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MyCycler™ Thermal Cycler System #1709703


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BIO-RAD MyCycler

BIO-RAD MyCycler

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Bio-Rad MyCycler Thermal Cycler System 1709703

  • SKU: LM 8407

my cycler bio rad

€  2.950,00 excl. tax

Status: Not available

The Biorad MyCycler is a sleek 96 well PCR system used for gene amplification. The Bio-Rad MyCycler comes equipped with a large graphical display and a self-adjusting heated lid which accurately maintains temperature level across each well. The PCR comes with easy to use intuitive controls which allow the end user to program their own PCR runs with a few click of buttons. In addition, the BioRad MyCycler comes with built-in programs to quickly allow you to run the Thermal Cycler within minutes of startup. The fixed 96 well block accommodates 0.2ml PCR tubes, strips or standard 96 well plates. The BioRad MyCycler comes with USB ports situated on the rear of the machine to allow the user to save their data and take with them as they go. Moreover, there a number of built-in utilities included with this Thermal Cycler including a self-diagnostic featuring showcasing the health of the instrument. This reliable PCR system has a ramping rate of 2.5°C per second and temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C.   Contact us today to learn more about our BioRad MyCycler PCR system.   Capacity : 1 x 96 well (0.2ml) Heating rate : Up to 2.5°C/sec Cooling rate : Up to 1.5°C/sec Temperature Range : 4–100°C Accuracy : ±0.5°C Uniformity : ±0.5°C Heated lid : Up to 110°C Temperature gradient Range : 40–99°C

220-240 V | 4 A | 50/60 Hz | 910 VA

This unit is in excellent working condition and very clean cosmetically. Feel free to contact with any questions.

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my cycler bio rad

New and used Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. MyCycler Personal Thermal Cycler's for sale on LabX below. Find the ad listing you need and get price quotes from a variety of vendors.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. MyCycler Personal Thermal Cycler

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Bio-Rad Laboratories MyCycler Thermal Cycler

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my cycler bio rad

BioRad MyCycler Thermal Cycler

$ 750.00

Out of stock



  1. Biorad MyCycler Thermal Cycler

    my cycler bio rad

  2. Bio-Rad MyCycler 96-Well Personal PCR Thermal Cycler 560BR 170-9703

    my cycler bio rad

  3. Biorad MyCycler Thermal Cycler

    my cycler bio rad

  4. Bio-Rad MyCycler Thermal Cycler

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  5. Biorad MyCycler Thermal Cycler

    my cycler bio rad

  6. Bio-Rad C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler With 96W Reaction Module

    my cycler bio rad


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