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Add interactive quizzes to your presentation!

Creating a quiz just takes a few minutes. Use the links to edit, delete, or start a quiz session. The audience can join the session by flashing the QRCode. You get instant feedback and interaction.


Once a session starts, the audience has 30s to answer (that delay is customizable). Then you can show the results and directly interact with them.

QuizZoodle requires no registration. If you would like to, you can provide an email address to receive reports and analytics.

QuizZoodle is for any professional who needs to interact with an audience: researcher, teacher, salesperson... It is also useful for individuals, for weddings, parties...

People interact through their own connected devices (smartphone, computer, laptop...)

When a session starts, a QRCode and a session code are displayed. The audience can connect at any time using those codes, which remain on screen during the whole presentation.

When you reach a slide that has a question or survey, a countdown shows up, and the audience is prompted to answer with their devices.

When either the countdown is over, or everybody has replied, the results are shown as graphical diagrams.

Research presentation

Training, school

Medical presentation

Commercial and business presentation

Work sessions report

Wedding, bachelorette party, birthday...


Planned for 2016.

  • > add presentation mode for dual screen
  • > add powerpoint plugin

Add support for up to 8 answers

February 2015.

You can now define quizzes and surveys with up to 8 answers in your pdf presentations.

Add pdf support, minor fixes

Septembre 2014.

Create your quiz from your own presentation. By using tags, you can include QuizZoodle into your presentation (powerpoint, Keynote, LaTeX...).


I'm an Associate Professor at LaBRI/ENSEIRB-MATMECA (Bordeaux INP) since 2006. I teach courses in the computer sciences department. I'm the founder of QuizZoodle and I use it all the time for my presentations. Let me know what you think about QuizZoodle, and of course, spread the word around you!

Julien Allali.

I'm an agile coach. In my job I need engagement from working teams or trainees audience. QuizZoodle is an easy tool to interact so I can get live feedback. It's also an effective way to let the participants play with the knowledge we share.

Irène Doan.

I'm a mathematics teacher at ESIA. QuizZoodle breaks the rhythm of my classes: 5 minutes, 10 questions! Take your smartphones and go! On each session, an email gives me the results and student scores. QuizZoodle works easily with my Beamer presentation, try it and adopt!

Alexandre Berard.

QuizZoodle is a dynamic product, regularly updated with new features. We believe in the lean startup model. Feel free to suggest new features!

If you find a bug, need assistance, or want to ask for a feature: [email protected]

For other subjects: [email protected] -- QuizZoodle is hosted by ENIX

© QuizZoodle | 2013 - 2016

What’s it for?

Free interactive quiz templates

Test students and motivate your team with these free interactive quiz templates. You get a pre-built online quiz game with fun animations and sounds: just add your own questions and answers!


All gamification

Escape rooms

Gamification for business

Interactive Mobile higher education test template

Mobile higher education test

Interactive Pixel color quiz mobile template

Pixel color quiz mobile

Interactive Basic interactive quiz template

Basic interactive quiz

Interactive Truth or lie quiz template

Truth or lie quiz

Interactive Kujenga quiz template

Kujenga quiz

Interactive Dominoes quiz template

Dominoes quiz

Interactive Trivial quiz ii template

Trivial quiz ii

Interactive Mars quiz template

Mars quiz mobile

Interactive Pixel arcade quiz template

Pixel arcade quiz

Interactive Spaceship quiz mobile template

Spaceship quiz mobile

Interactive Sailboat quiz mobile template

Sailboat quiz mobile

Interactive Prehistory quiz template

Prehistory quiz

Interactive Dunk the clown quiz template

Dunk the clown quiz

Interactive Audio & podcast quiz mobile template

Audio & podcast quiz mobile

Interactive Art quiz template

Podcast & audio quiz

Interactive Music hall quiz template

Music hall quiz

Interactive Musical quiz template

Musical quiz

Interactive Toys quiz template

Higher education test

Interactive Reinforcement, revision and extension worksheets template

Reinforcement, revision and extension worksheets

Interactive 3d cubes quiz template

3d cubes quiz

Interactive Visual thinking quiz template

Visual thinking quiz

Interactive Stickers quiz template

Stickers quiz

Interactive Pirates quiz template

Pirates quiz

Interactive Battleship quiz template

Battleship quiz

Interactive Hand-drawn quiz template

Hand-drawn quiz

Interactive Speed quiz template

Magic and sorcery quiz

Interactive Pixel colors quiz template

Pixel colors quiz

Interactive Traffic lights quiz template

Traffic lights quiz

Interactive Visual thinking quiz mobile template

Visual thinking quiz mobile

Interactive Academic quiz template

Academic quiz

Interactive Branching scenario ii template

Branching scenario ii

Interactive Microlearning flashcard template

Microlearning flashcard

Interactive Flashcard quiz template

Flashcard quiz

Interactive Basic shapes quiz template

Basic shapes quiz

Interactive Genial quiz template

Genial quiz

Interactive Essential quiz template

Essential quiz

Interactive Essential quiz mobile template

Essential quiz mobile

Interactive Image quiz template

Characters quiz

Interactive Characters quiz mobile template

Characters quiz mobile

Interactive Corporate training quiz mobile template

Corporate training quiz mobile

Interactive Images quiz mobile template

Images quiz mobile

Interactive Pastel color quiz mobile template

Pastel color quiz mobile

Interactive Which country quiz template

Which country quiz

Interactive Professional quiz test template

Professional quiz test

Interactive Branching scenario iii template

Branching scenario iii

Interactive Qr code quiz template

Qr code quiz

Interactive Qr training quiz mobile template

Qr training quiz mobile

Interactive Zen quiz template

Cool math quiz mobile

Interactive Math quiz mobile template

Math quiz mobile

Interactive Cool math quiz template

Cool math quiz

Interactive Zen quiz mobile template

Zen quiz mobile

Interactive Image quiz mobile template

Image quiz mobile

Interactive Professional quiz mobile template

Professional quiz mobile

Interactive Terrazzo quiz mobile template

Terrazzo quiz mobile

Interactive Math quiz template

Pictures quiz

Interactive Terrazzo quiz template

Terrazzo quiz

Interactive Minimal quiz template

Minimal quiz

Interactive Pastel color quiz template

Pastel color quiz

Interactive History quiz mobile template

History quiz mobile

Interactive Jigsaw quiz template

Jigsaw quiz

Interactive Vibrant quiz template

Vibrant quiz

Interactive Cinema quiz template

Cinema quiz

Interactive Watercolors quiz template

Watercolors quiz

Interactive Schrödinger quiz template

Schrödinger quiz

Interactive Flipcard quiz template

Flipcard quiz

Interactive Genial quiz mobile template

Genial quiz mobile

Interactive How much do you know quiz template

How much do you know quiz

Interactive History quiz template

History quiz

Interactive Sdg quiz template

Sailing quiz

Interactive Spaceship quiz template

Spaceship quiz

Interactive Animated chalkboard quiz template

Animated chalkboard quiz

Interactive True or false quiz template

True or false quiz

Interactive Images quiz template

Images quiz

Interactive Robotics quiz template

Robotics quiz

Interactive Corporate training quiz template

Corporate training quiz

Interactive News quiz template

News quiz mobile

Interactive Simple Corporate Quiz template

Simple Corporate Quiz

Interactive Last One Standing Quiz template

Last One Standing Quiz

Interactive Millionaire Quiz template

Millionaire Quiz

Interactive quiz templates by Genially

We all hate tests, but everybody loves a good quiz! Quiz games are a tried-and-tested format for education, e-learning, and team-building. Whether you’re delivering corporate training or teaching a class full of kids, nothing beats a quiz for increasing engagement and boosting information recall.

The fastest way to make an online quiz for students or employees is to use a ready-made outline. With Genially’s free interactive quiz templates, anyone can make fun online quizzes in minutes.

The pre-built designs include interactive questions, animated graphics, and immersive sound effects for the right or wrong answers. All of our free quiz game templates are designed by professional graphic designers. That means you don’t need any artistic skills to make a beautifully designed quiz that looks great. Just add your content to the question slides, fill in the answers, and you’re ready to play.

How can I use online quizzes at work?

If you work in education, a quiz presentation can help you make revision and evaluation more student-friendly. Class quizzes offer learners an engaging and exciting way to review what they’ve learned. It’s a great way to introduce an element of competition into the classroom without the stress and pressure of a test or formal exam.

For educational quiz ideas, take a look at the Genially template gallery. Try a trivia quiz template as an icebreaker or warm-up activity, a vocabulary quiz template for language classes, or a multiple choice game to recap other course topics. The online quiz maker is easy to use, and the quiz slides are easy to adapt for in-class, hybrid, or online lessons. With Genially, you can make a quiz for Google Classroom, front-of-class presentations, or other online learning platforms.

It’s not only kids who love quizzes. Adult learners respond to game-based tasks with enthusiasm. Seeing your quiz results or test scores pop up on the screen can be a powerful motivational factor.

That’s why quizzes are popular with instructional designers and training professionals. Adding a quiz to onboarding or corporate training modules is a simple and effective assessment method, allowing you to monitor comprehension and course completion.

Aside from education and e-learning, there are also heaps of ways to use quizzes for marketing and business. An interactive quiz is a great way to collect information about your customers and generate leads. Well-designed quizzes and polls can deliver a better click-through rate than static ads, while also boosting brand awareness. Looking to gamify your communications and ad strategy? Try embedding an interactive quiz on your website, social media, blog or marketing emails.

How do I make an online quiz?

Genially is an easy-to-use platform for creating quizzes and other online content. The quickest way to get started is by using one of our ready-made templates. The Genially gallery includes a range of outlines for corporate quizzes, training materials, and classroom quiz presentations. Just choose your quiz theme (we’ve got everything from animals and music to sport and geography) then add your own questions and answers.

When you’ve chosen your quiz slides, click Use template. Each design is easy to customize in the online quiz maker thanks to Genially’s intuitive editing tools. In a couple of clicks you can switch the color palette, fonts, and styles. Keep things simple or create something really fun and immersive by adding GIFs, video and audio.

If you want to change the quiz design, select your own photos, illustrations, maps, diagrams and more from Genially’s in-built bank of resources. When you’re happy with the result, click Publish. Your online quiz is now ready to play!

There are multiple ways to share your online quiz. Present live to play as a class or team. Share the link via email or your communications platform to let learners play individually. Post the quiz on Google Classroom by adding the link to an assignment. Embed the quiz directly on your website or social media, or upload it to your LMS.


Templates for everything under the sun ☀️

Sign up to explore 2000+ interactive, animated designs in the Genially Template Gallery.

Gamify your interactions

By hosting live or online quiz competitions in real-time

Test the collective knowledge of your audience with live quizzes!

Elevate the way you interact with your audience. Combine gaming elements like quiz into your live or online presentation - influencing better engagement while analyzing your participant’s grasp on a subject.

With Audiencly live quiz feature, your audience will learn and excel in a competitive environment that keeps scores and measures success.

How to create a quiz online with Audiencly?

Creating a word cloud in Audiencly is easy. Start now for free.

Join from anywhere

Be it online or live, enable participants to quickly join quiz competitions using a link or passcode - accessible from any device browser.

User response data to a live poll presented as a bar graph

Formulate quiz instantly

Structure your quiz by adding questions, giving options, marking the right answer, and adding images – all while you present.

User arranging the response from audience for a rating interaction in Audiencly

Show participants progress

Use leader boards to display how your participants fare against each other in real-time competitions.

Time every answer

Prioritize answers that have been submitted in the quickest time. Adjust the in-built timer individually for each quiz question.

Announce Winners

Recognize the achievements of the top players. Announce prizes and give your quiz competition an exciting finish.

Why choose Audiencly Live Quiz ?

Test your crowd.

Verify how your audience absorbs information. Create quiz competitions that blend with the subject matter of your presentation.

Make Interactions Fun

Motivate your participants by engaging in challenges that promote friendly competition and satisfaction for coming out on top.

A Quiz for Every Occasion

Whether it’s for students in a classroom, employees in a boardroom, or a live audience – quiz anywhere, anytime.

Become a Quiz Master

Easily set your quiz session in advance or during the presentation. Get full control over what is displayed when it’s live.

Data-Driven Results

Save data of the quiz competition for further analysis – enlightening you with critical and rare audience insights.

Unified Platform

Do it all with Audiencly. Export PPT slides, add interactions, conduct quiz – all in one interactive presentation platform.

Create Gamified Interactions with Live Quiz!

Frequently asked questions, what is a live quiz.

Live quiz is a part of an audience interaction app, where interactions are made fun and competitive – enabling you to gather data while influencing better participation in a gamified environment.

How many participants can take part in the online quiz at a time?

At present, you can get 50 participants to enter our online quiz platform using our free plan. Visit our pricing page to choose a plan that accommodates more participants.

Where can online or live quiz be used?

Audiencly online quiz maker can be used in any environment where you want to engage your audience to participate in your presentation. Be it classrooms, boardrooms, live events, webinars, conferences, workshops, and much more.

How can I add live quiz to my presentation?

Audiencly is a fully integrated interactive presentation software that allows you to export your PowerPoint or Google slide presentation into the slides. Add interactive elements like polling, word clouds, Q&A sessions along with your live quiz - giving you the perfect audience engagement tool for more vibrant and energized audience participation.

Get the mobile app for the best Kahoot! experience!

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Kahoot! stands with Ukraine

Kahoot! is committed to supporting Ukrainian educators and learners affected by the current crisis. To protect the integrity of our platform and our users, we will suspend offering Kahoot!’s services in Russia, with the exception of self-study.

presentation online quiz

Ukrainian educators and learners need our support

We are deeply troubled and concerned by the violence and loss of life resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand with the people of Ukraine and we hope for the swiftest and most peaceful possible end to the current crisis. 

Kahoot! has received a number of requests from schools and educators in Ukraine requesting the help of our services to continue teaching despite the disruption of the war. We have supported each of these and we are now offering Kahoot! EDU solutions for free for both K-12 and higher education institutions for one year to Ukrainian schools in need. In addition, we are fast-tracking translation and localization of the Kahoot! platform into Ukrainian. 

Suspending commercial services and sales in Russia

Our commercial footprint in the Russian market is very limited. We do not have offices or representation in the country, nor do we have any physical operations or data services there. The overwhelming majority of our users in Russia are teachers and students using our free service.

Kahoot! is abiding by the international sanctions regime, and does not allow sales to sanctioned individuals or entities in Russia. Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kahoot! initiated a process to suspend offering of all commercial services in Russia. This includes but is not limited to online sales, assisted sales, app store sales and prohibiting sales to Russian corporations and organizations.

Prioritizing safe and secure use of the Kahoot! platform

As part of our mission to make learning awesome, and as education remains a fundamental human right, we offer teachers, students and personal users free access to our platform. We do this in more than 200 countries and regions in a spirit similar to public commons services, such as Wikipedia. 

Similarly, inclusivity is one of Kahoot!’s overarching values. As such, our aim is to, whenever and wherever possible, offer children, schools and others the opportunity to use digital tools for impactful education and learning, irrespective of their background or location. This has been our guiding principle also for offering our service in Russia.

Among our first responses to the crisis was to swiftly expand our global moderation team’s monitoring on all Russia-related content to safeguard the integrity of the platform. 

However, as the situation continues to escalate, it is vital that we are able to ensure that our platform is used according to our own guidelines and standards. Therefore, in addition to suspending sales, we will be taking all possible and necessary steps to suspend access to Kahoot! services in Russia, with the eventual exception of self-study mode which will feature only content verified by Kahoot!.

This will enable students, school children and other individual users to continue their learning journeys both safely and responsibly. We will continue to assess ways in which our services can be offered safely and responsibly to support all learners and educators, also those based in Russia. 

Supporting our employees 

At Kahoot!, we are not just a team in name, we are a team in practice. As such, we are committed to the well-being of our employees, especially those with ties to Ukraine, or those that in other ways are particularly affected by the war. We are providing these colleagues with any support we can. 

Acknowledging the current situation, the Kahoot! Group made an emergency aid donation to Save the Children and the Norwegian Refugee Council. This is a contribution to support life-saving assistance and protection for innocent Ukrainian children, families and refugees. 

As the situation in Ukraine continues to develop our teams across the company are actively monitoring the crisis so that we can respond in the most responsible and supportive way possible. 

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, their loved ones, and anyone affected by this crisis. 

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Make a Live Quiz That Will Awaken Your Audience

Make your next presentation unforgettable with a fun and interactive live quiz. Engage your audience, get them involved, and educate them all at the same time.

engaging ai quiz maker example

Trusted by 100,000+ customers across 190 countries

Templates & Examples

Hundreds of templates for every use-case or scenario.

Trivia Quiz

Live quiz experience, knowledge assessment quiz, lead generation quiz, matching quiz, multiple choice quiz, personality quiz, quiz competition, buzzfeed style trivia, try this live quiz, the power of live quizzes.

Find out how live quizzes can help keep your audience engaged, make learning fun, provide valuable feedback, and more.

Add Excitement to Your Presentation

Use our online test maker to make an exciting, interactive quiz that your audience won’t soon forget.

  • Break the ice by using a fun quiz to introduce yourself to your audience. It will help everyone feel more comfortable around you and kickstart your presentation on a positive note.
  • Keep your audience on their toes by introducing a Kahoot-style quiz right in the middle of your presentation. This way, you’ll not only gauge their understanding of the topic, but also make sure everyone stays engaged and intrigued as your session unfolds.
  • Gather ideas and encourage creative thinking within your team by creating a Zoom quiz with open-ended questions.

Make Learning Fun

Introduce online quizzes into your daily lessons to help improve your students’ concentration and knowledge retention.

  • Use attractive photos and exciting videos to create an interactive learning experience with educational games your students will love.
  • Encourage collaboration between students by having them complete team quizzes together during the class.
  • Kick off a new subject with a quiz to help introduce the topic to your students and find out their opinion on it.
  • Use a matching quiz as a fun way to help students learn and review key concepts.

Spice Up Any Training Program

Use live quizzes in your training program to get trainees motivated to learn.

  • Familiarize new hires with company policies and procedures by introducing quiz games during onboarding. Use our employee onboarding quiz template to transform a standard onboarding event into an engaging and exciting experience.
  • Improve knowledge retention by showing an explanation after your trainees input their own answer. To do this, tick the ‘Display explanation after user answers’ option.
  • Use a personality quiz to provide your trainees with personalized recommendations that help them grow and improve.

Keep Your Audience Alert & Involved

Make your event a success by using a live quiz that will turn your audience into active, engaged participants.

  • Use live trivia game quizzes to encourage questions, and discussion, while helping you learn more about your audience.
  • Give your audience a breather during your presentation by throwing in a quick knowledge test to check how much they’ve picked up so far.
  • Keep things interesting by using a mix of easy and challenging trivia questions in your quiz.

Get Feedback Now

Don’t find out through the grapevine what your audience really thought of your presentation. Instead, get your quiz to work for you and show you the results.

  • Identify knowledge gaps by giving participants an online quiz to complete. Use the results to see which areas need further explanation.
  • Ask your respondents for feedback by adding a lead form to the end of your quiz.
  • Analyze your results in real time by viewing performance reports, result reports, and answer reports. They’re easy to understand and show visual segmentations of each answer in pie charts, bar charts, and table form.
  • You don’t have to wonder if your participants completed the quiz. Our online quiz tool sends you instant email notifications for every submission.

Why Create Live Quizzes With Opinion Stage

Our online quizzes are made for maximum engagement, which is why 80% of people who start any type of quiz built with Opinion Stage complete it. Keep reading to find out more about our online quiz maker’s key features that will help make your live quiz unforgettable.

Quick & Easy to Create

With Opinion Stage’s intuitive quiz maker , it only takes a few minutes to make interactive quizzes that are engaging and inspirational.

There’s no learning curve, and you don’t need to know a single line of code. Simply make a quiz from scratch or choose a template and publish. Your quiz will be ready for your presentation with plenty of time to spare.

Make Any Type of Quiz

When it comes to creating engaging quizzes, the sky is the limit with our quiz software.

  • Keep your audience interested by mixing up the quiz question types. Use true/false questions, yes/no questions, or multiple choice questions.
  • Make an online quiz contest that will encourage friendly competition between your quiz takers. Don’t forget to include a lead form where people can add their names and a timer so you can identify the winner.
  • Create a personalized experience based on your audience’s answers using answer piping and skip logic .

Mobile-First & Responsive

Your quiz will always go off without a hitch and it doesn’t matter what kind of device your audience uses, either. All quizzes created with Opinion Stage are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Your quiz will look great and perform well on all devices, from mobile phone screens to desktop computers.

Beautiful Templates Ready to Use

A well-designed quiz will hold your audience’s attention until the end. Our template library has hundreds of fully-functional quiz templates for you to choose from, each fully optimized for engagement and results. You can use the templates as-is or change anything you like.

Remember to pick the right template that matches your quiz type. For example, if you want to make a fun pub quiz, use our trivia quiz template .

Fully Customizable

Match your quiz to your presentation perfectly by customizing everything. You can change the font, color theme, images, videos, answer options, and more. You can even use advanced features like custom CSS for complete control over every design aspect.

Top Performance

You can say goodbye to glitches and lags because all quizzes created with our online quiz creator are fully optimized to load fast on all network connections. We store multiple versions of each image so your quiz takers can get the best version for their network connection and device.

Try this trivia quiz

How to create live quizzes step by step.

Follow our guide to master the art of creating captivating live quizzes everyone will love.

Think of a goal

Before you start creating your live quiz, think of your objective. It should align with the purpose of your presentation. For example, do you want to help your audience learn about a specific topic, test their knowledge, or encourage team building? Once you have your goal in mind, form a plan for how you want your quiz to look and which question types you will use. 

Make your quiz

If you’re short on time, you can use our live quiz templates to create your quiz in minutes. To create custom quizzes, use our intuitive test maker to make a quiz from scratch.

Here are a few tips to make your quiz one that everyone will remember:

  • Unleash your creativity and choose from different templates , themes, colors, and fonts. 
  • Make your quiz interactive and fun by adding images, GIFs, videos, and emojis. 
  • Take it up a notch and upload your own custom CSS to change everything. Use our white label option to match your quiz perfectly with your brand.
  • Keep your audience engaged by mixing up the question types. You can add multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, image questions, video questions, and more. Add images to your answer choices to provide more context for your questions.
  • Do you want your audience to see if they got the right answer? Simply untick the ‘Hide correct/incorrect indicators’ option in your quiz maker settings. Leave the option ticked to keep the right/wrong answers hidden.

When you’re finished, click ‘Publish’ to save. You can always go back to edit and refine your quiz, even after publishing. 

Host it live

When you’re ready to host your live quiz, you can find it in your items dashboard . Click on ‘Embed and Share’ and then copy the link displayed in the popup window. Paste the link in your online meeting chat or send it to your audience via messaging app or email. To take the quiz together as a group, open the quiz link on your end, and share your screen.

You can also embed your quiz on any website (e.g.  WordPress ,  Wix ,  Squarespace , etc.) or use an optimized landing page on our live quiz website.

Tip: If your quiz includes videos, be sure to adjust the screen-sharing settings to share computer sound.

Share your dashboard

You can look at your results dashboard during the live quiz to see your audience’s submissions in real time. To create more excitement, share your dashboard with your audience during the quiz and use it for live commentary. You can find your results dashboard by going to your items dashboard and clicking on ‘Results’ next to your quiz.   

Ready to create your own live quiz?

Hundreds of Integrations

Send your email leads to Mailchimp, sync responses with Google Sheets. Get it all done automatically.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

Opinion Stage is easy to use and great for businesses looking for a way to engage their customers. There are plenty of options for personalization and implementation. Opinion Stage is a fun way to engage our customers while promoting subscriptions.

Harmony Wheeler

Great for making shareable content. I like that there are different options of quiz templates so that I can make something that suits any subject. These quizzes allow us to tackle a variety of topics in a fun and easily consumed way that is great to share on social media.

Jessica de Bruyn

In 20 years of classroom teaching and class management, this is my best new teaching app ever!! The format is user-friendly and the students find the activities engaging.

Brian Hodge

Popular resources.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

AI quiz generator in PowerPoint

Generate quiz questions from your PowerPoint slides using AI.

Ignite Learning with AI-Driven Quizzes 🪄.

Effortlessly generate captivating questions from any PowerPoint slide in an instant!

MCQ, Short Answer, Fill in the Blanks.

Generate questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy.

Native language support powered by OpenAI.

AI quiz types

Flexible quiz customization. Tailor-made for you.

Captivate your students and evaluate their understanding using a range of engaging question formats.

How ClassPoint AI works

Let AI do it for you

Three simple steps to generate quiz questions and collect live responses.

1. AI reads your slide.

2. generate quizzes on the go., 3. collect responses., bloom's taxonomy.

Enhance your questioning strategies. Ask with purpose.

Elevate your quizzes by incorporating Bloom's Taxonomy Levels, allowing you to tailor the cognitive complexity of questions.

Live interactive quiz

Collect live responses right away in PowerPoint.

With a simple click, start gathering responses from your students using AI-generated quiz questions.

ClassPoint’s AI feature is a true marvel. It crafts dynamic quizzes that enhance my lectures. The analytics provided are invaluable for tracking student progress. ClassPoint makes teaching math a breeze!


Multi-lingual support

Bridging the language gap. Enhancing inclusivity.

Language barrier? We got rid of that. ClassPoint AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to generate questions in a language of your choice.

The quality of ClassPoint’s AI-generated quizzes is beyond my expectation. It’s like having a quiz-writing genius by my side, and it knows my language so well!

Dr. Rodriguez

“ ClassPoint's AI feature is a game-changer in my classroom! It creates interactive quizzes that keep my students engaged. Grading is a breeze, saving me precious time. Thanks to ClassPoint, teaching is more fun and efficient! ”

Female teacher profile

“ I must say I'm amazed by ClassPoint's AI. It helps me craft quizzes effortlessly, and the instant feedback motivates my students. It's like having a teaching assistant! ClassPoint is a must for every teacher. ”

Teacher profile image

AI Quiz Generator in PowerPoint

How to Create an AI Quiz in PowerPoint?

Frequently asked questions, supercharge your powerpoint. start today..

500,000+ people like you use ClassPoint to boost student engagement in PowerPoint presentations.

Blog > Quiz Ideas for your Presentation

Quiz Ideas for your Presentation

02.21.20   •  #powerpoint #quiz #trivia #ideas.

It's no secret that people love participating in quizzes. That's why they are so perfect for engaging your audience when you're doing a presentation. In this article, you'll learn what kind of quizzes there are and why you should use them. Also, we prepared a list of 50 creative questions about all kinds of topics that you can use for your next presentation or quiz night!

presentation online quiz

Types of Quizzes and Quiz Ideas

There are many types of quizzes. However, the main distinction is between trivia and personality quizzes. The names are pretty much self-explanatory. In the Trivia Quiz , there are questions about knowledge and facts. In a presentation, they can be used for checking what your audience already knows about the topic you are about to present. But they are also perfect for testing your attendees knowledge after your presentation, making sure they remember what you just talked about. You can also just throw trivia question into the main part of your presentation, just as a little playful element. With Personality Quizzes on the other hand, there is no right or wrong. You're asking about a personality trait, hobby, or whatever else you'd like to know about your audience. Those are perfect as ice breakers in the beginning, and for connecting with your audience instantly. They can be as serious or as fun as you want them to be. The last category here is the Yes-/No-Quiz or True-/False-Quiz . You can either ask personality or trivia questions with this category. When formulating them, be sure that they can be answered with either Yes/True or No/False, and add a "Not certain" option if necessary.

How to integrate a Quiz in your Presentation

Quizzes at presentations are great, but how do you incorporate them best? You can of course just put the question on the slide and then let your audience raise their hands at the answer they like best. But that has many flaws, like no anonymity, people influencing each others votes, and no possibility to record the results. We recommend using a PowerPoint Plugin like SlideLizard , which makes poll creation and conduction as easy as it can be. You type in your questions (or choose one of the templates) and some possible answers, your attendees connect with a link on their smartphone and vote for their preferred answer. You can show the results to your audience immediately afterwards. Simply download the tool for free , install it and open up PowerPoint. In this video, you'll learn how to create your quiz polls.

50 Creative Questions for your Quiz

This is a collection of 50 questions - both trivia and personality - you can ask your audience when doing a presentation. They're sorted into categories.

  • Arts and Culture
  • Modern Technology
  • Movies, Books & TV-Shows

Arts and Culture Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

Where can you find the Mona Lisa?

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • The Vatican Museum, Italy
  • ✔ Louvre, Paris
  • Uffizi Gallery, Italy

Which of the following does not classify as a Standard ballroom dance?

"The Scream" was painted by...

  • ✔ Edvard Munch
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Claude Monet

In which city does Romeo and Juliet take place?

Funny Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

Have you ever… (Multiple Choice)

  • Had a crush on your boss?
  • Peed in the swimming pool?
  • Taken shampoo and conditioner from hotels?
  • Told barefaced lies to your mother?
  • Denied receiving work emails when in fact you did?

Why did you decide to join this event today?

  • Knowledge building
  • Speaker line-up
  • Networking opportunities
  • My boss made me

Would you rather...

  • have spaghettis as fingers
  • or have potatoes as feet?

Which of these embarrassing things have already happened to you?

  • falling over in public
  • texting something to someone by accident that they really shouldn't have seen
  • calling your significant other by another name
  • saying "Thanks, you too!" after the person who sold you the ticket at the cinema wished you fun at the movie.

You're going to a party. Who are you?

  • The one who just stands in the corner hoping to go home as soon as possible.
  • The one who befriends the house pet and spends their night talking to the pet instead of the people.
  • The one who constantly makes Snapchat and Instagram stories about how amazing the party is and meanwhile misses most of the party.
  • The one who goes totally crazy.
  • The one who constantly plays weird songs that everybody is annoyed by.

Geography Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

What is the longest river in the world?

  • Mississippi

Which continents have you been to? (Multiple Choice)

  • North America
  • South America

What is the most spoken language in the world?

  • ✔ Mandarin Chinese

Which of these cities is not capital of a country?

  • ✔ Rio de Janeiro

Which U.S. state has the second longest coastline (following Alaska)?

History Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

Who is the Greek goddess for wisdom and warfare?

Bill Clinton famously a stray cat who was "First Cat" during his presidency. What was his name?

Which colour was Saint Patrick's day originally associated with?

In what year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?

  • He never did.

Which famous leader is also called "the sun king"?

  • King Alfred
  • ✔ Louis XIV
  • Julius Caesar
  • Alexander the Great

Modern Technologies Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

What Social Media Platforms do you use? (Multiple Choice)

How much time does the average person spend on their phone in a day?

How much time do you spend on your phone in a day (approximately and on average)?

  • less than an hour
  • more than 4 hours

In what year was the company Microsoft founded?

What was the very first message sent over the Internet?

  • ✔ 'lo' // with the intent of typing "login", but the system shut down after typing the first two letters
  • 'hello world'

Movies & Books Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

What is the best-selling book of all time?

  • ✔ The Lord of the Rings
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • The Little Prince
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

How many books do you read in one year?

  • more than 40

Which one of these actors/actresses has not won an Oscar (yet)?

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • ✔ Johnny Depp
  • Reese Witherspoon

What's your Harry Potter house?

What's your preferred Genre of movies?

  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Music Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

What music do you listen to? (Multiple Choice)

Which one of these hits is NOT in the Top 10 of the best-selling singles of all time (worldwide)?

  • White Christmas by Bing Crosby
  • ✔ Y.M.C.A by Village People // sold "only" 12 million copies, the others over 20 million
  • I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
  • In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry

Choose a band to listen to on repeat:

  • The Beatles
  • Backstreet Boys

Choose an artist to listen to on repeat:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Elvis Presley
  • Michael Jackson

The famous soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean was composed by...

  • ✔ Hans Zimmer
  • John Williams
  • James Horner
  • Howard Shore

Random Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

The best pet is...

  • a hamster, rabbit or guinea pig
  • some reptile
  • something not on this list
  • no pet for me, thanks!

What is the most common fear amongst the below mentioned?

  • ✔ public speaking

My favourite subject in school was... (Multiple Choice)

The best way to spend a holiday is...

  • on the beach
  • in the mountains

What sports do you do? (Multiple Choice)

  • Ball Sports

Science Quiz Questions

presentation online quiz

Why are flamingos pink?

  • There is no specific reason, they are just born that way.
  • ✔ because of their shrimp-based diet
  • because of a gene mutation
  • to stand out more in the wild

How many steps should you walk in a day?

And how many steps does the average American walk in a day?

presentation online quiz

How much blood does a grown-up's body approximately contain?

The apes that are the closest relatives to human beings are...

  • ✔ bonobo and chimpanzee
  • gorilla and chimpanzee
  • gorilla and orangutan

Which one is the only planet that orbits the sun in a clockwise direction?

Work Quiz Questions

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How many PowerPoint presentations are given in a day?

  • ✔ 30 million

According to statistics, these are the top 5 time-wasting activities at work. Which one do you waste time on? (Multiple Choice)

  • (too many) Meetings
  • browsing online (including Social Media!)
  • procrastination

How much of the available time at work is actually used for working (on average)?

What are your biggest motivations at work? (Multiple Choice)

  • interaction and communication with colleagues
  • interesting tasks
  • personal growth and taking responsibility
  • possible promotions

When is your most productive time in the day? (Multiple Choice)

  • in the morning
  • around noon
  • at afternoon
  • in the evening
  • late at night
  • I have no specific time

What kinds of quizzes are there?

There are trivia quizzes - they test your knowledge on a topic, and personality questions - which each person has to answer individually for themselves.

What are good questions for trivia nights?

You will find questions from various disciplines in our list of 50 questions, which you can read in our article.

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In a concept presentation, you have to give general information as well as try to convince the audience with good arguments and deliver a solution concept.

Horizontal Communication

Horizontal communication is the exchange of information between people, departments or units within the same level of an organisational hierarchy of a company.

Vocal distractions

In vocal distractions filler words like um, er, and you know are used during a pause.

B2C means Business to Customer. A B2C event is hosted by a company for its customers. It's important for gaining new customers and for satisfieing regular clients.

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Test Your Presentation Skills: Quiz!


How you say things is more important than ________ 

What you say

Voice techniques

Eye contact

Rate this question:

What is the most important visual in a presentation?

Body Language

Voice Techniques

The presenter

What percentage of the time should you be looking at your audience?

What is the guaranteed way to lose connection with your audience.

Poor body language

Speaking too softly

Not making any eye contact

Not being prepared

When presenting, what are the 2 main reasons presenters stop looking at the audience?

They are nervous 2. They forget what they were going to say.

They need to look at their notes. 2. They are nervous.

They need to look at their notes. 2. They are looking at their slides.

They are having technical problems. 2. They are nervous.

You should use your hands when you present.

When presenting to a large group, the most effective gestures come from the wrist and elbows., your facial expressions must support what you are saying., what percentage of our impression (feeling or opinion) from a communication comes from words said, when presenting to a large group, how many people should you pick out to make eye contact with.

All of them

What is the voice technique that you can use to slow down your pace to make your sentences easier to understand and more effective?



Your facial expressions must support what you are saying?

You should use your hands when you are presenting., you should find someone that presents well and copy them exactly., when not gesturing, the hands should sit quietly at the sides of the presenter. this is called:.

Open position

Zero position

Casual position

Formal position

When speaking, the sounds will be clear if you do not rush your words?

Group words into phrases according to their meaning and make pauses between the phrases., what are the 3 key points of general advice for voice techniques.

Articulate, exaggerate, emphasize

Articulate, pause, phrase

Articulate, keep your sentences short, check the spelling of difficult words

Articulate, check the spelling of difficult words, speak up

It is always a good idea to exaggerate it a little, it helps to get your message across persuasively.

In general, you should slow down to make your most important points.  this gives your message time to sink in., summarizing may contain new information and must be short., try to prepare your conclusion ____________ you prepare the rest of the talk., which selection contains the five items in the conclusion structure.

Signaling the end, summarizing, conclusion, results, sources

Introduction, outline, body, closing, inviting questions / discussion

Signaling the end, summarizing, conclusion, closing, inviting questions / discussion

Signaling the end, main points, restating the problem, solutions, inviting questions / discussion

The number of your main points in your summary cannot be more than 6.

A rhetorical question is a question that is asked only for effect, and generally, an answer or response is not expected..

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Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament

Made in the USA

Made In The USA

Brass with 24k gold finish

SKU 002150 | Size 3 ¼" H x 2 ⅞" L x ½" D

Made from solid brass, finished in 24-karat gold, and screen printed with exquisite color, the Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament honors President Jimmy Carter. The ornament’s anchor shape, an iconic symbol of hope, represents Carter’s service in the United States Navy. The design also highlights historic moments from his life and presidency. Every ornament ships in a keepsake box with a ribbon for hanging and an illustrated booklet on the Carter presidency. Special Offer: Get free shipping within the U.S. on orders of 1-5 ornaments!

Additional Information

Made from solid brass, finished in 24-karat gold, and screen printed with exquisite color, the Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament honors President Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth President of the United States. The 2024 design is a thoughtful presentation of historic moments from his life and presidency, which we hope you enjoy learning more about. The ornament’s anchor shape, an iconic symbol of hope, also represents Carter’s service in the United States Navy. The North Portico of the White House is shown adorned with poinsettias that harken back to the vibrant and festive White House Christmases he shared with his family.        

Both the front and reverse side of the ornament feature peace doves, symbolic of President Carter’s work for peace in the Middle East, and perhaps most significantly, the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty signed on the North Lawn of the White House on March 26, 1979. On the reverse side of the ornament is the Seawolf-class USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23). Commissioned in 2005, it is the only submarine to be named for a living president. The globe at the center refers to Carter’s lifelong work on environmental conservation. At the base of the anchor is a garland of peanut flowers, a reminder of Carter’s years as a farmer and businessman in Plains, Georgia. This ornament ships with a ribbon for hanging in a keepsake box with an illustrated booklet on the Carter presidency.  

The White House Historical Association, a private, nonpartisan organization, first undertook the Official White House Christmas Ornament program in 1981 and is proud to release the forty-fourth ornament this year. Each ornament honors a single president or White House anniversary in a series that progresses chronologically, and each is a piece of the American story, a uniquely tangible way to learn about the people and events that have shaped history at the Executive Mansion. Collecting and giving these ornaments have become holiday traditions for families around the world. Each ornament funds the work of our historians, researchers, and educators to open the doors to the rich history of the “people’s house” for millions of Americans.   


The Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament retail sales program is designed for individuals building personal collections and gift giving. Those individuals or organizations wishing to purchase the ornament for resale must register a wholesale account on our website. The Association reserves the right to limit quantities, refuse orders, and/or cancel orders at its discretion. For more information on our wholesale account process, visit our  Wholesale Account Information page.  

Interested in fundraising with our Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament?  Visit our Fundraising page today!     

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    The 2024 design is a thoughtful presentation of historic moments from his life and presidency, which. Made from solid brass, finished in 24-karat gold, and screen printed with exquisite color, the Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament honors President Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth President of the United States. ...