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L earning how to properly write a screenplay can be a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to go at it alone. Film school and other screenplay classes are always an option but they can be expensive, time-consuming, and of questionable quality. There are plenty of educational resources to learn screenwriting online but they are not all created equal. We’ve parsed through dozens of online script writing classes to deliver you the cream of the crop. Some of these are beginner screenwriting classes while others are for more intermediate and advanced writers. A couple of these programs are free screenwriting classes while others cost money. These are the best online screenwriting courses to learn the trade and develop your craft.

Online screenwriting class

Free screenwriting resources.

Screenplay formatting 101 •   Subscribe on YouTube

And, of course, when you’re ready to jump into your next screenplay, you can write it with StudioBinder’s screenwriting software . Here's a preview that highlights the benefits and features of using an app dedicated to screenwriting.

StudioBinder's Free Screenwriting Software •   Write Your Script Now

There is much to be learned by reading great screenplays, and our  script library  is packed with excellent reads. You might also find it helpful to follow along with our screenplay analysis for films like  The Silence of the Lambs , 12 Angry Men  or  The Dark Knight   (download the full script below).

Best Screenwriting Classes The Dark Knight Full Script PDF Download StudioBinder Screenwriting Software

The Dark Knight Full Script PDF Download

In addition to the below courses, we also recommend these books on screenwriting  and these  screenwriting software tools . Now without further ado, let’s get to the best online screenwriting classes.

Online screenwriting course

5. an introduction to screenwriting.

Screenwriting classes for beginners

This introductory set of screenplay classes is an online program offered through the University of East Anglia, which is known for establishing the first creative writing programs in the UK. Don’t worry, you don’t need any sort of enrollment in the university, and the program is 100% free.

This online screenwriting class consists of video lessons that focus primarily on writing and storytelling theory but are a bit light on the practical side of screenwriting. The videos themselves can be a bit dry at times, but the information is always solid and provides a good primer for further screenwriting education.

This is a pretty hefty offering for a free course as well, clocking in at about 6 hours. The class is recommended to be taken over the course of two weeks with a few substantial lessons each week.

Screenwriting classes online

It might not be the flashiest online screenplay writing course, but this introduction to screenwriting is completely free and full of useful concepts and ideas to chew on.

4. Beginner Screenwriting Made Easy

Screenwriting classes online

This is essentially a screenwriting 101 course that walks you through the basics. The class is offered through the Udemy learning platform and consists of a mix of video lessons and written articles.

You can make it through the full course in about three hours, and at the end, you’ll have a solid grasp of the basics of screenwriting.

The instructor is knowledgeable and encouraging, and the information is doled out at a good pace for beginners. Anyone who already has a thorough understanding of screenwriting basics should opt for one of the more advanced courses in this list instead, but newer screenwriters will find plenty of worthwhile information in these lessons.

The one major downside to this course is its price, which can fluctuate wildly between sale pricing and standard pricing. We only recommend the course if you can snag it during one of its periodic sale windows. Luckily, the sales are a part of the website’s business model and happen regularly.

Sale price $19.99 — Standard price $124.99

Screenplay writing classes online

3. writing the short with john warren.

A little taste of John Warren teaching

Writing the Short is a program offered by John Warren through his Young Screenwriters brand. This is one of the best free screenwriting courses for absolute beginners. If you already have a degree of screenwriting knowhow, then this course might not provide too much information, otherwise, this is a great place to start.

John Warren is a professor in the NYU film program but he offers this Young Screenwriters course online for free. The program is designed to be taken over the course of five weeks, at the end of which you will have a short film script that is ready to shoot.

If you are at the very beginning of your screenwriting journey, then this Young Screenwriters program provides an excellent foundation to build from.

2. Screenwriting Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Screenwriting

Preview the upcoming lessons

Preview the upcoming lessons

Unlike other entries on this list, this course is not actually presented by the Masterclass brand. Instead, it’s hosted on Skillshare and led by screenwriter and copywriter Brian Birmingham. The skill level for this class is a slight step up from the previous entries on this list.

This guide to screenwriting is simple enough for beginners to follow along with but also offers enough depth for more experienced, intermediate writers to still find something worthwhile.

This class covers the basics, then delves a bit deeper. Something you get more of with this class than the previous entries is an emphasis on storytelling and theory aside from the rigid formatting and structure lessons offered in the other entries. Beginner and intermediate writers can expect to sharpen their storytelling skills with this course.

Skillshare will let you get started for free, but you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership to continue the course once the trial period ends. A premium membership gets you access to every course hosted on Skillshare, useful if there are any other courses that catch your eye.

$99 per year or $19 per month

1. Shonda Rhimes Writing Masterclass

Shonda Rhimes Masterclass trailer

This is a great online writing course produced by the trustworthy and reliable Masterclass brand. There is however one factor holding this class back from tying for the number one spot: it’s aimed specifically at writing for television . If your goal is to write films, there are more directly tailored feature-film writing courses out there, but you will still find plenty of applicable advice in this course if you know how to parse information between the two mediums.

Shonda Rhimes is the creator of series like Grey’s Anatomy , Scandal , and Private Practice . If you are interested in writing for television, then Shonda Rhimes makes for just about the best teacher you’re likely to find. Masterclass courses are always slickly produced and broken into digestible video lessons. The full course runs just short of 6.5 hours in total.

Online screenplay classes

If TV writing is your goal, this just might be the best course available to you. Rhimes is a fascinating and truly inspirational writer that we could all learn from.

$15 per month

Start writing your script today

After everything you'll learn in your next screenwriting class, you'll primed and ready to tackle that script idea you've had burning in your mind. Your next step is start writing and StudioBinder's free screenwriting software is ready to help. Follow the link to get started.

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A visual medium requires visual methods. Master the art of visual storytelling with our FREE video series on directing and filmmaking techniques.

We’re in a golden age of TV writing and development. More and more people are flocking to the small screen to find daily entertainment. So how can you break put from the pack and get your idea onto the small screen? We’re here to help.

  • Making It: From Pre-Production to Screen
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Script Writing for Movies and Television

A course by julio rojas , scriptwriter and author.

Julio Rojas

Discover a creative method to start telling your audiovisual stories

  • Best seller English, Spanish
  • 99% positive reviews ( 1.2K )
  • 35984 students
  • Information

Script Writing for Movies and Television

There are a million and one ways to tell a story and every scriptwriter has his or her own unique technique for doing so. Julio Rojas⁠—the 2012 Goya Award-winning scriptwriter and author—has developed a method he calls the "Script Folder," designed to help you tell a story and tackle the seemingly complex and daunting world of scriptwriting.

Learn techniques, tools, and tricks to turn that story idea in your head into an organic and coherent narrative system, ready to progress to the writing phase.

What will you learn in this online course?

28 lessons & 34 downloads

Lesson image

  • 28 lessons (4h 59m)
  • 34 additional resources (10 files)
  • Online and at your own pace
  • Available on the app
  • Audio: English, Spanish
  • Spanish , English , Portuguese , German , French , Italian , Polish , Dutch
  • Level: Beginner
  • Unlimited access forever

What is this course's project?

Create a script folder with all the necessary elements for writing a fiction audiovisual project.

Projects by course students

Mi Proyecto del curso: Vacaciones. Script project by Carlos - 04.27.2020

By contomate


By poemeando

Vanesa Miraglia

By marcapersonalestudio


Who is this online course for?

Any storyteller who's not specialized in script writing, as well as creatives, video game designers, and anyone who wants to tell a story like a professional.

Requirements and materials

No previous experience is necessary, just a notebook, a computer with a word processor, and a free Workflowy account.

script writing for courses

Es buen curso

View translation

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Vicente Bravo


Cris Ram On

Me gusto mucho tiene buenos consejos para el desarrollo de las historias y es muy completo.


Lo mejor!! Estos cursos me han ayudado un montón :D.


Karla Grissel Rodríguez

El curso es muy útil, descriptivo, entra al detalle y es muy claro gracias al ejemplo que desarrolla a lo largo de cada clase. Además enriquecedor por todos los materiales adicionales. Recomendado.

  • More reviews

Julio Rojas

Julio Rojas A course by Julio Rojas

Julio Rojas is a dentist by trade, which may be hard to believe given that he has devoted over two decades of his life to screenplays and writing. He has worked as a professor in major universities and film schools like the EICTV in Cuba, where he's been teaching advanced script writing for many years. Julio has also worked as a fiction content director for free-to-air TV channels and audiovisual producers.

His most prominent work includes feature films like Sábado (Rainer Werner Fassbinder Award), La vida de los peces (2012 Goya winner), and La memoria del agua (selected for Venice Days at the 2016 Venice Film Festival). In addition to screenplays, Julio published his first novel through Penguin Random House, a historical crime thriller titled El visitante extranjero (The Foreign Visitor).

His Spotify podcast Caso 63 , was considered one of the best fictional audio scripted series of 2020 by The New York Times, has been translated into several languages, and has been classified, to date, as the most listened Spanish-language fictional audio series.


  • Presentation
  • What we will do in this course: Script folder

Introduction to the stories

  • Choosing what to tell
  • The types of stories
  • The base argument

Story design

  • Narrator and point of view
  • The great drawing

The elements of the script

  • The script as a system
  • Physical universe
  • Narrative objects
  • The Character I
  • The Character II
  • The broken arrow: Vectors

Most used narrative devices

  • Narrative devices
  • Time alteration
  • Time trial and anecdote
  • Harmonic dissociation

Telling your story

  • Narrative units
  • The scene and its structure
  • The sequence and its structure
  • Combining narrative units

Presenting your story

  • Plot formats
  • Logline, storyline and synopsis
  • The scale and the treatment

Script writing

  • The script format
  • Writing tools
  • Managing the script folder

Final project

What to expect from a domestika course, learn at your own pace.

Enjoy learning from home without a set schedule and with an easy-to-follow method. You set your own pace.

Learn from the best professionals

Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top experts in the creative sector.

Meet expert teachers

Each expert teaches what they do best, with clear guidelines, true passion, and professional insight in every lesson.

Certificates Plus

If you're a Plus member, get a custom certificate signed by your teacher for every course. Share it on your portfolio, social media, or wherever you like.

Get front-row seats

Videos of the highest quality, so you don't miss a single detail. With unlimited access, you can watch them as many times as you need to perfect your technique.

Share knowledge and ideas

Ask questions, request feedback, or offer solutions. Share your learning experience with other students in the community who are as passionate about creativity as you are.

Connect with a global creative community

The community is home to millions of people from around the world who are curious and passionate about exploring and expressing their creativity.

Watch professionally produced courses

Domestika curates its teacher roster and produces every course in-house to ensure a high-quality online learning experience.

Domestika's courses are online classes that provide you with the tools and skills you need to complete a specific project. Every step of the project combines video lessons with complementary instructional material, so you can learn by doing. Domestika's courses also allow you to share your own projects with the teacher and with other students, creating a dynamic course community.

All courses are 100% online, so once they're published, courses start and finish whenever you want. You set the pace of the class. You can go back to review what interests you most and skip what you already know, ask questions, answer questions, share your projects, and more.

The courses are divided into different units. Each one includes lessons, informational text, tasks, and practice exercises to help you carry out your project step by step, with additional complementary resources and downloads. You'll also have access to an exclusive forum where you can interact with the teacher and with other students, as well as share your work and your course project, creating a community around the course.

You can redeem the course you received by accessing the redeeming page and entering your gift code.

  • Photography & Video
  • Creative Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Film, Video & TV

Script Writing for Movies and Television. Photography, Video, and Writing course by Julio Rojas

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Online Certificate in Screenwriting

Georgetown’s Certificate in Screenwriting will present the mechanical skills necessary to prepare scripts for television and film, using the standard, industry-accepted format for feature films.

Curriculum & Schedule

How to register, tuition & funding.

Georgetown University’s Certificate in Screenwriting introduces students to the fundamental skills, theory, and business of screenwriting today, preparing them for careers in mainstream and independent film, television, scripted online entertainment, film exhibition, and literary/artistic representation.

Our program is designed for lay enthusiasts, fiction and nonfiction writers of all genres, and filmmakers seeking to enhance their storytelling skills. Two core classes are required for successful completion.

Ideal for Aspiring screenwriters and enthusiasts

Duration 12 weeks

Tuition $1,750

Format Online

Schedule Weekly one-hour Zoom session in the evening

Semester of Entry Fall, spring, summer

Upon successful completion of the certificate, you’ll be able to:

  • Appreciate the basics of visual storytelling and recognize how it differs from stage plays and works of fiction and nonfiction
  • Write pitches, proposals, treatments, and outlines for scripted films, television programs, and online narrative content
  • Professionally format screenplays and teleplays using Final Draft, Celtx, WriterDuet, or a similar software program
  • Understand classic and alternative plot structures, how to write a pilot for an episodic series, and the use of genre in modern screenwriting
  • Know the basic business of screenwriting and what happens when talent agencies, studios, producers, directors, and actors become involved
  • Formulate a marketing play to promote your work and launch your career

Testimonials from current students and alumni.

I took the screenwriting class at Georgetown. I'm now chasing the dream in Hollywood and was thinking of how grateful I am to have taken your class!

You must successfully complete two courses for a total of 3.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 36 contact hours. The program must be completed in sequence. See detailed description of the course modules.

  • Introduction to Screenwriting
  • Advanced Screenwriting

What is Self-Directed Learning Plus? Self-Directed Learning Plus (SDL+) courses are learning experiences designed by Georgetown University instructional designers to maximize flexibility for your weekly learning schedule, while also providing opportunities for real-time engagement and networking with our faculty and other professional learners.

There is a required Zoom class session each week. Professional learners who cannot attend the class session will have the opportunity to satisfy the course requirement by making arrangements with the instructor, watching the recorded video, or responding to discussion questions. In order to maintain flexibility, the dates/time of the weekly Zoom lesson will be confirmed at the start of the course and will depend upon the location of the professional learners in that cohort.

Each course module will have assignment and assessment deadlines to support students in progressing in a timely manner to the successful completion of the certificate

Course Schedule

Kevin Downs

Kevin Downs

Kevin Downs holds an MFA in film from NYU.   He optioned four screenplays for theatrical feature film and worked as a key creative partner with several Academy Award-winning/nominated producers and ... Read more

Please review the refund policies in our Student Handbook before completing your registration.

Degree Requirement

You must hold a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in order to enroll in our certificate programs.


This certificate is an open-enrollment program. No application is required. Click the "Register Now" button, select your courses, and then click "Add to Cart". Course registration is complete when your payment is processed. You will receive a confirmation email when your payment is received. Please retain the payment confirmation message for your records.

You can combine on-campus and online courses (if available) to complete your certificate. Depending on the certificate program, we may suggest taking courses in a specific order, but this is not a requirement.

Most students register for all courses at the same time and complete their certificate within a few months. However, you may choose to register for courses one by one over time. Once you begin a certificate, you have up to two years from the time you start your first course to complete all required courses.

International Students

International students who enter the U.S. on a valid visa are eligible to enroll in certificate courses. However, Georgetown University cannot sponsor student visas for noncredit professional certificate programs.

A TOEFL examination is not required for non-native English speakers but students are expected to read, write, and comprehend English at the graduate level to fully participate in and gain from the program.

Students from most countries may register for our online certificate programs; however, due to international laws, residents of certain countries are prohibited from registering.

Total program tuition for all 3.6 CEUs (6 modules) is $1,750. Most course materials are included.

Still Have Questions?

Certificate Admissions and Enrollment Email: [email protected] Phone: (202) 687-7000

Student Accounts Email: [email protected] Phone: (202) 687-7696

Certifying Military Benefits Email: [email protected] Phone: (202) 784-7321

Want to learn more?

Request information to find out the latest on our programs.

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  • Spring 2024
  • Summer 2024
  • Spring 2025
  • Summer 2025

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This program has multiple applications available. Please select your preferred term.

Cinematic Arts Online For storytellers of all ages

Explore your passion. strengthen your story..

Build your portfolio and advance your interest in film through flexible online courses that allow you to work at your own pace. Write a script or direct a short film and earn a Certificate from USC School of Cinematic Arts.


Learn the fundamentals of the screenwriting process and gain tips on how to pitch your story idea. Students write and complete a script for a short film.



Learn the complete production process, from how to prepare a script for filming to navigating the post-production process. Students shoot and edit a short film and leave with a final cut.



Are you an aspiring screenwriter ready to take the next step with your craft? Enroll in "Screenwriting: From Ideation to Writing Your First Script" to learn from industry veteran and USC alum Gabe Sachs, a writer on many hit TV shows and movies, including Freaks & Geeks, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, and many others. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of storytelling as you get inspired to draft your own script for a short film.



Coming up with an idea is something that writers struggle with all the time. But the truth is, ideas are all around you. Gabe Sachs has mastered the art of tapping into real life to bring authentic and captivating stories to the screen. As a writer on many TV shows and films, including Freaks & Geeks, Just Shoot Me, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, and many others, will share his craft to help aspiring screenwriters bring their ideas to fruition.

Throughout this course, Gabe will offer insights and exercises from his own writing as well as his collaborators in the film industry. Students will practice generating ideas and developing those ideas into a story. Then, students will explore the fundamentals of storytelling, including: how to develop memorable characters, how to structure a story arc, how to write dialogue, how to tell a story visually, and how to bring all these parts together to create a fully realized screenplay.

In the process of earning a certificate, students will engage in creative writing exercises, hear from industry experts, and learn from clips and case studies of film and television. At the culmination of the course, students will have completed a script for a short film and will get tips on how to start pitching their work and get it out into the world.

Featured Topics

  • Story Ideas
  • Building Memorable Characters
  • Structuring Your Story
  • Telling Your Story Visually
  • Writing and Rewriting

Learning Outcomes

This course will guide students through the screenwriting process from the early stages of coming up with a winning idea to developing a script for a short film that is ready to be pitched. Students will learn tips, techniques, and tools of the trade used by veterans of the film industry in order to hone their own craft.

Following the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Generate story ideas and identify those with the most potential
  • Build memorable characters with emotional arcs
  • Create a roadmap for the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Write scenes with dialogue and non-dialogue
  • Tell a story through visual elements
  • Revise a story from synopsis to treatment to first draft
  • Pitch a story

Format and Course Length

The course consists of recorded lectures, clips and case studies from film and television, industry connections, and discussions. Each topic provides context for key elements of developing a script from start to finish. Students will engage with creative exercises to generate and revise work in order to complete the course with a screenplay for a short film.

Combined coursework of recorded lectures, readings, and assignments is approximately 20-25 hours to be completed at the student’s own pace. Students are expected to complete the course in four-weeks but have 90-days of access if more time is needed.


Gabe Sachs is a writer and producer known for television projects that include Freaks & Geeks, Just Shoot Me, Undeclared, Life As We know it, 90210 and The Night Shift. He co-wrote the feature films Diary of A Wimpy Kid and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules , which topped the U.S. box office its opening weekend. He was also an executive producer on the movie Magic Camp. Sachs is an avid and accomplished photographer, known for compelling portraits. He co-hosts the podcast I Dream of Cameras, which reviews the most talked about camera equipment and explores camera choice and collecting. He is also a judge for the James Beard Awards, which celebrates American food culture. Sachs is an alumnus of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. His creative partner is writer/director Jeff Judah with whom he co-owns Sachs/Judah Productions.


Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. Applicants who submit a completed application can expect an admission decision within 3 – 5 business days.

  • Include basic contact information from you and your parent(s) or guardian.
  • Tell us why you want to take the course and a little about yourself through a short-answer essay.
  • Share a piece of writing, video or social media content that reveals something about yourself (optional).
  • Submit the $35 application fee.

Participants must be at least 14 years old or older.


In addition to the requirements listed above, international applicants are expected to be proficient in English. International students who successfully complete an online course will receive a digital Certificate of Completion and by request a USC Online Certificates Program transcript at no additional cost.




Screenwriting tuition : $1990 access to online course and materials for (3) months. screenwriting + directing tuition : $3880 access to both online course and materials for (6) months..


Application fees are nonrefundable. All course cancellations requests must be made in writing to [email protected]. Any tuition paid to the university will be refunded, not including fees, if requested no more than three (3) days past the course start date. Requests to drop the course more than three (3) days after the start date will not be eligible for a refund.

The university will not refund tuition for USC Online courses for students who are removed from the program due to a violation of our Letter of Understanding for Online Participation and our Student Code of Conduct.


USC Online is proud to honor full scholarships for our Online Courses to students enrolled in the summer session of the USC Leslie and William Morrow Neighborhood Academic Initiative (USC NAI). Qualified and interested students who are enrolled in grades 9-12 can send an email for application and enrollment instructions to [email protected].


Interested in learning how to direct a professional-looking film without a big-scale budget? Enroll in “Directing: Creating Your Short Film” to hone your filmmaking skills and build your portfolio as you learn from industry veteran and USC alum Sanford Bookstaver, the director and producer of hit TV shows and movies, including Dexter: New Blood, House MD, Power, Chicago Fire, and many others. In this course, you’ll be guided through the complete production process as you pick up tricks of the trade to bring your cinematic vision to the screen.

Anyone with a smartphone can make a movie. But if you know how to scout some great locations, where to place the camera, and how to work with actors then you can make a great movie.

Sanford Bookstaver has worked as a director and producer in film and television for over twenty years on shows like: Dexter: New Blood, House MD, Power, Chicago Fire, and many others. As a USC alum, he’s excited to share his industry experience with aspiring filmmakers and demonstrate how to use creativity in lieu of professional resources.

  • Pre-production
  • Actors and Casting: Bringing Your Characters to Life
  • Production Part 1: Preparing Your Scenes
  • Production Part 2: Using Your Tools
  • Post-production
  • Build a collaborative film team, scout locations, and prepare sets
  • Conceptualize a script through creating a storyboard, shot list, and schedule
  • Audition, rehearse, and prepare actors to get the performances you need
  • Understand professional filmmaking tools and how to use alternative DIY equipment
  • Execute the most classic types of coverage to capture a master shot
  • Use different camera movements, lighting setups, filters, and lens to achieve a range of cinematic styles
  • Undergo post-production to assemble footage, edit, apply elements of sound design and music to arrive at a final cut

The course consists of recorded lectures and demonstrations, film clips, industry connections, and discussions. Each topic provides context for key elements of creating a short film from pre-production to post. Students will engage with creative exercises to generate and revise work in order to complete the course with a final cut of a short film.

Sanford Bookstaver

Being a Director is the best job in the world.

Sanford Bookstaver has worked as a director and producer in film and television for over twenty years on shows like: Dexter: New Blood, House MD, Power, Chicago Fire, and many others. He fell in love with movies at an early age and throughout his career has collaborated with some of the most creative and talented people in Hollywood.

He enrolled in the School of Cinematic Arts at USC and began his journey towards becoming a director. He paid his dues working as an assistant at DreamWorks for Jeffrey Katzenberg and while working there co-wrote and directed his short film Scriptfellas a parody on Martin Scorcese’s Goodfellas. He shared this film with Katzenberg who later shared it with Spielberg and one week later his lifelong dream would become a reality as a director on the NBC show “The Others”.

Bookstaver has been nominated for several awards for his directing talents and has also lent his time to teaching other aspiring young filmmakers whenever he can.

DIRECTING TUITION : $1990 Access to online course and materials for (3) months. DIRECTING + SCREENWRITING TUITION : $3880 Access to both online course and materials for (6) months.


Frequently Asked Questions | [email protected]

UCLA Extension


Sharpen your skills, whether you're a seasoned writer or are just starting out..


Break into screenwriting. Expand your portfolio. Transition from TV to film, or film to TV. Turn your novel into a script.

UCLA Extension Writers’ Program courses are taught by experienced screenwriters who can show you how it's done. And our students have advanced to write and sell hundreds of popular plays, feature films, and television shows, such as Game of Thrones , The Office and SNL .

Find a path that works for you.


Feature Film and Television Writing Conservatories

Our screenwriting conservatories are accelerated online programs designed for the most ambitious students who know the clock is ticking and can’t wait to be successful in their writing careers. 

January 22 - September 19, 2024

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Writing Drama for Television

Jed Mercurio

Writing drama for television.

Write a gripping screenplay with the creator of Line of Duty and Bodyguard .

This course includes:

78 exercises

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What you'll learn

Join Jed as he goes deep into the anatomy of a television drama script. Spoiler alert: there’s more science in telling a story than you might think.

  • Develop your idea into an outline
  • Create compelling characters and setting
  • Learn the science of story structure
  • Write your pilot screenplay
  • Build a series bible and shape your story arc
  • Grow your career as a writer
  • Your Maestro
  • More like this

Jed Mercurio is one of Britain’s most successful television writers. The award-winning creator of Bodyguard , Trigger Point and Line of Duty will show you how to master mystery, jeopardy, and structure to create edge-of-your-seat drama.

' src=

Bill Lawrence

Writing Comedy for Television

' src=

Sir Tim Rice

Writing and Performing Musical Theatre

' src=

Edgar Wright

' src=

Sir Billy Connolly

Lesson plan (28).

script writing for courses

Writers are made, not born

script writing for courses


script writing for courses

Developing ideas

script writing for courses

What kind of show are you making?

script writing for courses

The setting

script writing for courses

Relationship between character and setting

script writing for courses

Starting the pilot

script writing for courses

The content of the pilot

script writing for courses

Story architecture

script writing for courses

Inciting incidents

script writing for courses

Science of a story

script writing for courses

Set-ups and natural story

script writing for courses

Story events

script writing for courses

Plots and subplots

script writing for courses

Projecting forward - the series bible part 1

script writing for courses

Projecting forward - the series bible part 2

script writing for courses

Coefficients of narrative power 1

script writing for courses

Coefficients of narrative power 2

script writing for courses

Coefficients of narrative power 3

script writing for courses

Attenuators of narrative power 1

script writing for courses

Attenuators of narrative power 2

script writing for courses

Attenuators of narrative power 3

script writing for courses

Mastering your craft

script writing for courses

Rewriting and collaboration

script writing for courses

Career development

Reviews for this course

Explore all courses.

script writing for courses

Food & Drink

script writing for courses

Film, TV, & The Stage

script writing for courses

Art & Design

script writing for courses

Home & Lifestyle

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Creative Strategy Master Course 🧠 By: Nicole Crowell

script writing for courses

It's 2024. We all (hopefully) know that the biggest lever in the ad account isn't structurally hacking the campaigns or crafted 1% lookalike audiences.... It's the creative process. Meta was quite literally quoted in their last conference saying "56% of all auction outcomes can be attributed to creative" -Meta Ad Creatives is the new way to target customers. We need to connect with prospects on a EMOTIONAL level. We cannot build desire. But we CAN lean into the desires our audience already has using our ad creatives. It's simple: better ad creatives = better targeting, better return on adspend, more revenue, & happier customers 🚀🚀🚀 Designed for fellow creative strategists, media buyers, and other marketing roles. In this course I'll being going DEEP into the following: ✅ Creative Strategy 101 ✅ Foundational Learning & Resources ✅ Roles & Responsibilities ✅ Master Creative Strategist Tool Kit ✅ The 9 Pillars of Creative Strategy (the bulk of this course) I cover each of these sections IN DEPTH: 1. Alignment 2. Research 3. Avatar Development 4. Ideation 5. Briefs, Script Writing & Strategy 6. Content Production 7. Launch & Creative Testing (Media Buying) 8. Creative Reporting, Creative Analysis & Ad Iterations 9. Organization & Practical Creative Operations And yes, you will also learn how to bring it all together! 🌟 BONUS 1: 🌟 Chat GPT prompts for each of the 9 Pillars, how to grade UGC creators, how to conduct a creative evaluation & More ;) 🌟 BONUS 2:🌟 You'll get a complimentary Q&A style 30 mins call with me directly to fill in any gaps, answer questions and help you with your Creative Strategy! ($125 value!) This course will NOT: ❌ Show you how to design ads in photoshop/Canva ❌ Go in depth on media buying account structures With this Master course you and your team will be able to generate new innovative ad creatives that will help you scale your ad accounts, build new ad angles and reach your target audience. The goal is to take you from A to Z in all steps of Creative Strategy. Let's goooo! PS: I'm SO confident that this course will offer you immense value, that if this isn't the best $997 spent on an Creative Strategy course I'll refund you it all back. No questions asked. I stand behind my work & poured my heart & soul into this one. Thank you for supporting small business owners 🙏🙏🙏 See you on the inside 👀 Click "I want this" button to get access to the full course! .

So why now? Who is Nicole Crowell & why should I trust you? I've spent the last 5+ years immersed in the performance marketing world.

After working with both bootstrap brands and 9-figure brands as a media buyer, I have quickly found my groove in launching my own Creative Strategy business,  Performance Purple . Where I consult, manage, and teach Creative Strategy. I actively service clients in Creative Strategy. I don't just talk, I walk the walk daily. I'm deep in the trenches doing the work. ( I'm not speaking from past experience nor am I some out-of-touch "Guru" who no longer does the work.) To name drop... 9 figure brands like Fabletics, Kettle & Fire, Posh Peanut and Health Ade and Ad Agency's such as New Level Media, Structured and HG Performance.

Now, I've worked with over 70+ D2C brands & offers focused on paid media and creative strategy with over $70MM+ in ad spend across Meta, Google & Tiktok.

My top priority is to provide value to others. I'm super passionate about helping people improve and level up in all aspects of life. This course is my life's work in digital marketing & I will continue to add to it as I learn.

What people are saying on linkedin & twitter:.

script writing for courses

Full Creative Strategy Master Course


  1. How to Write a Script: A Beginner's Guide

    script writing for courses

  2. How to Write a Script (Step-by-Step Guide)

    script writing for courses

  3. Scriptwriting

    script writing for courses

  4. Learn How To Write a Script With Our Scriptwriting Course

    script writing for courses

  5. How to write a script

    script writing for courses

  6. How To Write A Script

    script writing for courses


  1. Episode -1 Script writing ✍️ tips

  2. Writing webcomic scripts as an ARTIST

  3. I wrote 100+ Video SCRIPTS & Learned 9 MISTAKES

  4. How To Write A Good Script? Tips for Screenwriters

  5. I Discovered a HACK to Write a Script for YouTube in 10 Minutes!

  6. How I Write & Use SCRIPTS for YouTube Videos


  1. Best Script Writing Courses Online with Certificates [2024]

    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular script writing courses. Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television: Script Writing: Write a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series (Project-Centered Course): Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling: Create a Promotional Video using Canva:

  2. 90+ Screenwriting Online Courses for 2024

    Screenwriting Courses and Certifications. Learn Screenwriting, earn certificates with paid and free online courses from Michigan State University, University of East Anglia, Fudan University, University of Cambridge and other top universities around the world. Read reviews to decide if a class is right for you. Follow 5.0k.

  3. Best Screenwriting Classes Online

    Screenwriting classes online. 4. Beginner Screenwriting Made Easy. Screenwriting classes online. This is essentially a screenwriting 101 course that walks you through the basics. The class is offered through the Udemy learning platform and consists of a mix of video lessons and written articles.

  4. Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

    Now, the Academy Award-winning writer of The West Wing and The Social Network is teaching screenwriting. In this class, you'll learn his rules of storytelling, dialogue, character development, and what makes a script actually sell. By the end, you'll write screenplays that capture your audience's attention. Instructor (s): Aaron Sorkin.

  5. Scriptwriting Courses [2024]

    Screenwriting: Write Screenplays Step-by-Step (Scriptwriting, Film Movie Script, Screenplay Writing) Learn the secrets of professional screenplay writing in this 1-hour course, covering formatting, dialogue, character creation, and editing, with expert tips for success. Explore a wide range of free and certified Scriptwriting online courses.

  6. Ultimate Screenwriting Course

    Shore Scripts is excited to offer a unique opportunity to study with America's premier screenwriting educator, UCLA Head of Screenwriting, Prof. Richard Walter. In just 30 Days, our Definitive Screenwriting Course will teach you all the tools you need in order to write your career-changing screenplay. Using real screenplay examples, the ...

  7. Screenwriting and Scriptwriting Courses

    Screenwriting is the art of creating a script to be used in a film, television show, online video, or any other audiovisual medium. Its elements include scene descriptions, action directions, transitions, and dialogue. At its most basic level, the screenplay is the instruction manual for what happens on screen.

  8. Script Writing for Movies and Television

    Julio Rojas⁠—the 2012 Goya Award-winning scriptwriter and author—has developed a method he calls the "Script Folder," designed to help you tell a story and tackle the seemingly complex and daunting world of scriptwriting. Learn techniques, tools, and tricks to turn that story idea in your head into an organic and coherent narrative system ...

  9. Write Your First Screenplay

    This course goes over everything there is to know about screenwriting. From story ideas, to formatting, to the three act structure, let this course be a guide for you to completing your first ever film script. This course will help you avoid mistakes first time screenwriters make. It's meant to be a guide to give you the confidence you need to ...

  10. An Introduction to Screenwriting

    All of the tender romance, terrifying action and memorable lines begin at the screenwriter's desk. This free online course will introduce you to the basic elements and key concepts behind a professional screenplay. The University of East Anglia's School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing have built this course with instructors and ...

  11. Online Certificate in Screenwriting

    Georgetown's Certificate in Screenwriting will present the mechanical skills necessary to prepare scripts for television and film, using the standard, industry-accepted format for feature films. Georgetown University's Certificate in Screenwriting introduces students to the fundamental skills, theory, and business of screenwriting today ...

  12. Screenwriting Courses

    Introduction to Screenwriting. Get a crash course on various aspects of writing for silver screens, TV screens, web video, audio podcasts, and/or comics in this high-level overview of what each genre offers writers. Format: Live Online. Next Start Date: July 31, 2024. SCRIPT X 428.1.

  13. USC School of Cinematic Arts

    Enroll in "Screenwriting: From Ideation to Writing Your First Script" to learn from industry veteran and USC alum Gabe Sachs, a writer on many hit TV shows and movies, including Freaks & Geeks, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, and many others. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of storytelling as you get inspired to draft your own script for ...

  14. Screenwriting Courses & Certificates

    Transition from TV to film, or film to TV. Turn your novel into a script. UCLA Extension Writers' Program courses are taught by experienced screenwriters who can show you how it's done. And our students have advanced to write and sell hundreds of popular plays, feature films, and television shows, such as Game of Thrones, The Office and SNL.

  15. Beginning Screenwriting made EASY

    Learn screenwriting the FAST, EASY, SIMPLE way in this online beginning script writing course :) This is a step-by-step approach to screenwriting. We'll go over all the basics that you need for planning your movie script including the idea, structure and characters, script writing, screenplay format and what to do after writing the first draft. ...

  16. Screenwriting

    Master the essentials of scriptwriting to see your ideas on the screen with this free online screenwriting course. This free online screenwriting teaches you the fundamentals of scriptwriting and explores various genres and formats. We show you how to carry out research, develop a script and turn your vision into a screenplay.

  17. Script Writing Online Training Courses

    Video Script Writing Course 36,775 viewers. 3h 17m Creating a Short Film: 02 Writing Course 26,172 viewers. 3h 14m Introduction to Video Dialogue Editing ...

  18. Screenwriting Super Class: Movie Writing + Selling Scripts

    This scriptwriting course will first break down the 3 act structure used in every great movie and script. Followed by screenwriting advice from Blockbuster screenwriters. Then it'll show you the steps needed to sell your screenplay! Jordan Imiola is a prolific screenwriter with over 25 produced credits, and he's written dozens of movies.

  19. Jed Mercurio

    What you'll learn. Join Jed as he goes deep into the anatomy of a television drama script. Spoiler alert: there's more science in telling a story than you might think. Develop your idea into an outline. Create compelling characters and setting. Learn the science of story structure. Write your pilot screenplay.

  20. Welcome to the Purdue Online Writing Lab

    The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects. Teachers and trainers may use this material for in-class and out ...

  21. Creative Strategy Master Course 🧠 By: Nicole Crowell

    The 9 Pillars of Creative Strategy (the bulk of this course) I cover each of these sections IN DEPTH: 1. Alignment 2. Research 3. Avatar Development 4. Ideation 5. Briefs, Script Writing & Strategy 6. Content Production 7. Launch & Creative Testing (Media Buying) 8. Creative Reporting, Creative Analysis & Ad Iterations 9.