The best presentation software in 2024

These powerpoint alternatives go beyond the basics..

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The latest presentation apps have made it easier than ever to format slides and create professional-looking slideshows without giving off a "this is a template" vibe. Even standard PowerPoint alternatives have updated key features to make it easier than ever to collaborate and create presentations quickly, so you can spend more time prepping for your actual presentation.

If, like me, you've used Google Slides unquestioningly for years, it's a whole new world out there. The newest crop of online presentation tools go way beyond the classic slideshow experience, with new features to keep your audience's attention, streamline the creation process with AI, and turn slide decks into videos and interactive conversations.

I've been testing these apps for the past few years, and this time, I spent several days tinkering with 25 of the top presentation software solutions out there to bring you the best of the best.

The best presentation software for AI-powered design

Prezi for non-linear, conversational presentations

Powtoon for video presentations

Pitch for collaborating with your team on presentations

Gamma for conversational AI features

Mentimeter for audience engagement

Tome for generative AI features

What makes the best presentation app?

How we evaluate and test apps.

Our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. Unless explicitly stated, we spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog .

When looking for the best presentation apps, I wanted utility players. After all, slideshows are used for just about everything, from pitch decks and product launches to class lectures and church sermons. With that in mind, here's what I was looking for:

Pre-built templates. The best presentation tools should have attractive, professional-looking templates to build presentations in a hurry.

Sharing and collaboration options. Whether you plan to share your webinar slides later, or you just want to collaborate with a coworker on a presentation, it should be easy to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Flexibility and customization options. Templates are great, but top presentation apps should enable you to customize just about everything—giving you the flexibility to build exactly what you need.

Affordability. Creating compelling presentations is important, but you shouldn't have to bust your budget to make it happen. With capable free tools on the market, affordability is a top consideration.

Standalone functionality. There's no reason to use multiple tools when one can do it all, so I didn't test any apps that require and work on top of another presentation app like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Familiar, deck-based interface. For our purposes here, I only tested software that uses slides, with the familiar deck-based editor you expect from a "presentation" tool (versus, for example, a video creation app).

While most apps now offer AI features in one way or another, it isn't a universal feature yet—and some apps' AI features leave a lot to be desired. For that reason, I opted not to make AI features a strict must-have for this year (though it probably will be a requirement next time I update the article). That means I've still included some apps that don't offer AI—if you opt for one of those, you can still easily get AI-generated images and text from a separate tool and copy them into your presentation app of choice.

Beyond that, I also looked for presentation apps that brought something unique to the table—features above and beyond what you can get for free from a legacy solution like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Here's what my testing workflow looked like:

I went through any onboarding or guided tutorials.

I created a new deck, scanning through all available templates, noting how well-designed they were (and which were free versus paid).

I added new slides, deleted slides, edited text and images, and played around with other content types.

I changed presentation design settings, like color schemes and background images.

I reviewed and tested the sharing and collaboration options.

I tested out presenter view (when available).

After my first round of testing, I went back into the top performers to test any unique or niche features, like AI, brand settings, and interactive content. With that, these are the best presentation apps I found—each one really brings something different or radically easy to the table.

The best presentation software at a glance

The best free presentation software, canva (web, windows, mac, android, ios).

Canva, our pick for the best free presentation app

Canva pros:

Excellent free plan

Tons of amazing templates for all use cases


Canva cons:

The AI tools aren't groundbreakingly useful

Canva offers one of the most robust free plans of all the presentation apps I tested. The app delays account creation until after you've created your first design, so you can get started building your presentation in seconds. Choose from an almost overwhelming number of beautiful templates (nearly all available for free), including those designed specifically for education or business use cases.

Anyone who's accidentally scrolled too far and been bumped to the next slide will appreciate Canva's editor interface, which eliminates that problem altogether with a smooth scroll that doesn't jump around. Choose from a handful of preset animations to add life to your presentations, or browse the library of audio and video files available to add. And Canva also has a number of options for sharing your presentation, including adding collaborators to your team, sharing directly to social media, and even via QR code.

Present directly from Canva, and let audience members submit their questions via Canva Live. Once you share a link to invite audience members to your presentation, they can send questions for you to answer. As the presenter, you'll see them pop up in your presenter view window, so you can keep the audience engaged and your presentation clear. Alternatively, record a presentation with a talking head bubble—you can even use an AI presenter here—to share remotely.

Canva has added a number of AI-powered tools , but I wasn't super impressed by them yet. The Magic Design tool, for example, isn't much more useful than the many pre-designed templates already available, while Magic Write is basically just white-labeled ChatGPT. These features will likely improve in time, but for now, you're better off starting from one of Canva's many great templates.

Canva pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $120/year for 1 user and include additional features like Brand Kit, premium templates and stock assets, and additional AI-powered design tools.

If you're looking for a capable free presentation tool with a more affordable upgrade, Zoho Show is worth a look. It's completely free for most features, offers a clean, intuitive editor, and includes a number of great templates. Plus, you can automate Zoho Show by connecting it with Zapier .

The best presentation app for AI-powered design (web, mac, windows). pros:

True AI design

No fussing around with alignment

Still allows for customization cons:

No free plan

If you're like me, editing granular spacing issues is the absolute worst part of building a presentation. uses artificial intelligence to take a lot of the hassle and granular design requirements out of the presentation process, so you can focus on the content of a presentation without sacrificing professional design. If I needed to make presentations on a regular basis, this is the app I'd use.

Many apps have recently added AI design features, but has been doing it for years—and they've perfected the experience of AI design, ensuring the tool's reign as the most streamlined and user-friendly option for AI design.

The editor is a little different from most presentation apps, but it's still intuitive—and you'll start off with a quick two-minute tutorial. When creating a new slide, scroll through "inspiration slides" to find a layout you like; once you choose, the app will pull the layout and automatically adapt it to match the design of the rest of your presentation.

With 10 themes, several templated slides, over 40 fully-designed templates, and more than 20 different color palettes to choose from, strikes a perfect balance between automation and customization.

While doesn't offer a free plan, paid plans are reasonably priced and offer sharing and collaboration options that rival collab-focused apps like Google Slides. And speaking of Google, you can connect with Google Drive to save all your presentations there.

Note: I re-tested the generative AI feature (called DesignerBot) this year. It's great for adding individual slides to an existing presentation—automatically choosing the best layout and matching the design to the rest of the deck—but as with most other apps, it struggled to pull in relevant images. pricing: Plans start at $12/month for unlimited slides, AI content generation, viewer analytics, and more. Upgrade to a Team plan for $40/user/month to get extra collaboration and workspace features and custom brand controls.

If you're a founder looking for an AI presentation tool for your pitch deck, Slidebean is a great alternative for startups. The app offers a number of templates; a unique, content-first outline editor; and a generative AI tool that builds a whole pitch deck based on your website. I didn't include it on the list mainly because of the price: the free plan is quite limited, and the paid all-access plan can only be billed annually.

The best presentation app for conversational presentations

Prezi (web, mac, windows, ios, android).

Prezi pros:

Doesn't restrict you to standard presentation structure

Lots of customization options

Prezi Video lets you display a presentation right over your webcam video

Prezi cons:

Steep learning curve

Struggling to squeeze information into a basic, linear presentation? Give Prezi a try. Unlike nearly all other presentation apps on the market, Prezi Present doesn't restrict the structure of your presentation to a straight line. The editor focuses on topics and subtopics and allows you to arrange them any way you want, so you can create a more conversational flow of information.

With the structural flexibility, you still get all the same customization features you expect from top presentation software, including fully-editable templates. There's a learning curve if you're unfamiliar with non-linear presentations, but templates offer a great jumping-off point, and Prezi's editor does a good job of making the process more approachable.

Plus, Prezi comes with two other apps: Prezi Design and Prezi Video. Prezi Video helps you take remote presentations to a new level. You can record a video where the presentation elements are displayed right over your webcam feed. Record and save the video to share later, or connect with your video conferencing tool of choice (including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet) to present live.

Prezi's generative AI feature works ok, but it's more useful as a wireframe. When I asked it to create a presentation about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, for example, the resulting content read a lot like a student writing a term paper in the broadest strokes possible to avoid doing any actual research.

Prezi pricing: Free 14-day trial and a free plan that includes up to 5 visual projects; paid plans start at $7/month and include additional features like private presentations and Prezi Present.

The best presentation app for video presentations

Powtoon (web, ios, android).

Powtoon pros:

Timing automatically changes based on the content on the slide

Can toggle between slideshow and video

Can orient presentation as horizontal, vertical, or square

Powtoon cons:

Limited free plan

Powtoon makes it easy to create engaging videos by orienting the editor around a slide deck. Editing a Powtoon feels just like editing a presentation, but by the time you finish, you have a professional video. 

You can edit your slides at any time, and when you hit play, a video plays through your deck—the feel is almost like an animated explainer video. Each slide includes the animations you choose and takes up as much time as is needed based on the content on the slide. Powtoon figures the timing automatically, and you can see in the bottom-right of the editor how much time is used on your current slide versus the total presentation. If you ever want to present as a slide deck, just toggle between Slideshow and Movie.

You'll likely need to subscribe to a paid plan to get the most out of Powtoon—like creating videos longer than three minutes, downloading them as MP4 files, and white-labeling your presentations—but doing so won't break the bank. Plus, you'll unlock tons of templates complete with animations and soundtracks.

One of my favorite Powtoon features is the ability to orient your video: you can choose horizontal orientation (like a normal presentation) or opt for vertical (for mobile) or square (for social media). When your presentation is ready, you can publish straight to YouTube, Wistia, Facebook Ads, and any number of other locations.

Powtoon pricing: Limited free plan available; paid plans start at $15/month and include white-labeling, priority support, additional storage, and more.

The best presentation app for collaborating with your team

Pitch (web, mac, windows, ios, android).

Pitch, our pick for the best presentation software for collaborating with your team

Pitch pros:

Google levels of collaboration

Assign slides to specific team members

Excellent generative AI feature

Pitch cons:

User interface is a little different than you're used to

Need to collaborate on presentations with your team? Pitch is a Google Slides alternative that gets the job done. As far as decks go, Pitch includes all the beautifully-designed templates, customizability, and ease of use you expect from a top-notch presentation tool. But the app really shines when you add your team.

The right-hand sidebar is all about project management and collaboration: you can set and update the status of your deck, assign entire presentations or individual slides to team members, plus comment or add notes. Save custom templates to make future presentations even easier and faster.

You can also invite collaborators from outside your company to work with you on individual decks. And if you opt for a paid plan, Pitch introduces workspace roles, shared private folders, and version history.

Pitch also offers one of the most impressive generative AI features on this list. It still struggles to pull in relevant images, but I found the AI-generated written content and design to be top-notch.

Pitch pricing: Free plan offers unlimited presentations, custom templates, and live video collaboration; paid plans start at $22/month for 2 users with additional workspace features, presentation analytics, and more.

The best presentation app for conversational AI

Gamma (web).

Gamma pros:

Creates fully fleshed-out presentations from a prompt

Conversational chatbot-like experience

Can still manually edit the presentation

Gamma cons:

Not as much granular customization

I tested a lot of apps claiming to use AI to up your presentation game, and Gamma's conversational AI features were head and shoulders above the crowd.

Simply give the app a topic—or upload an outline, notes, or any other document or article—approve the outline, and pick a theme. The app will take it from there and create a fully fleshed-out presentation. It's far from perfect, but Gamma produces a very useful jumping-off point. (Last year, it was by far the best, but this year, other apps are catching up.)

Here's the key: Gamma is much more geared toward the iterative, chatbot experience familiar to ChatGPT users. Click on the Edit with AI button at the top of the right-hand menu to open the chat, and you'll see suggested prompts—or you can type in your own requests for how Gamma should alter the presentation.

Once you've done all you can with prompts, simply close the chat box to manually add the finishing touches. While you do sacrifice some granular customizability in exchange for the AI features, you can still choose your visual theme, change slide layouts, format text, and add any images, videos, or even app and web content.

Gamma pricing: Free plan includes unlimited users, 400 AI deck credits, and basic view analytics; upgrade to the Plus plan for $8/user/month to get unlimited AI credits, remove Gamma branding, and more.

The best presentation app for audience engagement

Mentimeter (web).

Mentimeter, our pick for the best presentation software for audience engagement

Mentimeter pros:

Tons of audience engagement features

Simple for participants to interact

Mentimeter cons:

Less granular customizability

Bit of a learning curve

If you need to engage with an audience during your presentation, Mentimeter makes that easy. The app is designed around interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, Q&As, sliders, and more (even a Miro whiteboard!).

Each of these is included in a number of different, professional-looking templates, so you can build a fully interactive presentation super quickly.

When it's time to present, your audience members can scan the QR code with their phone cameras or type in the URL and access code to participate. There's one code per presentation (so they won't have to do this on every slide), which gives access to each slide as you move through the presentation.

There are two main drawbacks to this one, though. First, there's a bit of a learning curve and less familiar editing interface (but I found it pretty easy to learn with some practice). The other drawback is that you can't get as granular with the visual customization as you can with many other presentation tools.

Mentimeter pricing: Free plan includes 50 participants per month and 34 different slide types; upgrade to the Basic plan for $11.99/presenter/month to get unlimited participants and slide types, private presentations, and more.

The best presentation app for generative AI

Tome, our pick for the best presentation software for generative AI

Top-tier generative AI features

Simple, customizable templates

Intuitive doc-style editor

There's definitely a learning curve

Tome is one of the new additions to this list that I'm most excited about. If you're looking for generative AI that just genuinely works , it's definitely worth a look. The editor is a bit more stripped down than most presentation apps but intuitive nonetheless—it's almost a cross between your standard deck editor and a Notion-style doc.

To generate an AI deck, click Generate with AI in the top right, and either write your own prompt or choose from the example prompts that cover a handful of common use cases, like sales enablement and company pitches. Edit or approve the suggested outline, then generate the full presentation.

From there, you can edit each slide as a doc via the right-hand menu—without limits on how much information you can include. During the presentation, you simply size down any slides that take up more than the standard amount of space. It's super simple but somehow feels revolutionary in a presentation app.

Tome pricing: Free plan available for manual editing without AI; upgrade to the Professional plan for $16/user/month to use the generative AI and design tools, plus engagement analytics, branding tools, and more.

What about the old standbys?

You might notice a few major presentation players aren't on this list, including OGs Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. These apps are perfectly adequate for creating basic presentations, and they're free if you have a Windows or Mac device or a Google account.

I didn't include them on the list because the presentation space has really developed in the last several years, and after testing them out, I found these behemoths haven't kept pace. If they weren't made by Microsoft/Apple/Google, I might not even be mentioning them. They're pretty basic tools, they're behind the curve when it comes to templates (both quantity and design), and they don't offer any uniquely valuable features like robust team collaboration, branding controls, video, and so on.

Some of these companies (think: Microsoft and Google) are openly working on some pretty impressive-sounding AI features, but they haven't really been focused on their respective presentation solutions just yet. Rest assured, I'm watching this space, and the next time we update this article, I'll re-test tools like Copilot for PowerPoint and Gemini for Google Slides to see what new features may be available.

In any case, if you're reading this, you're probably looking for an alternative that allows you to move away from one of the big 3, and as the presentation platforms featured above show, there's a ton to gain—in terms of features, usability, and more—when you do.

What about PowerPoint and Google Slides add-ons?

While I focused my testing on tools with full feature-sets—those that can serve as your sole presentation tool—there are a ton of add-on tools you can use atop big name tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides.

If you're looking to expand what you can do with PowerPoint or Google Slides, apps like Marq (formerly Lucidpress), Plus AI , Slidesgo , and Simplified can help you do things like access additional templates, save branded assets, and generate AI presentations from the app you're already using.

Related reading:

Canva AI tools to improve your design workflow

The best online whiteboards for collaboration

How to share a presentation on Zoom without sharing your browser tabs and address bar

This post was originally published in October 2014 and has since been updated with contributions from Danny Schreiber, Matthew Guay, Andrew Kunesh, and Krystina Martinez. The most recent update was in April 2024.

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Best Keynote or PowerPoint alternatives for Mac

powerpoint alternative for mac users

Apple Keynote comes free with any new Mac, which means that it’s likely to be most Mac users’ default choice when it comes to slideshow and presentation software.

That doesn’t mean it’s your only option though. Naturally, you can get Microsoft’s PowerPoint – ideal if you want to collaborate with colleagues on PCs – but there are other alternatives, both free and paid, some with a few features that Keynote and PowerPoint just can’t match.

If this offers some inspiration, we’ve also rounded up our favourite alternatives to Numbers and Pages .

Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote

How It Works: Like Pages and Numbers , Keynote was revamped for macOS Sierra  and gained a more streamlined interface that makes it easy to quickly add animations and other effects to your presentations.

The key feature here is the Inspector panel that sits on the right-hand side of the main workspace. At the top of the Inspector are the Format and Animate buttons that provide instant access to all the program’s main features.

Click the Format button and the Inspector displays options for changing the format of text and graphics, such as changing the font size and style for text, or adding a reflection effect to a photo on a slide. Click the Animate button and the Inspector switches to display Keynote’s ‘builds’ – the animation effects that you use to move objects on and off slides.

As you select these effects the Inspector automatically previews the effect for you, and also displays a number of additional settings, making it really easy to create slick animation effects in no time at all. Keynote is also available online through iWork, so that you can collaborate with colleagues remotely.

Animations And Effects: Keynote includes about 30 different build animations and 40 transition effects, so you have plenty of options for creating eye-catching presentations. There’s also a special type of animation, called Magic Move, that allows you to move objects from one slide to a new position on the next slide.

Keynote can’t quite match the range of graphs, charts, and diagrams available in Microsoft’s PowerPoint, but it does include a really handy option called ‘interactive charts’ that allows you to animate charts so that they show data changing over a period of time.

Find out more in our full review of Keynote 6.6  – and if you’ve been inspired to stick with the Apple classic, check out our tips to make the most of Keynote .

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

How it works: The Ribbon interface used by PowerPoint makes it look rather intimidating when compared to the more streamlined Inspector palette of Keynote, but the two programs work in the same basic manner.

When you add text, graphics or other elements to a presentation slide the Animations tab in the Ribbon displays three sets of animation effects. The Entrance and Exit effects correspond to the Build In and Build Out options in Keynote and control how elements move on and off the slide.

There’s also a small set of Emphasis effects that can be used to highlight text and graphics while they are actually displayed on a slide. Click the Transition tab on the Ribbon and you’ll see the various transition effects that can be used to move from one slide to another.

Editing effects can be a little tricky, though, as some settings, such as duration and direction, are located in the ribbon itself, while others are found in a secondary Toolbox palette.

This means that PowerPoint takes a little more effort to master, but once you’ve gotten the hang of things you’ll find that PowerPoint matches Keynote’s range of animation effects, as well as providing more extensive collaboration and sharing features for when you need to work with colleagues.

Animations and effects: PowerPoint provides about 30 Entrance and Exit effects, and a similar number of transition effects for moving between slides. That’s slightly fewer than the number of Builds and transitions in Keynote, but PowerPoint outguns Keynote in other areas.

One very useful option is the Motion Paths tool, which allows you to move objects along lines, loops and curves that you draw on your slides. PowerPoint also provides far more extensive tools for creating graphs and charts than Keynote.

Google Slides

Google Slides

How it works: Google Slides is part of the Google Docs suite of online productivity apps, so you’ll need a reliable Internet connection in order to use it. And, to be honest, the tools that it provides for creating presentation slides are fairly basic, so there isn’t a compelling reason to use Google Slides if you already have Keynote.

But if you’re on the road and don’t have a presentations program immediately available then Google Slides could still be useful for quickly creating a simple presentation, or just preparing a rough outline that you can refine in another program when you get back home.

The basic features that you need are all here, including a selection of templates with different slide layouts and graphical styles. You can quickly add text, graphics and video to your slides, and use some simple drawing tools and mathematical symbols for creating diagrams and illustrations.

One advantage of working online with Google Slides is that it provides some useful options for sharing your presentations with colleagues, along with the ability to add comments while you’re working. You can also publish your presentation on the web, or download it in PowerPoint or PDF format.

Animations and effects: There’s only a small selection of animations and transitions available in Google Slides, mainly consisting of simple fade in/out effects, zooms and wipes.

Adobe Presenter Video Express

Adobe Presenter Video Express

How it works: Adobe’s Presenter Video Express is a specialised tool for users in education and training who need to prepare materials for online lectures and e-learning courses. It doesn’t allow you to create slide-based presentations like Keynote or PowerPoint, but is designed to work in conjunction with presentations that you create in those programs.

Presenter Video Express works by recording everything on your computer screen – such as a Keynote presentation, or a demo of a new piece of software – and at the same time it also uses your Mac’s webcam to record you while you provide a commentary on the material in your main presentation.

You can edit the video recording using a simple timeline interface that allows you to display either the application running on the computer screen, your own video image, or a split-screen effect that displays your image alongside the computer screen.

Once you’ve finished editing your video you can upload it to web sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, or use Adobe’s Connect web-conferencing system to host your own online seminars.

The monthly fee could quickly get quite expensive, but that makes it ideal if you need it for a one-off project – especially since there’s a 30-day free trial.

Animations and effects: Video Presenter Express can’t be used to create slide-based presentations, so it doesn’t include any animations or transition effects. Its video-editing tools are also quite basic. You can trim clips, add simple text titles, and use pan and zoom effects for emphasis.

However, the program’s primary feature is its ability to combine recordings of the computer screen and the presenter.

OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress

How it works: Its interface is a bit untidy, but the free OpenOffice Impress provides a very good set of presentation tools. Those tools are scattered about a bit, though, as the presentations module within OpenOffice has a pair of crowded toolbars running across both the top and bottom of the screen, as well as a Properties palette on the right-hand side of the screen that works in a similar fashion to the Inspector panel in Keynote.

In addition to the formatting and animation controls found in Keynote, the Properties palette in OpenOffice also crams in additional tools for working with clip-art, modifying slide layouts, and defining master pages for your presentations.

The range of tools is pretty impressive, though. As well as allowing you to adjust basic text properties such as font size and style, OpenOffice includes precise options for adjusting line-spacing within paragraphs and even modifying the indent at the start of a paragraph.

Animations and effects: There are around 45 Entrance and Exit effects, and 60 transitions available in OpenOffice Impress, along with an automatic preview and a slideshow option that allows you to quickly run through your slides in full-screen mode. OpenOffice also provides an extensive set of Motion Path tools that allow you to create custom animations for your slides.

The chart tools are relatively basic, though, with a relatively modest selection of 2D charts and only a simple 3D perspective option that doesn’t really compare to the eye-candy graphics that you can create in Keynote and PowerPoint.



How it works: The presentations module in LibreOffice is almost identical to that of OpenOffice – which isn’t surprising, as both of these free office suites spring from the same open-source roots.

LibreOffice has the same rather crowded interface as OpenOffice, with toolbars running across both the top and bottom of your slides, and the multi-tabbed Properties panel sitting on the right-hand side of the screen. The arrangement of tools isn’t identical, but the two programs look very similar and it may take a little while for newcomers to figure out where everything is.

But once you’re up and running, LibreOffice is a very competent presentations tool. The Properties panel provides precise control of features such as text formatting, and you can quickly enhance photos by adjusting brightness, contrast and transparency.

As well as a conventional set of clip-art graphics, LibreOffice also includes a tool called FontWorks that allows you to create attractive headlines with perspective effects or by running text along a path.

We also like the mini-toolbar that allows you to quickly switch between slide view, the outliner mode that lets you to quickly jot down the text for each slide, and the Sorter option that provides a quick overview of all your slides.

Animations and effects: LibreOffice has a slightly larger selection of effects than OpenOffice, with around 50 Entrance and Exit effects, and 70 transitions. There’s also a good selection of motion paths that you can use to create more complex, custom animations.

But, like OpenOffice, it only provides basic tools for creating tables and charts. The Table tool does little more than specify the number of rows and columns, while the Chart tools focus on simple 2D graphics with only simple 3D perspective effects to add variety.

Boinx Fotomagico 5

Boinx Fotomagico 5

How it works: At first glance, FotoMagico looks like a conventional video-editing program – in fact, it looks very much like the original version of iMovie, with a horizontal Timeline running along the bottom of the screen where you can assemble video clips, photos and other media files.

However, the Timeline also allows you to insert ‘slides’ that can contain photos, text and other media files in a similar fashion to presentation slides. When you create a slide the program provides a split-screen display that shows Start and Finish versions of each slide. This allows you to create your own animation effects, perhaps by placing a small photo on the Start slide and then zooming in on the photo for the Finish slide.

You can also animate each element on the slide separately, so you could make a line of text fade into view at the same time as zooming on your photo. FotoMagic won’t replace Keynote or PowerPoint for business presentations, but it’s a handy option for home users who want to create slick slideshows and video projects. 

Animations and effects: Fotomagico doesn’t include a set of predefined animation effects comparable to Keynote’s builds, but it does allow you to animate your slides using simple effects such as linear moves, rotation and fades. There are also 20 transition effects that you can use between slides, or when editing video clips.



How it works: Presentable isn’t intended to replace conventional presentation programs like Keynote or PowerPoint.

In fact, its tools for working with text and graphics are extremely limited, so most of the time you’ll probably carry on using Keynote or some other program to design your slides, and then occasionally just import those slides into Presentable for specific projects.

But Presentable does have one clever trick up its sleeve that makes it a useful companion to Keynote or other programs. Just type a web address into Presentable and it can create a ‘web slide’ that displays a live web page within a slide.

The web page remains fully functional, so you can click on links to navigate around the web site, or play video clips on sites such as YouTube. You can also crop web pages so that only the main video clips or content that you want to display are shown on the slide.

Admittedly, Presentable is a bit of a one-trick pony but it can be quite useful if you need to include web content in your presentations. We also had one or two problems importing our Keynote and PowerPoint slides into the program, but Presentable is free to download from the Mac App Store so it doesn’t cost you anything to check it out and see how its web slides work.

Animations and effects: Presentable’s one key feature is its ability to include web content within slides, and it doesn’t include any additional tools for creating animations or other effects. But if you feel like showing off it does work with the Leap Motion sensor , which allows you to control your presentation with hand gestures.

  • Editor's Choice: Tech Gifts for Mom
  • Amazon Prime Tech Deals!

The 8 Best Free PowerPoint Alternatives

Professional results for tight budgets

powerpoint alternative for mac users

  • Swansea University, Staffordshire University

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for creating professional-looking slideshows and presentations. However, the home version requires a Microsoft 365 subscription, and the free mobile app locks some features behind the sub as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of free PowerPoint software alternatives out there. Here's a look at some of the best options and how they compare to PowerPoint. 

Best Direct PowerPoint Replacement: Google Slides

Very similar to PowerPoint.

Free to use. 

Compatible with PowerPoint.

An internet connection is strongly recommended. 

Where there's a need for an app, Google seems to have it covered. Google Slides is its PowerPoint equivalent and it's a lot like Microsoft's app. Very simple to use and offering full compatible with the alternative, you can access Google Slides via your browser and easily create custom presentations with audio and your own images, all entirely for free. It also offers great live collaboration features for teamwork purposes.

The only minor downside is you need an internet connection to at least get started but the service does also work offline with presentations syncing once you're back online.

Best for Designers: Prezi

Video editing included.

Can easily make data visualizations. 

Stylish user interface.

Free option is pretty basic.

No support.

Presentations viewable by all.

Prezi is a great option for designers who have a vision but aren't technically proficient at achieving it. Its simple drag and drop interface makes it a breeze to organize your presentation just how you want it. Backed up with other Prezi apps that mean you can create videos or more stylish data visualizations than simple graphs, it's ideal for industries that are more visual than others. A series of pre-made templates makes it all the more attractive. 

Prezi isn't as free as it seems though. To get the full wealth of features like advanced image editing, offline access, and narration, you'll need to pay a subscription fee.

Best for Quick Results: Zoho Show

A theme for every occasion.

Quick to create something.

Intuitive interface.

Need to be online to use it.

Simple to use yet highly effective is the sweet spot for quick results, and that's certainly the case with Zoho Show. You might need to be online to use it, but it's worth the connection with an intuitive user interface that adapts to what you need to do. You can easily embed videos, tweets, and images into your presentations with some neat transition effects making things more interesting. 

Collaboration tools further sweeten the deal with annotation features meaning you can work together well as a team and fast.

Best for Animations: Powtoon

Great animation tools.

Easy to use.

Can export to social media platforms.

Branding applied on free presentations.

More about animations than slideshows. 

PowToon tackles PowerPoint presentations from a slightly different angle than a lot of its competitors. It's primarily great for creating full animations and videos rather than presentations that you would click through and present yourself. That lends itself perfectly to the internet which is why it's so useful that you can export your presentations to various forms of social media. 

With a drag and drop template, you can create something within about 20 minutes from your browser. The free version bundles in branding logos so viewers will always know you've used PowToon to create them but that's a small price to pay for an otherwise very accessible and simple to use piece of software. 

Best for Mass Branding: Renderforest

Plenty of options for expanding branding.

300MB cloud storage for free.

Unlimited exports.

Exports can be low in quality.

Content is watermarked.

RenderForest thinks of itself as more than just a PowerPoint alternative. It tackles everything you might need from creating logos to designing promo videos, music visualizations, landing pages, and websites. That's on top of its extensive animations and intro creation. That might sound intimidating but the service keeps things simple, so it won't take you long to mock something up and develop it.

Stick to the free version and there are some restrictions such as branding on your videos, lower quality logos, and so forth, but it's a solid start for an otherwise entirely free service. In particular, if you just need to concoct a quick 3-minute video for a presentation, RenderForest has you covered.

Best for Non-Designers: Visme

Plenty of templates to choose from.

Can set up five projects at once.

Charts and widgets support.

Limited cloud storage.

Visme branding on free plan.

Been asked to make a presentation and you don't know where to start? Visme is perfect for those that aren't well versed with graphics as it offers an extensive template library. The free plan limits your options a little but there are still some decent choices here. In addition, the service provides cool ways to make stats and data look exciting thanks to chart and widget support. It's all done through a simple drag and drop interface too that makes it super simple to add video and embed other content. 

Just bear in mind that storage options are a little limited and everything on the free plan will contain Visme branding. 

Best for Office Replacement: LibreOffice Impress

Full program rather than browser-based.

Extensive support. 

Similar experience to Microsoft Office.

Requires installation. 

Not quite as intuitive as alternatives.

LibreOffice is a popular free alternative to Microsoft Office, so it makes sense to use LibreOffice Impress if you want the closest experience to Microsoft's package. Unlike most of the others here, you need to install LibreOffice on your PC or Mac which means it's no good for Chromebooks or moving between different systems. However, in exchange, you get an intuitive experience that makes it simple to create slideshows, whether you're handing them out to a class or conference afterwards, or simply projecting them on screen. 

Bear in mind you have to seek out templates yourself though which may be off-putting for the least technically minded user out there. 

Download for:

Best for Apple Users: Keynote

Simple to use. 

Apple Pencil support. 

Cloud based as well as app based.

App is only on Apple devices.

Keynote is Apple's direct competitor to Microsoft PowerPoint and it's a great alternative, especially if you're a Mac user. With app support for iOS and Mac, it takes seconds to get started. Alternatively, PC users can use Keynote via the iCloud website and easily work across multiple devices. 

One of the best features is the ability to use the Apple Pencil on an iPad to create diagrams or illustrations making it great for skilled artists. As well as that, Apple provides plenty of convenient templates for personal and professional projects. 

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9 Best Free PowerPoint Alternatives

powerpoint alternative for mac users

Why even look for a PowerPoint alternative? PowerPoint is tough. But I'm sure you already know that. If you landed here, then you’re one of the millions frustrated with PowerPoint’s inability to support the modern work mindset of "work smart, not hard." Instead, you're often stuck tinkering with text boxes and slide layouts for hours on end, instead of focusing on what really matters: presenting for impact and telling a good story. Interestingly enough, Microsoft’s PowerPoint is marketed to everyone, but we'd agree that most users don’t benefit from its clunky interface, lack of design guidance, and limited features. But still, Ye Olde Standby boasts 500 million users worldwide. And we predict that maybe 2% of those users are actually pleased with PowerPoint.

After all, presenters have enough to worry about, with potentially embarrassing technical issues, public speaking anxiety, and increasingly distracted audiences to solve for. The presentation design part of the process should be the easiest stage. We have good news on this front: The rise of cloud-based free PowerPoint alternatives are paving the way for teams to create pro-quality presentations in less time, collaborate seamlessly with their team, and maybe—just maybe— enjoy presentations for once. So today we’re examining the top 10 free alternative presentation software, based on brutally honest reviews from diehard Microsoft PowerPoint fans over on Capterra (the largest online peer review website for software). Let’s see what real presenters think! ‍

PowerPoint Alternatives For Both Mac and PC (Cloud)

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#1: (5 Star Capterra Score)

It's easy with to produce really nice-looking presentation slides. While you don't have full control over everything, that is on purpose. By 'constraining' you via various slide templates—which have a good degree of controllable variation and flexibility, but not full control—you end up with really good looking slides in a short time. Essentially prevents you from wasting time and energy on dead-end paths that would give you ugly-looking slides. —Leonard C. is presentation software that designs your presentation for you in real time. The design-focused software combines learning behavior and artistry of professional graphic designers to visualize crystal clear ideas. Never offend your audience with messy content again—and look like a rockstar presenter every time. offers 60+ ‘smart templates’. Unlike PowerPoint, Smart Slide templates handle the manual labor of layout, image placement, text boxes, margins, and aesthetics. Have a huge block of text? Sounds like an eyesore. Smart templates convey more information, with well-balanced attractive slides.

The "design a.i." updates your presentation as the content is added or removed, automatically, project schedules are shortened and streamlined.

  • Genuine free PowerPoint alternative - great features included in the free Basic plan!
  • Create presentations in 3 easy steps: choose a design theme, add a template and then the content
  • Presentation design is optimized in real-time 
  • Good design principles ensure your audience learns effectively 
  • Lack of full creative control of slide layout
  • You cannot edit a presentation after export

Price to Upgrade: Pro version is $12 per month annually and includes performance analytics to the presentation, custom fonts, and a desktop player. 

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#2: Google Slides (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

It's a bit of a learning curve when migrating to the platform, and some may feel a little lost. But I do not think it's overwhelming, nor do I feel that this should deter you from giving it a try. —Russell P.

PowerPoint alternative—Google Slides— is web-based presentation software. For GSuite users, this software is a no-brainer, with its integrated apps like Google Hangouts and collaboration through Drive.

With commenting, chat and real-time editing features, GoogleSlides allows teams to keep their presentations on track and provide crucial feedback instantly that can make or break a project. Automatic save and recorded history gives you the ability to view changes and restore to older versions. The "blank slate" authoring abilities on each slide are best for people that understand the principles of good design, as there's little to no guidance when it comes to laying out your content.

  • Pre-made presentations, pitches, and portfolios for marketing and sales professionals
  • Save and convert slides as PowerPoint files
  • Edit presentation on the mobile app
  • Limited typefaces, transitions, and animations
  • Converting from PowerPoint to Google Slides will cause loss of some animations effects
  • No media library or screen sharing

Price to Upgrade: The basic package for GoogleSlides is $6 per month with 30 GB of storage. With this tier, you’ll receive 24/7 support and mobile management options to work remotely.

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#3: Prezi (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

It is a program that allows you to show the elements in a striking way, with movement, which makes it more interesting for the viewer. —Carlos A.

Prezi is an alternative to PowerPoint known for its non-linear style and ‘reveal zoom’ feature. Popular among students, Prezi stands out with its unique single canvas interface that pulls an audience in right off the bat.

Prezi is not a snoozefest, to say the least. The large canvas is used as a diagram to connect ideas to subcategories and show relationships between them. A Prezi presentation begins zoomed out, then narrows in on specific details taking its audience on a whirlwind journey. 

  • Breaks away from traditional slide format 
  • Collaborate and receive feedback and comments through chat
  • Zoom animation can cause dizziness
  • Difficult to train and teach people who are used to PowerPoint
  • Backgrounds have unchangeable fonts and colors

Price to Upgrade: The standard upgrade is $7 per month with privacy options, import PowerPoint slides, and unlimited presentations.

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#4: Visme (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

It's a great product and well worth the time and money if you want some unique and functional ways to present content to a wide audience. The design software is a bit clunky on the zooming in/out and the use of layers, fine-tuning, and other options. Also, I have all of my projects visible on the main page and it can be hard to find what I'm looking for. —Matt T.

‍ Visme is a free Powerpoint alternative that revamps dense information into visual candy that's fun to absorb. Infographics, maps, and charts are Visme’s main attraction. We love data in bite sizes. Presenters can use modern and contemporary design styles to win over audiences.  Animated objects, pop-ups, and rollovers add new dimensions to break down patterns and trends within your industry. PROS:

  • Product tutorials to guide you through creating a presentation
  • Create slides from scratch or use pre-made templates
  • 400+ classic free templates and 400+ modern
  • ‘Autosave’ feature to recover lost data
  • Only 5 projects in free version
  • Posts are made public
  • Doesn't allow you to copy and paste into Visme from another tool or document

Price to Upgrade: Starting upgrade is $14 per month with access to 500,000 stock images from Visme’s library and all charts and widgets. 

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#5: Slides (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

Slides platform gives users 'free-reign' to create slides that are dynamic, great for both developers and designers. Where many other PowerPoint alternatives offer a plethora of  templates, Slides gives none. —Hasin A.

Slides is a presentation app for creatives and developers to present and design with freedom. Slides have incredible flexibility, it's fully open-sourced with access to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS versions of your presentation. Why is this great as an alternative for PowerPoint? Your team can add custom animation styles or host the project on your business website. Develop your signature style to be remembered at conferences, summits, and with important clients.

  • Only fully open source presentation software available
  • Present on mobile and use your phone as a remote control
  • Versatile for designers and programmers
  • More time-consuming altering source code and CSS
  • The free version of presentations are public, searchable, and includes ads

Price to Upgrade: The lite upgrade is $5 monthly with unlimited private decks and PDF conversion.

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#6: Slidebean  (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

I've used the classic Powerpoint for many years, and I still use that at the time for particular reasons when I need hefty presentations rich in facts and figures. ….I find Slidebean does a neat job at separating content from design. —Edwin S.

Slidebean bills itself as the world’s first AI-powered presentation design tool, but is it the best on the market? Geared towards startups, Slidebean has ready-made content blocks that you can use or maneuver around and helps presenters who prefer written content to deliver your message over graphics.

  • Readability, aesthetic and alignment is done by an algorithm
  • Your slide designs are evaluated and corrected in 0.97 seconds
  • Photos are aligned with advanced neural network
  • You can share presentations only through an upgrade
  • Free templates have limited flexibility

Price to Upgrade: The starter package is $98 per year and comes with basic content templates, share, and unlimited presentations.

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#7: Powtoon (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

I have used Powtoons for my professional life, to create How To videos and instructional or educational information. It is really easy to use and engaging for people to follow along for a few minutes. —Sadie R.

Powtoon is a presentation and video maker used by the brands Apple, Coca Cola, and Starbucks. Powtoon’s digital graphics and illustration styles are great for corporate campaigns and scripted, drag and drop templates cut down your creation time to 20 minutes.

  • Live webinars and training center to guide users over from PowerPoint
  • Interactive photos and icons that move on a timer
  • Cartoon characters to add to your presentation or explainer video
  • The free account only allows presentations up to 3 minutes 
  • Uploading images and adding videos to timeline is tedious

Price to Upgrade: $16 per month will get you access to royalty-free images and 24/7 support.

Free PowerPoint Alternatives For Mac Only (Desktop)

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#8: Haiku Deck (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

I like Haiku Deck, but you need to know your end-goal or purpose. If you need to create extensive slideshows with hyperlinks, videos, specific images, large amounts of information, then this might not be the platform for you. —Miriam T.

Haiku Deck is a niche presentation software that doesn’t allow variety, unlike PowerPoint. Just as restricts users’ customizations to get perfect results every time, Haiku Deck limits slide decks to achieve two styles. A background image with text overlay and simple pie and bar charts.

  • A small pool of templates that will not overwhelm you
  • 40 million royalty-free images
  • Not a great option for elaborate ideas or powerful messages

Price to Upgrade: $9.99 per month for unlimited slide decks, audio narration, and Zuru.

Free PowerPoint Alternatives For PC Only (Desktop)

powerpoint alternative for mac users

#9: LibreOffice Impress (4.5 Star Capterra Score)

Not only do you benefit from the initial cost of the program (as opposed to MS Office) you also benefit due to free updates. Sharing LibreOffice documents of all types with Microsoft users has proven to be flawless, with few or any very minor compatibility issues. —Mack S.

LibreOffice Impress is an open-source alternative to PowerPoint. Planning, research, and organization become simplified with Impress’ various view modes. The normal, outline, notes, and slide sorter view modes aid your content production and editing process. 

  • Build and control a 3D scene
  • Control manual, timed, or a pointer for presentation
  • No onboarding product training

Price to Upgrade: LibreOffice Impress remains 100% free!

Final Judgement

The main takeaway from all of this? There are a lot of free powerpoint alternatives out there, some with more free features than others, so it really depends on what your preferences are in terms of usability, export options, design quality, et cetera. The demand for smarter presentation programs is slowly increasing, especially as these new free powerpoint alternatives focus on ease of use so the learning curve is minimal. Speaking broadly, free PowerPoint alternatives win over users who want professionally designed presentations with less effort and legwork. From simple interfaces, to advanced customizations and design automation, there's a smorgasbord of solutions out there so we suggest you start with the first powerpoint alternative listed, , and work your way down until you find something that works. If you’re curious how measures up against PowerPoint, check out our comparison battle here .

Maria Bell

Maria Bell is a content strategist for SaaS, e-commerce and technology companies based in San Francisco. You can find her at

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Best free presentation software of 2024

Find an alternative to PowerPoint

Best overall

Best for speed, best for functionality, best for collaboration, best user interface.

  • How we test

The best free presentation software makes it simple and easy to create presentations as an alternative to subscribing to Microsoft PowerPoint.

A person doing a presentation on a whiteboard.

1. Best overall 2. Best for speed 3. Best for functionality 4. Best for collaboration 5. Best user interface 6. FAQs 7. How we test

While PowerPoint is the market leader when it comes to presentation software, some people may be unwilling to subscribe to a Microsoft 365 subscription, especially if they don't expect to need to use it very often.

However, there are plenty of great alternatives to PowerPoint available for free that you can use. While these won't have the same advanced features as PowerPoint, they still offer a very competent platform to design most any presentation that you need.

To help you choose, we've listed below the best free presentation software currently available.

Add images to your presentations using the best free photo editor .

Google Apps

Google Workspace : Collaboration + productivity apps There are many different presentation software packages but Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite remains the original cloud office software and one of the best business office suites, offering a huge range of features and functionality that rivals can't match, especially when it comes to presentation software. Try it free for 14 days .

The best free presentation software of 2024 in full:

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

Prezi website screenshot

Our expert review:

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid.

Prezi turns the traditional approach to presentations on its head. Instead of creating slide after slide, this presentation software gives you a single giant canvas. You can add blocks of text or images, or even create miniature slides. During your presentation, you can seamlessly fly around the canvas and zoom in to look at individual chunks of content.

For how complex Prezi seems, it’s impressively simple to use the platform. The only major divergence from Microsoft PowerPoint is that you need to add animated paths from one part of the canvas to another. The tools for this are fairly straightforward, especially if you’ve ever used an animation or video editing software.

Of course, this type of presentation structure isn’t always ideal. Prezi makes it hard to visualize structured data like financials, which can make it difficult to use in business applications. Some viewers also might not appreciate the fly-around animation style that’s inherent to the presentation software.

Read our full Prezi review .

  • ^ Back to the top

Canva website screenshot

Canva is perfect for making speedy presentations right in your web browser. This software offers a handful of free layouts to help you get your slideshow started, and it’s easy to customize the templates to fit your needs. There isn’t a huge variety of content elements to add to your presentation, but Canva makes up for this with a searchable library of more than 1 million images you can use.

Your Canva presentations live online, which makes it extremely easy to collaborate. You can invite colleagues to edit your slideshow (although simultaneous editing is not supported) or seamlessly share your finished presentation. However, beware that Canva can’t import presentations from Microsoft Powerpoint or export finished work to a Powerpoint-editable format.

Read our full Canva review .

LibreOffice website screenshot

3. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, and it includes a Powerpoint equivalent called Impress with nearly all of the same functionality. The only big difference you’ll find between the two slideshow creation tools is the LibreOffice lacks some modern features like built-in collaboration and integration with Microsoft OneDrive.

However, Impress does have a few advantages of its own. The software can import files from Keynote, the default presentation software on Mac computers. Plus, there are hundreds of free templates that you can download for free. Even better, there’s no limit on what fonts you can use with Impress, so it’s easy to change the look of your presentation from what Powerpoint typically allows.

On the whole, LibreOffice Impress is about as close as it gets to simply replicating Microsoft Powerpoint for free.

Read our full LibreOffice review .

Google Slides website screenshot

4. Google Slides

Google Slides is part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and it does a nice job of matching a number of PowerPoint’s capabilities. This free presentation software supports embedding videos, creating diagrams, and adding animations to your slides. While the selection of templates is somewhat limited, you can easily import hundreds of additional templates for free or create your own.

Even better, Google Slides supports the collaboration tools users have come to expect from Google. Multiple people can work on a slideshow simultaneously, and there’s a built-in group chat so you can keep track of what everyone is doing. It’s also nice that you can play your presentation in presenter mode, which allows you to preview how it will look to your audience and rehearse timing.

The only downside to Google Slides is that bloated slideshows can experience some loading delays. Also beware that while you can move between Slides and Powerpoint, the conversion often messes with the layout of your slides.

Read our full Google Slides review .

WPS Office Free website screenshot

5. WPS Office Free

WPS Office Free is a Microsoft Office look-alike that fully support PowerPoint files without any layout issues during import. The WPS Presentation tool has all of the same capabilities of PowerPoint, including tons of animations, slide transitions, content effects, and video embedding. The selection of included presentation templates is also very impressive for a free software.

One of the best things about this presentation software is that the user interface will feel incredibly familiar if you’re coming from Microsoft. All of the tools are displayed in a top ribbon, with your slides shown on the left side of the screen for easy navigation. It’s simple to display your presentation right from WPS Presentation, which means there’s no unexpected troubleshooting when it’s time to show off your work.

There’s not much to dislike about WPS Presentation. However, keep in mind that the software is supported by ads. Some users find the ads annoying, but they’re not overly in the way.

Read our full WPS Office Free review .

We've also featured the best free office software .

Best free presentation software FAQs

Which alternative to powerpoint is best for you.

When deciding which alternative to PowerPoint to download and use, first consider what your actual needs are, as sometimes free platforms may only provide basic options, so if you need to use advanced tools you may find a paid platform is much more worthwhile. Additionally, free and budget software options can sometimes prove limited when it comes to the variety of tools available, while higher-end software can really cater for every need, so do ensure you have a good idea of which features you think you may require.

How we test the best free presentation software

To test for the best free presentation software we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, whether as a download or as an online service. We then tested the service to see how the software could be used for different purposes and in different situations. The aim was to push each software platform to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced tools.

Read how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar .  

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powerpoint alternative for mac users

The 7 Best Free Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives for Your Mac

Need a free Microsoft Office alternative for your Mac? Check out these great Mac office suites that you can use at no cost.

It's fairly easy to leave Windows behind. Just buy a Mac, take a few days to settle in, and never look back. But for Microsoft Office users who don't have a Microsoft 365 subscription, buying Office for your Mac again can be a costly hassle.

If you work in a traditional office environment that runs on Excel and Word, you might have to appease your coworkers. But if you've outgrown that world and still need to edit Office documents every now and then without buying a Microsoft 365 subscription, here are your best free Office and Microsoft Word alternatives for your Mac.

1. Google Suite

If you're going to let go of the Microsoft world and you're looking for a free word processor for your Mac, your best bet is to join the Google alliance. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are the Mac and Windows equivalents and the three direct alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—they're essentially free Office for your Mac!

There's no real alternative to Outlook beyond Gmail, and you can get OneNote on Mac for free. Google's suite is really good and integrates well with your Google account. You'll be able to open an Excel file you received via Gmail in Google Sheets, which is essentially just a free version of Excel.

You can easily import Microsoft Office files to work on them, then export them again in Microsoft Office formats to pass them around. And if you're doing fairly basic stuff with standard fonts and formatting, you can get away with it; the other party will never find out you're not using Microsoft Office.

In some ways, Google Docs is more powerful than Microsoft Word. There's an extensive add-on gallery, beautiful templates, superior research tools built-in, and Google search capabilities to boot. All of these amazing features essentially make Google Docs a free version of Word for your Mac.

Plus, there's the advantage of Google's cloud prowess. Collaborating with multiple users simultaneously in a document is pure joy. It's a little benefit, but it does wonders for productivity.

The entire suite is free, with 15GB of storage included. The only problem is that there's no real desktop app for any of these—though you can work offline on documents in Chrome or Microsoft Edge by enabling the Offline setting in Google Drive .

Visit: Google Docs | Google Sheets | Google Slides (Free)

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is widely recognized as the best open-source alternative to the Microsoft Office 365 suite. This means it's completely free and available on a host of platforms. It's by far one of the best Microsoft Office 365 alternatives for Mac users.

If you're used to the Microsoft Office user interface (pre-Ribbon era), it won't take you long to adjust to LibreOffice. Unlike Google's apps, the LibreOffice suite comes with featured-packed offline desktop apps with all the pro features you expect.

To make the deal even sweeter, LibreOffice recently added an online component. So you can sync files from Google Drive or OneDrive and edit them right in LibreOffice (there's no collaboration feature, though).

LibreOffice also does a good job in regards to formatting when importing Microsoft Office documents. Even complex Excel spreadsheets imported into LibreOffice Calc work as they should.

LibreOffice actually grew out of OpenOffice, which used to be the de facto alternative to Microsoft Office. But OpenOffice hasn't seen any meaningful updates recently, and its management is considering retiring the project. So we advise you to stay away from OpenOffice. Conversely, LibreOffice's track record in the recent past has been great.

Download: LibreOffice (Free)

3. iWork Suite

Included with your Mac is the iWork suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. These are Apple's own alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Pages, for instance, is one of the best Word alternatives for Mac users.

As these are Mac-centric apps, the UI is quite different. Instead of being top-heavy, the options show up in a contextual menu on the side. And you don't have as many options as the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Since all three apps are now matured, all the basics are covered.

Once you get used to them, they're actually pleasant to use (something we can't necessarily say about Microsoft Office 365). While customization options are limited, everything that's available is quite polished.

When you create something in Keynote , chances are you'll end up creating something beautiful. The same goes with Pages—moving text, images, and graphs around is a seamless experience that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out.

The iWork suite lets you import and export documents in Microsoft Office formats (it will save to the iWork format by default, though). And as long as you don't use a Mac-specific font, going back-and-forth with Office documents shouldn't be a big problem.

iWork also has online collaboration options but, frankly, I wouldn't recommend using them. They're nowhere near as reliable as Google's offering.

Download: Pages | Numbers | Keynote (Free)

4. Microsoft 365 Online

When nothing else will do, and you still need a free version of Office for your Mac, you can head over to the Microsoft 365 website . It essentially gives you access to Microsoft Office on your Mac with limited features for free. It's the web-based version of the basic Microsoft Office service, which works in any browser.

While the feature set is limited, the basics of document editing, spreadsheet formulas, and presentation options are all covered. You'll get free access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Just go to the link below and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Visit: Microsoft 365 Online (Free)

5. WPS Office Suite

WPS Office is a visually appealing yet powerful Microsoft Office 365 alternative for your Mac. It includes Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet with a user interface similar to Microsoft Office, which may shorten your learning curve. WPS Office supports a wide range of formats, including DOCX, HTML, XLSX, PPT, CSV, and others, as well as multiple languages.

Besides macOS, it is available on major platforms such as Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can also find helpful tools for file conversions, adding watermarks, extracting text from files, and much more. WPS Office also has an extensive library of creative templates if you don't know where to begin.

WPS Office is free with limited functionality and ads for everyone; however, if you want to remove ads and unlock additional features such as PDF editing, file format conversion, and cloud collaboration, you'll need to purchase the WPS Pro subscription, which costs $9.99 for three months or $17.99 per year.

Download: WPS Office (Free, subscription available)

6. Ditch PowerPoint for Better Online Tools

PowerPoint is powerful, but it's also pretty old-school. If you want to stand out with your presentations, try some more modern online presentation tools :

  • Slides : This is my personal favorite for creating beautiful presentations easily. The free account lets you create and present documents online. To export, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account.
  • Prezi : While this service is geared more towards startups, the visual tools offered by Prezi are beyond anything you can get with PowerPoint.
  • Canva : Canva is an online image editor, but it has an extensive library of presentation templates. Plus, Canva gives you all the important tools for creating a customized presentation.

7. Embrace Markdown

This is an idea purely out of the left field. If you have given up Windows and are embracing the Mac platform, you must have started appreciating macOS's simplicity by now. If you want more of that for creating and editing plain text documents, you should try using Markdown.

Markdown is a syntax like HTML, but it's much simpler. When you use a Markdown app to write, you don't get lost in dozens of menu options. All the formatting happens using shortcodes. So, for example, to make a word italic, you wrap it with asterisks.

You can create a complex formatted document without ever moving your hands away from the keyboard. Plus, Markdown exports as clean HTML, and you can generate beautiful PDFs using apps like iA Writer and Ulysses .

Use Microsoft Office 365 Without Paying for It

Buying the most recent version of Microsoft Office will cost you a few hundred dollars (or a subscription to Microsoft 365). Most of the time, the options listed above will suffice for you.

Google Docs works as a great alternative to Word, and the same goes for Google Sheets, which you can use instead of Excel. If you're looking for offline alternatives, LibreOffice should be more than enough.

But there might be times when you have to use Office for a particular task or for a limited period of time. In this case, you may be able to pick up a cheap Office license, or with some research, you could get Word for free on your Mac.

Best Microsoft Office alternatives for Mac

powerpoint alternative for mac users

You don't have to leave Microsoft Office if you decide to switch from PC to Mac. Microsoft has a perfectly good version of Office 365 for Mac that comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more. If you've been thinking about switching away from the Office productivity suite, there are alternatives that offer many of the features you love in Microsoft's programs, plus some features you can't get anywhere else.

iWork Suite

  • OpenOffice 2016
  • LibreOffice Vanilla

Google Docs


Apple's alternative to Office is iWork. It's the most comparable alternative to Microsoft's productivity suite, only it comes free with every Mac. The interface is different, and will take some time to get used to, but if you're really interested in kicking Office to the curb, the iWork suite is the best alternative on Mac.

If you're ready for change, and Office's user interface, design, and tools aren't burned into your psyche, get Apple's iWork suite of apps. It comes preinstalled on new Macs, but you can also find it in the Mac App Store.

  • Pages - Download now
  • Numbers- Download now
  • Keynote - Download now


OpenOffice by Apache is probably the most similar to Microsoft Office in look and design. It comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet maker, and a presentation creator, all with many of the same features their Office counterparts have. Files are saved as open document format files, so they can be opened with any document viewer, including Office apps, without needing to be converted first. The best part is that OpenOffice is completely free.

If you're looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office that looks and works pretty much exactly the same, but doesn't cost a dime, OpenOffice is for you.

See at OpenOffice



LibreOffice is an open source productivity suite very similar to Microsoft Office that comes with a word processor, spreadsheet maker, and presentation creator. It also includes a vector graphics editor, a math formula editor, and a database manager. Files are saved as open document format files, so you can open them with any document viewer, including Office apps, without needing to be converted first, though it does provide tools for saving a document as an Office-specific file. LibreOffice is totally free. It is very similar in design to Microsoft Office, with some minor differences in the design.

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LibreOffice is a solid replacement for the Office apps and includes some useful extra programs that Office doesn't even have.

See at LibreOffice

Google Docs

Google Docs is the easiest replacement for Microsoft office because it's so accessible. If you have a Gmail account, or a Google Hangouts account, or a YouTube account, you have Google Docs. Just visit the web-based app from your browser and you can create word processor documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There is a Google Drive app you can download onto Mac so you can work offline. The changes will be made when your Mac is back online. Google Docs doesn't look at all like Microsoft Office, and has a very different user interface, but it does have many of the same, familiar features you know from Office.

The thing that makes Google Docs so useful, however, is it's real-time collaboration, which works seamlessly with multiple users. I've worked alongside a dozen other people in one document. I am able to see where everyone is within the documents and can see exactly when changes are made.

If you're looking for a very easy to use Office replacement that is ideal for working with others in real-time, you'll be pleased with Google Docs.

See at Google

What's your pick?

Do you use a Microsoft Office alternative you'd recommend to our readers that are new to Mac or just want to switch from Microsoft? Put your suggestion in the comments below and tell us why its the one you chose.

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powerpoint alternative for mac users

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10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives in 2024

Picture of Kevin Frei

  • December 1, 2023

PowerPoint has long been the go-to tool for presentations, but as we step into 2024, there’s a growing demand for more engaging and visually appealing slides. People are looking beyond the basic animations offered by PowerPoint and seeking alternatives that bring interactivity, bold designs, and a touch of entertainment to their presentations.

In this article, we’ll explore the best PowerPoint alternatives in 2024 that can effortlessly elevate your presentations from mundane to attention-grabbing. Let’s dive into the evolving landscape of presentation-making for a more captivating and effective communication experience.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint? 

Microsoft PowerPoint, a benchmark in the best presentation software category, excels in traditional presentations. It’s known for blending PowerPoint features like multimedia and design with online presentation capabilities, ideal for users who prioritize reliability and a comprehensive toolset.

This software is a hub of essential features like diverse slide templates, animations, and transitions, which are vital for any presentation. Its ability to integrate multimedia seamlessly, robust collaboration tools, and compatibility with MS Office positions PowerPoint as a leader in online and offline presentation solutions.

However, this software has been suffering from its decades of success. Users have been trying to spice up standard presentations in terms of design, workflow, and effectiveness. Although reliable, PowerPoint might not be for everyone. 

  • Widely adopted in various organizations.
  • Rich online learning resources.
  • Stable performance and consistent features.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft tools.
  • User-friendly and adaptable for different presentations.
  • Simplifies video and photo integration.
  • Effortless text editing.
  • Performance issues with heavy content.
  • Limited community template options.
  • Complex real-time collaboration.
  • Restricted customization and interactivity.
  • Limited non-MS product integration.
  • Challenges in presenting complex data.

Pricing & Plans: 

  • 365 Home ($6.99/month)
  • 365 Business ($6/month)
  • PowerPoint Only ($159.99)

Are you looking to add more animation options or want to create presentations in seconds? Here is the list of best PowerPoint alternatives in 2024: 

  • Google Slides – Best for free collaboration tool
  • Prezi – Best for non-linear presentations
  • Canva – Best for drag and drag design
  • – Best for auto-formatting
  • Apple Keynote – Best presenter tool for Mac
  • Mentimeter – Best for audience interaction
  • Zoho Show – Best for clean and modern interface
  • Visme – Best for third-party integration
  • Vyond – Best for e-learning and training
  • Microsoft Sway – Best for digital story telling

1. Google Slides

google slides

As the best free online presentation tool, Google Slides excels in academic and professional contexts, including lesson planning and corporate use. Its hallmark feature is unparalleled real-time collaboration, accessible to everyone on any device, even without a Google account, perfect for teams to collaborate cost-effectively. 

Google Slides offers an array of features similar to PowerPoint, optimized for online use, including online syncing, interactive comments and suggestions, and Google Meet integrations. Users benefit from easy embedding, sharing options, PowerPoint support,  diverse templates, and YouTube video integration.

  • Comprehensive features in a free package.
  • Accessible, device-agnostic, real-time collaboration.
  • Easy-to-manage permission controls.
  • Cloud-based, with automatic saving and sharing.
  • Embeddable presentations for broader accessibility.
  • Intuitive for experienced presentation tool users.
  • Completely free. 
  • Limited in templates and advanced design.
  • Basic in transitions and animations.
  • Requires indirect audio file integration.
  • Needs additional tweaks and add-ons.
  • Performance lags with larger files.
  • Free (Browser-Based)

Customer Ratings:

  • G2:  4.6 out of 5 (42,222 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.6 out of 5 (6,358 reviews)

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Prezi transforms PowerPoint presentations with its unique, non-linear approach, ideal for dynamic business and educational settings. This tool allows users to create presentations that stand out with zooming and panning features, perfect for professionals and educators who need visually engaging and interactive content.

This tool enhances the art of creating presentations with features such as PowerPoint import, presenter view with a timer, and video embedding. Its mobile accessibility and features like zooming and free movement bring data visualizations to life, making every presentation a memorable experience.

  • Seamless content and video transitions.
  • Showcases connections between topics.
  • Automatic timer for presentation pacing.
  • Interactive and visually captivating.
  • Diverse, engaging slide designs.
  • It is less suitable for presentations with many slides.
  • It can become cluttered with excessive content.
  • Slower performance on desktop.
  • Steeper learning curve than alternatives.
  • Missing some traditional presentation tools.
  • Only available with an annual subscription.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Basic (Free)
  • Standard ($7)
  • Premium ($19)
  • Teams ($29/user)
  • G2:  4.2 out of 5 (5,193 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.5 out of 5 (2,153 reviews)


Canva is inherently not a presentation tool, but its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows even novices to craft presentations with professional designs. This makes it an excellent choice for corporate users, marketers, and individuals seeking an accessible platform for visually compelling content.

Canva offers quick photo editing, premium content, and a vast selection of templates. Its drag-and-drop functionality simplifies design while resizing designs and branding tools, making it an excellent alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint for creating diverse content.

  • Accessible for non-graphic experts.
  • Extensive content and templates are available.
  • Versatile for various design needs.
  • Cloud-based for easy access and storage.
  • Reliable editing tools like background remover.
  • File size limitations for power users.
  • There are occasional software crashes.
  • Some issues with customer service.
  • Requires active internet connection.
  • It is more suited for basic than professional editing.
  • Canva Pro ($14.99)
  • Canva for Teams ($29.99)
  • G2:  4.7 out of 5 (4,435 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.7 out of 5 (11,586 reviews)


beautiful ai is a PowerPoint alternative that is popular in the fields of sales, marketing, and education. Its AI-driven design automation offers quick, professional-looking presentations with minimal effort.

This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to provide professional-looking templates and effortless auto-formatting for presentations. Creating engaging presentation templates is easy with its branding options, audio recording, and integrations with Dropbox and Slack.

  • Simplifies crafting impactful presentations.
  • Easy sharing and effective formatting.
  • The rapid development of uniform slides.
  • Streamlines collaboration across teams.
  • Content-focused with helpful analytics.
  • AI can occasionally be slow to respond.
  • User experiences may require more customization.
  • Primarily suited for marketing presentations.
  • Limited capabilities for educational aids.
  • Optimal for presentations with less content.
  • Enterprise (Contact Sales)
  • G2:  4.7 out of 5 (174 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.7 out of 5 (75 reviews)

5. Apple Keynote

apple keynote

Apple Keynote , a premier design tool for Mac users, excels in creating visually stunning presentations. It’s perfect for dynamic backgrounds, live video feeds, and smooth playback. This slide deck solution integrates seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, offering users advanced design and delivery options.

Keynote stands out with its frequent updates and collaboration tools, making it a versatile choice for Mac enthusiasts. Its features, including dynamic backgrounds and live video integrations, can enhance any slide deck.

  • Pre-installed, easy-to-use design tool.
  • Controls via Apple Watch.
  • Syncs across Apple devices.
  • Streamlined slide deck creation.
  • Export issues with non-Apple formats.
  • Limited animations and templates.
  • Free (For Mac Users)
  • G2:  4.4 out of 5 (525 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.8 out of 5 (122 reviews)

6. Mentimeter


Mentimeter is a dynamic tool for engaging audiences in various settings like brainstorming, feedback sessions, and educational environments. Interactive features like Q&As, polls, quizzes, and visualizations engage audiences and provide instant feedback to presenters.

With Mentimeter, creating interactive presentations is easy thanks to its visually compelling features like live polling, word clouds, and quizzes. Blending surveys and quizzes directly into presentations enhances audience participation without leaving the slide show.

  • Rolls out updates that a lot of users like. 
  • Real-time polls and feedback.
  • Interactive and fun for learners.
  • Seamless integration and implementation.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Delay in showing poll results.
  • Limited integration with PowerPoint.
  • Restricted customization in Word Cloud.
  • No picture can be used in the free version.
  • Occasional integration issues.
  • Basic ($11.99)
  • Pro ($24.99)
  • G2:  4.5 out of 5 (115 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.5 out of 5 (87 reviews)

7. Zoho Show

zoho show

Zoho Show is highly recommended for its clean and modern interface, making it a standout choice for corporate users and teams. It excels in collaboration, communication, and follow-up within a business context. This user-friendly PowerPoint alternative is cloud-based and offers an efficient way for streamlined and modern presentations.

Zoho Show simplifies presentation creation with its user-friendly interface and diverse features like data fields, add-ons, and a rich library. It facilitates real-time collaboration and broadcasting, allowing teams to work together seamlessly. 

  • Wide range of templates and color schemes
  • Regularly updated themes, easy to use
  • User-friendly interface for presentation design
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Elegant inbuilt animations
  • Requires stable internet, crashes otherwise
  • Slower than Google Slides
  • No offline desktop application
  • Online saving requires Zoho Drive
  • Needs WorkDrive/WorkSpace subscription for Pro
  • Zoho Show Free
  • Professional Plan ($2.50) (Requires Zoho WorkDrive subscription)
  • G2:  4.4 out of 5 (65 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.6 out of 5 (26 reviews)


Visme excels in blending third-party integration with a cloud-based, drag-and-drop interface, making it a top choice for creating diverse and visually appealing content. From infographics and data visualizations to dynamic presentations and reports, Visme is tailored for users looking to craft compelling visuals.

Its robust features, such as data fields, add-ons, extensive libraries, and interactive animations, empower users to create high-quality content easily. Visme’s collaboration and broadcast capabilities enhance its utility, making it perfect for producing consistent and engaging presentations and documents.

  • Suitable for users with technical expertise
  • High-definition templates for sharp visuals
  • Simplifies maintaining document consistency
  • AI tool and extensive photo library
  • Versatile for various content types
  • Challenges in standardizing formatting
  • Animated screens resize during presentations
  • Has a steep learning curve for less tech-savvy
  • Occasional glitches and slow performance
  • Complicated graphic management
  • Starter ($29)
  • Visme for Teams (Contact Sales
  • G2:  4.5 out of 5 (383 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.5 out of 5 (647 reviews)


Vyond is a dynamic tool favored by trainers and educators for transforming mundane lessons into captivating, animated video experiences. It is a great tool for enhancing educational content through visual storytelling, especially for complex software demos and explainer videos.

Utilizing Vyond’s AI-driven video creation, educators can effortlessly produce animated content that resonates with their audience. The Character Creator and extensive Props Library allow for deep customization, while Automatic Captioning ensures accessibility. 

  • Enhances curriculum with engaging content
  • User-friendly for non-animators doing visual content.
  • Simplifies complex concepts visually
  • Frequent updates add new learning dimensions
  • Ideal for corporate training videos
  • High cost compared to similar tools
  • Helpful features are limited to premium plans
  • Pre-animated character motions can be restrictive
  • Essential ($49)
  • Premium ($89)
  • Professional ($179)
  • G2:  4.7 out of 5 (274 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.7 out of 5 (244 reviews)

10. Microsoft Sway

microsoft sway

Microsoft Sway , a free presentation software, excels in crafting digital stories like newsletters and business presentations. Known for its easy-to-use, web-based interface, it offers professionally designed slides and templates, making it ideal for those who value a mix of simplicity and design in their presentation space.

As a free PowerPoint alternative, Sway’s Web-Based Canvas simplifies the creation of multimedia-rich content. Its Design Engine makes it easy to achieve a professional look, while Responsive UI and Closed Captioning make presentations accessible and engaging. 

  • Offers an array of professionally designed slides
  • Ideal for business and e-portfolios
  • Generates visually striking content
  • Free, user-friendly software
  • Enhances reports and presentations
  • Customization has a learning curve
  • It can be slow when embedded in web pages
  • Limited image resizing in templates
  • Free (Requires Microsoft Account)
  • G2:  4.1 out of 5 (117 reviews)
  • Capterra:  4.1 out of 5 (9 reviews)

Tips for Transitioning to PowerPoint Alternatives

Here are the factors to consider when choosing PowerPoint alternatives:

  • Ease of use : Look for an alternative that allows you to create more intuitively, reducing the complexity often associated with presentation design.
  • Customizability : Your software choice should empower you to customize your presentation and edit your slides to fit your slides precisely to your requirements. 
  • Libraries and assets : Access to extensive libraries/assets provides a variety of design elements, enriching your presentations with professional visuals.
  • Price : Many alternatives are available for free, offering powerful features without the cost, making advanced presentation tools more accessible.
  • Templates: With an array of design options in templates, these tools simplify the creation process while offering diverse aesthetic choices.
  • Performance : Every PowerPoint alternative has specific performance capabilities, ensuring smooth operation for different presentation needs.
  • Versatility : These tools’ versatility aids in everything from crafting a presentation from scratch to optimizing the design process for basic presentations.

Presentations with Ahsuite 

We’ve taken a deep dive into some of the best PowerPoint alternatives. Most of these presentation software alternatives come with a free plan, are easy to work with and offer an array of presentation templates. 

Standard PowerPoint presentations rely on external tools (Microsoft or not). However, there are instances wherein using a dedicated app can kill the momentum of information and knowledge sharing. Tools like client portals remedy this by offering a centralized hub for all documents. 

Ahsuite is a free-to-use client portal that supports iframe embedding for top presentation software. It lets your clients view slides on the go without installing additional software. 

Experience firsthand how a centralized hub can impact your and your client’s workflow for free with the Ahsuite Starter Plan . 

Top 13 Popular PowerPoint Alternatives in 2024 

Top 13 Popular PowerPoint Alternatives in 2024 

Table of Contents

In the world of presentations, PowerPoint has been a popular choice for a long time. However, its limitations are becoming more noticeable as both presenters and audiences seek more advanced options. There’s a growing demand for presentation tools that are engaging, dynamic, and easy to use. Many people have experienced the boredom of static slides and too much information on one screen, which can make presentations feel overwhelming.

Luckily, there are now many other presentation software options available, each with its own unique features. These alternatives offer things like better design, interaction with the audience in real-time, and the ability to include multimedia seamlessly. They’re changing the way presentations are done.

This article will look at a selection of these PowerPoint alternatives, each with its own strengths. Whether you’re looking for a sleek design, collaboration features, or exciting animations, there’s presentation software out there to suit your needs. Let’s explore the world beyond PowerPoint together.

PowerPoint Alternatives: Finding The Best Option For Beautiful And Engaging Presentations 

Choosing the right PowerPoint alternative can be a bit overwhelming with so many options out there. To find the best presentation software for you, it’s important to compare features like templates, design elements, collaboration tools, and mobile support. By looking into these features, you can find a PowerPoint alternative that suits your needs and improves your presentations. Let’s dive in and take a look at some options. 

1. Google Slides

Google Slides is a web-based presentation tool included in the Google Workspace suite, enabling seamless collaboration and creation of presentations.

Key Features: Notable features include real-time collaboration, integration with Google Workspace, accessibility from any device, diverse template selection, and the ability to import PowerPoint presentations.

Advantages: It’s free to use, integrates smoothly with Google Workspace, supports multiple users editing at once, and works on all devices.

Limitations: Despite its strengths, Google Slides may lack some advanced animation and design functionalities present in other presentation software options.

Cost: Google Slides is available for free with a Google account.

Ideal Users: It is particularly suitable for teams seeking a straightforward and collaborative presentation tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace.

While Google Slides is a great tool, SlidesAI can add some helpful features. Our extension uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks, suggest creative content, and recommend design improvements. With SlidesAI, you can create presentations faster and explore design options that might not have occurred to you before. It can be a valuable tool to take your Google Slides presentations to the next level.

2. Mentimeter 

Mentimeter is a platform designed to engage audiences through live polls, quizzes, and real-time feedback accessible on their mobile devices. It operates on the cloud, eliminating the need for participants to download additional apps.

Key Features:

Mentimeter offers live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&A sessions, and real-time feedback, and integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint presentations.


This platform excels in interactivity, user-friendliness, and enhancing audience engagement, making it suitable for both in-person and virtual gatherings.


While Mentimeter offers a free plan, customization options are limited, and consistent internet access is required for both presenters and participants.

Mentimeter offers a free plan with paid options starting at $9.99 per month. Paid plans unlock additional features such as diverse question types and enhanced customization capabilities.

Ideal Usage:

Mentimeter is ideal for interactive meetings, workshops, conferences, and classrooms where audience engagement and immediate feedback are essential.

Keynote is Apple’s well-regarded presentation software, known for its impressive graphic features and smooth animations. It’s available for Mac and iOS devices and comes with a variety of useful features including cinematic transitions, object animations, real-time collaboration via iCloud, and a range of templates.

Keynote offers high-quality animations and design options with an easy-to-use interface. It seamlessly integrates with other Apple devices, enhancing user experience.


One downside is its exclusivity to Apple devices, limiting access for users on other platforms.

Keynote is free for users of Apple devices, making it an appealing choice for those already invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Ideal Users:

Best suited for Apple users who want to create visually appealing presentations with sophisticated design and animation features.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that moves beyond traditional slide-by-slide presentations. Instead, it utilizes a single canvas that zooms in and out on various parts of the content.

Features: Prezi offers non-linear presentations, a zoomable user interface, collaboration tools, and Prezi Video for incorporating video content into presentations.

Strengths: Prezi allows for dynamic and visually engaging presentations, seamlessly integrating big-picture concepts with detailed information.

Weaknesses: For first-time users, Prezi may pose a learning challenge, and some viewers may experience motion sickness due to its zooming motion.

Price: Prezi provides a free basic plan, with paid plans starting at $7 per month. Paid plans include additional features like privacy controls and offline access.

Best for: Prezi is ideal for presentations that require a more dynamic and visually engaging approach compared to traditional slide presentations.

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool with built-in presentation features, offering a wide range of professional templates.

Key Features : It includes thousands of customizable templates, a simple drag-and-drop editor, collaboration tools for team projects, and an option for more advanced needs with Canva for Work.

Strengths : Canva provides an extensive selection of design options, making it accessible to users with varying levels of design experience. It supports different types of content, such as images and videos, allowing for creative versatility.

Weaknesses: While the free version offers many features, some advanced functionalities require a Pro subscription. Additionally, Canva’s animation and transition capabilities may not be as robust as those found in dedicated presentation software.

Pricing : Canva offers a free basic version, with the Pro subscription priced at $119.99 per year, offering additional features like the Brand Kit and premium templates.

Ideal Users: Canva is suitable for users who prioritize ease of use and professional-looking designs. It caters to individuals and organizations in marketing, education, and small businesses seeking visually appealing presentations.

6. Beautiful.AI

Beautiful.AI is a presentation tool driven by artificial intelligence, designed to simplify the process of creating professional-looking slides quickly.

Key Features : The platform offers smart templates that adjust as you add content, along with AI-powered design for automated layout adjustments and collaboration tools.

Strengths : Users benefit from significant time savings thanks to the AI-powered features, making it easy to create polished and consistent presentations.

Weaknesses : Some users may find that they have less control over specific design elements compared to manual design tools, and there is a limited variety of templates available.

Pricing : Starting at $12 per month for the basic plan, users get unlimited slides and AI content generation.

Ideal User : is best suited for professionals and teams who need to create impressive presentations quickly, even if they lack extensive design skills.

Vyond is a cloud-based platform that lets users create animated video presentations. It allows you to tell stories using customizable characters, props, and scenes.

Features : Vyond offers customizable characters, a wide range of animations, voice-over capabilities, a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, and the ability to integrate with other tools.

Strengths: Vyond makes it easy to create engaging animated video presentations. It provides a variety of assets and templates, and its user-friendly interface means you don’t need animation skills to use it.

Weaknesses: Compared to basic presentation software, Vyond comes with a higher price point. Creating animations may also take more time than traditional slide-based presentations.

Price : Vyond’s Essentials plan starts at $299/year, with more advanced features available in the Premium and Professional plans.

Best for: Vyond is suitable for marketing professionals, educators, and businesses looking to create engaging animated videos for training, promotions, or explanations.

8. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is an online tool for creating, editing, and delivering presentations collaboratively.

Features: It allows real-time collaboration, works well with Zoho’s suite and other platforms, provides various themes and templates, and enables live presentation broadcasting.

Strengths : Zoho Show supports team collaboration, is accessible from anywhere, offers an easy-to-use interface, and integrates smoothly with other Zoho apps.

Weaknesses : It may lack some advanced features compared to competitors, and its range of templates might be limited.

Price : It’s free to use with a Zoho account, and additional features are available through premium plans.

Best for : Zoho Show is suitable for teams and individuals already using Zoho’s products or anyone in need of a straightforward, collaborative presentation tool.

Emaze is an online presentation software designed to help users create visually captivating presentations. It offers a diverse selection of design templates and animated effects to enhance the overall appeal of presentations.

Emaze boasts an extensive library of templates, including options for 3D designs and video backgrounds. The use of HTML5 technology ensures compatibility across various platforms. Additionally, the platform provides automatic translation capabilities and analytics tools for monitoring presentation views.

One of Emaze’s standout features is its collection of unique and creative templates, setting it apart from other presentation tools. The platform emphasizes user-friendly design, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.

While Emaze offers a range of templates, some users may find the platform less intuitive compared to other presentation software. Additionally, customization options may be limited for certain templates, restricting users’ ability to tailor presentations to their exact specifications.

Emaze offers a basic free plan for users, with paid subscription options starting at $13 per month. Paid plans include additional features such as privacy settings, offline viewing capabilities, and advanced analytics tools.

Emaze is well-suited for individuals seeking to create visually striking presentations with minimal effort. It caters to a wide range of users, including those in education, business, and creative fields.

10 .  Focusky

Focusky is a versatile tool for creating presentations and animated videos, offering a dynamic platform for sharing ideas. It features unique zooming and panning effects, enhancing the visual appeal of presentations.

  • 3D transition effects
  • Video backgrounds
  • Built-in word art
  • Recording narration
  • Extensive library of templates and characters

Focusky’s standout feature is its engaging zooming and panning effects, which make presentations memorable. It also offers a variety of visual assets and supports multimedia content integration.

Users who are new to non-linear presentation styles may find Focusky challenging to navigate initially. Some users may also feel overwhelmed by the abundance of features.

Focusky offers a free version with basic features. Paid plans start at $99 per year, providing access to more advanced functionalities and assets.

Focusky is suitable for educators, marketers, and creative professionals seeking a more dynamic alternative to traditional slide presentations.

11. SlideDog

SlideDog offers a distinct feature by enabling users to effortlessly combine different types of media into a single multimedia presentation.

Features:  It supports a variety of file formats, including PowerPoint, Prezi, PDFs, videos, and web pages. SlideDog also includes features for live sharing and audience interaction, along with playlist functionality for organizing presentation content.

Strengths:  SlideDog excels in its ability to integrate multiple formats into a cohesive presentation. It allows for real-time sharing with audiences and offers interactive features to enhance viewer engagement.

Weaknesses:  One drawback is that SlideDog relies on external applications for content creation and lacks built-in design tools. Additionally, managing multiple file types may pose some challenges for users.

Price:  SlideDog provides a free version, with the option to upgrade to the Pro version for $99 per year. The Pro version offers additional features such as offline playback and enhanced audience engagement tools.

Best for:  SlideDog is ideal for presenters who need to seamlessly integrate various types of content into their presentations. It is particularly suited for conferences, meetings, and educational settings.

Visme is a versatile tool designed for creating presentations, infographics, reports, and other visual content, with a focus on design and interactivity.

Key Features:  Visme offers a variety of templates and design elements, interactive features like pop-ups and rollover effects, analytics, content access control, and collaboration tools.

Strengths:  Visme stands out for its customization options, ability to create different types of content, and its emphasis on visual appeal and interactivity.

Weaknesses:  Some of the more advanced features require a paid plan, and users may find it challenging to fully utilize all of its capabilities.

Pricing:  Visme has a free basic plan, with paid options starting at $15 per month. Paid plans include access to more templates, assets, and features such as analytics and a brand kit.

Best for: Businesses

Loom provides a user-friendly platform for creating instant video recordings of screen activity, optionally incorporating webcam footage. It’s particularly useful for delivering presentations that require a personal touch or detailed explanations.

Loom offers simple screen recording, webcam integration, easy sharing via links, basic video editing tools, engagement metrics (views, reactions), and a comments section.

It simplifies the process of creating and sharing concise video explanations or presentations. Moreover, it enhances communication by adding a personal touch through video, supports asynchronous communication, and facilitates feedback collection directly on the video page.

While Loom is great for asynchronous video messaging, its interactive features for live presentations are limited. The platform is primarily designed for asynchronous communication rather than traditional interactive presentations.

Loom offers a free version with basic recording and sharing functionalities. The Pro version is available at $8 per user per month, offering additional features such as engagement insights, unlimited video length, and drawing tools.

Educators, team leaders, and professionals looking to convey concepts, provide feedback, or make announcements in a more engaging manner than text-based or traditional slide presentations. Loom is especially suited for tutorials, quick updates, and feedback sessions that benefit from visual and personalized communication.

Closing Thoughts

Presentation software has come a long way. Gone are the days of dull slides. These days, there are many tools available to help you create presentations that are both informative and engaging for your audience. Whether you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, or a platform with more advanced features, there’s an option out there for you. So explore what’s available and ditch the outdated slides for a more dynamic presentation style!

Save Time and Effortlessly Create Presentations with SlidesAI

App screenshot

Fat Stacks Blog

9 Powerful PowerPoint Alternatives for Presentations

PowerPoint on mobile device

Microsoft PowerPoint is an ubiquitous presentation tool that comes free with MS Office and can be downloaded to a Mac, PC or mobile device. It’s long been the favorite option for presentations that people share in classrooms, boardrooms and anywhere else a visual element is needed to summary and share information. Microsoft subscribers can save the file to OneDrive and access presentations from your cloud on any tablet, computer or phone.

PowerPoint lets users seamlessly go from the presentation platform to MS Word and Excel, which can embed PowerPoint elements and vice versa. Real-time co-authoring with comments gets input to the rest of the team quickly. Plus, it allows presenters to save, present and edit in the cloud for access anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Unfortunately, the program has been so overused that it’s become a bit staid, with few new templates offered with new version of the MS Office package. Also, it can be fussy and difficult to work with or prone to crashes at inopportune times.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to explore. Let’s take a look at 9 of them.

Top PowerPoint Alternatives

To help you understand your options, we’ve summarized the best alternatives and their feature below. The next time you need a presentation fast and PowerPoint lets you down, you’ll have a backup plan.


Visme is a drag-and-drop presentation tool based on cloud technology. It offers presenters the ability to make innovative presentations, as well as reports, product demos, infographics and even resumes. Its professional-level templates provide a welcome relief to the overexposed PowerPoint themes that never seem to change.

It has a more robust image library than PowerPoint, so creators choose from millions of shape icons, graph styling tools and images. There are hundreds of fonts in the package and a freestyle design area that lets users come up with any kind of design imaginable.

What it can do:

  • Add animation, interactivity to any item. Users can insert surveys, quizzes, call-to-action buttons and videos.
  • Analytics: Present combined project views in one place.
  • Create highly visual slides via drag-and-drop content with visual figures, maps, stats and pictographs.
  • HTML5-based, making it compatible with any browser or device.
  • Ability to import PowerPoint slides and files.
  • User decides who can access projects.
  • Present offline as an image, PDF or HTML5.
  • Publish and share URL or embed it into your site.
  • Search capability at slide level via a library with 900+ layouts
  • Searchable libraries include countless images and thousands of vector icons
  • Encourages collaboration with content management tools.

Pros: Extremely versatile and surpasses PowerPoint on the number of images and file stability.

Cons: Due to numerous options, it takes some time to fun all of its features.

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, educators, marketers and individuals or corporate teams

2. Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is a cloud-based presentation solution typically used as a mobile alternative for PowerPoint and Prezi. The simple but powerful interface includes 27 templates and 35 million publish-ready photos.

Busy users love that they can create presentations on the fly as well as access and edit presentations from their PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac or Chromebook. The templates have big bold text and strong visuals.

  • Includes Getty Images and graph creators for professional quality presentations.
  • Dynamic templates with bold text and strong visuals help make an impact.
  • Private talking points and transcripts can be published with the slides.
  • Export capability to Keynote PD or PowerPoint.
  • iPhone remote: View and edit decks from your mobile device.
  • View slide galleries with sample decks for inspiration.

Pros: Strong visuals

Cons: Customization is limited.

Ideal for: Traveling sales and business professionals


This easy-to-use tool uses HTML5, so it’s available on any browser or device, such as Chromebooks and tablets. This is for users who want to create presentations within minutes, Emaze features professional 2D and 3D templates, and the ability to create video presentations accessible from anywhere online.

  • Create presentations in minutes with easy templates.
  • Share presentations all over the world via an included translation tool.
  • Access decks anywhere thanks to its cloud-based software.
  • View and edit presentations from laptops, including tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Pros: Makes elegant visualizations with little effort, easier to use than PowerPoint

Cons: Not compatible with older devices, resource intensive and tends to monopolize memory

Ideal for: Users seeking easy-to-use 3D templates


Another cloud-based tool, Prezi is known for its nonlinear presentations. Presenters can pan and zoom without the visual effect of moving to a new slide.

  • Download for offline use.
  • Manage privacy setting.
  • Share for collaborating with others.
  • Store presentations in the cloud.
  • Advanced editing options for images.
  • Edit presentations from all your devices.

Pros: Conceptualization tool that creates nonlinear presentations

Cons : Not 100 percent customizable, solely creates non-linear presentations, causes motion sickness for some viewers

Ideal for: Speakers, students, educators, companies


Mac users rejoiced when this Apple alternative to PowerPoint came out. Keynote is sophisticated, sleek and intuitive. It lets users create interactive charts, add reflections and picture frames and produce presentations with cinematic transitions between slides. It doesn’t have the interactive capability of PowerPoint, which may not be ideal for business users.

  • Access 30 cinematic effects for objects and texts.
  • Access 30 polished templates.
  • Easily share for collaboration.
  • Import or edit PowerPoint decks or save Keynote decks as PowerPoint files.
  • Make animated charts.
  • View and edit from an iPad or iPhone.

Pros: PowerPoint compatible and great alternative for Apple fans

Cons: Desktop software in not available online; contains no slide library

Ideal for: Mac aficionados

6. Google Slides


Google’s offering in the presentation sphere is called Google Slides. This software is a user-friendly alternative to the more complex and resource intensive PowerPoint. The slick editor workspace lets creators add background images, has many designs and themes, and facilitate easy collaboration via 10 default slides. Google fans like this tool because it’s easy to use for those familiar with other Google tools.

Slides ability to display math formulas, which makes it attractive to teachers, students and academics.

What can it do:

  • Access to analytics and revision history.
  • Display math formulas.
  • Edit, access presentations from any device.
  • Fork presentations.
  • Manage privacy.
  • Ability to present offline.
  • Define a theme with the CSS editor.

Pros: User-friendly with beginner’s tutorial

Cons: Creates only linear presentations with limited interactivity and fewer templates than PowerPoint

Ideal for: Students, teachers, individuals

7. Slidedog


If you’ve ever had to go back and forth between a slide deck, website, PDF file of video player during a presentation, then you might want to check out this software. It could actually make you like giving multimedia dog and pony shows and exceeds PowerPoint on this point. With Slidedog, the audience doesn’t have to watch as you return to the desktop to access websites and other media.  This saves time and lets you come across as the most polished presenter in the room.

This multimedia presentation plat form lets you make seamless slideshows and gives you the ability to incorporate movie clips, PDF files, website, Prezi decks and PowerPoint elements in a playlist for your presentation.

  • Add polls during your presentation to promote and record attendee feedback.
  • Remote control your slides from a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Make custom presentation playlists to avoid constantly returning to the desktop to launch various tools.
  • Engage with participants via live chat or connect with all participates via the discussion tool.
  • Share slides real-time from anywhere.
  • View a separate presenter screen where you can take notes and view the slide thumbnails for a smoother presentation.

Pros: Creates seamless presentations using multiple media platforms

Cons: Doesn’t include a way to design slide content

Ideal for: Presenters working with many media formats where a smooth presentation is a priority: salespeople, trainers, software demonstrators

8. Slidebean


This tool is easier to user than PowerPoint, mainly because you don’t have to design slides from scratch. Instead, it comes with premade slides you copy content into hassle-free. It’s designed so that users just add their content and then the software does its magic and designs and formats the presentation.

This is a great feature for finance and business professionals called on to do a last-minute presentation of information that’s only available shortly before a meeting.

  • Provides access to thousands of icons
  • Access the actions of viewers during each presentation
  • Choose from several color palettes
  • Content templates for unique to business, marketing and startups
  • Stores past CSV data for chart use
  • Search for and insert images from an expansive gallery within the software
  • Share and collaborate presentation
  • Use chat feature to talk to individuals or the group

Pros: Ability to focus on content

Cons: No animation, no opportunity to design from the ground up

Ideal for: Last-minute presenters, those with little or no time

9. Zoho Show


Zoho Show gives users a traditional presentation tool they access online. Like the other choices, Zoho lets users to create and access decks from any browser or device as long as they’re connected to the internet. The old-school product appeals to those who aren’t ready to spend considerable time learning new software.

  • Apply eye-catching animation.
  • Embed live YouTube videos, tweets and Flickr images.
  • Publish slideshow on websites and blogs.
  • Import multiple file types, including .odp, .pptx, .ppt,.pps, .ppsx, and .sxi.
  • Use collaborative tools for others to edit and comment on your content.

Pros: It imports many file types and has a conferencing option

Cons: Limited animations and presentation functionality

Perfect for: Students, business users, educators

powerpoint alternative for mac users

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10 Best Mac PowerPoint Alternatives in 2024

Elise Williams

Elise Williams

Pdfelement-powerful and simple pdf editor.

Get started with the easiest way to manage PDFs with PDFelement!

So, you have converted your PDFs to PPT files using Adobe Acrobat and are now trying to run the presentation. But what if MS PowerPoint stops working? That's where Mac PowerPoint Alternatives come into the role.

There's no second thought that Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the leading and trustworthy presentation software available for Mac. But eventually, it is also prone to errors and technical glitches, which is why users must be aware of some of its alternatives to avoid any last-minute hustle.

This guide will walk you through the top 10 Mac PowerPoint alternatives in 2024. Here, we'll compare features and prices to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

In this article

Part 1. microsoft powerpoint for mac - create impactful presentations.

microsoft powerpoint for mac

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac is part of the Microsoft Office suite and a go-to app for presentations. It is used to create slideshows, which can be presented in person or over the internet. PowerPoint for Mac is equipped with various features, including slide transitions, animations, and multimedia support. It also has the ability to create presentations in Keynote format.

Main Features:

  • MS PowerPoint features beautiful designs, cinematic motion, 3D models, rich animations, and icons to bring your ideas into reality.
  • With PowerPoint for Mac, you can save documents to Microsoft OneDrive or other cloud-based storage options so you can access them whenever and wherever you want.
  • It has a Dark Mode that allows you to create presentations in low-light environments.

It is a user-friendly application.

The tool allows you to add comments or assign tasks for easy modification.

With MS PowerPoint for Mac, you can seamlessly work with others in real time to execute your ideas together and faster.

This application faces technical issues very often, thus raising the demand for Mac PowerPoint Alternatives .

It doesn't allow you to make changes to the slides while the presentation is going on.

Plans & Price: You'll have to purchase Microsoft Office 365 subscription, which is available at $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month. If you don't want to sign up for a subscription, you can opt for Office 2021 Suite for $149.99 (Office Home and Student 2021) and $249.99 (Office Home and Business 2021).

Part 2. Top 10 Mac PowerPoint Alternatives

Choosing the best presentation software can be overwhelming, owing to a myriad of options available on the market. Hence, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Mac PowerPoint Alternatives . Read their features and description thoroughly and make an appropriate choice.

mac powerpoint alternative

A leading online presentation tool, Prezi gives you absolute freedom from the sequential slide-deck format. It is an intuitive and dynamic interaction software that can help you streamline your workflow. Prezi allows users to create, edit, and share presentations in both online and offline modes.

Key Features

  • It offers an ample selection of beautiful templates.
  • This web-based presentation application can zoom in and out on your canvas with a virtual camera, thus making it easy to produce professional results.
  • Instead of traditional sequential slides, Prezi gives you an innovative canvas format to lay out your ideas in a non-linear fashion.

Plans & Price:

  • Plus (For Expert Visual Communications): $12/ mo
  • Standard (For Personal Use): $7/ mo
  • Premium (For Business Professionals): $16/ mo

 powerpoint alternative mac

Sozi is an open-source internet-based presentation application that uses JavaScript and SVG to play animated PPT files. The presentation content in Sozi is typically created using a vector graphics editor; hence it majorly focuses on graphics, rather than bullet points.

Key Features:

  • Sozi gives more of a poster view where you can freely lay out the content and information.
  • Since it mainly works on graphics, it allows you to focus on the elements you want to highlight while presenting the slides.

Plans & Price: It is available free of cost.

3. LibreOffice – Impress

powerpoint alternative macos

Counted among the best Mac PowerPoint Alternatives , LibreOffice - Impress is an open-source office suite that costs nothing to use yet has a feature set that gives stiff competition to Microsoft 365. This suite comprises a word processor called Writer, a presentation app called Impress, and a spreadsheet editor called Calc.

  • It has various editing and view modes, namely Normal, Outline, Notes, Handout, and Slide Sorter, which in turn makes editing easy and versatile.
  • The application allows you to work on various graphical formats.

Plans & Price: It is available for free.

ppt alternative mac

Marp is a Markdown Presentation Ecosystem that creates slides with Markdown. The tool is mainly created for software engineers and web designers to streamline the creation of presentations with customizable slide decks. It exports slides as PDFs, which you can then convert using any converter tool if required.

  • It is a cross-platform tool, that works on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • It supports two themes, namely Default and Gaia.
  • The tool offers a Live preview with 3 different modes.

Plans & Price: Open-Source and free of cost

5. Reveal.js

 powerpoint alternative for mac

The HTML Presentation Framework, Reveal.js is an open-source tool that enables users to create amazing presentations on the web. The slides created with this tool are based on open web technologies, which means you can do anything to create a fully-featured presentation.

  • The framework offers a broad range of features, including nested slides, PDF export, speaker notes, syntax highlighted code, and more.
  • With Reveal.js, you can auto-animate elements across slides, which further saves your time and effort.

Plans & Price: This presentation application is free to use.

 powerpoint for mac alternative

Keynote is designed by Apple which automatically makes it one of the leading Mac PowerPoint Alternatives to opt for. It is equipped with the best-in-class slide-creation features and extensive built-in help text to create a stunning, feature-rich presentation.

  • It includes a range of slide themes, stellar options for animation, and one-touch access to present a slideshow.
  • This application supports real-time collaboration, so your team can work together.

Plans & Price: Keynote is completely free for Apple users.

7. Google Slides

 powerpoint mac alternative

Google Slide is a cloud-based office suite and is an excellent alternative to PowerPoint. It can be used to create, modify, and manage slides via a unified portal without having to worry about losing your work. Add Google Slides to your Mac App drawer and get stuff done anytime.

  • It has strong collaboration capabilities, thus enabling you and your team member to work on the slide at the same time.
  • The tool comes with powerful features and a sleek interface, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

Plans & Price: Google Slides is a part of Google Workspace, which is available for free for personal use. However, you can upgrade your plan to Business Standard by paying $12/ per user/ per month

 powerpoint alternative

It is cloud-based presentation software that lets you create a feature-rich presentation without having to install the software on your Mac. Its intuitive and sleek interface is packed with a myriad of features, thus making the tool simple to use.

  • It allows you to add background images and uses a variety of designs and themes while creating a slide.
  • With Slides, you can collaborate easily with other team members and customize any of the 10 default slide templates
  • Lite: $5/ mo
  • Pro: $10/ mo
  • Team: $20/ mo

 powerpoint alternative for mac

Looking forward to creating digital presentations without putting much time and effort? Turn to Emaze and create a stunning masterpiece in 30 minutes or less. It is equipped with an array of visual communication tools and design tools that add life to your flat presentation.

  • It offers hundreds of professionally designed templates to fit any type of presentation.
  • With its comprehensive HTML5 Editor, you can embed all types of rich media and live social feeds without any coding.

Plans & Price: Emaze classifies its plans into three categories, namely Basic, Business, and Edu.

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: $9/ mo
  • Business Plan: Depends on your business and use
  • Pro: $9/ mo
  • Executive: $30/ mo
  • Business: $25/ mo for 5 users
  • Enterprise Plan: depends on your enterprise
  • Student Plan: $3/ mo
  • Edu Pro: $6/ mo
  • Edu Team: $4/ mo for 30 users
  • Academic: Their sales team will tell the exact price, depending on the academic level.

10. Focusky

mac os powerpoint alternative

Let's wrap up the list of the top 10 Mac PowerPoint Alternatives with yet another next-gen online software, Focusky. It enables Mac users to design amazing presentations by using themes and layouts from their stock library

  • With Focusky, you can add anything, such as text, images, links, roles, sounds, videos, or other media to make a professional presentation.
  • It lets you create animated presentations in a mind-mapping style to capture attention.

Plans & Price: While a free version of the tool is available, users can upgrade their plans to unlock additional features.

  • Standard: $9.9/ month
  • Professional: $99/ year
  • Enterprise: $399/ permanent

Bonus Part: Great Microsoft Office Complement - PDFelement for Mac

powerpoint alternative

If you are looking for an MS Office compliment, then turn to the Wondershare PDF element and manage your PDF files on the go. It is a reliable, quick, and simple way to modify PDF files across multiple operating systems, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Moreover, you can either use it on desktop and Mobile or on the web browser.

It can easily change sizes, colors, and font styles in the PDF file to give it an entirely new look. The application is loaded with a plethora of features, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners and pros alike.

  • It allows batch processing, which means you can convert or print multiple files simultaneously.
  • With PDFelement, you can easily add passwords to keep your files safe from any unauthorized access.
  • It supports faster file conversions to maximize efficiency.

Awards & Certificate:

  • It has won Best Software Awards 2022 and is listed among the Top 50 Office Products
  • PDFelement has also been recognized as the G2 Crowd Report 2022 Summer Leader and is known to be the Leader in Document Generation and PDF Editor.
  • It also appears in the 2022 Software Advice FrontRunners List.
  • Wondershare PDFelement also achieved the best Contract Management Software award.

That's all about the top Mac PowerPoint Alternatives . Compare the key features of all tools thoroughly and pick the option that fits your projects and budget well.

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powerpoint alternative for mac users

5 Free Alternatives To Microsoft PowerPoint

M icrosoft PowerPoint has always been the default choice for creating professional meeting briefs or fun little project demonstrations in schools. Its inclusion as a free service for students or working professionals makes it a no-brainer to use. However, for the general public, it can get quite expensive to pay for a subscription just to be able to create simple presentation slides. Although you can subscribe to Microsoft's Office Suite and get more bang for your buck, the pricing still doesn't hit the affordable range for most. 

Fortunately, completion has been growing, and a sea of strong contenders offer similar services to PowerPoint. After considering feature sets, here are five of the best free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint. At the end of the article, you can find a detailed explanation of why we've chosen the services, alongside useful comparisons that may help you make your decision easier.

Read more: The 20 Best Mac Apps That Will Improve Your Apple Experience

When it comes to productivity apps, Zoho makes some of the better ones in the market. Zoho Sheet, for example, is one of the best Microsoft Excel alternatives out there  —  owing to its extensive product catalog, there is a great way to view and edit presentations. The aptly named Zoho Show lets you design and demonstrate professional-looking slides, all without having to download the program.

Zoho takes a minimal approach to most of its services, and its PowerPoint application is no different. You'll find that most menus are contextually aware of what tasks you're currently performing, which helps keep unnecessary tools out of the way and bring the important ones in focus. There is also a huge library of customizable templates you can choose from, making it easier to kickstart your presentation work. 

Zoho Show is completely free to use for individuals and offers unlimited cloud storage. No features are locked behind a paywall, and rest assured, you can fully rely on this online presentation-making tool for all your needs, be it for school or work. 

Canva is a service that can easily climb up to becoming everyone's favorite once they start using it. While most applaud it for its graphic designing prowess, there are many other things Canva can do that you probably aren't aware of . Among them is the ability to craft beautiful slides for your presentations and projects. 

By creating a free account, you can access thousands of templates on Canva. You can filter these by use case—maybe you need one for a professional business briefing or a casual one explaining why your pet dog is the best canine. There is a whole section of ready-to-use templates dedicated to mobile-friendly viewing as well, which is something you don't usually find to be as accessible with other tools. 

Like most presentation apps, Canva lets you collaborate with your team members and work across devices seamlessly. The Canva app for mobile also lets you control your slides remotely during your presentation. Some menus also feature AI-featured tools to add one-click enhancements to your slides -- unfortunately, these are locked behind premium subscription tiers. However, for the cent percent of the population, Canva can be used without spending a dime to meet a plethora of creative needs. 

Apple takes great pride in developing in-house solutions to meet every user requirement. While most of its products dominate the competition in popularity, the same cannot be said for Keynote , the company's version of Microsoft PowerPoint. The program was first released in 2003 with macOS Big Sur and has largely remained one of those icons you glance over and forget about. 

However, recent versions of Keynote have made it a compelling alternative to PowerPoint. Not only is it pre-installed on every Apple device, including your iPhone, but it also works best with the iPad touchscreen. Keynote has a largely clean and professional approach to the built-in templates, but nothing is stopping you from going creative. Animations are one of Keynote's strongest suits, allowing you to create near cinematic-looking presentations with just a few clicks. 

While you can still use Apple Keynote through iCloud on Windows devices, this alternative is clearly meant for people surrounded by the walled garden of Apple technology. It makes use of features like AirDrop, Live Photos, and VoiceOver  — all of which are technologies available across Apple devices. Using Apple Keynote is completely free, and the app has easy exporting tools that make working with Microsoft PowerPoint less of a hassle.

WPS Presentation

WPS Office makes some of the best solutions for creating and editing documents on smartphones , but their service offerings extend to Windows, macOS, and even Linux. WPS Presentation is perhaps the closest you'll get to Microsoft PowerPoint in terms of the user interface and how most tools are bundled in familiar locations.

This PowerPoint app offers real-time collaboration where you can invite your team members and work on the same document remotely. Like most collaboration tools, users can leave comments to suggest changes or add information for other people on the team.

WPS Presentation is not the only free product; you can utilize every app in the WPS Office suite. Unlike most competitors, you don't need to download or use a separate mini-app to make presentations. WPS Office has a document editor, PowerPoint creator, spreadsheet manager, and other tools all within its umbrella. Premium plans for this service exist, but they mostly cater to unlocking features for editing PDFs. 

Google Slides

As a netizen, you most likely already have a Google account. Not only is it required to make any meaningful use of your Android phone, but popular services that we take for granted, like Gmail and Drive, all fall under Google's umbrella. One such free service that the tech giant has at its disposal is Google Slides . While the barebones UI might seem lackluster at first, Slides has nearly the same level of functionality as Microsoft PowerPoint and can even be supercharged by add-ons. 

All of Google's workspace apps, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, provide an intuitive way to work in a team. You can add comments, use annotations, and share the presentation with limited access to others. You can use one of the many predesigned Google Slides templates for simple presentations , or browse for templates that cater to specific needs. Being part of a bigger service catalog has its obvious advantages, such as seamless integration with Google Meet, Gmail, and other products from Google that you already use. 

We recommend Google Slides to anyone who needs to create and edit PowerPoint presentations on the go and can't be bothered with working in a complicated environment. The service is also available as an app for Android and iOS, and you can export your presentations in a wide range of formats, including PPT, PDF, or PNG for individual slides. 

To Pay Or Not To Pay?

You'll notice that all the services we've mentioned on this list are free to use. In fact, you can use Office 365 apps online for free   — including PowerPoint, which makes purchasing a standalone subscription to the Microsoft PowerPoint app quite redundant. However, nearly every free alternative here short of Keynote also offers premium plans, but should you consider buying one?

For the vast majority of people who are looking for a robust software to create, edit, and share presentations with  —  these free options deliver exceptionally well in every aspect. Some apps like Google Slides and Apple Keynote let you work in smaller teams with the free tier as well. Apps like WPS Office and Canva tend to lock new and exciting features like AI tools behind a paywall, and while these are nice to have, you definitely can do without them. 

If you're looking for a presentation tool for a company with multiple people, you can scale up using any of the alternatives mentioned on this list. Both Google Workspace and Zoho offer reliable and enterprise-level plans you can upgrade to. For everyone else  — enjoy creating and demonstrating your PowerPoint presentations for free.

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Team sharing a laptop

How-To Geek

How to get microsoft office for free.

Don't want to pay for a subscription or buy the standalone version?

Quick Links

Use office online in a browser; it's free, sign up for a free one-month trial, get office free as a student or teacher, try the mobile apps on phones and small ipads, join someone's microsoft 365 home plan, free microsoft office alternatives, key takeaways.

There are a few ways to get Microsoft Office for free: You can use Office for free in your browser, you can sign up for a one-month free trial, or you may get access through your educational institution if you’re a student or teacher.

Microsoft Office normally starts at $70 per year, but there are quite a few ways to get it for free. We'll show you all the ways you can get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office applications without paying a cent.

Whether you're using a Windows PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can use Microsoft Office for free in a web browser. The web-based versions of Office are simplified and won't work offline, but they still offer a powerful editing experience. You can open and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents right in your browser.

To access these free web apps, just head to and sign in with a free Microsoft account. Click an application icon—like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint—to open the web version of that application.

You can also drag and drop a file from your computer onto the page. It will be uploaded to your Microsoft account's free OneDrive storage, and you can open it in the associated application.

Office's web applications have some limitations. These applications aren't quite as full featured as the classic Office desktop applications for Windows and Mac, and you can't access them offline. But they do offer surprisingly powerful Office applications, and they're completely free.

If you just need Microsoft Office for a short period of time, you can sign up for a one-month free trial. To find this offer, head to Microsoft's Try Microsoft 365 for free website, and sign up for the trial.

You will have to provide a credit card to sign up for the trial, and it will automatically renew after the month. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time—even right after signing up—to ensure you won't get billed. You can continue using Office for the rest of your free month after canceling.

After joining the trial, you can download full versions of these Microsoft Office applications for Windows PCs and Macs. You'll also get access to the full versions of the apps on other platforms, including larger iPads.

This trial will give you full access to a Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Home plan. You'll get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and 1TB of storage in OneDrive. You can share it with up to five other people. They'll each get access to the apps via their Microsoft account, and will have their own 1TB of storage for a combined 6TB of storage.

Microsoft also offers free 30-day evaluations of Microsoft 365 for Business , which is intended for businesses. You might be able to take advantage of both offers for two months of free Microsoft Office access.

Many educational institutions pay for Office 365 plans, allowing students and teachers to download the software for free.

To find out if your school participates, head to the Office 365 Education website, and enter your school email address. You'll be offered a free download if it's available to you through your school's plan.

Even if a university or college doesn't participate, it may offer Microsoft Office at a reduced cost to students and teachers through its bookstore. Check with your educational institution—or at least look on its website—for more details.

Microsoft's Office apps are free on smartphones, too. On an iPhone or Android phone, you can download the Office mobile apps to open, create, and edit documents for free.

On an iPad or Android tablet, these apps will only let you create and edit documents if you have a "device with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches." On a larger tablet, you can install these apps to view documents, but you'll need a paid subscription to create and edit them.

In practice, this means Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offer a full experience for free on the iPad Mini and older 9.7-inch iPads. You'll need a paid subscription to get document-editing capabilities an iPad Pro or newer 10.2-inch iPads.

Microsoft 365 Home subscriptions are meant to be shared among multiple people. The $70 per year version offers Office for a single person, while the $100 per year subscription offers Office for up to six people. You'll get the full experience, with Office for Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, and other devices.

Anyone who pays for Microsoft 365 Home (formerly known as Office 365 Home) can share it with up to five other Microsoft accounts. It's very convenient: Sharing is managed through an Office "Sharing" page on Microsoft's account website. The main owner of the account can add five other Microsoft accounts, and each of those accounts will receive an invitation link.

After joining the group, each person can sign in with their own Microsoft account to download the Office apps—just as if they were paying for their own subscriptions. Each account will have a separate 1TB of OneDrive storage.

Microsoft says the subscription is meant for sharing among your "household." So, if you have a family member or even a roommate with this service, that person can add you to their subscription for free.

The Home plan is definitely the best deal if you're going to pay for Microsoft Office. If you can split a $100 per year subscription among six people, that's under $17 every year per person.

By the way, Microsoft partners with some employers to offer a discount on Office subscriptions for their employees. Check Microsoft's Home Use Program website to see if you qualify for a discount.

If you're looking for something else, consider choosing a different office application. There are completely free office suites that sport good compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files. Here are some of the best:

  • LibreOffice is a free and open-source office application for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. It's similar to the desktop versions of Microsoft Office , and it can even work with and create Office documents in common file types like DOCX documents, XLSX spreadsheets, and PPTX presentations. LibreOffice was based on OpenOffice. While OpenOffice is still around, LibreOffice has more developers and is now the more popular project. You can even make LibreOffice look like Microsoft Office .
  • Apple iWork is a free collection of office applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. This is Apple's competitor to Microsoft Office, and it used to be paid software before Apple made it free. Windows PC users can access a web-based version of iWork through the iCloud website, too.
  • Google Docs is a capable collection of web-based office software. It stores your files in Google Drive , Google's online file storage service. Unlike Microsoft's Office web apps, you can even access Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline in Google Chrome.

There are many other alternatives, but these are some of the best.

If you just don't want to pay a monthly fee, you can still purchase a boxed copy of Microsoft Office. However, Office Home & Student 2021 costs $150, and you can only install it on one device.

Microsoft is slated to release a standalone version of Office 2024 , but it has not been released yet. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

You won't get a free upgrade to the next major version of Office, either. If you're going to pay for Office, the subscription is probably the best deal —especially if you can split a paid plan with other people.


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