be the best fit. But if you are willing to endure it, you will come out a better writer at the end. r/worldbuilding — user submitted fiction worlds. r/fantasywriters — for anybody interested in the fantasy genre. r/characterforge — the place to be for character building. r/writerchat — for those interested in talking with fellow writers. r/selfpublish — for anybody interested in self-publishing. r/logophilia — “the love of words and word games,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. r/freelanceWriters — for anybody interested in a career in freelance writing . r/books — because reading is just as important as writing if you want to be a successful author.

Perfect for: writers who want niche threads based on a particular interest or need.

10. Scribophile

One of the largest communities in the world, Scribophile offers workshops, tutorials, and critiques for authors in just about any genre imaginable. While it is free to join, only users who pay for a membership get access to all their features.

Perfect for: authors whowant to take part in writing workshops alongside writers of all experience levels.

writing groups online

11. She Writes

With over 30,000 members, this is the largest writing community exclusively for women. Here you can find articles on writing, editing, and marketing for every genre. There are forums tailored to specific needs, like travel writers, writing about trauma, NaNoWriMo, and many other topics.

Perfect for: women writers who want a place to connect and learn from fellow writers.

12. Talentville

If your passion lies in screenwriting, then you’ll want to book a one-way ticket to Talentville. Here you can get feedback on your writing and learn the skills necessary to perfect your screencraft. Plus, you can work on and build your network of contacts: the site is also a frequent stop for industry professionals (like agents, managers, and producers) on the lookout for new talent.

Perfect for: writers whoare interested in screenwriting and networking.

13. Underlined

A writing community by Penguin Random House. While any author can find helpful information on this website, it’s geared more towards younger writers. It has a well-designed platform, quizzes, genre-specific information, the latest news on book releases, Q&As with authors, and even some giveaways and excerpts as perks.

Perfect for: younger writers who are looking for genre-specific information and bookish perks.

writing groups online

14. Writers Helping Writers

This is a free-to-register community where you can find resources for writers, teachers, and editors alike. They offer a vast array of tools to perfect your craft, no matter your level. Their extensive creative library includes webinars, free writing and marketing tools, a thesaurus collection, story maps, idea generators, and more.

Perfect for: writers, editors, and teachers who are looking to build up their writing toolbox.

15. #WritingCommunity

Sometimes, all you need is a hashtag. And indeed, Twitter's own #WritingCommunity is one of the most robust writing collectives on the web. Ask a question, and it'll almost certainly get answered (without a lot of Twitter's trademark snark). The key here is to keep your questions concise, reply often to others, and don't go crazy with other hashtags. The community can tell if you're just thirsty for RTs. Perfect for: writers who are finally ready to use Twitter for good — and not just for procrastinating.

Do you belong to a writing community? Which one is your favorite one? Add yours in the comments below!

13 responses

27/11/2018 – 22:42

Very useful post. Thanks for this. I will be linking to it on my blog.

Dr Jack Edward Effron says:

18/02/2019 – 16:40

You left out taylz.com. It’s truly free. They are not going to give you a rubbish service to make you join their pay site because they have no pay site. Your story can be 8,000 words. They are not going to force you into flash fiction of 3,000 words. One critique out, one critique in: no mucking about with “karma” or critiquing 5+ stories to get one critique. The great new idea whose time has come! And it’s British, not American.

marieseltenrych says:

08/05/2019 – 12:28

Reedsy, thank God you are here! I want to ask a question to other authors or self publishers here: I have been approached by OmniScriptum to publish my books (research) with them. I cannot find much about this company online, so wondered if anyone has published with them recently? Thanks Reedsy in anticipation. Marie

↪️ Reedsy replied:

08/05/2019 – 12:29

Hi Marie! Sounds potentially very shady to me. If you haven't already, check out our post on predatory companies in publishing. One of the rules of thumb is that if a publisher contacts you first, be very wary. I just did 20 seconds worth of Googling and found some people who had a bad experience.

Eunice Brownlee says:

I am a member of illuminate, which is a group designed around supporting women who want to share their stories but don't know how. The majority of us write non-fiction essays and memoirs, but we have a few poets and fiction writers in the mix as well. The overall goal is to support each other, especially through those harder moments of not wanting to write, or not knowing where to start. There are monthly themes and prompts, a weekly exercise inside the Facebook group, and cross-sharing of what we're working on. My favorite feature is the expert review, where you can submit any piece you're working on each month and you'll get quality feedback from one of the editors that manage the group. This group is perfect for anyone who is just getting started writing.

↪️ Brittani B replied:

11/02/2020 – 19:27

I tried the link multiple times both from this page and separately searched and was unable to access the site.

Harry says:

05/06/2019 – 07:51

Personally I think you missed out the best writing community: https://community.jerichowriters.com/ Jericho Writers is a free writing community that writers can safely share thought, make friends, swap work and get advice

Christian says:

08/08/2019 – 12:21

I only recommend Scribophile if you enjoy being coerced into groupthink. If you hope to get meaningful critique that will help you, look elsewhere. The critiques here are mostly SPAG, and it's forbidden to discuss your work on the main forums, except in the broadest, vaguest way.

Randy says:

18/08/2019 – 06:11

I have all my dads writing research and copyrights to 18 different books....all this was before the digital world .... many negatives photos ....every major story from all over the world with his .copyright . These are huge stores and his books are really well written ....what should I do with them .....incredible spy work as well

Ratih says:

27/08/2019 – 03:50

As a new writer this article is really useful for me. Thank you reedsy

Jennifer says:

02/09/2019 – 14:15

Hi guys! Great blog! Just wanted to let you know that we linked to you in a blog on the Peaceful Living Wellness Online Magazine :) It will be published on Friday, September 6th, 2019

↪️ Martin Cavannagh replied:

17/09/2019 – 09:04

Thanks! We appreciate that!

Kaylee Downey says:

14/02/2020 – 19:09

Um...what about Wattpad?

Comments are currently closed.

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Top Online Writing Communities – The Ultimate List for 2024

Are you a writer grappling with character development or an idea that you want to convey it is time that you connect with like-minded groups of people and discuss your craft. throughout history, to encourage writing, writers, critics, and serious readers of all walks of life gathered and formed circles, with some attaining timeless fame – the socrates school, the bloomsbury group, stratford-on-odeon, the dill pickle club, and the inklings, to name a few.  the digital era has revamped these support systems to online writing communities meeting the diverse needs of promising and established writers alike. read on to get yourself familiarised with some of these online groups for writers and the support and services which these provide..

Top Online Writing Communities

So, what are online communities for writing? Which are the different platforms for such communities? How do they work and what forms of assistance would you receive from these online writing groups? Let’s take a look.

Written words, despite being passive, hold more power for transformation than most other devices. If you are a writer, you have the grave responsibility to use your faculty judiciously. But with great responsibilities comes the demand for great sacrifices.

When it comes to writing, one has to often isolate oneself and concentrate completely on the flow of thoughts and write down the words as a story unravels in one’s mind. But at the end of the day, you would exhaust your thoughts and ideas if you are in want of some social interaction. You would also encounter a lack of constructive feedback for your work.

It would take only a minute on your mobile or laptop for you to search for online writing communities which are suitable for you. These are virtual communities or groups, monitored either by a single person or a group of persons and where writers, editors, critics, and readers connect. They function on different social media platforms or as websites and serve a slew of services to their members.

writing groups online

The following are some of the reasons why writers would want to choose such writing communities for help in the progress of their writing career:

➔  critiques and reviews.

So, you have spent hours arduously typing words and have finally finished your dream book or an article. Asking your near and dear ones their opinions wouldn’t suffice. You, as a writer, need a detailed review of your work from a critic who can dedicate a good amount of time to the same.

Joining a reliable online community for writers would help you find a critic who has expertise in your field of writing. You can also review other writers’ works thereby honing your critical skills.

➔  Beta Readers

Now that you have polished up your manuscript, it’s time for you to seek feedback for your writing from a representative of an average reader. Though you could ask your friends and family to read your work, it is best to opt for beta readers with whom you are not acquainted.

You can invite beta readers who would read and suggest improvements that would help in effectively engaging your readers. You can opt to choose more than one beta reader for an all-rounded opinion. Writers often swap beta reading for each other’s works in these communities.

Do you want to upskill yourself as a professional writer? Then, learn the intricacies of content writing with the Best Online Content Writing Course

➔  Call for Submission

Another advantage that comes with joining one of these writing communities is the ease of access to information regarding calls of submissions. This opens a vast opportunity for finding the right publishers for your writing.

➔  Marketing

After getting your book reviewed and edited, you are all set to publish it. But another aspect that has to go hand in hand with publication is marketing. You have to increase the recognition for your work.

Most of the writing communities provide designated space where writers write a word of publicity for their work. This also helps you to get acquainted with the works of your peers.

Enhance your digital marketing skills under the tutelage of expert pundits with the Best Online Digital Marketing Course

➔  Support and Encouragement

Many writing communities provide an emotional boost to writers in their writing careers. Being in a community of writers helps you to share the problems you face as a writer with people who have been through the same and can suggest practical solutions. Online groups also motivate and aid writers with writing contests and free or paid resources.

The following are some of the best online writing communities you should consider joining in 2024:

1.   academic writing club.

Academic Writing Club is an initiative for supporting professors and students to overcome writer’s block . There are three joining plans from which you can choose to fulfill your writing goal. This online group for academics works on the principles of self-accountability.

There is a progress page where you can log your daily work to develop a habit of writing regularly . Writers write in marked time blocks to make steady progress.   There are also daily coaching sessions where you answer questions on a hurdle you face, to get more insight on the same.

You can also make use of helpful comments from your coaches and colleagues. Academic Writing Club is the online writing group for academics to derive motivation for completing dissertations and other academic writings .

2.   AgentQuery.com

AgentQuery.com is a creative writing community with a free membership. It holds one of the most elaborate databases on literary agents. It is the go-to website for writers of fiction, nonfiction, and short stories, whose works are completely ready to be published.

Writers of these genres can go through the website to learn how to write an appealing query letter to receive invitations for chapters of their manuscript. You can also go through the portfolio of these literary agents before deciding to contact them. At AgentQuery.com, you also get useful information regarding the intricacies involved in the publishing process of both traditional hard copies and e-books.

3.   BookRix

BookRix is a creative writing community where writers can go for free self-publishing and for assistance in marketing their e-books on popular e-book shopping sites. Its online editor makes your work ready for sale.

This is one of the most suitable online writing groups for beginners who want greater freedom with their published books while earning from the monthly royalty. You will also get feedback for your work from its large community of other writers and readers.

4.   Commaful

Commaful is also another creative writing community where you can give more life to your work of creativity with the help of custom images. Flash fiction and poetry conveyed in page-by-page format with meaningful images is what makes this site different from other support platforms for creativity.

Commaful is the online writing group for beginners who want to try their craft in short pieces of writing or for anyone interested in engaging stories told in brevity.

5.   Critique Circle

Formed in 2003, Critique Circle is one of the oldest writing communities which is relied on by both top writers and beginners alike for genuine critiques for their works. Among online critique writing groups, Critique Circle boasts the services of acclaimed writers.

There is also an opportunity to rate feedback. Writers can sign up on this platform for critique writing and later if they wish, they can upgrade as premium members to enjoy more features.

6.   CritiqueMatch

Critiquematch is one of the online critique writing groups that bring out the best critic in you. In this creative writing community, you can either swap reviews with a free partner or can choose to get a detailed analysis of your writing from a paid freelance editor. High ratings for your critique on this online writing community bring the opportunity for you to be recognized as a pro critique to earn for your services.

7.   Critters.org

Crittters.org is the online writing workshop for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Critters is also the community to go for a review of your whole novel. A membership would improve you not only as a writer but also as a critic.

Unlike the other online critique writing groups, on Critters, writers do not directly mail their critiques to the requesters but submit them for approval. Thus, they are held more accountable for what they write. Critters also come with a wide range of writing resources designed for improving the art of literary criticism.

This online group has a queue system for getting your manuscript critiqued after you submitted. With non-pro members required to write one critique per week, and pro members having to submit one critique per month, Critters is one of the best online critique writing groups where you can learn to do a detailed scrutiny of your fiction.

8.   Facebook Groups

If you are someone who prefers social media to connect with your peers then you can choose from among a group of Facebook pages like The Street Team, Ten Minute Novelists, Calls for Submission, and Writers Unite!

These Facebook groups mostly work as morale boosters and as communities for creative writers. Their stern attitude against self-promotion except for on selected days and uncompromised monitoring of posts and comments ensures that you are joining an affable community.

9.   Holly’s Writing Classes

Holly’s Writing Classes is an online writing community started by American writer Holly Lisle where members can join by creating an account for free. The group boasts a membership of 7000 members.

This is the perfect online writing community for beginners who would like to get well-structured guidance as they take baby steps in creative writing. Pro writers too, benefit from Holly’s specially designed classes while learning ways to improve their literary works.

10.    Insecure Writer’s Support Group

This is one of the most appreciated online writing communities where writers write about their struggles.  A writer gets a therapeutic experience from this blogging platform. The members are presented with a question on writing struggles every month.

A blogger can either use the question as a prompt for his post or can write on another subject that holds personal significance to him. If you are writing a blog post on this platform, make sure that it is regarding the worries of writers. You can make a blog post on the first Wednesdays of every month which is observed as the insecure writer’s Support Group Day.

11. Mythic Scribes

Mythic Scribes is an online community that privileges fantasy fiction writers. It is one of the best online writing communities for beginners and it also facilitates the discussions between writers and fans in its Fantasy writing forums.

Writers can get their articles on fantasy writing featured on the homepage weekly. There is also a Showcase forum where you can post your stories or excerpts of your book for other members to read and give feedback when requested.

12. NaNoWriMo

Started in 1999 and later becoming a nonprofit organization, NaNoWriMo is one of the most popular online writing communities that encourages creativity and empowers writers. It has to its credit a worldwide network of members.

NaNoWriMo is famous, particularly for its intimidating dare to complete 50,000 worded novels in the 30 days of November which is known as the National Novel Writing Month. Young Writers Programme is another initiative of NaNoWriMo that encourages writers under the age of 18 to write in a goal-oriented manner.

At Camp NaNoWriMo held every year in April and July you can make progress in any of your creative writings while being guided by published authors. As a writer, you shouldn’t overlook the free membership of this reputed creative writing community.

13.   Reddit Groups

Reddit, with its numerous subreddits, is best suited for writers who want to join online writing communities that focus on niche threads. On Reddit, you can also find subreddits that provide writing prompts and useful information related to writing.

Writing, Writing Prompts, DestructiveReaders, Worldbuilding, Fantasy Writers, Character Forge, Writerchat, Self Publish, Logophilia, FreelanceWriters, Books, etc are some of the major subreddits on writing.

14. Scribophile

Critiques, beta readers, free writing resources, and lifelong friendships with other members are all promised in this creative writing community. Scribophile is one of the most acclaimed online writing communities in which you can join to work along with writers of all levels of experience.

Their vast collection of free lessons to perfect writing and to familiarise you with different literary jargon would be invaluable. Scribophile also aids you in publishing your works.

15.  She Writes

She Writes claims to be the biggest online community of women writers irrespective of their expertise, genre, and generation. At She Writes, you can also read articles on the life and experiences of writers which are contributed by bestselling female authors, reputed bloggers, and publishers. She Writes Press is also an initiative to publish deserving manuscripts of female writers.

16.  SFFChronicles

SFFChronicles is a  creative writing community that focuses on science fiction and fantasy.  If you are a die-hard fan of Science fiction or fantasy you can find a lot of engaging discussions on popular works as well as new books of these genres. This online writing community provides dedicated areas for writers who have attained high recognition.

You can also submit your fiction for detailed reviews and editing on this site. But SFFChronicles is not confined just to literature as it has distinct forums and subforums to discuss films, series, and history which either pertains to or contributes to science fiction and fantasy writings.

17.  StoryADay.org

StoryADay is the online group for short story writers who want to motivate themselves by taking Julie Duffy’s challenge of writing a short story a day in May and September.

Like, in many other online writing communities, here writing prompts act as a fillip to your writing. At StoryADay you can choose from different challenges mapped out to encourage you in your creative endeavor. StoryADay also publishes blog posts and podcasts.

18.   Talentville

Among a slew of online writing communities, Talentville stands out as the most indispensable creative writing community for storytellers and screenwriters. At Talentville you get valuable feedback for your storytelling and you can return the favor and support to other writers.

This is also the right place for you to make connections with publishers and media persons who might contact you directly if they are impressed by your work showcased in Talentville’s script library.

19.  The Next Big Writer

The Next Big Writer has its niche among the best online writing communities for its critique-driven support to its members. Writers can choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans to join. As a premium member, you can participate in the writing contests for free.

An acronym for WRiter ACcountability, WRAC is one of the best goal-oriented online writing communities where writers are encouraged to be accountable for their progress.

As a member of this creative writing community, you can publicize three realistic goals a year to write and finish a work in the most presentable form. Best works would be featured in the annual WRACList.

21.   Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the most favored online storytelling platforms for writers all over the world. With ninety million members, Wattpad is the writing community that allows you to publish chapters of your unfinished work to gradually grow a fanbase. This is also one of the best online writing communities where publishers and media persons go searching for new talents in storytelling.

Wattpad also encourages its members through Wattpad picks where their works get the spotlight if they get cherry-picked by Wattpad staff. The annual Watty Award is also an opportunity for writers to get more recognition on this online writing platform for creative writing.

22.   Writer’s Cafe

Writer’s Cafe is the writing community where online writers can post their creative writings and get critiques and reviews for the same. This is one of the best online writing communities to make friends with other writers, subscribe to their writings, and showcase your work to them.

On this site, you can either join existing groups or can create a new one. Free online writing courses and writing contests are other attractions of this community.

23. Writing.com

Writing.com is the online community of writers who enjoy writing in the comfort of anonymity by choosing a nickname. Among the online writing communities, Writing.com allows a free member to showcase up to ten creative works in their portfolio.

In Writing.com you use your proprietary points called gift points to purchase memberships, other resources and products, and also services of other members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I become a member of a writing community?

You can begin by searching for writing groups in your locality. Often you get such information from local libraries or coffee shops which host writer’s retreats.

You can also make use of websites like Meetup.com which facilitates people who share similar interests to get to know one another and form support groups. If you are not particular about being a part of a physical group you can opt for online writing groups, many of which have a free membership.

2.    Can writing skills be improved?

Yes, writing skills can be improved and for that, you have to keep writing. Journaling which involves a free flow of thoughts helps you to practice writing without much intimidation. You can attend writing workshops to familiarise yourself with specific methods to polish your writing.

Reading a good piece of literature, trying to understand sentence construction, tone, and style of the writer, and later explaining it in your vocabulary too would help you to improve your writing skills.

3.    What is meant by a workshop for writing?

A workshop for writing is meant to improve your writing. It mostly consists of four parts – minilesson, writing, conferring, and sharing time. Minilesson is when an instructor introduces a specific skill in writing.

In the next step, students try to master the skill by using it in their writings. After that, the instructor takes a look at the individual works and determines the following action to be taken in the workshop. Share time is when students share their works with others.

4.    Can a fresher be a freelance writer?

You can become a freelancer with no experience if you can still produce enough sample writings to showcase to any potential employers willing to hire freshers. These writing samples could build an impressive and credible portfolio for you.

You can start by creating a blog of your own and posting regularly. Medium, Quora, Goodreads, etc are other platforms where you can write to increase your digital presence.

Now, it’s time for you to stop worrying about writer’s block. Join one of these dedicated virtual groups for writers and notice your steady progress in writing. You might also earn reliable friends for a lifetime.

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writing groups online

Get feedback on your writing and become a better writer in our online writing group

Scribophile is one of the largest and most award-winning online writing communities.

Scribophile in Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers 2014

Make your writing shine with feedback from other writers

You’ve spent a lot of time writing your story. But how can you make it perfect before you start thinking about publishing?

Scribophile is a writing group focused on getting you feedback on your manuscript. Our points-based peer critique system guarantees you’ll get feedback from writers from all walks of life. You can then use that feedback to polish your writing before you take the next step in your publishing journey.

How Scribophile works

1 earn points by giving feedback.

Earn karma points by critiquing writing. Giving feedback to other writers is fast, easy, fun, and helps improve your own writing, too!

2 Get feedback on your own writing

Spend karma points to post your own writing for critique — anything from flash fiction to novels. Our busy community of writers from all over the world will give you detailed feedback on how to improve it.

3 Make friends and meet beta readers

As you participate in our writing group, you’ll meet and form relationships with other writers. These friends will be your beta readers, ready to help with your current manuscript, and your next ones too!

Scribophile was the first place I stopped when I went from being an I-wanna-be-a-writer to I-am-an-author. Now I have four international bestselling novels with major publishers, and when authors come to me I always send them to Scribophile. Genevieve Graham Tides of Honour and others published with Simon & Schuster

Join writing workshops and level up your writing

Our writing workshops are taught by bestselling authors, expert teachers, and industry insiders. We have workshops for writers of any skill level, where we cover everything from beginning topics to advanced techniques.

Our writing workshops are designed to be both comprehensive and transformational — they’re your fast track to becoming an unforgettable writer.

Some of our upcoming writing workshops

writing groups online

Is Your Manuscript a Model T or a Tesla? Fine Tune Your Writing for a Smooth Read with Jami Carpenter

Nov 21, 2023 • 2 hour webinar

Editor Jami Carpenter shows you common errors writers make in their manuscripts, and how to avoid them in your own writing.

writing groups online

No-Plot Plotting Methods for Desperate Pantsers with Fija Callaghan

Nov 28, 2023 • 1½ hour webinar

Fija Callaghan shows you flexible, low-stress plotting methods for writers who prefer to plot as they write in this interactive workshop.

Improve your writing, at any skill level

Our writing group welcomes writers of all skill levels — from beginners to published authors, and every writer in between.

Each critique you receive on your manuscript is a fresh perspective for you to incorporate. Our bustling writing forums feature writers discussing the craft twenty-four hours a day. And our extensive Writing Academy is full of insightful articles on the art — and business — of writing.

Scribophile played a major part in helping me polish my novel for submission. I learnt a huge amount from critiquing other people’s work, as well as from reading critiques of mine. I now have a wonderful agent and have signed a three-book deal in the UK, a two-book deal in Germany, and a TV option. The book was also shortlisted for The Debut Dagger! Roz Watkins The Devil’s Dice and others published with HarperCollins
Giving and receiving critiques on Scribophile made a big difference to the quality of my writing. I learned how to write a query letter here and that led to an agent and a book deal. Ruth Lauren Prisoner of Ice and Snow and others published with Bloomsbury

No more writing alone — meet your new writer friends

Sometimes, the hardest part of being a writer is how lonely it can get.

That’s why the most important part of Scribophile is our community of hundreds of thousands of writers from all over the world. No matter what genre you write in, or how far along you are in your manuscript, the friends you make at Scribophile will finally take the loneliness out of our solitary craft.

My years on Scribophile have given me a master’s level education in writing. The critiques are great, but I’ve learned as much from reading and analyzing other writers on Scribophile. I don’t think I could have polished my novel to a publishable level without this site. I’m an addict. Laura Creedle The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily published with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Ready to take the next step in your writing journey?

It’s easy and free.

Get the latest publishers and contests eager to read your writing

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  • Mar 18, 2020

Top 10 Online Writing Communities to Perfect Your Craft

Top 10 Online Writing Communities to Perfect Your Craft

Whatever type of writer you are, you could use some company. Personally, I only sit with a group of wordsmiths and get letters onto paper a couple of times during the year. In a bid to hone my craft, I’ve been participating in text conversations all over the web in online writing communities. These dedicated forums for writers enrich my content and daily life in many ways, whether it’s finding motivation to keep prose flowing, getting help to build characters, or simply improving my style.

I also found that these online writing groups are among the best places for getting ideas out there. To begin, introduce yourself in the forums, respond to comments and suggest new ideas. You’ll quickly link with people who will push your vocab, views and verbal reasoning. Most importantly of all, use discussion to escape from the mundane while making your writing exquisite.

Keep in mind that these writing forums have different target audiences. From this article, you’ll get an inkling of the main characteristics of each community. The next thing you should do is go and participate in the discussions, to see which one is right for you.

So, stick with me as I narrate you through the top online writing communities for authors of all levels, genres and styles:

Writing Forums

Mythic Scribes

Writing about Writing

Writing Prompts

Writers Anonymous

Critique Circle

Bonus: Start your own writing community

01. Writing Forums

Best for: Writers who want to improve their skills.

This is one of the best places to connect with other writers. 22,551 (and counting) literati of all abilities exchange tips and engage in discussions about writing techniques. If you’re in the mood for a natter, simply jump into the various topics up for debate, suggest your original ideas and respond to copy concepts. If you’re more of the emulous type, you’ll find it exciting to join contests that motivate and build your skill levels.

But the most glorious aspect of Writing Forums really is the palpable sense of solidarity. Swapping reviews is popular practice between members. You’ll get lots of actionable feedback from word-loving comrades. What’s more, this community is supported by mentors who have an important responsibility in the social hierarchy. To see who your own private group of helpers could be, check out the people in the Mentor Directory - a golden resource for finding the right person to appraise your words.

02. Mythic Scribes

Best for: Fantasy authors and rambling Game of Thrones fans.

Ready to bring folkloric elements to your writing life? If you’re a fantasy author, or remotely interested in anything magical, I strongly recommend joining the Mythic Scribes forum. You’ll get to discuss all aspects of building your legendary world, from the intricacies of ergot mixed with mead, to the detailed origins of dragons. There’s an open-minded forum atmosphere, where people freely roam imaginary realms and discuss historical research.

On signup, you’re prompted to create five posts - an engagement trick that worked well for me, because moderators quickly replied to my initial messages and got me talking. The mods are working hard to make writing easier and more enjoyable. Seriously, you’ll be improving your writing every time you post. As an added bonus, the website has a fairly quiet chat room, meaning you can have a coherent chin-wag, without getting swamped with a bombardment of banter or annoying notifications.

03. She Writes

She Writes online writing community

Best for: Self-published female authors looking for business tips.

Joining She Writes is an indispensable career move for female authors who want to develop a professional network or get advice. Even though the organisation’s aim is to support women writers, you don’t have to be a lady to sign up. In fact, anyone can make the most of the science shared within the chats.

To get deeper into discussions about different writing styles , start joining the groups. You’ll find that disseminating practical writing knowledge is this community’s strength. Perhaps you need some pointers on how to get an agent? Tips regarding marketing your work? Or guidance whilst writing a memoir? This is the place to ask your questions and link up with successful fictionistas, inspired poetesses and freelancing ghostwriters. Take a look at the site members for a who’s who and you will see a clan of women who can help you along your writing journey.

04. NaNoWriMo

Best for : Procrastinating novelists needing a bit of motivation.

This community is based around the annual challenge of writing a 50,000 word novel during the month of November - hence NaNoWriMo , which is not the name of a waggish Star Wars droid, but the abbreviation of “National Novel Writing Month”. However, chats in this forum are not limited to one month. All year round, you can plan your next novel and make notes, with help from other members. It became so popular that many of the other writing communities have multiple threads devoted to NaNoWriMo .

When November arrives and you start to pour out a novel, just keep writing and don’t give up! If you feel like you’re slacking at any time, you can get a surge of literary productivity from your digital mates. On completing the challenge, you’ll finally have the first version of a book you can go on to edit and improve.

05. Wattpad

Best for: Chick-lit fans who love using emojis.

As an online self-publishing platform, with a booming forum to go with it, this site embodies the digital reformation of the writing industry. Netflix’s hit movie The Kissing Booth is based on a story published via Wattpad that got super famous, demonstrating that, in the 2020s, it’s all about getting your drafts out into the universe.

Half of the Wattpad site is devoted to digital books, the other half to the bustling forum community. The forum functions for readers to hang out, discuss characters and their daily lives too. It’s also the place for authors to create some hype and interact with their audience. If you publish a story on Wattpad , follow up by generating social buzz in the community. To quote Ken Blanchard, “feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Be brave enough to ask for opinions. It’s scary at first, but it’s a great way to boost your confidence as a writer.

06. Writing about Writing

Best for: Humorous writers whose phones are extensions of their arms.

This group is the place to go when you should be writing but you’re on social media instead. (Writing comments on Facebook counts, right?) Apparently loving a good meme, the page admin posts conversation starters and is thoroughly fluent in the language of sarcasm.

This community is less about posting written work and more about what’s going on in the replies. Sometimes crude yet often refreshing points of view are strewn in amongst the pun madness, alongside sprinklings of useful links. Keep in mind that you might need to learn a few new words to understand the punchlines of the community’s wordplay jokes. And, if you’re not attuned to the participants’ humor, it’s possible to think some people in this digital-ecosystem are a bit grumpy.

This Facebook page deserves a humongous shout-out for being proactive regarding accessibility . It’s glorious that all text in pictures is transcribed, so software can read it out loud.

07. Commaful

Commaful online writing community

Best for: Snapchatters in tune with their feelings.

The format of the Commaful community’s super short stories is what makes this site unique. Thriving on succinct multimedia writing, members are doing more than just using written words to communicate. They illustrate their stories, chunked line by line, with pictures, resulting in interactive digital picture books. Because there’s less text on a screen at one time, it makes reading more manageable. Instead of leafing through pages of a book, the interactive tapping is equally as tactile.

Commaful is home to a community of nicely spoken, emerging writers who enjoy inspiring and sensitive poetry. They use writing as catharsis, so you can sense emotions running high. Holistically a great space for creative expression and therapeutic writing.

08. /r/Writing Prompts

Best for: Newsfeed scrollers looking for inspiration.

Encompassing a gigantic amount of activity, it may be hard to initially find your feet in the Reddit social sphere because of the intense multi-layered landscape. But if you invest enough time to surf through Reddit , you’ll find the right spot to write. Writing Prompts is a good place to start. With over 14.2 million promptians signed up, it’s one of the most visited online meeting places for scribes on the net right now.

Kickstart your writing by creating short stories inspired by any of the prompts. Be warned though, the Reddit community does not hold back in their reviews. Just try not to blub. You’ll get a thicker skin and you’ll become a tougher writer. You could even discover someone to collab’ with.

09. Writers Anonymous

Best for: Technologically savvy creative writers.

Writers Anonymous is good for meshing with people from many backgrounds, with different mindsets, who can read your work with fresh eyes. Consequently, this makes writing even more inspiring for you. As usual, share cool links, but avoid major self-promotion. There’s definitely more opportunity to use chatspeak compared to forementioned communities.

Getting used to the Discord platform initially takes lots of clicking around, because of its hashtag-based user interface . The platform was initially created for gamers to chat via their microphone headsets, so it’s the perfect setting for role-play writing. No wonder the stylish dark-mode interface is silky sleek, as gamers are some of the most tech-trendy peeps I know. Check out Disboard , an index for all the Discord subcommunities and search for writing keywords that take your fancy.

10. Critique Circle

Critique Circle online writing community

Best for: Writers searching for beta readers.

Fab’ for scouting beta readers, it’s no wonder Critique Circle is one of the Internet’s most popular writing forums. Running on a credit system, you “pay” credits to submit your story and score credits for writing a critique on someone else's stuff. The amount you earn depends on the word count of the story and the review. Note that the quality of critiques can vary and some critters may not pay attention to your overarching plotline. You don’t have to write for critiques though. Just write because you enjoy it, in a similar fashion to the heaps of passionate writers that congregate there.

The sign up and browsing experience is easy-going. You can bookmark interesting reads for later and even personalize your front page. As an added bonus, you can access all sorts of statistical information about the members. According to the figures, most users are 26-30 years old who prefer to post critiques on Wednesdays! There’s awesome word association amusements and it’s a great place to chat about the books that you’ve been reading.

11. Bonus: Start your own writing community

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to join one of these digi-communities. Alternatively, it’s completely possible to build your very own writers’ community today. Ready to start? Then create your forum with Wix. It’s literally as straightforward as writing a couple of posts and inviting members to join the conversation. If you’re an author, you’ll find that bringing together the right contacts to chat about writing on your very own individual website will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Or, simply create some excellent written content and be confident enough to share it with the world.

Looking to create a blog ? Wix has got your covered with thousands of design features, built-in SEO and marketing tools, that will allow you to scale your content, your brand and your business.

writing groups online

Ffion Quick, UX Writer at Wix

Eat, sleep, write, repeat.

writing groups online

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Lulu Blog Logo - Small

7 Online Writing Communities For Authors

Building your online writing community

Writing is, and has always been, a solitary endeavor. Still, any accomplished or novice writer will tell you that a writing community is just as important as their keyboard or notebook. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find online writing groups to connect with other authors and grow your craft.

We write alone, but what we write is for a broader audience. And unless you’re ‌1) a literary genius or 2) extremely lucky, you won’t be able to transition from solitary creation to popular adoption without an intermediary step. That step is your writing community.

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  • Scribophile: Beta Readers And Online Community For Writers [Review]
  • Craft Vs. Notion: The Best Note Taking Tools For Authors

Why Online Writing Communities Matter

Because we are social animals. Plain and simple. Even the most introverted of our fellow writers need some interaction. Having a community of writers is more than just a way to discuss writing with your peers. And it’s more than just a means to improve your writing. Taking part in writing communities is beneficial for your writing and your mental health.

We don’t just need to socialize because it’s good for our psyche ; we also need the advice, encouragement, and criticism of other writers. Published authors, who may seem like some of the least social creatures, need a community as much or more than anyone. 

Thankfully, we have more options and opportunities to connect than ever before. Online writing groups for beginners, novices, and seasoned professionals exist and thrive all across the web. It’s important that you look for an online writing community frequented by writers like you who can lend support, empathize with your struggle, and ultimately help you become a better writer.

Today, I’ve got seven of the top online writing communities you can consider. Even if none of these examples are a good fit for you, I’m sure there is a community of writers out there. 

1. NaNoWriMo Forums

NaNoWriMo (the official name for National Novel Writing Month) has long been an annual challenge for me . Basically, authors commit to writing 50,000 words (about the length of a short novel) in ‌November. For anyone that writes regularly, this is both ambitious and exciting. 

But what about the other eleven months? Over the years, the staff at NaNoWriMo have spun out the idea, with many virtual writing groups called ‘Camps’ during the year to help keep the inspiration flowing. Their writing forums are some of the best on the web for authors. From simply chatting in the Coffee House to finding genre-specific advice, NaNo’s forums are rich with authors like you.

Note that accessing their forums requires you to sign up for a free account.

Who It’s For : Authors at all levels, but specifically great for authors in the first/second draft stage.

Check Out The NaNo Forums – https://nanowrimo.org/about-nano  

2. Chronicles

The Chronicles is another writing forum, this time focusing specifically on science fiction and fantasy genres. If that’s you, then you’ll probably find something to love on the Chronicles!

In contrast to the NaNo forums, the Chronicles are not as active a community. You’ll notice threads have new posts and comments, but not a lot of them. So, if you’re looking for a bustling place, the Chronicle may not be for you. But if you want something highly specialized, focusing on sci-fi and fantasy, you’ll find good advice, delightful conversation, and lots of classic author spotlights.

Who It’s For : Science fiction and fantasy authors who want to connect and find inspiration.

Go To Chronicles – https://www.sffchronicles.com/  

Sell Your Book, Your Way

Sell books on your own website with Lulu Direct.

Your Book, Your Way

Sell books on your website with Lulu Direct.

3. Critique Circle

Don’t let the drab layout and colors of the Critique Circle fool you. The CC is a very active community, featuring both a user forum and a peer-to-peer critique section. They also offer some really nice free resources—from listing useful websites to guides on using metaphor, magic systems, and character development.

I’ve never used the critique functions from Critique Circle (I’ll talk about one I have used later), but the idea is one of the most useful I’ve found to date for writers. If you’ve ever taken part in a writer’s workshop (and if not, you should!) you’ll be familiar with the form. Basically, you post some work you’ve done, usually within a word count limit. Other authors read it and chime in with thoughts, criticisms, and encouragement. 

Who It’s For : Serious authors looking for valuable critiques and resources.

Get In The Circle – https://www.critiquecircle.com/forums.asp  

4. Underlined

Underlined, it must be noted, is part of Penguin Random House. I hesitated to even add them for that reason alone. But after spending some time checking out the site, I would be remiss not to mention Underlined.

Underlined is more of an aggregated set of user-generated blogs than a forum, so it differs from the other communities I’ve mentioned. The upside of this is that there are a lot of active members and with the backing of PRH, the site is well-designed and easy to navigate. 

I suggest thinking about Underlined like a mini-Medium; rich in content to read and discuss, with a focus on reading, creating, and creative lifestyles. But it’s not a true creative writing group online, nor is it a place for critiques or beta readers. Underlined really is for authors who write and share long-form content.

Who It’s For : Readers and writers who want to learn and connect over long-form content.

Get Underlined – https://www.getunderlined.com/  

5. Writing.Com

Another amazing writing hub, Writing.com is part forum, part resource center, and part industry news site. They really do it all for fostering an online community for authors. 

The forums are very active and they host several really great writing prompts (which is one of my favorite ways to overcome writer’s block). With so much content, Writing.com offers fiction and nonfiction writers lots of resources and opportunities to connect. The Shameless Plug Page is also really cool, giving authors a space to share a short story or segment from a longer work with like-minded and interested readers. 

Who It’s For : Anyone looking for feedback, writing tips, and connections with other authors.

Check Out Writing.com – https://www.writing.com/main/newsfeed  

Reddit is a massive forum community, hosting groups that focus on literally everything and anything. Their thread for writing, writers, and publishers, r/writing , is a writing forum for beginners and veterans. If you’re looking for a space with a lot (1 million-plus) members, Reddit’s writing thread is for you.

It’s also a bit more open to ‘off-topic’ content like industry news, book promotions, and general writing-related content. 

Still, if you’re into the writing life and want to stay in the loop or just chat with others who are likewise interested, Reddit is a wonderful place to pass some time. You’ll also find lots of posts boosting writing courses, new books from indie authors, and similar self-promoted content. Not all of it will be worth your time, but Reddit’s writing thread has some gems from time to time.

Who It’s For : Authors who want to connect with other authors on a variety of levels.

Become A Redditor – https://www.reddit.com/r/writing  

7. Scribophile

I saved the best for last! I enjoy using Scribophile regularly. The site has two primary offerings; writing critiques and general author forums. While Scribophile does many of the same things Critique Circle does, I’ve found the users to be more responsive and the site just easier to navigate.

You can offer and ask for critiques, giving authors feedback and requesting your own work be critiqued. Again, we have that writing workshop feeling, but with a bit more emphasis on being an uplifting, positive community. The critiques are honest and pointed, but rarely unkind or disparaging–something I’m sure we’ve all experienced in the past. I’ve ‌used Scribophile to give and receive critiques and I’ve never been disappointed.

Who It’s For : Serious and novice authors looking to improve and connect.

Check Out Scribophile – https://www.scribophile.com/  

Building Your Writing Skills

There’s a lot that goes into writing. And there are a lot of writing groups to support every aspect of the process. I didn’t even touch on social media (unless you count Reddit), but Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have active writer groups you could join. I personally like to shy away from crossing over my writing and social media for fear of distraction. Keep social media for the marketing step , I say.

Get Started

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Create a free Lulu account today to print and publish your book.

Paul H, Content Marketing Manager

Paul is the Content Marketing Manager at Lulu. When he's not entrenched in the publishing and print-on-demand world, he likes to hike the scenic North Carolina landscape, read, sample the fanciest micro-brewed beer, and collect fountain pens. Paul is a dog person but considers himself cat tolerant.

Very nice i wanna join


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25 Online Content Writing Communities You Don’t Wanna Miss

Do you want to connect with like-minded content writers, marketers and strategists?

Content writing groups can help. As a part of those, you can:

  • Learn or seek advice on any problems you’re dealing with.
  • Look for a network to grow your business.
  • Communicate directly with industry experts and influencers.
  • Stay on top of industry trends and breaking news.

To help you find the best groups, we decided to put together the ultimate list of the top groups for people interested in growing their business or career with content writing. Keep reading to find out.

Top Online Writing Communities

Here are the top content writing groups you can join. These are groups on platforms like Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora where you can find valuable perspectives.

Freelance Writer’s Den

Carol Tice’s Freelance Writer’s Den covers all aspects of establishing a freelance writing business, including how to find clients. This paid group offers useful forums for writers to connect.

Freelance Writers Den - online writing community

Unlike even the most active writing groups, the Den’s forums are open for your ideas at every turn. They are classified into relevant and helpful categories, including an effective peer review forum.

Copywriting Hacks

Adam & Louise Parrott run Copywriting Hacks . The group encourages copywriters at any stage of their career to join without any charges.

Like the name suggests, Copywriting Hacks is full of hacks and secrets. These tips and tricks make up the art of good copywriting which persuades people to take action.

You’ll find discussions on copywriting resources, how to solve your client’s problems, and how to beat writer’s block.

Copy Kook’s Club

Most members join this online writing community while taking one of Tamsin Henderson’s fun and practical copywriting courses.

She lays out thought-provoking writing prompts . The members are very responsive when someone reaches out for help.

The Copy Kooks Club

Members review the copy you are working on with no conditions. You can join this group for free.

Tamsin is constantly working on new products like juicy proposals in order to help members close the deal with new clients.

No-Fluff Freelance Writing Group

Alina Bradford’s No-Fluff group is full of information about writing tools, pointers for bloggers, and curated job posts.

No Fluff Writer to do list- online writing community

The writing group stands out with its volunteer mentorship program to help newer writers develop their skills. No fluff group has no membership fee and is all about tips, jobs and supporting writers.

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer

This free of charge group by Jennifer Goforth Gregory is for writers who work in content marketing . Most members have a background in journalism, freelance writing or digital marketing.

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer- writing group

They discuss topics like charges for specific services, platforms for virtual assistants, and alternatives to payment with PayPal.

A jobs thread is also created every week to keep you posted about new opportunities.

The Write Life Community

Writers of this online writing community are supportive and encourage one another. It is a great space to learn the struggles and wins of people at all experience levels without paying a fee. Members also ask each other relevant questions .

The Write Life Community

Recent topics of discussion include the best ways to find remote writing opportunities and how to beat procrastination.

What’s Your Plan B?

What’s Your Plan B is a free group for journalists. Members consist of those who have left, are preparing to leave, or fear they might be forced into leaving the industry. There is discussion about what they go on to do with their careers.

What's Your Plan B?-online writing community

This writing group is full of ideas from writers and editors who make use of their skills to earn money in new ways. There are also requests from journalists who are struggling with the change.

If you’re a remote worker or are considering making the switch, you should join this community .

Join Workfrom - writing group

Work from home can be isolating and sometimes lonely. You can use this online writing community to connect with others working from home for free.

Blogging Boost

This writing group is full of recommendations, resources and support for bloggers. The group is open for people who want to connect with other bloggers and share their posts.

You can learn the ins and outs of blogging as a part of this group for free.

Blogging Boost

This online writing community limits self-promotion to Mondays only, which helps save the feed from overloading.

Writers Write Group

If you’re not looking for participation but more of a compilation of everything related to writing, this writing group is perfect for you. It is a fun and free source to know the recent doings in the writing world.

Notable posts include reaction to Bob Dylan’s nomination for the Nobel Prize and Kanye West’s poem for the new art mag by Frank Ocean. What’s “writer’s block” when you have this group, right?

The Cult Of Copy

If you like to discuss copywriting, persuasion or influence methods without paying for it, then this online writing community is right for you.

The Cult Of Copy is a group for professionals to talk over the finer points of the writing craft.

If you are a beginner and have questions like “how do I start” or want self promotion, this group isn’t the best choice for you.

Beta Readers And Critique Partners

Whether you want to become a beta reader or critique partner , or you want someone to review your work, this online writing community is right for you.

Beta readers and critique partners

This writing group is open for every type of writer without any membership charges. They have strict rules to make sure there is no unwanted content on your timeline.

Word Nerds Unite

Gabriela Pereira runs Word Nerds Unite which focuses on all things writing. Topics of discussion include how to beat writer’s block, seeking beta readers and grammar questions.

Word Nerds Unite online writing community

Pereira interacts with the members regularly. She shares the group’s wins and hosts weekend writing sprints, which she believes are like virtual writing retreats. The members don’t have to pay to join this fun and motivated community.

ProBlogger Community

If you are looking for an encouraging and inclusive writing group , this one’s for you. They value productive and positive participation.

They want members to feel a step closer to building their successful blog without asking for a fee in return.

What Problogger writing group can teach

The community is aligned with the teaching of Darren and his team from the ProBlogger blog and podcast.

The Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute group is the platform to share and discuss everything related to content marketing.

You can ask questions, share your thoughts and learn from others. It is a LinkedIn based group that you can join for free.

Write The Docs

Write the Docs is an international community for those who care about documentation. They are Slack based and do not charge a membership fee.

Write The Docs-online writing community

They conduct conferences on 3 continents as well as local meetups. They have separate channels for different purposes like job search, meetups, introductions and off topic gossip.

A Community Of Professional And Freelance Writers

This is an online writing community by and for freelance writers . They discuss and share every phase of freelance writing without charging for the same.

A community of professional and freelance writers- writing group

The group has five moderators who implement the rules of the group.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing group is for people who take the complicated things that scientists and engineers formulate and make it understandable for non-technical people.

Technical Writing

This is an active group with no membership charges where members discuss improvement in technical writing. This is also a good place for job search.

The Copywriter Club

If you are trying to get better at copywriting, you have found the right club .

The Copywriter Club-online writing community

This paid club consists of proficient copywriters and experts who can inspire your work and answer all your queries. You can also generate leads and land better paychecks here.

Bloggers United

Bloggers United is a great place to connect and talk about your blogs. You can advertise your work and cross promote it. You can also share tips and make blogger connections.

Bloggers United-writing group

The group is free to join and has specific activities decided for different days of the week which makes it manageable and organised.

Remotive Community

Nowadays, remote working has become an integral part of doing business. Remotive Community gives you access to a group of smart and driven people by charging a fee in return.

Remotive Community

Their channels are open for discussing current job openings, productivity, DIY, and other topics of interest.

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros

If you want to learn how to market your content without paying a fee, this is the perfect group for you. Here, you can connect with like-minded marketers from around the world to discuss ideas, ask questions, and be inspired.

Hubspot Academy Content Marketing Pros online writing community

HubSpot Academy is the global leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and client service professionals.

This private group is very active with strict rules against spamming.

Digital Copywriters

American Writers & Artists Institute moderates this group . It is for enthusiastic and practicing copywriters to discuss industry-related topics.

Digital Copywriters- writing group

The group’s goal is to support your freelance writing career without charging a membership fee. They do so with professional guidance, relevant information, free training sessions, and weekly dosage of motivation.

Writing & Blogging

Writing & Blogging is one of Quora’s very active and free topics. It is for writers, bloggers, content creators, and anyone interested in generating and publishing written content.

Writing and blogging

From suitable content to the appropriate audience, you will find everything you want to know about writing content here.

This is one of the biggest spaces on Quora with members actively participating in all sorts of discussions related to blog writing.

Blogging Topic Quora-online writing community

You will find answers to questions like how to start a blog or how to increase the traffic on this free to join group.

As a content writer, it’s good to have a space to connect with other writers and potential clients. The internet is the perfect place to find these people.

In addition, you may want to study from those with similar experiences, or enjoy the company of other content writers. There are online writing communities to meet all your expectations.We hope you find your comfort zone in one of these communities.

Did I miss anything? Are you familiar with any of these groups? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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Hey have you seen Word Tonic. They’re really interesting. Like a copywriter community but for Gen-Z specifically. I’d definitely add them to the list.

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