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Woman sitting at a computer looking for online Teaching Jobs

Explore the world's best online teaching jobs. Start a new career or side-hustle working from home from anywhere in the world. 

Find teaching jobs abroad

Top Online Teaching Jobs

school Preply logo

ESL Bilingual Tutor (Remote) Online Job

Certified english tutor (remote) online job.

school Twenix logo

Online English Teacher Online Job

school Apollo Education and Training Organization Vietnam logo

Online ESL Teacher Online Job

Online language teacher (remote) online job, online spanish teacher (remote) online job, certified french teacher (remote) online job, view all online teaching jobs, online teaching at a glance.

Also known as remote teachers, distance teachers or virtual teachers, online teachers and online instructors are trained to teach students online. Online teaching jobs from home can range from blended courses that offer a combination of in-person and online instruction, to fully online learning.

Online teaching offers job opportunities for a wide range of educators, from elementary school teachers to college professors. Online education jobs can be either full-time or part-time. If you’re a qualified teacher with experience in a classroom setting, then online teaching could be your next big career move.

Recommended reading:

Are you ready to teach online? Can you teach online without experience? 8 amazing companies that let you teach English online from home

Online teaching jobs

Types of online teaching jobs

Online teachers are in high demand and many teachers, professionals and subject matter experts are turning to online teaching as a flexible teaching career option.

Online teachers instruct students from around the country, as well as around the world, and include the following roles:

  • College-level online teaching faculty
  • K12 online teachers
  • Adult education online teachers
  • Online English teachers
  • Online tutors
  • Course developers
  • Instructional designers (ID)
  • Subject matter experts

online teaching jobs

Online teaching is well established at the college and university level, across all academic and vocational disciplines, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Teachers can find online teaching opportunities at 100% online colleges as well as in distance education at traditional colleges and universities worldwide.

Most online teaching job at college level require a Master's degree or PhD.

Online teaching jobs

Online teaching positions are increasingly growing across all subject areas and grade levels across elementary, middle and high schools. At a minimum, a bachelor's degree and relevant teaching experience are usually required for K-12 positions. Both online elementary teaching jobs and secondary positions continue to increase in demand worldwide.

Online teaching jobs

Are you a licensed teacher or an expert in mathematics with a passion for tutoring? With Skooli, our online tutoring platform , you can become an online math tutor for students looking for math homework help or regular online tutoring support.

Tutor one-to-one in the Skooli online classroom on your own schedule. Skooli offers opportunities for online math tutors and for online tutors in other subjects as well. Here you'll find plenty of online tutoring jobs for teachers.

Sign up as an online tutor today -->

Online tutoring jobs

Now here’s a teaching opportunity abroad you may not have considered. Did you know that it’s possible to teach English abroad - without actually moving to the other side of the world - by teaching English online ? Best of all, this job doesn’t require a work permit!

Due in no small part to the explosive demand for English language learning in Asia, as well as an ever-growing number of adults looking for business English lessons in order to further their careers, online English teaching job opportunities, have been experiencing massive growth over the past few years.

Why? Well, more and more multinational companies are increasingly seeking to hire job candidates skilled in English, fueling the exponential demand for English language learning globally. In fact, English is the most widely-taught language today .

As English becomes more of a base requirement for future career success, the online education sector has seen an explosive increase in the number of children learning English as a second language online, especially in countries across Asia, like China and Japan.

Teach English online

Is teaching English online right for you?

Looking to change careers or earn some extra money? Want a job that allows you to travel or even just work from home?

No matter your motivation, teaching English online is a smart solution to all of the above!

A growing number of English learners are moving online to access fluent English-speaking teachers, especially in China, where the country currently faces a domestic shortage of native-speaking English teachers.

It can be a great way to earn a side income from home (especially for stay-at-home parents) or while traveling overseas. There’s plenty of part-time online teaching jobs out there. Online teaching is also a great option for those who have previously taught abroad , as well as certified teachers looking for flexible ways to supplement their current teaching salary .

What’s more, the pay is lucrative , the work is rewarding and because online English teachers can work from home, transportation costs are not an issue. Teaching from home jobs can offer you the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted.

Find Me Jobs

teaching English online

ESL online teaching jobs in China

Demand for online English teaching is particularly high among the millions of young English language learners in China. In fact, the online ESL job market catering to Chinese students is projected to grow by around 50% every year for the next several years.

As a result, a growing number of online education platforms that specialize in teaching Chinese children to speak English are entering the market. Seeking to connect English learners with native English-speaking ESL teachers based remotely in North America and other countries that speak English as a first language.

Are the recent private tutoring regulations in China  currently limiting your employer options? There's growing demand with non-Chinese ESL companies to teach English online with in major markets, like Japan, Chile, and the United States.

6 tips for teaching Chinese students online

teach writing online jobs

Home-based online teaching jobs salary calculator

How much money can you really make teaching English online?

Sign up to Teach Away today for access to the latest teaching jobs around the world.

Requirements for teaching english online.

To get started with teaching English online, you’ll need to have:

  • Native English proficiency
  • Bachelor’s degree in any major
  • An ESL certification, such as a TEFL certificate

Some classroom teaching experience and a teaching license , while not strictly required, are also considered an asset.

However, if you are a native English speaker, it is possible to teach English online with no experience if you have a university degree and have taken a TEFL course.

You’ll need to ensure you have a stable internet connection and a functioning computer or laptop with a microphone and webcam, as well as a quiet space to teach online English lessons.

Once hired, you will be working on a one-on-one basis with students via the company’s online English teaching platform that allows teachers and students from all over China to connect and learn, using supplied teaching materials and lesson plans.

  • How to transition to teaching English online
  • Get paid to travel: How to make money by teaching English online
  • 5 online companies that don't require experience
  • All you need to know to nail that online English teaching interview

teach writing online jobs

Teaching English online salary

How much can you make teaching online? Pay rates differ across the various online ESL teaching companies. You could expect to earn from $15 - 22 USD per hour teaching English online.

Remote teaching jobs come with a flexible schedule and can be either full-time or part-time. Do you want to maximize your earning potential? While you will have the freedom to set your own working schedule, it is strongly recommended that you make yourself available for online English lessons during peak times (early morning, evenings and weekends for online ESL teachers based in the United States and Canada) as much as possible.

Teaching English online

Teach English online from home jobs

Companies catering to Chinese ESL students are currently seeking thousands of native English speakers with a degree and a TEFL certificate .

There are two primary avenues for employment as an online English teacher available:

1. Start your own online English teaching business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have impressive ESL teaching credentials, you can opt to strike out on your own and build your own private online English teaching business.

However, starting and growing a successful online English teaching business is no easy task. You’ll need to learn how to effectively market and promote yourself and your business and put in the hard work of sourcing and building relationships with your own online English students. You’ll also be responsible for designing the curriculum and lesson plans you'll be delivering.

If you’re undecided as to whether a freelance online ESL teaching career is the right long-term move for you, the quickest and most cost-effective way to get some first-hand experience industry is through applying to teach with an established online English teaching company.

2. Apply to an online English teaching company

There are various online education companies out there that connect remote English teachers with Chinese students. The majority of the online English teaching platforms currently operating provide online ESL teachers with curricula, course materials and teaching resources developed internally, which means that you won’t need to spend additional time grading students or planning lessons in advance. Teaching online from home can be easy, rewarding and fun.

Get paid to teach English online (now hiring)

Most online ESL tutoring companies looking to hire native English speakers to teach ESL online require candidates to hold an internationally recognized TEFL certification .

  • iTutorGroup/TutorABC
  • Hujiang EDTech

There’s a world of people out there who want to learn English. Check out our job board for the latest online English teaching jobs .

Online English teaching

Working as an online teacher

Online teachers must be comfortable with computers and technology. You’ll interact with students through email, message boards, chat rooms or via virtual reality platforms and software. Some online teachers post video or audio lectures online and provide their students with downloadable materials. Online teachers need to be flexible, as they're expected to answer students’ questions promptly.

Many online classes are set up so that all students attend a chat room at the same time and hear, see or read their online teacher's words simultaneously with live discussion via a message board.

Other online courses do not take place in real-time, but instead, provide material that students can download and study at their own pace.

Online Teaching

Find the best remote teaching jobs

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Southern New Hampshire University

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Campus Students

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Woman sitting on a couch looking at her laptop

Online Adjunct Faculty Positions at SNHU

Transform lives, including yours

Visit our new career site

Get the full story - and a fully upgraded web experience.

Make an Impact as Adjunct Faculty

If you’re looking to teach online at an always-expanding university, SNHU’s adjunct professor jobs provide high-quality experiences for both you and your students. As a member of our adjunct faculty, you’ll be able to work collaboratively in an academic environment while supporting students as they work toward their educational goals.

Come work at the fastest-growing university in the nation, and help transform the lives of our students. To learn more about teaching at SNHU, and see a full list of open opportunities, visit our academics and teaching page on our brand new career site.

Employment Honors

Forbes Best Employers for Women 2022

Online Adjunct Faculty positions are available to qualified applicants who reside in and are authorized to work in the United States with the exception of California. Minimum qualifications for each role will be clearly outlined in the respective job posting.

  • Please take a moment to explore our comprehensive list of academic programs. ( academic programs )
  • If you find an online adjunct position that aligns with your qualifications and interest, we encourage you to submit your application through Workday. An automated email will be sent to confirm the successful submission of your application.
  • To stay informed about the status of your application, please refer to the  Workday portal .

To support our new adjunct faculty's success in the SNHU classroom, new faculty are required to complete an asynchronous 3-week paid online training program. The online adjunct faculty training is delivered in a cohort model and requires active participation throughout each week. The training content is a blend of understanding SNHU's faculty expectations, best practices for teaching online, pedagogy, creating student-centered learning communities, and effectively using SNHU academic technologies. The course is delivered through our learning management system (Brightspace).

Our online adjunct faculty training is facilitated by dedicated faculty trainers who are experienced SNHU faculty members.

SNHU is passionate about promoting continued learning. Online adjunct faculty are offered ongoing training and professional development opportunities through COLT (Center for Online Learning and Teaching). In fact, many of COLT’s learning events award CEUs upon successful completion since COLT has achieved accreditation through the IACET (International association for Continuing Education and Training).

Course assignments are made by our scheduling team, with the guidance of the Associate Deans. Assignments are made on a term-by-term basis, approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of the term, with adjunct instructors allowed to teach up to 10 sections in an academic year. While we try to accommodate as many scheduling requests as we can, we are not able to guarantee a regular schedule, or teaching assignments every term.

Our online adjunct faculty are instrumental in ensuring that students are successful in the class. We do this through:

  • Student Support : Provide personalized, 1-on-1 assistance and guidance to students, which also necessitates responding to student messages within 24 hours.
  • Course Feedback : Offer constructive feedback on assignments and course performance, for every assignment every week. There are 1-2 assignments that must be graded every week. grading is due within 7 days of when the assignments are due.
  • Timely Responses : Respond to student inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Active Online Presence : Engage in the online classroom consistently throughout the week. This is primarily done through the course discussion board. Unless otherwise indicated, faculty are expected to actively engage is every course discussion.
  • Flexibility : Accommodate diverse student backgrounds, experiences, schedules, and time zones.
  • Effective Communication : Clearly communicate concepts and foster open dialogue in all areas of the course. This will include weekly course announcements, discussion board engagement, grading feedback, and other communications with students. 
  • Collaboration : Work with advising and academic teams to enhance student success.
  • Commitment to Student Success : Strive to help students achieve their academic goals.
  • Professional Development : Stay updated with teaching methods and subject knowledge.

SNHU online courses run on a term schedule . There are 6 undergraduate terms in an academic year, lasting 8 weeks each and 5 graduate terms, lasting 10 weeks each.

The standard compensation for most courses is $2,200 per 8-week undergraduate course and $2,500 per 10-week graduate course. Nursing has a separate compensation structure.

Undergraduate and graduate adjuncts are paid biweekly and are considered W2 employees.

  • Asynchronous : Courses are designed for asynchronous learning, providing flexibility and autonomy for our learners. Students engage with materials and assignments on their own schedule, while still adhering to course deadline/requirements. Asynchronous setup accommodates diverse schedules and time zones. Courses include a number of weeks and each week includes assignments that are due by the end of that week.
  • Class Size : Most courses have 25-30 students, promoting interaction and engagement. Some courses, such as writing intensive courses, may have lower course caps.
  • Course Design and Consistency : Pre-built courses maintain uniformity in topics, grading, and rubrics. This format also ensures all students meet program objectives for accreditation.
  • Supplementing Content : The course is not developed by the online adjunct instructor. Adjuncts are encouraged to bring the content to life through sharing their experiences and expertise.
  • Course Materials : Required Textbooks and resources are offered in a variety of forms, including digital textbooks, digital courseware, and physical hard copies. Required course materials and textbooks are provided for the faculty free of charge prior to the term beginning.
  • Work Abroad
  • CIEE TEFL Certification Courses
  • CIEE TEFL Blog

12 Companies That’ll Hire You to Teach English Online Without a Degree

November 7, 2022

Photo for blog post

Authored By:

Profile photo of

Teaching English online has quickly become one of the easiest ways for native English speakers to earn money online and set their own work schedules. It's an exciting opportunity that can open the doors to a new full-time career or even act as a way to save money to teach abroad in the future. But before you can begin teaching English online, there are a few essential things to consider. 

And if you're interested but unsure if it's possible to teach English online without a degree, this guide shares all you need to know.

Read more: How to Teach English Online & Earn Money From Home or Abroad  

Can you teach English online without a degree?

The short answer is yes! While many online teaching opportunities require teachers to have a college degree, not all do, which means it's possible to teach English online without a degree. However, you must ensure you meet the other important job requirements to teach English online.

Requirements to Teach English Online Without a Degree

When applying to teach English online, there are a few general requirements that many employers have for their teachers. For example, you’ll likely be required to: 

  • Be a native or near native-English speaker
  • Show proof of a reputable TEFL certificate
  • Have a strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Own a computer or laptop with a webcam
  • Own a headset or headphones with a microphone
  • Have previous teaching experience (not always required, but often preferred)

Can you teach English online without a TEFL certificate?

If you don't have a degree but wish to teach English online, having a reputable TEFL certificate is vital to securing a job. Employers prefer to hire teachers with professional qualifications, and a TEFL certificate is valuable training that can make your application stand out, especially without a degree. Not only that, but a TEFL certificate provides aspiring teachers with essential teaching methodologies and strategies to succeed in teaching English as a foreign language.

Read more: How much should a TEFL certification cost?

How much can you earn teaching English online?

Online English teachers without a degree can expect to earn between $8-$20+ per hour. Some companies allow teachers to set their own rates for a small fee, while others pay teachers a set rate. Most online teachers work part-time hours, especially when first starting out and building their student base. Those with a TEFL certificate and previous experience have the potential to earn more as an online English teacher.

Photo for blog post 12 Companies That’ll Hire You to Teach English Online Without a Degree

12 Companies Where You Can Teach English Online Without a Degree

If you’re ready to begin the job hunt, here is a list of companies that hire English teachers without a degree.

Preply is a tutoring company that accepts English teachers to their online marketplace—no degree required. The platform is set up to allow students to "shop for" and choose tutors based on their skills and personality. 

Students come from all over the world, allowing teachers to work any time of day and connect with people from over 180 countries. Preply teachers set their rates, with many charging $15-$25 an hour, depending on qualifications and experience. 

2. SkimaTalk

SkimaTalk is a Japanese company that helps adult students from around the world connect with native English teachers via their online marketplace. Lessons with SkimaTalk are 25 minutes each and are conducted over Skype. 

Teachers do not need a degree or a TEFL certificate, however, these qualifications can make you stand out to students on the platform. Teachers at SkimaTalk set their own rates and earn between $7-$15 per 25-minute lesson, minus SkimaTalk's 20% fee.

Cambly is a US-based company that hires native English teachers of all backgrounds. It has some of the most relaxed job requirements in the market, and teachers do not need a degree, TEFL certificate, or previous experience to apply. Classes are conducted one-on-one via video call and can be 15, 30, or 60 minutes long. Payment is calculated by the minute, totaling between $10.20-$12 an hour depending on student age level. 

Photo for blog post 12 Companies That’ll Hire You to Teach English Online Without a Degree

Lingoda is a unique platform where native speakers of English, French, Spanish, and other in-demand languages can apply to teach. A degree isn't needed to tutor with Lingoda, but teachers must have a TEFL certificate and at least two years of previous teaching experience. On average, online teachers at Lingoda earn $8-$12 an hour.

italki is an online teacher marketplace in Hong Kong that works much like social media. Accepted teachers must market themselves and their lessons on the italki platform in order to attract students. 

There are two teaching jobs offered by italki: Professional Teachers who must show proof of a TEFL certificate, and Community Tutors who can apply without meeting strict requirements. Teachers are free to charge any fee but must pay italki a 15% commission fee.

6. Open English

Open English caters to students of all ages who are based in Latin America. Most lessons are conducted during evenings and weekends in students' time zones, and teachers must commit to teaching at least 10 hours each week. 

To apply, you'll need a TEFL certificate, prove you have fast enough Wi-Fi, and pass a grammar test. Those who speak Spanish or Portuguese have a leg up on the competition. On average, Open English teachers earn about $10-$13 an hour.

Photo for blog post 12 Companies That’ll Hire You to Teach English Online Without a Degree

7. Verbling

Verbling is an online platform that hires speakers of various languages. Being a native speaker of the language you wish to teach is not required, but you must prove that you know it at a C1 level or higher. 

Although having a degree or teaching experience is not required, proof of previous language teaching experience is a must. Tutors can earn about $20 an hour, minus Verbling's 15% commission fee.

8. Allschool

Allschool is an online platform that hires native English speakers without requiring formal qualifications like a degree or a TEFL certificate. Allschool is unique in that teachers have total freedom to set their own rates, create their lessons, and even set the duration of their classes. 

It's also possible to teach languages and subjects other than English. Allschool teachers typically earn between $15-$20+ an hour and must be available to teach during peak hours in Singapore's time zone. 

In order to teach English online with Tutlo , you must be a native speaker from the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, or Canada. A degree is not needed to teach with Tutlo, but a TEFL certificate and six months of teaching experience is required. Tutlo doesn’t pay the highest hourly rate, and its teachers earn only between $5-$11 an hour. However, Tutlo provides teaching materials so teachers don’t need to worry about creating lessons, lessening the workload.

Photo for blog post 12 Companies That’ll Hire You to Teach English Online Without a Degree

10. Berlitz

Berlitz is a language school chain that has been operating around the world for decades. The company predominately hires native English speakers to teach in locations in over 70 countries but also hires teachers to lead lessons online. Online English teachers at Berlitz can earn $10-$15 per hour and enjoy access to a five-day new teacher training and a wealth of resources.

11. Amazing Talker

At Amazing Talker , online English teachers without a degree are welcome to apply. Amazing Talker’s primary requirements are that teachers must be native speakers and have previous experience teaching in a one-on-one setting. English teachers can lead a variety of lessons for all ages, ranging from conversational English practice to IELTS-focused classes. On average, online teachers at Amazing Talker earn $10-$25 per hour.

12. Learnlight

Learnlight specializes in providing business English instruction to adults. To teach with Learnlight, you'll need a foreign language teaching qualification and at least two years of teaching experience. Those with specific expertise in business or teaching business English have a competitive edge. Teachers must also commit to a one-year contract and be available to teach at least 10 hours a week. Learnlight tutors can earn between $12-$14 an hour.

Photo for blog post 12 Companies That’ll Hire You to Teach English Online Without a Degree

Start Teaching English Online: Get TEFL Certified with CIEE

One of the first steps to teaching English online is enrolling in a quality TEFL course, especially for those without a degree. It's one of the most important job requirements for most online TEFL jobs and can help give your application a boost.

CIEE TEFL's 150-Hour TEFL Certificate course is a fantastic jumping-off point for your career as an English teacher and is easy to complete online in just three months. This comprehensive course includes:

  • Course material accredited by ACCET , a trustworthy third-party recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • One-on-one feedback from a highly-qualified TEFL tutor
  • A mandatory 20-hour practicum providing hands-on experience in the classroom
  • Lifetime job search assistance

© 2024 CIEE. All Rights Reserved.

  • Privacy Notice
  • Terms & Conditions

Writing Revolt Logo

Writing Jobs For Teachers: 13 Publications That Pay $100+ Per Article

Writing Revolt Blog Post Author Icon

Hi friends! Jorden here, and I’m SUPER excited to share another guest post with you allllllll about the BEST education writing jobs for teachers. If you’re an educator and/or specialize in the education niche, get excited, because you’re about to find detailed information about 13 sites that pay $100+ each! If you enjoy the post, please show some love to the talented author, Tiffany Hathorn, by sharing the post on social media (you can hover over and Pin the image above!). 🙂 Let’s jump in!

Are you a teacher who needs to earn more income?

Or an education writer looking for your next writing gig?

Freelance writing can be a fantastic way to share your skills and knowledge – and get paid for it!

Whether you need to pad your bank account during school breaks or need a significant stream of income to support your family, we’ve done the footwork to get you started!

Below, you’ll find 13 education writing jobs that pay $100+.

For each publication, you’ll find information on what kind of content they look for, submission guidelines, and how much they pay.

(And I’ve included both online and print publications to offer more variety!)

Be sure to read all the way to the end, where you’ll find a few solid tips on pitching publications successfully so that you get more “yes” responses!

Education Writing Jobs For Teachers: 13 Sites That Pay $100+ Per Article

1. american educator.

The American Federation of Teachers publishes this professional magazine on a quarterly basis.

Topics of Interest

They’re seeking articles on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • New Educational Trends
  • Current Issues in Education
  • Education Law
  • Professional Ethics
  • Current American Social Issues
  • International Affairs and Labor Issues Relevant to Teachers

Writer Guidelines

Articles should be well-researched, but written for a general audience. No technical jargon!

Personal narratives should be short, concise, and relevant to the time of publication.

Article length may vary from 1,000 – 5,000 words, depending on the topic, and should adhere to Chicago Manual of Style.

Queries are preferred and should be sent to [email protected] . Visit their website for more info on article submission guidelines .

Payment varies based on length, but the minimum payment is $300 . Writers are paid upon publication.

2. Arts and Activities Magazine

Arts and Activities Magazine is available in both print and online formats.

They provide teachers with resources, information, ideas, and inspiration to spark creative visual expressions in student from kindergarten through high school.

This magazine is also used by students in teacher education programs in colleges and universities all over the world!

They’re seeking content that focus on art education topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Art and Creative Expression activities
  • Ways to relate art to other disciplines (especially STEM subjects)
  • Mixed Media lessons
  • Forms of art like digital art, weaving, photography, 3D design, etc.
  • Classroom management tips
  • Lesson plans and projects for substitutes

Articles should be 600 – 1,000 words. Before writing, make sure you get to know their formatting style by checking out past issues here .

Submit pitches to [email protected] .

View the full writer guidelines here .

Pay ranges between $35-$150 , depending on length. Payment is made upon publication.

3. Aurora Magazine

Published by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this biannual magazine alumni and friends of the university in mind.

According to the university website, the goal of the magazine is to elicit emotions and provoke thought.

To get a feel for the type of content that might appeal to Aurora readers, check out the magazine’s online archives , where you can view issues from the past decade.

Manuscripts should be submitted for consideration to [email protected] . Be sure to adhere strictly to the submission guidelines .

Pay is 50 cents per word, which could come out to $100 (or much more!) depending on the length of your work.

Be aware, though, that you are only paid for the word count you are assigned.

If the scope of the project looks like it needs to be adjusted, you should reach out to the features editor as soon as possible!

4. Metro Magazine

Published by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM), Metro Magazine is Australia’s oldest film and media periodical.

The focus is on generating discussion surrounding film and media in not just Australia, but New Zealand, and Asia.

They specialize in essays, articles and interviews on Australian, New Zealand and Asian film and media – including television, radio, animation, games and new media.

…If you’re a teacher in any of those industries, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Submissions, pitches, and edits should all be submitted to Adolfo Aranjuez at [email protected] . Full submission guidelines can be found on their website.

Pay ranges from $80-$350 AUD which is between $52-$242 USD. Pay is made upon publication.

education writing jobs for teachers 1

The magazine of the University of Missouri Alumni Association, Mizzou discusses issues that face people in the community and around the world.

Some of the topics that they are looking for revolve around human interest, food, health, and the environment.

Submissions can be emailed to interim editor, Dale Smith at [email protected] . Learn more about submission guidelines on their website .

Fees are negotiated on an individual basis, so put your best foot forward when pitching and be prepared to show your value when sharing your rate.

Payment is made upon acceptance of the completed manuscript.

6. Notre Dame Magazine

Published by the prestigious University of Notre Dame, this quarterly magazine has a readership over over a quarter million people.

Notre Dame Magazine is composed of four departments: Campus News, Alumni Notes, Features, and CrossCurrents.

Freelancers create the majority of the content for the latter two departments.


The CrossCurrents essays are meant to appeal to “college-educated readers who take an active interest in the contemporary world (art, science, religion society, etc).

Generally written from the 1st-person point of view, these 750-1,500 word pieces can be topical or personal, with tones ranging from light-hearted to serious.

Features stories are a bit longer (2,000 to 4,000 words), but they’re also written with college-educated people who care about contemporary issues in mind.

Web Exclusives

The magazine also accepts pitches to be published exclusively online.

These web exclusives fall under three categories: personal essays (written in a style similar to CrossCurrents), short stories that highlight an aspect of the Notre Dame experience, and pieces that revolve around one of their recurring web series.

Before you pitch or submit a story, it is recommended that you become familiar with their publications. You can view past issues of Notre Dame Magazine here .

Depending on the department and format, you will be required to submit either a query letter (with published clips) OR a completed article/essay.

To learn about their full submission guidelines , please visit their website.

Payment is $250 – $300 , depending on length.

7. Screen Education Magazine

Another ATOM publication, Screen Education Magazine is written by and for primary and secondary teachers and students.

They are seeking articles centered on screen literacy in education. They also accept pitches for practical classroom ideas, lesson plans, essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and book/DVD reviews.

Submissions, pitches, and edits should all be submitted to David Heslin at [email protected].

Full submission guidelines can be found on their website.

Pay ranges from $150-$200 AUD which is between $103-$138 USD. Pay is made upon publication.

8. Teachers & Writers Magazine

If you teach about writing, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Teachers & Writers Magazine has its focus on teaching students of all ages (from kindergarten through college) how to write.

Their online magazine presents a variety of ideas, approaches, and explorations on teaching students to put their imagination into words.

They look for both practical theoretical pieces that are “vivid, concise, and geared toward a general audience”.

The magazine is composed of 4 sections. 3 of these sections are open to submissions from freelance writers. They’re:

The Art of Teaching Writing

This section includes articles, essays, editorials, and meditations. Some of the topics include current issues in arts education, literary arts advocacy, as well as the joys and challenges of teaching creative writing (regardless of the setting).

Pieces in this section are 1,000 – 2,500 words.

Lesson Plans

If you have experience with lesson planning or curriculum development, they also look for innovative lessons or ideas revolved around teaching creative writing.

Lessons should be so detailed that teachers should be able to teach the full lesson without needing to turn to outside sources. Lesson plans range from 500 – 2,500 words.

If you have connections in the literary world, use them! They’re looking for interviews with poets, novelists, nonfiction writers, and playwrights who are willing to discuss their work, the craft of writing, as well as their personal views on the field of creative writing education.

They also value interviews from individuals in other fields who have strong opinions on the impact of art in our lives and the value of arts education. Interviews should be 1,500-3,000 words.

Interested writers should submit a brief (500 words max) email inquiry describing the proposed piece.

If you have a completed article to submit, make sure that it meets the word count guidelines above.

Queries and submissions should be sent to [email protected] . Visit their website for full submission guidelines .

Pay ranges from $50 – $250 with lesson plans being on the lower end. You are paid upon publication and also receive copies of the magazine. There is no kill fee.

teach writing online jobs

SIDE NOTE: if you want to learn how to make your first $1,000 freelance writing with no experience, click here to take my FREE class . it’s been enjoyed by over 6,000 writers, and when you sign up, you get instant access so you can start learning right away. 🙂

9. Texas Homeschool Coalition Review

The Texas Homeschool Coalition’s mission is to inform, inspire, promote, protect, and advocate for homeschooling and homeschool families in Texas.

The Texas Homeschool Coalition Review is published quarterly (in February, May, August, and November).

They’re seeking relatable, shareable content in the following categories:

New to Homeschooling

Anything that will help people who are interested in or new to homeschooling.

This includes info on learning styles, curriculum options, book reviews, homeschool schedules, tips on teaching multiple children, tips on teaching only children, etc.

Extracurricular Activities

Articles on the extracurricular and socialization aspects of homeschool, including co-ops, field trips, sports, music, educational vacations, and DIY projects.

New to Texas

Tips and resources for people who are new to Texas, including places to visit, support groups, and staying in contact with loved ones.

Special Needs

Articles that provide support, encouragement and resources for homeschool families that deal with special needs, such as autism, Down Syndrome, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, etc.

This can include activities, curriculum options, learning styles, extracurriculars, coping tools, and more.

Dads and Homeschooling

Articles centered on how dads can be actively involved in the homeschool process.

The Elementary, Middle, and High School Years

These topics should be tailored to fit each level and can focus on things such as curriculum options, co-ops, activities, socialization, and dual-credit.


Articles on finding support, collaborating with other families, making homeschool work, getting organized, and more.

This should focus on specific tips and resources for various subjects such as math, science, reading, writing, grammar, history, foreign language, and more.

This is also where you can share product reviews.

Articles should be between 650-1,250 words.

Pitch your ideas to [email protected] . Be sure to include a brief bio and links to your blog.

Visit their website for more info on writing opportunities .

Pay is $100 per article.

10. Teaching Tolerance Magazine

education writing jobs for teachers 3

Teaching Tolerance Magazine is focused on helping teachers and school educate students on being active members in our democracy, with a focus on social justice and anti-bias.

They are accepting manuscripts and pitches for feature stories that revolve around social justice and anti-bias education, personal reflections about life in the classroom, short stories, and articles that addressing teaching and education issues.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] with “TT Magazine Article” in the subject line. For full instructions, visit their writer guidelines page.

Pay ranges from $150 for short articles to $1 per word for features and short stories .

11. The School Magazine

The School Magazine is a bit different than the education writing jobs mentioned so far.

Rather than being written for educators or parents, the readers of this Australia-based magazine are children. Specifically, children between the ages of 8 and 12 years of age.

In addition to having a call for specific topics (which will be announced around June of 2019 for 2020 issues), they are also looking for fiction, articles, nonfiction interviews, poetry, plays, and text activities.

You should submit full manuscripts tp [email protected] . They require non-exclusive, ongoing print and digital rights, as well as first rights to publish. However, writers retain copyright of their work. They also pay a repeat fee if they decide to reuse your article in the print version of their magazine. Go here to read full submission guidelines .

Pay is stated to be 300 Australian Dollars (AUD), which is about $207 USD. They pay upon publication.

12. Today’s Catholic Teacher

Today’s Catholic Teacher is a seasonal print publication is aimed at K-8 educators, specifically those who teach in private and Catholic schools.

School staff, boards of education, religious leaders, and parents also read this magazine regularly.

They accept submission ideas that are geared towards Catholic school education. They have a specific interest in the following topics:

  • Issues surrounding curriculum development, resting, technology, school relationships, creative teaching, community needs, and school administration.
  • National issues and trends that impact the catholic school system
  • Subject-specific teaching ideas

Send detailed queries to [email protected] . Full submission guidelines can be found on their website .

Writers are paid $300 upon publication.

13. Women in Higher Education

Women in Higher Education is a monthly newsletter designed to teach women on college campuses (and beyond) with insight and practical ideas for successfully navigating the male-dominated world of higher education.

The vast majority of readers are faculty.

The topics that readers are most interested in include:

  • Advice from successful women on campus
  • Communication techniques
  • Career strategies
  • Ethical values
  • Using intuition
  • Research on gender differences
  • Mentors and role models
  • Problems facing women chairs
  • Ending sexual harassment.

The publication departments are:

  • In Her Own Words – research results, personal essays and subjective insights on relevant topics
  • Moveable Type – synopsis of a useful book
  • Interview – profile a woman leader in higher education
  • Features -new programs, speeches, major research of interest

Email pitches or queries to editor, Kelly Baker at [email protected] . Visit their website for full submission guidelines .

Accepted guest contributors are paid $150 per piece.  

How to Find More Education Writing Jobs to Pitch

This list is not exhaustive. You can find tons of other publications that offer education writing jobs.

In fact, every week, there may be even more publications launching that might love to outsource content creation!

So, where does that leave you?

…With a ton of opportunity!

Chances are, if education is your niche or passion , you read a LOT of content on the subject.

Websites, magazines, books, blogs, etc.

Each and every publication you read might be an untapped source of income – even if they don’t have writer guidelines listed on their site!

So, I recommend you make a habit of seeking opportunities to write for publications you admire.

Always check their website and the inside cover of magazines to find out if they are actively seeking writers. If so, pitch them!

If they DON’T have readily available info on how to pitch them, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested.

You just have to show them the value that you offer.

Then, let them decide whether it’s something they feel they could benefit from.

Which brings us to the next big thing – how to pitch publications.

Tips for Successfully Pitching These Education Writing Jobs for Teachers

teach writing online jobs

Whether you are using a submission guideline or cold pitching a publication, there are a few best practices to follow.

Tip #1: Follow Directions

If you are following submission guidelines provided by the company – follow them!

Don’t just wing it and hope for the best.

Listen to what they want and then do things exactly as they’ve said.

More than likely, you’re not the only person pitching ideas.

You may not even be the only person pitching YOUR idea.

So, if they have to choose between someone who ignored a clear set of rules and someone who made their lives easier by following the rules, guess who they’re going to choose?

It’s one thing to break the mold and show your creativity.

But do so within the guidelines that make the process smooth for the people making the decision to give you a chance!

Tip #2: Do Your Research

Some people may think that pitching is all about numbers.

Yes, the more you pitch, the higher your chances are of getting work.

BUT, if you think that just pitching publications all willy nilly is going to work, you are sadly mistaken.

Let’s pretend that one person spent an hour using a basic pitch template and sent it to 30 publications.

Now, let’s imagine that another person spends an hour pitching 5 publications that she has read a few times.

The person who sent out mass pitches to 30 publications will be lucky to land a good-paying gig whereas the person who sent out 5 thoughtful pitches to publications she was familiar with might end up getting multiple yes’s.

So, the lesson here is to read the publications you want to write for.

Pay attention to the content they publish, their writing style, and the tone they use.

You will need all of that information to craft a pitch that is more likely to result in income ( and a better writing portfolio ).

Tip #3: No Fluff!

If you are prone to rambling, you need to break that habit.

Be clear and to-the-point.

Whether pitching or writing.

I hope that this list of education publications helps you on your path to make money writing from home on a topic you love!

Now here’s what I want you to do:

Pick one of the education writing jobs in this blog post (or another that you find!),  and pitch them THIS WEEK.

Then, share this post on social media to spread the love to your fellow educators!

Author Bio: Tiffany Hathorn divides her time between being a launch copywriter, homeschooling her son, performing in dinner theater, and being an unapologetic geek (Potterhead forever!). She lives in Central Arkansas with her son and 3 pets – Neville, Bruno, and Berlioz. You can find her on her website . Check out her article, 17 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block .

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag Investing

Earning Potential: 12 Online Jobs That Pay More Than You Think

Posted: May 31, 2023 | Last updated: December 4, 2023

teach writing online jobs

Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant and work from anywhere with the proper skill set. Some companies pay their virtual assistants up to $500 – $2,000 per month or even more, depending on the company’s size. This online job may require you to have some ideas about marketing, web development, video editing, logo design, engaging with followers, etc. The most beneficial aspect of becoming a virtual assistant is using a skill you already have and earning some extra money .

<p><span>Another great way to earn passive income is by creating an online course. If you have the know-how behind teaching and creating a whole course, you use your knowledge, develop a course and earn some extra money. Once you have the course outline, you can create an audio or video version that can be shared through various online platforms that provide online courses for a fee. A percentage of the fees that interested students pay for your course comes back to you, giving you an extra and passive source of income. Anyone can have a stream of passive income if they know how to use their skills. Multiple online platforms have made monetizing hobbies easy, allowing you to earn a passive income. All you may require is an initial investment, but the easily made profits are worth it.</span></p>


Proofreading is another excellent online job that pays between $18 and $30 per hour. The rate can go higher, especially if you are a technical writer. Becoming a proofreader is a good option if you grasp grammar well and quickly notice typos and grammatical mistakes in articles or anything you read. No certificates or special courses are required to become a proofreader. With more and more content available online, proofreading has become a sought-after, easily scalable job.

<p>Many rental properties offer pools, fitness centers, and laundry facilities, which can be expensive to install and maintain in a home. These options are typically available in larger rental communities owned by a single company and already included in the rent.</p> <p>Here are some of the disadvantages associated with renting.</p>

Blogging was a hobby that many people used to have. However, the internet and social media evolution has allowed bloggers to earn up to $100 per hour. Blogging is more lucrative than people realize. You can make money through sponsored posts, advertising, or affiliate marketing. Some blogs can even act as passive income where you can continue to earn money from a post written in the past. Starting as a blogger may be difficult and time-consuming, but if you put in enough effort and show consistency, you can earn some big bucks through your blogs.

Create and Sell Online Courses

People worldwide are always looking to learn new things, including different skills. You can create an online course to earn money if you want to teach. Creating a whole course may be difficult. But with the correct skill set and knowledge, you can create an online course to teach people things you already know. This can vary from different kinds of skills to different types of subject-specific classes. Once you have a course ready, you can sell it to various online course service providers or put it up on your website to generate an income between four to five figures per month.

<p>Making compromises is part and parcel of the job. Buffett recalled that as an employee, he had to follow instructions. However, there is nothing like running your own business. Even a smaller business concern gives you freedoms one cannot afford in a job. He also suggested that a family-run business was less hectic than a public company. They further suggested that you learn the craft along the way. You become better at identifying opportunities and taking your chances when it matters.</p>


Bookkeeping is one of the most crucial jobs that ensures a company runs smoothly. Online bookkeeping jobs can pay as much as $60 per hour or even more, depending on the company you are bookkeeping for. This could be an excellent job if you work well with numbers and have the skills to manage accounts, payments, and revenue or prepare financial reports.

<p><span>Goodbudget helps you budget your money simply and effectively. It uses the envelope budgeting method, a proven way to stay on track with your spending. With Goodbudget, you can:</span></p> <ol>   <li><span>Create budgets: Goodbudget makes it easy to create budgets for your income and expenses.</span></li>   <li><span>Track your spending: Goodbudget automatically imports your transactions from your bank account, so you can see where your money is going.</span></li>   <li><span>Set financial goals: Goodbudget helps you set financial goals and track your progress towards them.</span></li>   <li><span>Share your budget: Goodbudget makes it easy to share your budget with your spouse, partner, or family members.</span></li>  </ol>

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another lucrative job you can do online, and you earn up to $75 an hour or more, depending on your content and what you are writing for. With enough experience, you can create and build a portfolio and client base that will allow you to increase your charges and earn more. The job allows you to work from anywhere worldwide and pursue different writing routes that best suit your style. This can include content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, technical writing, etc.

<p>Owning a home can limit flexibility, as homeowners may not be able to move as easily or quickly as renters. Even if you plan on selling your current house, it can take several weeks or months to get you the right buyer.</p>


Dropshipping is a low-risk way to start a business online where you can sell products. You can earn up to $100 per hour through dropshipping. This is a great way to open a store online because you will not be required to hold any inventory. The inventory of your store is shipped directly to the customer. It is also a low-cost way to run a store, as you order a product only after the customer has paid for it.

<p>Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to discover and save ideas. It is one of the world’s most popular <a href="https://www.hashtaginvesting.com/blog/crypto-influencers" rel="noopener">social media</a> platforms, with over 400 million active users. Pinterest is well-positioned to benefit from the continued growth of social commerce.</p>

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an excellent way to earn money online if you have the right skills, earning up to $75 an hour. If you are creative and enjoy creating designs, graphic design is something you should consider for an online job. Not only will you be doing what you want, you will be able to do it from anywhere. With the use of the internet increasing, companies require outside help to create and manage photos and artwork that are necessary either for advertising, promotion, etc. If you have basic digital skills, graphic design can be the job for you.

<p>Warren quite frankly called Apple an excellent investment, suggesting that the returns are better than Berkshire gets from other investments. He clarified that his company owns about 5.6% of Apple, and it does not amount to 35% of their total portfolio as someone had earlier suggested. The stock exchange mogul also pointed out that the people have a lot of trust and dependability associated with the brand. Carlie Munger also commented that Apple was one of the smarter buys in terms of returns received over the years.</p>

Social Media Manager

Nearly everyone uses social media, and the need for business owners to adopt social media into their advertising and promotion strategies has increased. This has led them to hire and look for social media managers to handle social media accounts, post consistently, curate and manage content, reply to customer requests, etc. Suppose you are capable of using social media and performing any of the tasks above. You will be qualified to become a social media manager and earn nearly $100 an hour, depending on who hired you. Knowing how to deploy paid advertising and create new customer leads effectively will help you make more of a social media manager.

<p><span>Mystery shoppers must visit stores and eateries and purchase per their employer’s instructions. They have to rate the customer service, product quality, overall appearance of the establishment, and how they rate the overall experience.</span></p> <p><span>You’re reimbursed for your expenses as a mystery shopper and paid the visit fee. It is an ideal work option for someone with a few hours to spare during the weekend.</span></p>

E-Commerce Store

Running an e-commerce store through different companies like Amazon FBA is another idea to make money online, where some have reported earning up to $100 an hour. The central concept behind an e-commerce store is buying products directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler and selling them online. Where you sell them is entirely up to you; however, using other companies' websites can get you started. Using a different company can be advantageous as you can use the company to handle all your shipping and warehousing. Alternatively, you can arrange for your manufacturer to ship products directly to customers.

<p>If you were looking for a job in the same line of work as your previous job, you may be able to deduct job search expenses, such as the cost of printing resumes or traveling to job interviews. This deduction is often overlooked, but it can be especially helpful if you were unemployed for a significant amount of time.</p> <p>You need to fill in a specific form along with details. Although the tax deduction isn't a massive one, it is still some <a href="https://www.hashtaginvesting.com/blog/bad-money-habits-to-avoid-immediately" rel="noopener">money that you do not need</a> to pay taxes on.</p>

Developing and Programming

The demand for coders who can develop and program has increased, making this a sought-after service. It pays more than most online jobs. If you don't already have coding skills, you can attend intensive short-term courses or boot camps to provide you with all the information you need to code. Coding, developing, or programming can serve as a part-time or full-time job because you will be able to make a living wage.

<p><span>To build wealth, stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging with others who share similar goals is crucial. Networking with like-minded individuals provides an opportunity to learn new <a href="https://www.hashtaginvesting.com/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-building-wealth-top-10-tips-from-millionaires-and-billionaires" rel="noopener">tips and strategies for building wealth</a>. Millionaires often take advantage of their surroundings by connecting with colleagues and peers, learning from those around them, and making bold decisions that may be outside of their comfort zone. Developing your confidence in social settings is also essential for building a mindset that fosters wealth creation.</span></p>

Video Editing and Production

If you have any skills related to video editing and production, you are in a spot where you can earn a lot of money just by staying at home and using your skills. Due to the high demand for video editing and production, these skills can help you make over $50 an hour. The more experience you have, your skills will likely improve, fetching you a higher income from companies or organizations looking to find freelance editors and producers.

teach writing online jobs

Profitable Stock Traders are Using This Tool to “Hack” the Markets

This tool is helping traders beat the market compared to those who have no idea what is. Here are the Top 28 Stock Trading Discord Servers Right Now.

teach writing online jobs

10 Stocks in Bill Gates Stock Portfolio Smart Investors are Buying

We share the top 10 stocks that Bill Gates owns that smart investors are buying right now. 10 Stocks in Bill Gates Stock Portfolio Smart Investors are Buying

teach writing online jobs

Top 28 Best Stock Market And Investing YouTube Channels Right Now

The best investors are always learning. YouTube is one of the best free resources to learn from experts. Here are the top 28. Top 28 Best Stock Market and Investing YouTube Channels Right Now

<p class="">The stock market is two-faceted, where both red and green, bear and bull prevail. There are market forces of demand and supply that work in mysterious ways. Many perish in this market, and only a few who learn the ways of the force succeed. I may sound like a Jedi, but that is how the delicate balance of the stock universe is maintained.</p>

Top 6 Personality Traits Of Highly Successful Investors And Traders

From Warren Buffett to Ray Dalio. We breakdown the top 6 common traits the most successful investors and traders have. Top 6 Personality Traits Of Highly Successful Investors And Traders

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Teacher once known as Rachel Dolezal fired for Only Fans account, raising concerns over educators’ pay

  • Published: Feb. 14, 2024, 9:16 p.m.

TV-Real-Rachel Dolezal

In this July 24, 2009, file photo, Rachel Dolezal, a leader of the Human Rights Education Institute, stands in front of a mural she painted at the institute's offices in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president who made headlines in June when her race came into question, faces that question Monday, Nov. 2, 2015, when she appears on the talk show "The Real." (AP Photo/Nicholas K. Geranios, File) AP

  • Michelle Zenarosa

Sign up for Reckon’s weekly newsletter covering the three topics never to be discussed at the dinner table: faith, sex and politics. Enter your email to subscribe to Matter of Faith.

A teacher at a Tucson elementary school, who previously gained national attention for her racial identity issues, has been terminated from her position. The termination comes after the discovery of a social media account connected to the teacher that reportedly violates school district policy.

Nkechi Diallo, formerly known as Rachel Dolezal, was employed by the Catalina Foothills School District. According to local news reports , school officials became aware of a publicly accessible social media account linked to Diallo, which contained material deemed inappropriate for an educator. The specific nature of the content has not been officially disclosed, but the district confirmed it violated their social media policy for employees.

According to the Catalina Foothills School District, Diallo, who has legally changed her name, was terminated on Feb. 10 after school officials discovered a public social media page where she shared a link to an Only Fans account.

The school district has declined to comment on the specific details of the content on the OnlyFans account, citing privacy concerns. However, district policy prohibits staff from using school resources or their professional positions to promote personal businesses that are not aligned with the district’s educational mission.

“We only learned of Ms. Nkechi Diallo’s OnlyFans social media posts (Tuesday) afternoon,” said Julie Fairbank, a spokesperson for the district . “Her posts are contrary to our district’s ‘Use of Social Media by District Employees’ policy and our staff ethics policy. She is no longer employed by the Catalina Foothills School District.”

Diallo has not publicly commented on the matter. It remains unclear whether she intends to appeal the decision.

A collision of past scandals and teacher pay discontent

Diallo’s case has garnered renewed interest due to her prior history. In 2015, she sparked national controversy after it was revealed that she, a white woman, had been publicly identifying as Black for several years, including holding leadership positions in organizations focused on racial justice like the NAACP. The incident sparked heated discussions about racial identity, cultural appropriation, and accountability.

“What Dolezal is accused of is more than just the basis of a thought exercise about race,” wrote Vox’s Jenee Desmond-Harris in 2015. “Many people are deeply offended by the idea that someone whose family suffered none of the horrifying systemic racism African Americans endure would seem to so gleefully immerse herself in and enjoy the trappings of black culture… But most infuriating to some is the idea that she may be able to retreat comfortably back into a white identity, leaving the racism she claims to have experienced as a black woman behind.”

In 2018, Diallo also faced charges of welfare fraud after allegedly receiving thousands of dollars in public assistance by misrepresenting her income. Authorities contend that Dolezal failed to disclose additional income while collecting government aid, adding another chapter to her controversial history of identity deception. She was sentenced to community service in 2019 .

While the reasons for her termination as a teacher are unrelated to her past controversies, the news has prompted renewed online chatter about Diallo and her complex history.

One thing Rachel Dolezal (now Nkechi Diallo) is gonna do is stay on brand, especially for BHM. 🤣 pic.twitter.com/Sm3JfTxLeG — Kemi (she/her) 💖💜💙 (@MJSPYT777) February 14, 2024

Diallo isn’t the first teacher to go under fire for having an Only Fan account. Two Missouri teachers from the same school were placed on leave after their accounts were discovered in November. One of the teachers, Brianna Coppage, said she made nearly $1 million in just six months.

The debate surrounding teachers having Only Fans accounts ignites a complicated conflict between personal expression and professional boundaries. Compounding this issue, educators say they are struggling financially and getting a second job isn’t easy.

New data reveals a bleak reality for educators: teacher salaries are falling further and further behind those of their college-educated peers, according to the Economic Policy Institute in 2023. The national average for a teacher’s starting salary sits at a mere $42,844, raising serious concerns about attracting and retaining talent in education

This widening gap isn’t just a number on a spreadsheet – it has real-world consequences. Teachers, burdened with rising costs of living and student loans, often face tough choices, like juggling multiple jobs or leaving the profession altogether. This can lead to teacher shortages, larger class sizes, and ultimately, a diminished quality of education for our children.

“What am I doing? I am doing all the things that society has told me,” said former educator turned Only Fans influencer to NBC in 2023 . “I was following the path and I’m unhappy, I’m unfulfilled and I am struggling financially. I am in so much debt.”

In the case of Diallo, the news rekindles discussions surrounding Dolezal’s past controversies and the broader challenges faced by educators struggling financially.

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$5 for desk rent - before inflation: 3rd graders learn hard lessons to gain financial literacy

teach writing online jobs

Students in Shelby Lattimore’s third grade class know the rules: Pay your desk and chair rent on time and if you don’t have next month’s rent in your wallet, you can’t buy any rewards.

The stipulations are part of Lattimore’s “My Class Economy” program, where students have jobs, earn classroom currency in the form of Miss Lattimore Bucks and use it to pay rent for their desks and chairs.

Rent costs $5 but sometimes inflation kicks in: Last month, it was $7

The students get fined $1 if they are disrespectful, turn in work late or break things intentionally. They can spend their money on rewards ranging in cost from $2 to about $10, said Lattimore, who teaches at Renaissance West STEAM Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina, part of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

“They can eat in class for lunch with a friend for $5 or they could have lunch with me for $7,” she said. “Some of those higher ones are like ‘Take someone's job for the day for $10’ or ‘Sit in the teacher’s chair for $10.’”

Lattimore started the program to improve attendance among her students, teach them financial literacy and hold them accountable for their behavior, she told USA TODAY Wednesday afternoon.

“We do everything for ‘My Class Economy’ in the morning before class starts,” she said. “A lot of teachers have some sort of reward system, whether it be points, candy or stickers or something. I just decided to use money. It was a big motivator for me when I was a kid.”

Each student has an envelope or wallet they designed at the beginning of the school year. That’s where they keep their Miss Lattimore Bucks. At the end of the school year they get an actual wallet to take home, she said.

Lattimore also said the wallets students have can be helpful because so often, a child’s only understanding of money is in relation to a card or an app, not a physical dollar or coin.

They don’t really know how the money is earned and added to the card, she said.

“I’ve got CashApp,” they often think. “My mom has a credit card and I can just swipe it … A lot of these kids never grew up using physical money.”

Students have class jobs to earn ‘Miss Lattimore Bucks’

Lattimore has been a teacher for four years and began implementing the program last year.

Each student has a class job they get paid for. There's a banker who hands out paychecks , collects fines, gives extra rewards and writes receipts. 

There are also line leaders, people who turn the classroom lights off, a teacher’s assistant, a cleaning crew and even classroom workers who take care of the class pet, a Siamese fighting fish named Knuckles.

Jobs change every two weeks and students can choose what they do next, Lattimore said.

The rules of the game

Lattimore said students have rules they must follow in order to participate. The fines and penalties they face have helped to improve behavior in the classroom.

“Those kids do not want to lose their money,” she said.

And students know they have to have next month’s rent or else, no rewards for them. 

Most recently, a student had $9 and wanted to buy a $5 reward to eat lunch with a friend in the classroom. If she bought the reward, she’d only be left with $4 for next month’s rent, which is now $7 due to inflation.

“They have to keep next month's rent in their wallet at all times,” Lattimore said, adding that she wants students to know the importance of having a cushion.

Some students even save up enough rent money to cover them for a few months.

“We also go over the importance of skipping a reward day so that we save up for high rewards, because all of our rewards are not the same price,” she said. “So maybe we skip this one so that we can buy a more expensive reward next month.”

Other students have saved money in real life, Lattimore said. Past students of hers have told her they’ve saved money from birthdays or Christmas to buy something special later.

“Those concepts, they're definitely holding onto,” Lattimore said.

Teaching students not to trust everyone with their money

The third grade teacher noticed when she first started the program that students tend to be too trusting with their money. 

She initially served as the class banker and when it was time to pay up, they’d just hand her their wallets and expect her to take out the correct amount of money they owed, she said.

Sometimes she’d short their paychecks or keep the change she owed them.

“If I go to the grocery store and I hand someone $20, I'm going to make sure I get the right change back,” she said.

She wants her students to do the same.

Miss Lattimore encourages other teachers to join in

Elsewhere in the country, Open Magnet Charter School in Los Angeles has been running a program for years where students plan, design and maintain a small-scale model city set 100 years in the future .

There is a mayor, assistant mayor and other class officers, four neighborhood teams and six commission groups, according to the school's website.

Each student earns a salary and rents their own piece of land, where they can add buildings and pay monthly rent.

In North Carolina, Lattimore said another teacher at the school has implemented the program in her own classroom. Sometimes Lattimore’s students go to the other class for reading and the other teacher, Miss Cox, will report back to let her know how they did.

“She'll tell me ‘These students had an amazing day. They deserve extra money,’” Lattimore said. “I will pay them an extra amount of money based on what they did in her class and vice versa.”

The program is pretty neat and is easily adaptable to any classroom setting, Lattimore said.

She knows at least one kindergarten teacher who has a similar program in her classroom. For high school teachers interested in participating, they can even incorporate taxes, she said.

“This can work,” she said. “It's so amazing to see what the kids can do with it.”

Keep up with Miss Lattimore and her students at www.tiktok.com/@shelby_thatsmee and www.instagram.com/teaching_with_ms.l .


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