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    These worksheets will help you learn how to use paraphrasing in your work. Get Free Worksheets In Your Inbox! Printable Paraphrasing Worksheets Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key. The Paragraph

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    Answer Keys Paraphrasing from Sources Read each passage. On a separate page, paraphrase each passage. Try not to look back at the original while you are paraphrasing. Worksheet Answer Keys Practice : The passage below is from The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed. Read the passage. Then paraphrase what you have read. Page 1 Page 2

  3. Teaching Kids to Paraphrase, Step by Step

    Start by Talking At its essence, paraphrasing is putting something into your own words, so begin by having student do just that. A fun introductory activity is to split your students into pairs and ask a question such as, "What did you do after school yesterday?" or "Tell where you would like to go on vacation and why you would like to go there."

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    1. Free paraphrasing worksheets for middle school pdf 2. In other words: Paraphrasing 3. PARAPHRASING WITH SYNONYMS 4. PARAPHRASING ACTIVITIES Couldn't preview file You may be offline or with limited connectivity. Try downloading instead. 5. Lesson 1: Paraphrase with Synonyms 6. Explicit teaching of paraphrasing and synonyms will ... 7.


    PARAPHRASING WITH SYNONYMS - WORKSHEET 1 Part A: Add Synonyms Find a synonym for the underlined words/phrases. Re-write each sentence using these new words and phrases Around 30,000 children may be helped by the proposed "free lunch" program. All of the people in class studied hard. The effect was a big increase in test scores.

  6. I Used My Own Words! Paraphrasing Informational Texts

    Take suggestions from the students, reminding them if necessary that the paraphrase should be in their own words. Write the shared paraphrase on the whiteboard (or overhead). Do the same exercise with the second and third paragraphs, gradually releasing the responsibility for the paraphrasing to students. 6.

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    Paraphrasing Practice 2. Tourism and lobster are the midcoast region's two main industries, and they're both warm-weather enterprises, and the Maine Lobster Festival represents less an intersection of the industries than a deliberate collision, joyful and lucrative and loud. Wallace, David Foster. "Consider the Lobster.".

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    Combine or divide sentences as necessary. Artificial intelligence results from human beings' unique intellectual talents. Thus, the technology should not be regarded as inhuman. Compare the paraphrase with the original. Weave the paraphrase into your essay. Document the paraphrase with in-text citation. (Also include it on Works Cited page)

  9. Tricks for Teaching Effective Paraphrasing in Middle School Language

    a paraphrase that skips part of the quote but still has some identical phrasing. Write each paraphrase on an index card or type them on pieces of paper. When your students are ready, have them arrange the paraphrases from worst to best on the basis of originality and accuracy. Be sure to encourage conversation throughout the process.

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    Categories: Downloadable, Language Arts Tags: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade Description Additional information Reviews Our Paraphrasing lesson plan introduces students to paraphrasing selections of text correctly. The students will also learn the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing.

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    This Paraphrasing Exercises with Answers PDF has been designed to help primary children with this core writing skill that they can use across the curriculum. ... Middle School . 11 - 14 years old ... Daffodil Day Paraphrasing Worksheet. Paraphrasing and Summarising Display Posters. Note Taking Worksheet. Get to know us.

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    Paraphrasing worksheets. Worksheets that listen. Worksheets that speak. Worksheets that motivate students. Worksheets that save paper, ink and time. !!! PARAPHRASING !!! 74 sentences to paraphrase. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Paraphrasing, shared by English language teachers.

  13. Paraphrasing Middle School Worksheets

    Worksheets are Paraphrasing work for middle school pdf, In other words paraphrasing, Paraphrasing with synonyms, Paraphrasing activities, Lesson 1 paraphrase with synonyms, Explicit teaching of paraphrasing and synonyms will, Explicitly teaching grade 56 students how to, Exercise 5 paraphrasing exercise 5 paraphrasing.

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    Paraphrasing Buy Workbook. Download & Print Only $6.49. Paraphrasing. ... These worksheets combine comprehension and writing. Open PDF. Worksheet #1 Worksheet #2 Worksheet #3. Worksheet #4. Become a Member. ... Our members helped us give away millions of worksheets last year. We provide free educational materials to parents and teachers in over ...

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    This product includes 1) A one page outline describing what a paraphrase is, how to paraphrase, and examples 2) Three practice worksheets. The first one gives students the original text and paraphrase. Students decide if the paraphrase is acceptable. On the second worksheet, students are provided with 5 different passages to paraphrase.


    ACTIVITY 1 Read the original text below. Highlight the words that you think are specialised words or words that should not be changed when paraphrasing. Underline the words which should be changed.


    ACTIVITY 1. Read the original text below. Highlight the words that you think are specialized words or words that should not be ... [PDF] Paraphrasing Exercise Paraphrasing is a verbal summary of the key ideas of your partner's ... Make a statement in response to one of the items on the paraphrase activity exercises.

  18. Paraphrasing: Lesson Plan

    The important skill of paraphrasing is initially interrogated in this lesson and eventually plans relating to summarizing and quoting will be added. There is an interactive equivalent to this plan, "Paraphrasing In a Pinch", which can be used in a classroom that has an electronic device for each student and a strong WiFi signal. The interactive plan can also be used to flip a classroom.

  19. PDF Test Your Paraphrasing Skills Worksheet

    INSTRUCTIONS Begin each of the five sections by carefully reading the quoted passage, especially the sentence(s) in bold. Using your own words, create a bulleted list of the ideas in the sentence(s) in bold. Looking only at the bulleted list you created, write a paraphrase of the sentence(s) in bold synthesizing the ideas you think are important.

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    ELA Teacher Toolbox. $4.95. PDF. Your upper middle and high school students will learn and practice an effective strategy for paraphrasing and summarizing nonfiction text.Engaging PDF Anchor Charts help your students recognize plagiarism and understand the difference between a paraphrase and a summary.

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    Simply download and print this resource, and you'll have a ready-made paraphrasing task to do with your class. More resources like this Paraphrasing Exercises with Answers PDF. If you enjoyed these paraphrasing exercises, you're in luck! This topic is well covered on the Twinkl website, and you can find lots of engaging ways to tackle it.

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    31 Paraphrasing English ESL worksheets pdf & doc. SORT BY. Most popular. TIME PERIOD. All-time. ag23. PARAPHRASING. There are 9 exercise. 14328 uses. helenadimi. Paraphrasing . This worksheet is ab. ... Paraphrasing for PET. This activity contai. 3954 uses. beagmeur. modals paraphrases K. Key to modals paraph. 679 uses. AimeeB. Hot Tips For ...

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    Free paraphrasing worksheets for middle school pdf In other words: Paraphrasing PARAPHRASING WITH SYNONYMS PARAPHRASING ACTIVITIES Lesson 1: Paraphrase with Synonyms Couldn't preview file You may be offline or with limited connectivity. Try downloading instead. Explicit teaching of paraphrasing and synonyms will ...