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Presentation Folder Templates: Free Dielines, Mockups, and Designs

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For those who lack graphic design experience, the word “template” has become something of a dirty word. It calls to mind cheap cookie-cutter designs stuffed with clip art. But there’s more than one type of template, and many of them are much more than just an easy shortcut; they’re absolutely vital to the print design process.

Any time you design presentation folders , you’re eventually going to need a template at some point—whether you’re forming your initial idea and layout, creating the design itself, or presenting a finished design mockup to your client.

presentation folder templates

Finding the right template for your project can be challenging. There are lots of them out there, and not all of them are free; you might end up paying for a template only to realize that it’s completely wrong for your pocket folder concept. Fortunately, Company Folders has invested a great deal of time into creating the following free downloads, with each template fashioned to make your design process as smooth and painless as possible.

Mockup Templates

Raw design files aren’t very helpful when you present your work to a client, especially for print projects that need to be folded into shape, such as two pocket folders . Parts of the folder will appear upside-down, which will confuse those who are less familiar with how dielines work. In situations like this, mockup templates are a lifesaver. They allow you to quickly convert your design files into fully realized mockups, so your design will look the way it will when it’s actually printed and folded.

These mockups can be further customized with a background of your choice, so your presentation folders can be set against a wooden table, a grassy field, or another surface or environment.

Front and Inside Folder Mockup Template

front and inside folder mockup

This versatile template shows off both the front cover and inside right panel of the folder.

Stacked Presentation Folders Mockup Template

stacked presentation folders

Show your client what their folders will look like fanned out across a table , focusing exclusively on the front cover.

Inside View Two Pocket Folder Mockup Template

inside view two pocket folder

This template is most useful when the most interesting elements of a folder design are on its interior, showcasing the pockets and inside panels.

See more Mockup Templates.

Die Cut Templates

Even if you never make use of any other type of template when crafting a presentation folder design, you’re not going to get very far without a die cut template. Also known as “dieline” templates, these function as the canvas upon which you will construct your actual design. Without an appropriate die cut template, a printer will be unable to print your work.

In situations where you don’t actually need your design printed (such as when you don’t have a client and are just experimenting with creating folders), it’s still worth it to use a die cut template. That way, you’ll always have the option to print it later if the need arises. Plus, this will make it easier to apply your design to a mockup template and incorporate it into your portfolio.

4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

four color process pocket folder

Specifically designed for a folder printed with four-color process, this template is a great choice for colorful, cost-effective designs.

6×9 2 Pocket Small Presentation Folder

small presentation folder

This template is well-suited for compact, lightweight designs meant to hold leaflets or other smaller materials.

Serpentine Cut Right Pocket Presentation Folder

serpentine presentation folder

With its creative, eye-catching pocket, this curvy template is perfect for when you want your design to stand out from the crowd.

See more Die Cut Templates.

Design Templates

Folder design templates give you a pre-made design that you can mix and match with your own images and text. Since practically every element of the template can be replaced with something else, you don’t need to worry about your design looking identical to someone else’s; it’s just a convenient time-saving solution when you need help coming up with a general layout.

Templates are available in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats. Even if you

don’t turn one of these templates into a design of your own, browsing them might just give you the inspiration you need to create something completely original.

Illustrator Templates

Six design services folder and business card template.

six design services template

Modern typography and a pattern of diagonal lin es give this template a dynamic, energetic feel.

Green Eco-Friendly Presentation Folder Design Template

green eco friendly folder template

Perfect for “green” businesses, this earthy design template expresses a love of the natural world.

Photoshop Templates

School district pocket folder and business card template.

school district folder template

This template makes use of primary colors and creative illustrations to create a warm and welcoming tone.

See more Design Templates.

Rethinking Templates

Don’t think of templates as a lazy way to avoid doing work for your client. Instead, think of them as a way to save valuable time and reinvest it into expressing the creativity and craftsmanship that your client hired you for. Templates function best as a way to enhance the hard work you do, not skirt around it.

Any questions or comments regarding these folder templates? Share them in the comments below.

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Presentation Folder Design Guide

Floating presentation folders with business cards

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 01:14 pm

The Importance of Presentation Folder Design

In the professional landscape, a presentation folder is more than a document holder — it’s a branding powerhouse. 

With a creative design, presentation folders can make a great first impression, which is crucial in how your brand is perceived. Whether meeting potential clients, investors, or associates, a meticulously designed folder speaks volumes about your company’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Presentation folder examples abound, but what sets yours apart? It’s the tangible quality that digital methods can’t replicate. A well-crafted folder is a functional, new marketing asset. It continues to promote your company whenever viewed, subtly reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty.

Customization is key. Your folder can tell your brand’s story through its creative elements. 

This is where presentation folder printing services come into play, allowing for high-quality materials, vibrant colors, and precise finishes. These small details can distinguish your brand in a competitive market.

Moreover, the design process doesn’t have to be complex. With easy-to-use tools and templates, you can create compelling pocket folder designs that resonate with your audience and convey your company’s values and identity.

Investing in your presentation folder’s design is not just prudent; it’s essential. As a tangible extension of your brand, it communicates your commitment to excellence and leaves a lasting impression. With this understanding, let’s explore the basics of crafting a memorable presentation folder.

Know The Basics

Sometimes designing for a specific product, like presentation folders, might seem intimidating compared to a simple color copy or business card. But when you break it down to the basics, you will see it’s simple to design a folder!

The initial setup for your presentation folder file should start like any other product that you are designing for print. Open a fresh file in whichever program you feel the most comfortable designing in to start your professional print presentation folders. We recommend designing in InDesign because of the advanced color management and the flexibility of control of your presentation folder design. Verify that the color profile is set for CMYK .

*Pro tip: Printivity offers Pantone color matching and hard copy proofs upon request for color-critical orders.

All images and visual content should be designed at 300 DPI for high-quality folder printing. If content is designed under 300 DPI it runs the risk of being blurry and/or pixelated.

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The Right Dimensions

9”x12” is the standard dimension of presentation folders in order to neatly fit letter size sheets in the 4” pockets. Adding pockets is a traditional option for folders, and you can choose to have them on the right side, left side, or both sides.

For the sake of this article, we will use the full bleed dimensions for a folder with both pockets, 16.25” x 18.25”. You will need to extend the background of your design an additional .125” on each side for the full bleed effect. In addition to adding full bleed , please be aware of the folder safety margin, which is the additional .125” from the final “cut line” that starts at 16”x18”. It is important to accommodate for the safety margin in order to avoid the risk of important content from getting cut.

Designing Page 1

Now let’s take a couple steps back. A presentation folder with pockets is printed on a single sheet of paper, folded, and glued for the finished product. Because of this, page 1 of your file will include the outside front and back cover as well as the outside of both pockets. The covers are the top 12” of the file, with the right side being the front cover and the left side being the back cover. The bottom 4” will be the pockets. We’ll get into more details about designing for the folder pockets later on in the article.

Designing Page 2

If you are planning on ordering single-sided printing and you want the interior of the presentation folder to be white, you can skip this section and go straight to pockets! However, if you want to utilize all printing space for branding and advertising, we recommend taking advantage of double-sided printing. This modern approach ensures you have more room for promotional content and keeps your brand at the forefront.

Inside of the presentation folder is will include the inside of the pockets, which will cover the bottom of the design.

Due to the pockets at the bottom, the top 8” of the folder’s design will be the most visible. It is still recommended to extend your presentation folder design to cover the full sheet for a cohesive look.

When choosing what to include in the design of the interior of the folder, remember that this part of the design will be covered by your brochures, flyers , and other marketing materials. Choose content that emphasizes your brand, separates you from competitors, and leaves a lasting impression. This is a perfect opportunity to incorporate your logo and other key elements of the company identity.

Take Advantage of Printed Pockets

Adding pockets to your custom presentation folders gives you more opportunity to reach your customers. The pockets will be the most visible content when your folder is open, so be sure to include eye-catching images and branding.

Setting up the design for the pockets is the most unique part of designing presentation folders. As previously stated, the pockets will be printed on the same side of the sheet as the outside covers. In order to keep your design in the correct orientation, you will need to flip the pocket design upside down. Also remember that the left pocket will need to be designed on the right side (front cover) of the folder.

Include the outside of the pockets when designing for the front of the presentation folder

Other unique features of the presentation folders pockets are the center die cut and the optional business card slits. Be aware that pocket folders require a diagonal die at the center fold that could cut up to .625” at the farthest point on each side. The best practice would be to keep all important text and content away from this cut line.

Business Card Slots

When your presentation folders include pockets, take advantage of the opportunity to give a customer a small piece of you and your brand to be remembered by. When including business cards in your folder, it comes with numerous options for the orientation and number of slits that hold the card. Business cards are not automatically included, so remember to order custom business cards in your presentation pocket folder order!

You will need to make this decision before completing your presentation folder design, otherwise you run the risk of covering your design. The business card slits will be located in the center of the pocket and approximately 4” long. Horizontal slits are 2.5” in from the center fold and outside cut line, 1” from the top of the pocket, and .75” from the bottom of the pocket. Vertical  slits are 3.25” from the outside cutline and 3.5” from the center fold, and .25” from the top and bottom of the pockets.

Save as PDF-X1a

If you have designed your pocket folder file in Photoshop or Illustrator , you are able to save your file as a PDF-X1a, which is the preferred file format to be submitted to Printivity. Once you have completed your design, go to “File” in the left-hand corner and click “Save As” in the drop down. Change the format to “Adobe PDF” in Illustrator or “Photoshop PDF” in Photoshop in the format field at the bottom, then click “Save”. Another pop-up will appear. In the “General” section update the “Adobe PDF Preset” to “High Quality Print Modified”. Under that, you will need to update the “standard” to “PDF/X-1a”. Before saving, make sure that the compression is set at “Do Not Downsample” in order to maintain high resolution. Once you press “Save PDF” you are done!

Choose PDF/X-ia under standard setting and Do No Downsample Compression when saving a Photoshop or Illustrator file to PDF.

If you are unable to save as a PDF-X1a, Printivity also accepts PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign files.

Other Quick Tips For Custom Presentation Folders

Enhancing the utility and attractiveness of your custom presentation folders goes beyond the initial design and print. After all, you’re not just ordering a utility item; you’re investing in a powerful component of your company’s branding. Here are more advanced tips to ensure your folders are not just functional but also aesthetically appealing and memorable:

Select the Right Material: The material of your folder can make a significant difference. A thicker, heavier stock exudes quality and professionalism. Printivity offers a variety of paper stocks, ranging from eco-friendly options to premium, heavy-duty materials that enhance durability and the perceived value of the folder’s contents.

Maintain Color Consistency: When ordering folders, especially in bulk, ensure color consistency across the batch. This maintains a uniform brand image. Printivity utilizes advanced color-matching technology to ensure your hues are consistent and true to your brand.

Choose an Appropriate Finish: While glossy finishes add a bright sheen, there might be better choices for environments with intense light due to glare. Matte finishes, on the other hand, offer a more subdued, sophisticated look and feel, which is perfect for high-end brands or formal events.

Embrace Sustainability: If your company values environmental responsibility, communicate this through your print materials. Opt for recycled or sustainably sourced paper.

Add a Touch of Luxury: Once you have completed the layout and presentation folder design, you are ready to place your order! To add a luxury look to your custom folders, we recommend choosing any of our coating options. Printivity offers two types of gloss coating: UV Coating and Gloss Lamination. Both options add a shiny finish, enhance the colors of your design, and protect your prints from normal wear and tear.

UV Coating is only able to be applied to the outside of the pocket folders regardless of single or double-sided folder printing. While Gloss Lamination would be applied to each side of the folders that have been printed on. For a more soft and dull appearance, we offer Matte Lamination that will be applied to each folder side that printing was ordered.

Download folder templates directly from before you start designing. Once you’re ready to order, or have questions during the ordering process, contact our expert customer service department at 1-877-649-5463.

Don’t have time to design your presentation folder? Printivity has you covered! We offer graphic design services to help you get your designs ready and printed quickly!


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presentation design folder

20 gorgeous presentation folder designs

These beautifully designed presentation folders will give you a shot of inspiration if you're looking to strike the perfect balance between form and function.

Every business has its share of paperwork, but a stack of plain, loose papers just isn't very enticing when the goal is to attract customers. Pocket folders are excellent for presenting and distributing a business's marketing materials, invoices, or other vital documents. They work best, however, when the folder has a unique, eye-catching design.

We've assembled 20 of the best folder designs we could find to help excite your creativity, and then organized them by the four most popular imprint methods: embossed/debossed; foil-stamped; four-colour process; PMS (spot) colour.

Embossed/debossed folder designs

01. gnomon school of visual design folder.

Image: Bob Ward

This presentation folder was designed to hold tri-fold brochures as well as other important promotional materials for the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Designer Bob Ward ran student artwork through an emboss/deboss treatment to sculpt the graphics, highlighting the many subtle textures in the lava creature illustration. Both the text and illustration were hit with a spot varnish to give the 'dark on dark' package a sleek yet elegant look.

Image: Bob Ward

02. Clay Street Project press kit folder

Image: Studio Lin

The Clay Street Project needed a press kit folder to contain various promotional materials. Studio Lin created this solution, which features an elegant cloth exterior and deep purple interior. A die-cut circle allows the purple to show through. The folder has long clasps which allow it to assemble without the need for glue.

Image: Studio Lin

03. Healing Center logo folder

Image Source: Ladd

The Healing Center is a place where people are helped and supported in all different facets of life: emotional, financial, physical, spiritual. Providing these services that "help the whole person", Ladd created an identity that is bright yet natural. The imagery and color schemes are hopeful and real, while keeping a modern appearance.

04. Island Conservation embossed presentation folder

Image: Company Folders, Inc

This presentation folder by Company Folders for nonprofit group Island Conservation, features the company's logo twice on the cover: once in earthy green and blue PMS ink, and again with the embossed imprint method. Inside, the folder features curved pockets with both business card slits and a brochure slit so that users can insert additional information and media.

05. Nike Free media kit

Image: APE

Working with Fibre and PR Agency The Fish Can Sing, APE created a media kit for a new Nike product 'Nike Free'. This footware was all about simulating the sensation and benefits of running in bare feet. Using a bespoke fold and die cut technique, a booklet containing all the product information and photography opened out to an A0 poster. All packaged in a blind embossed folder containing the materials including a product DVD.

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Image: APE

Foil-stamped folder designs

06. luxury corporate promo folder.

Image: James West

This luxury corporate promo folder was designed by James West to be part of a corporate promotional package for a high-end business function.

Image: James West

07. Quilogy pocket folder

Image: Brady Miller

Using rich, uncoated, super heavy paper stock, custom die cut pockets, and seven positions of foil stamping, this piece from Brady Miller is the ultimate in luxury.

08. Lexmark Ryder Cup folder

Image: Nick Basham

This is a completely custom folder created for Lexmark by Nick Basham . It was used to send information to customers they invited to The 37th Ryder Cup, of which Lexmark was a sponsor. The wrap was printed in metallic silver ink and used to seal the folder. Using a wrap allowed the folder to be used for other events or as a standalone. The inside includes an expanding pocket sealed with a magnetic clasp.

Image: Nick Basham

09. MR Systems die-cut pocket folder

Image: Mighty 8th Media

This double pocket, custom die-cut folder from Mighty 8th Media offers a streamlined, high-class design that carries the MR brand throughout. Utilizing various finishing touches including metallic foils, a custom die-cut pocket, and embossing/debossing techniques, the MR pocket folder really stands out as a showcase piece for the company.

Image: Mighty 8th Media

10. House of Blues sales kit

Image: Option-G

This sales kit for House of Blues regional managers was created by Option-G . The two-color foil stamped folders feature a four-page insert.

Image: Option-G

Four-colour process folder designs

11. purite corporate presentation folder.

Image: SWATT Design

SWATT Design opted for a traditional gate-fold presentation folder for Purite, a water purification company, as this would allow the most space for company information as well as providing a pocket for additional literature. The overall design of the brochure was adapted from the swirl motif that was common on their individual product leaflets, and the HD background was colour coded to match the theme with Purite's preferred colour choice.

12. Sunny Home Real Estate Folder Template

Image: Company Folders, Inc

The coloring and style of this folder design from Company Folders makes it appear aged for a rustic, nostalgic appeal, while the delicate, whorled pattern on the back cover gives it a touch of elegance and class. The overall effect makes it perfect for real estate agents who specialize in more quaint, rural properties removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

13. Flair Magazine presentation folder

Image: AVSD01

This rich, luxurious presentation folder and envelope was created for Flair Magazine's B2B mailing by Belgian studio AVSD01.

Image: AVSD01

14. Lake Geneva Summer Camp presentation folder

Image: Company Folders, Inc

This presentation folder promotes Holiday Home Camp, a summer camp for kids located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Since the cover design consists of a montage of various images, the gatefold die cut along the border of the photos is quite fitting. Full-colour photographs really make it stand out from the crowd.

Image: Company Folders, Inc

15. Hawkesbury Regional Museum A4 presentation folder

Image: If You Build It

If You Build It designed this folder referencing imagery from Hawkesbury Regional Museum's archives, remaining dedicated to their cultural and creative roots, whilst also evolving and keeping things contemporary. The folder is a tasteful representation of Hawkesbury Regional Gallery and a cool multipurpose promotional and presentation tool that will leave a lasting impression for potential colleagues and investors.

Image: If You Build It

PMS color folder designs

16. careq catering equipment folder.

Image: PAD Advertising

Pad created the logo design and a folder for catering equipment company Careq's offers and paperwork.

Image: PAD Advertising

17. Noble Gas Solutions presentation folder

Image: Shannon Rose

When Awesco decided to undertake a ground-up rebrand, it turned to Shannon-Rose who initiated a name-change and root-and-branch redesign. One element of this was this presentation folder which features a design that highlights each area of Noble's gas business, medical, specialty, and industrial.

18. Karin Sprague Sculpted Art presentation folder

Image: Folder Design Gallery

Karin Sprague is a stone mason in Rhode Island who crafts stunning headstones and other memorials using only hand-crafted techniques. This art folder design features photography of one of her masterpieces, with details so rich you feel as if you can actually reach out and touch the carving. The company's mission statement is given emphasis on the front cover, as well as a quote from the artist herself.

Image: Folder Design Gallery

19. Wenaas Sport og Fritid folder

Image: Sigbjorn Sorensen

Wenaas Sport og Fritid AS is a Norwegian importer and distributor of a series of brands within the fields of sports and leisure. The main theme and recognitional item for the company profile is the orange colour, which represents strength and energy, and is central to this folder.

Image: Sigbjorn Sorensen

20. Willow Creek Community folder

Image: Debra Hartley

Willow Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care Community wanted a quality folder highlighting their services with keeping printing cost low. Debra Hartley designed a two-colour folder, inserts and invite to be printed on linen paper to provide a look and feel of comfort and quality.

Image: Debra Hartley

Words : Vladimir Gendelman, Creative Bloq staff

Vladimir Gendelman leads a team of talented graphic artists and marketing specialists at , a folder printing boutique with the largest selection of stocks, coatings, foils and imprint methods to choose from.

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Which designs from this collection do you like the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are like wrapping paper for the ideas that you want to present. What’s inside the folder won’t be seen until the right moment, so the outside has to grab the recipient’s attention and keep them excited for what’s in store.

Do you want to present your company’s important ideas and information in an attractive package, or do you want to be the one at the party with the gift wrapped in newspaper? Our complete guide to presentation folders will help you to learn how to expertly design folders and use them to make an impact.

Design Ideas and Inspiration:

Effective Presentation Folder

4 Elements Of Effective Presentation Folder Design – Create a professional look every time with these four easy-to-understand design principles.

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6 Awesome Paper and Linen Stocks for Your Presentation Folders – Different stocks have very different effects on the look and texture of your folder. Discover the difference between gloss, felt, vellum and more.

Design Resources:

presentation design folder

50+ Folder Design Templates – An excellent repository of free, print-ready folder design templates for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

17 Folder Mockup PSD Templates – Download these free PSD templates to turn your folder designs into realistic mockups that let you demonstrate what your design will look like once it’s printed and folded into shape.

Folder Design Cheat Sheet – A two-part series consisting of Important Folder Tips and a Print Ready Checklist to help you design and prepare your artwork for printing.

Folder Design Services – For an original design or enhancement of an existing design, CF’s graphic artists ensure that it will look great in print.

Basics and Essentials:

Presentation Folder Design

The Ultimate Guide to Presentation Folder Styles – Learn the difference between a pocket folder, tri-fold folder, belly band presentation package and more in this in-depth look into folder styles and types.

The Difference Between One and Two Sided Folder Printing – It’s not as simple as you might think. This article will help you know exactly what to ask for when placing an order.

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How to Save the Earth with Recycled Presentation Folders – A guide for eco-friendly businesses on what qualities to look for in a green folder, including what type of stocks and inks you should use.

Add-Ons and Special Features:

4 Indispensable Tips for Designing Embossed Presentation Folders – People sometimes misunderstand what embossing actually is. Learn the terminology of embossed designs and techniques for ensuring that your folder looks its best.

5 Dazzling Die Cut Designs for Presentation Folders – A guide to the different customization options that die cutting brings to the table, from windows to unique openings and pocket shapes.

6 Designer Folder Accessories and Add-Ons – Sometimes all it takes is a little something extra. Take a look at the different accessories that give your folder added impact, like stepped inserts and spine attachments.

4 Foil Stamp Options That Make Your Folders Look Fancy – Learn how to give your folder some sparkle or just a dramatic accent with metallic, clear or other foil options.

The Complete Guide to Custom Presentation Folders – A handy roadmap to help make you a more informed consumer of presentation folders, this guide goes more in-depth than Your Comprehensive Guide to Presentation Folders.

Printing Recommendation:

Presentation Folder Printing – Select from over 100 styles of custom printed folders starting as low as 19¢ each, including free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Each is fully customizable with a variety of stocks, coatings, foils, imprint methods and more.

Earn a 20% Discount by Becoming a Reseller – If you’re in the printing or graphic design field, you can get 20% off when providing quality marketing materials to your clients.

Consider these links your first semester of “Presentation Folders 101”– by no means do they represent the full extent of knowledge available to you. If you’re serious about creating dynamic marketing collateral, check out your local library for books on design elements or consider taking a design course online.

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9x12 One Part Report Covers

9.5 x 14.5 Legal Size Folder

9.5 x 14.5 Legal Size Folder

9x12 2 Pocket Blank Presentation Folders

9x12 2 Pocket Blank Presentation Folders

6x9 2 Pocket Small Blank Presentation Folders

6x9 2 Pocket Small Blank Presentation Folders

To Our Valued Customers

Thank you for visiting – the ultimate shopping destination for custom folder printing on the web. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

We are a manufacturer and retailer specializing in one-color, two-color, and four-color process folder printing for use in small business sales and marketing. You will notice that we have chosen not to sell business cards, greeting cards, and other print materials in order to remain focused on providing the best possible product, service, and experience at the lowest possible price.

We offer several options for designing and ordering folders online. You can get a quick feel for pricing with our pricing grid, get more personalized pricing with a quote request, show us what you want using our interactive design tool, tell us what you want with our text entry tool, enlist the help of your own graphic artist with our downloadable templates, or browse our unprecedented collection of pre-designed layouts. Our print experts and graphic artists are ready to assist you in creating a unique, one-of-a-kind folder specially crafted to meet your needs.

We take great pride in offering our customers the finest and most stylish presentation folders available. Browse our most popular folder styles: letter sized, legal sized, small sized, report covers, file tab, document, and blank.

Rest assured that every single order is hand-checked by expert print professionals to ensure that the finished product will measure up to our exacting standards and exceed yours. If we do not feel your design will look fantastic, we will not print it no matter how much you beg! We will however offer suggestions on how you can improve the design to ensure your prospects are blown away by your folders.

We wish you the best of luck in marketing and growing your business!

The Folder Store Team

PS: We’re always open to our customers’ personalized requests and we’d love to hear from you!

The Folder Store

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For a professional presentation, create custom branded presentation folders from Overnight Prints.

Beautiful double sided custom fashion pocket folder with 4 inch deep pocket and red premium business card perfectly placed in the custom insert

Make your next presentation, conference, lecture, or event more engaging by placing all your promotional printouts in custom presentation folders. These handy organizers expand your brand and help to convey your message to your audience.

Customer Satisfaction

Product pricing, specifications, download start files.

Overnight Prints has created "Start Files" in a variety of programs. Select a program and click "Download File".

Review instructions, specifications, common mistakes and USPS Regulations.

No start files found for this size.

Illustrates the cutting margin. We can potentially cut the product up to this point. Anything extending outside of this area risks being trimmed.

Full Bleed:

Size your image to the Bleed Size to ensure your background extends to the edge of the card.

Q: Why should I invest in custom presentation folders? 

A: Investing in custom printed presentation folders offers various advantages for your business.  By presenting your materials in a neat and professional manner, you leave a lasting impression on clients and prospects. Not only do they provide a convenient way to organize your documents and enhance your brand’s visibility, but they can also serve as a potent marketing tool during meetings, conferences, and events

Q: What sizes and materials are available for custom printed presentation folders?  

A: Custom printed presentation folders come in various sizes, including standard sizes such as letter size (8.5" x 11") or legal size (8.5" x 14"), as well as custom sizes to suit your specific needs. Regarding materials, options commonly include sturdy cardstock, paperboard, or other durable materials that can withstand frequent use and provide a professional look and feel. 

Q: Can I print branded presentation folders in bulk?  

A: Yes, we offer printing up to 10000 units to meet your demands, whether for conferences, trade shows, or marketing campaigns. Bulk printing is the most cost-efficient way for businesses looking to secure a steady supply of presentation folders to serve their needs. 

Q: How long does it take to get custom printed presentation folders? 

A: The timeframe for receiving custom printed presentation folders varies based on the chosen shipping method. Typically, the process takes a couple days from the time the order is placed to delivery.

Q: Can I reorder custom presentation folders in the future?  

A: Absolutely! Overnight Prints retain your design files for future access. This means reordering your custom printed presentation folders can be done with ease, guaranteeing that your brand and design are consistent across multiple orders. 

Q: Are there any cost-effective options for printed presentation folders?  

A: Yes, Overnight Prints offers budget-friendly options of professional presentation folders based on quantity, material, finishes, and other customization options. You can still achieve a professional look by bulk ordering and opting for simpler finishes or materials while keeping costs down. 

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Premium Business Cards from Overnight Prints

Industry leading card stock and a wide range of business card types, card finishes and business card thickness highlight our premium business card offerings.

Premium Brochures | Overnight Prints

Brochures are powerful tools for promoting a business, be it small, medium or large. Our customizable business brochures are printed using premium 100# gloss book stock, guaranteed to make an impact.

Jumbo Mailers

Jumbo Mailers

At 6" x 11" our gorgeous jumbo mailers offer a highly effective way to WOW and impress. All of our large mailers are printed using our super heavy 15pt premium card stock. Available in single and double sided options, our jumbo mailers are the perfect way to reach your customers.

Get Your Folders the Way You Want Them with Our Customization Options

We've got various options to help design your pocket folders to meet your exact requirements.

Choose from all kinds of sizes, even custom dimensions, and pick from a range of finishes and material options.

Our folder design solutions ensure that your branded folders will stand out and make a lasting impression.

Experience the Power of High-Quality Printed Folders

Quality is the most important aspect when it comes to presentation materials. That's why we use state-of-the-art printing technology to deliver crisp and vibrant results on every folder. Additionally, our professional folders are printed on premium paper stock to guarantee a polished and professional look that elevates your brand.

Professional Presentation Folders for Corporate and Personal Use

  • Whether you're preparing for an important client meeting or showcasing your work and ideas with ease at a conference, our corporate folders are designed to meet your needs. The sturdy construction and spacious pockets provide ample room for your documents, brochures, and business cards.
  • Organize your course materials, lecture notes, or workshop materials for educational seminars.
  • Impress potential employers at job fairs by neatly presenting your resume, cover letter, business cards, and work samples.
  • During training sessions, branded folders will ensure participants have everything they need with informative handouts and instructional materials.
  • For real estate listings, display your property information with packets that include brochures, floor plans, listings, and relevant documents.
  • Legal and financial services can rely on presentation folders to store important documents during consultations or meetings.

With customization options available, presentation folders are a valuable tool for a variety of industries and specific needs.

Get More for Less with Our Bulk Printing Services

Create your own branded folders with ease.

Elevate your presentation game with our versatile folder templates. With a range of customizable designs to choose from, you can effortlessly infuse your personal flair into each folder with brand image by adding company logos, color schemes, and branding elements.

Ensure Longevity with Our Durable Presentation Folder Materials

At our company, we know how important it is for your presentation folders to last. That's why we use top-notch materials that can withstand frequent handling and ensure the protection of your vital documents. You can be confident that your folders will remain in excellent condition, even with frequent use.

Create The Perfect Custom Presentation Folders From Start To Finish

  • Begin by selecting your desired size and type.
  • Personalize your Corporate Presentation Folders with a wide range of options.
  • Pick the quantity that fits your order - options include 100, 250, or up to 10000.
  • Use our online tool to create your own design or upload a custom file.
  • Personalize the folder templates with branding elements like a logo, text, and images.
  • Preview your creation before checking out to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Add customized presentation folders to your cart, and check out with ease.

Place your order today and discover how personalized folders can revolutionize your business.

Presentation Folder

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Presentation Folders

Custom presentation folder printing, custom presentation folders are perfect for any industry. create beautiful, custom folders that your clients will love choose from a variety of size options, printing & foil stamping options, paper options, lamination, coatings, and print enhancements like raised uv for your folders. don't see an option to order your folders online fill out a custom quote, and we can get pricing and details started for you for any folder project..

presentation design folder

Full Color Folders

Pocket folders fast, premium gloss folders, uncoated folders, raised uv folders, digital foil folders, foil stamp folders, print, foil, emboss folders, certificate holders, economy folders, specialty lamination, folders with inserts, portfolios & document jackets, tri-panel folders, tax folders, vertical pocket folders.

Easy Pocket Folders logo icon

Hi, we're Easy Pocket Folders.

We make custom presentation folders

For business professionals, contractors, churches, and more..

Not sure where to start? Let's talk: email , chat , or call: (800) 346-3063

These are the custom folders that businesses and organizations like you are ordering:

We believe that ordering custom presentation folders for your business should be easy..

Three custom pocket folders standing together, each with business logos on the front covers.

  • No set-up fees or hidden charges
  • Low order minimums
  • The price you see is the price you pay —no waiting for a quote
  • Buy in bulk with quantity volume pricing
  • FREE ground shipping on orders $300+

Or let's talk: Chat with a team member or call us: (800) 346-3063

Check out these time-tested customer favorites:

Small and large welcome folders

Welcome Folders

Welcome folder designs for churches, HR, and property managers.

Shop Welcome Folders

White pocket folder on a work desk has a blue foil logo imprint

Low-Cost Budget Folders

Our basic white budget folders are the best value in pocket folder printing.

Shop Budget Folders

Burgundy pocket folder with embossed university emblem

Embossed Pocket Folders

See how this subtle personalization technique creates memorable folders with your company logo.

Learn about embossed folders

Are you a small business owner? You might like these:

Low minimum custom folders with company logo

Small Quantity Pocket Folders

Need low-minimum custom folders? We've got you covered. Our small quantity pocket folders come in 11 paper stock colors (including 5 recycled paper options).

  • Low order minimum—just 50 folders
  • Your logo is foil stamped on the front cover
  • 9" x 12" folder with two 4" pockets—business card slits included for free

Pictured: Ivory Gloss with Black Foil imprint (left), Black Gloss with Metallic Gold Foil imprint (right)

We make more than folders. Check out these notepad & document pouch solutions:

Experience the easy pocket folders difference.

Custom printed notepad folio for a marketing firm

“We want to thank Easy Pocket Folders for creating a great presentation and notepad folder for us. Our marketing workshop participants now have a place to take down all the fantastic marketing tips we give them!” – Leah H., Vision Force Marketing

What they ordered: Custom Printed Mini Padfolio

“Very professional company, excellent service, and great product. We own a dealership in Jupiter and use them to give our customers their car buying documents.” –Natalie G., Classic Cars of Palm Beach

What they ordered: Printed Mini 6" x 9" Pocket Folder

Small pocket folder with classic car company logo printed on the front cover

Most Popular Products

Three custom printed document pouches

Custom Printed Document Pouch – 3 Sizes

Custom printed 9x12 presentation folder for healthcare organization

9" x 12" Printed Presentation Folder – White Paper

Auto document pouches in blue, red, and light blue

Automotive Document Pouch

Custom 6x9 pocket folder for a manufacturer

6" x 8-¾" Presentation Folder – Printed

Learn more about Easy Pocket Folders

Pocket Folder Notes From the Blog

Get custom folder design ideas, foil stamped folder tips, and branding advice from your favorite pocket folder printer.

Pocket folder paper colors

How to Tell Custom Folder Paper Finishes Apart

Do you know the difference between laid, linen, and felt paper? If not, you're not alone.

Custom church welcome folder 6x9

Church Folders: A Great Addition to Your Welcome Ministry

Why do so many churches want to add welcome folders to their visitor package?

Small bright pink pocket folder with white foil stamped company logo on the front cover.

5 Practical Ways Your Brand Can Use Info Packets for Kits

If you're sending kits to clients or event guests, share your brand story in an info pack.

Cut trees stacked in a lumberyard to be cut

What's More Eco-Friendly: Recycled or Non-Recycled Paper?

Are recycled pocket folders really "green"? Find out in this take on recycled vs. non-recycled paper.

From small community churches to Fortune 500 companies, we make custom pocket folders for groups and businesses of all sizes. We make ordering printed or foil stamped folders hassle-free with our user-friendly online checkout process, free proofs, and quick turnaround on custom folders.

See how we can make custom folders work for your business.

New Products

Pulling paperwork out of a custom document sleeve printed with a vision care center's branding

Custom Printed Document Sleeve

Easy Pocket Folders logo

EPF Running Charges

Embossed presentation folder

Embossed 9" x 12" Pocket Folders

Black pocket folders with colorful front cover splash and inside color cover

Splash Curved Pocket Folders

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Printing for Less

Printing for Less

At Printing for Less, we've offered high quality online printing services since 1996. Shop business cards, booklets, stickers, and more!

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Presentation Folder Printing

Prepare professionally by customizing your presentation folder with pockets, gloss finish, inserts and more!

Presentation Folders Frequently Asked Questions

  • Premium 9″ x 12″ folders printed on 120# Gloss Cover stock 14pt
  • Full color on front or both sides, or black on back
  • Your choice of pockets with or without horizontal or vertical business card slits
  • 2 pocket, or 1 pocket
  • Card and media slits
  • Custom Presentation Folder Options

Find your options – Product Templates

Download Templates

Find your options – Talk to a Printing Expert

Request A Custom Quote

Request a print sample pack from Printing for Less.

Free Samples

There is no substitute for seeing actual physical examples of what we can print.

Get Samples

Personalized Service, Every Step of the Way

At Printing for Less, we believe in the power of human connection—and we want every connection to count. That’s why we have real people ready to assist you with any questions you have to get your project started. 

  • Get a Quote

Personalized Online Printing Help from Printing for Less.

Custom Presentation Folder Printing Options

There are so many unexplored applications for custom folder printing that Printing for Less’s team of experts can help you create—ideas you’ve probably never even thought of! You’ll make your business look all that more important and impressive, while making organization easier, utilizing options like PMS spot colors, die cuts, foil stamping and embossing.

In today’s highly-competitive business environment, distinctly unique marketing materials enable you to stand apart from your competitors and pique the interest of current and potential customers. Printing for Less pioneered online print ordering for everyday marketing materials, and today more than half of our work is “custom.” Our knowledgeable Print Consultants will find the right solution for your custom printing project from a wide selection of products and options to create a look that is as unique as your business.

Get attention-grabbing options for presentation folders such as:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Pantone Inks
  • Metallic Inks
  • 100% Recycled Papers

Examples of professional presentation folders made for 360 American Title Services.

What size is a standard presentation folder?

The folded size of a standard presentation folder is 9 x 12 inches, or 12 x 18 inches opened flat. It is designed to hold standard 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of printed material in the folder pockets.

Can I print non-standard presentation folder sizes?

Just about any custom size folder can be made. 6″ x 9″ and 4″ x 9″ folders are common mini-folder sizes, and legal size 9 x 14.5 inch folders are commonly produced and used in some industries, such as legal and financial, to hold standard 8.5 x 14 legal size paper.

Can I have a folder made from custom or specialty papers?

Yes, they can be made from most cover stocks including dull or matte stocks, either white or colored uncoated or textured stocks with linen, laid, felt or other special finishes, and various grades of recycled papers.

Can I have a pocket on only one side?

Yes, you can have one pocket on either the left or right side if you don’t want the standard two pocket format.

Can I print on the inside of my presentation folder?

Yes, you can print any combination of colors, including black, PMS inks or full color on the inside of the folder. The outside of the pockets are printed with the front and folded in, so two sided printing is not required for that.

What custom options are available for presentation folders?

Some of the many available custom printing and finishing options are die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, flood or spot UV coating, matte coating, PMS inks, Soft Touch ®  coating, increased capacity folders with spines, additional panels, custom pocket sizes and shapes, and more.

What type of slits can I get on presentation folder pockets?

Either or both pockets can have slits to hold a vertical or horizontal business card, a CD, mini-CD or DVD, or a brochure or other printed piece.

Can you insert items into my presentation folder for me?

Yes. We can print and insert a complete presentation kit and ship them completed to you or destinations such as trade shows or conventions, or mail them to specific individuals in a mailing envelope. Common inserts include sell sheets, flyers, brochures, catalogs and cover letters. Shrink wrapping is also available for extra protection during shipping and handling.

Can I have inserts stapled or glued into my folder?

Yes, a large brochure or catalog can be stapled into the spine for a classy and permanent product catalog or sales presentation with additional materials in the pockets. Printed pieces, including notepads, can be glued into the inside of the folder.

Are presentation folder templates available?

We have templates for standard size folders with common options for both PC and Mac platforms. Check with us for non-standard sizes and options.

How should I create the layout in my graphics program.

We have detailed design and layout instructions for a number of common graphic design programs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need specific help.

Can you help me design a presentation folder for my business?

Sure, we have expert designers that will work one-on-one with you at a reasonable rate to get you the best possible folder for your business needs.

Presentation Folder

4 Ways to Make Your Folder a Success

  • COVER IMAGES Presentation folders are an opportunity to showcase your quality, and your investment in your customers – avoid generic graphics, and choose an image that truly exemplifies your brand
  • LAYOUT Make sure your custom images and graphics appear just where you want them – use Printing for Less folder layout guides to cover your bases for any pre-press program you use
  • SIZE MATTERS Standard folders come in 9″ x 12″, but think ahead about what you want inside – some presentation materials might require a custom size
  • ADAPTABILITY While presentation material inside may change, your folders don’t have to – keep your designs generic enough to adapt, and save money on future printing costs

Presentation Folder Design

Presentation folders offer you a great opportunity to demonstrate your creativity. With Printing for Less’s design team to help, you can be sure that your custom design will be perfectly executed, every time!

Printing for Less has a team of designers who can create any custom product just for you. You will work one-on-one with your designer to guarantee your vision is realized on paper.

Our graphic designers are highly qualified and experienced (over 50 years combined!). They understand good design principles, and have extensive pre-press knowledge. But more importantly, they create designs that function the way you need them to – helping you grow your business!

Custom design is very affordable –  call  800-924-2041  now  for a quote on your project!

Custom Presentation Folder

4 Ways to Make Your Company Shine

Creating marketing materials can be a challenging task for any business. From business cards to letterhead, postcards, brochures and catalogs, the amount of different products businesses use to promote and sell their products and services can be overwhelming.

One product that many businesses use but may not take full advantage of is the presentation folder. A well-designed presentation folder says a lot about your company, its style, level of professionalism and can set the tone of a meeting or new product launch. A poorly designed folder, with dark or muddy images on subpar paper doesn’t portray the level of service you and your company is capable of.

A well designed presentation folder introduces your company to a prospective customer properly, and is a key tool that you can use to leave a lasting impression with that customer. Presentation folders are a great vehicle for your brochures and product sheets, and if the “outer wrapping” doesn’t inspire much confidence or interest, why would your customers want to open it?

Let’s look at four key points to keep in mind when you are designing your presentation folder or pocket folder to get the most “wow factor” possible, and give your competition a run for their money.

1. Choose your target and overall style first . Once you know who you are going after (new customers, prospects, existing customers, etc.) then focus on the look and feel of the folder. Depending upon your company and the end use of the folder, you may want a look that is casual, professional or very minimal, with few colors or details. Do not try to be all things with this one piece of your marketing collateral.

2. Use fonts, colors and information wisely, if not sparingly . More than two or three font styles can be distracting from the point you are trying to drive home. The same goes for color-often just a few key colors (or even black and white) create a powerful visual design for your presentation folder. Keep the information simple and straightforward, putting the most emphasis on your most key points: new products, services, sales, store opening, etc. Don’t clutter up the folder with tons of information; use what is inside the folder to inform and educate them with your sell sheets and brochures.

3. Paper is an important consideration. Glossy, matte or uncoated stocks give the recipient a different feel, and the look of your logo or message can many times be enhanced by the correct paper choice. Conversely, the “wrong” paper can dull images or take away from that snappy logo you have, so do your homework. Talk with your printer, request samples and see what matches up best with the look you are going for.

4. Proofread everything!  A well designed presentation folder, on the right paper, with the right message and eye-catching photos will fall short of doing its job if there is a glaring typo in it. A small error or misspelling, while seemingly small, can have a big end effect, one that will erode your prospect’s confidence in you and your company. Why would they spend their money with you when you can’t even spell? Seems harsh, but it is true. Have several people look it over before you send it off to the printer, then look at it again.

In the end, the key is to think of your presentation folder as a billboard for you and your company. It can start the conversation with your customer, and is something that will stay with them, continuing to build your brand after you leave. Don’t take the design lightly-look for ways to make your presentation folder stand out and deliver your message and you will be that much closer to another sale or customer.

Presentation Folder Marketing

With branded presentation folders, you can really say a lot before you say anything at all. Custom printed presentation folders have many marketing uses, including new product launches, business proposals, welcome packages, orientation kits, trade show materials, customer service agreements, and much more!

Printing for Less has versatile design options that are available to meet your marketing needs. We can print a standard size 9″ x 12″ folder or just about any custom size, thanks to our exact die cutting. Your folders can be printed on the outside with the inside either left blank or printed. Pocket folders have pockets on one or both sides to hold and organize your other printed marketing materials. The pockets can have slits to hold business cards or a mini-CD or DVD on one or both pockets. Special PMS or metallic inks with a dull or gloss spot varnish and UV coating can make your folder really stand out.

For a custom quote or to request free samples, call a Printing for Less Marketing Advisor at  800-924-2041  or place an  order online now !

Presentation Folder Design

More Folder Options

File Folder Printing

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Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders

Please select from over 100+ styles of presentation folders:

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Can't Decide? See All Presentation Folders

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Popular Presentation Folders

Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder

Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder

4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

Foil Stamped Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

Foil Stamped Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

PMS Printed Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

PMS Printed Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

Legal Size Two Pocket Presentation Folder

Legal Size Two Pocket Presentation Folder

Tri-Panel 3 Pocket Letter Size Presentation Folder

Tri-Panel 3 Pocket Letter Size Presentation Folder

Serpentine Cut Right Pocket Presentation Folder

Serpentine Cut Right Pocket Presentation Folder

2 Wavy Pockets Square Corner Presentation Folder

2 Wavy Pockets Square Corner Presentation Folder

Printed Presentation Folder Designs

Custom Presentation Folder Printed on Aqueous Matte Stock

Interior Solutions

Branded Presentation Folder for Attorney

Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz

Foil Stamped Presentation Folder on Black Linen Stock

Kung Fu Tea

Presentation Folder Design with Logo

HomeoPet LLC

Full Color Presentation Folder Printed on Aqueous Gloss Stock

Greater Grand Forks Simply Grand

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  2. Presentation Folder Templates: Free Dielines, Mockups, and Designs

    Green Eco-Friendly Presentation Folder Design Template. Perfect for "green" businesses, this earthy design template expresses a love of the natural world. Photoshop Templates School District Pocket Folder and Business Card Template. This template makes use of primary colors and creative illustrations to create a warm and welcoming tone.

  3. Presentation Folders 101: Guide to Custom Folder Printing

    At first glance, presentation folders seem simple—a custom designed marketing tool used to store important documents. However, they become more complex when you start to take into consideration all the many different types of folders, stocks, inks, accessories and overall design options there are to choose from. Fortunately, we've come up with a handy roadmap to help make you a more informed ...

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    Our templates are designed to do all the work for you. Simply add your company's logo, tagline, or mission statement. The template comes packaged with high-quality images and graphics, but these can be swapped out for images that best capture your business. Download our free presentation folder design templates for Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.

  5. Quick Guide to Presentation Folder Design

    The Importance of Presentation Folder Design. In the professional landscape, a presentation folder is more than a document holder — it's a branding powerhouse. With a creative design, presentation folders can make a great first impression, which is crucial in how your brand is perceived. Whether meeting potential clients, investors, or ...

  6. 20 gorgeous presentation folder designs

    Embossed/debossed folder designs. 01. Gnomon School of Visual Design folder. Image: Bob Ward. This presentation folder was designed to hold tri-fold brochures as well as other important promotional materials for the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Designer Bob Ward ran student artwork through an emboss/deboss treatment to sculpt ...

  7. 18 FREE Folder Templates For Designers to Download

    18 FREE Folder Templates For Designers to Download. Over 190 FREE die cut folder templates are available from These function as the canvas you use when preparing artwork for printing and can be used in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Presentation folders are a valuable marketing tool, perfect for providing clients ...

  8. Custom Folders, Presentation Folders with Logo

    Keep it organized and professional with custom presentation folders. 3 size options. Multiple paper stock options. Foil accent upgrade available. Customizable pockets. Included business card slot. Quantities from 100 to 10,000+. Sleek, cohesive branding. Uniquely crafted with your logo and look, our custom folders offer a seamless blend of ...

  9. Your Comprehensive Guide to Presentation Folders

    16 Amazing Presentation Folder Ideas - Find inspiration for your own marketing materials from this collection of interesting and unique presentation folder designs. 9 Common Presentation Folder Design Mistakes - Avoid a busy or boring folder design by learning to recognize these signs of a clunky pocket folder design.

  10. Presentation Folders Templates & Designs

    Customise your Presentation Folders with dozens of themes, colours, and styles to make an impression. Absolutely guaranteed! ... Find popular design templates for Presentation Folders - or browse more Presentation Folders designs in our gallery. 4.3. 1483 Reviews. Industry. Agriculture & Farming.

  11. Custom Folders: Instant Prices, Low Minimum, Configure Online!

    ThePaperWorker's 3-Panel Folders (Tri-Fold Folders) provide additional storage room in the pockets, and extra design space! They are available in several unique pocket styles & capacities, all available in Low Minimum Quantity. We can add any artwork, business logo, or any dsign to any of our folder products!

  12. 200+ Custom Printed Folders

    At Company Folders, we understand that each business is unique, and their presentation materials should reflect that. Our vast array of customization options, including a diverse range of coatings, paper stocks, and die-cut design elements, ensures that your presentation folders are functional and an extension of your brand's identity.

  13. 300+ Killer Folder Designs Perfect For Inspiration

    27. Our folder design gallery has over 300 creative folder designs. These designs vary in style, color, font, panel quantity, pocket shape, and more. Beyond the standard two-pocket or three-pocket folder, we also have designs for photo folders, key card and gift card holders, CD/DVD folders, and brochures. Foil stamp your business's logo on ...

  14. Custom Folders

    Upload your folder artwork and images directly to one of our print-ready presentation folder templates. PDF proofs are automatically created with each folder order and can be downloaded during online checkout. Design custom presentation folders for any business or organization! Create custom full color printed folders, foil stamping & embossing ...

  15. How to Design Presentation Folders, Folder Design Tips

    Utilize the front and back covers. Carry a large graphic or picture from the front of your folder to the back. When using larger graphics, this helps keep your design stay balanced. Artwork Tip: If you are supplying custom artwork, lay it out on one of our folder templates so that it is printed exactly how you want it.

  16. Custom Folders

    We wish you the best of luck in marketing and growing your business! Sincerely, The Folder Store Team. PS: We're always open to our customers' personalized requests and we'd love to hear from you! Custom Folders for Less, click or dial 1-800-480-1338 for Truly Great Pocket Folders. We've got the Best Prices on Custom Folders Guaranteed!

  17. Presentation Folders

    Personalize your Corporate Presentation Folders with a wide range of options. Pick the quantity that fits your order - options include 100, 250, or up to 10000. Use our online tool to create your own design or upload a custom file. Personalize the folder templates with branding elements like a logo, text, and images.

  18. Presentation Folder, Inc.

    Presentation Folders with Inserts. Custom full color presentation folders with inserts make for excellent branding and marketing materials for any industry. These custom pocket folders print 4/4 and can accommodate a 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 page stitched insert. Shop Now.

  19. Free editable and printable presentation folder templates

    123 templates. Create a blank Presentation Folder. Navy And Blue Minimalist Business Consulting Presentation Folder. Presentation Folder by Elvire Studio. Black and Yellow Geometric Creative Business Ideas Presentation Folder. Presentation Folder by Belika Design.

  20. Presentation Folders

    Custom Presentation Folder Printing. Custom presentation folders are perfect for any industry. Create beautiful, custom folders that your clients will love! Choose from a variety of size options, printing & foil stamping options, paper options, lamination, coatings, and print enhancements like Raised UV for your folders.

  21. Custom Presentation Folders with Foil Accent

    Foil accent presentation folders help you organize and present your materials - all with an added shine. The shimmering foil accent finish helps to elevate your branding and show you mean business, making it easier to get (and keep) customers' attention. Custom to your business From health and fitness to construction or real estate ...

  22. Custom Presentation Folders with Your Logo

    These are the custom folders that businesses and organizations like you are ordering: 9" x 12" Printed Presentation Folder - White Paper. $3.41. Recycled Kraft 9" x 12" Folders - Printed. $4.32. Uncoated Smooth Recycled Paper - 9" x 12" Foil Stamped Presentation Folder. $3.37. 6" x 8-¾" Presentation Folder - Printed. $2.75.

  23. Presentation & Custom Folder Printing

    Special PMS or metallic inks with a dull or gloss spot varnish and UV coating can make your folder really stand out. For a custom quote or to request free samples, call a Printing for Less Marketing Advisor at 800-924-2041 or place an order online now! More Folder Options. Folders. File Folder Printing.

  24. 100+ Presentation Folders from 21¢

    Stocks. Weight - Choose heavy duty stocks (ideally at least 100 lb or 14 pt) for better durability.; Color Backgrounds - Choose white stock when printing a color background, or allow the stock color to act as the design's background.; Edges - Edges of folder stock will be the color of the paper, not the ink printed on it.; Dark Stocks - Foil stamps, embossing, debossing or metallic ...