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zeropark case study

Click-Through Rate in multi-creative push campaigns – Zeropark Case Study 

push creative ctr case stody

There are many metrics in affiliate marketing. If you want your campaigns to perform well, you need to pay attention to data. ROI is important but it’s not everything. It’s easy to determine what ROI percentage is good (as long as the number is green, duh!) but other metrics might not be as clear.

If you look around the affiliate marketing communities, you’ll find that CTR is one of the most confusing and asked about metrics. How does it work? What percentage signals campaign potential? How is CTR affected by the number of creatives?

Zeropark’s business analytics team decided to take up the challenge and look into the behavior of multi-creative push campaigns. Read and find out all there is to know about push ads CTR and learn about Zeropark’s mechanisms of multivariate push ad testing.

How do you calculate click-through rate (CTR)?

Before we dive into the technicalities of our study, we’ll do a rundown of the basics for our readers who are only just starting their affiliate marketing journeys. A click-through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks (on your advert or landing page) divided by the number of impressions (how many times the ad was shown). That number is then turned into a percentage.

You can take a look at the formula and example below.

Click Trough Rate formula

In push traffic, the click-through rate is calculated for the push notifications first. Then, if a landing page is used, it’s calculated once more. This time to measure the performance of landing pages.

Of course, this metric is not limited to push traffic and landing pages only. It’s equally important for banner ads, search ads and search results, links placed on websites and social media, or in an email marketing campaign. Whenever you have a clickable element on a website, lander, advert, or sponsored post, you can and should measure the click-through rates.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about push ads then click here to read the ultimate guide to push advertising.

What is a good click-through rate?

How many click-throughs your ad campaign gets can depend on many factors. Starting with the quality of the offer, targeted audience, ad position, the appeal of your creatives, and ending with the most important factor – the ad format.

Let’s go through the most important types of internet marketing to see what their average click-through rates are.

Email marketing – various sources such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor state the average CTR to be about 2.5% for the links included in the promotional mailings. While click-through rate is an important factor, email marketers measure their success by monitoring the email open rate, and that averages 15-25%.

Search ads – a PPC Google search ad should receive an average of 2% click-through rate as reported by WordStream . This number, however, differs across the industry and provides different values depending on the niche (e.g. dating ads will see twice as many clicks as e-commerce ads).

Display ads – according to Forbes , joining a display network will produce an average CTR of 0.16% calculated based on worldwide stats. While the number of click-throughs might seem absurdly low, it is based on Google benchmarks and can be assumed to be a correct estimate, which considers subtracting both bot clicks and accidental clicks.

Social media ads – if we look at the data from Statista we’ll see that the average click-through rate for PPC ads featured on various social media platforms currently amounts to 1.3% . Although the number seems to fluctuate over the years it’s unclear whether it’s inclining or declining.

Native ads – a native advertisement is predicted to receive an average click-through rate of 0.2% as reported by Outbrain . It’s worth noting that the number is higher on mobile (0.38%) and lower on desktop (0.16%) and is a global statistic.

Pop, push, domain redirects – click-through rates for the popular PPC and PPV affiliate marketing campaigns are the hardest to determine. Within one affiliate marketer’s dashboard, you will most likely see a CTR of 2% right next to another creative with 15% and both will be equally profitable. Just take a look at the example of data:

Click Through Rate range

The number here can typically vary between a fraction of a percent to around 30%. But it can just as easily be much higher. Here are the main factors affecting your CTR:

  • GEO – usually, the more expensive the targeting, the lower the CTR.
  • Vertical – broad topics such as dating or sweepstakes will receive higher CTR than, for example, auto insurance services.
  • Device – the CTR is usually higher on mobile devices.
  • Ad format – the cheaper the impressions the lower the CTR.

Is click-through rate a KPI?

Yes, click-through rate is a key performance indicator (KPI). Right next to the conversion rate (CR) it’s a crucial metric in measuring the performance of your campaign. In the case of any push ad campaign, CTR will measure the effectiveness of your ad copy/image/keywords used.

If the ratio of impressions to clicks is low and your ROI is well below zero, it means the content of your advertisement does not manage to attract any clicks. In that case, the CTR is a key performance indicator and a quality score of each ad separately.

If you’re using a search network, such as Google, you might be looking at the click-through rate as a KPI for a keyword or ad placement. Similarly, if you’re doing SEO affiliate marketing, your click-through rate will serve as a key performance metric for how well you’re positioning your website in the search engines’ results pages for a given keyword or keyword phrase.

If people are seeing your link/advertisement while searching for a specific keyword and yet you’re not receiving conversions it means you are most likely reaching the wrong target audience.

Remember that click-through rate is only significant together with ROI.

Although it is not confirmed whether Google takes CTR into consideration while deciding on your organic rankings, you might be better off treating CTR as a valid benchmark. If users click on your ads and links because they like their content and find it relevant, it does make perfect sense this information will be noted by Google and used while calculating your position on the search results page.

Additionally, Google uses CTR to calculate your quality scores and ad rank. So, even if you’re not using a search network you can see now that click-through rate is a very important benchmark that is widely adopted by the biggest companies in the advertising industry.

Need some tips on how to read data? Learn about the top metrics in affiliate marketing!

Top Metrics How To Read Data Affiliate Marketing

Zeropark Case Study

Now that we’ve laid out the basics of click-through rate (CTR) as one of the most important benchmarks in affiliate marketing, it’s time for the Zeropark analytics part.

The Zeropark platform wants you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed. That’s why we have our own internal algorithms that help boost the creatives that get the most user attention. If you’re amongst the people wondering how it works (and does it actually work!?) then here are the results of one of the case studies conducted by our business analytics team.

How is traffic distributed in multi-creative push campaigns?

We all know cashing in on the creatives that perform best is equally important to driving enough traffic to other ads so that you don’t miss out on a gem simply because you didn’t manage to discover its potential.

Hence, traffic in Zeropark is split into two portions. The first part which constitutes 80% of traffic is distributed according to performance. So, the ad with the highest click-through rate will be the one that receives the most traffic, while the ad with the lowest CTR will receive the least traffic.

The other portion of traffic, being just 20%, is evenly distributed to all creatives regardless of their performances. That ensures that even the creatives that don’t perform right off the bat continue getting a supply of traffic throughout the run of the campaign.

multi-creative push traffic distribution infographic

But what happens when you add new creatives?

When you add more creatives, at first, they will only receive their share of the 20% of traffic. Once enough impressions are delivered to each advertisement, the click-through rate (CTR) will serve as a sort of quality score (or ad rank). As a result, creatives that received more clicks will now receive more impressions so they can compete with older creatives for the top creative spot.

If you want to increase the amount of traffic going to the new creatives, it’s recommended that you lower the total number of creatives in each campaign. That way, the 20% of evenly distributed impressions will be split into bigger fractions for each creative.

It’s worth noting that the algorithm’s response is immediate. As soon as the number of clicks starts rising, so will the number of impressions. And although older creatives will receive an overall higher number of impressions, new creatives that show potential can join your top assets in an instant.

How does the CTR change over time?

It’s not a secret that click-through rates change over time. After all, if you display one advert to the same audience over and over again, you’ll have a head-on collision with creative fatigue. But since you’re here for the numbers, let’s get to the findings of another case study conducted by Zeropark.

Over the period of 3 months, we’ve gathered data from thousands of both single and multi-creative campaigns. The creatives we looked at have been in the running for at least 30 days without breaks longer than 2 days. Our results can be split into two groups.

  • Creatives that were receiving over 1 million impressions per month have seen a 25% decrease in CTR (after their impression count reached a total number of 50 times the first-day impression count);
  • Creatives that were receiving below 1 million impressions per month have seen a 30% decrease in CTR (after their impression count reached a total number of 50 times the first-day impression count).

So, in short, the total number of impressions the creative receives does have an effect on how fast the CTR drops. Surprisingly, creatives with lower exposure lose clicks faster than those with a broader audience. So, if you see your CTR drop sharply and suddenly, there might be something wrong with your campaign. However, if the CTR is dropping slowly over time, it’s just the regular life cycle of the campaign.

Need ideas for more ads? Read about the hottest trends in push notification creatives!

Get To Know The Hottest Trends in Push Notification Ad Creatives


Most ad exchange platforms allow their customers (affiliates) to start their PPC campaigns with more than one creative. Actually, split testing landing pages and creatives is the fastest route to a profitable funnel. And CTR paired with ROI are the two most important performance metrics for the creative elements of your campaign. 

The success of your funnel, however, starts with how many internet users become visitors upon seeing your advertisement. And if you’re testing more than one ad, you’ll surely want to know which one has the most potential to turn someone into a paying customer.

And that’s exactly why you should study CTR and know what’s expected and what is an abnormality that requires investigation. Hopefully, this article provided useful insights that will help you optimize your campaigns into profitability.

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zeropark case study

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zeropark case study

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Erik Gyepes

Affiliate marketing expert.

  • From $0 to $200/day profit in 4 days with Zeropark Push Ads!

zeropark case study

On STM Forum , we often encourage new members to start their own follow-alongs aka journeys of their first steps within their campaigns.

It’s the best way they can learn from their beginner mistakes and also everyone who is reading can step in and give an advice.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, and many times these FA’s are full of golden nuggets .

It’s been a long time since I started my own follow-along on STM.

It was actually couple years ago, when I was starting out with paid traffic affiliate marketing as a total newbie.

However, in early December I started my own follow-along again!

Zeropark recently introduced Push Ads and I wanted to learn this new ad format.

Follow-along seemed like the best way to do it, so everyone can benefit and learn something new.

Even I’m experienced affiliate marketer and I launched hundreds of successful campaigns, push ads were a completely new ad format to me at this time.

I’ve documented my whole journey from start , with the whole setup directly on STM and updated it every couple of days.

zeropark case study

  • my preparation and research process
  • my tracking setup in Voluum
  • offers and landers selection
  • campaign’s setup at Zeropark’s side
  • ads and creatives
  • best converting offer

The results were more than surprising!

I did a proper initial preparation, research ( spying ) and setup.

I’ve launched 5 campaigns in 3 different verticals  (sweepstakes, casino and finance) in total.

In just 4 days as a total newbie with push ads I reached $200/day profit .

zeropark case study

Of course not all my campaigns were profitable, and I shared my thoughts and reasons behind those as well.

To read the whole FA, feel free to join STM and read it with people’s comments and questions.

Also since yesterday you can also read an edited version of it as a case study on Zeropark’s official blog:

Zeropark Push Ads Case Study: A Super-Affiliate Tries Push Traffic – Ft. Erik Gyepes

Enjoy reading and I wish you good profits with push notification traffic !

  • Posted In: Case Studies
  • Inside Out: Solo super affiliate and STM moderator Erik Gyepes
  • Interview with Luke “PeerFly” Kling from affLIFT

zeropark case study

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zeropark case study

CTR in multi-creative push campaigns – Zeropark Case Study

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  • Start date Jun 8, 2021


Traffic Manager


  • Jun 8, 2021

How do you calculate click-through rate (CTR)? ​

zeropark case study

What is a good click-through rate? ​

zeropark case study

  • GEO – usually, the more expensive the targeting, the lower the CTR.
  • Vertical – broad topics such as dating or sweepstakes will receive higher CTR than, for example, auto insurance services.
  • Device – the CTR is usually higher on mobile devices.
  • Ad format – the cheaper the impressions the lower the CTR.

Zeropark Case Study ​

How is traffic distributed in multi-creative push campaigns​.

zeropark case study

How does the CTR change over time?​

  • Creatives that were receiving over 1 million impressions per month have seen a 25% decrease in CTR (after their impression count reached a total number of 50 times the first-day impression count);
  • Creatives that were receiving below 1 million impressions per month have seen a 30% decrease in CTR (after their impression count reached a total number of 50 times the first-day impression count).



zeropark case study

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CTR in multi-creative push campaigns – Zeropark Case Study 📊🧐

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  • Jun 8, 2021


How do you calculate click-through rate (CTR)? ​


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zeropark case study

ZeroPark Push Case Study, Doing a Rip and Run Offer - Low Spend, Positive ROI

zeropark case study


I recently started testing ZeroPark push traffic. There are so many sources to test and try out there and I think it is the best way to find the perfect traffic sources for your offer.

In this case, I am doing something that is always being talked about in the affiliate marketing space, and that is rip and run offers, copy-paste offers. In essence, this strategy is called what it is, literally. You find what is currently working and just copy it.

You do need tools to do this strategy for example, Anstrex is a tool I always and have been recommending for a while. It has enough data to show you what is currently working at the traffic source level.

Below is a screenshot of how I start to find some rip and run offers. If you do not have access to Anstrex just yet, I suggest you go ahead and just see what they go to offer.

zeropark case study

This screenshot shows 2 things that I specifically look for when I adjust my filters. on Anstrex push ad spy tool .

  • I adjust the days running to at least 4-5 days. When it runs for more than 3 days it tells me the person is putting in the budget to make sure it will work and tells me that it is working
  • I also adjust ad strength sometimes. The higher the number the better the ad has been performing but I play with the adjustments because the strength does go high base on your filters. At times I want it to be above 800, that's how I filter.

That is what I do for filtering profitable offers, I also then filter by the traffic source and countries but that can be up to you on how you are advertising for this push case study I basically did a solid day worth of looking and found the offer I want to test out.

I went to my affiliate network and picked the offer, I created the campaign in ZeroPark and chose push and chose RON. The reason why I chose RON is that I need to build the source and target list.

You can easily ask your account manager what is the best to target, but I tend to let my own data to tell the story.

zeropark case study

ZeroPark allows you up to 10 images on a campaign. The image plays the role of the icon and the desktop image. This is where I think ZeroPark is different, their push system does allow multiple creatives under one campaign, unlike other networks.

For example, they allow an icon and the desktop image. There is also some networks that allow you to change the browser icon as well.

zeropark case study

So it is important to use the right image for both as an image for the icon will look weird on the desktop and vice versa, especially if the icon is stretched. Now back to the ad creation, I simply just copied the ad text word for word from Anstrex . The headline and the ad body.

Created the campaign and waited for approval.

Pretty much right away spent $12.07 and got 1 conversion and profited $27.92

The first column is visits, leads, payout, cost, profit, the lastly ROI. Remember clicks and ad network stats can be different because of server time zones. I do use a platform that does sync with the traffic network so my stats will be agile to where I set the time zone.

zeropark case study

I always start the campaign slowly, usually doing the CPA as my starting daily budget per day. This way I can gauge the sources and targets within Zeropark and start filtering the next day.

Since it converted right away, I might just have the right push source at that time. So I am not playing the congratulations role just yet, so I went ahead and increase the spend the next day to see where it will lead me.

This next screenshot is over the last couple days and I think I need to create a landing page to work with the traffic just a bit. Over the next days, I have been filtering and removing the sources that I didn't think are doing well.

In ZeroPark , I block at the source level just because I think sources are all categorized URLs my assumption.

zeropark case study

So you will see the traffic dip and paused, I am going to try another angle and see how that works out. Over the past couple of days, it didn't perform well. Now I have to switch things up and see if a landing page will perform better. Yup, it was a direct link offer as that is what Anstrex showed me while I did my research.

I will continue this mini case study, will update my findings and results as well. Let me know what you think. More to spend and see where things go with Zeropark Push traffic.

zeropark case study

Ian Fernando

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zeropark case study

Start Affiliate Marketing Today.

Privacy overview.

zeropark case study

Zeropark: Offers & Verticals

Ad types: Branded Search Autocomplete and Tiles – Commerce media (BNPL, Commerce Content, Coupon, Search Browsers, Apps, Extensions, and more), Legacy Advertising Formats

Verticals: Retail, e-Commerce, m-Commerce

Zeropark: Payment & Investment

Cost Model: CPC, CPV

Minimum Deposit: $200

Payment Methods: Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal, Bank Transfer (minimum $1,000)

Zeropark: Support

Personal Account Manager: Yes — if you spend at least $2,000 monthly.

Knowledgebase: It has a comprehensive Documentation page.

Support Response Speed: Average. It can take several hours to a day to receive a reply (longer if it’s a weekend).

Support Rating: Good. Advertisers can submit a ticket through the Support link within the dashboard or via email.

Contact Methods: support ticket and email

Email Contact: [email protected]

Zeropark Review

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing business for a while now, chances are you have already heard of Zeropark — maybe even tried it or are still using it! But what you may not know is that this company has shifted its direction and has undergone major changes, moving towards a broader market, focusing on the biggest brands and agencies.

In this Zeropark review, we’ll discuss the changes within the platform and how to use it to achieve your goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Zeropark has upgraded its advertising solutions to include new ad formats for what they call incremental advertising.
  • Typical ad formats (now called legacy formats) are still available.
  • Has tons of scalable audiences for advertisers of all types to work with.
  • Getting approved as an advertiser can be difficult, so ensure you have enough media-buying experience before signing up.
  • Has an excellent user interface, and creating campaigns is a breeze once you get the hang of it.
  • Rules-Based Optimization is available, allowing you to manage and optimize your campaigns with ease.

What is Zeropark?

Let’s be inclusive and take newcomers into consideration by telling them a brief background about this company.

Zeropark is a leading advertising network that was established in 2012 as part of the Codewise group, which also brought us Voluum, the widely-used tracking platform.

Originally focusing on delivering what’s now understood as legacy formats, it has continued to evolve its offerings by adding new opportunities for brands and advertisers.

zeropark homepage

It initially catered to the needs of affiliates. However, Zeropark has since expanded its portfolio and shifted its focus toward performance marketers, media buyers, and agency representatives. This strategic move has allowed the company to serve its diverse clientele better and provide innovative advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes.

This company is committed to staying ahead of industry trends and offering brand-safe traffic solutions to all types of advertisers, making Zeropark well-positioned to continue its growth as a prominent player within the digital advertising landscape.

Zeropark Features

This innovative platform is packed with features aimed at driving big results for its customers. Let’s talk about the most relevant ones for affiliates.

Commerce Media Advertising Solutions

Within Zeropark traffic services are newer advertising Commerce Media options available, including Search Marketplace and Deeplink. These incremental engagements allow you to reach purchase-ready customers who are using Zeropark’s partner publishers’ apps or platforms.

However, these options are not readily available to everyone. You must reach out to support to request approval.

Search Marketplace

Companies can say goodbye to intrusive ads and hello to brand-safe, non-interruptive adverts that match customers with their needs. This feature has been designed with a customer-centric approach, delivering the highest-quality search traffic to brands.

Customers can interact with these ads in two ways: through Search Autocomplete and Tiles.

When using this ad format, the user must be redirected to the actual brand’s website, else it will not be approved.

zeropark search marketplace

Image from Zeropark Booklet 2023

Deeplink is like a personal shopper for online browsing experience, showing visitors who are searching for products (using broad keywords) with relevant product matches. When a user clicks on the proposed product link, they’re redirected straight to the promoted product page, making their shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Just like the Search Marketplace, these ads are advertised on the top publishing partners of Zeropark.

zeropark deeplink

As part of Zeropark’s future-proof solutions, these ads utilize cookieless tracking.

Well-Known Publishing Partners

Zeropark has officially stepped up its game by partnering with some of the most well-known publishing companies out there. That’s right, not only does the platform already have thousands of direct publishers under its wing, but it’s now working with the likes of Huawei, Opera, AVG, Norton, and YahooMail, just to name a few.

Self-Service Platform

Zeropark makes advertising easy. Its self-service platform has always been a standout in the industry, but with its recent update, it’s better than ever.

Even if you’re a newbie to advertising, navigating the platform is a breeze. You’ll find everything you need in one place, making your campaign management a stress-free experience. And the best part? There’s a minimal learning curve involved.

Nevertheless, they still provide a free onboarding session for new advertiser account holders to make sure they understand everything.

Integration with Top Trackers

If you’re running campaigns and not tracking them, you’re missing out on valuable insights. The ability to see what’s working and what’s not is priceless for any marketer.

Zeropark can easily integrate with the top tracking platforms in the performance marketing industry. This includes:

  • LandingTrack
  • Thrive Tracker

Related content: Best Affiliate Tracking Software

If you’re using a different tracker, that’s fine too. Just make sure to check your tracking platform’s configuration and add the postback URL.

zeropark tracking 3

Deals and Offers

If you want to take your digital marketing journey to the next level without breaking the bank, then you’ll like Zeropark’s Deals and Offers.

With exclusive discounts on popular tools like trackers , ad spy tools , and landing page builders, you can enhance your campaigns without sacrificing your budget. And don’t forget about their affiliate marketing forum subscriptions — the perfect place to network and learn from others in the industry.

But the savings don’t stop there. With Zeropark’s Offer Wall, you can explore offers available from their partner networks. And as an added bonus, eligible users will receive a special reward when running those offers with Zeropark’s traffic.

zeropark deals

Media Planner

This is a new feature that aims to provide users with granular data about available traffic per brand. So, for instance, if you want to promote to audiences that have shown interest in a particular brand or have visited that brand’s website, you can determine how many clicks it has received over the last three days, the sources of traffic, and other relevant information.

This allows you to estimate the amount of traffic you are likely to get based on a specific bid. The media planner allows you to be one step closer to reaching your exact audience based on the brand.

You can also create a Search Marketplace campaign through the Media Planner.

Rule-Based Optimization

Have you ever wished for a campaign that could self-optimize according to your preferences?

Well, your wish is Zeropark’s command!

The platform’s dynamic feature ensures that your campaigns run smoothly and efficiently, only spending your money on traffic that is converting. It’s like having a personal concierge working tirelessly to make sure you get the best deal.

The setup is simple, too; imagine creating rules as logical statements (IF-THEN statements) that are checked every five minutes, allowing you to make sure your campaigns are running efficiently like clockwork.

Zeropark provides the option to create rules manually or automatically based on eCPA, so you still have total control over the optimization process. It’s the perfect compromise between letting technology do the heavy lifting while you sit back, relax, and watch as your campaigns flourish.

How to Start Advertising with Zeropark

A lot of affiliates favor Zeropark because of its traffic volume, quality, and ease of use. But how easy is it really to use this platform? Let me show you how. At the end of this, I’m pretty sure you’ll be confident enough to start creating your own campaigns right away.

Create an Account

Registering in Zeropark is pretty simple — just complete the registration procedures. They’re offering a top-up bonus of 5% to 15% for new advertisers that would use Mobidea Academy’s exclusive Zeropark coupon .

You’ll be asked for basic details like name and email, then you’ll be asked to complete a business profile which includes:

your type of business (choose affiliate marketer or media buyer, unless you’re working with an agency or brand) the estimated budget you plan to use to test ads in Zeropark.

creating an account on zeropark

You will also be asked for complete business information and contact details. Make sure you place the contact number or chat platform where you are easiest to reach since someone from Zeropark will be reaching out to you to verify your account.

Once you’ve verified your email and logged in to the platform, you will then be asked to answer more questions.

creating an account on zeropark 2

The image above came directly from Zeropark’s documentation pages.

You will then be asked to top up your account before the verification process proceeds.

First Deposit

New account holders are required to deposit a non-refundable $200. This means that once approved, you have to use up this amount. But if in case you don’t get approved, you will be refunded this amount.

deposit on zeropark

Now when adding funds, there are three ways available to you — credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfer (minimum $1,000). The service fee for credit cards is 2%, while the service fee for both Paypal and bank transfers is 4%.

deposit on zeropark 2

Important Tip: If you’re using Paypal, make sure the account email and the Paypal email are the same to avoid complications. In case it’s different, prepare to share proof of your ownership of the Paypal account you used to top up your advertiser account.

Navigating the Dashboard

Once your Zeropark account has been completely verified, it’s time to understand how to navigate the dashboard. (Note: Zeropark offers an onboarding seminar, which can help you familiarize yourself with the dashboard).

Here’s what your dashboard should look like without campaigns yet.

zeropark dashboard

We’ll talk more about how to navigate it when you already have campaigns up and running.

For now, let’s discuss how to get started in using it.

Integrating Your Tracker

By syncing your tracking platform with Zeropark, you’ll unlock a world of granular data insights and optimization opportunities, allowing you to steer your campaigns toward victory with laser precision.

To add your tracker in Zeropark, click on your account initials located at the upper right corner of the page, then click on “My Account.”

On your My Account page, click on Tracking on the left menu.

integrating tracker on zeropark

On the Tracking page, click on “Select tracking solution.”

integrating tracker on zeropark 2

On the pop-up page, choose the right tracking platform and hit Save. Your Postback URL will now be available for you to copy and paste into your tracker.

integrating tracker on zeropark 3

If your tracker is not included in the list, then choose “Other.” However, make sure you add the correct tracking tokens based on your tracker.

Once everything has been properly set up, you’ll be able to see your conversions in Zeropark.

You can test if conversions really fire back to Zeropark once you have created a campaign. So let’s say you’ve already created a campaign. On your campaign page, you’ll find the Conversion Test Link in the top row.

conversion test on zeropark platform

Use the link and perform a conversion, then come back to Zeropark to check if the redirect has increased and a lead has been recorded. Do the same with your tracker and see if the activity has been documented. If it was, then congratulations! The integration and conversion tracking was a success.

Creating a Campaign

Now to the main event: creating a campaign. To start, click on the +New Campaign button at the top of the dashboard. You’ll then be taken to the Campaign Creation page.

This is where you select the ad type you want to use. The possible choices are Search Marketplace campaigns (upon approval from the Zeropark team) and/or all the legacy advertising formats.

creating a campaign on zeropark platform

Add the campaign name and select a label. A label is like a tag that lets you identify campaigns properly. They are custom-made, and you can add a new one by clicking on the same link (+Add label).

Next, select whether you want the campaign to be Active or Paused once approved. Approval takes anywhere from 2 hours to one business day. Zeropark’s team reviews campaigns during business hours, but they are available every day (even on weekends).

If you want to create multiple copies of the campaign immediately, you can indicate the number here. You’re allowed a max of 99. This is useful if there’s a standard way you create and you want to use this one as a template.

This is where you can add the creative.

You can add up to 10 creatives per campaign. Simply upload an image, then add the ad text and description right next to the image. Enable the Preview option if you want to see how your ad will look like in different browsers and OS.

You will then be asked for the Destination URL, choice of conversion payout, and whether or not to allow conversion capping.

creating a campaign on zeropark platform 2

If you turn conversion capping on, your campaign will be paused when the conversion limit for the day has been reached. This way, you won’t have to pay for traffic that will no longer be accepted by your affiliate program. Traffic will resume the following day based on your chosen time zone.

This is where you’ll find your targeting options, so you can narrow down to your exact audience. Filters include geolocation (cities, region, and country targeting), language, adult filtering, device filter, operating system, and browsers.

In this section, you can set the ad frequency. You can choose to show the same user one ad every 5 minutes up to one ad every 24 hours.

creating a campaign on zeropark platform 3

Campaign Type

The campaign types are very much like a traffic filter. You can choose one among four different types:

  • RON campaign – Run of Network, which means all traffic that falls within your targeting filters. You will then be allowed to choose between Premium and Standard traffic.
  • Source – This sends you traffic from a list of Zeropark traffic source IDs you provide;
  • Target – This sends you traffic from a list of Zeropark target IDs or websites you provide;
  • Keyword – This sends you traffic based on the keywords you provide. This means your ad will be shown in placements where the keyword appears.

creating a campaign on zeropark platform 4

Budget & Bidding

Finally, we have the budget section where you can limit how much you want your campaign to spend the entire time it’s active or on a daily basis.

creating a campaign on zeropark platform 5

If you add a daily budget, you will be allowed to switch between buying all available traffic and buying smoothly (meaning evenly throughout the day).

You can also set the source and target daily budget so that you’ll get the chance to buy from other sources and targets.

Beneath this section is Tracking. Since we have already enabled account-level tracking, we can ignore this part.

Click on Save and Continue, and you’re done!

All that’s left is to wait for approval.

Viewing Campaign Performance

Here’s what your dashboard should look like when your campaigns are already live and running.

zeropark campaign dashboard

You’ll see a performance overview of all your campaigns and a graph showing the trend of traffic, conversions, and ad spending.

A quick preview of your campaigns’ stats is also shown once you scroll down.

To view a campaign’s detailed reports, click on the campaign name to be taken to the campaign page.

zeropark campaign page

You can use this page to analyze the performance of your keywords, targets, sources – namely, every component of the campaign. You can pause/enable them, change bids individually, or establish a custom rule to automatically optimize your campaigns.

Optimizing Campaigns

So upon scrolling down, here’s what you will see:

zeorpark campaign optimization

You can make changes right in this area. For bulk changes, simply select the items you want to adjust and then click on Bulk Actions. Now, when optimizing your campaigns, you follow a set of rules for yourself, right? Like for example, if a target has spent the same amount as a conversion but has not converted once, you pause it.

Since there is a predetermined rule you set for yourself, why not let Zeropark automatically perform these tasks for you? This can be done with the help of Rule-Based Optimization.

Setting up rules is pretty easy. Head over to the middle section of the campaign page, right below the trends graph. There you’ll find Optimization Rules.

zeorpark campaign optimization 2

You can choose between Optimization Rule Set or New Rule.

With the first one, you will be asked for your eCPA or how much one conversion is worth to you.

zeorpark campaign optimization 3

Upon indicating the eCPA, Zeropark will ask for confirmation that you want to create rules automatically since it will affect the behavior of your targets. Click on “Ok, I understand” (if you do, of course).

Once done, it will create three rules for your campaign.

zeorpark campaign optimization 4

If you don’t like this set of rules or if you just want to add a new one, click on the New Rule button.

You will then be required to fill out the details of the IF-THEN statement. The options are as follows:

zeorpark campaign optimization 5

Your options for parameters on the IF condition are target, source, and campaign — select one. Then indicate the maximum number of visits or clicks.

Your options for the AND condition are ROI, conversions, eCPA, or CR (conversion rate). Again, select one and select whether it should be higher or lower than the value you indicate.

Next, select the evaluation period, which can be:

  • last 24 hours
  • last 7 days
  • or a custom period.

Finally, choose the action that Zeropark ought to take when these two conditions are met. Should the bad zones (target, source, or campaign) be paused, bid down, or bid up?

If your choice is either to bid down or bid up, you must indicate by how much it would be adjusted and the lower or upper limits where any adjustments would cease.

And that’s it! You’ve now set up campaign optimization rules.

Remember, however, that rules are run by the Zeropark platform every 5 minutes, so there is a chance that some zones go over the conditions before they are paused. Don’t worry; usually, the overage from the conditions is minimal.

Based on personal experience, though, campaign optimization based on rules works best on affiliate offers with CPA of $3 and above (ideally $5 and above).

Because anything below $3 and you are pausing zones too soon. If there’s not enough data, you won’t go anywhere. But that’s just me; your strategies will evolve once you gain experience, after all.

Automatic Rules can make your optimization life so much easier — allowing you to focus on creating more campaigns or looking for other offers to promote.

Zeropark Pros and Cons for Advertisers

While many a marketer would recommend Zeropark, let us first weigh in on the pros and cons before we tell you our verdict.

  • Offers a high volume of traffic, allowing you to scale your campaigns.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Fast campaign approvals, even on weekends (as long as within business hours)
  • Provides Rule-Based Optimization (with the option for Automatic and Manual Rules)
  • High percentage of bots within legacy ad formats, so best to use bot filtering.
  • High minimum deposit compared to other networks.
  • Harder to get accepted as an advertiser compared to other ad networks.

How to Earn Money as a Publisher with Zeropark

On the other side of the advertising spectrum are publishers. Zeropark accepts publishers from anywhere, for as long as they pass the initial review and verification of the approval team.

Publisher Requirements

The platform does not publish its requirements for websites and publishers, such as minimum traffic. They accept all kinds of publishers — websites, apps, domain owners, and more.

However, they only accept direct publishers with unique traffic. Rebrokered traffic is strictly not accepted. They scan site traffic for IP mismatches, iFraming, and other ways that boost traffic, so make sure you avoid these.

How to Sign Up

Click here to register as a publisher. You would need to provide complete details about yourself, including your address and contact number.

creating publisher account on zeropark

After completing the details and some login info, you will be asked to verify your email address. But we’re not done yet! You will receive another email that asks you to answer all the questions regarding your business and traffic supply.

creating publisher account on zeropark 3

Be as thorough as possible to increase your chances of getting approved. Make sure you reply to this message within the next three weeks, else your application will automatically be rejected.

Once you’ve been approved, log in to your account and complete your account profile, including payment information.

How to Start Earning

Go to the Ad Tag tab to start adding them to your publisher property.

Ad tags are like feeds, and you only need to add one ad tag per traffic type. If you have mainstream and adult traffic, they must have their own tags. Before creating your tag, make sure you reach out to your account manager.

How to Withdraw Earnings

Payments are on the Net-30 schedule, which means it is released 30 days from the date of invoice. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 for Paypal and $1,000 for wire transfer.

Invoicing is automated, so you won’t have to worry about missing payments unless your earnings do not reach the minimum. Don’t worry; your un-withdrawn money will just be carried over the following month.

Zeropark Verdict

So do we think Zeropark is a good advertising network for affiliates to work with? You bet we do!

Zeropark is a no-brainer for affiliates looking to level up their advertising game. As a traffic network that’s been constantly evolving and staying ahead of the curve, they’ve got your back with good ad formats and innovative solutions.

However, quality is still up for debate — you need to be vigilant in filtering out bots with their PPV traffic. Once you’ve proven that you received bot traffic, you can request for review and may be granted a refund. There are tons of good-quality targets, though, you just need to test.

Still, their user-friendly platform, combined with a wide range of targeting options, makes it easy for you to reach the right audience and get the most bang for your buck. Plus, their customer support team is always ready to lend a hand, making your experience smooth sailing.

Give Zeropark a spin, and tell us what you think! And don’t forget to use Mobidea’s exclusive Zeropark coupon to get your deposit bonus.

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