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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a SQL Server subsystem that enables the creation of graphical, mobile and printed reports using SQL Server and other data sources. SQL Server is a relational database management system ( RDBMS ) that supports transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications.

SSRS allows businesses to provide decision making information to end users in a variety of formats based on information stored in SQL Server and other data sources. SSRS has been delivered as a part of the SQL Server Standard and Enterprise editions since the SQL Server 2005 release. 

SSRS is used by both end users and database professionals. Reports can be created by database professionals using the Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) as well as by end-users with the Report Builder tool. End users consume the SSRS reports and select end users can create reports. Database professionals also manage subscriptions and the SSRS Report Server.

Features of SQL Server Reporting Services

SSRS can connect to multiple data sources including SQL Server’s relational database and SQL Server Analysis Services as well as any other ADO.NET compatible data source to produce graphical, mobile and printed reports in a variety of formats including HTML, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML and TIFF. SSRS supports the ability to drill down into the data details for select report lines. Parameterized reports allow users to run the same reports with different data. For instance, a report user might select to rerun a report with different customers, products or date ranges. Users can create subscriptions to automatically run and route reports to select users. SSRS reports can be integrated with Power BI .

How SQL Server Reporting Services work

SSRS consists of four main components: The Reporting Services service, the Web Portal, the Report Designer and the Report Builder. Reports are created using the Report Designer or the Report Builder. The Report Designer is a more robust and complicated tool that is designed for data professionals. It can be run from SSDT or as an add-on to Visual Studio 2019. The Report Builder is a more straightforward tool designed to enable end-users to create reports. These SSRS report creation tools generate Report Definition Language (RDL) files that control how the reports will look and act. The Reporting Services service takes the RDL files as input and uses them to render the SSRS reports. The Web Portal takes the place of the older Report Manager and it is used to manage, secure and run SSRS reports.

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SSRS Tutorial: What is SQL Server Reporting Services?

Fiona Brown

What is SSRS?

SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services is a reporting software that allows you to produce formatted reports with tables in the form of data, graph, images, and charts. These reports are hosted on a server that can be executed any time using parameters defined by the users. It is part of Microsoft SQL Server Services suite.

Types of reporting services

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration services which integrate data from different sources.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analytical service which helps for the analysis of the data
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting service allows for generating a visual report of the data.

Here, are prime reasons for using SSRS tool:

  • SSRS is an enhanced tool compared to Crystal Reports
  • Faster processing of reports on both relational and multidimensional data
  • Allows better and more accurate Decision-making mechanism for the users
  • Allows users to interact with information without involving IT professionals
  • It provides a World Wide Web-based connection for deploying reports. Hence, reports can be accessed over the internet
  • SSRS allows reports to be exported in different formats. You can deliver SSRS reports using emails
  • SSRS provides a host of security features, which helps you to control, who can access which report

Example of SSRS reporting

Example of SSRS Reporting

Consider a SSRS report example of a medical research institute where patients are recruited for various clinical trials.

The staff in the institute creates a database record for each patient.

Once they agree to be part of the trial, and the hospital gets the payment form the drug company based on the price at which it is ready to participate.

Without SSRS, the medical institute would need to manually email a report to the pharma company with the total number of weekly participants. The institute must also add details of every patient included in the trial, the number of drugs used, and all the unwanted situations. As a result, the time taken to collect and send this data in the correct format may consume loads of valuable time in the clinic.

If the institute were recording data, with the help of SSRS tool, they would be able to produce on-demand reports in a pre-defined format.

Features of SSRS

  • Offers a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) application and pluggable architecture
  • Retrieve data from managed, OLE ODBC, and DB connections
  • Allows you to create adhoc reports and save them to the server
  • Display data in a variety of formats which includes tabular, free-form, and charts
  • Create custom controls by using report-processing extension
  • Embed graphics, images to the reports. You can also integrate with external content using SharePoint
  • You can store and manage custom reports
  • Chart and Gauge control feature allows you to display KPI data

How SSRS Works?

Now in this SSRS tutorial, we will learn how SSRS works:

SSRS Works

  • The report users are the peoples who work with the data as well as want some insights from data. They send a request to the SSRS server
  • SSRS server finds the metadata of the report and sends a request for data to the data sources.
  • Data returned by the data source is merged with the report definition into a report.
  • When the report is generated, it is returned to the client.

SSRS Architecture

SSRS Architecture

SSRS has quite a complex architecture. The report services architecture includes development tools, administration tools, and report viewers.

Here, are important components of SSRS

Report Builder

It is an ad-hoc report publishing tool that is executed on a client’s computer. It has a drag and drop interface that is easy to use.

Report Designer

The Report designer tool helps to develop all types of reports. It is a publishing tool, that is hosted in Visual Studio or Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).

Report Manager

The report managers check the report, matching it with the given requirements. They make decisions based on those reports.

Report Server

It is a server which uses the SQL Server database engine to store metadata information

Report server database

It stores metadata, report definitions, resources, security settings, delivery data, etc.

Data sources

Reporting services retrieve data from data sources like relational and multidimensional data sources.

Reporting Life Cycle

Every organization follows a standard reporting lifecycle which can be classified as follows:

Reporting Life Cycle

Authoring: In this phase, the report author defines the layout and syntax of the data. The tools used in this process are the SQL Server Development Studio and SSRS tool.

Management: This phase involves managing a published report which is mostly part of the websites. In this stage, you need to consider access control over report execution.

Delivery: In this phase, you need to understand when the reports need to be delivered to the customer base. Delivery can be on-demand or pre-defined schedule. You can also add an automation feature of subscription which creates reports and sends to the customer automatically.

What is RDL?

Report Definition Language is shortly known as RDL. It describes all possible elements of a report using an XML grammar which is validated by an XML schema.

The report definition of an individual report is based on RDL. It contains instructions for rendering the design of the report at the run time.

Type of SSRS reports

Here, are types of reports which you can develop using SSRS tool.

Report Type Name Detail
Parameterized reports This type of report uses input values to complete report or data processing.
Linked Reports A linked report offers a point to an existing report. This type of report is derived from an existing report and retains the original’s report definition.
Snapshot reports A snapshot report contains layout information and query results which can be retrieved at a specific point in time.
Cached Reports The cached report allows you to create a copy of the processed reports. They are used to enhance the performance by reducing the number of processing requests and time to retrieve large reports.
Drill down Reports Drill down reports helps you to hide complexity. It allows users toggle between hidden reports items to control how much detail data you want to see. It must retrieve all possible information that can be shown in the report.
Drillthrough Reports Drillthrough reports are standard reports which can be accessed through a hyperlink on a text box in the original report. It works with the main report and is the target of a drill through an action for a report item like a placeholder text or a chart.
Subreports As the name suggests, sub-reports is a report which displays another report inside the body of the main report.

Advantages of using SSRS

  • It is faster and cheaper.
  • Efficient reporting access to information that is residing in both MS SQL Server database or Oracle
  • No need for expensive specialist skills
  • In SSRS the default report designer is integrated with Visual Studio .NET. This allows us to create an application and reports in the same environment.
  • The security is managed in a role-based method which can be applied to folders and reports.
  • Subscription-based reports are automatically sent to the users.
  • Faster production of reports on both relational and cube data
  • Real time information to the business, providing better decision support

Disadvantages of using SSRS

Some limitations of SSRS are given below:

  • There is no print button. So if you want to print something you need to export PDF, excel, word or other formats.
  • All reports need parameters to be accepted by users.
  • It is difficult to make changes in the custom code and debug expressions.
  • Does not allow you to add page number or total pages in the report body
  • Does not offer any method to pass values form sub-reports to the main report
  • Page header always creates extra spaces on every new page.
  • The SSRS full form is S QL S erver R eporting S ervices which allows you to produce formatted reports with tables in the form of data, graph, images, and charts.
  • Three types of analytical SSRS services are 1) Integration 2) Analytics 3) Reporting.
  • SSRS offers faster processes of reports on both relational and multidimensional data.
  • SSRSS helps you to retrieve data from managed, OLE, ODBC, and DB connections.
  • Report Builder, Report Designer, Report Manage, Report Server, Data sources are important SSRS components.
  • Reporting life-cycle main based on three aspects 1) Authoring 2) Management 3) Delivery.
  • Report Definition Language (RDL) describes all possible elements of a report using an XML grammar which is validated by an XML schema.
  • Important types of SSRS reports are: 1)Parameterized reports 2)Linked Reports 3) Snapshot reports 4) Cached 5) Drill through Reports, etc.
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Gavrilo Stosic

How to create a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is part of Microsoft SQL Server services since version 2000. If you are an ordinary user with a basic knowledge of SQL, this article will help you in creating your first SSRS report.

Requirements for creating a SSRS report

Before you begin using SSRS and creating reports you must have:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database engine
  • SQL Server 2014 reporting service (SSRS)
  • SQL Server data tools
  • AdventureWorks2012 database is used for this article, as data source .

Create a report server project

The first thing to do is to create a report server project because we will need this later for saving report definition files and any other files that you need for creating SSRS reports.

  • The first step is to open SQL Server Data Tools . Click on the File menu, find New and then Project .
  • After this, you need to click on the Business Intelligence .
  • Click on the Reporting Services and then Report Server Project .
  • If you want to display Report test project to get you started, you can type Report test in Name

what is a report service

Create a new report definition file

  • In the View menu find the Solution Explorer , and then right-click on the Reports folder. In the Add section click New Item .
  • In the window Add New Item , click Report .
  • As you can see Report Designer has two available views. In Design view you define your report layout, and in the Preview view you can run your report.

Defining data source and dataset

Setting up a connection

In order to retrieve data from a database or from some other resource, you will need to define the data source. In the following section, you will see how you can define the data source. We will use AdventureWorks2012 database as an example.

  • In the View menu find and click Report Data, then New and after that Data Source
  • Type AdventureWorks2012 in the field Name
  • Select Embedded connection
  • As Type select Microsoft SQL Server

what is a report service

Note: If the database is not on the local computer, replace localhost with name of your database server instance.

  • After this, click on the Credentials and then Use Windows Authentication.

what is a report service

Define a T-SQL query for report data

In this section you will learn how to specify a dataset . You will need some basic SQL knowledge in order to create a query and define what information you will need from your database. The query you will see is just an example, and for your own purposes and database, you will have to change that step.

  • In the Report Data pane find and click New , and then Dataset .
  • In the Dataset Properties dialog box as Name type DataSet1
  • Make sure to check Use a dataset embedded in my report .
  • Then select a AdventureWorks2012 as your data source ,
soh.OrderDate AS [Date],   soh.SalesOrderNumber AS [Order],   pps.Name AS Subcat, pp.Name as Product,     SUM(sd.OrderQty) AS Qty,   SUM(sd.LineTotal) AS LineTotal   Sales.SalesPerson sp   INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderHeader AS soh   ON sp.BusinessEntityID = soh.SalesPersonID   INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderDetail AS sd   ON sd.SalesOrderID = soh.SalesOrderID   INNER JOIN Production.Product AS pp   ON sd.ProductID = pp.ProductID   INNER JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory AS pps   ON pp.ProductSubcategoryID = pps.ProductSubcategoryID   INNER JOIN Production.ProductCategory AS ppc   ON ppc.ProductCategoryID = pps.ProductCategoryID   BY ppc.Name, soh.OrderDate, soh.SalesOrderNumber, pps.Name, pp.Name,   soh.SalesPersonID   ppc.Name = 'Clothing'

what is a report service

Note: soh, pps, sd, pp, ppc are just shorter names for tables that we have in AdventureWorks2012 database.

How to add a table and fields to a report layout

After finishing with previous technical details, we can start with more interesting things, like designing your first SSRS report. This part is easy because instead of writing code, you can drag-and-drop graphic icons into the report format. This section will show you how to add Table and Fields to your report.

  • In the View menu click Toolbox, then find and click Table and drag the mouse to the design area.
  • In the left pane, you can expand the dataset Dataset1 in order to see all the fields.
  • Drag one of the field (e.g. field Date) from Report Data to the column in the table

what is a report service

Preview report

If you want to preview your report to see how it all looks, to correct errors, to correct issues or to verify design and data connection, click tab Preview.

Tips and tricks

An easier way to add a table is to right-click on the design surface, click Insert and then click Table.

How to format your Report

Format currency and date

If you want to format Date field to show only the date, follow the steps below:

  • In the Design tab, right-click the desired cell, then click Text Box Properties.
  • Find and click Number , then in the field Category click Date

what is a report service

If in your table you have a field that holds information about currency, but you only see ordinary numbers, you can format that field to display a number as currency:

  • Find and click Number , then in the field Category click Currency
  • In accordance to your need you can change defaults

what is a report service

Changing column width and text style

You also have an option to change text style (font, size etc.), and to change column width . Column width you can change by simply dragging the columns to the desired size.

Text style you can change by clicking the Format menu. In Format menu find Font , then click whatever you need (bold, italic, etc.)

Adding Grouping

If you want to make data set in your SSRS report do the following:

  • Click Design tab, and then choose pane Row Groups
  • Drag the field you want to group to the pane Row Groups
  • From your report pane drag some other field you want to group.
  • Delete the old columns to the double line.

what is a report service

You can do the same by right-clicking on the surface and clicking View , and then Grouping.

Adding totals

Total is the sum of numeric, non-null data in the data region, and if you want to add totals for a group, you can do that by clicking Add Total for the group in the Grouping pane, and if you want to add totals for an individual cell just click Add Total for the cell.

Add a daily total and grand total

  • Right click the cell [Order] and choose Add total , then click After .
  • Type Daily to format a new name, Daily Total
  • After that, select the new cell [Daily Total], two Sum cells and the empty cell you see between them.

what is a report service

  • Right click the cell [Date] and choose Add total , and then After .
  • Type Grand to format a new name, Grand Total
  • Select the new cell [Grand Total], the two [Sum] cells and the empty cell you see between them.

what is a report service

After you add total, you can change the default function Sum. There is a list of different function you can use (avg, count, etc.).

Publish your Report to the report server

Finally, when you finished with creating your first SSRS report, you may want to publish the report:

  • In the Project menu click Test report Properties
  • Put your report server’s name in the field TargetServerURL, then click OK.
  • In the Build menu click Deploy Test report . You will get a message that indicates whether you have successful or unsuccessful deployment.

Note: A problem will occurred if you don’t have permissions on the report server or if you have been using SSDT with administrator privileges.

Most common problems

The most common problem in publishing the report to the report server is configuring the target server URL.

The first step that you need to do in configuration is to launch the SQL Server Reporting Service Configuration Manager and connect to the Reporting Service .

Create SSRS report

After that in section Web Service URL you can find URL to the report server.

Creating SSRS report shot

In section Report Manager URL you can see URL for viewing and managing reports.

Creating SSRS report shot

In the Project menu open the Test report Properties .

Note : Prefix “Test report” is name of your report.

Final step in configure target server URL is to fill the Web Service URL in the TargerServerURL property with correct URL that you find in Report Manager URL .

Creating SSRS report shots 1

Congratulation, you have successfully created your first SSRS report!

Reporting Services (SSRS) Reporting Services Concepts (SSRS) Reporting Services Backward Compatibility Cause and Resolution of Reporting Services Errors

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How to know what Reporting Services reports are being used

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Power BI Report Server – An Informative Guide for Beginners!

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Continuing with our Power BI DataFlair tutorial series , now, we will learn about Power BI Report Server. As we know, Power BI as a technology is a collection of several other technologies and services. Power BI Report Server is one such crucial technology. Here, we will learn about its different aspects:

  • Basic Features
  • Installation
  • Working/architecture
  • Features of Latest Version

What is Power BI Report Server?

Power BI Report Server is an on-premises report server that is used to host Power BI reports. The reports hosted on the on-premises report server are displayed to the users via a web portal. You can also host paginated reports, mobile reports, and KPIs on the report server because it is built upon SQL Server Reporting Service’s (SSRS) architecture. You can access and view all the types of reports on report server using a web browser, mobile device or via email.

There are many advantages of using an on-premises report server to host Power BI reports. It is compatible with the Power BI Service and you can easily integrate it with your existing Reporting Services. Also, on-premises report server is preferred by many organizations from a security point of view. Organizations find it safer to host important reports on a secure on-premises solution rather than on the cloud.

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Power BI Report Server Features

As we know, report server runs on SSRS framework and so we can call it a subset of SSRS. Being a subset, it has some key features and an important role to play. We have discussed some key features below:

  • The report server hosts Power BI reports on-premises. One can share reports and collaborate with other users by using the on-premises report server. Also, it has the unique capability to deploy and use mobile reports (.rsmobile) , paginated reports (.rdl) and KPIs.
  • It can render custom visualizations. Users hosting their Power BI reports on this on-premises server gets an added 100 custom visuals to the default ones.
  • Users can connect to the this from Power BI Mobile. They can access reports from the report server easily. Presently, the report server is supported by iOS, Android, Windows mobile platforms.
  • From the on-premises report server, users can access and interact with reports on a web platform. They can use and apply actions like cross-filtering, tooltips, slicers, data exploration, etc.
  • Users can export data from reports hosted on a Report Server to a CSV format file.

Must Learn – Ways and Steps to Import Custom Visuals in Power BI

How to Install Power BI Report Server

System Requirements

To install the report server, your system must be compatible with the system specifications given below:

  • You must have any one of the following platforms – Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012/ Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 2016.
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later.
  • SQL Server Database Engine (2008 or later). This is for storing a report server database.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (2012 SP1 CU4 or later). It is needed for your Live Analysis Services data sources.

Steps to Install Power BI Report Server

Now, let us move forward and learn the process of installing the report server.

Step 1:  Go to the Microsoft Download Center from the link given below:

Download Power BI Report Server

Then, click on the Red Download button.

download page - Power BI Report Server

Step 2: Select the download file and click on Next .

choose the download

Step 3:  The install wizard will start. Click on Install Power BI Report Server.

install wizard - Power BI Report Server

Step 4:  Next, choose the edition you wish to install. You will get a free edition and a premium edition.

choose edition - Power BI Report Server

For the premium edition, you need to enter a product key. You can find the premium product key from the settings of Power BI Premium.

select type of editions

Step 5:  The next window will show the license terms. Take a look, check the “I accept the license terms” and click on Next.

license agreement - Power BI Report Server

Step 6:  You will require an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine. Click the radio button for “Install Power BI Report Server only” and click Next .

radio button to install Power BI Report Server

Step 7:  Next, specify the install location and click on Install . The path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report Server.

specify installation location

Step 8:  Click on Configure once your setup is completed.

click configure - Power BI Report Server

Power BI Report Server Architecture

Have a look at the workflow diagram below to understand the architecture and working of report server better.

Power BI report server architecture

The report authors work on Power BI authoring tools such as Power BI Desktop to create reports . The reports are developed using data from data sources available to connect with Power BI. Once the reports are ready, you then go to the Report Server. The server hosts the reports and its web portal is displayed. Users can consume the reports hosted on the report server via the web portal. They can use the web portal from any device that supports it such as a desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones.

Components of Power BI Report Server

There are several important components related to the report server. Read in detail about them in the sections below:

1. Web Portal

The web portal is to display reports that are hosted on the Power BI Report Server. You can access the web portal from any latest browser. The web portal has all the reports and KPIs loaded on to the report server. You can perform several activities using the web portal such as on-demand report access, take a subscription for published reports, apply custom brandings to the web portal, and schedule report processing. There is varied content on the web portal such as Power BI reports, mobile reports, paginated reports, KPIs and Excel workbooks. These different report types are arranged in the same order in a traditional folder hierarchy. Reports are grouped by report types as mentioned earlier. You can also access shared datasets and shared data sources via separate folders in the portal.

2. Power BI Reports

The most important part of the entire concept is the Power BI reports. Power BI reports are multi-paged informative file representing a data model through visualizations. Power BI Desktop has loads of visualization types which you can use to create the report. You can have as many pages in a report with as many visualizations, you want to use.

You can create reports (.pbix) on a Power BI Desktop (optimized for report server ). Later you can publish these Power BI reports on the web portal for others to view and use. Business users and other types of users can extract essential knowledge and insights from these reports.

There are two more types of reports hosted in the report server and they are:

  • Paginated Reports
  • Mobile Reports.

A paginated report is an organized, document style page to page report. The extension used for a paginated file is .RDL . Paginated reports are saved as paged documents where you can expand the document vertically and horizontally to view the complete data. Such reports are pixel-perfect with a fixed layout. They can be the best options when you want to print a report from a PDF or Word file.

  • Mobile Reports

Another type of reports that the server hosts and shares on its web portal are the mobile reports. These are like Power BI Reports but adaptable to the screen of the mobile device you are viewing them on.

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Latest Power BI Report Server Features – January 2019 Update

The latest version of the report server is the January 2019 update. We have listed a few good and new features of its latest version here:

  • Row-level security
  • Scatter charts supporting dot plot layout
  • Built-in report themes
  • Filter cards in search
  • Improves report accessibility
  • Helps in improving DAX editor
  • Improve modeling accessibility
  • New DAX functions such as NonVisual functions, IsInScope function .
  • New transport layer security settings
  • Better keyboard shortcuts dialog

Features like expanding and collapsing matrix row headers, copy values and selections from table and matrix, set tab order, the tooltip for button visuals, etc. are also added.

This was all you need to learn about the Power BI Report Server. In this article, we took a brief look at its core concepts such as features, installation process, architecture, and components. We hope our explanation helped you learn in detail about it.

It’s time to explore the next article –  Power BI DAX Tutorial

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what is report server and how it differ from local report and when to use it?

I'm confused about Reporting servers like ssrs,crystal report server ... why I'd need a report server when I can connect to sql and get the data then bind it to a local report and view it in report viewer what is the report server and how it differ from local report? what are the benefits of using report server? what are the cases in which using report server would be useful?

  • reporting-services
  • crystal-reports
  • reportserver
  • reporting-services-2016

Shadi Fayed's user avatar

why I'd need a report server when I can connect to sql and get the data then bind it to a local report and view it in report viewer

  • Not all people in your organisation will be able to do this.

what is the report server and how it differ from local report?

  • Report server enables anyone to access it without specialist software via a browser, the server will render the report in HTML.

what are the benefits of using report server?

  • Distribution.
  • Data Governance - You are able to control to a granular level the permissions and their inheritance based on windows AD services.
  • Centralised Location/Portal - It also provides a centralised location for your reports which makes it very easy to manage over an organisation.
  • Data Extraction for users in a multitude of formats.
  • Windows Security

what are the cases in which using report server would be useful?

  • You should only use it if you have a lot of detail heavy/Operational reporting.
  • Generate printed documents easily.
  • Organisation requires Report subscriptions and data driven subscriptions.

We use Reporting Servers in my company across multiple sites to distribute and publish key reports for every department, this is enables users to access if via an external network as well as our internal network. it utilises window security and our active directory services meaning we can manage the entirety of the information from one central point.

We use it to generate forms, invoices, KPI data, data subscriptions etc.

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what is a report service

Unlock your potential with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot app being utilized to generate pictures of a singing dog, assisting to identify a flower, and helping to generate an email to congratulate a coworker on a promotion.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform that provides comprehensive reporting functionality.

Important! Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language.


Date Published:


  • Paginated reports optimized for document generation and printing.
  • Mobile reports optimized for mobile devices, with responsive layout that adapts to different devices and the different ways you hold them.
  • A modern web portal you can view in any modern web browser.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Server 2019, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2022

  • .NET Framework 4.7 or later
  • SQL Server Database Engine (2012 SP4 or later), to store the report server database
  • Download the Evaluation Edition of Microsoft SQL Server

Install Instructions

  • Install SQL Server Reporting Services (SQLServerReportingServices.exe)
  • Configure your report server using Report Server Configuration Manager

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Why can’t I log into Hulu? Viewers say streaming service knocked out

Tens of thousands of Hulu users report the popular streaming service is down tonight.

Hulu confirmed on X late Tuesday night that it was “aware of this behavior and we’re working to get you back to your favorite content.”

Why is Hulu not working?

Users have reported on DownDetector.com that they’re having trouble logging in to the service.

More than 45,000 DownDetector users reported trouble with Hulu just after 10 p.m. The issues appear to have started around 8 p.m.

Users in parts of New Jersey experienced a lengthy delay on the loading page before it times out.

The issue does not appear to be impacting Disney+ users who access Hulu through that app. Content was loading through the Hulu portal on Disney+ as late as 11:15 p.m.

Other users on DownDetector have started to report the service recovering around 10:30 p.m.


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Service Reporting in ITIL: Process, Objectives and Examples

Home Blog IT Service Management Service Reporting in ITIL: Process, Objectives and Examples

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Several tasks and activities are involved in ITIL service-level management. There is a set of requirements in the ITIL foundation training that specifies these requirements. Among the tasks that employees are responsible for is compiling the service reports that they receive. A service report is meant to serve both the needs of the business and those of the IT service provider to make an informed decision about the service based on the information presented in the report. As part of the Service Design phase of the ITIL lifecycle, it is important to establish the framework for service reporting based on the methodologies provided in the ITIL measurement and reporting training. An integral part of the ITIL Service Level Management process is the production of service report templates. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be agreed to and accepted as soon as possible, and then the process of monitoring the service quality must begin. It is the responsibility of the IT service provider to plan, design, implement and test all of its services to meet the agreed service levels in the live environment.

A live environment may, however, be able to provide the expected service levels even though the planned ones were not met. To ensure the agreed service levels on SLAs are met in a live environment, all services that are provided in that environment must be monitored and checked. It is also recorded, documented, and reported periodically in service report format on the performance of the service.

However, to understand the concepts of service reporting in ITIL, one may enroll in ITIL 4 Foundation Training Courses and learn all the principles in depth.

What is Service Reporting?

Service reporting is the process of collecting and analyzing data about service performance. Service reporting ITIL helps you improve your services and provides insights into what's working and what isn't. Service managers use service report samples to decide how to improve their services, such as whether they should focus on improving one part of their organization or another.

There are two types of reports: operational and strategic. Operational service reporting management provides information about how well the organization performs its core functions (such as generating revenue). Strategic service reporting management provides information on where an organization needs improvement to meet future goals (such as increasing customer satisfaction). You can also create a service report sample in Word to analyze your management and improve your service reporting.

Service performance reporting examples include:

  • Performance Dashboards - The service report sample Word allows you see at a glance how well each department performs against key metrics like accuracy or speed.
  • Change Monitoring - Tracking changes manually would take forever. This allows you to see where changes were made automatically so that you can quickly identify any problems with this new feature before they affect customers negatively.
  • Prediction Analysis - This allows you to see how likely it is that your users will perform a certain action. For example, if they haven't logged in for two weeks, there's a high chance they've forgotten their password. 
  • Data Visualization - These provide easy-to-understand visuals of data so that service managers can quickly identify trends and make informed decisions.
  • Service Level Monitoring - This allows you to see at a glance how well each department is performing against key metrics like accuracy or speed.
  • Capacity Planning - This allows you to see how many customer requests your team can handle at a given time and helps you plan ahead.
  • Problem Analysis - This provides insights into why customers are contacting your company. This can help you to identify areas where there is room for improvement and to better manage your customer relationships.
  • Service Level Management - This allows you to see how well each department is performing against key metrics like accuracy or speed.

what is service reporting

What is Service Management Reporting?

Service management reporting is a process to collect, analyze and present information about the service management process. It is a key component of the service management life cycle. 

Service management reporting helps you to understand how well your processes are working by providing insight into their performance over time at each stage in your life cycle. This can help you identify areas for improvement or opportunities for growth within your organization’s service delivery capability. 

There are many different types of service reporting management. Some data reporting examples include: 

  • Service Level Reporting (SLR) is a form of reporting that provides an overview of the current state of your service management processes and how well they are performing. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement within your organization’s services delivery capability. 
  • Performance reporting provides an overview of the performance of your service management processes, including how quickly they are being completed and how well they are meeting customer expectations. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement within your organization’s services delivery capability. 
  • The service report sample format catalog provides a view of the services available to customers, including details on their status, pricing and availability. This can be used to communicate with your customers about what services are available and when they will be delivered. 
  • Status reporting provides information about the current status of a service request or contract, including details on who is working on it and how far along they are in completing it. This can be used to communicate with your customers about what services are available and when they will be delivered. 
  • Business Intelligence Reporting helps provide insight into how well your service management processes are working by providing a view into their performance over time at each stage in the life cycle. This can help you identify areas for improvement or opportunities for growth within your organization’s services delivery capability. 

If you’re someone who is willing to become a key contributor to your business organization’s growth and want to pursue a career as a ITSM professional, then it is recommended that you enroll in ITSM Training Online .

What is the Service Reporting Process?

The service reporting management process is an integral part of the ITIL reporting framework. This ITIL service reporting framework defines how the service desk should report on incidents and categorize them based on their severity level. It also provides guidelines for resolving issues related to services, software products or hardware components so that they can be remediated or replaced as necessary. 

The service reporting process is designed to ensure that all incidents are properly recorded and resolved. This process also helps organizations measure the effectiveness of their service desk operations by providing a means for calculating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

The service reporting management process consists of the following five steps: 

  • Incident identification 
  • Incident analysis and problem solving 
  • Recovery planning, implementing actions and post-incident review 
  • Reporting to management 
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators and calculating KPIs 

With automated systems, the incident identification process is automated and can be configured to meet specific business needs. With manual processes, help desk staff members must review events to determine if they need to be escalated as incidents. The service reporting process can be automated or manual. Automated systems use predefined rules to identify incidents, while manual processes require help desk staff members to manually review events to determine whether they need to be escalated as incidents.

service reporting process

What is the Objective of Service Reporting?

The service reporting software is a critical part of ITIL. The purpose of service reporting is to provide information and data to support the management of services. Service reporting may be used by management or customers as part of their decision-making process, or it can also be used by providers when they are looking for ways to improve their offerings. 

Service Reporting Objectives 

The aim of service reporting is to provide information about the status and performance of a service. Service reporting can be used to: 

  • Provide an overview of the service offering and its current status.
  • Identify problems and issues that are affecting service delivery.
  • Provide information about the performance of a service, such as how long it takes to carry out a task or how many times a particular problem has occurred. 
  • Identify trends within service offerings to make improvements. 
  • Provide a means of measuring the effectiveness of changes made to the service. 
  • Enables management to make decisions based on accurate, up to date information. 

ITIL service reporting frequency methods can be presented in many different ways. For example, it could be presented as a table, chart or graph. It could also be presented as text with no visual aids. However, this would make it difficult for people to understand what is being reported. 

Become a project management expert with our PMP classes . Boost your career and confidently lead successful projects.

What are Self Service Reports?

Self-service reports are used to provide customers with a way to view and analyze their own data. They can be used to create a customer portal that allows users to access the information they need without having to contact an IT specialist or administrator.

Self-service reports can also be used by customers who have no need for technical support but would like some clarity about what’s going on inside their organization, such as accountants or financial analysts.

The self-service reports also allow administrators to monitor their customers’ data and keep track of how many times certain reports are run. This can help IT departments see which areas of the business are most in need of support. Self-service reporting tools can be used to generate reports, create dashboards and provide access to analytical tools that help businesses understand what’s happening with their data.

They can be used by any type of business, from small to large enterprises. The self-service reporting tools are usually easy for customers to use and require no technical expertise. Self-service reporting tools are often included as part of an overall analytics solution that offers data collection, processing and analysis capabilities.

Self-service reporting tools are also known as user-friendly software. These applications allow users to access and manipulate data without needing any technical knowledge or support from IT departments. Self-service reporting tools can be used by any type of business, from small to large enterprises. The self-service reporting tools are usually easy for customers to use and require no technical expertise.

Self-service reporting tools are often included as part of an overall analytics solution that offers data collection, processing and analysis capabilities. Self-service reporting tools are also known as user-friendly software. 

So now you might be completely aware of Service Reporting ITIL and its process, objectives and service performance reporting example. If you’re willing to dive into these concepts and willing to learn more, then it is recommended that you pursue KnowledgeHut ITIL 4 Foundation Training course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Basically, service management reporting is the ITIL service reporting process of collecting, analyzing and presenting information about the process of service management to stakeholders. As part of the service management life cycle, it plays a very important role. 

By providing insight into how well your processes are working over the course of their lifecycle, you can gain a better understanding of how well they are performing at each step in the process. In this way, you can discover areas of your company's service delivery capability where you can improve or where you can grow in a more effective manner. 

Basically, it is designed to provide both IT and the business with information in order to make informed decisions both for their benefit and that of the business. Reports should be formatted and written in a style that is suitable for the appropriate audience, both in relation to IT and business.

Field service reports are documents that are completed by field technicians at the end of their service tasks, inspections, or site visits to indicate the outcome of the service task, inspection, or site visit. It is the responsibility of the dispatcher and technician to be aware of the results and summary of every service call. 

  • There must be a standard reporting interval for all services in order to ensure consistency. 
  • The intervals between reporting should be determined depending on the service provider. 
  • The reports should be produced weekly. 
  • It is important to define and agree on the intervals for service with the customer and for service reporting.


Manikandan Mohanakrishnan

Manikandan Mohanakrishnan is a highly skilled corporate trainer, consultant, and content developer with expertise in a wide range of areas including ITIL 4, PRINCE2, Agile/Scrum, PMP, DevOps, and soft skills. With a passion for delivering exceptional training experiences, Manikandan offers a comprehensive suite of training services covering service management, project management, business simulations, and more. With over 20+ years of experience, he has successfully facilitated numerous programs, including business communications, emotional intelligence, team building, and organizational change management. Manikandan's dedication to empowering individuals and organizations shines through his motivational talks and impactful training sessions.

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Hurricane Beryl will bring storms to Indiana. Here's what to expect.

what is a report service

INDIANAPOLIS — With Hurricane Beryl making landfall Monday morning, the National Weather Service expects Central Indiana to be hit with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall from the remnants of Beryl in the coming days.

The National Weather Service in Indianapolis advises that central Indiana could expect thunderstorms and showers as early as Monday morning, but the remnants of Beryl are expected to hit the region early Tuesday.

In a social media post Sunday afternoon, the National Weather Service advised Hoosiers to expect heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, with a potential rainfall of 2-3 inches in some areas.

Tropical Storm Beryl is heading towards Indiana, but there remains some uncertainty as to where exactly it crosses the state. The eventual storm track will determine how much rain falls, how windy it gets, and where the best chance for isolated tornadoes occurs. Stay tuned! #INwx pic.twitter.com/P6QgBA4pLT — NWS Indianapolis (@NWSIndianapolis) July 8, 2024

Starting Wednesday, meteorologists expect central Indiana to get gusts of winds as high as 23 mph. Rainfall and thunderstorms are expected to continue into Wednesday evening with gusts of winds as 18 mph.

Come Thursday morning, Hoosiers should expect sunny days, with mostly clear skies with a high near 81.

Indiana counties Hurricane Beryl could impact

The advisory was put in place for the following counties: Carroll, Warren, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Howard, Fountain, Montgomery, Boone, Tipton, Hamilton, Madison, Delaware, Randolph, Vermillion, Parke, Putnam, Hendricks, Marion, Hancock, Henry, Vigo, Clay, Owen, Morgan, Johnson, Shelby, Rush, Sullivan, Greene, Monroe, Brown, Bartholomew, Decatur, Knox, Daviess, Martin, Lawrence, Jackson and Jennings.

Flights canceled due to Beryl-related weather

As Beryl moves further inland, the remnant storms have affected flights entering and leaving Texas regional airports.

Over 2,000 flights have been canceled across the United States, with over 1,500 flights being delayed as of 1:30 p.m. according to FlightAware .

The George Bush Intercontinental and William P Hobby Airports have canceled around 80% of flights. These delays and cancellations have affected flights into and out of the Indianapolis International Airport, according to FlightAware . The Indianapolis airport has seen 22 flights delayed and 16 canceled as of 1:30 p.m.

This week's forecast

As of Monday, here is this week's  weather forecast from NWS  in Indianapolis.

Today : Mostly sunny, with a high near 90 degrees.

Tonight: A chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3 a.m. 

Tuesday : A chance of showers and thunderstorms, starting after 7 a.m. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 82 degrees.

Tuesday Night : Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Low around 69 and a chance of precipitation is 80%. Expected rainfall is between a half and three-quarters of an inch.

Wednesday : Showers and possibly a thunderstorm, starting before 2 p.m. then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2 p.m. Chance of precipitation is 80%. High near 77. Winds could gust as high as 23 mph.

Wednesday Night : A chance of showers and thunderstorms before 2 a.m. Partly cloudy, with a low around 64. Gusts as high as 18 mph.

Thursday : Mostly sunny, with a high near 81.

Thursday Night : Mostly clear, with a low around 65.

Friday : Sunny, with a high near 85.

Friday Night : Mostly clear, with a low around 68.

How Hurricane Beryl affected Texas Coast

Hurricane Beryl has made landfall along the Texas coast, becoming the state's 10th-ever on record to hit in July.

Before Beryl hit the coastline, residents spent the weekend barricading their homes for the incoming storms.

Late Sunday evening, Beryl was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, but when it first hit landfall in Grenada's Carriacou Island it was a Category 4 hurricane. It ravaged the southern Caribbean Islands, destroying hundreds of buildings and killing at least six people. 

Beryl kills at least 4 in Texas as more than 2M remain without power: Live updates

Tropical Storm Beryl unleashed a barrage of severe weather to southeast Texas on Monday, killing at least four people, flooding highways,  closing oil ports , canceling more than 1,300 flights and knocking out power to more than 2.7 million homes and businesses.

According to the National Hurricane Center , Beryl, the season's earliest Category 5 hurricane on record, weakened from a hurricane after pounding the coastal Texas town of Matagorda, a coastal community between Corpus Christi and Galveston. It had sustained winds of more than 80 mph as it made landfall at 4 a.m. CT.

The agency said current conditions could spawn tornadoes in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. By 7 p.m. CT, the weather service office in Shreveport, Louisiana, reported it had issued over 50 tornado warnings. The office had also stacked up a list of a half-dozen possible tornadoes.

Houston Mayor John Whitmire said most of the city was experiencing flood waters of more than 10 inches. "We're literally getting calls across Houston right now asking for first responders to come rescue individuals in desperate life safety conditions," he said Monday.

In a suburban part of Harris County, just northeast of Houston, a man was killed when a tree fell on his home and trapped him under debris, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez . In northern Harris County, a tree fell onto a house and killed a 74-year-old woman, Gonzalez said on social media .

At least two more people died: A Houston Police Department civilian employee got caught in flood waters driving to work; in southeast Houston, a man was killed in a fire believed to have been started by lightning, Whitmire said at a news conference Monday evening.

Last week, Beryl carved a path of destruction across the Caribbean — leaving at least 11 people dead and destroying or severely damaging infrastructure on several islands. Beryl, which at one point strengthened into the earliest Category 5 hurricane on record, last made landfall on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula Friday morning.

Developments :

∎ Officials in Fort Bend County outside of Houston evacuated the residents of an apartment building badly hit by the storm to local fairgrounds, the county’s Emergency Management Agency announced Monday evening .

∎ Beryl’s maximum sustained winds fell to around 35 mph by 7 p.m. local time. The tropical depression is expected to weaken into a post-tropical cyclone on Tuesday, according to a National Weather Service advisory . It is expected to move through the Lower Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

∎ More than 2.7 million homes and businesses in Texas lost power, according to Patrick and PowerOutage.us . Several counties in southeastern Texas — including Houston, where many U.S. energy companies are headquartered — are under a flash-flood warning as thunderstorms unleashed up to nearly 12 inches of rain in some areas.

∎ Closures of major oil-shipping ports around Corpus Christi, Galveston, and Houston ahead of the storm could disrupt crude oil exports and shipments of crude to refineries and motor fuel from the plants. The Corpus Christi Ship Channel has re-opened, while the Port of Houston was projected to resume operations on Tuesday afternoon.

∎ At least two locations on the west side of Houston experienced major flooding Monday, according to the National Water Prediction Service . They included the White Oak Bayou, where the water rose more than 25 feet, and the Buffalo Bayou, where the water rose 24 feet, both within about 9 hours.

∎ Across eastern Texas, heavy rain and flooding triggered water rescues as people became trapped in their homes and vehicles.

More flooding expected in Houston

As Beryl drenched the region north of Houston, officials urged residents to stay off the roads. 

“Don’t let the clear skies fool you,” Whitmire said. “We still have dangerous circumstances, we still have high water.”

Russell Richardson, a Houston Police Department information security officer, died after getting caught in floodwaters on his way to work Monday morning, the police shared on social media . He was 54.  

Brent Taylor, chief communications officer for the city’s Office of Emergency Management, said rain falling north of the city went through Houston’s bayou system, a network of creeks that can easily overflow. 

“The flooding isn’t over,” he said. “We anticipate the cresting will happen later as the water moves down to the Gulf of Mexico.”

Additional flooding plus the impact of the power outage on city traffic lights will continue to make driving dangerous, he said.

Beryl produces tornadoes

The Storm Prediction Center documented nearly a dozen tornado reports produced by Beryl as it moved north from Texas into Louisiana and Arkansas. Local National Weather Service officials issued over 60 tornado warnings .

A condo building in Jasper County, Texas, took a direct hit from a tornado Monday morning, local emergency management officials told the National Weather Service; a twister in Timpson, Texas, 25 miles from the Lousiana border, tore the roof off of City Hall.

Most of the tornadoes were reported in Texas and Louisiana, with an additional report in Arkansas. Nearly all of Southern Arkansas and Western Louisiana were under tornadoe watch, according to the weather service.

Hurricane Beryl's strength caught people off guard

Hal Needham, an extreme weather scientist widely known to other locals in Galveston, Texas, as " Hurricane Hal ", was up just after 4 a.m. Monday to monitor the storm and livestream updates.

"We've had some pretty big squalls today with widespread power outages," he said. "I think the storm was a lot stronger than a lot of people expected."

Needham also was concerned that continuing power outages would leave residents vulnerable to high-80s heat and high humidity. "This is the hottest time of the year," he said. "If people still don't have power, there could really be some issues with heat exhaustion, with heat-related illnesses, especially for elderly people with health conditions."

Although people from the area are hurricane-savvy, this storm hit earlier than most, catching them off guard, Needham said. "Only 3% of major hurricanes usually happen in June or July," he said. "Typically, Texas does not get a lot of July and June hurricane landfalls."

"I think people were really surprised by how hard and how quickly this hit," he added.

High heat index, no A/C will make for harsh early recovery

The early part of the recovery from Beryl's ravages will be an arduous, sweaty task made a lot more uncomfortable by the power outages affecting millions of Texans amid the summer heat.

The National Weather Service office in Houston issued a heat advisory for Tuesday in southeast Texas, where a heat index of 105 Fahrenheit is expected.

"While this would normally be below criteria (for the advisory), the widespread loss of power and A/C will make for dangerous conditions,'' the Houston office said. "Those working outside may not have a chance to properly cool off!''

The heat index combines air temperature with relative humidity to provide a measure of what the temperature actually feels like to people. The thermometer is expected to rise to 93 degrees in Houston on Tuesday and Wednesday, and which along with relative humidity of close to 80 may send the heat index past the 110 mark.

The Houston office warned about the possibility of heat-related illnesses and advised residents to limit outdoor activities, drink lots of water, wear light clothing, and try to work during cooler times of the day.

What now? Where are Beryl's remnants headed next? Flooding rain; tornadoes possible

Galveston resident says first hurricane will be her last

Alanna Carter endured her first hurricane Monday night when Beryl passed over her home in Galveston. "I don't want to go through that ever again," the 44-year-old bartender said hours after the storm passed through the area.

"If that was only a Cat 1, I can only imagine what Ike was like and that was a Cat 4," she said of Hurricane Ike, which struck Texas in 2008, before Carter's arrival.

Carter said Beryl lashed her house with fierce wind and rain. "It literally shook the entire house," she said, adding the neighborhood was dark after losing power. She doesn't expect it back for days.

Though her house wasn't severely damaged, Carter said a neighbor lost a window and the area was covered with debris left behind by Beryl, including fallen trees, shingles, plastic and trash. The next time a hurricane heads for Galveston, Carter doesn't plan to stick around.

"This is not my jam,'' she said. "I mean, I was nauseous because my anxiety was so high."

Beryl knocks out power for over 2 million people in Texas

More than 2.1 million customers were out of power in eastern Texas, according to the power company CenterPoint Energy . It’s unclear how many of those customers were in Houston. On its website, CenterPoint Energy said the service was disrupted by 5,993 active outages.

According to PowerOutage.us , an outage tracker, more than 2.7 million homes and businesses across Texas were without power.

Storm does heavy damage in last 30 minutes

Richard Reyes thought the worst of the storm had passed him and his family by. Then their house in northeast Houston started flooding with up to a foot of water, the power went out and a huge tree toppled in front of their place.

“All of this happened in the last 30 minutes of the storm,'' said Reyes, 73, a retired actor and arts advocate who as his Santa-like alter ego, “Pancho Claus,” distributes thousands of toys annually to mostly Latino kids in the Houston area.

Reyes, who saw similar damage during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 when he lived elsewhere in Houston, said the floodwaters moved in even after the rain stopped. He said his son didn't trust the tall tree would stay upright and moved the family cars just before it fell into the street where the vehicles had been, somehow avoiding pulling multiple power lines down along the way.

Reyes said his son and neighbors were out Monday morning cutting through the tree to clear the way so vehicles could pass. In the meantime, they’re hoping FEMA will cover some of the damage.

“Luckily, everyone is safe,” he said.

− Marc Ramirez

Living next to a seawall, 'our whole building was shaking'

Tom Sheppard, 59, was jolted awake at 3:30 Monday morning by the storm raging through Galveston. "It was a lot worse than we thought," he said, pointing out he lives next to the seawall. "Our whole building was shaking."

The winds ripped down the wrought iron fence around his gated community, bringing down gutters and part of a wall.

Venturing out after the storm passed, Sheppard saw the destruction was widespread. "All the palm trees are snapped in half," he said. "All the power poles are down. It's flooded. It got pretty bad."

In Galveston, a fish swimming on a flooded street

Jacob Jonathan, 21, awoke Monday to harsh winds banging on the window of his Galveston home, which he found "a little stressful.''

Jonathan said his street was flooded with nearly a foot of water. At one point, he looked out his window to see a fish jump. Debris littered the neighborhood, and a fence was knocked down by the wind, he said.

By midday, Jonathan was still out of power, and said some friends in Galveston also were without water. "We're mainly worried about our food going bad in the fridge," he said.

Jonathan spent the morning at home after the auto repair shop where he works delayed opening until the afternoon because of the storm, and he was waiting to see when conditions improved.

"Our house is lifted and we don't have any leaking," he added. "The only nuisance right now is we had to pick up after our animals because they can't really walk in the water."

Hurricane Beryl 'has been rough'

Donna Radin said she was startled awake by the “very strong howl” of wind rattling her home as rain came down in sheets early Monday morning.

The 58-year-old travel agent lives in Deer Park, a small city east of Houston. Around 5 a.m., as the conditions worsened, she heard a generator blow just down the block, and soon her home lost power.

Huddled inside with her daughter, two granddaughters and five dogs, Radin said she's avoided the windows but can see lots of downed trees and the remnants of a fence that was ripped out of the ground and hurled several yards away.

"It's the most intense Cat 1 I've ever been through," said Radin, who has lived on the Texas Gulf Coast all her life. "I told my husband, 'Our next investment will be remote-controlled hurricane shutters,' because this has been rough."

More: Hurricane Beryl tracker: Storm makes landfall in Texas, see spaghetti models, path

Beryl causes over 1,000 flight cancellations in Houston

More than 1,000 flights across airports in Houston were canceled Monday as Beryl bore down on the city.

At George Bush Intercontinental Airport, over 1,000 arriving and departing flights were canceled, according to FightAware . The smaller William P. Hobby Airport had over 300 cancellations, FlightAware said.

Houston is a major hub for United Airlines, which is enduring the worst of the operational impacts from the storm. About 14% of United’s flights, around 400 departures, have been canceled Monday. 

Texas power outage map

Beryl brings flooding, prompting water rescues.

Across eastern Texas, officials in multiple counties said first responders were rescuing people trapped in their cars and homes amid Hurricane Beryl's deluge.

Gonzalez, the Harris County sheriff , asked drivers to "please stay off the roadways" as heavy rain drenched Houston and its surrounding areas.

The police department in Rosenberg, just southwest of Houston, said it was conducting water rescues and warned residents about falling trees and ongoing flooding.

'We need help': Honeymoon now a 'prison nightmare,' after Hurricane Beryl strands couple in Jamaica

"Street flooding, downed trees, power outages and water rescues. All of that is happening right now in Rosenberg. Please stay off of the roads,'' the Rosenberg Police Department said on X . "A downed tree even fell (on) one of our high water rescue vehicles coming back from a rescue."

In Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston, officials in a statement on X asked residents to, "Please stay home until the storm passes." The statement from the county said, "trees and debris are all over the roads, several roads flooded and most signals are out." It added that deputies were responding to "stranded/flooded motorists."

It's hurricane season. See which previous storms passed near your neighborhood

Hurricane Beryl hits records amid projected busy hurricane season

On July 1, Beryl made landfall in Grenada's Carriacou Island as a Category 4 hurricane and tore through the southern Caribbean Islands, flattening hundreds of buildings.

Later that night, Beryl became the earliest Category 5 hurricane on record . Driven by record-high ocean temperatures , Beryl's rapid strengthening stunned experts. Beryl was also the earliest Category 4 hurricane on record and is the first June major hurricane east of the Lesser Antilles on record.

Federal forecasters have predicted  a hurricane season unlike any other , with as many as 25 named storms possible. It is the most storms the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has ever predicted in a preseason outlook.

Contributing: Jorge L. Ortiz and Dinah Voyles Pulver, USA TODAY; Reuters


Here’s What the Court’s Chevron Ruling Could Mean in Everyday Terms

The decision is expected to prompt a rush of litigation challenging regulations across the entire federal government, from food safety to the environment.

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Gray columns and a white flag on the front of a the Environmental Protection Agency building.

By Coral Davenport ,  Christina Jewett ,  Alan Rappeport ,  Margot Sanger-Katz ,  Noam Scheiber and Noah Weiland

  • June 28, 2024

The Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to limit the broad regulatory authority of federal agencies could lead to the elimination or weakening of thousands of rules on the environment, health care, worker protection, food and drug safety, telecommunications, the financial sector and more.

The decision is a major victory in a decades-long campaign by conservative activists to shrink the power of the federal government, limiting the reach and authority of what those activists call “the administrative state.”

The court’s opinion could make it easier for opponents of federal regulations to challenge them in court, prompting a rush of new litigation, while also injecting uncertainty into businesses and industries.

“If Americans are worried about their drinking water, their health, their retirement account, discrimination on the job, if they fly on a plane, drive a car, if they go outside and breathe the air — all of these day-to-day activities are run through a massive universe of federal agency regulations,” said Lisa Heinzerling, an expert in administrative law at Georgetown University. “And this decision now means that more of those regulations could be struck down by the courts.”

The decision effectively ends a legal precedent known as “Chevron deference,” after a 1984 Supreme Court ruling. That decision held that when Congress passes a law that lacks specificity, courts must give wide leeway to decisions made by the federal agencies charged with implementing that law. The theory was that scientists, economists and other specialists at the agencies have more expertise than judges in determining regulations and that the executive branch is also more accountable to voters.

Since then, thousands of legal decisions have relied on the Chevron doctrine when challenges have been made to regulations stemming from laws like the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act, the 1970 Clean Air Act , the 2010 Affordable Care Act and others.

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What labour party’s victory could mean for britain’s national health service.

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Keir Starmer, U.K.'s new Prime Minister, and his wife Victoria greet supporters on arrival at 10 ... [+] Downing Street in London on Friday, July 5, 2024. The Prime Minister promised a government of "stability and moderation” after leading his Labour Party to a landslide election victory that ended 14 years of Conservative rule. Photographer: Tom Skipp/Bloomberg

The Labour Party in Britain won an historic landslide election on July 4, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule. One of the new Labour government’s major goals is to revive the National Health Service by cutting wait times for diagnoses and treatments and boosting population health outcomes. But restoring the NHS to a more functionally optimal state faces uphill challenges, not least of which will be funding at a time when the economy is weak and the government has pledged no new tax hikes.

The NHS is a system of publicly (tax) funded healthcare services throughout the four nations of the United Kingdom that provides care to all residents free at the point of delivery. The NHS was the first-of-its-kind health system in 1948 to be founded on the principle of universal free access. Ability to pay no longer stood in the way of British residents getting medically necessary healthcare. Inequalities in care provision, which had long plagued the British health system, narrowed considerably.

The NHS is still very popular among the British public, according to a 2023 comprehensive survey in which 72% of respondents said the health system is “crucial to British society” and that “everything should be done to maintain it.” However, 77% believe the NHS isn’t prepared to meet the increasing health demands of an aging population. And, 51% opined the NHS isn’t ready to keep up with new medical technologies to improve patient care.

For decades, the NHS has been beset by problems, many of which can be attributed to it being a comparatively cash-strapped system. The U.K. spends less per capita on healthcare than most of its peers. Taking the relative prices between countries into account, at $5,493 in 2022, per capita annual healthcare spending in Britain is less than half of expenditures in the U.S., $12,555, according to Peterson-KFF analysis.

Severe budget constraints have led to record numbers of patients— 7.7 million people —on waiting lists for diagnoses and treatment. Additionally, relatively poor remuneration for (junior) doctors and staff has left the system with chronic unresolved pay disputes and labor shortages.

Russia Is Running Low On Tanks. So Why Are A Thousand First-Generation T-72s Still Sitting In Storage?

‘house of the dragon’ season 2, episode 4 recap and review: the red dragon and the gold, did aegon targaryen actually die in ‘house of the dragon’ last night.

An increasing number of people opt for care in private clinics and hospitals to avoid long waits. Figures tracking the use of private healthcare in 2023 show record numbers of procedures worth £4 ($5.1) billion, often in the form of diagnostic screenings and elective surgeries .

Nonetheless, private medical insurance only covers about 10% of the population. As such, the private sector still doesn’t play a substantial role. The vast majority of citizens and residents rely on the NHS for care.

Prior to the election, the Labour Party unveiled a new “Fit for the Future Fund,” which promised to provide the NHS with state-of-the-art equipment in order to help cut waiting times. Labour pledged to furnish an additional 40,000 operations, scans (screenings) and appointments a week in England by introducing more weekend services, as well as turning to the private sector where needed. As part of its mission to “put the NHS back on its feet again,” Labour proposed a £1.1 ($1.4) billion package to recruit and train more nursing staff.

Prime Minister Keir Starmer faces a daunting task of reducing wait times and improving health service quality and outcomes, as the U.K. economy isn’t growing, which means the country will find it difficult to procure the cash it needs to rebuild the NHS.

During the election campaign, Labour said the money would come from cracking down on a loophole in the tax system, namely non-domiciled tax arrangements for persons who live in the U.K. but are not settled permanently. They currently only pay U.K. tax on money made in the country, and can avoid paying it on their foreign income, which allows wealthy individuals living in Britain to elect the lower-tax country as their formal domicile. Research from the London School of Economics suggests that eliminating the special exception could yield the government £3.2 ($4.1) billion annually.

Besides increased spending, the incoming government intends to make structure changes to the existing healthcare model. Then-shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting warned in April that the NHS would get no additional funding without what he called “major surgery” or reform.

Specifically, Streeting emphasized the importance of the NHS shifting away from an acute care model geared toward late diagnosis and treatment to one in which there’s more focus on disease prevention and chronic care management delivered at the local level.

The Labour Party’s manifesto states the NHS “needs to move to a Neighborhood Health Service, with more care delivered in local communities to spot problems earlier. To achieve this, we must over time shift resources to primary care and community services.” Here, the objective is to have the NHS become not merely a “sickness service, but able to prevent ill health in the first place.”

The newly elected government’s ambitious plan to turn around the NHS will inevitably face challenges. Yet there’s consensus across the U.K.’s political spectrum that reform is necessary. In a post-election speech, former Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt encouraged the Labour government to “use their majority to make much-needed reforms to the NHS in a way that is sometimes difficult for Conservative governments to do.”

Joshua Cohen

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ALERTCalifornia Camera Feed

Status update, situation summary, social media, incident photos.

22979 Burnt area smolders near mountain airfield

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what is a report service

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Alerts in effect, field report, july 5, 2024.

' ); // add blog title to document.title document.title = document.title + ' - Denali Dispatches'; Posted by: Maureen Gualtieri

Registered Climbers



Climbers Currently On Mountain



Completed Climbs



Number of Summits



Summit Percentage



All remaining teams on Denali have made it to the Kahiltna Basecamp, where they wait for a current low pressure system to end, and their air taxi pilots to make it in for the pickup.  The 2024 season ain't over until it's over!   

Mountain Weather

  Weather station telemetry data from 7K and 14K are transmitted hourly to the MesoWest website, including temperatures, wind speed, wind direction, snowfall, and solar radiation.   MountainWeather.com compiles a Denali Weather page , complete with links to the MesoWest data, the NWS Denali Climbing Forecasts, as well as links to FAA webcams.  The National Weather Service publishes their mountain-specific forecast here:  Denali Climbing Forecast

Search and Rescue Report

A guided client with symptoms of HAPE was evacuated from High Camp the evening of Tuesday, July 2, just as mountaineering rangers were completing a long day of slingloading camp infrastructure.    

Patrol Reports

Last chance.

Last chance for Denali mountaineer and backcountry users to be part of a once-off wilderness and backcountry project! 

The University of Tasmania Mountaineer and Backcountry Survey currently being conducted by Fulbright Scholar Daniel Hackett closes on the 7 th  of July. Now is your last chance to be part of how the experiences of mountaineers and other users are understood globally.  Using surveys paired with acoustic monitoring at Kahiltna basecamp, Daniel's project is inviting this season's Denali mountaineers and backcountry users to share their personal perceptions of remoteness, solitude and wilderness experience. It is globally rare for mountaineers and associated backcountry users to get the targeted opportunity be part of wilderness research, so please visit the survey and share your views here  https://utas.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8eHv9e9FjdPzhie  . You'll be making a positive contribution to wilderness science and management. Without giving away too much information on the early results on wilderness, remoteness and solitude experience, here is a quick breakdown of the Mountaineer and Backcountry Survey responses to date:

Approximately 40% of the responses are self-guided mountaineers and backcountry users, whilst ~30% are on guided trips, and ~8% are mountain professionals (guide / pilot / basecamp worker / DNPS staff or volunteer). 

~45% of responses are from users who visited Kahiltna / Denali basecamp, the remainder are from other locations including Ruth, Pika and Eldridge (but very few from Moose's Tooth!)

And there are some very interesting trends developing in relation to how Denali and backcountry users experienced remoteness and wilderness

Average time taken to complete the survey is ~8 minutes.

The project is targeting 40 more responses in the next seven days. Please consider completing the short survey, and equally importantly, share the link with your season 2024 Denali mountaineer and backcountry family and friends to also complete the short survey linked here . 

Denali Rescue Volunteers

Learn more about  Denali Rescue Volunteers , an organization that helps make Denali National Park and Preserve's mountaineering operations whole! Thank you for all that you do each season, from helping equipping our volunteers, housing them before and after patrols, and supporting our recruitment process! 

Photo of the Day

A silhouette of a ranger standing on a glacier observing a net load of equipment suspended at the end of a long rope line.

Last updated: July 5, 2024

Park footer

Contact info, mailing address:.

PO Box 9 Denali Park, AK 99755

907 683-9532 A ranger is available 9 am to 4 pm daily (except on major holidays). If you reach the voicemail, please leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as we finish with the previous caller.

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Reporting Services tutorials (SSRS)

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The Reporting Services tutorials allow you to explore the capabilities of SQL Server 2016 (13.x) Reporting Services or later (SSRS), SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), and Report Builder by using guided assistance and sample data.

Tutorial Description
This tutorial guides you through working with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to create a data connection, define a query, and configure a data region for your data.
Use data-driven subscriptions to customize report distribution based on a dynamic list of subscribers. Though report server administrators typically manage data-driven subscriptions, you need to learn about building queries, subscriber data sources, and elevated permissions.
Create a drillthrough report with parameters and filters by using the ReportViewer control.
Learn about the various visualizations that you can create in Report Builder, such as maps and sparklines. Also, explore how to use parameters and expressions.

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Human error caused 2022 Rogers outage, system 'deficiencies' made it worse: report

The rogers outage lasted 26 hours, cut 12m people off from 911 and other network services.

what is a report service

Social Sharing

The 2022 Rogers outage that left 12 million people without wireless and hard-wired services was caused by human error and made worse by management and system "deficiencies," says an independent review conducted for Canada's telecommunications regulator.

The review report also says steps taken by Rogers since the outage are "satisfactory to improve the Rogers network resiliency and reliability, as well as to address the root cause of the July 2022 outage."

The 26-hour outage started early in the early morning of July 8 and left individuals and businesses without access to their mobile, home phone, internet and 911 services.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) commissioned Xona Partners in September 2023 to undertake the review and determine what caused the outage.

The engineering consultancy was also tasked with looking at whether the measures taken by Rogers since the outage are sufficient to prevent another incident.

Full report to be released, with redactions

Xona Partners' findings were contained in the executive summary of the review report , released this month. The CRTC says the full report contains sensitive information and will be released in redacted form at a later, unspecified, date.

The report summary says that in the weeks leading up to the outage, Rogers was undergoing a seven-phase process to upgrade its network. The outage occurred during the sixth's phase of the upgrade.

  • Remember the Rogers outage? It's added 221,000 new phone customers since then

"The July 2022 outage is attributed to an error in configuring the distribution routers within the Rogers IP network," the report says.

Staff at Rogers caused the shutdown, the report says, by removing a control filter that directed information to its appropriate destination.

Without the filter in place, a flood of information was sent into Rogers' core network, overloading and crashing the system within minutes of the control filter being removed.

Algorithm designated network upgrade as 'low' risk

The report says Rogers' core network manages wireless and hard-wired data both internally, within the company, and externally, for outside customers and service providers.

"With both the wireless and wireline networks sharing a common IP core network, the scope of the outage was extreme in that it resulted in a catastrophic loss of all services," the report says.

  • Rogers CEO announces new protocols, investment in wake of major service outage

Having wireless and wireline services share the same network is a practice "common to many service providers," the report says, adding that companies find it an efficient way to "balance cost with performance."

Rogers has since announced that it will develop a new, separate, network for its wireless systems while keeping hard-wired services on the old core network. The report says that work is ongoing.

The review says that because the first five stages of the network update took place without incident, "the risk assessment algorithm downgraded the risk level for the sixth phase" of the upgrade.

How Rogers is addressing the issue

Designating risks in phase six as "low" meant Rogers' staff could avoid additional levels of scrutiny and approvals as the upgrade proceeded, even though doing so "contravenes industry norms," the report says.

Rogers says it has since installed a new risk assessment algorithm to address the issue.

what is a report service

Human error triggered massive 2022 Rogers service outage, report finds

The executive summary of Xona Partners' review also says the "network failure could have been prevented" if Rogers had "overload protection mechanisms" limiting how much information is funnelled into the core network. 

The review recommends that all telecom networks in Canada implement overload protection mechanisms for their core networks. 

Challenges restoring the network

A central issue frustrating Rogers' efforts to get its systems back up once they went down was the corporation's inability to communicate properly.

The report says that when the core network went down, remote employees were unable to access Rogers' systems or use the internet and could not get online by using other service providers.

  • CRTC hires private company to investigate 2022 Rogers outage

"Rogers had to dispatch staff to remote sites to physically access the affected routers, which delayed network recovery efforts," the report says.

All incident response and crisis team members at Rogers have since been provided with backup, third-party access to the internet to "maintain communication capabilities during outages."

The review also says that Rogers staff could not access critical error logs detailing the root cause of the outage until 14 hours after the outage began, which "adversely impacted outage recovery efforts."

More transparency needed, says critic

John Lawford, executive director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre in Ottawa, has been pushing Rogers and the CRTC for more transparency on the outage. 

He criticized the CRTC for taking two years to deliver a report on the outage, describing it as a "whitewash in the sense of both the CRTC and Rogers being very much let off the hook."

A man sits on a bench in a suit.

"The report makes a claim that Rogers has rectified the issue and there is insufficient evidence for me there to see that," Lawford said. "This is just one particular expert's viewpoint."

Rogers declined CBC News' request for an interview.

In a statement, a Rogers spokesperson said the company will "remain focused on delivering the most reliable network experience so Canadians can connect when and where they want."

Government claims network investments underway

The spokesperson said, citing  an August 2023 report from analytics firm umault , Rogers has the most reliable wireless network in Canada.

To come to that conclusion, umault ran a series of tests over a 47-day period last year and found Rogers was the most reliable wireless provider in Canada during the time surveyed.

The spokesperson also pointed to another recent study from Opensignal , a network testing company, that found Rogers has the most reliable internet service in Canada. Opensignal collected its data on Rogers and other providers between February 1 and April 30 of this year.

"We completed a full review of our networks, strengthened our network resiliency, and implemented all the recommendations of this report. We will continue to invest to ensure Canadians enjoy the best networks in the world," the Rogers spokesperson said.

  • Former industry minister Navdeep Bains gets Rogers job, sparking criticism

In a letter to Rogers , the CRTC said the company had "confirmed the implementation of all measures" recommended by Xona Partners.

A spokesperson for Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne told CBC News that Rogers has addressed all recommendations in the report and is continuing to invest in network resiliency.


  • A previous version of this story said the Rogers outage started in the early evening of July 8 and lasted 15 hours. In fact, the Xona report found that the outage started in the early morning of that day and lasted more than a full day. Jul 05, 2024 6:06 PM ET


what is a report service

Senior writer

Peter Zimonjic is a senior writer for CBC News. He has worked as a reporter and columnist in London, England, for the Daily Mail, Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph and in Canada for Sun Media and the Ottawa Citizen. He is the author of Into The Darkness: An Account of 7/7, published by Random House.

Related Stories

  • Service restored to most Rogers customers hit by outage Wednesday

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Warranty warnings: Don’t interfere with consumers’ right to repair


The  Nixing the Fix Report to Congress , the Commission Policy Statement on Repair Restrictions Imposed by Manufacturers and Sellers , and law enforcement actions against companies charged with illegally restricting customers’ right to repair should make the FTC’s position on the subject clear: Consumers deserve choices when it comes to repairing their products, and independent dealers and repair shops should have a fair chance to compete for their business. FTC staff just sent warning letters to eight companies , raising concerns about whether their practices are hindering consumers’ right to repair their products and reminding them of their obligations under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the FTC Act. Is it time for a Magnuson-Moss compliance check at your company?

Under the  Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act , companies that offer warranties for consumer products that cost more than $5 can’t condition their warranties on a consumer’s use of any article or service – for example, a repair service – identified by brand, trade, or corporate name, unless: 1) the warranty states the article or service will be provided to the consumer for free, or 2) the warrantor has been granted a waiver by the FTC. In addition, it’s a deceptive practice under the FTC Act for a company to create the misleading impression that a consumer will void their warranty by using unauthorized parts or service.

Letters to air purifier sellers aeris Health , Blueair , Medify Air , and Oransi and treadmill company InMovement raise staff concerns about the companies’ statements that consumers must use specified parts or service providers to keep their warranties valid.

Letters to ASRock , Zotac , and G.B.T. – companies that sell gaming PCs, graphics chips, motherboards, and other accessories – warn about their use of stickers that say “warranty void if removed” in locations that hinder consumers’ ability to perform routine maintenance and repairs on their products.

In the letters, FTC staff urges the companies to review their warranties in light of the Magnuson-Moss Act and the FTC Act and, if necessary, revise their practices accordingly. Staff will take another look at their written warranty and promotional materials in 30 days.

What should other businesses take from this action?

Conduct a warranty assessment at your company.  If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed your warranties, now would be a good time to make sure you’re complying with the law. Remember that the FTC evaluates your statements from the perspective of reasonable consumers. As a result, consider what you convey to consumers expressly and by implication.

If you can establish that the particular article or service is necessary to make the product function properly, follow the procedure in the law.  The Magnuson-Moss Act gives companies the right to seek a waiver from the FTC. Here’s what Section 2302(c) of the law says: “[T]he prohibition of this subsection may be waived by the Commission if: (1) the warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and (2) the Commission finds that such a waiver is in the public interest.” Of course, savvy companies seek a waiver before the FTC raises concerns about their warranty practices.    

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Good!!!! The FTC needs to go after companies and service providers who engage in price fixing!! Car dealerships, HVAC and others involved in such practices with full force!

What about Kia refusing to accept a trained and certified mechanic diagnosis , and requesting I pay them another 300 dollars after I had already paid the certified mechanic 800 dollars to tell me it should have been Kia’s fault, and Kia saying it was going to take 6 weeks to even look at the car, guess I would have walked 70 miles home , It’s criminal that they are getting away with this and I am losing out ,

This website gave good information about Business Blog and made easy to understand it .

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